Conor McGregor knocks out Eddie Alvarez - UFC 205 Highlights

Conor McGregor making it look easy winning the lightweight 155lb title against Eddie Alvarez at UFC 205 in Madison Square Garden New York.

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Автор arturo salgado ( назад)
im a big nate diaz fan but i think conner might win next fight he proves
that he gets beter and obviously he takes his job more seriouse than nate
diaz..he invest alot money for training...he gonna be a beast even more one
day watch!

Автор onnoori lee ( назад)
i don't see that many people that can beat mcgregor at 155, you need a well
rounded tough grappling oriented fighter to be able to wear mcgregor down
and make him quit, and even then his striking is levels ahead of mma fight
game he might just ko them before they even get a chance to make it a dog

Автор Aleks Todorov ( назад)
Actually i tried to imagine myself in that octagon and think of a way to
beat Connor myself and i couldn't think of any, he looks perfect.

Автор Joe Kelly ( назад)
I'm a mcgregor fan but I don't see the satisfaction in people hating on
him? Next khabib then whoever then Satan like who does it take to earn a
shred of respect

Автор Muszy ( назад)
This is Ragnar Lothbrok rebirthed as Conor Mc Gregor.

Автор CYGE YAEL ( назад)
Gimme yer Belt!!

Автор TheRazorcoon ( назад)

Автор Michael Scully ( назад)
Mad ting

Автор P Winkle Miracle ( назад)
Tough dude. Awesome.

Автор Ramiro Gebara ( назад)
dudes overrated...He's hiding from Frankie Edgar.

Автор Ufuk KILIÇ ( назад)
The moment between 1:13 and 1:14 is undoubtedly one of the best moments of
the fight.

Автор LeWydadi ( назад)
he is sooo calm and confident
and his left hand is power

Автор grim reaper ( назад)
yeah yeah but still floyd would knock the shit out of mcgregor

Автор Firsthgyhgyhuy Lastujhujhuj ( назад)
Filthy, ginger mick.

Автор nick workman ( назад)
Keep it up and you might look at taking on the spiders legacy

Автор nick workman ( назад)

Автор Coc Account ( назад)
khabib inbound brace for impact conor

Автор Afflictionzv1 ( назад)
Man if GSP comes back I'd love to see him fight Conor.

Автор Jordan S. ( назад)
Man, his front side kick looks almost as good as Wonderboy's. scary.

Автор MovieScenes ( назад)
0:30 The King's Walk :D

Автор Mykolas Brūzgys ( назад)
Eddie "I will make you pay" Alvarez

Автор Ashley Valley ( назад)
I want to bury my face in his crotch, connor is so damn sexy AF

Автор irish1 ( назад)
the face of a fighting Nation 😁

Автор Andrew Skidmore ( назад)
How many Santa Clause memes do you think he got after this fight?lol

Автор Ricardo Acevedo ( назад)
what's the name of the song

Автор Chirag Bhavsar ( назад)
omg that was fucking awesome

Автор Sean B ( назад)
Dumb yanks won't close their mouths unless someone closes it for them. We
should learn from this.

Автор Sam Clark ( назад)
People forgetting about Diaz too quickly.

Автор mad man ( назад)
Eddie is a punching bag

Автор Aiden King ( назад)
Eddie should have clinched with Connor the only time he did it in the fight
he let it go

Автор richard dusheke (dude5980) ( назад)
gimme your belt

Автор g4meboy13 ( назад)
Lord Conor McGregod

Автор KingBongHogger ( назад)
There's no doubt Conor is a great fighter, but his cocky attitude sucks. I
can't wait for him to get his comeuppance just like Rousey did.

Автор Elo Dura ( назад)
conor vs edmond is the real money fight

Автор MarkJ Smith ( назад)
Gimme Yer Belt

Автор Conor McGregor ( назад)
Damn straight

Автор ELECTRIC WATER ( назад)
one in a million this guy is simple as that

Автор Erick Cota ( назад)
this can't be real

Автор Hey! Free Thinking ( назад)
Get im' that second belt.. C'mon, What the fook r'ya waiting?

Автор Midgetninja32 ( назад)
"gimme your belt"

Автор EndorphinKnight ( назад)
Eddie shot himself in the foot when he said that Mcgregor was the easiest
fight in his division.

Автор Diego Alonso ( назад)
Pretty inspiring video tbh

Автор Kent Brockman ( назад)
every 6 or 8 years ufc will pick someone to showcase their scene and
whoever it is its like winning the lottery just like coner mcgregor

Автор Kent Brockman ( назад)
naaaa just good timing in a industry on a decline that's all he's just a
fighter with a great ego that explodes and he is being paid all this money
to keep ufc alive it's just lucky timing or a great business head

Автор West Side ( назад)
chew that lead leg up he stands way to wide

Автор Sagar Thakuri ( назад)
Overrated arrogant prick. I want to see Khabib whoop this candy ass.

Автор Dylan Trumbla ( назад)
conor mcgregors good cause everybodys scared of his left hand, i bet if
eddy wasnt wasnt so scared of his left hand he might of had a chance lol
but conor likes to put fear in people n thats another reason hes a really
good fighter n those irish people lol they're cocky n tuff thats another
reason hes good

Автор master chief ( назад)
Floyd has no chance. Connor is manly enough to fight boxing against
mayweather but mayweather is scared to get in that octagon with the
notorious Connor Mcgregor.

Автор i Sfx HD ( назад)
That was epic!

Автор tanny bash ( назад)
king of ufc , Connor

Автор Gallkeeper ( назад)

Автор TheAz943 ( назад)
"Everyone has a plan until you get punched in the face" Kylie Jenner

Автор Draper Robinson ( назад)
Fuck you give me your belt quickly

Автор Duke The Pope ( назад)
The octagon floor hurt Mcgregor more than Alvarez did

Автор ashtweth ( назад)
Bruising the brain, who is more psychologically MUTE..the audience or the
"athlete"..think your tough?...take on the cancer industry mate, oil
industry and Big pharma..you will soon see that bruising your brain is easy
and your not that tough compared ;).... i dont expect you to understand
..keep bruising your brains and thinking your tough the real tough people
dont do this psssst (that was a tip)

Автор lovetownsend ( назад)
Love how he stands there BARELY slipping for the dodge, then precision
counters. good!

Автор David De La Rosa JR ( назад)
greatest of all time

Автор UK HUSTLER ( назад)
McGregor is cocky but confident.. all Irish. They fight for fun bare hands.

Автор fatchap chopper ( назад)
gimme your belt

Автор Hamza Khaliq ( назад)
I want to see a rematch. Alvarez was beating the piss out of McGregor in
the first two seconds of the fight.

Автор trendy cody Poss ( назад)
it looks like he barley hits but i guess there hard hits

Автор ladislao ( назад)
I still don't understand stand why eddie took this fight instead of the
khabib fight. It's like he knew he was going to lose.

Автор glen paul ( назад)
class think ive watched this about 20 times now :)

Автор Jody joe ( назад)
i wanna eat his lucky charms

Автор Benny D ( назад)
Nate Diaz! That's all I'm gonna say:-)

Автор Mike Pantaleo ( назад)
He made him look like a child

Автор Punkerasu' Pseudo ( назад)
0.30 Vince McMahon walk's :))))

Автор Brandon Le ( назад)
the fuck gordon ramsay face 0:22 LOLOL

Автор Jack Reacher ( назад)

Автор Regan Galbraith ( назад)
I wonder when any of these other stupid fuckers are gonna realise connor
only chats shit to annoy you and make you more aggressive so he can calmly
fuck them up. It's not that complex idk why nobody has picked up on it yet

Автор ohloody ( назад)
Alvares throwing some weak jabs at Conner. Didn't look like he wanted to
commit to any of his jabs.

Автор bill fantomas ( назад)
Got choked by the mediocre Diaz the same year. Never forget.

Автор Coner McGregor ( назад)
Conor gets lucky with both of his titles and is even luckier with the way
the UFC had treated him. Dont get me wrong he has the skill and he wouldve
grinded his way to the top like Khabib and Ferguson.

Автор deadpool wilson ( назад)
give me your belt

Автор Lex Bedelov ( назад)
gimmie your belt 😂

Автор Class S Hero (ling long) ( назад)
"Gimme yer belt!!"

Автор Zohan goldman ( назад)
Fake fight noobies. It isn't true, ufc payed Edfie for losing.

Автор angan gogoi ( назад)
He's gonna face a lot of problems with Nurmagomedov, Khabib's a beast,
freaking relentless, doesn't know how to lose and definitely the strongest
in that weight class

Автор Edmond padman Tarverdyan ( назад)
Eddie next time train with me and we will be back better than ever.

Автор Brandon Johnson ( назад)
Best fighter in the UFC today. Wish Mayweather would stop being a little
bitch and accept the offer to fight him. I'd love to see Connor knock him
the fuck out in round 1!

Автор Gary Gwinn ( назад)
Eddie Alveraz could not be the champ in Bellator. He lost to Donald
Cerrone, a guy who cannot win a belt. At 32, and talking about retirement,
are we supposed to be surprised Eddie Lost? Where is he now? He is not
training or planning on fighting. His end game was just getting the fight
with Connor. After that, he didn't care, because he knew it was gonna be
his last hoorah. THE GUY CIRCLED THE WRONG WAY! How prepared was he to
fight anyone! This was a pathetic, gift wrapped belt for Connor, Heck a lot
of people think Eddie just took the dirty money, and threw the fight.
Either way, KHABIB is the best 155 lb fighter in the 🌎

Автор Gary Gwinn ( назад)
24-0. 2x world Combat sambo champion. World Ju Jitsu champion. Has only
lost 1 round in the UFC in 8 fights. All time UFC record for takedowns,
more in a 3 round fight than in any 5 round fight. Widely considered the
UNDEFEATED= UNDISPUTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор Alex Roden ( назад)
Gimmie yer belt!🍀

Автор Mike Marsh ( назад)
Mcgregor is just like Rousey, a fantasy fighter created by UFC. 0% fighting

Автор Daaboo ( назад)
hate McGregor so much. his a cocky punk who needs to be put down

Автор The dictator ( назад)
how the fuck thi piece of shit bacame champion at the firts place? i know
mcchikenz ass is aint that good

Автор Speed and Shift ( назад)

Автор Cj McKnight ( назад)
He got payback for that chair incident

Автор Drpepperdude 45 ( назад)
gimme your belt

Автор DivinityX6 ( назад)
Dude u cant upload rape...

Автор immaculateAMG ( назад)
he couldn't do that to Nate

Автор Greg Appa ( назад)
Satanic witch

Автор dhia faroua ( назад)
Nate be watching this like: " am not surprised motherfuckers". x""D

Автор Amador Angel ( назад)

Автор City Of Delivery San Diego ( назад)
did you saw how mayweather got knocked out by conor

Автор ryan freeley ( назад)
looked like a piece of piss. hot sword though butter

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