Joe Rogan reacts to Nate Diaz asking for 20 million for fight "his high"

Joe Rogan reacts to Nate Diaz asking for 20 million for fight "his high"

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Автор Lum Etc ( назад)
JoeRogan when someone's high like you said theyre not up for bs,see thru it,so why comment a person quoting their worth and say he must've been high?u stupidmfr

Автор Lum Etc ( назад)
Can't eat a Belt

Автор Lum Etc ( назад)
Who gives a shit abt belts,if Nate gets Conor next who gives a shit,Nate has Record for Bonuses,Broke a Record on Conors head,has a bro name NickDiaz,now you do the math,UFC needs Nate for $$$,after Khab,Ferg,Cornys PPV decline...Fck a Belt,Get$$$

Автор 1991cika ( назад)
2:30 XDD

fact is that the UFC is no different from the roman coloseum games from back in the day. bread and circuses keep the masses entertained and distracted from real world issues.

the diaz brothers came from poverty and know reality first hand. they speak the truth and this is dangerous for the elite who monopolized the fuck out of the UFC. they dont care about anything but profit margins.

dana white should be fired or investigated for unfair business practices. the UFC is just a gigantic monopoly that treats their fighters like shit, buys out the competition and then whores it up with the advertisements.

watching bruce buffer tell me to buy gears of war and then watching a gears of war graphic on the screen DURING THE FUCKING FIGHT is pathetic.

Автор Johnny rotten ( назад)
Nate doesn't need to fight anyone to get to fight Connor. why would he need another fight for ..its 1-1 (really 2-0 Diaz) so all of you who think he does, are fucking idiots. king Nate!!!

Автор James Cundiff ( назад)
was I the only one that noticed Joe Rogan taking a hit of a joint and coughing is fucking brains out. I laughed so hard

Автор Jose Saenz III ( назад)
in the movie django the character of calvin candie portrayed by leonardo dicaprio is loosely based on dana white from the ufc.

Автор Pacman mmaItaly37 ( назад)
Haha no you're spot on with skip Bayless. he's a loudmouth fool.

Автор JEFFREY ( назад)
Rogan clowns on skip bayless for not knowing mma yet rogan is the same stupid fuck who said Ronda could beat half of the guys in the 135lb MENS division.


Автор WISPERZ309 ( назад)
600th like 👍

Автор Mike Kreft ( назад)
what's Joe smoking?

Автор Adrian Rodríguez ( назад)
Did you fucking mean "He's high" you ignorant fuck?

Автор person4211 ( назад)
2:58 was that chin swipe then mic grab when jamie brought up nate or nick diaz on the hinchcliffe show a sign to get off the topic it was really wierd

Автор James Osyris ( назад)
Hey stoners and high school dropouts, let me help you understand how show business (and most business) works.

You don't get paid based on what you deserve. You get paid based on how much you are worth.

Yes, those mean two different things.

Nate is a great fighter, a great dude, but he is not worth 20 mil a fight.

If you still disagree, read the first 5 chapters of your old high school economics book where it talks about supply and demand.

OR, move to Venezuela

Автор Nuggifresh ( назад)
Rogan is The most full of shit narcissistic host/fake comedian ever What about all his comments about Rhonda can beat a man Rogan is always looking for beefs with people because he's not content with his position in life

Автор Luke Nationwide ( назад)
I can't believe it! Joe thinks that someone doesn't know what they are talking about when it comes to MMA, shocked!

Автор Michael bice ( назад)
he didn't say anything about nate..?

Автор Flyleaf Plot ( назад)
I don't want to hear anything about "raw and naked" when two men are tussling with one another. @4:43

Автор tedis jarosas ( назад)
∫\ \___( •_•)
_∫∫ _∫∫ \ \
The Hell are you looking at?
Keep scrolling

Автор noelie noelie ( назад)
Lol. Smokin a joint right now.

Автор Marco the Phoenix ( назад)
joes high reason why low quality so cant tell

Автор MiskandarS ( назад)
At least he's not "ronda could beat half of the men fighters in bantamweight" High

Автор Bob Tuly ( назад)
Skip called the fight almost perfectly

Автор Glover dragon ( назад)
rogan is right, skip bayless, knows jack shit about boxing and mma...he's a basketball guy, right?

Автор Balls Mcgee ( назад)
hearing that losers of big fights can get more money then winners shows how crooked the ufc is. and Fuck off joe

Автор marco polo ( назад)
Fuck you , he is worth 20 million. Stop being such shitty jews and pay you're fighters. Main reason i dont even give a fuck about UFUCKoverChampions

Автор Mark ( назад)
Skip never knows what he is talking about:
1. LeBron James
2. Floyd Mayweather
3. Dallas Cowboys (accept this season)
4. Russell Westbrook
5. Tim Tebow...enough said lol
6. MMA
8. NBA
9. MLB
10. He was right about leaving ESPN lol

Автор Zac Martin ( назад)
He deserves ever penny of 20 mill and that's for a no names he's worth way more than that!!

Автор roger Williams ( назад)

Автор John Evans ( назад)
Joe, I'm a guy looking into dive big over the next few years!   I just heard your "UFC" voice as I watched that cunt Ronda get knocked the fuck out just like Princess Di...  Dude... that shit was SO GAY!!!

Автор Constant Thinker ( назад)
I'm a boxer, not an MMA fighter. As a viewer, it seems really unpredictable though. That Hopkins fight shouldn't have been allowed at 51 to fight a kid who could be his son. That's the shit I don't like about boxing.. Neither he nor Roy should be fighting there is no reason.

Автор Constant Thinker ( назад)
Lol so fighters aren't 'normal' dudes?

Автор Constant Thinker ( назад)
Skip Bayless doesn't know ANY sport that well

Автор stacky852002 ( назад)
Fucking loser potheads.

Автор AA Sharp ( назад)
"He's high". Correct the title

Автор john jaxon ( назад)
"his high" you can't even make a troll title properly lmao

Автор Thor Asgardian ( назад)
Joe Rogan needs to STFU. He talks like an amateur and his need to drop the F bombs every 5 minutes is not working. This show is just plain shitty and sad. The view counts speaks for itself and the new owner is dropping this clown. You can go back to being a nobody now Joe.

Автор Richard Colucci ( назад)
every podcast is medically marijuana induced.

Автор YoYoYoLoL Tv ( назад)
He smoking a fag disgusting Cnut

Автор Battery Exhausted ( назад)
"You can't predict what will happen in a fight"
Goes on to describe the most predictable fight of the year.

Автор RonaldPaulsons son ( назад)
joe rogans a dumb fuck lol

easiest way to do weigh ins. open the weight classes by X pounds on either outlier
because people are different and their weight may change back and forth naturally, some people can't lose weight or gain as easily but doesnt mean they should be refused to prove they are a champion.

then make the athletes do a workout to prove they arent dehydrated.
how hard would it be to make them do sprints up and down a room 10 times, 10 pushups, a few pullups, and some other dumb shit. like dafuq

Автор Cole Cuntingham ( назад)
Since when is having arms that go past your hips considered freakishly long

Автор bugsta2012 ( назад)
Lol why is he high for wanting 20m lol they make the people fill the seats n order the payperview fkn Bullsht the money they pay ther fighters .. Greedy fks ther not in the ring .. They can both easily get 20m no problem but there share holders are fkn vultures

Автор Jordan Bolduc ( назад)
I say the same thing ,Sports is the real reality TV .

Автор Bowmanchrome Man ( назад)
Joe is so fucking real and legit love that guy.

Автор Cedric Foust ( назад)
4:22-4:29 has me so fucking weak

Автор Cieran Kinsella ( назад)
joe i love you but Srsly have you forgotten how to smoke weed? like wtf was those tokes? but tbh most of the stuff he says is still spot on

Автор Niccixo ( назад)
His high what..?

Автор Doug Johnson ( назад)
They keep coughing, maybe they should quit smoking tobacco cigarettes.

Автор Wann Bamm ( назад)
Who gives a fuck

Автор Rip The Jacka ( назад)
20 mil that's it? my nigga nate lowballin himself

Автор Josh ShLong ( назад)
that's a stupid way of containing people...

Автор Eugene Swift ( назад)
joe get the Diaz brothers

Автор Mij Jim ( назад)
Mma is as legit as it gets. Other sports have competition but its nothing close to being in a cage in a 1vs1 fight. Football,basketball,soccer, all are competative but none get to you as fighting does. You can catch TDs,cross over people or whatever but if they can kick your ass then all that other shit doesnt matter. Fighting is where bitches get exposed. Thats why so many people go to other sports. They know they arent tough so they go to a sport where u can get away with acting like a badass when in reality they can get their ass handed to them by a guy in the crowd

Автор Jason Elder ( назад)
is schaub and that comedian dude not on this podcast anymore?

Автор arithsem ( назад)
im not surprise mother f*ckers

Автор makarion 1600 ( назад)

Автор storms08 ( назад)
Pass that joint over here.

Автор bud morse ( назад)
20 million for a Diaz fight fuck that.

Автор DoubleACM ( назад)
"I take shits, collect those shits and sell those shits for 20mill" -Chael Sonnen

Автор greymobvmp ( назад)
Isn't there more than a billion dollars a year going through the UFC?
20mil doesn't seem like a lot for the biggest fight of the year.
In fact, it sounds very low even and especially when compared to the purse in boxing jus' sayin'.

Автор sicktown Raider ( назад)
there bad ass

Автор a kay ( назад)
joe 'he got tagged' rogan

Автор George G ( назад)
3:54 tangent time

Автор Joseph israel ( назад)
what u smokin on rogan

Автор imagsta33 ( назад)

Автор Christina Wilson ( назад)
I can say one thing that Joe got VERY wrong here.... He said "Nate might have been high when he said that"

Joe, let's be honest, Nate WAS high when he said that... He's always high lol

Автор strattus99 ( назад)
wait man...144p...really?

Автор Geo Leo ( назад)
i think nate never had 3 fight win streak. he is 19-15 lol no way in hell he should get that much.

Автор Pepe the Frog ( назад)
480p? what is this 2006? Get better quality videos

Автор Eddwin García ( назад)
are they smooking weed? xD

Автор Eric Phillips ( назад)
Lol Joe your to high "they should get rid of rings. shut the fuck up

Автор SAINT 65 ( назад)
"he's high"
"his high"
his (Nate) high (altered state) is from THC!!!

Автор James Baron ( назад)
i LOVE nate BUT, he lacks the desire to fight really.. why doesnt he call anyone out or actually go get a fight... the past couple years he was a fill in most of the time. killer fighter ill never bet against him tho. just would like to see more of him and nick.

Автор Yarikk734 ( назад)
Joe you bald head mother fucker, i love you. One of my favorite comedians and straight knows some shit about some fighting.

His high? Wtf

Автор MohYous Productions ( назад)
He's high*

Автор hemrec ( назад)
they talked 30 sec about the title, wtf

Автор Nicholas Thompson ( назад)
Journey men fighters don't get paid that much without the main draw. Conor built Diaz up, Diaz should pay Conor royalties.

Автор Thanos ( назад)
his high - English

Автор kommi1974 ( назад)
What the fuck is with this 144p shit? Are you some foreigner stealing and leaching off of others uploads? FUCK OFF. You are posting this video ILLEGALLY and without CONSENT from the original owner. REPORTED!!

Автор YesWhitesDeserveToDie AndIHopeTheyBurnInHell ( назад)
Rogan doesn't cover his mouth when he coughs, hate guys like that

Автор Amiin Elkey ( назад)
This should should invest in better cameras .. feels like shitty 2000's television

Автор Billydutch1 ( назад)
20 mill???? No bloody way... Great chin, great ground game but world class fighter worth millions ?? No chance.. He got a meal ticket with Conner and he's got greedy..LMAO 20 million !!!!

Автор Jimmy ( назад)
Damn Joe Rogan reminds me of Downey Jr when he played the black dude in Tropic Thunder

Автор Divad Semaj ( назад)
whats up with the dogshit title for this vid

Автор dubla321 ( назад)
as soon as jpe hit that shit he imediatley fprgot what the fuck he was talkin about lol i forgot what je was talkin about

Автор rick rich ( назад)
gotta agree wit rogan too about u dont know shit. im guilty. i know everything bwahahaha. smh

Автор Tommy Gunz ( назад)
he should bget it,.... if he doesntb need it and can wait 5 yrs he will get it

Автор toobalkain ( назад)
Nate wants out of his UFC contract to try his luck in professional synchronised swimming together with Nick, they are very good at that.

Автор Dorito Maldonado ( назад)
I like skip bayless but rogan shiting on him was fuckin funny cause hes right skip doesn't know much about mma

Автор Super J ( назад)
Great point about the boxing ring...

Автор knightfall209 ( назад)

Автор Sharc V ( назад)
not one comment about it but am i just now finding out that they rip up joints during these shows.. subscribed

Автор WATCHINGthisthing ( назад)
Very interesting point about the design of the ring

Автор Kirby Doo ( назад)
Joe organ blows.

Автор hawkV2dragonjab ( назад)

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