Wheel of Musical Impressions with Céline Dion

Jimmy challenges Céline to a game of random musical impressions, such as Sia singing "Hush, Little Baby."

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Wheel of Musical Impressions with Céline Dion

Просмотров: 23346879
Длительность: 5:50
Комментарии: 13202

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Автор Laurie L.A ( назад)
press the button ah ! lmmmmaaooooo XD

Автор Regina Franco ( назад)
ᴛʜᴀᴛ ʀɪʜᴀɴɴᴀ ᴏɴᴇ

Автор Daring Danielle ( назад)
You better row that boat Celine!

Автор Erica PlayMiNot Milian ( назад)
2:58 she channeled Rihanna

And then channeled Sia. IM DONE

Автор MARISÖĹ Cöthran ( назад)
wow that's wow

Автор Luxe ( назад)
LOL love her doing Rihanna!!!

Автор Maripantz C. ( назад)
She is toooo funny 😂😂😂 ... & we all know jimmy is hilarious

Автор misty771 ( назад)
celine is so funny you have to love her x

Автор nure zerin ( назад)
I just died. Now thats mean.

Автор Kim Beck ( назад)
celine dancing was incredible

Автор Kim Beck ( назад)
Jimmy was awesome

Автор Zane Kalvele ( назад)

Автор Sao Ng ( назад)
my idol is definitely high when she's on the show that night hahaha

Автор Shadøw Ring ( назад)
Well just ignore that Sia impression.......

Автор Sebas Frehley ( назад)
just press the bottom hahahhahahahahaha

Автор Sebas Frehley ( назад)
i cant stop laught with the MJ impression hahahahahahhahahahahahhahahahahaha

Автор Rasheed Stevens ( назад)
Who else on here wanted to see her finish the Rihanna dance??

Автор Rummie ( назад)
I thought the lyrics following 'and if that mockingbird don't sing' was 'imma break that birdie's neck'?

Автор Natthasabye Koedthawee ( назад)

Автор Amanda Redding ( назад)
I love Celine she's great

Автор Talei Karavaki ( назад)
Super model

Автор Phoenix Flame ( назад)
What is the outro song?? I like it!

Автор poisonproductionzz ( назад)
Celine trying to pretend it's not scripted... XDDDDDD

Автор frank jones ( назад)
Incredibly rehearsed ahead of time but still fun all the same.

Автор Govind Sharma ( назад)

Автор puneeth kumar ( назад)
Celine ❤❤

Автор Suhani Solanki ( назад)
her skin and her legs are spontaneous

Автор Nisa n kohate Hurrell ( назад)
Love u Celine I'm dead laughing about this ❤️❤️

Автор egyptmylove08 ( назад)
What a legend she is!!

Автор King ( назад)
She seemed very frustrating for jimmy

Автор marykacyy ( назад)

Автор S.M. Faisal ( назад)
so americans think people can be funny and goofy only when they are drunk?

Автор Anthony Philipov ( назад)
Work work work your boat

Автор alexandra dumitru ( назад)
This woman is a legend!

Автор Fon M ( назад)
She looks old my god😢

Автор Yogi ( назад)
She's the best! Hilarious.

Автор sam anderson ( назад)
Canadian through and through!! no pretence, a nerd - wonderful!! (I'm Canadian too)

Автор Jake Thomas ( назад)

Автор Vivienne Mendoza ( назад)
Em she's crazy? Hahaha

Автор Whateva ( назад)
this is the best one so far!

Автор walkingcarol ( назад)
Loved it but it's so obvious that they are training those before the show XD

Автор L Lawliet ( назад)
Who else comes here just to see Jimmy's imitation of Michael?

Автор AVA Willams ( назад)

Автор peacelovetennis10 ( назад)
She is so good but you can tell she hated it!

Автор Jelly Jammer ( назад)
oh my gosh that rihanna impression XD

Автор Katie Pfeiffer ( назад)
If I had the money I would seriously hire her to sing me to sleep every night. Her kids are so lucky.

Автор Zahid Candemir ( назад)
The press the buttonah! part omg

Автор Celine Lo ( назад)
my name is celine!

Автор Isa Ll.c ( назад)
Celine is a crack!

Автор lakeasha martin ( назад)
i got to see her in concert one day

Автор lakeasha martin ( назад)
celine looks beautiful. I love her, she was apart of my childhood and she'salwaud been an amazing singer

Автор Haris Ampuan ( назад)
I really wanted that Celine dion sing Mariah Carey song!

Автор Angga Wahyudi ( назад)
so funny ..... Lolz.... Siaa

Автор 이병욱 ( назад)

Автор Aya Drevis ( назад)
She's funny, that's why we all love her

Автор andreas de BRUCQ ( назад)

Автор Carmelita M. Makhmudova ( назад)
When Celine impersonated Sia, I died! Hahaha! She gave me tummy aches, can't stop laughing 😂😂😂

Автор Chochohtwe Chocho ( назад)
Thank you

Автор Chochohtwe Chocho ( назад)
Celine beautiful

Автор Chochohtwe Chocho ( назад)
Wow I love

Автор Waddles Gray my senpai ( назад)
Celine Dion
Looks older
then I thought

Автор Lol Mdr ( назад)
that Sia impression tho she really screwed up in it but still rocks

Автор Giulia M ( назад)
She's queen but she trying a little too much here...i love her so much this is not a hate!

Автор TJ Clarke ( назад)

Автор bumb9 ( назад)
Her legs look much more longer than my current height.

Автор rein fabella ( назад)
she's a real diva

Автор Ceejay ( назад)
That Cher! At the end😂👍🏻

Автор HawkEyeFan Iowa ( назад)
híhí #Sia 😅😂😂😂

Автор NABIL 40 ( назад)
celine would be a perfect grandmother.

Автор Tuvshin Ganbat ( назад)
Dam Saruman!

Автор Jana Mahmoud ( назад)
She is so annoying

Автор Andrewsadek ( назад)
Jimmys micheal Jackson thong danggg

Автор Karine Do Carmo ( назад)
oh God hahahahahaa Rihanna lol

Автор Roblox Fan 500 ( назад)
the Rihanna one thou

Автор Dena Palacios ( назад)
She didn't wanna do it from the get! I didn't like that shit... too diva for me lol 😂

Автор Rhea Moudy ( назад)
ma queen 😍

Автор Louvern Dictado ( назад)
I like you a lot celine..sense of humor that she has..very funny woman

Автор Bibash Gurung ( назад)
celion diot oh my god fucking nerd
what the hell she thinks she is doing
she can't interrupt jimmy is singing
she thinks she is amaizing fuck her old nerd

Автор Shadeenah McCleary ( назад)

Автор Bijan Fink ( назад)
she's so weird

Автор ahmed sawad ( назад)
When she did Mj ahahahahahah

Автор dabatoir ( назад)
Celine got swagger for days

Автор Jowalla Beetimes ( назад)
Her legs held out 14 years longer than her face... True Fact.

Автор Sierra Occorso ( назад)
I love her lmfao

Автор Ashley smith ( назад)

Автор Nin Pangilinan ( назад)
Hahahahahaha rihanna part hahaha!!!

Автор monlanc ( назад)
She's one of a kind! Brilliant! LOL

Автор misscgl ( назад)
is it just me or is Celine acting weird

Автор AJ Jimenez Steinberg ( назад)
Celine Dion YOU ARE A GODDESS 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

Автор missy N ( назад)
Always is cher..

Автор Mercedes Hausmann ( назад)
she´s the best

Автор karianaperarg ( назад)
she can't be 48 :0

Автор Ashley Lewis ( назад)

Автор Jen Harker ( назад)
I didn't know Celine is funny like this..

Автор Y Zz ( назад)
Celine's personality reminds me of Robin Williams.

Автор Aida Natasha ( назад)
Shesss still pretty as well

Автор Tristan Adderley ( назад)
Michael Jackson impression was off the chain

Автор Jeff P ( назад)
Damn celine got a body on her ;)

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