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Автор Geovanni Junior (6 месяцев)
Conhecer o Nome/ To Know Your Name

Автор Alexandra P. (2 месяца)
👑💕Euch allen noch einen entspannten und muckelig gemütlichen Abend 🌙💕
gewünscht...einen gaaaanz liiieben gruss an euch alle...👋💕alles

💖Hillsong - To Know Your Name - Saviour King 💖

Автор mischael sanhoboa (2 месяца)
amazing song,that song touched my heart

Автор Ange Mayasi (6 месяцев)
He took my place. Just amazing!!!!!!!!! I love you my Savior Jesus.

Автор David Adiele (4 месяца)
my favourite song my jesus has given me everything i love him I LOVE YOU

Автор Haunu Suan (2 месяца)
Love it. "Arrested by your Truth and righteousness". 

Автор mudau patience (24 дня)
you love people undeserving!

Автор Bruno Pereira (2 месяца)
Jad Gillies canta muito.

Автор alinani ng'ambi (16 дней)

Автор Abraham Agbolosoo (4 дня)
Check out this video on YouTube:

Автор Yuhe Yuhe (2 месяца)
thank u I finally found a place I belong .not like those pointless body
showoff songs .praise theLORD GOD BELIEVE IN YOURSELF AND IN GOD!!!!! 

Автор jw Jacqueline (3 месяца)
Je connais son nom et sa grandeur et je puis vous dire on ne puis le définir

Автор je m'appelle gwai (3 месяца)
The precious blood of Jesus Christ redeems,
Forgiven I´m alive, restored set free.
Your Majesty resides inside of me,
Forever I believe, forever I believe.

Arrested by your truth and righteousness,
Your grace has overwhelmed my brokenness.
Convicted by your spirit, led by your word,
Your love will never fail, your love will never fail.

´Cause I know you gave the world
Your only son for us
To know your name
To live within the saviours love and He took my place
Knowing He´d be crucified
And You loved, You loved
A people uundeserving!

Автор Life of Jesus (1 месяц)
Beautiful worship!

Автор GloRee Quisenberyy (19 дней)
He loved the people undeserving!

Автор Marie Josée Tra Lou (23 дня)
Thank you for this song !

Автор Jessica Robson (6 месяцев)
+leanne robson +Leanne Robson I Loove This One 

Автор aaromeg (8 месяцев)
I am immerse in His peace! There is nothing like being fully consumed by
God's presence. His love is more than enough to fulfill my needs. I am in
Love with God.

Автор Diego Pessoas (3 месяца)
The precious blood of Jesus Christ redeems
Forgiven I'm alive, restored set free
Your majesty resides inside of me
Forever I believe, Forever I believe

Arrested by Your truth and righteousness
Your grace has overwhelmed my brokenness
Convicted by Your Spirit, Led by Your Word
Your Love will never fail, Your Love will never fail

And I know You gave the world Your only Son for us
To know Your Name,
To live within the Saviours love
He took my place
Knowing He'd be crucified
And You loved, You loved a people undeserving 

Автор Юрий Богачев (2 месяца)

Автор Francisca Ferreira (10 месяцев)

Автор remy cruz (7 месяцев)
HillSong Worship...

Автор jussepin741992 (26 дней)

Автор Edgar Hernandez (5 месяцев)
Echa un vistazo a este vídeo en YouTube:


Автор Michael Bump (4 месяца)

Автор Jacqueline Silva (8 дней)
Simplesmente Pefeito♥

Автор rafa Rodriguez (6 месяцев)
I from México Only want say never sing to other thing , people or by your
self only Jesús amén 

Автор The Bridegroom's Voice (10 дней)
We Live Within The Savior’s Love As A People Undeserving And It Is So
Overwhelming At Times, So Very Humbling To Deeply Realize, The King Of
Heaven Came Here To Us, Knowing He Would Be Crucified For Us.
https://youtu.be/hK80n34OQkA #Jesus #ThankYouIsNotEnough

Автор ner rivera (3 месяца)
I´ll sing a song almighty Great Creator everything up there where is
seeing us


Автор chibuike charles (3 месяца)
convicted by Your Spirit, led by Your Word <3 <3 <3

Автор C Liana (7 месяцев)
Hillsong - To Know Your Name - Saviour King (HD):

Автор christophere bene (3 месяца)
it one of my favorit song ,may God bless you guys

Автор Hashim Issa (7 месяцев)

Автор issam mcdc (1 месяц)

Автор Shenayah Propa (11 месяцев)
To Him Jesus Christ it is so amazing to know Him. I am happy that I was
filled with His spirit and was baptized in that same name that's Jesus. So
happy I have him living in me, without Him I will be lost forever. My soul
burdens for my unsaved friends I hope and pray that they will come to know
Jesus Christ for themselves and accept King Jesus before he puts in his
appearing...he said he is coming like a thief in the night, doesn't mean
he's going to come one night but with the blink of an eye he come to take
his children away, as for my backslidden friends I pray for you too that
you will restore you first love for Jesus Christ your savior....we all fail
at a point but not all get up and start over so we all have to encourage
each other in the Lord, by prayer and supplication so that we don't for get
about Jesus' coming.

Автор Zachary Spain (4 месяца)
Alexander, ask yourself what truth is. Is it something that varies or is it
immutable, constant and unchanging? Give an honest answer. Try and do it
without the animosity and prejudice you have towards Christ. Dont give your
public school curriculum answer if you an avoid it. I hope you can free
yourself from the anger and bitterness you have. Bless you sir.

Автор Damo Gloser (4 месяца)
nádherné !!!

Автор waljhonpamungkaswp (2 месяца)

Автор Silvana Aparecida Silva (5 месяцев)
Amazing Song !! Grace and Peace EveryBody 

Автор G3n3rator MV (6 месяцев)
==> 1:05
This song does not celebrate the devil, We are not a rock concert or metal
So stop making this kind of sign which means "Hail Satan"
God alone is to be praised him.

Автор Nancy Mekri (1 год)
To know Jesus Christ is a great honor in my life...amen

Автор Fifi Romao (6 месяцев)
you are the only way father, obrigado por mudares as nossoas vida daddy, i
don t care what the people say, i am gonna love you every day father

Автор Tina Viana (7 месяцев)
Confira este vídeo no YouTube:

Автор katherine (2 месяца)

Автор Denzell Mcduffy (5 месяцев)
Merci merci merci merci

Автор clair arquisal (8 месяцев)
amazing GOD :)

Автор martin van jhaitz (6 месяцев)
I love you god.... :(

Автор Nadine Kazuba (7 месяцев)
I am here crying just listening to this song! !!! So treu and so beautiful!
!! God bless you all!!

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