George Michael - Praying for Time

Praying for Time was a number one song written and performed by George Michael. It was released by Epic Records in 1990. It was released on the Listen Without Prejudice Album. Video is all people from around the world in Prayer. Hope you enjoy.

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Автор daniele borbotti ( назад)
non ci resta che pregare,chi non so

Автор Susanna Smith ( назад)
Great video.

Автор Susanna Smith ( назад)
I often like to put this on my facebook profile and it appears as a video,
but when I tried today it didn't appear as a video and just a link.

Автор karlashburton ( назад)
Main thing Muslims pray for is the death of or the subjugation of us

Автор La1 ( назад)

Автор Donna Wardman ( назад)
It was like that in the late 80s early 90s recession. 

Автор Jannet Chuang ( назад)
It touch my heart deeply. George you are so fabulous!!

Автор Charlie Hopkins ( назад)
Did Sony break George Michael?......

Автор paul emery ( назад)
where is the George Michael that wrote these songs. Dead? 

Автор jerste ( назад)
Magnificent video.

Автор 820542 ( назад)
"it's hard to love...but so much to hate"

Автор laspilly ( назад)
I had completely forgotten about this song. I think I hadn't heard it since
1990 at least. I used to sing it along with the lyrics sleeve... it still
gives me bumps.

Автор ADamiani007 ( назад)
"These are the days of the open hand..." , Because they are
unemployed...ran out of money...and hope. "The Rich declare themselves
poor.."... Sounds like he foresaw the current economic war of the rich on
the poor. Gifted.

Автор cendrine ganteaume ( назад)
sensual voice! rrrrrrrhhhhhh!

Автор Sir Lord ( назад)
I will never ever get tired of hearing this Megamasterpiece; it shall haunt
me to the grave, and I won't have it any other way. Its opening acoustics
symbolizes that kingdom has come!

Автор escdelesp ( назад)

Автор ttlle ( назад)
never fails, whenever i hear this song,I get so emotional

Автор eileen mcgreevy ( назад)
@tonytomo111 :)

Автор Tony Bouwman ( назад)
@radisc11 utterly brilliant !

Автор Tony Bouwman ( назад)

Автор Tony Bouwman ( назад)
@Scooby125152 that will be his undoing !

Автор adolfo orlando ( назад)
this song is wonderful...... i love george micheal you re in my mind and my
heart... its number one 

Автор J M ( назад)
11/09/2001 Requiescat in pace.

Автор Sir Lord ( назад)
Notice the frame at 3:08. Priceless!

Автор destiny6666 ( назад)
@wiseandclear - here here! they are lunatics brainwashed from an early age!

Автор wiseandclear ( назад)
Now, with this video, the song has been perverted, like church is
perverting everything. 

Автор wiseandclear ( назад)
@Scooby125152 could you please do the preaching in church? If I want to
hear fairytales I'll go see a Disney-movie, lunatic.

Автор eileen mcgreevy ( назад)
this one really mekes me ponder

Автор Ken Milligan ( назад)
Jesus - He is effing brilliant. I heard this for the first time 20 years
ago, but i'm listening to it now and i'm crying. OK - i am feeling a bit
emotional!!!, but what a song...seeing him in October this year - can't
wait, and i'm not even a wolly woofter!!

Автор Sir Lord ( назад)
Seeing President Obama in this Megamasterpiece video praying is simply

Автор Sir Lord ( назад)
@anna1153 Stand in line, pick a number, my number is infinity +1!

Автор Sir Lord ( назад)
If I ever meet Sir Lord George Michael, I would ask Him," What the hell
makes a man write a song like this with the human race in the crosshair?"

Автор Hotlips4000isback ( назад)
Can someone help me out with a song? I'm quite sure the song is by George
Micheal, not sure of the title, but i no some of the words/melody. Its a
slow song, quiet atmospheric. And one of the lyrics are; "Waiting for the
day, that you'll still be mine". "I will love you". not to sure of the
rest! ;/ I want the title of this track for a slide show I'm currently
doing, and the songs mood fits the video perfectly!

Автор Drake Santiago ( назад)
@ABAisSCIENCE Prayer has not been shown to have any kind of efficacy,
outside of helping people cope emotionally. In terms of actually resolving
real problems, working towards a solution, as opposed to praying about it,
is always the best strategy. 

Автор Ilovethegoldenhour ( назад)
@slimbugger yeah i wish music was this good nowadays.

Автор Ilovethegoldenhour ( назад)
beautiful song

Автор Drake Santiago ( назад)
This is a beautiful song, but what I think it does express is not the need
to pray, but actually how futile prayer is. Despite how much we pray,
children die of starvation, rape occurs every minute, someone is murdered,
people lose their jobs, and people are perpetually succumbing to disease.
Ultimately we must resolve our own problems instead of sheepishly whining
to an imaginary friend. As the saying goes "Two hands working are worth
more than a thousand clasped in prayer."

Автор Teresa Reeves ( назад)
This song is very deep...makes ya think. It's my favorite song by him.

Автор fabienne barridez ( назад)
trop belle chansson et trop belle homme

Автор irina1296 ( назад)
Amazing and really stunning song from legendary George Michael. I miss the
80's and early 90's - best era in music industry (George, Madonna, Bryan
Adams, Whitney Houston, Belinda Carlisle, Tina Turner, Sandra, Cher,
Michael & Janet Jackson, Cyndi Lauper, A-HA, Paula Abdul, Laura Branigan,
Depeche Mode, Enigma, Sade and many others). What a good times & memories!
'Praying For Time' is one of my favorites from George Michael

Автор comets00 ( назад)
nice video, great song

Автор Guillermo Quiray ( назад)
Thank you

Автор Duncan Wymbs ( назад)
This is probably his best song on a brilliant album. It's such a deep and
honest album, everything else since has been no where near this quality.
Been waiting 20 years but it never comes. 

Автор Jack Frost ( назад)
@lovley7000 very true.. john lennon would have loved this song. uk/usaboy.

Автор Paula Regina ( назад)
mais Jesus menos religião... é o que o mundo precisa!

Автор Bart A-G ( назад)
Religion poisons everything.

Автор MrOverdoser ( назад)
No! The KEY to this song is the way it plays on the ALBUM- remember those
things? or even the CD! This is the first song- Very hopeless, and
desperate. What comes next- "FREEDOM! I won't let you down! I won't Give
you up. Gotta have some Faith- it's the one Good thing that I GOT!" See
right there- I know the only one to Save us through FAITH could be Jesus-
The whole album is a concept album- step back and analyze it from His
perspective- PEACE! God Bless George and All people!

Автор mindbombdisposal ( назад)
....that will fight the evil Mr G W Bush is and promotes, and we will fight
it to the very end of time. Remember that, you servants of the dark side!!

Автор mindbombdisposal ( назад)
...(not the satanic masonic light) and seek true forgiveness for his
abominable crimes, but I doubt it. Once born a snake, always a snake.
However, do not despair, there are others that exist in this world....

Автор mindbombdisposal ( назад)
...forced by wider social expectations and convention to participate in
something Godly - against his wishes or will! I truly hope this pathetic
man can turn from the dark side and see the true light ..

Автор mindbombdisposal ( назад)
Sorry but George Bush ain't no Christian. Take a real closer look at 3.32.
This man (if you can call him that!) is mimicking what he thinks he should
look like piety in this situation. Additionally, his face reflects that of
a tortured soul...

Автор nivlekbrad ( назад)
I just posted the promo single for this song on ebay. Item number

Автор rolybling ( назад)
I like the concept of everyone praying, it fits the song, which is
outstanding of course. I've done my own homage to this song on my page,
please check it out.

Автор Abhishek Singh ( назад)
Agree or not! This song's truly a masterpiece!!! Fantastic!!!!

Автор xniks101x ( назад)
Carrie underwood sang it better... the music is louder than the voice here
so 4 me it's hard 2 appreciate the meaning of the song bcuz the music is
way 2 distracting. -sryy george fans

Автор Arménio Tomás ( назад)
Yes, this song does bring us back so much memories!! I agreed!!

Автор Arménio Tomás (336 лет назад)
Oh, it does bring back us so much memories!! Beautiful song!! YOU ARE THE

Автор Arménio Tomás ( назад)
One of my favourites George's songs!! It's so strong, this song openned my
eyes in the 90s. I have different way to see the life and the people!! It's
really strongest song I have ever heard!! Take care my friends!!

Автор eagleiz1771 ( назад)
I first heard this song when I was in the u.s. navy during the first gulf
war, opened my eyes

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