Wheel of Musical Impressions with Céline Dion

Jimmy challenges Céline to a game of random musical impressions, such as Sia singing "Hush, Little Baby."

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Wheel of Musical Impressions with Céline Dion

Просмотров: 20410799
Длительность: 5:50
Комментарии: 11699

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Автор David furman ( назад)
Céline Dion is a babe!

Автор su g e. ( назад)
god. i laugh so hard hahaha

Автор Jennifer Perez ( назад)
She's so cute

Автор The AverageSniper ( назад)
Celine Dion is so weird

Автор Lena Brennan ( назад)
Celine was cringey in a good way.

Автор Willo ( назад)
she'd get it... and I could be her son...

Автор Shaden Arour ( назад)
The generator: C is for Cookie
Celine: No, C is for Celine.

Автор B S ( назад)
Se a Celine Dion canta work assim imagina eu kkkkklklkl

Автор Jeremy Ryan ( назад)
I was waiting for her to do Ariana... 😭

Автор Smiley Girl123 ( назад)
She is so insanely talented. Holy potato chips.

Автор major600 ( назад)
I had no idea "C is for cookie" was so widely known. And yes, she does have
great legs.

Автор Magical Unicorn ( назад)
The hair flip tho lol

Автор siti latifa hasanah ( назад)
celine is so wow, my gosh love so much

Автор Erwin Richter ( назад)
I swear, Johnny Cash is the only impression Jimmy can do.

Автор Devona Bloom ( назад)
I can't believe Celine dion my idiol just made fun of of another idol sia I
have lost my respect for Celine as Canadian and as a fan

Автор Ell Muster ( назад)
she's jokes!

Автор susuilu ( назад)
jimmys michael jacksons impression was good

Автор regrich96 ( назад)
Does anyone know what a 'Bajour' is?? Celine asked if Jimmy had one when he
told her he was doing a Sia impression. He said he didn't have a wig and so
she asked "Well do you have a bajour?"

Автор Lisa Lemaire ( назад)
Was she high ?

Автор BridE Of ThE NighT ( назад)
I just love this woman....she got something what I miss this days in
artists : a class...great class :) Her kids must be so proud of her...so do
I :*

Автор Hailey ( назад)
Céline 🔥💖

Автор tallulah stott-crofts ( назад)
Celeine was showing off way to much

Автор Maia da Silva Santos ( назад)
One Dance by Michael Jackson 😍😍

Автор Catherine Murphy ( назад)
shes funny

Автор Andressa Monalisa (dhessa) ( назад)
Amazing! Celine u are Awesome in this show

Автор eric enle ( назад)
I did not that to be sexy.

Автор Tenille N ( назад)

Автор Anusha Goonasekera ( назад)
Jimmy's Michael Jackson was actually really good 👏👏

Автор Wendy Shamel ( назад)
is the bomb

Автор LadyS ( назад)
Jimmy was killing it 😂😂😂😂

Автор marneebox C. ( назад)
i love Celine she is cleverly funny and a beautiful, soulful singer but she
has bad comical timing. she does not know when to end a funny joke, she
automatically kills it when she goes on too long with it hahaha she is
still great though!

Автор Cleyde Pecanha ( назад)
Best American Program, I'm Brazilian but I love the United States.

Автор alemon22 ( назад)
funny and nice well done celine

Автор ƙɑɼʍɑ ƙɼiȿ ( назад)
Nice legs and dope dress!!! Her SIA was Amazing
Cheers from Canada!!

Автор Sirinet Gettengkit ( назад)
Ha ha ha

Автор NamelessShipper ( назад)
That Rihanna impression tho! Hahaha

Автор bakhtawar ahmed ( назад)
She's so annoying

Автор Gio S ( назад)
lol i loove her that rihanna and sia, man!! was amazing lol

Автор Sandy Bottoms ( назад)
Good time😂

Автор Princess 26 ( назад)
i love her dresss!!!

Автор Gerald Quiros Cortes ( назад)
Men those legs tho

Автор Stacey Caldo ( назад)
she's such a mom 😂

Автор Eva Pinochyeva ( назад)
Celine! <3 i just... lost my snots from laugh.

Автор Kat Brown ( назад)
Mike Jackson was funny.... bad.

Автор Andrew Khan ( назад)
wtf she sounded just like sis this women is great I would love for her to
do a cover of chandelier

Автор Kavion Washington ( назад)
Celine is just as awkward as jimmy and that makes this nearly unbearable

Автор Vidal Mauro ( назад)

Автор Juan Francisco Erdoiz ( назад)
OMG that Sia impression blew my mind!! AWESOME!!!

Автор rumaisja nabibaks ( назад)
hahaha funnyyy

Автор Maria Rosas ( назад)
Celine is akward and not funny at all😂

Автор Sarita -.- ( назад)
Where is the password game clip gone? From when she was on last?

Автор the baddest in the game ( назад)
OMG on MICHELE Jackson he slayed it😍😍😂

Автор Ok2BHuman ( назад)
I love Celine. I just realized how talented and funny that Jimmy really

Автор Jay Ainsworth ( назад)
That did not sound like Michael Jackson

Автор clara l ( назад)
She is the cutest.

Автор smike ( назад)
how she can't stop michael jacksoning is just too good :D xD

Автор daniely475 ( назад)
she is amazing hahahahhaha

Автор Punnkins ( назад)
what a Cringefest

Автор Ghosted Gaming GAMING ( назад)
if you watched the Demi Lovato and Christina Aguilara they all starts with

Автор Star bucks ( назад)
He does Michael amazing

Автор Deborah Owiredu ( назад)
Those legs tho

Автор Valar Margulies Streep ( назад)
Her Sia impression was so nice!!

Автор Snikkerz666 ( назад)
Wow.. had no idea she was so amazing and funny

Автор Le'Vin Moser ( назад)
Jimmy are you ok, are you ok, Jimmy

Автор Sara Saiti ( назад)
Loved that MJ impression!

Автор Fitunfive (JaLyn) ( назад)
2:38 😂😂😂😂

Автор Markiese Franklin ( назад)
im still waiting for someone to do whitney houston and mariah carey XDXDXD

Автор JUS SUMGUY ( назад)
I love Celine's vocal ability but she is so fucking annoying.

Автор Michael Kelly ( назад)
I defy anybody to not love Celine Dion. She is just too wonderful to deny

Автор Dalmar Lima Silva ( назад)
Lovely! I adore her!

Автор Jesus Fabrizi ( назад)

Автор Dan iel ( назад)
who the fk is she ... damn personality

Автор Serenity Whitaker ( назад)
1:18 Amazing! He was amazing!

Автор TheVonnie99 ( назад)
The fucking michael Jackson had me ded

Автор Rollschue B ( назад)
Celine Dion never gets any less attractive, wow!

Автор Lais Dixon ( назад)
Celine is freaking amazing!!

Автор David Matthews ( назад)
That scream at 5:10, holy hell, makes me miss Cobain. Check out Jimmy's
face when he hears it

Автор Pranjal Agarwal ( назад)
she is great!

Автор Amber Daigneault ( назад)
Haha that was good clean wholesome fun. I don't watch cable ( I don't even
pay for it) But that was a good laugh, good job Jimmy, and Celine is always
a stand up woman

Автор Alex C ( назад)
That was good haha

Автор Cake_ fox ( назад)
I love this so much😊

Автор Rissa Oh OK ( назад)
That's sounds nothing like Sia

Автор Sara Bouchard ( назад)
Go Québec Go!!!!!!! Like if you agree 😉

Автор Nick Brank ( назад)

Автор Menesa 87 ( назад)

Автор SuperWomen Sophie ( назад)
It's so sad to see her evergreen beauty and charm age like that.

Автор Andy Halimi ( назад)
she got dem legs

Автор Yesli Funez ( назад)

Автор Raven Weaver ( назад)
she looks good 😱

Автор MrAirplanefreak777 ( назад)
I want a Wheel of Impressions with Lady Gaga! And I want someone to imitate
her, which should be interesting.

Автор Cymone ( назад)
Her chin is saggy.

Автор ann taylor ( назад)
omg cellen Dion is alive

Автор Flashbek87 ( назад)
Best Musical impression

Автор Bindi Rock ( назад)
shes so cool

Автор Jason Gonzales ( назад)
My god those legs!!!!!!

Автор xxabxx ( назад)
Every time I hear the name Celine Dion I want to cry cuz of Titanic lol

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