Conor McGregor knocks out Eddie Alvarez - UFC 205 Highlights

Conor McGregor making it look easy winning the lightweight 155lb title against Eddie Alvarez at UFC 205 in Madison Square Garden New York.

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Автор Bill P ( назад)
stopped early by ref

Автор jeff peake ( назад)
The accuracy on that finishing combo is just beautiful. I know it's cool to hate Conor but man is he talented.

Автор yu ( назад)
Connor is still a little faggot

Автор Timeshadow700 ( назад)

Автор just me ( назад)
Santa is real afterall eh Eddie?

Автор The Mulatt ( назад)
"gimme your belt"

Автор Mihai Laurentiu ( назад)
Hope Mayweather to smash his fucking face to this stupid piece of shit soon!

Автор Beastosterone ( назад)

Автор RARE ISH ( назад)
Conor's the man

Автор White Star ( назад)
Real Life Legend

Автор Squat every day ( назад)
gay intro

Автор Black People ( назад)
Dude Conor made him look like a amateur

Автор Forever Young ( назад)
Respect ... But! Who the fuck tattoo own last name in his own belly? :D

Автор TheMcgillacuddy ( назад)

Автор Patrick Saylor ( назад)
alvarez you got shit beat out of ya.

Автор Matt Pearce ( назад)
Alvarez is a bum. Kahbib would have wrecked Conor if not for his health being his biggest enemy. I don't expect him to ever defend against Ferguson either.

As the saying goes: You're not a champ until you've defended your belt.

Автор irishmafia665 ( назад)
Give meh yer belt! I have tiny nipples!

Автор Justin Frachiseur ( назад)
Hmm harf harf harf

Автор Raul Macias ( назад)
he still gonna loose against Floyd! Lol

Автор Jim ( назад)
You're welcome UFC, from Europe ;)

Автор FfC-BerSerkxL #FORHONOR ( назад)
Floyd you are next. 49-1 the Irish left hand will make your temple look like a cracked coconut.

Автор sky delos santos ( назад)

Автор Leonardodihenrik Galano ( назад)
i have to admit it, MISS YOU MCGREGOR!!!

Автор Liam Mckelvey ( назад)

Автор chetan ahuja ( назад)
Conor mcgregor is a tough guy there is no deny in this fact.But against brock Lesnar known as the beast this motherfucker mcgregor is gonna get his ass ruined into hell

Автор Tristan Nowicki ( назад)
Reminds me of The Spider in his prime.

Автор Lee Li ( назад)
Mayweather will embarass him if he actually fights and stops running and hiding behind those "tough guy" tats.

Автор moonblink ( назад)
conner is fast

Автор boozehound 235 ( назад)
There is no human being in the world who could act so lackadaisical. so fake.

Автор anshul agarwal ( назад)
conor sucks

Автор Candi Soda ( назад)
Anyone else NOT going to pay and see McGregor and Mayweather box? Cause we all learned how much of a waste Mayweathers last fight was..

Who am I kidding, you guys voted for Trump lol.

Автор abc ( назад)
Irish have tiny dicks
So Connor is the only thing they can look up to...

Автор Izzy johnas ( назад)
Gimme your belt

Автор DallasTechie ( назад)
McGregor vs Pacquiao make it happen !

Автор Chilly Davis ( назад)

Автор Eric Arellano ( назад)
Eddie sucked anyways

Автор kiĕrān Diâz ( назад)
fair play to conor but this was one of the shitest fights I've seen like cmon Eddie your aloud to fight back

Автор Craigl Lacour64 ( назад)
Connor has good timing and power I still don't think he would have beat nate if Nick was in his corner because when Nick saw the fight he knew immediately what Conner was doing. He was timing Nate on the way in.

Автор Bo Mal Patriote ( назад)
682 Pathetic Conor haters disliked the video...
They are sooo pathetic....

Автор Jacek Morowski ( назад)
*Gimmie yer belt.*

Автор Jack skinner ( назад)
Gimme your belt!

Автор Political Memes ( назад)
Give me your belt!

Автор keep reading keep reading now STOP ( назад)
the Irish lion

Автор Junior Flores ( назад)
I subscribe

Автор Kevin ( назад)
was this edited by a dyslexic chipmunk?

Автор Trym Velde Olden ( назад)
Give me your belt!

Автор Based God ( назад)

Автор Armin Ibishi ( назад)
man that walk:D

Автор 420 ( назад)
0:46 best shit ive ever seen that was fast precice and powerfull

Автор Royy164 ( назад)
1:12 *dodge* *dodge* "BITCH GTFO!" *hit to the head!*

Автор Trilce ( назад)
hahaha....I love how deadly those punches are....except on Nate. Keep running, runnin' man mcgregor. You know who your albatross is boy.

Автор STaS vladimer ( назад)
Pretty sure Eddie was able to fight if not the ref

Автор Canoga Parque ( назад)

Автор R-R-C ____ ( назад)
gimme yer belt! left hook! hurf hurf hurf hurf

Автор Mac Attach ( назад)
If Conor can hit MayWeather with that Left hook first. It is over with.. If not Conor is done :0(

Автор bieg cawk ( назад)
The bully gets bullied probably thought of the old days when he was bullied

Автор Joker vs The World ( назад)
What's the name of that kind of music ?

Автор Bododez 631 ( назад)
this goes to show that a professional boxer would destroy an mma fighter.Connor is an amateur and look what he did

Автор John Wood ( назад)
why does everyone love this guy idk im not hating i really dont get it

Автор Hayri Bayav ( назад)
First time I See him fighting dan he is quick very fast punchmovements maybe they will realy make that fight vs floyd anybody know about that ?

Автор artjer 123 ( назад)
mcgregor is such bs hate his bitchy attitude n he's sooo fake, look at 0:56 in slow mode no contact was made but alvarez flies back 2 feet. FAKE SHIT people

Автор Drink Me ( назад)
666 dislikes..... illuminati confirmed

Автор King lee ( назад)
Gimme yer belt

Автор sonicrox1991 ( назад)

Автор Young Clifford ( назад)
whats the soundtrack in the background

Автор Abrahan Ramirez ( назад)
do the spagetti arms!, lol when connor does that its so funny, imma do that to

Автор ravs paul ( назад)
he will beat the shit put of floyd pussy mayweather

Автор Omar Valtierra ( назад)
Connor Dodged a bullet against Dos Anjos!

Автор Rick James ( назад)
Accuracy and pure power defeated Eddie

Автор Abdel Wakil Longou ( назад)
mc nuggets:thanks for your gift uncle dana thanks a lot .
and please ancle dana don't give tony or khabib iam scared

Автор Camp Arnes ( назад)
I can't wait to see McGregor vs. Mayweather

Автор Qwerty Asdf ( назад)
It looks like you just gotta have reach

Автор Karlos Harutyunyan ( назад)
"You are the most easy fight in the ufc, easy money." Eddie Alvarez god bless his soul.

Автор King Of the World ( назад)

Автор SuperJay50K ( назад)

Автор 18Darkside ( назад)
Gimme your belt!

Автор GeorgeLasovski ( назад)
he haz cheat codez

Автор Spooky mansion Fan ( назад)
Conor's tattoos are going to look weird af when he's old

Автор Jashon Ayres ( назад)

Автор FFSultrAslan ( назад)
One thing I've noticed is that Conor has some really good top control.

Автор CZRXCZR ( назад)
Who's that Powerful dude holding the mic? 1:37

Автор DJLongLastin ( назад)
Gimme Your Belt

Автор Thijs De Gekke vogelman ( назад)
Gimme your belt

Автор ethan wilson ( назад)
Although legal quite zazubq happen stupid T-shirt garlic.

Автор The Red Viking ( назад)
Gimme ur belt! -Connor McGregor

huh... so he does have tiny nipples

Автор Darren Fred ( назад)
Diaz beat McTapper TWICE.

Автор Woolymoth ( назад)

Автор Zeztox I C ( назад)
Its like watching children fight. Small men is not interesting. They're weak, and they're small.

Автор IMDSickcunt ( назад)
the champ champ

Автор D34TH5ENTENCE ( назад)
Gimme your belt!

Автор Hussainayyad Ayyad ( назад)
Conor McGregor king MMA. king boxing

Автор Sal Alfda ( назад)
eddie is a bitch

Автор Matt Damon ( назад)
Gimme yur belt.

Автор jose brixeno ( назад)
mcgreggor looks like a tranny witht hat neck tatoo

Автор тнe Epιcoolαd ( назад)

Автор Sean W ( назад)
Wow. He really made that look extremely easy.

Автор AnToNcHaMp96 ( назад)
Tko... How the fuck could someone think that was a knockout??

Автор william Lawson ( назад)
Alvarez insulted McGregor about taking welfare when he was out of work in Ireland. Here's what I think of that:

Eddie lives in a country where people down on their luck are abandoned like garbage. Connor lives in a nation where people support their own when they hit hard times. It's no shame to take support when you're down if you give support to others when they are down and you are raised up. Americans are dog eat dog and Europeans are scratch my back and I'll scratch yours.

Автор jacquon nelson ( назад)

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