UFC 207: Cody Garbrandt - Full Blast Cruz vs Faber 3

Watch Cody Garbrandt Octagon-side giving his commentary during UFC 199's co-main event, featuring the bantamweight title fight between Dominick Cruz and Urijah Faber.

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Автор Syclone PK ( назад)
This Comment section is full of dominick Cruz dickriders.

Автор George Dong ( назад)
when his teacher got beaten thats the moment he solidfyhis resolve to beat cruz.

Автор George Dong ( назад)
student surpass teacher.

Автор Kyle Grove ( назад)
And Garbrandt tore his bitch ass up

Автор IronReef77 ( назад)
Feels good to see 90% of the comments toward Cody n Cruz that shitted on Cody but, now you won't see any of these people today cause they hopped on Cody dick before the night was over lol. I have to rub it in

Автор వి.పి కృష్ణ విసం ( назад)
Cody played cruz like a Flute..

Автор KoolKrushIce ( назад)
Cody will beat Dom. His movement is too slick, he will totally clown his ass and comfortably decision him even while the opportunity for a Ko will be there.

Автор sasuke uchiha ( назад)
Faber should of won.....

Автор Haaw Tm ( назад)
Falastrão de merda

Автор There Will Be Milkshake ( назад)
*speaking in russian accent* "This is number one bullshit"

Автор Jozhua Mendoza ( назад)
Cody has that funny face every time his Sensei gets dropped.

Автор Jag ( назад)
lol wen faber gets dropped Cody realises he fucked up

Автор EarthSurferUSA ( назад)
That was a interesting take, the Faber/Cruz fight from Garbrandt's view.

Coaching from too far away:
Cody; "Hands up!, hands up!, hands up!"
Announcer; "Ohhh Faber got rocked!"

Автор I Know You Did ( назад)
I realy think cody is little bit retarded

Автор Bradley S ( назад)
Such a sloppy fight by Urijah. Imagine if he was in the same form as last weekend...

Автор Joseph Lafaele ( назад)
Wasn't a Cody fan, especially with the way he's carrying himself at the moment. However, after watching this I actually will get behind him. I'm a big Uriah fan, and Cody's support and commentary of this fight show some real genuine comradery between him and Faber. Definitely no snakes in this grass.
Instead of hoping Dominic wins, I'm gonna hope for a real good and competitive fight.

Автор hardvybe ( назад)
I wish Brock Lesnar would come back and get another free pass to juice and fight Demetrius Johnson.

Автор hardvybe ( назад)
Garbrunch will knock crusie out in 1 sehcond.

Автор Austin Mose ( назад)
Did Cody really question Dom's champion status from one bad punch? ahahah

Автор Austin Mose ( назад)
his face when urijah got dropped was just gold

Автор Austin Mose ( назад)
god it must suck to watch your mentor get his ass beat

Автор marvin pierre ( назад)
I get it Cody Is a shitty person and Dominick is the better fighter but I don't take Dominick has fought someone like Cody when it comes to aggression and quickness and keep in mind Cody has had plenty of prep time and on top off all that we don't know what Cody defense looks like because he always charges people because he doesn't always have the best competition so that already puts Dominick Cruz at a disadvantage , I'm sorry guy I hate to say it because Cruz is one of my favorites but my money is on Cody plus he has Uriah who has fought Cruz three times if I'm correct to tell him what and what not to do

Автор 4iamu ( назад)
Codeine, I hate to tell you, but the same exact thing will happen to you when you fight dis guy Cruz. His movement and tenacity will eventually wear on you, confuse you, discourage you, and fatigue you. He will win by a decision and that's that. - Conor McGregor

Автор Kevin Hanandi ( назад)
really cody a close fight? nah

Автор attwood333 ( назад)
Did he know he was supposed to talk?

Автор pekerhed101 ( назад)
Allow me to add the subtitles for Cody throughout this video:

Автор Blackhoundday ( назад)
Lmao at Cody's face when Cruz dropped him

Автор Kasey Hodgson ( назад)
garbrandt is such a fuckboy

Автор Joseph Scott ( назад)
CODY is BORING.........

Автор United ( назад)
No future job as analysts for Cody,
if that's all he got to offer.

Автор Newbie Yamaha ( назад)
1:30 lmao that look when Cruz dropped Faber hahahaha

Автор Razor Anthony ( назад)
annoying no good garbrant

Автор Darby Crash ( назад)
WOW! Could Cody be more worthless? He offers up nothing. The whole point of this is to get his insight/perspective on the fight as it is happening. He won't be guest hosting "UFC Tonight" any time soon. As for the fight, I like Cody's style but he's too inexperienced for a crafty vet like Cruz. Its going to be another fail for Team Alpha Male.

Автор giorgi talikadze ( назад)
Don't worry Cody u won't last 5 rounds

Автор Siddhant Rishi ( назад)
i wanted urijah to win so badly here.
Dom is the greatest bantamweight but maybe just maybe cody can be very dangerous for him with his speed

Автор Adam Roberts ( назад)
He (Cody) is very shit at analysing things. The video literally skipped a round of action because he was just sat there dumbfounded not saying anything he's gonna get outclassed by Cruz.

Автор hoparo323 ( назад)
Cruz going to get tagged

Автор RZ Nb ( назад)
Garbrandt knows he is in a whole lot of trouble trust me

Автор Jolly Christian Villones ( назад)
the complete silence of cody after the knockdown was very entertaining lol

Автор Thari Codrington ( назад)
Why did this guy even get a title shot?

Автор Daniel George Smith ( назад)
Compare Cody's reaction to the knockdown to Conor's Full Blast watching Aldo vs Mendes. Conor is loving every single second of the fight because he just loves fighting.

Автор MJ Lewis ( назад)
No wonder THAT didn't surface until now ha! BOOORING

Автор SUCKRPUNCHED ( назад)
Cody "irky jerky" Garbrandt

Автор JT Lieser ( назад)
Uriah never fought the same after Cruz landed that first left that dropped him

Автор Pedro Hernandez ( назад)
I pray cruz teaches this dude a lesson

Автор Not So Brave Toaster ( назад)
whoever wins its gonna be a good fight but im gonna laugh my ass off if Cody actually wins after reading all these one sided comments

Автор LEE BRANDON ( назад)
cody is a numb skull. worst full blast i've seen. doesn't he know the concept of this thing?? he is so angry. should of been called cheer leading for your teammate.

Автор Dalton Schaible ( назад)
the way dc fights is so bizarre.. 👍

Автор Kavon Nersi Farhadian ( назад)
Kk I've got the greatest idea for a reality show, it's kinda like survivors only with two islands and no resources on them, one island is populated with giants and the other with midgets each week the only way to obtain food water, medicine ext is for a giant to simultaneously fight his/her own wait in midgets in a no rules anything goes fight the winner or winners in the case of the midgets gets the much needed resources for the week ahead and thus insuring their societies survival that much longer. PS I have have no idea why I'm thinking of this right now.

Автор Camaron escobar ( назад)
I can't wait for that pretty boy to get his ass beat

Автор RawShooter ( назад)

Автор ScorpionXII ( назад)
Cruz has such a strange style. He's the only fighter in the UFC who I can't figure out. Watching the way he tosses punches one could argue that his boxing is awful, but he lands with great accuracy. It's like he does everything wrong for all the right reasons. I guess it's his anticipation of your movement combined with timing which allows him to land those looping punches. I know he leans left and right because it helps him anticipate punches, and I know he leans forward to create the illusion of being in range, these are obvious tactics, but everything else is just weird. There's really no way to understand how good he is unless you actually fight him. What ever his formula is, it's given him record of 22–1 and the title of Bantamweight king, so nobody can deny it's effectiveness.

Автор JohnnyBlaze6954 ( назад)
Cody doesn't have much to say since he saw just how good Cruz can stick and move to his mentor....

Автор artiew87 ( назад)
0:19 yes we all can read

Автор danpats1 ( назад)
This dude sounds half retarded.

Автор IAm Kawaai ( назад)
faber has no place in ufc such a fool guy

Автор Renaldy Nataleo ( назад)
I want to see him vs conor. Remember the beef between him and conor? Let them finish it :)))

Автор Asim Khan ( назад)
Cody didn't even make any assessments or how what they were or weren't doing he kept saying "nice" and come on to his buddy Faber lol I don't even know why he was on full blast. when Conor was on full blast for Aldo vs Mendes 2 he did awesome. and Cruz is going to crush this dude

Автор fenderman21guitar ( назад)
Man cody just seems like such a twat

Автор Slim Bill ( назад)
Cruz's fighting style is so unique and hard to predict

Автор quiver3320 ( назад)
I'm fairly new to MMA but wouldn't a Cruz vs Mcgregor fight make a lot of sense? Is there any reason this couldn't happen?

Автор gb box ( назад)
if urijah would've won.Cody vs urijah for the belt. would've been interesting.

Автор Michael Eng ( назад)

Автор z zz ( назад)
Don? well Don is going to beat the sht out of your pussy face

Автор SickKent ( назад)
Lol when Cruz dropped Faber and ran into the up kick. 😂😂😂😂😂

Автор SickKent ( назад)
Cody Garbage.

Автор CindersVeil ( назад)
I love how each time Cruz dropped Faber, Cody's face was like a sad lost little puppy dog. lmao.

Автор H. Hassan ( назад)
Cody is going to smash Cruz jaw to bits they are going to need a whole team to find bits of Cruz jaw and put it back together again.

Автор SeekIllumination ( назад)
Cody is such a bitch.

Автор SeekIllumination ( назад)
Hope Cruz sleeps this punk.

Автор Stacie Manchester ( назад)
cody has the punchers chance or it will be a easy night for the ghost.

Автор Dec ( назад)
The face Cody made when he realises cruz can drop you

Автор cadance cunningham ( назад)
0:51 when you think you're going to get laid but she ends up teasing all night

Автор MEMNON WARRIOR ( назад)
"It's going to third it's a close fight" -said no one ever that night besides dumbass Cody

Автор waalex11 ( назад)
Decent Fight.

Автор waalex11 ( назад)
lol when Faber got dropped. I do that too when haters are around me when my guy is losing.

Автор waalex11 ( назад)
Faber's best round was #1 but, you know.

Автор ImpatientTurtle ( назад)
Cody 'giraffe neck' Garbrandt. This motherfuckers got 3 necks, he's wearing a high collar, he tattooed it to disguise it but we still see your floating head, bastard boy. Big ol target for Cruz to tee off on.

Автор AlpadreTV ( назад)
Time for a new champion in this divison !

Автор Swazi Prince ( назад)
I came here just to see Cody garbage's face when he realised he had to fight the dude caving his mentors head in hahaha.

Автор Buntu Mtongana ( назад)
Garbrandt probably thinks in his head that his fight with Cruz is gonna go like Aldo vs McGregor

Автор velas sim ( назад)
funny how cody didn't say anything when Cruz dropped Faber

Автор BLACK05GO1 ( назад)
Funny how Cody doesn't say anything when Cruz is knocking Faber down or dominating the fight. Then when Faber lands one punch, Cody makes a big deal out of it.
No wonder Cody didn't have much to say during the fight.

Автор Muu Ao ( назад)
2 legends 1 punk

Автор Indra Windiardi ( назад)
I'm rooting for cody to win the belt one day but maybe not against dom, it's a little bit too early for him. just my opinion tho :p

Автор AMJGreenspy ( назад)
It's funny how team alpha is so shit

Автор LoungeActVideos ( назад)
If Cody fights too emotional Dom will take advantage of that.

Автор MVP MVP ( назад)
1:28 When your boys getting his ass kicked and you pretend like you don't know him.

Автор Durian Rider ( назад)
Who gives a fuck what neck tattoo thinks.. he's getting stopped in the later rounds vs Dom

Автор Paolo Bighignoli ( назад)
eviri interesting analysis by Cody, really interesting.

Автор Eatyourflesh inyoursleep ( назад)
Good movement (gets rocked)

Автор thomas wightman ( назад)
Dominick must annoy the shit out of alpha male

Автор Luke Holland ( назад)
1.30 when cody realised just what he's in actually in for... dom is a warrior

Автор minto smith ( назад)
Coby sound like those surfer dudes from 80s movies lol hahaha

Автор Reds Maroon ( назад)
This Karate kid will avenge his master defeat..

Автор Jas Grewal ( назад)
The silence from Garbrandt when Cruz drops Faber!

Автор L Lawliet ( назад)
thats good hyoe this fight btw cruz gonna win

Автор João Filipe da Costa ( назад)
This fag Cody ruined this on blast video. He's the last person they should have picked.

Автор Sheff5Reppa ( назад)
I wonder if Cody would have fought Faber for the title if the fight went the other way?

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