'Jurassic Park' as a Nature Documentary | Trailer Mix

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Edited by Benjamin Martin
Narrated by Jon Drew
Executive Producer: Dustin McLean

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Комментарии: 217

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Автор Spark Drifter ( назад)
man those JP3 puppets looks good

Автор Travis Montgomery ( назад)

Автор JukeOfAllTrades ( назад)
I would watch actually this

Автор davepottage ( назад)
LOL @ "Uncertainty..." *shot of raptor looking confused*

Автор kholebelle skeeterbug510 ( назад)
this is so cute!!!!

Автор Deadly Dilophosaur ( назад)
This I want to see.

Автор Dangerosu ( назад)
Better story than any of hte JP movies. 10/10 would watch if it were a real thing.

Автор PD Zombie ( назад)
Too bad they don't show the part where she eats some dumb humans... it would have been something like: "watch how she hunts and eats some people who had it coming for playing god..."

Автор Piggy Oink Oink ( назад)
"Witness a glimpse into life within the Raptor Nudist Camp, where deadly dromaeosaurs can show their true selves without the bondage of society's feathers."

Автор Ysabel Myrian ( назад)

Автор Haut Strange ( назад)
This is such a testament to the special effects of this movie.

Автор TheKooster31 ( назад)
this is the best documentary ever! although the behind the scene is a bit... brutal. definitely not for kids

Автор Jason fox ( назад)
oh god is this what nature documentaries are like in america? Where's David Attenborough

Автор Jason Hatt ( назад)
If I didn't know this movie, I would totally believe that it's a nature film. Lol! Great Work!

Автор Nadia Trevino ( назад)
I would watch this movie

Автор Vol deMort ( назад)
The SFX still can kick ass today!!

Автор BLAIR M Schirmer ( назад)
And Sidney Lumet thinks you can't edit what's not there. Pfft.

Автор PoolFullOfFools ( назад)
Documentary my arse

Автор brasman8 ( назад)
It took me over 10 seconds to figure out why I douldn't skip the commercial...

Автор Quirderph ( назад)
This actually looks like a good in-universe commercial for Jurassic Park.

Автор CJCroen1393 ( назад)
I'd watch it.
-(if it were more accurate, but hey, JP was the baseline so I'll give it a pass)-

Автор DayVeeThe ( назад)

Автор PKBitchGirl ( назад)
Meet Little Tail - that's a compy not a raptor though

Автор Swag On ( назад)
Im here before 200.000 views

Автор John Mukherjee ( назад)
Great! Especially liked the inclusion of JP3 and JW footage!

Автор Tom Lv ( назад)
travel with us through this magical journey where raptors devour your parents!

Автор Serpentking789 ( назад)
I'd watch it.

Автор Cayden Stewart ( назад)
the funny thing is this could be a thing

Автор TardisArmyMax ( назад)
I could see this as a thing! But instead of just focusing on a single raptor, it would give information on all of the dinosaurs in the park and explain the ecosystem of the island. I would pay like $100 to see that!

Автор Layne Warner ( назад)
I would love this this really happen.

Автор I'm a person Deal with it ( назад)
I thought it was going to be like "look at this raptor in it's natural habitat. Look at the way it's eating that mangled flesh. Rick are you getting this? Rick? ...OH MY GAWD! RICK! RICK IS DEAD! THE RAPTORS GOT HIM! I'M GOING TO DIE NEXT! WHY DID I SIGN UP FOR THIS? RICK NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!"

That's how I imagined it anyway. :p

Автор Popular on YouTube - Worldwide ( назад)
*'Jurassic Park' as a Nature Documentary | Trailer Mix*

Автор Martin Ulstein (1506 лет назад)
Sorry I meant carbon 14. Anything that contains carbon 14 can not be any older than 100,000 years old. Don't tell the public. We want them to think that evolution is backed up by science. Don't worry, nobody will test the data. Everyone is going to fall for the big lie. They will even think they are smart  for believing  the lie are told. Nobody ever checked the real facts.Its easy to fool people. Look at Bill Nye. He is not even a scientist. Ha Ha.

Автор Martin Ulstein (1852 года назад)
The most important thing to remember is that evolution is the true enemy of science. The reason Trex has fresh red blood and soft tissue intact, is because nothing is millions of years old. Anything that contains carbon can not be any older than 100,0000 years. Its impossible. All dinosaur bones contain carbon 14. Never mistake evolution for science. Its not supported by data. Darwin had a degree in theology = religion. Other than that, I love the great animation.

Автор George Harrell ( назад)
that would be freaking awesome

Автор TheroGoji ( назад)
If only they were accurate...

Автор Joseph ( назад)

Автор Just deal with it T.V ( назад)
This is my favorite movie I think you made I better

Автор Danny Cloud Specialist ( назад)

Автор Gabriel Lezama ( назад)
As long as this film is narrated by Jeff Goldblum, we will find a way.

Автор Servanious ( назад)
Anyone else expected that scene where the raptor was blown up by a missile...? Anyone?

Автор Cypher (274 года назад)
This should be a real thing

Автор Random Person (1623 года назад)

Автор Paleo Science Art ( назад)
I love nature

Автор Coco Nut ( назад)
I'm waiting for this to be viral. Anyone else?? :P

Автор GuywiththeStuff ( назад)
I was expecting this to take a turn for the dark side of life. i kind of feel let down.

Автор R.L. Smith ( назад)
I love the narrator's voice, can we just have him say "herpaderpaherp"
I would die laughing

Автор Jonathan Chappell ( назад)
I believe I speak for the world when I say that I would watch the heck out of this.

Автор Hel Sao Dy ( назад)

Автор Meep Ster ( назад)
No dinosaurs were hurt in the making of this video

Humans on the other hand...

Автор joey bonzo ( назад)
its amazing how she was born a compy and then turned in to a raptor

Автор Brentsfriend ( назад)
This is how I like my science and dinosaurs without feathers :)
Thank You so much. Keep up the GREAT work.

Автор Trading PhotoS, Videos of Live EventS, AND MorE ( назад)
Jurassic Park'

Автор Ken ( назад)
The sounds nothing like a nature documentary. More like a bad life insurance commercial..

Автор 72jony1 ( назад)
I don't know why but I read this as Jurassic park natural trail Mix

Автор Esteban Martinez ( назад)
I hope they talk about the ford raptor 😂😂

Автор jorge murillo ( назад)
Will this be an Imax 3d film?

Автор Harry Strongjaw ( назад)
It's more like a Disney movie than a Nature Documentary. You f'd up
Mashable Watercooler.

I mean where are the Inception bells ? the Dark Knight Transitions ?
somber/grim music ? dark coloring ? And the annoying graphical texts ?

Автор Bosco Bear ( назад)
10/10 would see.

Автор Michael Norman ( назад)
_...clever girl_

Автор Jonny Mejicanos ( назад)
Dammit! I was expecting him to say "Welcome to Jurassic Park" at the beginning!!! 😭😂

Автор Jonny Mejicanos ( назад)
Dammit! I was expecting him to say "Welcome to Jurassic Park" at the beginning!!! 😭😂

Автор Bird is the word ( назад)
Where tf is this island, I need tickets now!

Автор Theone Sir ( назад)
Wow you made scary ass creatures sound cool and awsome

Автор Jack Harrison ( назад)
Rob Schneider in.......

Автор Calvin S ( назад)
I was kind of waiting for the raptor to kill someone

Автор Bret VanDenHeuvel ( назад)
Im here at 50 thousand

Автор Monica W ( назад)
Now all it needs it Snoop Dogg narrating!

Автор KAzooo ( назад)
They went from Indominus Rex to a Compy then a Velociraptor?

Автор Vantave ( назад)
If this were a real documentary it would be a complete joke. The scientific inaccuracies would make it impossible to be considered a "documentary"

Автор Jurassic World ( назад)
this is absolutely awesome!

Автор Wardog ( назад)
My love for JP in a nutshell

Автор TheRealZen00 ( назад)
I would watch this show.

Incidentally if you want a book that explores the same themes, read Raptor Red.

Автор Smarth 22 ( назад)
#imherebeforeitgetsviral #thathashtagwaswaytolong

Автор bonesmuscleandblood ( назад)
I think you ment to put on your title chick flick not documentary

Автор FlTlLe dtt ( назад)
I'll kill the Fuck out u

Автор Toasty 9399 ( назад)
Royalty free ukulele anyone?

Автор kreiger ( назад)
This doesn't even look like a documentary. The music and narration sounds like it's some chick flick.

Автор Dementia Demise ( назад)
I'd pay money to see it!

Автор Dwight Swampy ( назад)
what the fuck

Автор Dwight Swampy ( назад)
what the fuck

Автор blurp flurp the derp ( назад)
Lol id watch this

Автор Lebrons Hairline ( назад)
Where can I buy the season tickets?

Автор Jose Lopez ( назад)

Автор Brentsfriend ( назад)
That's awesome. I want to see the entire documentary now. No feathers on my dinosaurs, please. Thank You! :)

Автор GamerDude9004 ( назад)
I would actually watch that

Автор Jodi Hobbs1 ( назад)
In half of these scenes the raptors are killing people 😂

Автор Anubis2705 ( назад)
0:26 - but that's a Procompsognathus, not a Velociraptor.
0:30 - and that's the Indominus Rex and not a Raptor

Автор Joseph Martinez ( назад)
Not viral now but in 2 days it will

Автор drakonos79 ( назад)
"Oh 'ooh aah', that's how it all starts. Then there's running, and then screaming..." - Ian Malcolm. :D

Автор LL VG ( назад)
I approve

Автор jesse mcmurray ( назад)
the story we all live, of being born, growing up, and feasting upon the flesh of innocent men doing their job, along with the occasional corrupt business guy.

Автор Andrew M. ( назад)
this will go viral.

Автор Taglio La Barba Per Vedere Un Film ( назад)
Why this place doesn't exist?

Автор Hyde Moore ( назад)
Lol wow

Автор ryan johnson ( назад)
Maybe Disney should make a documentary about dinosaurs.

Автор Sergeant Waffles ( назад)
Couldn't even jerk it to this like wtf

Автор Van Oskuro ( назад)
Isn't this just a Walking with Dinosaurs clone?

Автор That_White_Cloud ( назад)
Like this comment if you were here before it went viral

Автор MrAirSonic ( назад)
Current views are 27,193, IB4 it goes viral xD

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