Hillsong - To Know Your Name - Saviour King (HD)

From the Saviour King DVD this song is sung by Jad Gillies

Просмотров: 2020300
Длительность: 6:50
Комментарии: 511

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Автор Behaylu Yirga ( назад)
Your love will never fail amen

Автор Suely Bravo ( назад)
Amém, Amém,Amém

Автор Tim Roman ( назад)
His name is Yahshua Hamasiach. All Shabak and Toda be unto Yah

Автор M SREENIVAS ( назад)

Автор Mary Evans ( назад)
Thanku Jesus v mentally ill I trust u lord

Автор Ramz Empire ( назад)
To know Your Name is knowing everything we could ever imagine. I love you
my loving God.

Автор Lana Papidze ( назад)
thank you God for you loved a people undeserving !

Автор Sergianyis perez ( назад)
me amo me amooooo aun sin merecerlo...! gracias dios por tan grande amor y
morir por nosotros..! por nosotros muriooooo... :)

Автор Thaliane Cardoso ( назад)
Glória a Deus ! Beautiful... Espetacular! Whorship 🎶❤😍🎉

Автор Thaliane Cardoso ( назад)

Автор Gifty Amankwah ( назад)
The blood of Christ has made a hedge over my life, family, work, endeavors,
and my influence, it allows me to enter into the throne room of grace.
Prince of peace, everlasting. He is The Christ!!!

Автор mina gumede ( назад)
I love jesus, thank u for this anointing song

Автор Shan Khaitsa ( назад)
To know your Name Jesus ,you loved the people under serving

Автор Nicolas Lascar ( назад)
Discovered this song 3 years ago. I bought a new phone last week, and it
was the first phone I downloaded.
So deep, I haven't reached the end for 3 years of listening. God bless you
all :)

Автор Zeteticism DotCom ( назад)
Thank you for your praise Hillsong! Your ministry is changing the world.

Автор nataniel nhandoro juliasse ( назад)
glorias a deus

Автор sueli Sueli ( назад)
lindo.como nosso Deus e maravilhoso🌷

Автор Myroad ( назад)
I am leaving an invitation for you on my new channel about GOD :)

Автор Lisa McDaniel ( назад)
This song makes me cry cause when i was 2 i had a brain tumber and he save
me life its was a horble as i can Rember i love u god u saved my life cause
i almost died

Автор mundia ngubai ( назад)
Thankyou Lord for dying on the cross for my sins u r the greatest I ll
forever live to know your name Lord.

Автор Shannel Barrett ( назад)
This is the God who protected the hebrew boys ; comforted Mary; gave Samson
a second chance rise up Jacob ; brought forth Samuel as the leader of His
people all powerful omni potent omnipresent omniscient God"

Автор David Peter (241 год назад)
Jesus is Lord

Автор Violetta Adam ( назад)

Автор Fioravante Acierno ( назад)
il Signore ci a insegnato una cosa molto bella nella vita e amare il
prossimo come te stesso

Автор Fioravante Acierno ( назад)
il Signore ci a insegnato una cosa molto bella nella vita e amare il
prossimo come te stesso

Автор Fioravante Acierno ( назад)
il Signore e sempre vicino a noi

Автор Fioravante Acierno ( назад)
il Signore e sempre vicino a noi

Автор Dobre Azoni ( назад)
super song

Автор Caroline Memba ( назад)
beautiful song

Автор Ben Eustache ( назад)
"you loved a people undeserving!"

Автор Alvin Chyon ( назад)
wow its ah blessd are song love u God Jesus

Автор Justin Mark Antog ( назад)
He, sacrifice because of my sins..!!
Wow. That was a very nice song!!

Автор Mekdelawit Henok (1183 года назад)
Jesus is ma saviour

Автор Manuel Dias Dias ( назад)
louvado seja Deus

Автор Jhon enrique ( назад)
excelent song , this brutal...

Автор Pablo Pertuz ( назад)

Автор julian hamberg ( назад)

Автор Susan Kaunda ( назад)
you love,you love people underserving

Автор Acea Vir ( назад)
This is amazing!!!!.. got me into tears.. kindly let me know if there are
more heartfelt songs... Please put the links..

Автор pom kub ( назад)
good song

Автор pom kub ( назад)

Автор Paulla Chinogara ( назад)
He loves me even though im undeserving :) so thankful

Автор Taviase47 ( назад)

Автор Oscar Carcedo ( назад)
i want this song special number god bless

Автор Anna Dzikowska ( назад)
He is amazing....

Автор Cryslene Lauande ( назад)
Linda canção!

Автор Epifanio De La Cruz ( назад)
Dios vendiga alos adoradores en espirutu y en verdad. 

Автор Mohamed Mustafa ( назад)
Amen new 🙌🙌🙌

Автор Angela Fenton ( назад)
Our family love listening to this song. The words are incredible!!! Thank
you Hillsong.

Автор isnaide alves ( назад)
Deus é tudo em nossas vidas, sem Ele não somos nada .Que Deus possa nos
abençoar cada dia de nossa vida!!!

Автор leandro nascimento Cypriano ( назад)

Автор Mussie Samuel Abraham ( назад)
Blessed song 🙏

Автор Andreas apotre ( назад)
J'aime votre son c'est ok

Автор JOEL LÓPEZ ( назад)
l like it Christ is coming soon

Автор carolina valencia ( назад)
Que preciosa cancion! 

Автор TheLilmisslilac ( назад)
This song never gets old!!

Автор Jacqueline Silva ( назад)
Simplesmente Pefeito♥

Автор arnoudo silva de souza ( назад)
Meu salvador e Senhor Jesus

Автор GloRee Quisenberyy ( назад)
He loved the people undeserving!

Автор Marie Josée Tra Lou ( назад)
Thank you for this song !

Автор mudau patience ( назад)
you love people undeserving!

Автор jussepin741992 ( назад)

Автор Life of Jesus ( назад)
Beautiful worship!

Автор waljhonpamungkaswp ( назад)

Автор Bruno Pereira ( назад)
Jad Gillies canta muito.

Автор Yuhe Yuhe ( назад)
thank u I finally found a place I belong .not like those pointless body
showoff songs .praise theLORD GOD BELIEVE IN YOURSELF AND IN GOD!!!!! 

Автор mischael sanhoboa ( назад)
amazing song,that song touched my heart

Автор ner rivera ( назад)
I´ll sing a song almighty Great Creator everything up there where is
seeing us

Автор jw Jacqueline ( назад)
Je connais son nom et sa grandeur et je puis vous dire on ne puis le définir

Автор chibuike charles ( назад)
convicted by Your Spirit, led by Your Word <3 <3 <3

Автор Diego Pessoas ( назад)
The precious blood of Jesus Christ redeems
Forgiven I'm alive, restored set free
Your majesty resides inside of me
Forever I believe, Forever I believe

Arrested by Your truth and righteousness
Your grace has overwhelmed my brokenness
Convicted by Your Spirit, Led by Your Word
Your Love will never fail, Your Love will never fail

And I know You gave the world Your only Son for us
To know Your Name,
To live within the Saviours love
He took my place
Knowing He'd be crucified
And You loved, You loved a people undeserving 

Автор christophere bene ( назад)
it one of my favorit song ,may God bless you guys

Автор je m'appelle gwai ( назад)
The precious blood of Jesus Christ redeems,
Forgiven I´m alive, restored set free.
Your Majesty resides inside of me,
Forever I believe, forever I believe.

Arrested by your truth and righteousness,
Your grace has overwhelmed my brokenness.
Convicted by your spirit, led by your word,
Your love will never fail, your love will never fail.

´Cause I know you gave the world
Your only son for us
To know your name
To live within the saviours love and He took my place
Knowing He´d be crucified
And You loved, You loved
A people uundeserving!

Автор preto shohmoofc guy ( назад)
▪█─ *JESUS* ─█▪

*In my weakness, he's my strength*. 

Автор Glass Preacher ( назад)
Alexander, ask yourself what truth is. Is it something that varies or is it
immutable, constant and unchanging? Give an honest answer. Try and do it
without the animosity and prejudice you have towards Christ. Dont give your
public school curriculum answer if you an avoid it. I hope you can free
yourself from the anger and bitterness you have. Bless you sir.

Автор David Adiele (189 лет назад)
my favourite song my jesus has given me everything i love him I LOVE YOU

Автор Damo Gloser ( назад)
nádherné !!!

Автор Silvana Aparecida Silva ( назад)
Amazing Song !! Grace and Peace EveryBody 

Автор Alexander Jehu ( назад)
Adam and Eve didn't exist. Jesus died for something that didn't happen (in
other words, 90% of the Bible is lies). The fall is explained in that we
developed the capacity to produce thoughts. Pure consciousness (which can
be experienced easily) is the moral guide (God), which we lost when we
became lost in thinking. Glad I wasn't born into a christian family,
confined to living under fear of going to hell. Its a sad thing. Start
observing your thoughts and emotions. See that its the witness to those
thoughts that is the truth, not the thoughts themselves. Its the thoughts
that are keeping you under the spell, in a dream, away from reality.

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