Queens of Rhythmic Gymnastic

A montage about my favourite gymnasts... they are magic

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Автор TheBestMyFiles ( назад)
where is Alina????

Автор Manuel Olivares ( назад)
My amazing Anna.. The best across the history of the RG !!

Автор Evaggelia Triantafillou ( назад)
Amazing but ... Where is Evgenia Kanaeva the queen of rg with 79 gold

Автор nico ( назад)
Anna the Queen she is most beautiful and perfect

Автор Nicol Hanusova ( назад)
Please how to call this music?? :)

Автор justadelirium channel ( назад)
красиво, вот только после имени гимнастки могут идти видео не с ней

Автор Regis Kimbangu ( назад)
this is so easy compared with the marathon

Автор Auro MG ( назад)
This is really so good! a Love Thaat!!

Автор victor chera ( назад)
ballet and rg cannot be compared because ballet is an art and rg is a
sport. although most rhythmic gymnasts to ballet to help with there turns
and balances both are amazing!!!

Автор Edmond Dantez ( назад)
A less pure but more aesthetic version of the art.

Автор Lavender Creme ( назад)
Are these names they've been given or names you described them with? They
match perfectly especially the queen!

Автор Katarzyna Gawenski ( назад)
@LaraLikesCheese123 Probably aesthetic gymnastics.

Автор Lara Short ( назад)
Mah friend Roseanna does dance like that but without the props. Whats that
sort called?

Автор hairyboi1980 ( назад)
what music is this I love it

Автор pare brough ( назад)
im just speechless there are no words to describe these amazing ladies,
their costumes their routines WOW my favorite sport just luv it

Автор stephanie hau ( назад)
Haha I quit 2 years ago. Cuz I didn't have enought time for school and
stuff. When I was 6 years old. a friend of mine pulled me into this.. and
since then I loved it. and play couple competitions in Holland. Its real
fun 2 do. but its hard =) til the day now. I still missed it.

Автор Pixietta ( назад)
They are my favourites gymnastic!!! I love them !!! But Anna Bessonova is
the most wonderful!!!

Автор Vane22april ( назад)
Excellent video, compliments ElettraLives! I think that RG is the most
beautiful sport in the world and this music is magic!

Автор Tchachinafan ( назад)
The Muse, the Fairy and the Swan ♥

Автор Aisidora110 ( назад)
@XxCookieLovexX i am a ballerina too,but i was a gymnast before years,RG is
more difficult than ballet .. but they both are very beautiful ! Anya is
the best forever !!!!!!!

Автор xToyahBabeGymnastx ( назад)
well i was askin the person who created the montage. but anyway....just
4get it now k ; )

Автор Carrissa Ting ( назад)
whatever! you asked a question and i answered, thats all. chill man!

Автор xToyahBabeGymnastx ( назад)
no i didnt see it was uploaded in 2007, and so if it was?? just go away.

Автор Carrissa Ting ( назад)
scroll down! its just there!!!! argh......you asked why they didn't put
evgenia kanaeva!

Автор xToyahBabeGymnastx ( назад)
wat did i say.i cant read it its not there

Автор Carrissa Ting ( назад)
can't you see it was uploaded in 2007???!!!!

Автор Aisidora110 ( назад)
Anya forever !!!!

Автор alfaterna68 ( назад)
queste ragazze...MITIKE....

Автор xToyahBabeGymnastx ( назад)
i culdnt really see the vid that wel coz im on my mob but did u put evgenia
on ther??!x

Автор xToyahBabeGymnastx ( назад)
i culdnt really see the vid that wel coz im on my mob but did u put evgenia
on ther??!x

Автор Golosonavip301 ( назад)

Автор ilectrakipic94 ( назад)
and i am having r.g. and ......duh....its really difficult but its very
nice!(sorry for my english i'm from greece and its difficult) you video
ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!! what is the song name./

Автор The818Hype ( назад)
ALL I KNOW IS.. they go through some tough ass training!

Автор ElettraLives ( назад)
I've done both rhythmic gymnastics and ballet, and I think they are both
REALLY difficult. They are difficult in different ways, though, I don't
think we can say which is harder. Anyway, I agree with you, both ballerinas
and gymnasts are great and must own our respect^^

Автор Rosemereta ( назад)
believe me ! rhytmic gymnastics is not a sport , it's an art , i was a
rhytmic gymnast but sadly i quit a few years , it's beautiful and the
ribbon is the best thing i can play ..

Автор Amy Gunnell ( назад)
from very young, around 5-7, until about mid 20's. but it varies on country

Автор 7Christian ( назад)
Anybody knows the typical career length for a rhymthic gymnast?

Автор pare brough ( назад)
absolutely graceful magnificent.I always wanted to do gymnastics but was
too shy

Автор xGaarax255 ( назад)
RG is harder than it's looks like. Trust me

Автор MelodiaSeira ( назад)
I had my first class today. I tried the ball the first time. It's harder
than it looks!!!

Автор xXxReflectingGod ( назад)
its just a backwards illusion

Автор Robin Lim ( назад)
whats the move performed at 0.35 seconds, the split flip like thingy. some
one please tell me im dyinggggggg to know

Psalms14:9* Let Them Praise GOD Name in the Dance**With Song & Harps* YANNI
Bodily Exercise Profiteth Little* But Godliness is Profitable Unto All
Things* Having Promise Of The Life That Now is, And Of That Which is To

Автор DancerAngel22 ( назад)
Nostalgia by Yanni for the album live at the acropolis

Автор xCrimewave ( назад)
What's the name of the song? I really like it.

Автор Lineke Schurink ( назад)

Автор Camossina88 ( назад)
I love this video,this music and this gymnasts...Thank you!!

Автор jennybean12000 ( назад)
Beautiful compilation... Beautiful music!! Thank you!!

Автор bezdumnii ( назад)
it's irina tchachina

Автор bezdumnii ( назад)
it's irina tchachina

Автор Karina Jimenez ( назад)
so beauty video, but I think that Kabaeva is a queen too

Автор masha5maria1965 ( назад)
what about kabaeva???????? i think alina should be there instead of masha!!

Автор 648588AH ( назад)
3:35 whos that?

Автор cocoye33 ( назад)
4:35 aliya yussupova maby

Автор Alejandra X ( назад)
who is the girl from min. 4:35 with the red leotard performing a hoop
rutine?? this is a good montage, but in real life inna zhukova is called

Автор theMISSsuperman (1382 года назад)
i trained this for 8 years... xD

Автор icelisou68 ( назад)
The song is called Nostalgia and it is by Yanni.

Автор justsomeband ( назад)
They move so fluidly! it's beautiful.

Автор Taylor Swanson ( назад)
Whats the song??? I would love to have it. These gymnasts are amazing!

Автор Kevin Nguyen ( назад)
Your command of the English language is superb! Bravo!

Автор dinoolik12 ( назад)
oh my god great video I loved it awsome!

Автор avrora relya ( назад)
yah i agree with you DrAlexisolson!!! its very difficult to gain that kind
of flexibility and to think that they should be able to coordinate their
moves with the apparatus. but where is Kanaeva and Kapranova? even peycheva
is not there

Автор Cuddlemaster66 ( назад)
there is absolutly nothing to this video. there is no real tricks. no
difficulty no nothing.. my opinion. people think differently sorry my
opinion wasnt pleasent but it was the truht.

Автор 9Naty3 ( назад)
i wish i was so flexible..

Автор pawimawipiwi ( назад)
what abOut alina kabaeva??*... dOn't like this videOo , sOrry!!!*....

Автор Carrissa Ting ( назад)
Whr is Alina Kabaeva???!!!!!

Автор SweetaRoxious ( назад)
Fantastic but where is Anna Kotchneva? Sorry I know that i's about your
fave rhythmic gymnasts but Anna shouldn't have been left out. My opinion

Автор JukeboxTenor ( назад)
That was a double illusion with a toss/catch.

Автор Chy Saki ( назад)
It's "Nostalgia" by Yanni

Автор ieatmops ( назад)
they are all so beutiful, graceful and talented, but why, why ,why, why a

Автор mariela gomez arredondo ( назад)
where is alina kabaeva? she is the most important

Автор cokacok (1995 лет назад)
yes i would like to know too!!

Автор ajgersaws ( назад)
I love this music! What is it?

Автор Batyrchina ( назад)

Автор OoAgneoO ( назад)
it is beatiful,great,good,fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор juhas514 ( назад)
4:39 wtf was that? 0_o

Автор liktang ( назад)
kabaeva é a melhor... kabaeva e barsukova

Автор iheartrg11 ( назад)
Not all coaches do that. Inna has an elite coach, and she weighs herself
after she's eaten or something.

Автор kimhoncho ( назад)
Great montage! Keep it up! No biases in this montage... basically all of
them are great gymnasts. They have made rhythmic gymnastic a wonderful and
beautiful art. They bring all the RG fan together :) PS: Hope to see more
montages like this :)

Автор Courtney Cheng ( назад)
Whoa! O.o

Автор p1mp93 ( назад)
WOW!!! these gymnasts are the best

Автор iheartrg11 ( назад)
Not true. Inna Zhukova was TOO thin and had to be fattened up. A bad coach
will tell you daily you can't perform a trick because you are fat. A good
coach would help you keep a healthy weight without self starvation or

Автор iheartrg11 ( назад)
it is helpful to be slimmer when doing rhythmic or else you cannot leap or
show proper technique like the judges :(

Автор SuperStar10195 ( назад)
Isn't this sport so beautiful and gracefull

Автор rofhunter ( назад)
Kabaeva forever the best *0*&

Автор vdhulsticeskating79 ( назад)
what is the name of the music?

Автор TheGuGuSssS ( назад)
I definitely agree with you: they're the queens of RG! *__*

Автор wildmumu (1960 лет назад)
They are so beautiful!

Автор ElettraLives ( назад)
Please, forgive me. I really don't want to accuse you or sort. Of course RG
gymnasts are smaller than other athletes because of their special kind of
training and stretching. They need strong muscles to jump as you see but
they also need to be elegant and thin, so they stretch their muscles that
become longer. Of course they can't eat really much if they want to remain
so light. But they can eat in a healthy way: vegetables, fruit, a bit of
pasta and meat... They only must be careful.

Автор ElettraLives ( назад)
I think every athlete must be careful about what he eat. Anyway, I must say
there are some coaches that force gymnasts to be skinny, but good coaches
take care of atheltes health and alimentation. I've been a gymnast and now
I'm a ballet dancer and I absure you that with a special kind of training
and stretching you can have strong and long muscles that give wonderful
lines to your body. AG gymnasts need a different kind of force and muscles,
you can't compare these different kind of training.

Автор ElettraLives ( назад)
Try to train eight hours a day. Maybe you'll look thinner after this kind
of work, don't you think? Excuse me guys, but I'm tired of people blaming
gymnasts of anorexia while most of them are absolutely healthy!

Автор sound-life ( назад)
SymplyVale, the title of the song is "Nostalgia" by Yanni. I particularly
love the piano of it. ^_^

Автор Arta Voicehovska ( назад)
This is the most unrepeatablest video in my life... I cryed.. REALLY BIG

Автор valentina paladin ( назад)
qual è il titolo della canzone di sottofondo?

Автор b4lue35 ( назад)
Omg!!!! Do you see how over extended their grand jetes are my goodness
they're flexible

Автор twirlgirl42 ( назад)
ok thanks for the info but not all of them are like that....ones like me...

Автор chrisgoran ( назад)
Well, you havent convinced me that they eat properly since I was rhythmic
gymnast and saw many things which prove oposite. For example, in Corbeil
Esones I used to see gymnasts eating in the toilette! Besides,friend of
mine (from one of the top 3 RG countries)told me that she REFUSED TO GO TO
BARCELONA OLYMPICS, she said No chance, I want to eat! My coaches used to
torture me with diets, and I always argued...not to speak about excessive
flexibility which is completely unnatural

Автор twirlgirl42 ( назад)
they eat what we eat only in moderation and they are skinny because they
are so flexible and work out.... they are extremely strong girls

Автор secretly77 ( назад)
i love bessonova ! and i especially love zhukova, aliya yussopova is
amazing, vera sessina's alright, not one of my favourites, and as in for
alina.. i don't like her at all. i love evgenia kanaeva, (you didn't
mention her)but she's amazing ! but i must say, irina tchachina is my
favourite ! but unfortinetly she retired :( n'e'wayssss, great gymnasts, i
love them all ♥ p.s. great choise in music ;) irina tchachina 2005 ball :P

Автор sephir9070 ( назад)
e alina????????

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