Super Bowl XLIII: Cardinals vs. Steelers highlights

Wide receiver Santonio Holmes made one of the greatest Super Bowl winning catches of all time to lead the Pittsburgh Steelers to victory over the Arizona Cardinals in Super Bowl XLIII.

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Автор Kalyan Rose ( назад)
Go steelers

Автор x2ceyez ( назад)
One of the best superbows, and THE best catch of all time

Автор Graham Joseph ( назад)
1 more game and we are there

Автор MONKEYBREAD300 ( назад)
Holmes' catch is probably the worst moment in the history of professional
sports in AZ.

Автор Kameron Sawaya ( назад)
this superbowl made me a fan of the Steelers i was roughly 9 years old

Автор blubal42 ( назад)
The Holmes non catch. Here's another link, but you Steelers fans would
think it's bias being a Cards site!
Check out the other link, it isn't Cards site!
http://www.upi.com/News_Photos/Sports/Super-Bowl-XLIII/fp/1475/ Lot's of
untouched definitive photos there!

Автор blubal42 ( назад)
Can't dispute the Holmes non catch with these photo's! If you do you're a
liar & blind to the fact!

Автор Orange Crush Owen ( назад)
Probs best super bowl ever

Автор Joshua Johnson ( назад)
anybody else think that the coach of the steelers looks kind of like ''Will
I am'' from the black eyed peas?

Автор Fab🎃 ( назад)

Автор Trill Uzi Vert ( назад)
Larry Fitz deserves a ring more than anyone else in the league right now...

Автор sam89 ( назад)
As a steelers fan I really wanted the cardinals to win this one for larry

Автор Tony H ( назад)
This game was crazy. As a steelers fan it was so satisfying. As a sports
fan I smiled every time Fitz got those touchdowns. He's the man.

Автор TraumaCOD ( назад)
The cardinals win at 3:00 your welcome

Автор mcewen ( назад)
greatest nfl game of all time imo

Автор Kyrie Irving ( назад)
Greatest super bowl ever no question

Автор 111illmatic ( назад)
The Holmes catch was amazing but the throw was even better. 99% of throws
would be out of bounds or picked off with the triple coverage on sideline
like that.

Автор Trill Uzi Vert ( назад)
Damn couldn't get larry fitz a ring...

Автор fatpen ( назад)
I'm a huge cardinals fan, so this really burns me up.

Автор Enrique Godinez ( назад)
Lol one foot? Wtf

Автор raymond garcia ( назад)
both feet need to be touching the ground for it to be a touchdown

Автор Rell Facts #steelersnation ( назад)
2:00 Amazing catch by Holmes but that has to be the best throw in Superbowl
history up there with 'The Catch.' Three defenders and Roethlisberger
manages to put that ball in one spot where Holmes can grab it. Incredible

Автор KingLos ( назад)
greatest superbowl catch ever!

Автор Mr.ScaryStories ( назад)
I never been more entertained in my life until I saw that Amazing Game

Автор Richard Sherman's Index Finger Jr ( назад)
I want fitz to get a ring man he deserves one soo bad

Автор KANYE 2020 ( назад)
Now this is real Pittsburgh Steelers football!

Автор Bryce Fecarotta ( назад)
This is the game that made me fall in love with football

Автор Mario Colon ( назад)
He went out of bounds

Автор Young_Sav_Alex ( назад)
Just imagine Arizona with Patrick Peterson, and Tyraan Mathieu in the super

Автор Ty Shawn ( назад)
His feet weren't Down though

Автор Phenom15 ( назад)
even if your not a steelers fan you have to admit bens confidence to throw
into triple coverage with under a minute to go in the super bowl and then
to put it perfectly on target is pretty amazing

Автор Jessica Picardi ( назад)
Steelers suck

Автор SuperAndoy ( назад)
Dangit my State could've won the Super Bowl...😡😡😡😡

Автор DatBoySweets ( назад)

Автор Martin Peralta ( назад)
I remember this,, I really want the cardinals to win a Superbowl they
deserve it especially Fitzgerald I really hope they can make it to the play
offs even minimum with q wild card which I'm sure they will I just sure
hope they can win this season Superbowl 2017!!! I'll make sure I come back
to this comment !!! coming from a true cardinals fan born and raised in AZ

Автор tmazz85 ( назад)
It makes me laugh at 1:10 with the holding call on the center. The guy
chips and then gets pancaked, yet gets call for holding and a safety.
Totally bullshit call, which if the Steelers had lost would have been one
of the most bogus calls in history.

Also, as much as I was rooting for the Cardinals (I'm a diehard Pats fan
and the Pats utterly emasculated the Cards that year with Cassell at QB in
the snow), I love watching this today, as Ben is an unbelievable, gutsy QB
who made an unworldly throw and Holmes made maybe the greatest catch in NFL
history. Way to go, Steelers. Well earned and deserved and lastly, go

Автор YourFriendly NextdoorMuslim ( назад)
no more of this when gary johnson is president

Автор Alpha Boss ( назад)
Favorite game in history even though my team lost :(

Автор jon tern ( назад)
This hurts to watch as a cards fan

Автор Janel Lemay-Naït ( назад)
Man the Cards were this close to win it all

Автор The man that people want Entertainment/ Sport/ Life ( назад)
Go arizona you are the best

Автор Detroit 7Milee ( назад)
Holmes was going nuts

Автор Fayded- Ps3 ( назад)
tom brady has a vengeance. it will be all patriots this year.

Автор Natural Commenter ( назад)
This is my team right here.

Автор Yasser Khawaja ( назад)
I didn't watch this Super Bowl but Arizona scored way too early

Автор iDominatemkwii ( назад)
Incredible game. The Cardinals just scored too quickly when they took their
23-20 lead. Had they used some clock I think it would have been different.

Автор MaxumGamer Z ( назад)

Автор MaxumGamer Z ( назад)
As a steelers fan i was so scared when fitzgerald took it to larry land but
ben and homes connect. Great game i remeber the day i watched it like it
was yesterday

Автор My name's stephen and i love blowing 3-1 leads ( назад)
Before Antonio Brown, there was Antonio Holmes

Автор DVJFan ( назад)
They consider this the best super bowl ever...and yet NFL doesn't even have
the full game. They put SB 49 over it. SB 49 was better.

Автор HanStegosaurus ( назад)
As a Cardinals fan, watching this brings me immense pain.

Автор John Rodriguez ( назад)
best Superbowl in the past 10 years in my opinion.

Автор Lukas Calov ( назад)
Im glad that the Steelers won but i also feel bad for Kurt Warner who is
one of the best QBs ever so underrated

Автор Desert Loner ( назад)
still stand with my judgment, both feet did not touch,

Автор Reptiles Rule The World ( назад)
Beautiful pitch and catch.

Автор Dustin Hill ( назад)
Some football fans say "it wasn't a catch" steelers fans "it was a catch"

Автор Harambe ( назад)
Best Super Bowl I've ever watched. Super Bowl 47 would've been the greatest
had the 49ers completed the comeback.

Автор Bryson Hall ( назад)
If the Cardinals did win this game, in my opinion Fitzgerald would have
been MVP

Автор MaxumGamer Z ( назад)
This game set many records and 2008 defense vs 2015 defense i wish 2008 d
was the same as it used to be

Автор Andrew iz boss ( назад)
I'm a Packer fan and I wanted the Cardinals to win so Santonio Holmes. Good
for him, but, I always am happy to see new champions.

Автор Tyler Ybarra (A5TROBOY) ( назад)
I think I cried when the play clock went past zero on the steelers winning
drive and nothing was called😔 as a cards fan this game still burns to this

Автор VinGamin537 Solberg ( назад)
ref: holding in the touchdown
coatch: well that's a saftey
ref: catch does not count
coatch: safety
ref: safety
catch: wow

Автор Fuck u mean ( назад)
This is one of the best Superbowls I've ever seen!

Автор Rocki - Football Games, Madden Highlights and More! ( назад)
Can you imagine if they had Terry Bradshaw at QB, Holmes, Ward, Brown,
Wheaton, Harrison, Woodson, Swann, Harris, Bettis, M. Bryant, Lambert,
Polamalu, and Joe Green? Now THAT'S a disgusting team; it just makes me
want to vomit!

Автор MaxumGamer Z ( назад)
You know it

Автор Trey Torres ( назад)
Best game ever

Автор Zay Dee Beyyy ( назад)
As a patriots fan i kinda like the steelers but i just wish that the
cardinals got that ring that year.Larry fitz deserves a ring more then
anyone in the leage in my opinion

Автор Zach Gilbert ( назад)
While I'm just about the farthest thing from a steelers fans as you can
get, this SB was alot better than that pile of horseshit they called "super
bowl 50". Horrible game, won by the most garbage team in the league.

Автор SkyshooterrGaming ( назад)
So much better then super bowl 50..,

Автор Peter Powell ( назад)
This Super Bowl was so crazy.

Автор Oceanicbill123 ( назад)
The end always make me smile.

Автор King Ape ( назад)
I wanted the Cardinals to win this game. Not because I am a ravens fan, it
would of been nice to see Kurt Warner win his second super bowl.

Автор Jeremiah Young ( назад)
one of the greatest superbowls in history

Автор Bobby T. ( назад)
The Penguins win a Stanley Cup, now we need the Steelers to win a Super

Автор SteelCityFilms ( назад)
obviously i am biased but this is up there with the greatest super bowls

Автор Nazim Hajiyev ( назад)
6 motherfuckerrrrrs! 2017 will be 7!!!!

Автор joseph witchard ( назад)
who was mvp

Автор ResurRekt ( назад)
0:40 100 yard pick six yaahh

Автор austen diaz ( назад)
It's like a back and forth interception or touchdowns

Автор Lor S ( назад)
Imagine AB and SH together

Автор kah0703 ( назад)
My house was so loud that day that I thought there was an earthquake xD not
really but that was seriously one of the greatest SBs ever

Автор TDChristian ( назад)
2:04 #85 falls down xd

Автор blubal42 ( назад)
Game was BS! It wasn't a catch. Both feet were not in bounds when he caught
the pass! Cards winners of SB 51! Go Cards!

Автор Markey 11 ( назад)
I will never forget this :)! This is a catch that will never be recreated.
Because of how it happened and when and where it happened!!!! Over 3 other
defenders, in the corner of the end zone, in the Super Bowl :)!!!!!!!

Автор Ivorylynn Thompson ( назад)
Steelers won the superbowl

Автор Josh Hershberger ( назад)
"and the steelers become the first franchise to win 6 Super Bowls" steeler
nation baby 2016 is out year. #51 #sixburgh

Автор Isaiah john ( назад)
Remember that game my parents were mad that the cardinals lost

Автор itzlegend081 ( назад)
damn, the steelers are the greatest team to ever grace the NFL.-A pats fan

Автор "KING" Of Kings Gaming ( назад)
should've been steelers vs eagles steelers lose

Автор josh alexander (1925 лет назад)
That catch looked almost physically impossible.

Автор Rob Jon ( назад)
Foot never touched

Автор Xavean Richard ( назад)
Only if they won

Автор Kaneki Gaming and Anime ( назад)
if the eagles beat the cards in the NFC championship game it would be a
battle over pa. and McNabb and eagles would've won

Автор Jason Bowdler ( назад)
Hi there. Calling out to any fans of the Pittsburgh Steelers. Just created
a Facebook Group page where us fans can discuss, be passionate about,
laugh, joke and post all things Black and Gold. A page to feel free to post
about your favourite memories, games, players and how you got into American
Football and what drove you to support the Steelers. I shall be bringing up
topics for debate and banter and intend to be both a passionate but light
hearted look at our team.
Show less

Автор Riley Pittman ( назад)
hey Brian Ramos duck you and your mama

Автор Kason gamer ( назад)
I love I love this video

Автор aqw isfun ( назад)
rip cardinals :(

Автор gamerguyZ burkhart ( назад)

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