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Автор Matthew Maxcy (1 год)
Im shocked at how the world is , speechless, ,,Are you Fucking insane?!
Really?! That rabbit with its white patch and long fur was far from wild,
and that ten pound so called wild boar was more like a baby potbelly and im
being serious! I hunt I get it!! But you? Ur fucking twisted ....4
real...get help...its not to late....and I have a staffy razors edge , and
you, I wouldnt give a potatoe head to own..

Автор alemchelth (1 год)
I hunt wild hogs with bay dogs and pits. While you have a nice looking dog,
she is poorly trained. She should be catching and holding, not ripping and
killing. And a domestic rabbit and a pot belly piglet in your backyard is
not hunting. You, sir, have gone full tard. In other words, you are a
complete disgrace to the rest of the hunting world. The way you have
"trained" your dog, I hope she never faces a real wild hog. She will be
killed in a matter of seconds. She could be a great dog. If someone who
knew what they where doing owned her. All you have done is make a good dog
into a dangerous risk to the public. She will one day pay the price for
your dumbassery as will the child or pet that she has attacked. All because
you have no idea what you are doing. That will be all.

Автор BoldogKennel . (1 год)
Giant eye roll. A domestic rabbit and a baby pot bellied pig probably tied
in there. Come on dude, you have a nice dog - you don't need to be this
lame. Lets see some real training and real accomplishments, not this

Автор Basil Rodericks (1 год)

Автор Nazeon Bailey (1 год)
1 word Speechless

Автор AlexMichael (1 год)
That is not a dogo. Nice dog man! Great Video!

Автор Lin shan (1 год)
mother fucker, it seems tht u r not a human, be careful to make killer
think tht wild boar n rabbit can be ur children or relative.

Автор Sakib Chowdhury Zheelam (1 год)
Pit bulls are born for this kind of activity. Good to see the dog has a
perfect master.

Автор Pilot Gone (1 год)
My nephew was killed by a !@#$-bull that was supposedly good with kids. I
wonder what your WEAPON would do to a child dressed in dark cloths at the
park. I believe I can speak for all "Sensible" parents and say you and your
extension of your EGO sucks. I'm an outdoorsmen, we hunt with trained
"hunters" not "killers".

Автор Chantal Jemeladonne (1 год)
Awesome... let see how you will find your dog when he will do the same to
an infant or a kid, and I hope it'll be to yours

Автор mossy mickey (1 год)
Disgusting dog and a cunt of a owner.

Автор Ted Casado (1 год)
assholes like this are what ruined pits!!!!!sick fuck!

Автор XxKrAzZiiNiNjAxX (1 год)
Why you gotta hate Dan J your a faggot and your probably a cat person you
lonely faggot

Автор Anthony Morelos (1 год)
Pit bulls will fuck your bitch 

Автор amakar albuja (1 год)
I would rather take the boars place.... did you see how small it was. .....
mind in his own business and all of a sudden it's getting ripped up,,,,,,,,
don't care if he's a hunting dog itsss so cruel

Автор mutant hannah (1 год)
That's incredible

Автор Jamie Lois (1 год)
Nice training! And i like the idea of taking your dog out for hunts thats
great :) I bet she enjoys it, Watching this makes me want a good companion
dog like that.

Автор Aylam Espinosa (1 год)
Your a fucking moron !! Wrath of KARMA on your ASS!!!!!

Автор 4assedmungoose (1 год)
Poorly trained dog she just wanna kill, she ain't in it for the hunt! she's
just going at it like a fighting dog, tearing up that pig. fucking weak
man, train your dog better and against larger pigs! ><

Автор Frozenhandz89 (1 год)
good dog you have there :) hunting as well

Автор Davide Borello (1 год)
you are a fucking piece of shit!! you and your abominable stupid dog!!

Автор Valentin Lee (1 год)
its just a little boar ,,..,f. ya !

Автор Paul Wright (1 год)
What a joke you call that a boar....your dog would be ripped aand gutted by
our boars...thats a piglet a baby...what a laugh, oh was that a throat
rabbit it killed, your dog is tough to survuve a throat rabbit...lol...i've
seen local foxies hang from tree's so if thats the strongest jaws you've
ever seen you must have not seen much in your life...nice dog...owner needs
to wake up a bit

Автор toadfishful (1 год)
Yet another sick video.... You make pitt bulls look soft as putty..... Get
it against a full grown wild boar.... It would not have a chance in hell
.....Yet to see one pit against one adult wild boar... What a crock!

Автор szerszamos (1 год)
sick fucks !!!!

Автор Lexie Sai (1 год)
Great idea, train a genetically dangerous dog breed to kill. Lets hope it
won't be a kid next time. I pray it never tries to bite a adult wild boar
or it could get hurt...

Автор utubesbytch yall (1 год)
my princess hiney could take him and his dog....his mom should get throat

Автор Tom C (1 год)
yep,congrats asswipe.you just created the next dog thats gonna be on the
news for attacking someone elses pet

Автор Michael Reilly (1 год)
This is so cruel.

Автор Terry Mabunda (1 год)
i love the song playing on the background, south african reggae legend
Lucky Dube

Автор gallaecian Knight (1 год)
Damn motherfucker

Автор Giovanni Fiori (1 год)
sei una merda di addestratore .....bravo ii tuo é un super cane coglione
"tale padrone tale cane " 

Автор Pat Miller (1 год)
You are Bastards !!! I want to Punsch your Faces and kill you Mother
Fuckers !!!! Come to Germany and we fight !! Bastard 

Автор Karl Medina (1 год)
that was not a wild pork, was a pigmean pork o some asian breed, asshole

Автор de Bunnies (1 год)
pitbull attacking small animal is a pussy hahaha... try big wild boar ,
naja is a pussy

Автор Mike M (1 год)
That's a Baby Boar, a little piglet.... My wifes poodle can catch that. Now
rub some peanut butter on your balls, your dogs a puss

Автор Robert Wrightsman (1 год)
People like you give pitbulls a bad name! Train it to kill and what do you
think is going to happen when it kills some's kid or dog ?

Автор xoxo _cutie (1 год)
you guys are mean porr animals you dont know if they have babies,so mean!!!

Автор seth dibble (1 год)
You need to burn in hell for posting this

Автор Cody G (1 год)
You sir are an asshole. Got nothing better to do then watch your dog rip a
baby animal apart? Sounds like a very productive and great thing to do!!

Автор utubesbytch yall (1 год)
bless his heart...he has such a tiny penis:(

Автор Theromanempire2010 (1 год)
Chill out Mr Warren, Luck of the draw, you seemed to be consumed with
wanting to see a ravenous flesh riping fight. I see a beautiful dog doing
what his owner says do, Its all about the loving relationship between dog
and man. Dont you get it

Автор valen tin (1 год)
if I would find you ever, I would kill you instantly...I will kill
instantly after your mother and all your family...you piece of shit of
man...so bad that your mother wasn't killed before making you, piece of

Автор Grandvil Carter (1 год)

Автор mikey grubb (1 год)
maybe she should sick him like he did that piglet.

Автор James Hunter (1 год)
LOL! yeah some great feat. put that dog up against a 300lb boar, then come
back on here . What a pussy

Автор demonicusrex (1 год)
using pet animals to blood your pitbull is usually a precursor for dog
you sir, are a arsehole.
there is training a dog to hunt and then, there is this.

Автор Mark Foley (1 год)
That's not boar lol?? It's potbelly pig?? Shame on you.. Don't need to say
what I know? Just that you're not hunting FAIR GAME..

Автор Kron Dizzel (1 год)
super lame music.

Автор Anthony Phillips (1 год)
Using pit bulls is wrong,fuck wits,little pigs like that,put it on a boar
see how it goes then,wankers

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