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Автор atensari (5 лет)
Prevailing Democracy means Government of the People, by the People for the
People. Human are making laws against teaching of Islam i.e. gay & lesbians
marriages, per marital sex allowed, drinking & gambling are permitted, bank
interests is business etc. Muslims are telling this since 1400 years, what
extraordinary you have done. They will definitely mind if you have dare ask
them Democracy, Secularism & Capitalism is against Islam, whenever we got
the opportunity we will stop these practices

Автор atensari (5 лет)
Did Hazrat Uzair & Mussa (AS) preached Judaism? Are actuall Zaboor & Toorat
Books of Judaism? Did Judism ever being religion of Allah Is "in
CHARACTER/AVATER" is Islamic belief (in-fact it is Hindu & Roman theory)
Where did I say Allah gave new life to Jesus? What I said, your false
Prophet declared Hazrat Essa (AS) is dead, so he can fill his place. Even
if He is dead, is it impossible for Allah to give second life to Essa (AS)?
Essa (AS) is dead or not, GA Kazzab is not Masee

Автор atensari (5 лет)
What did Muhammad (SAW) told his Companions about his experience?

Автор Ahmadiyya Islam (5 лет)
@Qasimcheema42 The Imam of that Jinaza prayer was a staunch enemy of
Ahmadiyyat and a rejecter of Hadhrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (as) who we
consider to be the Imam sent by Allah in this age. How could Sir Zafarullah
Khan say prayer behind such an "imam" who had rejected an Imam who we
consider to be from God.

Автор Ahmadiyya Islam (3 года)
@KhudaiFaugdarr Have you ever wondered yourself why all these 72 sects
(despite extreme differences amongst themselves) are "united against this
one Jamaat? It was destined to happen because of the prophecy of the Holy
Prophet (pbuh) in which he foretold us that Muslims would be divided into
73 sects, and that 72 had to be on one side (all being on the wrong path)
in the following of Jews at the time of Jesus while only one sect (JAMAAT)
had to be on the right path.

Автор atensari (5 лет)
I know what Quran & Muhammad (SAW) said about Quran, 1400 years old
authentic reference are save & sound. Muhammad (SAW) also wrote letters to
the Empires of that era, who respected his message are treated
respectfully, who torn his letter, his states are torn in peace by Muslims.
Do not propagate you NOORA KUSHTI with queen

Автор atensari (5 лет)
I did not said Jews were authority, I am just asking a valid reason, how
come Jews let Hazrat Essa (AS) survived on cross, later he was treated &
healed, Jew did not know that. This does not make any sense. Bible actually
endorsed Quran Majjed 4:157 youtube . com / watch?v=d5nSt8-bZKs @ 5:00, one
of this followers face made like Essa (AS) he was captured & Crucified. I
quoted 16:4 two times, you did not bother to explain, did this verse cover
Hazrat Essa (AS)?

Автор naeemtahir000 (4 года)
@IslamAhmadiya i have told you in surah Alnisah 4:157/158 Allah says"aur un
k khne per k ham ne masseh inbe maryam Allah k rasool ko shaheed kia aur ye
hai k unhon ne na usse qatal kia aur na suuli di balke un ki shabeeh ka aik
bana dia gaya..........aur beshak unhon ne usko qatal nahi kia balke Allah
ne apni taraf utha lia aur Allah ghalib hikmat wala hai"4:157/158 agar abh
bhi tum log inkaar karo to Allah hi tumhein samjha sakta hai

Автор Ahmadiyya Islam (4 года)
@naeemtahir000 Anybody can take things out of context from any book (even
Quran) to give their own twisted interpretations. Anyway, in one
hadith-e-Qudsi, Allah (mighty and sublime be He) will say on the Day of
Resurrection: "O son of Adam, I fell ill and you visited Me not...I asked
you for food and you fed Me not...I asked you to give Me to drink and you
gave Me not to drink..." So what do you have to say about this? Read the
writings of Promised Messiah honestly and see the wisdom!

Автор Farhan Ejaz (5 лет)
you dumb! ignorance has hijacked your mind. You should consider yourself
lucky to belong to a country that Dr. Salam loved so much. Dr. Salam was a
true pakistani much better than any mullah mind like you. I salute Dr.
Salam and am proud of him and my country. He gave us respect.

Автор atensari (5 лет)
Did Jews only want to hang him on cross? Why do they claim they killed him
If He was hanged on cross, this means he was declared a criminal - Prophet
of Allah is criminal? from court to place of curification He was
humiliated, abused etc. - Prophet of Allah humilated? If Jesus survived
after being hang on cross, were the Jews careless enough they did not made
sure, he died or not. He was healed under their nose & they did not know
that Whom you think is stupied you, me or Jews

Автор Ahmadiyya Islam (5 лет)
atensari, Who told you that Promised Messiah was born in Pakistan? What a
rediculous thing to say. You have no knowledge of anything. According to
the hadith of Muslim, Promised Messiah/Mahdi had to be born East of
Demascus. Qadian is situated exactly East of Demascus. watch?v=WD12qA1tKkI
.Similarly according to hadiths Mahdi and Messiah are two titles of one and
the same person. Lal Mahdio Illah Eesa (There is no Mahdi but Eesa/Messiah)

Автор Ahmadiyya Islam (5 лет)
...And also who told you that we believe Jesus was murdered (God Forbid).
We certainly do not hold that view at all. We very well understand that he
could neither be killed nor was he crucified (ie. died on the cross). We
believe that he died a natural death much later on only after completing
his mission by passing his message to all 12 tribes of Israel. We can
discuss Jesus' birth, talking in cradle etc. as well later, but lets first
settle the issue of his death.

Автор Ahmadiyya Islam (5 лет)
atensari, The translation you have posted here is wrong. The Arabic word
used for "crucify" in this verse is "Salaboohu". So when Quran says "Wama
Qataloohu wama salabooho" (They could neither kill him, nor could they kill
him on the cross) it can't be translated as "he wasn't even put on the
cross". A person is declared to be crucified only if he DIES on the cross.
If an attempt is made to kill him on the cross fails, he can't be declared
as one being crucified...

Автор Ahmadiyya Islam (4 года)
@naeemtahir000 Messiah will come from heaven physically? If he will come
from heaven physically, then we would have to assume that he was first
ascended to heaven physically. Where is the proof of this irrational belief
in the Quran? Also what is your understanding of the term Dajjal? How would
"Jesus" fight him? How would it be that all of a sudden all the non-Muslims
vanish into thin air? Lets see, which "right path" you are inviting me

Автор lionheart7861 (5 лет)
@IslamAhmadiya dude ur seriously on the wrong path....cmon ur faith it
completely illogical ....if u believe that there is a prophet after THE
GREATEST PROPHET ur a sinner and u know that ....u misinterpret the holy
book for ur own interest....u dont like to tell the world bout the
hundereds of verses of finality of prophethood NABI OR RASOOL....dude ur
guys are not prevailing nobodyCARES .....DO U KNW there is a sahih hadis of
the HOLY prophet that there would be many false prophets??

Автор atensari (5 лет)
You ppl are lying on Allah & Quran, thats okay. If other express their
believes thats wrong. You hurt me more when you make are ordinary person
equal to Muhammad (SAW), declare him messenger of Allah If you do not have
the courge to face the bitter truth, do whatever you can do. Majority of
your community postings are already censored to hide facts If calling a
Kazzab, Kazzab is wrong, I will do it again & again. Look in your filth
first, then raise figure on others

Автор atensari (5 лет)
That verse is general not specifically for Jesus. 6:4 is general for all
humans but not for Essa (AS) اسی نے انسان کو نطفے سے بنایا مگر وہ اس (خالق)
کے بارے میں علانیہ جھگڑنے لگا Allah purposely did not used "Moot" for
Hazrat Essa. Even if He (AS) died as GA claim to put himself on HIS
position, is it impossible for Allah to giave a new life to Ibn a Mariam?

Автор naeemtahir000 (4 года)
@IslamAhmadiya prophet S.A.W.W says messiah will come from heaven and at
that reign messiah will offer pray behind Imam Mehdi Also messiah will
Fight with Dajjal And Muslims will Succeed and there will be no other
religion other than islam in his reign May Allah Put You On The Right Path

Автор atensari (5 лет)
continuted from previous: He (AS) will be asked to lead the prayer, He will
refuse by saying your leader will be from you He (AS) will help Muslims in
war against Dajjal Before He (AS) will passed away, Islam will be ruling
the world We did not see millionth-billionth resemblance in GA with the
characteristics & events described in Hadeeth, thats why I call him Kazzab

Автор Qasimcheema42 (5 лет)
@IslamAhmadiya janab agar aap ke Hazraat un ka janazah nahi parh sakte to
phir humay Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah ke khilaaf Q kar rahay he.or
aap jantey he Qadianioo ko Pakistan me Aqliat qarar dia ja chuka he ab aap
kisi kisam ki baat nahi kar sakte or phir hum to he bhi
Majlis-e-Ahrar-e-Islam walay hum to waise hi aap ko nahi chor sakte.

Автор Ahmadiyya Islam (5 лет)
atensari, Jews were not in authority to make sure that Jesus (AS) was dead.
They only put pressure on the Pilate to put him on cross. It was the Roman
governor's (Pilate) job to punish a criminal and then put him on the cross
and to make sure that he was dead. If you read Bible a very clear picture
comes to light. Pilate tried his level best to save Jesus (first openly and
then secretly later) as he didn't find any justification in seeing Jesus
being hung on the cross...

Автор Ahmadiyya Islam (4 года)
@rangbazzz Brother, it is not the Religion rather the exploitation of it
that is a big hurdle in Pakistan's progress.

Автор ahsan109 (5 лет)
@lionheart7861 My brother time will tell who is on the wrong path. The
debate is not based on the fact that Ahmadis believe in another prophet
after Prophet Muhammad (SAW) but rather we don't believe that Jesus Christ
is sitting in Heaven "Alive" and will comedown on Earth to save the
Muslims. In essence Jesus Christ is not our savior. What is the biggest sin
now? waiting for a dead Prophet who will save the Umah or a Devout Follow
of Master Prophet Muhammad (SAW) who is appointed by Allah.

Автор yourasim (5 лет)
so what ??? Dr. Abdus Salam was a great Pakistani figure and noble prise
winner. His religion was his personal matter. What Ahmadis want to prove by
putting this vid ? anyways we all Pakistani respect Dr. Salam due to his
achievement towards the betterment of Pakistan. May Allah prosper his
generations (Aamin)

Автор atensari (5 лет)
Hundred more lies have to tell to cover one lie, GA made a wrong claim to
cover this lies, more lies are told. You cannot prove others like you by
calling them what you are, before being fooled you are brained washed as
you are one of the most intellectual person belong to most intellectual
group, so after they dump the filth in your mind, in proud you do not
accept truth. think on these Quran 4:157, 3:46 He will talk in maturity,
3:55 Mutawafee instead Yamooto

Автор Ahmadiyya Islam (5 лет)
rmuneeb, Even if we preach the message of Islam to Israel, what is wrong
about it? Eesa (as) also preached in Israel. Does Holy Quran say that you
are not allowed to preach its message in Israel. What a rediculous

Автор lionheart7861 (5 лет)
@IslamAhmadiya look I personally think that u people are gone astray....and
btw if u dont know i will like to tell u THAT MR ABDUS SALAM BELIEVED IN

Автор Goher Zaidi (2 года)
Qadyani sect made the person of Hazrat Muhammad (Peace be Upon him)
controversial.A mullah named GHulam Ahmad Qadyani made conspiracy against
the Ideology of Islam to please British Govt. and now Mirzaa family is
enjoying lot of bountings and blessings by receiving money in the name of
Chanda and WASEYAT from the follower and giving them the gift of hatred and
death all over the world.In this scenario only Mirza family is respectable,
honorable and wealthy by fooling innocent People.

Автор atensari (5 лет)
You believe he died natural death, wounded Jesus was given treatment, and
migrated to Kashmir and died unknowingly, is this the end of a Prophet,
what happened with Nooh, Aad & Samood when they are rejected by their
nation, Allah settled them somewhere else where they continued their
mission until their death. Did Jesus built any worship place in Kashmir,
where are those lost tribes, where did they moved, do we have any remains.
Will you mind to hear : youtube. com/ watch?v=PXO4TPVDZ2o

Автор Ahmadiyya Islam (5 лет)
yourasim, We don't want to prove anything. I have posted this video just
for those who want to know more about Dr. Abdus Salam sahib Marhoom.

Автор naeemtahir000 (4 года)
@IslamAhmadiya this is wrritten in ur book"al bushra"jild 12 page no 97

Автор atensari (5 лет)
You forget very basic things to ask How is he taking Oxygen, eating,
drinking, which clothes is he wearing, who is sewing them. This list can
grow as long as motr burden you can put on your small logical & rational

Автор atensari (5 лет)
Did I used "Equal", while quoting Hadeeth? Did I used "Equal", while
quoting Hadeeth? I seen this deceiving video, once Iblees was also honoured
& respected, until he did not crossed his limits, so as GA, He think he
defeated Christens Masonries, he is invincible, ppl think him authority,
whatever he will claim ppl will believe. This video only showing before
part not the after. Can you give me the oldest references you have, any
Muhaddis/Mufassir described GA believes as true?

Автор atensari (5 лет)
He was lucky at that time Muslim world was colonialzed, even the weakest
Muslims Government was not exist, otherwise he get the treatment any Kazzab
deserve His ideology flourish under Crusaders umbrella, they are your
support today only for their enmity for Islam, Quran & Muhammad (SAW). If
Qadiyani are presenting true picture of Islam, Kuffars should be their
enemy not friends. Challenge their system then see what happens. youtube
com / view_play_list?p=E574ADDDC1A99481

Автор Danial Kn (3 года)
I am not Ahmedi but bein a Pakistani Dr. Salam is my hero ! ham bohat hi
badnaseeb nation hain, jiskay hero Osama, ya phir khudkush bambaar to hotay
hain laiken Dr. salam jaisay logon ki qadar nahi. Jab tak mullah ki power
hay, jahil hi rahogay !

Автор Ahmadiyya Islam (5 лет)
atensari, Also you are speaking without having any knowledge on the subject
at all. Let me give you another piece of information. Holy Prophet also
believed in Jesus' migration. Read this hadith: "God directed Jesus (AS) '0
Jesus! Move from one place to another' -- go from one country to another
lest thou shouldst be recognised and persecuted. Kanz-ul-Ummal Vol 2 : page
34) ...

Автор ahsan109 (5 лет)
@lionheart7861 My brother time will tell who is on the wrong path. The
debate is not based on the fact that Ahmadis believe in another prophet
after Prophet Muhammad (SAW) but rather we don't believe that Jesus Christ
is sitting in Heaven "Alive" and will comedown on Earth to save the
Muslims. In essence Jesus Christ is not our savior. What is the biggest sin
now? waiting for a dead Prophet who will save the Umah or a Devout Follow
of Master Prophet Muhammad (SAW) who is appointed by Allah.

Автор Ahmadiyya Islam (5 лет)
atensari, If I am giving you the opportunity to leave your comments here on
this video then you must not take it for granted. You better watch your
tongue. Whenever you address someone we consider to be the Promised Messiah
and Imam Mahdi, address him with respect. If you come up with this sort of
filth again, you would be banned from my channel. So better watch your
words next time.

Автор atensari (5 лет)
Ulama agreed there are 72 sects & you agree with them, WHY? You only
believe if anything is proved by science, for example, Water always keeps
it balance, how come it give way to Mussa (AS), How come Muhammad (SAW)
went on Maraj physically etc. If you cannot count on your finger why u
believe there are 72 sects Christens are Dajjal, you are True Muslims,
Dajjal is kind & friendly with the follower of Mahdi & Maseeh how this
happened. As I know Dajjal & Mahdi/Maseeh will be opponent

Автор Ahmadiyya Islam (5 лет)
atensari, No two verses of Quran contradict with eachother. [16:20/21]And
those on whom they call beside Allah (including Jesus) create not anything,
but they are themselves created. [16:21/22]They are DEAD, NOT LIVING, and
they know not when they will be raised" So if the above verses do not cover
Jesus (AS), explain it and give me a genuine reason.I will move forward. If
it covers Jesus, then we don't even need to discuss any other verse as no
other verse can contradict these verses of Quran.

Автор Ahmadiyya Islam (5 лет)
thescorpion, If Islamic doctrines of heaven and hell are applied correctly,
then your prejudiced filled ignorant propaganda is exposed to the world
pretty badly. Allah says in the Quran: "Surely, the Believers, and the
JEWS, and the CHRISTIANS and the SABIANS WHICHEVER PARTY from among these
TRULY believes in Allah and the Last Day and does good deeds shall have
their REWARD with their Lord, and NO FEAR shall come upon them, NOR shall
they GRIEVE. (Ch2:Verse62/63) Learn Islam with pure heart!!

Автор atensari (5 лет)
I will continue beleiving Islam in the light of reference availalbe since
1400 years, you keep following Qadiyaniat, false religion invented 200
years back Abdus Salam received his reward in this world, he has nothing in
2nd life. How many centuries the nobal price is being awarded :) don't be
emotional No doubt presently non-Muslim are ahead from Muslim in science &
tech, does this mean Allah treating them well becasue they deny Him &
Muhammad (SAW).

Автор Neutral786 (5 лет)
Very nice start.

Автор Shafqat Joiya (1 год)
hazrat mirza ghulam ahmad qadiani sahb farmate hain ke mere firqa ke logg
ilmm o marfat mai kamal hasil karengee ....0 ahmadiyat zindabadd

Автор Qasimcheema42 (5 лет)
@IslamAhmadiya Janab Dr.Abdul Salam Pakistan me Nahi mara Euroupe me mara
Or us ne kaha the ke me is laanti Pakistan par kabhi qadam nahi rakhon ga
jub tak 1974 ki qarardad khatam na ki jai

Автор atensari (5 лет)
Jesus (AS) did not died & GA is a Kazzab You did not quoted any reference.
Are you sure Allah cannot break His ownlaws, He never did that? Few queries
already outstanding: 6:14 did this Verse cover Hazrat Essa (AS) 3:197 what
is the significance of He will talk in Maturity Did Hazrat Uzair & Mussa
(AS) preached Judaism? Did Judismever being religion of Allah? Is "in
CHARACTER/AVATER" is Islamic belief?

Автор mirza qadiani dajjal (2 года)
love4all74 fiqar akhrat ki hono chahea or baat kufar ki hoi hai zara zehan
se bhee kaam lea karain janab baat kuch hoti hai jawab kuch.

Автор atensari (5 лет)
Will you reply in Yes/No Meeraj a Muhamaddi (SAW) was physical or
non-physical? Hazrat Uzair (AS) was given death for 100 years? Ashab a Kaaf
were keept sleeping for 300 years? Did Hazrat Ibrahim (AS) was kept safe
from fie? Did sea give path to Hazrat Mussa (AS) & his companions? Fish
swallowed Hazrat Younas (AS) & spit out? Did birth of Hazrat Essa
contradict other births?

Автор fahd090078601 (4 года)
was Einstein a doebandi?was newton a brelvi?was thomas edison was a
shia?was madam curie was an ahmadi?...but yet all of our present lives
depends on their achievement.in the field of sciences we own thm.......i
cant understand why we bring religion in natural sciences?whn it comes to
doctor salam why u bring religion in between???it is because these fuckin
mullahs have filled the minds of our youth with a dung shit......

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