Batista vs Brock Lesnar

A short promo to see who is the top wrestling machine in WWE!


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Добавлено: 2 года
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Автор MegaBadjosh (1 год)
1 is Boiler

Автор oezeen wijs (1 год)
The Animal vs The Beast

Автор janobrien198 (1 год)
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Автор Santosh Rai (1 год)

Автор One Percenter (1 год)
animal vs beast

Автор Razvan Cristea (1 год)
No one ends THE STREAK!!!!

Автор Alessio Iaco (1 год)

Автор ponga pandit (1 год)
brock beats batista any fucking day !!! the animal shall see the pain

Автор signerleo snyder (1 год)
wwe is not all fake is owen death fake no if he hear say thatr he slep the
shit out you so jumping of cage fake no you cant fake that is eage bad neck
fake no

Автор Daniel Augusto (1 год)
Como chama essa musicas?

Автор wall57805 . (1 год)
he lost vs hhh and batista as taking him 3 times a row so gl. btw batista
won vs brock. (it has happend)

Автор Timothy Clark (1 год)
Lesnar is 36

Автор focstrot22 (1 год)
Golberg порвал бы обоих)

Автор 1983rajusingh (1 год)

Автор Please get TF out my face (1 год)
Faster? Lolwut?

Автор Lana's Legs Are Nice . (1 год)
I agree with everything, except Batista is stronger, he is nearly 20 more
pounds than Brock Lesnar.

Автор reza syahrir (1 год)
they are just animal fight to entertain humans

Автор Stephan Dwiki (1 год)

Автор Dymitry95 (1 год)
my favourite was batista!!!

Автор badri prajapat (1 год)
one day all will die,,, only god is strongest. Goldberg is only THE MAN in
wrestling universe.

Автор Patriko (11 месяцев)
Brock was WAY better than Cain. You do realize he came off his death bed
for that fight right? He wasn't even close to 100% and he was still winning
the first few minutes until he got caught.

Автор maiden685 (1 год)
i havent seen any wrestler with that size, who is a powerhouse and moves
like a walterweight. he is no other than Brock Lesnar

Автор Niki Kutrulev (1 год)
In The WWE.. Batista will beat Brock Lesnar, but... In Real Life Brock
Lesnar will Destroy Batista ..!

Автор 9876543212481 (1 год)
i think batista would win because i think batista is stronger than brock

Автор bndr434 (1 год)
broke is the best >>

Автор NombreUsuarioCambio (1 год)
In wwe wins brock lesnar too

Автор john RAMBO (1 год)
batista is a faggott ! lesnar would fucking kill him

Автор mattn04 (1 год)
1 limpbizkit - ? 2 limp bizkit - golden cobra

Автор Harman Sidhu (1 год)
both are best

Автор Oscar Chen (1 год)
brock lesnar

Автор Cypriott2k10 (1 год)
wwe is scripted yeh, ufc isnt scripted he legitimately held the ufc world
heavyweight championship for 707days.

Автор Dany 97 (1 год)

Автор Erik_Andre (1 год)
well batista is the ANIMAL!! :D

Автор Amy Sidious (1 год)
YA YA YA !!!! WrestleMania XXX -- Undertaker vs Brock Lesnar -- Lesnar ENDS

Автор Mick Lucker (1 год)
Bobby Lashley would kick his ass

Автор Chad Benjamin (1 год)
And Batista left MMA after his first fight because he got his ass kicked by
a fat guy.

Автор mahendra vaidya (1 год)
both sucks where is the bill Goldberg

Автор CrybabyKiller2K13 (1 год)

Автор Anton Sillan (1 год)
1 match yes no more!

Автор jeremiah gonzalez (1 год)
but it is 7

Автор haydenrav (1 год)
brocklesnar cant beat batista

Автор michael kim oliver Daguitera (1 год)

Автор Kyle Arroyo (1 год)
yeah he definitely got slow after the surgery

Автор nikolin ademaj (1 год)
batista best for ever!!!! great aleksander!!!!!!

Автор Dookiesucker (1 год)
yeah and he sucked in mma

Автор Sagar salian (1 год)
song name is boilers

Автор Hulk McD (1 год)
Brock Lesnar The Beast ANd The Best

Автор TheJoOkeR360 (1 год)
batista sucks -.-

Автор MegaBadjosh (1 год)
and Batista has commented that he will be a part of wrestlemania so you
could expect his return in early 2014 if not later this year.

Автор DjinnGazoo (1 год)
Hahahhah - No Question! Goldberg win 1vs2 against them

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