Lang Lang - Chopin Minute Waltz Op. 64 No. 1

Classical piano sensation Lang Lang performs Chopin "Minute Waltz" Op. 64 No. 1 during a rehearsal at Boston's Symphony Hall on February 27, 2013. (Also hear an interview with Lang Lang on Radio Boston: http://wbur.fm/XLiCQA )

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Длительность: 2:15
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Автор Mabel Goni (5 дней)

Автор Douglas Smith (1 месяц)
Gotta minute

Автор crysisnov (23 дня)
I bet his girlfriend cums for days when he fingers her

Автор Paul Banu (1 месяц)
He's shit! He shouldn't play piano. He should do hand jobs. How the fock he
is playing piano! He's going too fast. That Chinese should leave piano and
find a new job. Minute waltz is one of the best composition of chopin. He's
the worst pianist I've ever seen. He's a shame.

Автор ap xpandy (2 месяца)
So how come it takes 1m 41 seconds to play? I thought it was a 'minute'
waltz? Pretty good, though! Thanks!

Автор xFranzinox (3 месяца)
Too fast...

Автор savage495 (2 дня)
Skilled but no soul.

Автор George Holbrook (3 месяца)

Автор 黃寶旗 (6 дней)

Автор Gedeon stephanie (14 дней)
personaly I like he interpretation of that piece even if it is unusual and
I can understand that anyone doesn't have to like it but please people, you
can say that you don't like it without being impolite!

Автор Geekman333 (21 день)
Master makes it look easy.
You haters...jealous gits. Stop hating, start practicing.

Автор Sophie Ahn (21 день)
He plays with too much passion XD

Автор Etienne Delaunois (3 месяца)
Ok im not jalous... im not a troll but this is too fast. Its hard to find
the limit between fastness who help the rythm and musicality and fastness
who killed the piece. There, im sorry lang lang is too fast. I dont know if
its that in that case, but you need to be modest in music, you and your
skills pass after the music its the only way of playing it. Technics is pn
duty of musicality. You work your technic to express yourself, to express
the idea you habe in your head. So if its too fast and you eating the end
of sentences you need to hear it and correct yourself. Look at lipatti or
rubinstein interpreration... even if lipatti is fast, its fast enough for
him and you can hear everything so sorry in that case lang lang doenst
touch my heart...

Автор Bowen Zhang (26 дней)
This guy has finger awesomeness

Автор Desiree Chen (26 дней)
So good!

Автор Angelina Luo (28 дней)
I didn't really like his interpretation only because Chopin was a very
quiet, more mellow-ish person. I liked that he had the loud sounds (as
always with Lang Lang), but it wasn't very Chopin. On another note, I liked
it too, if you blocked out the loudness. It was well played.

Автор domeni nicus (1 месяц)
Lang Lang es un virtuoso pero este tipo de ejecucion pierde el estilo
chopiniano que Arrau como ninguno sabe darle.

Автор Yannick Becker (4 месяца)
Lang Lang likes his hands too much.

Автор Austin Miller (1 месяц)
It's minute like "my newt."

Автор ArwenMeow (1 месяц)
Am I the only one who thinks that the facial expressions he makes look
phony? If he were an actor, he wouldn't even be good enough to be hired
for a commercial. I think that if he is going to make such big event out
of his facial expressions, he should at least get some acting lessons so
that when he pretends to be moved by the music it looks genuine.

Автор Anne Onyme (1 месяц)
Not really well played…seriously

Автор Elmer Homero (1 месяц)
Vaya talento que tienes Lang Lang. Excelente!

Автор Petra Becker (1 месяц)
Lang Lang - Chopin Minute Waltz Op. 64 No. 1

Автор ben59320 (2 месяца)
Why does he butcher every beautiful piece of music ? I really hate his
style. I never heard a good performance by this men and do not expect it

Автор David Carlson (2 месяца)
Lang Lang - Chopin Minute Waltz Op. 64 No. 1


Автор Hugues Duvillier (2 месяца)
No doubt he plays very well but guy ! This is supposed to be a dance !
which means it's regular and not that fast !

Автор frivoljo (6 месяцев)
Chopin würde sich im Grabe umdrehen ...

Автор Max Newstead (3 месяца)
#autism #euphoria #pianism #ingenuity #creep 

Автор Bill Ill (3 месяца)
He's not playing it too fast, it is the correct speed for this piece

Автор Joey 주 So (6 месяцев)
I have to play this for an event, and I was wondering if this song
absolutely has to played in approximately one minute. I have to memorize it
completely. Is it considered weird, too different or odd to play this song
in three minutes, instead of one?

Автор EvilChikinMan (3 месяца)
He is playing way to fast...

Автор Jack Curley (3 месяца)
Please come check out my rendition of this Chopin Waltz! I'll be posting
more soon.

Автор Richard Zhang (3 месяца)
amazing 100%

Автор Li Kevin (3 месяца)
too dramatic in my opionion.

Автор Kevin Hdez. (3 месяца)
Excelente! Y casi ni se esfuerza!

Автор Rodrigo Velasco (4 месяца)
Such a great technique wasted because of the speed!

Автор Frédéric Puglisi (4 месяца)
wow, il est fort, c'est fluide.....pas de pain, et très expressif.
tant pis pour les jaloux !

Автор John Jay (4 месяца)
Lang Lang, absolutely brilliant even in rehearsal. ---- Not to mention he
looks like he's floating when he hits the high notes. The ending is like a
bubble popping.... poof... the beauty, curiosity, cheerful, happy, magical
moment is.... finished. Thanks Lang Lang and WBUR for the Upload!

Автор ThePianistDE Klavier (orig. PianoandCarcrack94) (4 месяца)

Автор Edward Owen (1 год)
I beg to differ, that version doesn't even follow the original score. That
was much more of a show off performance than Lang Lang's

Автор Matthew Brenner (1 год)
Did you happen to hear Lang Lang make the piano whisper around :30? I think
the Yamaha Disklavier is capable of producing up to 300 tonal variations.
Lang Lang doubles that!

Автор Stein Gräber (1 год)
He plays notes which aren't there (first bass note), he does very annoying
ritenuti in bars 1-20 when the key changes from D flat major to A flat
major and partly rushes through the notes as if he doesn't care what is
actually written. In the second part (sostenuto) his playing doesn't
reflect his face expressions, every piano student can interpret it with
more feeling and emotions. Altogether he fails to give a reasonable
interpretation of this lovely piece of romantic music.

Автор voolare (10 месяцев)
Ok.. It's just a warm-up but .. he just cannot resist slamming a low octave
at the beginning, spoiling the whole sense of this marvelous little valse.
If I could only ask him WHY? I respect him a lot BTW!

Автор toomm loob (1 год)
performing arts king!

Автор ShrunkBarley19 (11 месяцев)
Really, you want me to go jump off a bridge because you don't like my

Автор Kuku Benkó (10 месяцев)
This version only discredit yourself, unworthy to Lang Lang.

Автор Geopenica (1 год)
The terrific combination of music, emotion, movement and ...

Автор Burntshmallow (1 год)
Alright what the fuck's everyone's problem with this? Times have changed.
Not everyone's going to be a stuck up prude while playing piano.

Автор Bysantin Roflcopter (1 год)
I think if he wanted to follow the score he would have managed.

Автор אבגדה וזחטי (1 год)
Queekly. not at all langsam....Therefore it is Lang lang who is playing...

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