Hillsong - To Know Your Name - Saviour King (HD)

From the Saviour King DVD this song is sung by Jad Gillies

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Добавлено: 4 года
Длительность: 6:50
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Автор Geovanni Junior (1 месяц)
Conhecer o Nome/ To Know Your Name

Автор preto shohmoofc guy (10 часов)
▪█─ *JESUS* ─█▪

*In my weakness, he's my strength*. 

Автор Francisca Ferreira (6 месяцев)

Автор Alexander Jehu (1 месяц)
Adam and Eve didn't exist. Jesus died for something that didn't happen (in
other words, 90% of the Bible is lies). The fall is explained in that we
developed the capacity to produce thoughts. Pure consciousness (which can
be experienced easily) is the moral guide (God), which we lost when we
became lost in thinking. Glad I wasn't born into a christian family,
confined to living under fear of going to hell. Its a sad thing. Start
observing your thoughts and emotions. See that its the witness to those
thoughts that is the truth, not the thoughts themselves. Its the thoughts
that are keeping you under the spell, in a dream, away from reality.

Автор rafa Rodriguez (2 месяца)
I from México Only want say never sing to other thing , people or by your
self only Jesús amén 

Автор Zachary Spain (4 дня)
Alexander, ask yourself what truth is. Is it something that varies or is it
immutable, constant and unchanging? Give an honest answer. Try and do it
without the animosity and prejudice you have towards Christ. Dont give your
public school curriculum answer if you an avoid it. I hope you can free
yourself from the anger and bitterness you have. Bless you sir.

Автор David Adiele (12 дней)
my favourite song my jesus has given me everything i love him I LOVE YOU

Автор Nancy Mekri (10 месяцев)
To know Jesus Christ is a great honor in my life...amen

Автор Silvana Aparecida Silva (1 месяц)
Amazing Song !! Grace and Peace EveryBody 

Автор Fifi Romao (2 месяца)
you are the only way father, obrigado por mudares as nossoas vida daddy, i
don t care what the people say, i am gonna love you every day father

Автор G3n3rator MV (2 месяца)
==> 1:05
This song does not celebrate the devil, We are not a rock concert or metal
So stop making this kind of sign which means "Hail Satan"
God alone is to be praised him.

Автор Ange Mayasi (2 месяца)
He took my place. Just amazing!!!!!!!!! I love you my Savior Jesus.

Автор Julio Velasquez (5 месяцев)
Jesus came to give his life for all of us....You´re holy God.

Автор Shenayah Propa (7 месяцев)
To Him Jesus Christ it is so amazing to know Him. I am happy that I was
filled with His spirit and was baptized in that same name that's Jesus. So
happy I have him living in me, without Him I will be lost forever. My soul
burdens for my unsaved friends I hope and pray that they will come to know
Jesus Christ for themselves and accept King Jesus before he puts in his
appearing...he said he is coming like a thief in the night, doesn't mean
he's going to come one night but with the blink of an eye he come to take
his children away, as for my backslidden friends I pray for you too that
you will restore you first love for Jesus Christ your savior....we all fail
at a point but not all get up and start over so we all have to encourage
each other in the Lord, by prayer and supplication so that we don't for get
about Jesus' coming.

Автор Damo Gloser (26 дней)
nádherné !!!

Автор CESAR MARTINEZ (4 месяца)
la adoración abre un campo espiritual para liberación de almas y espíritus
perturbados. hay que adorar puesto a que los días para llegado del hijo de
DIOS esta a la puerta...

Автор Nadege Mukongo (8 месяцев)

Автор Denzell Mcduffy (1 месяц)
Merci merci merci merci

Автор Wandeuilson Jesus Viana (2 месяца)
Love you Jesus! My heart in my soul...i give you control!

Автор Darlan Melo (3 месяца)
Muito boa essas músicas. 

Автор barca vasquez (6 месяцев)
I love this song loveeee

Автор CrisT Wilson (3 месяца)
Im feeling things that words can't said... father's love

Автор Eddie Ros Madoro (9 месяцев)
to Know Jesus is the greatest treasure that a man can have

Автор martin van jhaitz (2 месяца)
I love you god.... :(

Автор Jessica Robson (2 месяца)
+leanne robson +Leanne Robson I Loove This One 

Автор Nadine Kazuba (3 месяца)
I am here crying just listening to this song! !!! So treu and so beautiful!
!! God bless you all!!

Автор Michael Adeyemi Adebayo (8 месяцев)
tears, tears all over...............knowing His love knowing He will be
crucified and yet dying all to know His name...

Автор C Liana (3 месяца)
Hillsong - To Know Your Name - Saviour King (HD):

Автор aaromeg (4 месяца)
I am immerse in His peace! There is nothing like being fully consumed by
God's presence. His love is more than enough to fulfill my needs. I am in
Love with God.

Автор Maria Zilda Barcellos (3 месяца)
Lindaa a musica ameiii demaiss lindaaa

Автор Nelleke Nieuwenhuize (3 месяца)
God is good!!

Автор remy cruz (3 месяца)
HillSong Worship...

Автор Laban Ndwaru (3 месяца)

Автор Michael Bump (6 дней)


Автор Lee-Roy Makuyana (5 месяцев)
This song never gets old ,well all Christian songs haha,but this song
though ,it literally gives me life 🙌🙌🙌

Автор Tina Viana (3 месяца)
Confira este vídeo no YouTube:

Автор Edgar Hernandez (1 месяц)
Echa un vistazo a este vídeo en YouTube:

Автор Otto Lemus (5 месяцев)
what a great ministry. worship to our God with songs of worship.

Автор bonheur moukambi (5 месяцев)
i'm gabonese in gabon we speak french... me i love english...i lesten shot
shot...and i give glory to the lord for this song.

Автор Danny Master Skipper (11 месяцев)
Yeshua is the glory of all life even its beginning. Let the Glory be.

Автор songji hoon (5 месяцев)
Saviour King Jesu Thank you Jesus for everything.

Автор Verene Morrison (4 месяца)
Blessed. Hillsong

Автор MICHAEL IWU (9 месяцев)
He is a good God. And he does good all the time

Автор Matilde Geni (3 месяца)

Автор Diones Coutinho (1 год)
I'm Brasileiro very good hillsong. God bless.

Автор Kelly Souza (4 месяца)
e todas nações louvem ao senhor 

Автор Khristian james Calderon (5 месяцев)
5:56 Manila Cathedral!!!

Автор Gratia Birembano (11 месяцев)
.... your Majesty resides inside of me!!!

Автор arcHie magno (5 месяцев)
this is my favorite hillsong :) ♡♡

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