Conor McGregor knocks out Eddie Alvarez - UFC 205 Highlights

Conor McGregor making it look easy winning the lightweight 155lb title against Eddie Alvarez at UFC 205 in Madison Square Garden New York.

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Автор Greg Appa ( назад)
Satanist luciferian witch. Dumb ass retarded people who fall for this shit.

Автор Spoopy Noopers ( назад)

Автор Hello Newman ( назад)
Incredible counter punching

Автор Sanfaez Khan ( назад)
The real challenge is gonna be khabib or ferguson

Автор Rohin Gupta ( назад)
Gimme yer belt

Автор Punch Gamer ( назад)

Автор H J ( назад)
anyone know this music?? its bugging me!

Автор Elzoro24 ( назад)
Holy shit! Conor does have tiny nipples!

Автор F R I E N D L Y M E M E S ( назад)
Gimme yer belt

Автор dedede666 ( назад)
gimme your belt!

Автор Alan Mistrzowski ( назад)
You can hate him, you can despise him, but you can't say shit about he's fighting skills, he's a true MMA God.

Автор Kieran Mackay Blake ( назад)
Gimme tor belt?

Автор jawad heidary ( назад)
fuck i hate seeing conor in championships because all the time he beats his opponents so easy and quick i wanna see him for 5 round fook this fights!!!

Автор ITz WHABBIT ( назад)
Eddie lunged himself at conor the whole time that's how he lost his belt.

Автор king lessi ( назад)
this is a really well made video. You earned a sub!

Автор Shamrock Shake ( назад)

Автор From Gondor ( назад)
I think alot of people think Conor's just full of shit and then when they fight and get hit by those fast on point stone lefts they relise pretty quickly holy fuck im in trouble

Автор Justin Taylor ( назад)
It's not enough, gimme yer belt!

Автор retro1980 ( назад)
9000th like! Felt sorry for Alvarez. Look forward to the Mayweather gig ;)

Автор David Saylor ( назад)
Gimme ur belt!

Автор maneomkar18 ( назад)
irish pig

Автор Hexadot ( назад)
Conor deserves the belts.

Автор TheGamingPorpoise ( назад)

Автор godzillarex888 ( назад)

Автор st jimmy ( назад)
Give me your belt

Автор FlickHouse Studios ( назад)
His head movement is ridiculous

Автор Rick Grimes ( назад)
I wanna see Connor Vs Nate again

Автор Vallenoma ( назад)
Gimme yer belt!

Автор Bryan Crennell ( назад)

-flashgitz (a wise wise man)

Автор Mac Diesel ( назад)
Conor went to war with nate Diaz , twice, that's what made him able to take anything Eddie could possibly give. Conor is crazy good at timing , those counterstrikes just come from anywhere fast.

Автор | Little fucker. ( назад)
*Knock knock. Who's there?*

The floor.

Автор Dan P ( назад)
paid off

Автор Naf 458 ( назад)
Khabib will murder this Chicken wannabe boxer.

Автор callmeadamadaemllac ( назад)
He is demonized.

McGregor sold himself to the devil for fighting ability and fame.

Автор Ektoras Arkoylis ( назад)
Eddie said in the review "He is gonna be the easiest opponent of my life"

Автор Zachary Hendrix ( назад)
Gimme your belt.

Автор cheeky chespin ( назад)
gimme ur belt

Автор Vilmer Carlsson ( назад)
The swag in this man is unbelievable

Автор Sain 7417 ( назад)

Автор Gus Stamer ( назад)
GIVE ME YOUR BELT! - Connor McGregor

Автор SinisterSkip ( назад)
That looked like a pro versus an amateur - while we all know Eddie's no joke. Man, that's just crazy.

Автор specialK312 ( назад)
This Irish son of a bitch just might be the greatest fighter in history. After that 1st bout with Nate Diaz his octagon IQ just went through the fucking roof. I haven't seen fight intelligence like this since probably George St. Pierre.

Автор Bad Shroom ( назад)

Автор Louis Louw ( назад)
I love ❤️ Ireland 🇮🇪 it's beautiful

Автор Jason Smith ( назад)
That was a total dismantling...

Автор Larry Etherson ( назад)

Автор Ander ufc ( назад)
he has a lot of haters but please he is the best!!

Автор Alex ( назад)
No one has trampled the ranks like him, nobody has the consistency of style and finishing capabilities than this guy. My #1 favorite athlete ಠ_ಠ

Автор Russdiculous ( назад)
He fights like Anderson silva. White Anderson silva. He needs to work on his endurance, stamina more. Work on countering more. Work on keeping his hands up. Don't pull an Anderson silva.

Автор Hunter Mc 1 ( назад)
king in your face

Автор Lee Hardy ( назад)
This was fixed, Eddie won!!!!!!!!

Автор Krieger des lichts ( назад)
Conor = Mikey from Snatch

Автор Muricanknight 5678 ( назад)
Gimmie your belt

Автор sethdiller97 Toby ( назад)
Conor Is a true warrior in the ring, but outside of it he acts and talks like a child.

Автор TheGamingNinja ( назад)

Автор Kat Fish ( назад)

Автор Kcvtr ( назад)
Easiest fight at 155, a gimme fight, Eddie alvarez, Lmfao

Автор Caimin Jones ( назад)
My Irish legend

Автор Jonismeister ( назад)
Gimme Yer belt!

Автор Gekko ( назад)
que buena pelea fue.

Автор Mike Sears ( назад)
eddie seemed scared the whole time . When he went down it was almost like he was giving up

Автор NecruN ( назад)
Gimme your belt!

Автор Modern warfare wannabe ( назад)
1:17 Alvarez's Kryptonite

Автор Jacques C ( назад)

Автор Nguyenster 32 ( назад)
Give me your Belt!

Автор manuel cordero ( назад)

Автор jaocheu ( назад)
If he took a year or two out of MMA for intensive training, got a decent coach and took it seriously, he could make it as a competent amateur boxer.

Автор George Saint Pierre ( назад)
Eddie won that shit he got robbed a had it 49-46 for eddie fuck it

Автор thatguyovathere ( назад)
I reckon I could knock this pussy out.

Автор Heads ( назад)
Bu irlandalılarda var bişey :D Bizimde esnafa bulaştılar :)

Автор Oats ( назад)
Gimme your belt

Автор Tenaar Feiri ( назад)
"Gimme your belt!"

Автор Kyle Banks ( назад)
Connor talks mad shit before fights then shows mad respect after.

Автор Alex Shelldon ( назад)
who was the guy in the back. cant think of what they are called but he stands in the ring with them and says if its a foul.... Gah i forgot! what is it?

Автор Eamon Ahern ( назад)
there is a nice move in there where Eddie was trying to come back at Conor after getting tagged and Conor advice advanced with an elbow to stop him.

Автор Filip Kindahl ( назад)
Alvarez just gotta be crying still.

Автор COCO D. ( назад)
UFC is like a cock fight inside a cage. Fight for nothing. Seeing people loosing 14min30s on 15 min on the ground with the so-called Jiu Jitsu or the stupid so-called Judo, grumbling or submission or something like that is unimaginable. Seeing so-called athletes on the cage 3 round on 3 even people for whom I had a little respect, is disrespectful, robbery. And this is the case every main UFC event, 10 of 11 fights on 12. When it comes to boxing, athletes are trying to do something like boxing, but just after one punch, mass has been said. Even known-stupid WWE is entertaining as they have normal fight, I QUIT match, last man standing match, no disqualification match, elimination chamber match, tag team match, six-man or woman tag team match, 20 or 30-man match, TLC or ladder match, hell in a cell match, no holds barred street fight, etc. But if YOU ARE FAN OF THE REALLY FIGHT, GO AND WATCH GLORY KICK BOXING where you can never go in the ring just to loose your time.
UFC is for very undereducated people.

Автор kid Clorox Bleach ( назад)

Автор ΔΘΛΞΠΣΦΨΩ ( назад)

Автор dubble tap ( назад)

Автор DoubleStuffed ( назад)
Gimme yer belt!

Автор Daniel Martin ( назад)
gimme your belt

Автор Kredical Chaoz ( назад)
gimme your belts

Автор Brandon Moore ( назад)
conor mcnigger

Автор Stupid steroid users ( назад)
I believe this fight was fixed

Автор guy in the background ( назад)
Gimme your belt quick punch

Автор TheProdigy-NL- ( назад)
Santa is real ;)

Автор D3w10n ( назад)
Eddie should just given him the belt...

Автор Smile C ( назад)
Give me your belt

Автор Chicken Permission ( назад)
It's... it's not enough Joe Rogan. Gimme yer belt!!

Автор Pink Guy ( назад)
The force is strong with this one

Автор Alvin Arts ( назад)
Flawless victory

Автор James Matthews ( назад)

Автор Leizzy ( назад)
He needs one more belt

Автор Shrimp3r JR ( назад)
"Gimme your Belt"

Автор irishfightfan saoirse ( назад)
the fastest eddie moved in the whole fight was that silly little head roll he did when bein introduced

Автор Mogoi 1 ( назад)
I was looking for flashgitz comments, had to click on new comments

Автор Panda Beats ( назад)
flashgitz be like

Автор Mr.Bomb'o'Bomb ( назад)
Give me your belt!

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