X Factor UK - Season 8 (2011) - Episode 01 - Audition at London and Birmingham

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Автор Janmark Evan Rivera ( назад)
Tulisa Constavlos <3

Автор Kawaii Psycho69 ( назад)
So Wendy why are you here?
cus its Windy today
that joke was horrible i will go now

Автор Haleemah Khan ( назад)
Love Dermot at 54.44

Автор Troy Jervis ( назад)
B time

Автор Mckelsey Barron ( назад)
bruh i lovw kelly rowland

Автор Kyle Reid ( назад)
Janet was so awesome!

Автор Jana Al-ghanim ( назад)
How is whatching in 2016

Автор jennifer coker ( назад)
Gary is right the ones he said no to the terrible

Автор jennifer coker ( назад)
Some of them can do better

Автор jennifer coker ( назад)
Go Kelly rowland

Автор Ailee Grim ( назад)

Автор Ailee Grim ( назад)
The background song is from 1D!! Yeahhhh

Автор Ailee Grim ( назад)
Is it just me or its just gary is like simon???

Автор shanzay Shane ( назад)
Yall know that one direction is playing as the. background music?

Автор Amanda C ( назад)
I don't think Kitty shouldn't have been put through for her own good, she
has already let the yes go to her head. I don't like seeing people like
that get what so many humble people want and have just as much if not more
talent never get.

Автор Marielle ( назад)
tulisa is soooooooo pretty

Автор Broken Doll ( назад)
They just suck without Simon.

Автор JDtheDrunk ( назад)
Tulisa, nobody outside the UK knows who the fuck you are. Check your ego

Автор Pretty Pretty Voldie ( назад)
George started off well, and then the train derailed once again.

Автор Whit3Flow3r ( назад)
Janet was ughsjrkt so cute I just cant

Автор Sarah W ( назад)
Kelly Rowland gets on my nerves so bad and I don't know why

Автор Dini Asta ( назад)

And Kitty. My favourite is Janet. :)
Kitty can't really sing, she just shouts. Janet on the other hand doesn't
scream or shout or overuse the vibration-thing. She just sings and it's
good. Kitty knows her lack of talent that's why she tries to stick out from
the crowd so desperately.

Автор Snugle Wumps ( назад)
Georges eyebrows are nicer then mine

Автор Danait Kelati ( назад)
B equals time

Автор Lucy Zheng ( назад)
Tulisa is very matured. She doesn't scream those dirty words. Even she was
in danger or insulted. What is that guy? Is that a rubbish? or trash? I've
never seen any guys like that THING in the screen which has no value or
meaning to live.

Автор Dalia Sumrain ( назад)
Tulisa reminds of Katniss from the hunger games

Автор Janelle Pellew ( назад)
Wdf is a full time mum.....i didn't know u could be a mum part time!!!??

Автор Dylan Sykes ( назад)

Автор Apoorva Apoorva ( назад)
Janet is lovely & such amazing voice!!!!

Автор Diego Kalid ( назад)

Автор hager ahmed ( назад)
that Janet girl though 😍😍

Автор Hedda Johannesson ( назад)
I miss Simon so MUCH!!!

Автор Hedda Johannesson ( назад)
I know right, Frankie was really not that good

Автор Olivia Thomas ( назад)
Gary, I thought you were supposed to be harsh? I still like you, but you
disappointed me with letting Frankie through!

Автор BoojAuggy Doods ( назад)
At the start all the judges were wearing sunglasses except from Gary Barlow
(in the helicopter)!

Автор Jordan Grindle ( назад)
when i started this epiode i was cringing so hard

Автор Breanna Siner ( назад)
its time

Автор xXSwiGXx Playz ( назад)
Stopped watching @ 30:50

Автор xXSwiGXx Playz ( назад)
*Warning To all Headphone users Ellen Cant Sing*
I was a victim x.x

Автор Molly X ( назад)

Автор Molly X ( назад)
Gary is so hard on people

Автор Molly X ( назад)
Frankie wasn't good at all and kitty's voice was edited at the start-
olly(murs) &caroline(flack) said so and its obvious

Автор princess qali ( назад)
Janet it's really good singer the song she sing it so amazing and it's
suite her sounds

Автор Karmen Carmen (971 год назад)
George has a tattoo of George

Автор Dahlia Roe ( назад)
Am I the only one who thought Frankie looked kind of like Harry Styles?!

Автор Lola Bur ( назад)
Frankie wouldnt have made it if Simon were there

Автор Shilo Wyatt ( назад)
I freaking love Dermot!! I feel like he has to put up with so much shit and
he just rolls with the punches. When someone is horrible he doesn't laugh
or make them feel horrible. When they are being disrespectful he puts them
in their place, and I feel like he doesn't get enough love!!

Автор lbdpatch9 (1325 лет назад)
I don't know her name...but the 1st performer from Birmingham....hahaha I'm

Автор EDROXMISOX ( назад)
I always tear up when I listen to Janet's vocals. Just...unbelievable. I
wonder if she did any albums after this.

Автор Nayeli ( назад)
does anyone know where I can find anamelia silva's full audition I can't
find it

Автор Rose Purplewood ( назад)
Gary is the new simon 😂

Автор Christina Renee ( назад)

Автор David Guerra ( назад)

Автор Zavia McCartan ( назад)
Is it just me or do kitty's eyebrows look a bit weird? No hate

Автор Salome Liparteliani ( назад)
I love Janet, she's one of my favourite auditions of all time

Автор Salome Liparteliani ( назад)
Gary nooooooooooooo, but man he's right

Автор WestJeff Shipping ( назад)
how did Loui not remember Janet from when she was 14 an auditioned?? she
pretended to be 16 and got yeses from him and simon and talusa but she told
them she couldnt go thru because she was only 14......

Автор Emily Burchfield ( назад)
I'm 22 minutes in and they have already put threw 2 people I absolutely
can't stand... I feel like Simon right now. "It's a NO from me." LOL

Автор EHGame Reviewer HD ( назад)
I hate X Factor.

Автор Jon Krantz ( назад)
Janet is amazing!

Автор Louie Aboloc ( назад)
This is my first time that i watch X Factor U.K.

Автор Johanna Jepsen ( назад)
Little Mix? Anyone else..? No....
Bye then...-_-

Автор Barry King (272 года назад)
kitty was my favourite one I liked her singinh

Автор josephine vargas (1329 лет назад)
Janet is so talented it hurts

Автор lucky khan ( назад)
new song comg up

Автор Ricardo De Paiva ( назад)
i LOVE Kitty!!!

Автор Jeesus on Herra. ( назад)
10:47 tattoos sucks! Jesus Christ really loves u amen 'n God Bless:D

Автор PASCALINE CHIDI ( назад)
i hate chinese woman shes sòooooo weird anf uncomftorbale

Автор sunshine sunshine ( назад)
if I was one the judges I would have slap the f*ck out of george because
that's not a way to talk to someone that's older than you I mean come on if
your mad just listen to what they have to say and then walk of the stage
it's just that simple.

Автор frantasuggs93 ( назад)

Автор frantasuggs93 ( назад)

Автор frantasuggs93 ( назад)

Автор Aksel Nezar ( назад)
I srsly don't know if the quality of this video isn't good, or judges were
deaf lol but I think the 1st one and 2nd one was bad.

Автор Pika Katii (1065 лет назад)
frankie probably has a sexual transmited disies

Автор Pika Katii (1141 год назад)
oml that goerge guy is crazy

Автор ‫علم النفس والاجتماع‬‎ ( назад)
i wish frankie was tulisa when he showed his ass 🍑

Автор B Mornailla ( назад)
Annyira gyengék a pasik, h ennek is örülni kell.

Автор Obaid Ahmed ( назад)
Very Nice!from the heart of Ms.Jovie Rumusud

Автор Molly 663™ ( назад)
Omg!! There all there. Singing is my dream! My passion!
And then that guy is there I want sleep with as many woman as

Автор FifI DawG ( назад)
Why are these comments hate comments? I think people should just close
their mouth and just watch like I'm about to do now!

Автор Tasia Boldyreva ( назад)
45:08 "can't stop poopin' can-can't stop poopin'"

Автор lea ward ( назад)
I hate Frankie I'm not trying to be rude but seriously

Автор lea ward ( назад)
Isn't this the only one without Simon

Автор spacemanandy2 ( назад)
Love how this show uses Two Steps From Hell as background :3

Автор Brianna Rubio ( назад)
Please don't tell me I'm the only one who LOVES FRANKIE!! Like obsessed

Oh I am oh

I also love Taylor Lautner....That should sweenten the deal😁

Автор Sofie_dreamy ( назад)
Janet reminds me so much of Beth Greene from The Walking Dead

Автор MrSiddiqwira ( назад)
Unfortunately for George he still a clown in 2011 just like what he is back
in 2008

Автор Fariha Tabassum ( назад)
Tulisa is so pretty.

Автор Dillon Reid ( назад)
Damn that girl Janet was the cutest thing ever and her voice is fantastic
like I can't even handle it

Автор Dillon Reid ( назад)
Lmfaooooo when they were voting on Goldie Gary was like I'm thinking about
the future--absolutely not 😂😂 and Tulisa was like how could you!? Hahaha

Автор Kris sar ( назад)
Tulisa reminds me of my teacher. They are both pretty but scary af but
still nice xD

Автор Rachel Hophes ( назад)
does anyone know what song is 5:51- 5:53 ?

Автор Maddy Lodge ( назад)
what did George call Tulsa ??

Автор Olympia Cota ( назад)
What is the song at 15:13

Автор twity2014 ( назад)
B time

Автор Snxd ( назад)

Автор anicetune ( назад)
This was by far the worst series of the The X Factor.

Автор Yeshu ( назад)
Tulisa is a whore. Why is she judging?

Автор Kashif Najam ( назад)
she is very cute <3

Автор Dawsen Omodt ( назад)
that guy that swore he was really good at singing

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