Lang Lang - Chopin Minute Waltz Op. 64 No. 1

Classical piano sensation Lang Lang performs Chopin "Minute Waltz" Op. 64 No. 1 during a rehearsal at Boston's Symphony Hall on February 27, 2013. (Also hear an interview with Lang Lang on Radio Boston: http://wbur.fm/XLiCQA )

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Длительность: 2:15
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Автор Flor De Lis Torres ( назад)
es lo masss!!yo lo ejecuté para recivirme de profesora y me salia
exelente.pero esto.SIN PALABRRAS.Lo amoooll

Автор Weronika Żak ( назад)
to jest po prostu genialne wykonanie

Автор Russell Thompson ( назад)
Please watch my performance of this waltz.

Автор Stephen Dickey ( назад)
while perfoming it he looks so graceful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор Randy te Morsche ( назад)
I kinda like slightly slower, though this is really good

Автор Charles Hunter ( назад)
What talent! Wonderful.

Автор Mauro Diaferia ( назад)
young ppl today can do so so much . plays and tricks and skills that were
regarded as hard and difficult are now so simple and easy.. definitely the
humann kind is getting better and better at everything... congrats man.. i
wishh i will be like you one day

Автор Mauro Diaferia ( назад)
he is the pianooo. yeah

Автор Lisa Schultz ( назад)
He is so amazing. Would love more Chopin!!

Автор MyConnys ( назад)
Solo dio può suonare come lui

Автор Bei Bei Miao ( назад)

Автор Slug Chailor ( назад)
i wish i was as cool as him

Автор ILUSIONISTA066 ( назад)
Kissin is better than Lang Lang

Автор Sankhiro ( назад)
1:49 i can do that part

Автор Luisfer Romero Calero ( назад)
Youtube: criticizing unique talented people from their sofas since 2007.

Автор cr35t23 ( назад)
When you play a waltz and have it not sound like a waltz, you are a bad
pianist. Bang Bang, bad pianist since 1990.

Автор Bongo Bobby ( назад)
Fantastic tallent, however it is a terrible recording

Автор Robert Arellano ( назад)
This guy is so full of himself....lacks feeling....he's trying to show
off...very robotic style

Автор Jing Yang ( назад)
It is the must that he win any talent show.

Автор Ellesiat ( назад)
who recognize the music of the intro of cooking with dog's channel? :D

Автор xabier eguren ( назад)
Wow, at the end he has been near to break the string of that accute.....i
dont like this boy in the artistic face

Автор Nadiia Horan ( назад)
Waw ! Ca c beau 😃😃😃😻😻😻

Автор Discovered ( назад)
very fast i can't even hear any note

Автор Mario Lopez ( назад)
Hey youtube! Don't wanna be "that guy", but would you guys mind checking
out my version? Thanks in advance 😉

Автор MrTerraCraft376 ( назад)
omg how?

Автор antonio giaconia ( назад)

Автор NatsuzDH ( назад)
He is so virtuous, but never will play the piano and this song like Arthur

Автор Nyck461 ( назад)
Chopin, my most loved piano composer. Sorry to died so young.

Автор Yalee. kok ( назад)

Автор Craig Opperman (224 года назад)
Extremely great technique. It's too bad he ruins the piece with his silly
interpretations. lol

Автор Animekid ( назад)
who can dislike this look its cool

Автор rudbeckie1 ( назад)
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks!!!!!!!!

Автор Varshan Sathish ( назад)

Автор Eve Cisneros ( назад)
this was published in my bday whaaattt 😢

Автор sibeliandrift ( назад)
Oh you COY little laddie lol hahahaha excellent THAT'S what THIS piece is
about! Bravo!

Автор Kitty Kat ( назад)
I wonder if this is Animenz's warm up....

Автор RedwolfPsx ( назад)
He's not quite my favorite pianist, but he IS very talented and
interesting. Saying he's not a good musician/pianist is just objectively
wrong, and you look like a fool by stating something so incredibly stupid.
For example, take a look at his masterclasses. He has a lot of insight to
every piece, and his prima vista is amazing which is a true indicator of
experience/talent. Can you say that of yourself? That's what I thought.

Автор Paul Klepacki ( назад)
pretty good

Автор Go To Sleep ( назад)
Is it just me or does his face, in the thumbnail, look like a rape face?

Автор Laurane camille ( назад)
just magnifique

Автор Kimberly Ma ( назад)
One word: wow!

Автор Francesco Di Fede ( назад)
I prefer Lisitsa's version, same speed but more control.

Автор André Ollbrich ( назад)
Lang Lang is to Piano what Harry James was to trumpet: A virtuoso but not a
Rubinstein. Playing fast proves what: that you can play fast? So what?

Автор burningmatch09 ( назад)
Ha!, Lang Lang, what a phony! The Minute Waltz, played in over 2 minutes?
Fuck o-WHAT? What was that?
Ah, minute means "small'?
Ah... erm, sorry about that, do carry on, Mr. Lang. Oh, you're finished

Boy, that WAS minute.

Автор LittleMeerkateer ( назад)
he looks much much more natural in this video!! I could at the first time
watch his video without watching something else! hahaha…

Автор Nick ( назад)
Watching this guy is just as amazing as listening to him

Автор Jonnell Laprince (584 года назад)
I can't believe a video like this would actually get hate comments. An
extremely talented man playing the piano, obviously enjoying it, and people
find something bad to say. What more could people want. It baffles me.

Автор wanto widjaja ( назад)
Lang lang played in a different way of performance..but i am not really
interested especially the middle section which was not fully singing style
as Lang lang plays in other pieces before. I am sure he was not really
serious at this time

Автор Jean-Luc Chapelon ( назад)
too fastIt's the reason
why the 2 nd part seems very slow !!

Автор 988ET6 ( назад)

Автор Christian Kliber ( назад)
Not bad, Lang, not bad !

Автор cécile bajard ( назад)
on ressent très bien ce qu'il essaye de nous donner

Автор cécile bajard ( назад)
un géni à l'état pure!

Автор Eboss97 ( назад)
i like the way Valentina plays more than him but i think he has more
technical skill than she has

Автор Delphine Albou ( назад)
Ouahhhhhhh .... Ça a l air tellement facile ! Merveilleux de beauté , quel
artiste incroyable !!!

Автор Adel iciouus ( назад)
He dont play piano, he's inside the piano.

Автор William Cox ( назад)
Subtly improvised and well emoted. Lovely.

Автор Alice Blankenship ( назад)
That is WAY too fast! I like Arthur Rubinstein's version better.

Автор XxExplosive StopmotionsXx ( назад)
Thinks he 's good thinks he looks good but he ain't so good in musical term
Mozart would beat his ass at a a piano duel.

Автор Alain Tesla ( назад)
Lang Lang is fantastic

Автор cèlianne brindillou ( назад)
exceptionnelle magique grand virtuose les liaison les pianissimo,
fortissimo sa rend super bien

Автор BomberZGames ( назад)
Classic music is just too much better then the modern music, I know parts
of you will say that it's not, but I think classic music is the key for the
"new world" of music. I play the piano and I know that it's really awesome
and it's sounds so good when your playing it in your own. Just think about
it more, the music is incredible!

Автор AmadeusSC ( назад)
Lang Lang: I love it when some hate me but cannot do a thing about it. Haha

Автор bribripot (1989 лет назад)
Haha I love this dude. He's a piano diva XD

Автор candy6jan .music ( назад)
Wow ... amazing speed ... thanks for allowing me to share my version here

Автор Wydia Chandra ( назад)
What a weird interpretation !

Автор roy lightning ( назад)
l think that all the stupid and negative comments that people make about
lang lang, are the things they say about everything in life. Happiness and
enjoyment is obviously not what these people want. Lang Lang is different
and refreshing and amazing. He has given me a reason to practice my own

Автор SymphonicMotion ( назад)
He is impressive, but I'd like it if he went a bit slower.

Автор Alain Jochum ( назад)
beaucoup trop vite.......... un morceau saboté...............

Автор TAKU KANA ( назад)
上手ですね 弟子にしてほしいです

Автор sully P ( назад)
He is so rushing into it...

Автор Steven Pazdro ( назад)

Автор alonso c.a ( назад)
i dont like, lang play very fast

Автор Andreea-Maria Faitas ( назад)
is this piece hard?? 😂

Автор León Fuertes i Fàbregas ( назад)
he's on drugs

Автор yang james ( назад)

Автор Khaliszt A. ( назад)
I always say the same. People that complain about Lang Lang mostly do it
because of:
1) His expressions. Well, he is an artist, he can express himself however
he likes, thats totally up to him and listening the music shouldn't bother
you. Plus he is much less fancy than some other pianist whose gestures are
even arrogant, but that is nothing to be told here.
And 2) He plays scores 'wrong'. Again, he is an artist. A more prodigious
that any of his haters, very surely. As an artist, he can add his view of
art (music in this instance). You wouldn't say Picasso sucked because his
style was not realistic, would you? Well, same goes for music. Everything
Lang Lang plays sounds 'like Lang Lang'. That makes him special. For the
ones that try to search for perfection in the scores, i remember to you
that scores are just written representations, not the final word, but
something to interpretate from. Very probably not even the composers played
it exactly the same every time. None of the big pianists of this and the
late century have become famous for being stuck and narrowed in the
writtings, which would lead to stickiness in the playing and reduced flow
or personality. All the opposite! They've become great artists through
their own understanding of music. That's what happens with Lang Lang, same
with other pianists, and that's mostly why i just LOVE hearing him play. He
is at the level of piano deities.

Автор Khaliszt A. ( назад)
Exquisite. Superb. His use of time, phrasing, expressivity and technique is
outstanding. In my personal opinion, the best pianist there is.

Автор Emma Nidriche ( назад)
J'aime trooop *-*

Автор Levin Jakob ( назад)
Just awesome

Автор Frankie Estrada ( назад)
i think slower sounds better

Автор Terri & Kačí ( назад)

Автор yang james ( назад)

Автор yang james ( назад)

Автор yang james ( назад)
Gat it

Автор yang james ( назад)
0.o my gad,?!!!!!!!!!

Автор yang james ( назад)
Go comment squad

Автор Daniel Ren ( назад)
How can anyone dislike this? It's just amazing!

Автор yang james ( назад)

Автор homerles ( назад)
Hahahahahah 1:19 his face

Автор yang james ( назад)
VintageAnarchist... Fuuuuuck you! Said the special one.

Автор yang james ( назад)
Let's spell Lang Lang with our eyes closed! Lang

Автор yang james ( назад)
He plays so fast yet with so much passion!

Автор yang james ( назад)
Dan Tdm!

Автор yang james ( назад)

Автор yang james ( назад)

Автор yang james ( назад)
Ksi is epic. Not!

Автор yang james ( назад)
It's just outstandingly flawless

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