Bowl Game Bathroom Fight -- 'I Used to Eff Guys Like You In Prison!' | TMZ Sports

Insanity in the men's room at the Russell Athletic Bowl on Wednesday -- when a 1-legged West Virginia fan got punched by a Miami fan ... and then screamed, "I used to f**k guys like you in prison!"

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Автор Happii Days ( назад)
Are we gonna ignore everyones face when that guy said "I used to fuck guys like you in prison"... lmfao. WTF. Who says that?! IN PUBLIC??

Автор EXCALIBUR ( назад)
2000 haters consider this racist

Автор fluffynoses ( назад)
Why does that guy have a cup in his mouth in the bathroom? fucking gross man

Автор RIP Capo😢🙏 ( назад)
Kevin Hart tweakin

Автор deez nuts ( назад)
Typical nig shit..runs off because he doesn't have his boys with him to back him up.

Автор tpplatt3 ( назад)
So the little guy talks shit, punches him once and runs. Seems like a reasonable way to handle a fight. Black dude is such a pussy

Автор HD 2Face ( назад)
That escalated pretty quickly! Lol

Автор Nate Portier ( назад)
I seriously thought this was a video of Kevin Hart picking a fight with Bubba Ray Dudley. Don't tell me you don't see it.

Автор Dee Dee ( назад)
they both were "pissed"

Автор 8701F ( назад)
eff...?? really?

Автор Tom Sawyer ( назад)
what do you guys expect the redneck was pulling out his dick to piss on him, some people aren't pushovers and are going to let someone piss on them.

Автор Gabriel Mahound ( назад)
i guarantee that black muthafucker voted for hillary lol.

Автор ScottNichols ( назад)
That guy at :25... Well if that stall is open, I'm going piss hahah.

Автор vic martinez ( назад)
Guys try this; comment before you see that he's a cripple, the tide turns

Автор Will Amaya ( назад)
Waldo is there

Автор xMxH ( назад)
I like the guy in the green shirt who is just like fuck it I have to pee.

Автор Bigdickcactusman ( назад)

Автор al zolez ( назад)
wow. Just wow!

Автор nick ateen ( назад)
i notice u tube ain't showing the animal attacks in chicago, on the handicapped white dude, if that was 4 white dudes on a black, odemon ,doj,sharpton, jackson,mslsd, abc ,nbc ,cbs,cnn would be rolling it evey 10 mins.f*cking demons

Автор boomzx ( назад)
i didn't know he had a missing leg till i read the comments lol why was that big white dude angry doe

Автор Insanity4178 ( назад)
There's Waldo

Автор Saxxy ( назад)
Ok so hes into interracial. to each their own man its all good

Автор Humble narrator ( назад)
That white guy used that line from that Patrick Swazye movie "Roadhouse".

Автор Clayton Bigsby ( назад)

Автор Farrell Sims ( назад)
he supposed to have tko his ass out

Автор Francisco Diaz ( назад)
Why the hell I'd Kevin Hart sucker punching folks now!😂

Автор Brian Cooper ( назад)
No sympathy for the white dude... Race aside, I Don't know what y'all are missing ... This belligerent jerk attempted to piss on another man... That's worthy of a sucka punch... No sympathy.

Автор MrJojo8675309 ( назад)
the little degenerate, low-life was trying to cut inline; only some from one particular demographic can be seen trying this stunt. smh

Автор MrJojo8675309 ( назад)

Автор ChillsandThrills ( назад)
Everyone in the comments keeps saying the black guy is a 'lil bitch', have you ever thought that maybe he's upset because he used to be the white guy's 'lil bitch'. Lmaoo

Автор RaangerYT ( назад)
What a fucking pussy. ran off intead off squaring up

Автор Active Threat 2016 ( назад)
that's the new Americanas.  if they cant sucker punch a knockout--they run away.

Автор John barfneck ( назад)
and this is why you don't serve alcohol at sports arenas.

Автор AlvaroDL ( назад)
Punch and run... really?

Автор Joseph Zietz ( назад)
this comment section is savage

Автор vieuphoria1008 ( назад)
is anybody going to address the dude in the corner of the exit who is dressed like Waldo I guess we found him

Автор ChespinRulez MyLife152 ( назад)
Bubba Ray Dudley vs D Von Dudley

Автор Destroy All Bacteria D.A.B ( назад)
How you gonna punch him then run?

Автор aboyapart ( назад)
0:23 green shirt guy: "i gotta pee" LOL

Автор Caleb Munoz ( назад)
This is what the United States is now, and was always, and always will be, deal with it

Автор Nick Kirchner ( назад)
Has anyone thought about why someone has a camera out in a bathroom?!?! Fight or not, put that camera away lmao!

Автор The Unseen Enigma ( назад)
*sigh* gotta enjoy society and it's turbulent downfall...

all this over a bathroom stall? 😂😅

Автор Eddie Salinas ( назад)
come on this is just disrespectful if your such a bitch to not let a handicap man in front of you then use a fucking stall

Автор Rui G ( назад)
pussy ass little black guy hits like a bitch and then runs from a man with no leg.... now that there is a pure scum bag

Автор albert santos ( назад)
ran like a bitch did he slapped him lol

Автор Garrett Janda ( назад)
Black people.

Автор ThePieMan ( назад)
why were they even arguing?

Автор riptorn ( назад)
Like Homer Simpson, ''you better run!

Автор MattyWorld Peace ( назад)
Anyone else find Waldo?

Автор Eric Beltrami ( назад)
black people.. typical. And the dude was just trying to piss. keep it up. keep fucking with white people. your kicking a hornets nest, stupids!

Автор Devon Gemberling ( назад)
The black guy quickly realized," he f***ed up"😂

Автор 20alphabet ( назад)
So he gets hit... too outta shape to run after the guy... then admits to homosexual behavior and thinks he's a tough guy? Is this the same planet I was born on?

Автор Omar Shareef ( назад)
why is dude punching disabled people. that's extra foul. dudes got no integrity. what happened to the old ways of the chinese and japanese. they wouldn't even consider fighting a wounded person. it would lower their status. guess shorty didnt grow up on kung fu movies.

Автор Peter Griffin ( назад)
Racism or KKK=33, conquer and divide, freemasons at work promoting this video.

Автор Mama G ( назад)
The black guys a PUSSY!! Bwahaha

Автор RunForFame ( назад)
I felt bad for the white dude when i saw his Cyborg foot, then he mentioned Effing guys in prison. Hopefully that wasn't literal haha

Автор Bryan A. Mathews ( назад)
He fuckinn ate that punch man

Автор YouStuThis Beatz ( назад)
for a second I thought that was Kevin Hart lolllll!!!!!!!!!!😂😂😂😂😂

Автор Zohammad ( назад)
"i gotta pee"

Автор Brian Alvin ( назад)
my first good laugh of the New Year

Автор Timothy Bloomfield ( назад)
what a bitch! hit and run like a coward pussy. then you got the nasty faggot that proclaims to the world that he fucked guys in prison like he's proud of sticking his dick in another dudes asshole. WTF!?!? SMH....

Автор Royal Poison ( назад)
Miami fans...

Автор k den ( назад)

Автор James AKA DetroitSkills ( назад)
Look at him run lol

Автор nrua ( назад)
So you start the fight and run..?
Gotta love it

Автор Top10Archive ( назад)
Kevin Hart is back at it again...

Автор Seank C1tikal5000 ( назад)
That looks like Kevin hart 😂

Автор Felicity Boyd ( назад)
I know everyone is talking about punch, but did anyone see the guy dressed up as Waldo?

Автор tjsweety ( назад)
ok all i got out of this is where is waldo?]

Автор thisismyopinion ! ( назад)
well this isn't a race issue because he used to fuck guys like him in prison so he has no problem with his race so lets not start that up...

Автор budge budge ( назад)
is it just me or is the black guy Kevin hart lol?

Автор Aaaal ! ( назад)
I would punch the guy filming in the men's room.
A couple of drunk fucktards. What winners. America IS great.

Автор Vanessa Costa ( назад)
Dubvee up in this lavatory! Represent!

Автор Dirt Poor ( назад)
Ahahaha I almost feel bad for the black dude. Once this spreads in his neighborhood and everyone knows hes a cripple puncher aint no females gonna suck him. No friends. Who would wanna be friends with a cripple puncher?

Автор Mykoe9 ( назад)
I'm from West Virginia, and I'll go ahead tell all of you right now that if this little girl hadn't run like a little sucker punching girl that he is, he would have had his ass handed to him by the one legged guy. We don't take too awful much shit from nobody. He knew he was outgunned from the start, that's why he ran. Pussy! I could also tell he hits like a girl.

Автор Uvuvwevwevwe Onyetenyevwe Ugwemuhwem Ossas ( назад)
I......i thought the black guy was gonna say that : /

Автор DJHeroMasta ( назад)
Where's Waldo?

Автор sheppfun ( назад)
Worthless stupifucks proving that abortion should be this nations law, again and again.

Автор poisonedtanto ( назад)
A shamfur dispray!

Автор Segura Hernandez ( назад)

Автор WTD Productions ( назад)
arguing over dude running away or what he actually said but not one person gonna say anything about two idiots fighting 5 feet away from a little boy...?

Автор just call me daddy ( назад)
this shit funny as hell tht punch didnt even faze this dude

Автор Dallas Butts ( назад)
im a proud white man. and little homey just slapped the shit out of that dude...good fuckin job..someone ever said they were gonna piss on me then id slap them too

Автор David Ramirez ( назад)
I found Waldo everyone!

Автор turtleman ( назад)
the big guy took that hit like a boss

Автор Josh A ( назад)

Автор Sammy Leed ( назад)
And a child witnessed it, so it's going to take a whole 'nother generation to cleanse the earth. *sigh.

Автор lewis joe ( назад)
I heard it used to f%ck guys like you when I worked at a prison

Автор ThePotatoDoc ( назад)
well he left

Автор Sam Bennett ( назад)
Was that Kevin Hart?

Автор Sam Bennett ( назад)
Love a good Road House reference

Автор Jamel Macon ( назад)
I love how republicans are like to liberals "stop bringing race into everything" and brings race into people getting into a fight in the bathroom.

Автор Aaron Kay ( назад)
The plot twist at the end

Автор Relevant Truth ( назад)
TMZ sucks!

Автор Ballerboi123 ( назад)
Lol that fag

Автор ydoomsc ( назад)
Was that Kevin Hart???

Автор Mr. Panda ( назад)
I found Waldo ! 0:27

Автор Bridget Afriyie ( назад)

This is someone's dad.

Автор gavino delatorre ( назад)
did anyone eles notice the guy pissing then whiped his hands on the black guy      0:24 I found waldo

Автор Mario Hernandez ( назад)
little coon ran

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