X Factor UK - Season 8 (2011) - Episode 01 - Audition at London and Birmingham

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Автор Ron Bouwman ( назад)
In fact, all losers, you didn't show anything. Only negative repost.
Frankie win!

Автор Ron Bouwman ( назад)
Frankie show his bum, sing a good song and entertained the public. You

Автор Ron Bouwman ( назад)
Frankie is super!

Автор lea ward ( назад)
I hate Frankie I'm not trying to be rude but seriously

Автор lea ward ( назад)
Isn't this the only one without Simon

Автор spacemanandy2 ( назад)
Love how this show uses Two Steps From Hell as background :3

Автор Brianna Rubio ( назад)
Please don't tell me I'm the only one who LOVES FRANKIE!! Like obsessed

Oh I am oh

I also love Taylor Lautner....That should sweenten the deal😁

Автор Sofie_dreamy ( назад)
Janet reminds me so much of Beth Greene from The Walking Dead

Автор MrSiddiqwira ( назад)
Unfortunately for George he still a clown in 2011 just like what he is back
in 2008

Автор Fariha Tabassum ( назад)
Tulisa is so pretty.

Автор Dillon Reid ( назад)
Damn that girl Janet was the cutest thing ever and her voice is fantastic
like I can't even handle it

Автор Dillon Reid ( назад)
Lmfaooooo when they were voting on Goldie Gary was like I'm thinking about
the future--absolutely not 😂😂 and Tulisa was like how could you!? Hahaha

Автор Kris sar ( назад)
Tulisa reminds me of my teacher. They are both pretty but scary af but
still nice xD

Автор Rachel Hophes ( назад)
does anyone know what song is 5:51- 5:53 ?

Автор Maddy Lodge ( назад)
what did George call Tulsa ??

Автор Olympia Cota ( назад)
What is the song at 15:13

Автор twity2014 ( назад)
B time

Автор baymax ( назад)

Автор anicetune ( назад)
This was by far the worst series of the The X Factor.

Автор Yeshu ( назад)
Tulisa is a whore. Why is she judging?

Автор Kashif Najam ( назад)
she is very cute <3

Автор Dawsen Omodt ( назад)
that guy that swore he was really good at singing

Автор CMN 101 ( назад)
You have to be flipping kidding me Frankie can not sing a word in tune they
probably only let him through because they liked his personality!!

Автор max jacobs ( назад)
Ellen though 😂

Автор Leo paez ( назад)
as the song is called the 40:00 minute

Автор Allyson Alejandra Stuardo Monsalve ( назад)
14:02 what makes you beautiful de one direction que genial

Автор Ally Vargas ( назад)
My queens were created this season yasss

Автор .AndreaRyanKills “KillerPerfectionist” ANdré ( назад)
heshima on x factor 2009 <3

Автор David Walker (1752 года назад)
I bet kitteys farts smell horrible!!!!!!!!

Автор Cheeky Kent ( назад)
LOL @ 20:00 girls' like "bitch plz"

Автор Elodie Lemont ( назад)
The last boy was super rude

Автор Lillie xxx ( назад)

Автор Senior Steffan (1035 лет назад)
How is this not copyright infringement? It's not under commentary,
criticism or review. You're directly uploading someone's else's work, is
this video not monetised?

Автор Option42B (748 лет назад)
29:18 lmfao,..

Автор Triona Igoe ( назад)
When Louis kept calling Franky cheeky, was that a pun because he has girls
names on his bum cheeks? 

Автор AradiceSatur ( назад)
They are really pretty lady's in England, I want to marry one some day.

Автор Kawaii Clay ( назад)
Kitty is making me cringe. She comes off so conceited and she says that
she's speechless but she can't stop talking... Like girl. Girl. STAHP. She
can sing but her personality doesn't really appeal to me...

Автор Mr. Ryan Minnick ( назад)
Frankie seems like a douche is the problem

Автор ReekoChet ( назад)
That first singer kid is an IDIOT!!! Hahaha...dumbass

Автор Lucy Baker ( назад)
Honestly I thought Frankie wasn't good at all.

Автор StarfruitDottedBubbl ( назад)
Did anyone notice the crowd was a little rude to kitty?

Автор Kiki Otaku ( назад)
Frankie looks like Niall Horan from one Direction 

Автор aspenrebel ( назад)
At Goldie, Gary Barlow is so uptight, that if you shoved a lump of coal up
his ass, and came back in a month, you'd find a diamond!!

Автор Michael Krueger ( назад)
Was it just me or is that lady that wanted to be a Britney Spears looks
like one of the girls off the Singing Souls on Britain's Got Talent 2009?
I think she looks like her.

Автор sheina peacock ( назад)

Автор sheina peacock ( назад)
Francis has probably gotten like five girls pregnant. 😪

Автор Pinky Malin ( назад)
Wow.. Kitty looks older than she is, she looks 32 to me. 

Автор You Are Beautiful ( назад)
Did anyone else burst into tears after Janette's audition? 

Автор tiger tra ( назад)

Автор almog109 ( назад)
I want that judging panel back! :(
I love Simon, but he was good on America with Demi :)

Автор young Yonis ( назад)
just yes for me :D 

Автор Reem Abdulhussein ( назад)
I really like Janet and she's so pretty!

Автор Reem Abdulhussein ( назад)
At 5:30 during Louis's intro and when we saw Cher Lloyd and Matt and One
Direction I got sooo happy:)

Автор Fuzzzy Bear ( назад)
is that ollie judge or whatever

Автор CIn flor ( назад)
who is that wannabe Simon?? 

Автор Lupe Bear ( назад)
the girl from ireland sang the song one direction sang at the x factor the
year before omg i like how she sang it

Автор Kimberly Jara ( назад)
What's that song at 47:12?

Автор Jessica Gao ( назад)

Автор It's just Zo ( назад)
I'm baffled why that Frankie got so far yeah he's a cheeky chap but his
voice is like so many others in the chart. He's not got a voice you'd
immediately recognise if u heard him on the radio 

Автор Shade Star ( назад)
Fuck off George. We've had enough of your bullshit!

Автор I Like Food And Rainbows And Stuff ( назад)
Kitty is talented but she's WAAAAAAAY too up her own ass.

Автор I Like Food And Rainbows And Stuff ( назад)
Frankie said he had seven girls' names tattooed on his ass.....well that's
enough internet for today.

Автор LGBMAFIA ( назад)

Автор Nhật Cường Lê ( назад)
hey everybody, who know the name of the background song in the end of the
video? please let me know, i have tried to find that song for a long time.
thank u all

Автор Amanda Nowak ( назад)
Kitty had a nice voice but she was WAYY too into herself at the end of her
audition. Like signing autographs, seriously? 

Автор Candice Michelle ( назад)
This might be a stupid question but what did that tool bag George call
Tulisa? The C word? 

Автор roxan cantres ( назад)
16:16 Everyll ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Автор Lina Jybyb ( назад)

Автор Ana Estrela ( назад)
that shitty frankie with such a tiny poor little voice...nobody ever eard
of him. I wonder why?....cause he just hasn't got it...He so wanted to be
famous, have cars, have girls...guess the only thing he didn't want to be
was a singer... xD

Автор Hilary Benoit ( назад)
Lol.. Gary is like this years Simon Cowell!! 

Автор Laura Morais ( назад)
Major respect to the host for telling him to watch his mouth at 54:43

Автор Laura Morais ( назад)
Kitty REALLY makes me cringe/crease. She's so conceited

Автор Amanda Greenan ( назад)
Look how mad Kelly gets at Frankie when he says he'll put her name on his
butt if she pays for it, Tulisa laughs!! lol

Автор juststraightup ( назад)
Janet <3

Автор Jayden La'Shay ( назад)
Does anyone know the name of the Kelly Rowland song at 3:24 ???

Автор rodrigo sebastian ( назад)
I. Wow that girl from Ireland is amazing!

Автор Dark angle ( назад)
i dont know why but i love this bloody show,

Автор Nicky Garvey ( назад)
2:37 Louis lmao. That's ironic 

Автор Daniel Donoso ( назад)
Check out this video on YouTube:

Автор Iloveminions:) ( назад)
I can't be the only one who thinks Tulisa looks like Jennifer Lawrence! 

Автор pretty princess ( назад)
what's the song called at 40:38?

Автор gabi HALLOO ( назад)
And.. I really loved Goldie! 

Автор gabi HALLOO ( назад)
Kitty...honey, it's almost 2015 and your not famous. Neither are you

Автор Thsoholste ( назад)
I follow and love X Factor UK from the first season and i've always
appreciated the changes from year to year. But now I really really miss the
previous panels of judges, not only Simon (who is irreplaceable, especially
by Gary), but also Sharon and Cheryl..
I like Gary, Kelly and Tulisa but it's no more the same thing, the same
But i keep followin it i love so much this show :D

ah! also love so much louis <3

Автор Luca D ( назад)
54:15 Oh yeah, 21st century. Women are fighting and men just sit there and
watch... :-)

Автор Charlie Sopptur ( назад)
if they say their great they sucks! ding dong;)

Автор Megan Suarez ( назад)
Does anyone know the 2nd song that's played after Tulisa is introduced?

Автор TheMaleka1 ( назад)
Just love your show, & giving these ordinary people the opportunity to
become stars is truly a blessing to them, & all the people. If you can
change one person in this world for the better, you have done a wonderful
job. Thank you X Factor :)

Автор joarez correia da silva ( назад)
Muito bom 

Автор don't Matter ( назад)
ok something tell me that Chinese woman was confuse she probably belong in
a strip club instead

Автор Mr11ESSE111 ( назад)
PSY will be good judge too!! at least he had worldwide hit song and he
slaps last year all western singers easily with Gangnam style!! while
Tulisa and Kelly have boring techno&rap boring songs ., They have good
vocals but their songs are simply to boring and just one of many new boring
songs of this days

Автор Isaac Hines ( назад)
Confidence is good, but not to the point that it becomes arrogance. 

Автор Stoney Lonsome ( назад)
Wow, Blown away by that girl from Ireland. 

Автор ferrovic ( назад)
seriously now, is it me or kelly is just so damn hot that giant drums of
war in meare being hit with huge tree bodies every time she speaks or
smiles or dances like that, my goodness, she just blows my mind so fuckin

Автор zaret lopez ( назад)
ha juwyuy ijre lhto ie jes

Автор sharon crystal ( назад)
Janet 38:30 is so pretty she is like a little fairy 😱

Автор Caroline Fleming ( назад)

Автор Anonymous Girl ( назад)
Wendy Davis..Didn't she audition in birtians got talent with 2 other girls?

Автор matthew madalone ( назад)
umm Janet Devlin was ok but not this awesome voice they claimed. 

Автор TreasureOne ( назад)
"I don't know why my grandchildren would be looking at my bum." BWAhahahaha

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