I AM SO SORRY. I uploaded this with copyrighted music (ooh im a bad girl), and had to re-upload! So sorry you guys couldn't watch or hear audio. Please forgive me! Lesson learned, YouTube, lesson learned. Anyways! Don't do this at home, kids. Thumbs up for not burning down my apartment! Woo! Hope my landlord doesn't see this... Follow my other social medias below to see more fire (;
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Thank you, you awkwito taquitos.


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Автор Lars Mehrmann ( назад)
You use iMovie??? :0

Автор Bentoonie ( назад)
This video was doughpe

6:34 did you really just do that?

Автор Miami Sparks ( назад)
oml, I cant say how many puns r in here but I don't even care. Liza ur

Автор Elaine Carr ( назад)
I've acted like her all my life! everybody always thought something was
really worng with me? but she's funny in my opinion,and apparently 6
million plus others think so too!?! and I just got my ass kicked everyday
for twenty something yrs!!

Автор Sara Matienzo ( назад)
lize is a very good at her job. and I love your voice

Автор Summer Clowes ( назад)
Look at the length of the vid Coincidence????

Автор keenan howell ( назад)
omg this is the hardest I have ever laughed

Автор Diandra Aulia ( назад)
Dammit!"Today we're cooking with Pizz@."Hahahha

Автор juris beltran ( назад)
How to basic much? XD

Автор PugicornRainbow ( назад)
any wassabians Dancing at 6:06?

Автор ASHAI Hawach ( назад)

Автор WM19 ( назад)
4:39 your Vincent Van Dough... get it because dough... I'll just shut up

Автор Danielle G ( назад)
i love how this video is 9:11 minutes long... as in call 911.....

Автор Molly and Zoey ( назад)
you should bake your own pie i ant to see how interesting that can get

Автор Mymy J ( назад)
Hey lizza u should totally bake a weird cake then make David eat it

Автор Wiz Pig ( назад)
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Автор Annie Horen ( назад)
Lead or lead?
Data or data?
Syrup or syrup?

Автор Maude Bédard ( назад)
Alert! This thing is not a pizza! and its why you NEED to eat it!

Автор Jasna Komic ( назад)
My brother is soooooo mean to you im soooo sorry but i love you

Автор _FOREVER_PIGELETS _ ( назад)
Liza nope not pizza

Автор Ava The Assassin ( назад)
The meat dance kills me every time. XD

Автор Mikey_1316 ( назад)
It's always good when a YouTube has more than a million subs and gets more
views than subs...

Автор Mikey_1316 ( назад)
I like how when she called dominoes they put her on hold but she continued
to talk

Автор Kawaii Potato ( назад)

Автор Jessi Solorio ( назад)
Pizza is so funny. How did she not burn anything down.🍕

Автор Pinacolada 5678 ( назад)
Has no one noticed how the video is 9 minutes 11 seconds long (maybe it's a
sign that she should call 911 before making any more fires)

Автор Mackieplays Minecraft ( назад)
What is the song that she played well she put the meat on the pizza

Автор poofy poofy ( назад)
I think your puns are funny 😂

Автор Skirbblez ( назад)
Oh don't cry over spilt Milk hehe so many dairy puns

Автор Skirbblez ( назад)
Oh how you may think your jokes are quite cheesey but I think you can do
chedder than that. Well that one was pretty gooda but you know how I love
cheesey puns dairy much.

Автор Fralex Mat ( назад)

Автор Samuel Grant ( назад)

Автор Colors of the Galaxy ( назад)
When she called Domino's at 0:40 The man the phone said "thank you for
calling Dominos please hold." ........ you can't fool me

Автор Khadija Ngodah ( назад)
shes smoking cheese

Автор CJ Candice ( назад)
finally got it right pizza come on

Автор CJ Candice ( назад)
I mean Liza

Автор CJ Candice ( назад)
I mean Pizza

Автор CJ Candice ( назад)
I mean Pizza

Автор CJ Candice ( назад)
Pizza I love your YouTube channel

Автор Harcrade S ( назад)
i used to think lily over did it..

Автор jordana Meddings ( назад)
Wow so cool i tried doing a groceries shopping with Jordana but it didn't

Автор Kawaii Alpaca Artist ( назад)
This reminded me of a How to Basic video because of how crazy the pizza

Автор MR melodyrocks ( назад)

Автор michelle tank ( назад)
i loved the cookies she made I loved the milk chocolate in it cause she's

Автор Ana Vujović ( назад)
Who says "Yea" every time when video starts and Liza's face get on the

Автор Samantha Tonks ( назад)
Pizza 🍕😂

Автор Bethany Dean ( назад)
I watch this and think of the pizza challenge


Автор Katie Scott ( назад)
Pizza 🍕 no pizza no pizza 🍕 no pizza LIZZA oh it works in caps lock 🔐

Автор Alba Kluyver Rodriguez ( назад)
That was sorta a waist of dead animals but I love you lizaaaaaa

Автор Haley Meismer ( назад)
I actually went to add her on Snapchat and her name auto corrected to pizza

Автор Laura Cotta ( назад)
Love your vids

Автор Zo The Befringed ( назад)
4 20... David

Автор AngelCatsMSP ( назад)
When she had the hotdogs im like welp shes playing with dicks

Автор Remy Pixel ( назад)
Love you pizza!

Автор Angel Pinkney ( назад)
that doh is not handmade

Автор PewpewKnight ( назад)
Heeyyy pizza I love you're videos!

Автор Adilene Ladinos ( назад)

Автор Adilene Ladinos ( назад)

Автор cristiano r silva ( назад)
U make me laugh a lot💙💙😂😂

Автор cristiano r silva ( назад)
I love you sooooooooooo much ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😀😀😀😄😄😄😄

Автор DarkHeartKing ( назад)
She didn't cook it


Автор Toms Laugalis ( назад)
Who else noticed the 911 the video length hahahahahaha

Автор Pahla Schoenfeld ( назад)

Автор Aka Me ( назад)
Dominos sucks

Автор Vickey Wang ( назад)
stop at 8:25 its really worth your time doing this

Автор Kawaii Cupcake ( назад)
UR SO FREAKIN' FUNNY! btw that on the phone was david not "dominos pizza"
like if u agree

Автор Takama Fairy ( назад)
haha 😂😂so cool

Автор orange 192083 ( назад)
I just love pizzas videos. They are just so punny! That Liza also looked
delicious as well.

Автор Zach Vander schuur ( назад)
Omg she is so funny!!!!

Автор Mister Narwals ( назад)
Did anyone else type Liza to see if it autocorrect to pizza?
I feel bad for you pizza

Автор It's Me Lucy ( назад)
I have to stop. It's 1:44am, I've been binging Pizza, dang it. Lizza's
videos for 3+ hours. And I need to get up really early tomorrow, or today.

Автор Samela Balazi ( назад)
that "u crazy motha***" song reminds me of lost pause😂

Автор lakkakka ( назад)
I would have tried that pizza if she didn't put on those bellpeppers, the
chicken, and that cob of corn.

Автор uhavemooface ( назад)
No crying over spilled onions. Ha ha ha I know this sentence wasn't funny.

Автор Humans-areweird ( назад)
Why is no one talking about how this video is full of fire and the run time
is 9:11

Автор Flower_Poser16 1 ( назад)
Lol I don't wanna ruin the video but am I the only one hole noticed that
the salsa WAS actually tomatoes sauce

Автор now watch me whip sike yaah ( назад)

Автор Phil Eman ( назад)
This made me subscribe your welcome I love your puns

Автор Geeky Cookiez ( назад)
Pizza is so punny 😂 I mean pizza wait..... DAMN AUTO CORRECT

Автор Hero of a Villain ( назад)

Автор Puppy lover Lol girl ( назад)
Does any one hate whenever your parents say bed time and you just started
to watch Liza's funniest video

Автор Little Avery ( назад)
I love it when she says coming achoo. How about just do it.

Автор Katelyn Kiker ( назад)
Did anyone notice that she was baking her Pizza in the dishwasher

Автор Taffy Unicorn ( назад)
This is me every day

Автор Jeb Rainbow Sheep ( назад)
when the video length is 9:11

Автор Jojoimena ( назад)
Who else noticed that the video was 9:11 minutes long??

Автор Parker Morrison (Elsasgamersvideos) ( назад)

Автор Oswaldo Villegad ( назад)
Oh and can you make A cake

Автор Oswaldo Villegad ( назад)
😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 I love your videos

Автор Stephanie Davis ( назад)

Автор Abigail Rodriguez ( назад)
At 2:35 im cracking up 😂😂😂😂

Автор Laurana Lamb ( назад)
i love u so much and ur cheesey/cornny puns

Автор Vanessa Caballero ( назад)
Can u do another cooking with LIZZA please

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