Hillsong - To Know Your Name - Saviour King (HD)

From the Saviour King DVD this song is sung by Jad Gillies

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Длительность: 6:50
Комментарии: 593

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Автор Axelle Ndouna ( назад)
hillsong que Dieu voys bénisse davantage car vos chants vraiment inspirés
par Dieu et ils ont le pouvoir de transformer rien qu'en les écoutant

Автор Axelle Ndouna ( назад)
hillsong que Dieu voys bénisse davantage car vos chants vraiment inspirés
par Dieu et ils ont le pouvoir de transformer rien qu'en les écoutant

Автор Agness John ( назад)
my best song

Автор kkll ( назад)
at min 1:03 I've also noticed that sign, it is the evil sign ( illuminati).
Unbelievable!!! It should NOT be part of christian songs !!! Wake up
Hillsong...you are getting closer and closer to this world !

Автор Meilan trini ( назад)
love it because I was sick now I'm going good

Автор jules waziarima ( назад)
Gloire a notre papa céleste. ..

Автор Karidja Toure ( назад)
cette chanson est magnifique

Автор Soleil TSHIKUDI ( назад)
ooooh my favorite song

Автор Hudson Sabwa ( назад)
Wow..His love is really sufficient for me.
I don't really know how i can express this except to earnestly serve Him.

Автор Weng Wagon ( назад)
I love you Lord I'm nothing without you...

Автор Amanda Hilapok ( назад)

Автор manoel.bino@hotmail.com ( назад)
muito boa linda

Автор Jhiel Mallari ( назад)
I wnt to know you more Jesus my king.

Автор yulz ramos ( назад)
refreshing song thanks GOD

Автор joseph gatere ( назад)
God is great! nice song

Автор Isabela Faria ( назад)
i love this <3

Автор ABoxOfTea ( назад)
Has to be my favourite

Автор Yeva Xiao ( назад)
yes, Lord have my way. I surrender to You <3

Автор ninefox1000 ( назад)
Fesh is only a timporely form people should never forget that we are light
beings that are ment to walk in light and in love <3

Автор kafe jaffer ( назад)
hi gears

Автор Vatty Ukuri ( назад)
I never get enough of this song. may the good Lord keep anointing you guys

Автор Elizabeth Descio ( назад)
we praise you Lord forever thank you for Love .

Автор Richmond Silvanus Baye ( назад)
Hillsong 2010.

May WE continue to be arrested by HIS truth and righteousness

Автор ali nsiangani ( назад)
Whatever happened to Hillsong!! It used to be such a great gospel song
group, but it has changed so much lately, trying hard to be appealing to
the unbelieving world. I miss the old Hillsong worship team.

Автор Njor Benedict ( назад)
oooooh my!!!!! loving this

Автор Reshel Rusiana ( назад)
God you are so powerfull I love you much Thanks for your wonderful Love

Автор Ed Owusu ( назад)
Lord you're the only God I serve and you name be praise for ever and ever

Автор Jinu K John ( назад)
There is nothing awesome like our God...thank you Father for sending you
only son our Christ Jesus for us..we love you and will praise you forever
because your love will never fail..Amen Hallelujah

Автор Her-nan Ma-chu El-ya-zar ( назад)
what is that horn at 1:03 doing in there?

Автор GLAUCE MAURI ( назад)

Автор luis guevara pineda ( назад)
your love is amazing y powerfull i love you Jesus

Автор kafe jaffer ( назад)
my privilege to listen the voices the great king

Автор Rodrigo correa ( назад)
Louvar ao Deus Todo poderoso.

Автор Taviase47 ( назад)

Автор kennedy gitau ( назад)
Thank you Jesus for your precious blood that has saved me.Thank you for
loving me though I didn't deserve it.I LOVE YOU LORD..

Автор Maria Zilmar Batista de Oliveira ( назад)

Автор Alvin Paul ( назад)
Jesus thank you for dieing for me, you redeemed my life, I feel life again
inside my soul and spirit!

Автор Elisete gomes dos santos ( назад)
Family Hillsong <3

Автор Zablon Miremba ( назад)
I've gotta say, this song holds so much meaning ... so powerful. makes me
feel blessed. thanks be to God

Автор cyntia ugal ( назад)
im so blessed of this song,its its makes me feel something holy that cant
compare to anything i'ever been,Thank you Jesus for unconditional love.the
world must praise your highest name.

Автор arrey donald ( назад)
And they that know Thy name will put their trust in Thee:for thou,lord,has
not forsaken them that seek thee. (Psalms 9:10) God is Love... more grace
to the Hilsong team.

Автор terrie vacek ( назад)
This band is glorifying the Lord with the talent
He bestowed.

Автор no reason for reason ( назад)
Please pray for the women I love with all my heart and soul. she has a
tumor as big as a pinky finger. her name is Olivia and I love so much that
I give my all to her Jesus gives me his grace and I believe he died for my
sins. God will not give me more then I can handle .

Автор Andreana Drummond ( назад)
Jad is amazing, his voice, this song is not particular by itself. But it is
because they are singing with heart.
God be praise
The King above all

Автор leiyawon grace ( назад)
thousand times I can listen to this song..

Автор Freddy Nyakulinda ( назад)
To know your name lord let it be my only desire!

Автор Freddy Nyakulinda ( назад)
God bless you always as you lift his name high!

Автор Barbara Branas ( назад)
nie potrafie zapomnieć jak wchodziłes z wiozankom pogrzebowom do koscioła

Автор Camila Caroline ( назад)
Demaaaaaais <3

Автор Saoshenesa Agdol ( назад)
love ds song GOD bless

Автор Tumusiime Robert ( назад)
inspirational gospel music that's what I want always.great song

Автор Sharkhitz wankai ( назад)
I love you Jesus. For you have done what I can not even deserve LORD.

Автор Carlos Guterres ( назад)

Автор albert de-graft Ofori ( назад)
This song will forever live in my heart,,,I Know Your Name...

Автор Débora Kafando ( назад)
Love this song

Автор Raquel Galdamez ( назад)

Автор ELOHER ELOHIM ( назад)
Christian, AND You Wont believe, what Having a little bit of hope a day,
will do for somebody with mental sickness. My name is Arthuro Kornejo. I

Автор Behaylu Yirga ( назад)
Your love will never fail amen

Автор Suely Bravo ( назад)
Amém, Amém,Amém

Автор M SREENIVAS ( назад)

Автор Mary Evans ( назад)
Thanku Jesus v mentally ill I trust u lord

Автор Ramz Empire ( назад)
To know Your Name is knowing everything we could ever imagine. I love you
my loving God.

Автор Sergianyis perez ( назад)
me amo me amooooo aun sin merecerlo...! gracias dios por tan grande amor y
morir por nosotros..! por nosotros muriooooo... :)

Автор Thaliane Cardoso ( назад)
Glória a Deus ! Beautiful... Espetacular! Whorship 🎶❤😍🎉

Автор Thaliane Cardoso ( назад)

Автор Gifty Amankwah ( назад)
The blood of Christ has made a hedge over my life, family, work, endeavors,
and my influence, it allows me to enter into the throne room of grace.
Prince of peace, everlasting. He is The Christ!!!

Автор mina gumede ( назад)
I love jesus, thank u for this anointing song

Автор Shan Khaitsa ( назад)
To know your Name Jesus ,you loved the people under serving

Автор Nicolas Lascar ( назад)
Discovered this song 3 years ago. I bought a new phone last week, and it
was the first phone I downloaded.
So deep, I haven't reached the end for 3 years of listening. God bless you
all :)

Автор Zeteticism DotCom ( назад)
Thank you for your praise Hillsong! Your ministry is changing the world.

Автор nataniel nhandoro juliasse ( назад)
glorias a deus

Автор sueli Sueli ( назад)
lindo.como nosso Deus e maravilhoso🌷

Автор Myroad ( назад)
I am leaving an invitation for you on my new channel about GOD :)

Автор Lisa McDaniel ( назад)
This song makes me cry cause when i was 2 i had a brain tumber and he save
me life its was a horble as i can Rember i love u god u saved my life cause
i almost died

Автор mundia ngubai ( назад)
Thankyou Lord for dying on the cross for my sins u r the greatest I ll
forever live to know your name Lord.

Автор Shannel Barrett ( назад)
This is the God who protected the hebrew boys ; comforted Mary; gave Samson
a second chance rise up Jacob ; brought forth Samuel as the leader of His
people all powerful omni potent omnipresent omniscient God"

Автор David Peter (241 год назад)
Jesus is Lord

Автор Violetta Adam ( назад)

Автор Fioravante Acierno ( назад)
il Signore ci a insegnato una cosa molto bella nella vita e amare il
prossimo come te stesso

Автор Fioravante Acierno ( назад)
il Signore ci a insegnato una cosa molto bella nella vita e amare il
prossimo come te stesso

Автор Fioravante Acierno ( назад)
il Signore e sempre vicino a noi

Автор Fioravante Acierno ( назад)
il Signore e sempre vicino a noi

Автор Dobre Azoni ( назад)
super song

Автор Caroline Memba ( назад)
beautiful song

Автор Ben Eustache ( назад)
"you loved a people undeserving!"

Автор Alvin Chyon ( назад)
wow its ah blessd are song love u God Jesus

Автор Justin Mark Antog ( назад)
He, sacrifice because of my sins..!!
Wow. That was a very nice song!!

Автор Mekdelawit Henok (1183 года назад)
Jesus is ma saviour

Автор Manuel Dias Dias ( назад)
louvado seja Deus

Автор Juan Enrique ( назад)
excelent song , this brutal...

Автор Pablo Pertuz ( назад)

Автор julian hamberg ( назад)

Автор Susan Kaunda ( назад)
you love,you love people underserving

Автор Acea Vir ( назад)
This is amazing!!!!.. got me into tears.. kindly let me know if there are
more heartfelt songs... Please put the links..

Автор pom kub ( назад)
good song

Автор pom kub ( назад)

Автор Paulla Chinogara ( назад)
He loves me even though im undeserving :) so thankful

Автор Taviase47 ( назад)

Автор Oscar Carcedo ( назад)
i want this song special number god bless

Автор Anna Dzikowska ( назад)
He is amazing....

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