X Factor UK - Season 8 (2011) - Episode 01 - Audition at London and Birmingham

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Автор Lia Horan (1 месяц)
Where ils Simon Cowell ?! C'est quoi sa , il est ou Simon

Автор Ivana Simic (2 месяца)
where is simon?? There is no point and fun without SImon #where_is_simon 

Автор Mina Song (4 месяца)
just asking, wtf is wrong with the judges? WHY DID THEY SAY YES TO GOLDIE,

Автор jennifer nguyen (2 месяца)
A women put hair spray in her pants ? 

Автор Evelyn Morris (2 месяца)
Tulisa looks so much like Jennifer Lawrence!

Автор gaming panda (2 месяца)
When the girl from Hong Kong was auditioning her friend backstage was
clapping while nobody else was and I thought it was funny when the kid
nudged her arm.😂😂😂

Автор Nathanielle Crawford (3 дня)
I'm sure I'm not the only one who likes to watch the rejects pretty
exclusively. But I can't deny that feeling it gives me when I see someone
get four yesses. It really makes the hard day ahead of working at a
thankless job so I can pay the rent to a land lady that doesn't give a damn
about me much easier to deal with.

Автор ForeverDirectioner34 (10 дней)
Janet is so pretty.

Автор Pierrek31 (13 дней)
Hearing Tulsa say "I worked my butt off to get here"............ I can
only thank God that she did NOT work her butt off! heh.........

Автор Vilma Preibiene (13 дней)
Lol that asian haha

Автор Captain Bassist (17 дней)
Anyone else think the X Factor theme kinda sounds like the Saw theme? Or am
i just crazy

Автор EliZabEth BeCkEr (3 месяца)
at 14:35 is it just me or do you hear the back song which happens to be one
direction and its funny to me b/c it was only last season they got together
and already they have their song on this season.

Автор MegaKrage (20 дней)
a lot of these people do it for the fame and not the music. its so annoying

Автор Corinna Grace B (21 день)
I literally screamed LITTLE MIX at 3:42

Автор Mychaela Jade (4 месяца)
I feel like the only American that watches it and loves it... :[

Автор Kelly Buddafly (22 дня)
15:13 song?

Автор Janet Conover (23 дня)
Why can't I find season 9 anywhere??? I want to watch badly~~

Автор shai shemesh (27 дней)
Tulisa is so hot love her!!!!

Автор Nathanielle Crawford (3 дня)
07:42 if you don't need to reminded sixty-two times what the X-factor is
about and who the judges are.

Автор Mina Song (4 месяца)
I LOVE JANET! She's so pretty and sweet (:

Автор irina martinez (4 месяца)
I'm weirdly attracted to Frankie :) so cute 

Автор Mary Fite (1 месяц)
I love how my girls aren't even that big or loved until a few live shows in
and with my boy the year before weren't even really known until they became
one direction like the judges must be great at making bands 

Автор Shandell Hamilton (1 месяц)

Автор gissel navarrete (1 месяц)
When I first saw kitty I was just kinda annoyed at the fact that she was
"showing off" and just trying to look good, but then I heard her sing! If I
were her id show off too.. But I still kinda don't like how she is, idk
maybe it's just me 

Автор some1ukno (1 месяц)
Lol 29:17 Asian lady just claps non stop, while everyone awkwardly
smiles....little Asian kid dies of embarrassment and karate poke lady with

Автор Anja Kranjčević (1 месяц)
I love Louis <333

Автор Kelly Buddafly (22 дня)
17:18 song?

Автор Jonas Braun (1 месяц)
Ich denke, es ist sehr gut

Автор Shae (1 месяц)
Janet looks like lorde. But 10 times better

Автор Genesis Stone (1 месяц)
Everyll! 😍16:16

Автор eligah parham (1 месяц)
i wish i could go there

Автор Katherine Chen (1 месяц)
Such a sweetie. Ur awesome Janet. 

Автор Sterling Moon (1 месяц)
I miss Simon Cowell..

Автор MoneyCrewEnterprise (1 месяц)
There always has to be one person trynna be a Simon wannabe lol

Автор Galis Salinas (2 месяца)
The first dude thoe xD 

Автор momopies12 (2 месяца)
Omg I love Goldie. ♥ She can sing she's a good alto, but with her accent
and everything her voice works better in her native tongue.

Автор Abraar Alex (2 месяца)
Janet is so so so so cuteeee I love her

Автор xSayMataLoL (2 месяца)
song at 19:19?? please!

Автор Elizabeth Nicholls (2 месяца)
is it me or does janet sound like ellie goulding?

Автор iCuppucino (2 месяца)
whta is the song that they play everytime a person gets through?

Автор Kirsten Hoppins (5 месяцев)
Kitty is up in her arse . Conceited bitch. I can see she has personality
disorder like bipolar or something

Автор larry shipper (2 месяца)
that ended fast

Автор Kelly Buddafly (22 дня)
4:11 song?

Автор Antichrist2000 (2 месяца)
You know I get the feeling George was just there to troll the panel and
talk trash to them. There is no way he isn't aware that he has no singing

Автор Joanne2270 (2 месяца)
Does anyone else think that Janet kinda reminds you of Taylor?

Автор Emilia Unau Valdes (2 месяца)

Автор Imene Moueddene (2 месяца)
lmfao goldie haha

Автор Justine Pedregosa (2 месяца)
The last guy was so immature. 

Автор hannah_person (2 месяца)
I love Janet!

Автор Dakota Hogeback (2 месяца)
kitty waz pretty

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