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Автор Hockey God1999 (1 месяц)
The animal vs. The beast: Make it happen

Автор Steven Sanchez (1 месяц)
this would of been a great battle
Its destructive vs destructive

it will be like Simba vs. Scar

Bloody and in a hell in a cell!

but it didn't happen

we wish it did 

Автор Crow From Heaven (3 месяца)
Batista would get destroyed by Lesnar

Автор sana khan (1 месяц)
There would be 2002 - 2005 Batista, then it would be the tough match.

Автор reyrey389 (2 месяца)
LOOL This is not even a comparison, for all the lesnar fans go watch their
fights in OVW batista made lesnar his bitch

Автор Alnilam82 (3 месяца)
Limp Bizkit rulez!!!!!!!

Автор Christian Del Wiel (19 дней)
Batista would not get destroyed batitsa has the power and mentality and
brock has speed and power! Batista won Lesnar at Ovw in 2000 and in 2003
batista get belly to bellied by Lesnar and that dont count so lesnar has
yet not beaten the animal 

Автор Damien Croc (1 год)
If you guys are saying Batista is stronger than Lesnar, I'd say you're dead
wrong. Brock's aggression, strength and speed together was over the top to
where no other WWE wrestler could get. Goldberg has said ''If God were to
create a warrior it would look like Brock Lesnar''. A UFC comentator also
said in all his years in the UFC he has never seen a man of Brock's size
moving around the octagon with a speed of a 100m sprinter. Because really,
If you think about it. Brock was powerful not only that he was incredibly
fast. Basically if you outrun him he will decimate you by using strength.
You outpower him he will use his speed and aggression. Oh and by the way
Batista is ripped hes not buff like Lesnar is. I prefer BUFF cause it means
you're huge and muscular. Ripped means you are looking for a muscular but
also thin body structure. And don't tell me ''No you're wrong batista is
huge''. Nah he is ripped and tall... Btw only reason why you people think
hes big is because his shoulders are very wide. But i prefer a body like
Lesnar. Uncommon body structure but intimidating as well. Lol did anyone
know that Brock was so powerful that Kurt Angle and Triple HHH had to do
super intense trainings before their individual matches with Lesnar? Go
watch 'Must watch Triple HHH workout' Triple HHH said ''Brock Lesnar is a
different kind of animal.'' His coach said '' You can't just be big and
strong to face Brock Lesnar'' Triple HHH also mentions ''you don't come
across too many Brock Lesnars.'' What does this tell you? Brock is one of
the best in the business and not Batista or any heavyweight can compare to

Автор Asian PRO GAMER イケメン (1 месяц)
If you haven't watched it yet, watch Batista and lesner in real wrestling
not wwe, Batista beat him like he was a kid

Автор gogospalatianh hditsgijtrege (2 месяца)
powerhouses never giving a good match ... remember goldberg vs brock lesnar
all wanted this match and when it happened the fans was chearing "boring!!!

Автор MegaBadjosh (2 месяца)
this didn't happen in 2014 and it should have.

Автор eddychaosofpain244 (1 месяц)
Brock Lesnar and batista tag team

Автор Yves Heinrich (9 месяцев)
Batista is the best, regardless if he was more than Brock in WWE or held
more championships, Batista held a championship more than Lesnar did
REGARDLESS, he won Brock back at OVW and at Royal Rumble 2003, Brock only
Overheaded belly-to-belly Batista, he didn't even eliminated him so it's
1-0 for Batista!!!

Автор Mad Vibes (1 год)
They shouldn't even be compared. Why?
Well...BROCK LESNAR is why!

Автор Tshepo Odumetse (3 месяца)
Do not touch!!!

Автор Gud Dergo (16 дней)
My money's on Iron Mike Sharpe. 

Автор David Boström (1 год)
Batisa vs brock

pc vs mac

eminem vs jb

mj vs elvis

family guy vs simpsons

Автор Farman Ali (1 год)
I always liked Batista better han brock

Автор navpreet singh (11 месяцев)
All beasts are animal but all animals are not beasts...........

Автор shadowlee02 (1 год)
The Animal vs the Beast

Автор lafandi naga (8 месяцев)
back then i liked batista.. but when he camed back , he was just an

Автор Hunter Jirousek (7 месяцев)
maybe brock would kick daves ass but you never know he might hit and kick
the shit out of brock but I would now personally love to see that

Автор Paulino Hernandez (3 месяца)
Que esta muy bien

Автор enrique valentin (13 дней)
Honestly its a tough choice 

Автор Saijsta808 (5 месяцев)
Physique and charisma wise Batista destroys Lesnar

Автор IHATEROCKNMETAL (3 месяца)
These two should've fought one another around 2002-03 when both were in
their prime, strong, and straight up monsters. Although Brock is still like
that can't say the same for Batista cause he's obviously all hollywood out.

Автор lordshampoo (9 месяцев)
massive as fuck with hair was best batista

Автор Narottam Vats (8 месяцев)
I want to see ryback vs the brocklesnar.

Автор David Walker (6 месяцев)
Some of us say that Brock is better some of us say Batista but i guess we
all agree that these two have to come face to face dont we ?

Автор cade lance (8 месяцев)
name of song place

Автор Annway De (11 месяцев)
it should have happened at 2005.Batista is the only one who can beat lesnar
with his power.

Автор Tom Bekhor (7 месяцев)
Batista&Lesnar are my favs wrestlers

Автор gray wolf (4 месяца)
Lesnar all the way baby. Batista wrestles like a bitch.

Автор skirts365 (9 месяцев)
Whoops! These guys were/are quite strong, but would have been embarrassed
by a fair number of lifters from Russia and Bulgaria who all weighed under
200 pounds---some of them under 190 pounds putting upwards of 500 pounds
overhead---from the floor, and one of the Bulgar 165 pound lifters cleaned
507 from the floor to his shoulders. These wrestlers are steroid heads, so
are those lifters. So why can't the wrestlers lift what the smaller
lifters lifted? Their training does not incite maximum strength. And we
should realize that training for lifting and training for fighting are not

Автор TROYCHARLES1 (6 месяцев)
Brock lesner vs resev at night of champions champion vs champion 

Автор White Kitta (6 месяцев)
there both so awesome... :-)

Автор Mike THK (10 месяцев)
id say batista will win
wats the first song called

Автор Esther Brito (1 год)
batista would

Автор Tzion _williams (4 месяца)

Автор Albert Tenorio Torrico (1 год)
Ambos fueron luchadores de MMA también, pero Brock llego a ser Campeon

Автор General Townes (1 год)
You people need to chill... I hope you do know, that it is a just SHOW and
they would probably make Batista win because he's alot more famous than

WWE was and will never be about who is the strongest or fastest or
whatever. It's, like I said before, just show!

Автор Pradyumna Deadman (9 месяцев)
A fight doesn't depend on who is MMA or not any guy with batista's size can
knock any other guy of the same size .... Muscle = strength ... a powerful
hit to the head is enough to knock any one down... Batista has trained in
Jijutsu and MMA as well... but is about 10 years older.. Goldberg has
trained im Muay Thai for many years... Stop over rating MMA guys...

Автор DeAutre Henley-Lewis (10 месяцев)
in a real fight Lesnar would beat the shit out of Batista

Автор rohit shrestha (9 месяцев)
in real life, there will only be dust of the both wrestlers remaining

Автор Rahman Masud (1 год)
brock lesnar is a real bastard and son of bitch.. 

Автор Dylan Paterson (1 год)
To be honest they are both incredle athletes they are both as bad and as
powerfull as each other i don't think anytime soon they would be going face
to face because that's a bad influence to the other wwe superstar's in the
back which more attention seeks by batista and lesnar and no attetion to
the others in the back and thats why this match would not happen anyitme
soon maybe WM 30 or other PPV's before that.

Автор Br0cK PgM (11 месяцев)
This A Dream MAtch THe beAST vS tHE AnimAL =D

Автор CHETAN SINGH (11 месяцев)
brock lesnar the real champ he destroy everything nd he can
now feel the pain here comes the pain

Автор Ivan Ballesteros (1 год)
Batista all the way.....

Автор Dekata Georgiev (1 год)
Batista is the better wrestler :)

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