Conor McGregor knocks out Eddie Alvarez - UFC 205 Highlights

Conor McGregor making it look easy winning the lightweight 155lb title against Eddie Alvarez at UFC 205 in Madison Square Garden New York.

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Автор Galactic Leprechaun ( назад)
Ya Damn Right I'ma Give Ya Mah Belt

Автор 504brando ( назад)
If you don't like Conor your a hater...this dudes a beast

Автор srixot232 ( назад)
Mayweather will run from Conor.

Автор m turley ( назад)
all that shit u talked Eddy and u looked so fucking over matched it's ridiculous!! MAN I MISS MY DUDE CONNOR!

Автор The Savage one ( назад)
gimme your belt Alvarez

Автор MrJustonemorevoice ( назад)

Автор Damion Bacchus ( назад)
Hey the title is misleading. A highlight is supposed to be a compilation of landed punshes from both fighters. WHY is conor the only one landing shots.

Автор Anthony Dough ( назад)
jack, never took that into account. but very true

Автор Hacksaw Jim-dugaan ( назад)
easier than the siver fight. he made phil fighters look like the exact bums they all are.

Автор Drayden zombie ( назад)

Автор no no ( назад)
best moment of my life that day!

Автор jhon wick ( назад)
eddy... pense que la pelea iba a estar un poco mejor... pero no se puede negar... sin discucion ninguna... absolutamente fuiste una mierda....

Автор MrKaboom ( назад)
its mma

Автор nymerie ( назад)
time for habib to fuck this irish prick once and for all! oh, I forgot! that's exactly why it'll never happen!

Автор Fukumi Fukuyu ( назад)
hey spick
how do you like to be beaten up by a welfare man ?
now go home to your wife and kids and

you fuckin spick..

Автор mozz1k ( назад)
Zlatan in Ufc

Автор Tristan Angles ( назад)
gimme your belt

Автор bs2455 ( назад)
I was never a conor fan but he's grown on me. easily the most relaxed fighter I've ever seen and this was one of the best performances I've ever seen

Автор Shadow Master ( назад)
hes remains dead calm in adrenaline spiking situations thats y hes seems so calculated and precise with his movements

Автор Tim Allen ( назад)
So, I take it that this is the fight that gave Conor and his young fans the illusion that he can beat Floyd Mayweather ?

Автор Амир Тигров ( назад)
Лучше любого Дагестанца

Автор steal lucas ( назад)
Connor Mcgregor, it tis' I, the Galatic Leprecaun with tiny nipples. I have searched many galaxys far and wide to find you and now i have. I am your daddy connor. Search your nipples you know it be true.

Автор Skulltruck08 ( назад)
now Eddie believes in santa.

Автор bamadeadhead ( назад)
Can't stand Conor. I used to like him but damn HE IS AN IDIOT

Автор Belarusball ( назад)

Автор rap em up ( назад)
ppl say "he moved up weight" lol conor was bigger then eddie.

Автор vortech ysi ( назад)
Conor needs to fight Kron gracie he is undefeated at 145 lbs.

Автор Aidan Shaw ( назад)
there is no santa:)jesus eddie looked petrifed wit dat knock down wen he looked up:)

Автор Marvin Racer Yoo ( назад)
0:30 min man gehts noch arroganter :D

Автор Best In The World ( назад)
song name 0:46?

Автор Manuel Gabarre ( назад)
es un pitbull

Автор Kinito Wotsa ( назад)
Fook fook fook fookidy fooking floyd fayweather..... GIMME ALL UR FOOKING BELTS!

Автор Valhalla ( назад)
"The boy got lucky"
- Eddie Alvarez

Автор Pithlyx ( назад)

Автор jose artiga ( назад)
Floyd is a piece of shit

Автор Badge Plays ( назад)
I remember everyone saying eddie is too strong for connor LoL.

Автор Edison Coronado ( назад)
pero q no sea box q sea entre rejas vale todo haber q hace wether sera q ahi si puede

Автор Flaredeity ( назад)

Автор Mascara Guerrera ( назад)
that fight was fixed jajaja can't believe people say it was a brutal win jajajaja you idiots

Автор Jacob Engel ( назад)
dudes a fucking monster

Автор Dauglas McNiel ( назад)
Eddie did well considering who he was fighting.

Автор steveninthe ( назад)
Eddie has like no boxing skills... wide open all the time

Автор Eliseo Lusian ( назад)
his still no boxer and like teddy atlas said any c class boxer can beat him in a boxing match. those 20 dollar belts dont mean anything in boxing .

Автор Slazer418 YT ( назад)

Автор craigk621 ( назад)
Where is Conor from again ?

Автор Plankton ( назад)

Автор Doug Dimmadome ( назад)

Автор BT -7274 ( назад)
gimmie your belt

Автор TOMMY GUNN ( назад)

Автор Shane O Reilly ( назад)
Coner is an animale no man stopping him

Автор Radek Metel ( назад)
gimme your belt !!

Автор pious predecessor ( назад)
Total humiliation.... Mayweather next???!!!

Автор Jubbs_Diego ( назад)
dam mm just looking at Connor is like a flash

Автор navegador ( назад)
conor mcgregor = chicken nuggets

Автор Michael Harrison ( назад)
good night eddie

Автор Samuel Waybright ( назад)
gimmmy yourr belt heff hef hef hf!

Автор Skynet Cyborg ( назад)
eddie is such a bum here how did he beat RDA?

Автор Peter Cavellini ( назад)
THIS is entertainment?!.....what is he like as just a Boxer?,because this is just glorified Street fighting,outside a Pub fighting,I guess some of us think it's great amazing but it is not it just isn't,there are much better Sports.

Автор jay619 ( назад)
"You're the easiest fight that made the most money"- big John McCarthy

Автор It's Darren from Stop and Step here. ( назад)

Автор Dylan Morris ( назад)
who's watching this in 2017

Автор Skynet Cyborg ( назад)
YEA bitch u suck eddie go fuck ur mom in the ass.

Автор Killer Virus57 ( назад)
*"Gimme your belt"*

Автор rick rich ( назад)
say what u want this fucking kid is special as fuck. id love to slap his ass thou. lol

Автор xXMLGMASTERXx yolo ( назад)

Автор Conor will eat your children ( назад)
Fook Eddie I will eat his children

Автор Evol ( назад)
1:12 That fucking dodge-counter was insane.

Автор MORTIFICER ( назад)
Goddamn he just bullied Alvarez around and Eddie was so overestimated

Автор POTUS ( назад)
That Irish amateur fighter from crumlin just mate history

Автор wpqe l ( назад)
Connor chiken

Автор kegan gentry ( назад)
so many people thought conor would lose this fight...idiots

Автор 343 Industries ( назад)
Floyd would KO this bum

Автор amir avdi ( назад)
Good ol Eddie is so brave for deciding to fight a much better opponent

Автор Scorpionbite8 ( назад)
Clear mismatch

Автор Антон Бакунов ( назад)
каким надо быть долбоёбом, что бы будучи ниже Макгрегора ростом идти боксировать с ним. Альварес проиграл этот бой ещё до его начала.

Автор platinum guy ( назад)
If you don't get the "gimme yer belt" jokes then look up crazy connor Mcgegor on youtube.

Автор platinum guy ( назад)
gimme yer belt, quick left

Автор Josh Keatley's # 1 fan ( назад)
What's the song nane

Автор hzuiel ( назад)
Lol, Alvarez has come back from worse, he gets knocked down all the time in fights, but the difference here is usually he can still mount some sort of offensive and gradually shift the odds into his favor. He couldn't even touch Conor. Big John with the early stoppage to save Alvarez any further embarrassment and brain damage. Eddie is a warrior, he just isn't on conor's level when it comes to skill.

Автор mike hunt ( назад)

Автор Michele Pilla ( назад)
What is the song?

Автор Adan Leyva ( назад)
fuck you conor mactap go get fucked by dana so you can still be the champ 😂

Автор T- Swag ( назад)
Next up: Middleweight Division😂😂😂

Автор Territomauvais ( назад)
4 million views this video was watched for! Four million!

Автор Mar Yu ( назад)
conor mc gregor new bruce lee?

Автор Jack ( назад)
those two fights against diaz made him a better fighter

Автор mr.Rager ( назад)
would be the best fighter in every weightclass if given the height

Автор Ishan Pathak ( назад)
McGregor is left handed. That helps him a lot in fight

Автор Yashabo Ishihara ( назад)
mcgregor is in a state of zen

Автор MrCzaripar ( назад)
Gimme your belt!

Автор Xam X ( назад)
Mayweather is done,ha,ha,wait until he feel that left hand from Mcgregor.

Автор abdulruhman abdullah ( назад)
this fight was fixed it must of be

Автор Mrafi Yasin ( назад)

Автор Mrafi Yasin ( назад)
Yeah easy money. Alvarez looks like a amateur punching bag

Автор Siergiej882 Kowaliow ( назад)
This walk looks dumb as hell. Mcgregor looks handicaped while doing this.

Автор Antony Quigley ( назад)
Love the Billy walk. i mean he did it here as Eddie was his size, but to do it at the start of the 2nd nate diaz fight after he'd lost the way he did shows TRUE confidence in your abilities.

Автор Lily Walker Faded ( назад)
gimme yer faking belt or i..i..will..QUICK LEFT COUNTERPUNCH AND DICKPUNCH YERRR face

Автор B3AST PLAYER ( назад)
Give Me Your BELT!!

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