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Автор Kirsten Hoppins (22 дня)
51:55 lmfaooo!!!

Автор Shama Parveen (3 месяца)
What is that song at15:45 of the video

Автор Amber Damn (2 месяца)
Kelly rowland shes so beautiful!

Автор Lena Smith (2 месяца)
Janet, good job girl !!!!

Автор Kirsten Hoppins (22 дня)
Kitty is up in her arse . Conceited bitch. I can see she has personality
disorder like bipolar or something

Автор Lena Smith (2 месяца)
Goldie what a energy...i love you girl !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор joey cheriton (2 дня)
I think everyone came for Janet! Shes amazing!

Автор Jon Scott (4 дня)
I can't imagine a bigger idiot than Frankie Cocozza.

Автор fazal wadood (2 месяца)
For the first time i knew that Music dont need Languages janet got
sweeet voice 

Автор Audrey-Anne Guyony (1 месяц)
I got so happy when they played What Makes You Beautiful at 14:00 :) I just
flash backed to 2010, and I am really excited for this season :) I miss
Simon though :(

Автор Beth Bollig (2 месяца)
I don't quite understand how Frankie's parents can stand back stage and
laugh and clap about him having 7 girls names tatted on his a**..I could
say more but I won't. As a mom of 2 boys I just don't understand it

Автор phoenix1977 (4 месяца)
wow , george was an idiot , i think security was way to soft on him , they
should have picked him up and thrown him on the street .... hard

Автор Maria Cox (3 месяца)
I don't care for Kitty

Автор Sarah Beth (3 месяца)
ahha Nobody can be bigger than p!nk.. pffh 

Автор Tanvee125 (1 месяц)
What is the song at 15:11 ?

Автор angel19958466 (3 месяца)
I like George

Автор Josefa Jacob (1 месяц)
39:18 <3 OMG Janet <3
I would so buy her songs !! 

Автор Kailynn David (4 месяца)
Is jade singing here? 

Автор Jamela Tomawis (5 месяцев)
i thought i was the only one who saw, jae's mom, so? jae & janet devlin
are first cousin,, right?

Автор Yvonna Anderson (5 месяцев)
Am I really going to watch the entire 2011 season of the uk just to see
little mix evolve? yes. yes i am.

Автор DioLuv Sucess (3 месяца)
Wooooowwww Frankie Cocuzaaaa :oooo <.....3333333!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор Rita Malik (3 месяца)
I wish simon and Gary would judge together and it would b hilarious 

Автор michmich1962 (3 месяца)
Is there a sweeter girl than Janet Devlin ?

Автор Alyssa Lie (4 месяца)
OMG. Louis.. really… Just saying 'yes' because he's entertained.
He's always entertained!!! -.-

Автор Mirza Murtaza (3 месяца)
Janette is cute

Автор Samantha Poublanc (4 месяца)
I also loved Janet Devlin

Автор Team Axed (3 месяца)
Tulisa looks like Jennifer Lawrence

Автор Madison O (3 месяца)
The girl that was friends with George had no problem running up on stage
and being seen, but as soon as she walked off she covered her face...

Автор Grace Amanda (1 месяц)
amazing! love u voice...

Автор ricky myers (2 месяца)
He is great

Автор Gennady Berulava (2 месяца)
Ya, she is crazy)))

Автор An Anast (1 месяц)

Автор SADUS44 (4 месяца)
what a voice janet??Deep deep in my heart!!

Автор demetrio oliveira de souza (2 месяца)
What music play in time 39:25.

Автор Soul fowl (5 месяцев)
She's greek, that's why;)

Автор Oliver D. (5 месяцев)
I dont want to be racist to the girl from asia... but its tempting...

Автор Emily Kesegich (2 месяца)
lol at the cameras zooming in on the judgemental glares just because she
sat down. maybe she had to pee. 

Автор BARU TRONICA (5 месяцев)
Help me clicking on this links guys :) thanks in advance

Автор Tenambaum Bioshock (5 месяцев)
quality is a bit bad but other than that i love you 

Автор Karimah Palmer (5 месяцев)
she made me cry her voice was so amazing :') omg

Автор MrPeyo28 (2 месяца)
woOOOOWWWWWW.Janeth.....have a beautiful voice...and sweet...and

Автор Gina Renae (3 месяца)
Kitty's a good singer, but she's so full of her self.

Автор Aisha Khan (4 месяца)
I miss simon!!

Автор baoman liu (4 месяца)
Janet <3

Автор vasilas ionut (1 месяц)

Автор Chikka Cole (3 месяца)

Автор Teresa Faulkner (5 месяцев)

Автор E1819 (4 месяца)
Did they all smoke some crack before that Hong Kong lady came out on stage
that was awful! 33:10

Автор rose khoa (3 месяца)
Why they treated the poor guy who sang the dong called give me everthing
tonight , people make mistake

Автор Trung Nguyễn (1 год)

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