Urdu: Mention of the Pakistani Ahmadi Muslim Physics Nobel Prize winner; Dr Abdus Salam, in a Pakistani Television channel "Express News". The program was about a Pakistani born student who has broken the world record by achieving 21 As in A-Level exams. This video contains the clips from the program where Dr Abdus Salam's services were mentioned by the host, Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan, and the student.

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Автор khan umar ( назад)
bhoopali ghoota

Автор Maqsood Ahmed ( назад)
Dr Abdul Salam was great man. Every pakistani should show special respect
for home.

Автор EHSAN ULLAH KAKAR ( назад)
mirza a lier

Автор EHSAN ULLAH KAKAR ( назад)
mirage a lier

Автор EHSAN ULLAH KAKAR ( назад)
mirage a lier

Автор EHSAN ULLAH KAKAR ( назад)
mirage a lier

Автор EHSAN ULLAH KAKAR ( назад)
mirage a lier

Автор EHSAN ULLAH KAKAR ( назад)
mirza a lier on earth

Автор EHSAN ULLAH KAKAR ( назад)
mirza a lier on earth

Автор EHSAN ULLAH KAKAR ( назад)
a lier on earth

Автор Maria Ashraf ( назад)
Ahmadiyyat Zindabad 🌎🌏🌍

Автор Awais Ahmed ( назад)
Ahmadiyyat Zindabad.....!

Автор Shafqat Joiya ( назад)
hazrat mirza ghulam ahmad qadiani sahb farmate hain ke mere firqa ke logg
ilmm o marfat mai kamal hasil karengee ....0 ahmadiyat zindabadd

Автор Nainaa Sahil ( назад)
Pitiful country, we did not recognize a great scientist like Dr. Salam. I
am not a Muslim but we must respect people beliefs and show tolerance.
Foremost he was a son of Pakistan and that cannot denied. 

Автор haqaiq ( назад)
Mery khiyaal ke motabiq hamary pakistan ke asli or sab se bary kamiyaab
hero doctor abdul qadeer khan hain,jinhon ne hamary mulk ko itna bara tohfa
dia,or her pakistan se mohabbat karny wala imaandar insaan ye manega,dr
abdulqadeer khan ka naam izzat shohrat imaandari mulk se mohabbat qabliyat
her lehaaz se,pakistan mein shaid aisa koi insaan ho jo dr abdul qadeer
khan sahab ko na janta ho,

Автор Naeem Ahmad ( назад)
Nice doctor Abul Salam Sahib , God bless him :) 

Автор Goher Zaidi ( назад)
Qadyani sect made the person of Hazrat Muhammad (Peace be Upon him)
controversial.A mullah named GHulam Ahmad Qadyani made conspiracy against
the Ideology of Islam to please British Govt. and now Mirzaa family is
enjoying lot of bountings and blessings by receiving money in the name of
Chanda and WASEYAT from the follower and giving them the gift of hatred and
death all over the world.In this scenario only Mirza family is respectable,
honorable and wealthy by fooling innocent People. 

Автор mirza qadiani dajjal ( назад)
love4all74 fiqar akhrat ki hono chahea or baat kufar ki hoi hai zara zehan
se bhee kaam lea karain janab baat kuch hoti hai jawab kuch.

Автор L0v3 4All ( назад)
Ahmadiyya Muslim zindabad

Автор Danial Kn ( назад)
I am not Ahmedi but bein a Pakistani Dr. Salam is my hero ! ham bohat hi
badnaseeb nation hain, jiskay hero Osama, ya phir khudkush bambaar to hotay
hain laiken Dr. salam jaisay logon ki qadar nahi. Jab tak mullah ki power
hay, jahil hi rahogay !

Автор mirza qadiani dajjal ( назад)
kafar jitna bhee naaam kar le jay ga jahanam main hee agr kafar mara. ye
koi itni bari baat nai jis ka marzai fahar karan.

Автор Urduwan ( назад)
Jamaate Isalmi: founded in 12th centuary Abbasid Period. Was transported to
the future by a evil jew jin. since then jaamte islami has been trying to
get back to the 12th centuary but the only probelm is that they want to
take all of Pakistan back to the 12th centuary.

Автор Viking mn ( назад)
i am a medical student in USA,dr, Salam was no doubt a great name in
history of pakistan but unfortunate pakistani nation could not get
advantage from his research and services in the field of science.

Автор Ahmadiyya Islam ( назад)
@KhudaiFaugdarr Have you ever wondered yourself why all these 72 sects
(despite extreme differences amongst themselves) are "united against this
one Jamaat? It was destined to happen because of the prophecy of the Holy
Prophet (pbuh) in which he foretold us that Muslims would be divided into
73 sects, and that 72 had to be on one side (all being on the wrong path)
in the following of Jews at the time of Jesus while only one sect (JAMAAT)
had to be on the right path. 

Автор persiankingp persiankingp ( назад)
@IslamAhmadiya please please kumaz kum meri baat nahi mantay to khud hi
tahqeeq kr looo infradi tor pr I know that its very hard to accept I am
wrong but plz plz soocho kumaz az kum apni koosih to karo ka maloom to hoo
ka kun itnay saray log MIRZA ko KAFIR or Ghalat kehtay hannn?? Think there
is SHIA , BRALVI, DEOBANDI , AEHL HADIT and SALFI but all these are united
on that point MIRZA IS KAFIR AND AHMIDIA is not a ISLAM or any Branch or
Firqa of ISLAM Think because HELL is very very DANGEROUS

Автор Ahmadiyya Islam ( назад)
@rangbazzz Yes brother, I knew that your intentions were very good when you
left that comment. I just made that correction for the sake of others who
might come to this video and misunderstand your statement. Wassalam.

Автор Ahmad Babar ( назад)
@Islam Ahmadiyya .. yeah ur right and pls dont take me wrong when i said
Religion thats wat i meant its the way Religion is taught to us and it is
by used by Political Leaders to spread us and all the shit u hear on TV u

Автор Ahmadiyya Islam ( назад)
@rangbazzz Brother, it is not the Religion rather the exploitation of it
that is a big hurdle in Pakistan's progress. 

Автор Ahmad Babar ( назад)
well yeah Religion is a big hurdle in Pakistan's progress ... i mean
consider him a NON MUSLIM but he is a pakistani man come on treat him like
that and at least publish his achievements in our books where our students
are studying only about JEWISH, Christian and ATHEIST sceintists of other
countries... at least tell them that their was some one from their own
country that will inspire them and can do wonders 

Автор Ahmadiyya Islam ( назад)
@naeemtahir000 Once again we don't deny any ahadith in relation to the
Promised Messiah. How would we deny it if we believe in the coming of
Promised Messiah/ We only interpret them in accordance with the teachings
of Quran and the wisdom of our beloved Holy Prophet. We don't believe in
flying prophets and things like that. Infact, in two different ahadith Holy
Prophet mentioned two different physical features of Jesus and the coming
Messiah. You should also start understanding Islam with wisdom

Автор Ahmadiyya Islam ( назад)
@naeemtahir000 Yes that is nothing more than an irrational and non-sensible
understanding of this verse. Kindly don't associate such absurdities with

Автор Ahmadiyya Islam ( назад)
...You are interpretting "walakin Shubbiha lahum" (it was made to appear to
them) as somebody else being put on the cross. That is only your
interpretation, there is nothing like that in the verse. It was infact that
Jesus went into a state of swoon, that was mistaken as his death. As far as
his raising is concerned, I have already explained, it was only in rank and
honour. Jews wanted him to die an accursed death, while God saved him and
his rank was raised. Unlike you we read Quran with wisdom

Автор Ahmadiyya Islam ( назад)
@naeemtahir000 The verses only refute the claim of Jesus' enemies that they
were able to kill Jesus on the cross or otherwise. They wanted to see Jesus
die an accursed death on the cross and hence proved to be a false prophet.
God makes it clear that their attempts of killing him on the cross or
otherwise went in vain. The verse never denies Jesus being put on the
cross. It only refutes the claim that he died on it. The enemies thought he
had died even though he hadn't. 

Автор Ahmadiyya Islam ( назад)
@naeemtahir000 Where does in Surah Al-e-Imran it say clearly that Jesus
will come down from heaven physically? Where does it say in Surah An-Nisa
verse 157/158 that "his follower was killed was almost a duplicate of
Messiah"? Which Arabic words in the verse have you translated here to mean
what you are translating here? So Dajjal is a physical person? Where is his
donkey that had to have wings 102 ft apart from eachother? Is that physical
too? What system of physical Dajjal is in place?

Автор Ahmadiyya Islam ( назад)
@naeemtahir000 Messiah will come from heaven physically? If he will come
from heaven physically, then we would have to assume that he was first
ascended to heaven physically. Where is the proof of this irrational belief
in the Quran? Also what is your understanding of the term Dajjal? How would
"Jesus" fight him? How would it be that all of a sudden all the non-Muslims
vanish into thin air? Lets see, which "right path" you are inviting me

Автор Ahmadiyya Islam ( назад)
@naeemtahir000 Have you read the book yourself? Which language is it in?
What does the full Ilham say? How does the Promised Messiah explain it? All
the revelations of Promised Messiah (as) are kept in the book called
Tadhkira. Give me the exact page number where this Ilham resides, I will
have another look at it and see what exactly is being said there. Anyway,
you have said nothing about the Hadith-e-Qudsi in which Allah would say on
judgement day that he was sick, hungry, poor so on so forth!

Автор Ahmadiyya Islam ( назад)
@naeemtahir000 Anybody can take things out of context from any book (even
Quran) to give their own twisted interpretations. Anyway, in one
hadith-e-Qudsi, Allah (mighty and sublime be He) will say on the Day of
Resurrection: "O son of Adam, I fell ill and you visited Me not...I asked
you for food and you fed Me not...I asked you to give Me to drink and you
gave Me not to drink..." So what do you have to say about this? Read the
writings of Promised Messiah honestly and see the wisdom!

Автор fahd090078601 ( назад)
was Einstein a doebandi?was newton a brelvi?was thomas edison was a
shia?was madam curie was an ahmadi?...but yet all of our present lives
depends on their achievement.in the field of sciences we own thm.......i
cant understand why we bring religion in natural sciences?whn it comes to
doctor salam why u bring religion in between???it is because these fuckin
mullahs have filled the minds of our youth with a dung shit......

Автор donshery ( назад)
@lionheart7861 you better do some reasearch before you speak. Hazrat Mirza
Ghulam Ahmad(as) is the Promised Messiah & Mahdi, and of course, if he is
this, he has to be a Prophet, wich he was, a ummati Prophet, a servant of
Hazrat Muhammad Mustafa SAAW. May Allah guide you & your beloved ones in
this holy month of Ramadan, Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamat, is the only righteous
Jamat, as mentioned by Muhammad SAAW. 72 sects have gone astray, and are
"hellbound", as mentioned by Muhammad SAAW. 

Автор donshery ( назад)
@Sovereignali the worst thing ive heard. Who are you to judge us as "non
muslims"?Ahmadi Muslims are the only Muslim to practise Islam in the
pristine form. We believe in Allah swt, his books, his angels, his Prophets
etc. We pray 5 times, we fast in ramadan, we pay zakat - and chanda, we do
Hajj - if we are not killed, we do all, actually more Islamic things than a
"normal Muslim this day".You claim to follow SAAW, but he said you never
can clam that someone is "kafir" if he claims to be muslim

Автор Ahmadiyya Islam ( назад)
@Sovereignali Thank you for acknowledging that Dr. Salam sahib was a hero
of Pakistan, but what makes you say that we are non-Muslims, my I ask? We
can discuss the issue of faith in a rational, mutaqqee and unbiased way. 

Автор ahsan109 ( назад)
@lionheart7861 My brother time will tell who is on the wrong path. The
debate is not based on the fact that Ahmadis believe in another prophet
after Prophet Muhammad (SAW) but rather we don't believe that Jesus Christ
is sitting in Heaven "Alive" and will comedown on Earth to save the
Muslims. In essence Jesus Christ is not our savior. What is the biggest sin
now? waiting for a dead Prophet who will save the Umah or a Devout Follow
of Master Prophet Muhammad (SAW) who is appointed by Allah. 

Автор ahsan109 ( назад)
@lionheart7861 My brother time will tell who is on the wrong path. The
debate is not based on the fact that Ahmadis believe in another prophet
after Prophet Muhammad (SAW) but rather we don't believe that Jesus Christ
is sitting in Heaven "Alive" and will comedown on Earth to save the
Muslims. In essence Jesus Christ is not our savior. What is the biggest sin
now? waiting for a dead Prophet who will save the Umah or a Devout Follow
of Master Prophet Muhammad (SAW) who is appointed by Allah. 

Автор Ahmadiyya Islam ( назад)
@lionheart7861 When Holy Prophet himself declared the coming Messiah and
Imam Mahdi as Nabiullah and Khalifatullah (Allah's Khalifa/Prophet of
Allah) then does that throw even Holy Prophet out of Islam God forbid? Holy
Prophet was certainly the last law bearing and greatest prophet, but to say
that prophethood even within Islam in Holy Prophet's subservience and
subordination to revive the true teachings of Islam is against the Quran.
Lets discuss "hundreds" of verses on the topic one by one.

Автор Ahmadiyya Islam ( назад)
@lionheart7861 Brother every Ahmadi Muslim believes in the Finality of
Prophethood of Holy Prophet (Pbuh). The understanding of it though differs
from non-Ahmadi Muslims. Dr. Abdus Salam a Lahori Ahmadi? That is
rediculous. He was actually my own relative. His son "Ahmed Salam" comes to
the Ahmadiyya London mosque every Friday and we get to meet him. Dr. Salam
always used to come and meet the Ahmadi Khulafa of his time. Just see some
pictures of his, meeting the Khulafa.

Автор lionheart7861 ( назад)
@IslamAhmadiya dude ur seriously on the wrong path....cmon ur faith it
completely illogical ....if u believe that there is a prophet after THE
GREATEST PROPHET ur a sinner and u know that ....u misinterpret the holy
book for ur own interest....u dont like to tell the world bout the
hundereds of verses of finality of prophethood NABI OR RASOOL....dude ur
guys are not prevailing nobodyCARES .....DO U KNW there is a sahih hadis of
the HOLY prophet that there would be many false prophets??

Автор lionheart7861 ( назад)
@IslamAhmadiya look I personally think that u people are gone astray....and
btw if u dont know i will like to tell u THAT MR ABDUS SALAM BELIEVED IN

Автор lionheart7861 ( назад)
dr abdus salam is legend we all respect him as a great human being!

Автор Ahmadiyya Islam ( назад)
...and continue to prevail as Allah has promised Himself in the Quran that
"We have decreed, Me and my messengers will prevail". So just like our 120
years of history already, the enemies have seen nothing but frustration and
hopelessness, we will continue to prosper as ever with the grace of Allah.
I have also explained as to why Sir Zafrullah Khan didn't offer the Jinaza
of Quaid. Can you now tell us why Ahraris called Pakistan as "Kafiristan"
and Quaid-e-Azam as "Kafir-e-Azam"?

Автор Ahmadiyya Islam ( назад)
@Qasimcheema42 Let me translate what you have said in end of this comment
for those who don't understand urdu. You said that you are people of
"Majlis-Ahrar" so you won't leave us alone (the tone suggests you mean to
harm us physically). My answer is you can be people of pharoah or whatever,
don't forget that you all have to go back to Allah as well. So you can try
everything that was done to followers of the true prophets of the past too,
but you would die in frustration. We will prevail...

Автор Ahmadiyya Islam ( назад)
@Qasimcheema42 The Imam of that Jinaza prayer was a staunch enemy of
Ahmadiyyat and a rejecter of Hadhrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (as) who we
consider to be the Imam sent by Allah in this age. How could Sir Zafarullah
Khan say prayer behind such an "imam" who had rejected an Imam who we
consider to be from God.

Автор Ahmadiyya Islam ( назад)
@Qasimcheema42 Dr. Abdus Salam visited Pakistan many times even after
receiving the Nobel Prize. Had he ever considered Pakistan a "laanti" land,
he would have discared Pakistani Nationality ages ago. He not only kept
Pakistani nationality but also rejected offers that were made to him to
accept nationalities like that of Britain's and Italy's so that nobel prize
goes to Pakistan. As far as Ahraris are concerned, it is well known fact
that they called Quaid-e-Azam as Kafir-e-Azam!

Автор Ahmadiyya Islam ( назад)
@Qasimcheema42 Dr. Abdus Salam never accepted nationality offers from
countries like Britain, and Italy etc. He always kept the Pakisatani
passport so that when he wins the nobel prize it would be Pakistan whose
name will be written with his name. Such a person in your eyes is
Pakistan's traitor? It is ironic that you being a member of Ahrar call
Ahmadis the Ghaddars (traitors). Read the history and see who called the
creation of Pakistan as "Kafiristan" and Quaid as "Kafire Azam". Ahraris!

Автор Ahmadiyya Islam ( назад)
rmuneeb, Even if we preach the message of Islam to Israel, what is wrong
about it? Eesa (as) also preached in Israel. Does Holy Quran say that you
are not allowed to preach its message in Israel. What a rediculous

Автор rmuneeb ( назад)
Man ! u wont be getting any leverage in Pakistan... go to Israel to spread
ur fitna

Автор khuram shahzad ( назад)
Now I think we should keep that in front of us as our ideal and you will
find that in course of time Hindus would cease to be Hindus and Muslims
would cease to be Muslims, not in the religious sense, because that is the
personal faith of each individual, but in the political sense as citizens
of the State" August 11, 1947 (M.A Jinah) "

Автор khuram shahzad ( назад)
You are free to go to your temples, you are free to go to your mosques or
to any other place or worship in this State of Pakistan. You may belong to
any religion or caste or creed that has nothing to do with the business of
the State . We are starting with this fundamental principle that we are all
citizens and equal citizens of one State ."

Автор Ahmadiyya Islam ( назад)
yourasim, We don't want to prove anything. I have posted this video just
for those who want to know more about Dr. Abdus Salam sahib Marhoom.

Автор yourasim ( назад)
so what ??? Dr. Abdus Salam was a great Pakistani figure and noble prise
winner. His religion was his personal matter. What Ahmadis want to prove by
putting this vid ? anyways we all Pakistani respect Dr. Salam due to his
achievement towards the betterment of Pakistan. May Allah prosper his
generations (Aamin)

Автор Farhan Ejaz ( назад)
you dumb! ignorance has hijacked your mind. You should consider yourself
lucky to belong to a country that Dr. Salam loved so much. Dr. Salam was a
true pakistani much better than any mullah mind like you. I salute Dr.
Salam and am proud of him and my country. He gave us respect.

Автор Ahmadiyya Islam ( назад)
...so your jealosy is understandable. Millions of Mullahs and their
followers are burning in this fire of jealosy for the last 120 years or so.
You keep watching, insha Allah this community will continue to increase in
spirit and in numbers. Truth always prevails. Allah Almighty says in the
Quran: "Allah has decreed that I and my messengers will prevail." So
neither you nor anyone can stop the spread of something that is from God.

Автор Ahmadiyya Islam ( назад)
drsager, Well unlike the so called "Muslim" countries of the world who all
survive on the "aid" of others, Ahmadi Muslims are with the grace of Allah
self sufficient. This is the reason why we are able to spread the true
teachings of Islam around the world without fear from anybody. As for the
message of true Islam ie. Ahmadiyyat spreading like wild fire this had to
happen. Allah Almighty gave this glad tiding to Promised Messiah (AS): "I
will cause your message to the corners of the earth."

Автор Viking mn ( назад)
@sankalp4499 yaar agar jihad karna hai to apnay nafas saa karoo,sab saa
phley,hum ko apnay gaariaban main nazar dalni chhayee,sab saa ziada
corruption hum log kartay hain,jhoot hum boltay hain,dishonest hum
hainn,leg pulling hum karttay hain,loan lai kar hum maaf karwa laitay
hian...aap koon saa jihad ki baat kar rahay hian,jab taak hum apnay aap ko
theek nahi karain gaa..JIHAAD kaa koi faida nahi,zardari ko dekhoo,nawaz
sharif ko dekho,mulana fazulur rehman ko dekho,brother i think you got

Автор Viking mn ( назад)
Ahmadies kaa joo bee faith hai woo unnn kaa mamla hai ya Allah tala kaa
maamla hia,no body should have any right to interfere about any body
matters,speciallay religios matters and beliefs,thats the major reason of
pakistan down fall,everybody realtes every thing with religion,for me
religion is personal thing,between individual and God, thanks.

Автор Ahmadiyya Islam ( назад)
thescorpion, If Islamic doctrines of heaven and hell are applied correctly,
then your prejudiced filled ignorant propaganda is exposed to the world
pretty badly. Allah says in the Quran: "Surely, the Believers, and the
JEWS, and the CHRISTIANS and the SABIANS WHICHEVER PARTY from among these
TRULY believes in Allah and the Last Day and does good deeds shall have
their REWARD with their Lord, and NO FEAR shall come upon them, NOR shall
they GRIEVE. (Ch2:Verse62/63) Learn Islam with pure heart!!

Автор Ahmadiyya Islam ( назад)
sankalp, I wouldn't allow you to leave such ignorant comments here. I am an
Ahmadi MUSLIM and a Pakistani. Dr. Abdus Salam; the nobel laureate in
physics was also an Ahmadi Muslim who was Pakistani. I am not blinded by
the hatred spread by the some because of the vested interests in the name
of religion. If you are genuinely interested in the topic of Jihad then
watch my uploaded video called "Jihad Jihad Jihad".

Автор Sankalp Kumar ( назад)
Jehad is the best thing a muslin can do....!!!!! he sould tie a belt on
this vest and kill some...enemy of pakistan.. this is wat pakistan govt
teach..... JEHADDD

Автор Sankalp Kumar ( назад)
but the only...scope in pakistan is to become a terirost and kill amecian
indian or jew... SO HE WILLL goto JANNAT>. so thats the ultimate goal.. he
sould become a Jehadi..!! wat u thin guys?

Автор DrNasirShafi ( назад)
First of all Hazrat Ghulam Ahmad (A.S) was not Mullah but all mulla
community against him according to Hadith that " mullahs of 14th century
will be the worst creature of the earth." and if Hazarat Muhammad (S.A.W)
did not give them respect then why ur acts against the Prophets (S.A.W).
This is thinkable situation. if u love Hazarat Muhammad (S.A.W) like us
then u must follow him. otherwise..... u r better judge for urself.

Автор Zeeshan Zakaria ( назад)
You should take time to study the basics of Ahmadiyyat. Your comments are
based on one sided information, as you said "we make an ordinary perso
equal to Muhammad (SAW)". We don't place anybody equal to Holy Prophet
Mohammad(pbuh), or even near to it. Secondly, a person is not ordinary who
claims to be a prophet, then proves it, and also lays foundation of a
religious movement who despite of all odds survives 120+ years and from a
small unknown village spreads to the corners of the globe.

Автор DrNasirShafi ( назад)
Mr Atensari, u all said without solid knowledge u said not ur own words but
liar mullah who always worried for there big ballies. if u want to become
real follower of islam then follow Hazarat Muhammad (S.A.W.) teaching not
mullah teaching that are 100% against real Islam.

Автор Ahmadiyya Islam ( назад)
atensari, Who told you that Promised Messiah was born in Pakistan? What a
rediculous thing to say. You have no knowledge of anything. According to
the hadith of Muslim, Promised Messiah/Mahdi had to be born East of
Demascus. Qadian is situated exactly East of Demascus. watch?v=WD12qA1tKkI
.Similarly according to hadiths Mahdi and Messiah are two titles of one and
the same person. Lal Mahdio Illah Eesa (There is no Mahdi but Eesa/Messiah)

Автор Ahmadiyya Islam ( назад)
atensari, If I am giving you the opportunity to leave your comments here on
this video then you must not take it for granted. You better watch your
tongue. Whenever you address someone we consider to be the Promised Messiah
and Imam Mahdi, address him with respect. If you come up with this sort of
filth again, you would be banned from my channel. So better watch your
words next time.

Автор hajijackson ( назад)
Thanks for calling it a day.

Автор Ahmadiyya Islam ( назад)
atensari, You are most welcome to say what ever you wish, however Quran
repeatedly asks the man to use his AQL (wisdom/rationality). If it was all
about just blind faith, then Allah would never have asked us to use our
wisdom. The difference between Abu Jahl and Abu Bakr (RA) was that of
belief. One accepted the true prophet of God the other called him "KAZZAB".
I have accepted the word of Holy Prophet by accepting his Imam Mahdi, you
are still calling him kazzab. You carry on with your life!!

Автор Ahmadiyya Islam ( назад)
or throat or somewhere in the fish from where he was able to breath. This
might have caused the fish to vomit Hadhrat Younas out. Birth of Jesus
might have been a rare occurance but it is certainly not unnatural for a
person to be born without the agency of a man. It is unnatural but not
superhuman. "Hermaphroditism" is a scientific term used for births that can
occur without the need of male partner. This is just one example to show
Allah doesn't need to break His laws to cause miracles.

Автор Ahmadiyya Islam ( назад)
atnsari, Okay I will give you short answers to these questions: Meeraj was
not physical but a spiritual journey. A great Kashf (Vision). Hadhrat Uzair
also saw a vision, Hazrat Ibrahim was kept safe from those who wanted him
harm (Fire is metaphor), A natural phenomenon occured in the sea in favour
of Hadhrat Musa and the enemies drowned in it. A close example can be a
tsunami nothing unnatural, Hazrat Yunas stayed in the fish for three days.
He might have got stuck somewhere in the mouth...

Автор Ahmadiyya Islam ( назад)
atensari, Yes, I am interested as to what are your views in regards to
these very basic facts. How has he been couping for this long without
oxygen, eating, drinking, so and so forth. Allah Almighty says in the Quran
that you look around and see the creation of God. Your eyes will get tired
and return to you but you won't find any contradiction/irrationality in His
creation. This very "fact" that somebody can live for this long without the
need of all these basic necessities is a contradiction.

Автор Ahmadiyya Islam ( назад)
Irrational bhai, No my friend the verse only says that he is to offer
prayer and zakat AS LONG AS HE LIVES, and not that as long as he stays in
this world. According to your understanding, Jesus only lived in the world
for no more than 33 years and he will come back for another 40 yrs or so.
So his total life span in this world is only 73 yrs while he has been
waiting ALIVE for his return for more than 2000 yrs already. So the verse
should have made it clear that it doesn't refer to these yrs.

Автор Ahmadiyya Islam ( назад)
...then you say that quran and hadith are full of references that show
Jesus is alive. That is your understanding of Islam unfortunately and not
what it truly teaches. Do not associate your irrational understanding of
things with the teachings of Quran and hadith. By the way just watch this
video and see how well you resemble with Jews in regards to your
understanding of the Messiah's coming. They also held the same views in
regards to first Messiah: youtube . c o m /watch?v=HbMO_zWp_lo

Автор Ahmadiyya Islam ( назад)
...[19:31/32] And He has made me (Jesus) blessed WHERESOEVER I may be, and
has enjoined upon me Prayer and almsgiving AS LONG AS I LIVE.' So according
to above verse Jesus has been enjoined both prayer and zakat as long as he
lives. According to you he is still alive. We all know that zakat is used
for the poor. Have some poor people also been taken up alive so that they
can benefit from Jesus' zakat now when he is "alive". Also where is Jesus
earning the money to pay his zakat? Be rational!!

Автор Ahmadiyya Islam ( назад)
atensari, Believe me we don't stick with one verse and ignore the rest of
the Quran. We do however believe that not even one single verse of Quran
can ever contradict the other verse of Quran. If one verse conclusively
talks about Jesus' death then it is impossible that another verse
contradicts that verdict of Quran. Anyway, there is another verse of Quran
for you to ponder over:...

Автор GreaterPakistan ( назад)
Jesus isnot dead that big sin what you are saying, Jesus will return to
fight anti-christ alongside with imam mahdi. Even the christians belive the
messiah will return what wrong with you Ahmadiys you probably come here to
fool people and make your own islam it ok Allah is watching us all time
will tell

Автор Ahmadiyya Islam ( назад)
..I will answer other questions once these verses have been resolved. I
don't want to change the topic here so lets first concentrate on the verses
I have provided. You have the extreme arrogance to be persistant in calling
Promised Messiah (AS) as a liar, so lets see if you truly have courage to
explain these verses rationally.

Автор Ahmadiyya Islam ( назад)
atensari, No two verses of Quran contradict with eachother. [16:20/21]And
those on whom they call beside Allah (including Jesus) create not anything,
but they are themselves created. [16:21/22]They are DEAD, NOT LIVING, and
they know not when they will be raised" So if the above verses do not cover
Jesus (AS), explain it and give me a genuine reason.I will move forward. If
it covers Jesus, then we don't even need to discuss any other verse as no
other verse can contradict these verses of Quran.

Автор Ahmadiyya Islam ( назад)
atensari, First make up your own mind up and then accuse Hadhrat Mirza
Ghulam Ahmad (AS) of falsehood. Is Jesus dead or not? Yes or no, don't try
to play a diplomatic game here. You either believe him to have died or you
believe otherwise. If he is dead, then he himself can't come because of the
rules set out by Allah Almighty Himself. Only one life in this world is
given to man according to Quran and hadith. Allah doesn't break His own
made laws. So come up with a better excuse than that.

Автор Ahmadiyya Islam ( назад)
...I havn't yet not discussed any other verse not because I can't explain
them, but because I don't want to discuss the delicacies of the use of
Arabic language. Maut or Wafaat, I can explain the verses very well, but
first you explain to me a clear cut verse that conclusively guarantees the
death of Jesus. When you choose to ignore that verse, then you can do
anything and waste mine and others time and energy. You don't need to be an
Arabic scholar to explain the verse I have quoted. Explain it

Автор Ahmadiyya Islam ( назад)
atensari, Yes Jews didn't know that because everything was done in hiding
from them. When he was taken off the cross, he was unconcious and there
were no Jewish doctors to confirm his death. His body was given to one of
his SECRET desciples Joseph of Armethia. Jews didn't know that he was one
of his disciples. The tomb (which was as big as a small room today) where
he was treated in hiding also belonged to Joseph. Jesus migrated in dark
also. Only his closest companions knew of this. Read NT...

Автор Ahmadiyya Islam ( назад)
atensari, That verse is talking about everyone (including Jesus) who has
been taken as God besides Allah. So how can you say that it doesn't talk
about Jesus. Explain your position. If his name has not been specifically
used in this particular verse or not is pointless, he has been declared as
DEAD. Who told you that we believe Allah gave NEW life to JESUS? JESUS is
dead. Promised Messiah has come in his CHARACTER. Like Jesus came to revive
Judaism, Promised Messiah has come to revive Islam.

Автор Ahmadiyya Islam ( назад)
...Jews only wanted to see Jesus dead on the cross because OT declared
anyone dying on the cross as accursed. They wanted Jesus to die an accursed
death hence be proved that he was a false prophet. This is the reason Allah
says in Quran that "They (jews) planned, but Allah too planned and HE is
the best of planners." So yes Jesus was taken off the cross alive (though
unconcious that gave the impression to onlookers of him being dead) and was
healed in hiding by his disciples. All praise to Allah

Автор Ahmadiyya Islam ( назад)
atensari, Jews were not in authority to make sure that Jesus (AS) was dead.
They only put pressure on the Pilate to put him on cross. It was the Roman
governor's (Pilate) job to punish a criminal and then put him on the cross
and to make sure that he was dead. If you read Bible a very clear picture
comes to light. Pilate tried his level best to save Jesus (first openly and
then secretly later) as he didn't find any justification in seeing Jesus
being hung on the cross...

Автор Ahmadiyya Islam ( назад)
...So Jesus was put on the cross but he didn't die of his injuries hence
can't be declared as one crucified. If somebody tries to kill a person and
fails you can't call such a person to have been killed. Secondly, you have
once again as always totally ignored the verses of Quran I posted earlier
to show conclusively that Jesus is dead. The word used there is from the
same root as "Yamooto" and not "mutawaffee". This time come up with a
better explanation to your irrational beliefs.

Автор Ahmadiyya Islam ( назад)
atensari, The translation you have posted here is wrong. The Arabic word
used for "crucify" in this verse is "Salaboohu". So when Quran says "Wama
Qataloohu wama salabooho" (They could neither kill him, nor could they kill
him on the cross) it can't be translated as "he wasn't even put on the
cross". A person is declared to be crucified only if he DIES on the cross.
If an attempt is made to kill him on the cross fails, he can't be declared
as one being crucified...

Автор Ahmadiyya Islam ( назад)
...then Kanzul ummal V. 2 pg 71: "Jesus always used to travel; he went from
one country to another, and at nightfall wherever he was he used to eat the
vegetation of the jungle and to drink pure water." Then read this hadith in
v. 6 pg 51: "The Holy Prophet declared that the most favoured in the sight
of God are the poor. Asked, what was meant by the poor? Were they the
people who, like Jesus the Messiah, fled from their country with their
faith?" Lets see who is lying now!!!

Автор Ahmadiyya Islam ( назад)
atensari, Also you are speaking without having any knowledge on the subject
at all. Let me give you another piece of information. Holy Prophet also
believed in Jesus' migration. Read this hadith: "God directed Jesus (AS) '0
Jesus! Move from one place to another' -- go from one country to another
lest thou shouldst be recognised and persecuted. Kanz-ul-Ummal Vol 2 : page
34) ...

Автор Ahmadiyya Islam ( назад)
atensari, You have once again chosen to totally ignore the verses of Quran
that I presented to you and come up with ignorant comments that are
baseless with no backing what so ever. Who told you that we believe Jesus
died silently and unknowingly. We believe that people of Kashmir,
Afghanistan, Iran etc. are actually descendants of Israel. These were the
lost sheep of Israel. For more info watch BBC documentary on the issue.
youtube . c o m / watch?v=zqp2bgB5DmE&feature=channel_page

Автор Ahmadiyya Islam ( назад)
...And also who told you that we believe Jesus was murdered (God Forbid).
We certainly do not hold that view at all. We very well understand that he
could neither be killed nor was he crucified (ie. died on the cross). We
believe that he died a natural death much later on only after completing
his mission by passing his message to all 12 tribes of Israel. We can
discuss Jesus' birth, talking in cradle etc. as well later, but lets first
settle the issue of his death.

Автор Ahmadiyya Islam ( назад)
atensari, [16:20/21] And those on whom they call beside Allah (including
Jesus) create not anything, but they are themselves created. [16:21/22]
They are DEAD, NOT LIVING; and they know NOT when they will be raised.
Explain this and don't try to change the topic. Also for your information
the word here in this verse 16:21/22 is "Maut" and not "wafaat" if thats
what has been stopping you from believing in the truth. We will come to
other topics of Jihad etc. later, first things first though.

Автор Ahmadiyya Islam ( назад)
...So like Jesus came to revive the true spirit of Judaism at a time when
Jews had lost all faith in God, similarly the mission of Promised Messiah
(Hadhrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad AS) was to revive the true spirit of Islam at a
time when it was only left in its name. The mission of Jesus had to be for
the Jews, similarly the Messiah of Islam had to be sent to the whole world.
I hope you answer me rationally with the backing of Holy Quran.

Автор Ahmadiyya Islam ( назад)
...So when Quran declares Jesus to be dead, how come you believe him to be
still alive. Ahmadis understand Quran and hadith and hence understand that
the one who was promised by Holy Prophet is not the same old dead Jesus,
instead another ummati prophet who was to born in the ummah of Holy
Prophet. He was given the title of Ibne Maryam because of the similarities
with his mission. If I call a brave person a lion, it is because of his
brave character and nothing else. It doesn't make him a lion..

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