Horrible Strongman Accident Derek Poundstone Tears Bicep

In an unfortunate accident while attempting a lift of a 540 pound atlas stone Derek Poundstone tore his right bicep. Derek is one of the top Strongmen in the world and we wish him best of luck and a fast recovery.

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Автор david h ( назад)
I used to like Magnuson mangunsom however u spell it. He points go over their fuck him. He competed in a area of weak competition. Pounds tone would of crushed him. He flagged Eddie hall. If u get the lift up and it's good who cares u drop it. Eddie my hero crushed it. Fuck u Magnuson go eat smelt

Автор Vrerelious FellShadow ( назад)
they do them because it's hard not because it's suppose to be easy like in all sports there's a chance of someone getting hurt.

Автор Chris ( назад)
These stone lifts seem to cause a lot of bicep tears. Maybe not do them.

Автор Chris ( назад)
The back of his shirt says it all

Автор abhishek das ( назад)
These injuries are a part of our life

Автор Natural selection ( назад)
The real question is: did Derek poundstone? Or did the stone pound Derek?

Автор theappleplunger ( назад)
Oh fuck no .-. Owwwwww

Автор gangsta homie ( назад)
Is that magnus ver magnussen??

Автор Kyli Kyli ( назад)
Kind of made his shirt ironic, "Bigger than nature intended"

Автор Jessrey Mark Solijon ( назад)
I dont wanna watch it. Im craven. But I do hope you get well and recover. May you get the best of luck and be able to get on your feet soon Derek. Fuck the reptiles *haters. man

Автор AJisnumerouno ( назад)
LOLOLOLOL what a worthless sack of shit.

Автор Alex Smith-Fay ( назад)
Lol, that was a casual commentator "oh he tore his bicep"

Автор yin yang ( назад)
you can hear that shit rip, WHAT!

Автор miroslavsafin ( назад)
not enough steroids

Автор fergoesdayton ( назад)
world's dumbest man , is more like it.

Автор julle huu ( назад)
wha is the biggest muscle in human body bicep offcourse

Автор TheArmhand ( назад)
Could be the tearing or i think it was the tacky pealing off!!

Автор Uncle Phil ( назад)
sounded like someone ripped a shirt next to the microphone holy shit

Автор Gilik Painkiller ( назад)
I am realy sorry man good luck the next time. Strong four you from argentina

Автор teslation ( назад)
thats what u get when u pound a stone :P

Автор Noah Katz ( назад)
Either you could hear that shit tear...or the cameraman ripped a really subtle fart.

Автор specie44 ( назад)
bummer man. i think Derek needs to take more time in his routine to rest and recoup. i mean you look at him and hes lean as shit. This is not a lean man sport lol

Автор Rajveer Singh ( назад)
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Автор benallansmith ( назад)
Nah most of the time it makes a pop noise

pound and stone.. btw i can lift 2500 stone

Автор prasannakanna ( назад)
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Автор SureMustBeNice ( назад)
Serves him right for doing Squats in the Curl Rack.

Автор Taylor Bible ( назад)
Probably just his clothing

Автор Jemiawarrior ( назад)
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Автор Chuck Person ( назад)
sure look at brain...

Автор CodyP1220 ( назад)
poundstone has to be the best name for a dude this strong

Автор vytautas lalas ( назад)
i am very sorry

Автор Grega Lajkovič ( назад)
you are right. You are smart if you understand you need to eat right at your age to kill your belly. Listen to this The surprising part is my friend who is not doing much excercises, maintaining his six pack with this secret food items. you can watch out here bit.ly/12XVKDb?=vvegj

Автор nasty nate ( назад)
no that was the tacky pulling off the stone when he dropped it after tearing his bicep.

Автор Marc Michaud ( назад)
I just tore my bicep tendon, it ripped a piece of the labrum off. Sux.

Автор ED FRED ( назад)
Can he come back from an injury like that and ever compete again?

Автор Justin ( назад)
What do you expect when your lift a huge ball you can't get a grip on

Автор JNpMusic ( назад)
0:38 - sheeeit! was that it? sounded like raw chicken being pulled apart! eewww

Автор marsdog ( назад)
He puts stickum adhesive on his arms and shirt for grip and it makes a tearing sound when he let go of the stone

Автор marsdog ( назад)
What you hear is the stone sliding against the belt or shirt when he dropped it

Автор stoneeh ( назад)
nope, you can hear the snap when he was still holding it tight, then a split second later realising the pain and letting go

Автор Daniel olive ( назад)
i heard that shit too man

Автор Michael Moore ( назад)
not always, but in a lot of cases, this type of thing happens because the muscle and tendon do not grow concurrently. The muscle growth out strips the tendon growth, and a really powerful contraction results in the tendon becoming detached from the bone. The actual muscle does not tear. Such disparate growth of the muscle tissue and tendons can be a result of steroid use, though I am in no way casting Mr Poundstone in a negative light. Surgery and time will see him return to form i'm certain.

Автор Bear Bronson ( назад)
chiiiilllll, tearing biceps is no joke. Best of luck, man.

Автор SwayzeDre ( назад)
he took it like a man, props

Автор madnessgoat ( назад)
fuck that

Автор TheeOneUp ( назад)

Автор grafixmad1 ( назад)
I am sure he will be fine. Get better soon Derek :-)

Автор julle huu ( назад)
natty powerman

Автор Abdul Mumit Chy Muktadir ( назад)
Check my video out for Bicep tear

Автор Abdul. Mumit.CHY Muktadir ( назад)
Check this Abdul Mumit Choudhury Muktadir YouTube link out for Bicep tear

Автор Michael Moore ( назад)
Ooouuucchh!! Damn!! :( :( :( :( Here's to a proper and thorough recovery Derek. See you back competing when it's fixed mate, all the best.

Автор Mitch McCain ( назад)
get better soon Mr.Poundstone!

Автор vytautas lalas ( назад)
im sorry get well son men

Автор SatanTrain ( назад)
Nvm it was a fold so yeah it was the tacky shit

Автор SatanTrain ( назад)
Might be the shirt it looked like his right sleeve was ripped

Автор Dustin Hughes ( назад)
I hate to see that

Автор Jules Winnfield ( назад)
It's not really a HORRIBLE ACCIDENT, more like a fairly common injury in Strongman. Damn near every WSM at least one person tears a bicep, usually during stones or tire flip.

Автор broli28 ( назад)
Get well bro.

Автор LED Construction ( назад)
Hope you get well soon Derek.

Автор LDT0791 ( назад)
good luck to Derek

Автор strongsick286 ( назад)
can see brian was upset by it hes been threw it not sure if he tore it off the bone or what think brian tore off the bone dereks not sure

Автор Shnappley ( назад)
Brutal. Though for people cringing over the sound, I think that's actually the sound of the tacky peeling as his forearms come off the stone.

Автор metalheadblues ( назад)
Hope he recovers quickly!

Автор Thrasher Dawg ( назад)
@Chris Hill that makes sense because its hard to hear a bone break unless its your bone

Автор Thrasher Dawg ( назад)
Sounded like a zipper

Автор ToxicBarracuda ( назад)
The worst thing is that I think he knew his bicep was playing up, but he didn't want to back down during the comp.

Автор Chris Hill ( назад)
@anthony cifani No that was not the sound of his bicep tearing that was the sticky glue letting go as he let go of the stone. He tore his bicep on the first lift to his thighs.

Автор A C ( назад)
Omg i heard it :/

Автор Lucas Osborne ( назад)
This past weekend, 1st through the 3rd was the competition.

Автор LIGHTandSTR0NG ( назад)
when was this?

Автор Igor Almeida ( назад)
too much bad luck for just one guy =\

Автор kickenwing30 ( назад)

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