Batista vs Brock Lesnar

A short promo to see who is the top wrestling machine in WWE!


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Автор D carraway ( назад)
these 2 wrestled before but it wasn't in wwe

Автор enrique valentin ( назад)
Honestly its a tough choice 

Автор Gud Dergo ( назад)
My money's on Iron Mike Sharpe. 

Автор Christian Del Wiel ( назад)
Batista would not get destroyed batitsa has the power and mentality and
brock has speed and power! Batista won Lesnar at Ovw in 2000 and in 2003
batista get belly to bellied by Lesnar and that dont count so lesnar has
yet not beaten the animal 

Автор sana khan ( назад)
There would be 2002 - 2005 Batista, then it would be the tough match.

Автор eddychaosofpain244 ( назад)
Brock Lesnar and batista tag team

Автор Asian PRO GAMER イケメン (Kirito) ( назад)
If you haven't watched it yet, watch Batista and lesner in real wrestling
not wwe, Batista beat him like he was a kid

Автор Mufasa the lion ( назад)
The animal vs. The beast: Make it happen

Автор Steven Sanchez ( назад)
this would of been a great battle
Its destructive vs destructive

it will be like Simba vs. Scar

Bloody and in a hell in a cell!

but it didn't happen

we wish it did 

Автор reyrey389 ( назад)
LOOL This is not even a comparison, for all the lesnar fans go watch their
fights in OVW batista made lesnar his bitch

Автор MegaBadjosh ( назад)
this didn't happen in 2014 and it should have.

Автор gogospalatianh hditsgijtrege ( назад)
powerhouses never giving a good match ... remember goldberg vs brock lesnar
all wanted this match and when it happened the fans was chearing "boring!!!

Автор Paulino Hernandez ( назад)
Que esta muy bien

Автор Tshepo Odumetse ( назад)
Do not touch!!!

Автор Alnilam82 ( назад)
Limp Bizkit rulez!!!!!!!

Автор Crow From Heaven ( назад)
Batista would get destroyed by Lesnar

Автор IHATEROCKNMETAL (1364 года назад)
These two should've fought one another around 2002-03 when both were in
their prime, strong, and straight up monsters. Although Brock is still like
that can't say the same for Batista cause he's obviously all hollywood out.

Автор gray wolf ( назад)
Lesnar all the way baby. Batista wrestles like a bitch.

Автор Tzion _williams ( назад)

Автор Saijsta808 ( назад)
Physique and charisma wise Batista destroys Lesnar

Автор TROYCHARLES1 ( назад)
Brock lesner vs resev at night of champions champion vs champion 

Автор White Kitta ( назад)
there both so awesome... :-)

Автор rat man ( назад)
john cena won from brock lesnar but batista won from john cena

Автор Vinodh Pavan Vinu ( назад)

Автор Patriko ( назад)
Brock was WAY better than Cain. You do realize he came off his death bed
for that fight right? He wasn't even close to 100% and he was still winning
the first few minutes until he got caught.

Автор Javier Beltrán ( назад)
Brock Lesnar is a great MMA fighter but is far to be "the best", even in
his category there are better fighters like Cain.

Автор Rita Paskauskiene ( назад)

Автор Daniel Augusto ( назад)
Como chama essa musicas?

Автор Dany 97 ( назад)

Автор Nitish Raj ( назад)

Автор bboy saud ( назад)
Before there was a Batista, there was already Brock lesnar. Brock lesnar
dominated smackdown during his era as the youngest wwe champ. While Batista
was still a student of HHH and a member of evolution.

Автор Patriko ( назад)
Agreed. Fake wrestling is 100% real.

Автор nikkiBULGERIA ( назад)
limp bizkit :) the best

Автор Minivski Marko ( назад)

Автор maiden685 ( назад)
i havent seen any wrestler with that size, who is a powerhouse and moves
like a walterweight. he is no other than Brock Lesnar

Автор signerleo snyder ( назад)
wwe is not all fake is owen death fake no if he hear say thatr he slep the
shit out you so jumping of cage fake no you cant fake that is eage bad neck
fake no

Автор Nitesh Mundhe ( назад)
brock lesnar

Автор 08hulsi ( назад)
batista brock maybe a better UFC fighter but batista is a better performer
and wrestler in my opinion but id like this fight to happen

Автор Jacob Etheridge ( назад)
brock lesnar cuz he went on to become the UFC heavyweight champion, plus
brock lesnar has more experiance in ring, plus he is better amyways

Автор Ricardo Martins ( назад)
he sucks

Автор haydenrav ( назад)
brocklesnar cant beat batista

Автор Alin Kenobi ( назад)
Dave "THE ANIMAL" Batista !!!

Автор ameni mignonne ( назад)

Автор Slade13 ( назад)
because he is a tough bastard thats why

Автор Kyle Arroyo ( назад)
yeah he definitely got slow after the surgery

Автор Justin Karan ( назад)
Batista would win

Автор Justin Karan ( назад)
But that is his fault for doing it when he was ill FACT

Автор mahendra vaidya ( назад)
both sucks where is the bill Goldberg

Автор ponga pandit ( назад)
brock beats batista any fucking day !!! the animal shall see the pain

Автор ravengsxr ( назад)
Dana told you so?

Автор Stephan Dwiki ( назад)

Автор Patriko ( назад)
He wasn't even at 30%. But Dana cut some corners and got him to be able to
fight because he couldn't have Lesnar going back to fake wrestling as the
undisputed world champion. It would look bad if the best MMA fighter on the
planet was in the WWE having fake fights. So they kept him a little longer
and had him lose a few fights. Brock Lesnar is p4p GOAT.

Автор Alessio Iaco ( назад)

Автор ravengsxr ( назад)
No UFC fighter is licensed to fight being ill. And for all you drama
queens, it's not a "huge hole" or his stomach torn apart etc etc, the
surgery is made with 3 or 4 tiny incisions.

Автор Razvan Cristea ( назад)
No one ends THE STREAK!!!!

Автор Bogomil Georgiev ( назад)

Автор Amy Sidious ( назад)
YA YA YA !!!! WrestleMania XXX -- Undertaker vs Brock Lesnar -- Lesnar ENDS

Автор DjinnGazoo ( назад)
Hahahhah - No Question! Goldberg win 1vs2 against them

Автор AMD FAN ( назад)
Batista is a fart of BROCK LESNER

Автор ryu EXTREME ( назад)
brock lesnar

Автор DANGER95M ( назад)
Brock Lesnar would kick his ass. Batista is so slow.

Автор Iklhas Shalhout ( назад)

Автор Iklhas Shalhout ( назад)
u dum bitches BATISTA will allways WIN so shut up and BATISTA is the best

Автор michael kim oliver Daguitera ( назад)

Автор Santosh Rai ( назад)

Автор Xia A ( назад)
Do you know what 'scripted' means?

Автор Jonathan Gonzalez ( назад)
batista would have done terrible in the ufc against these martial artist
like cain velasquez

Автор Hodor ( назад)
lol no. he didn't wanna start a mma carrier because later he will return to
wwe. btw he won the mma match.

Автор Timothy Clark ( назад)
Lesnar is 36

Автор Hodor ( назад)
he lost vs hhh and batista as taking him 3 times a row so gl. btw batista
won vs brock. (it has happend)

Автор Tadddius ( назад)
brock lesnar is a champion of fake orchestrated ballet he tried fighting
for real and got his ass kicked all the way back to the theater

Автор Noah N ( назад)
Brock lesnar is only 23 and one of the strongest in the wwe he wins

Автор Patriko ( назад)
He only got his ass beat because he was extremely ill. Brock would still be
UFC champion if he didn't have a fucking hole in his stomach. FACT!

Автор Cypriott2k10 ( назад)
wwe is scripted yeh, ufc isnt scripted he legitimately held the ufc world
heavyweight championship for 707days.

Автор Chad Benjamin ( назад)
And Batista left MMA after his first fight because he got his ass kicked by
a fat guy.

Автор zaki ikaz ( назад)
and vive randy orton champions wwe

Автор zaki ikaz ( назад)
vive batista the bast

Автор James Wellington ( назад)
They are scripted anyway. It's acting....

Автор xBRuT4LBrockaholicHDx ( назад)
fuck faptista!!! he is a jerk!! he made a poor little child cry becuz he
wudn't make any eye con-tact wit him or t@lk to him! wat a jackass!!! our
brocky wud definately w!n cuz he is the man and a legend of heart :) cm
punk sucks donkey ballz,, lmao ,,, brock lesnar is a legend :)

Автор Adam Fokt ( назад)

Автор officialdardan ( назад)
Brock haded won batista

Автор Cypriott2k10 ( назад)
brock held his ufc championship for 707 nuff said.

Автор geebeepman ( назад)
good promo

Автор T2ainwreck ( назад)
He didn't leave ufc because of his illness he left ufc because he was
getting his ass beat. He got a title shot in the ufc after 1 fight, because
of all the hype of him coming from the wwe in which he beat up a washed up
Frank Mir, and all of his wins were either from old or overhyped
fighters.Then he got his ass handed to him by Cain Velasquez and Alistair
overeem, bye bye brock =p

Автор Erik_Andre ( назад)
oh ok sorry :/

Автор Chad Benjamin ( назад)
I said WWE Champion not World Heavyweight Champion. They're 2 different

Автор Erik_Andre ( назад)
no thats Randy Orton in 2004

Автор Chad Benjamin ( назад)
Brock is 286 while Batista is 265. Brock isn't the youngest WWE Champ for

Автор Chad Benjamin ( назад)

Автор Chad Benjamin ( назад)
Brock is stronger, faster, more athletic and he was a UFC Heavyweight
Champion and an NCAA Heavyweight Wrestling Champion. Batista is weaker,
slower, older and less athletic. Brock defeated Cena 3 times (Smackdown
September/19/2002, Smackdown February/13/2003 & Backlash 2003) and he only
lost to Cena once (Extreme Rules 2012) while Batista lost to Cena 3 times
(WrestleMania 26, Extreme Rules 2010 & Over The Limit 2010) and he only
beat Cena once (SummerSlam 2008). Brock Lesnar>Batista.

Автор Viper Slayer ( назад)
Who would win? Is that a serious question?!? Come on now...

Автор Piolo Calusin ( назад)
BATISTA BOMB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор james dean ( назад)

Автор haseeb madni ( назад)
batista is the best

Автор Dymitry95 ( назад)
my favourite was batista!!!

Автор jackrunkle1983 ( назад)
they have fought before. batista was named leviathan and I believe it was
at six flags. there is a youtube vid on it.

Автор Nabil Kidnaper ( назад)
batista got no chance in hell

Автор oezeen wijs ( назад)
The Animal vs The Beast

Автор Mohan Sharma ( назад)
daily 20$ go for it: bigmoneytou.blogspot.in

Автор Nikolas dee jay ( назад)
batista best for ever!!!! great aleksander!!!!!!

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