OneRepublic - Counting Stars

Download OneRepublic's album "Native" featuring the song "Counting Stars" now on iTunes: http://smarturl.it/Native

Music video by OneRepublic performing Counting Stars. (C) 2013 Mosley Music/Interscope Records

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Автор brpremieres (17 часов)
hey guys, i made a lyric video using this video, on my channel, take a look

Автор Crystal Hope (19 часов)
Hey Everyone.
My dream is to become a successful singer.
Some people don't believe in me..but maybe YOU will.
I do covers like Demi Lovato, Rihanna, Katy Perry, Ariana Grande and more!
Please give me a chance by checking out a video of mine.
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Thank you and chase your dreams everyone!<3 :)

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Please help me, I’m just a 16 year old girl that would love to be a singer
Please help me as it is my only dream
I have many covers and originals will be coming very soon :)
I can't afford to advertise my videos so I have to post on other videos
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so far I have over 3,000 subscribers :-)
to me is good but not enough to get recognized
If you finished reading this thank you so so much!!
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Автор Chadleylakes (17 часов)
Hey there! Sooo I made a music video cover for Counting Stars on my channel
It's not perfect, but I can only get better from here on!
Lol anyways, I hope you will swing by for a minute and check me out.
Maybe even subscribe if you like what you find? Thank you!

Автор Scott Aitchison (29 минут)
So many people liked this they turned there computers upside down and liked
it again

Автор Gewrgia Lazaridou (1 час)
Counting Stars...!!!<3 <3 <3

Автор Martin Snoeij (4 часа)
So much fucking advertisment from people.

Автор Jordan O. (9 часов)
i iiiiiiii! lol

Автор Constanta Pandeleanu (19 часов)

Автор stampy fan (8 часов)
This song is the best

Автор Anirudh Hari (15 часов)
Hey guys, I love Counting Stars. I made a parody of it. Please watch it and
subscribe if you like it. Thank you for your time.

Автор HaRuN (10 часов)
Hey I'm a 2000 year old man and I make covers of songs of me taking a shit
and I'll really appreciate it if you took a look.(nobody gives a crap about
your channel if you post dumb comments like the one above)

Автор Vicky SMITH (17 часов)
1, 2, 3, 4, 5........I've lost count, gotta start over!!!

Автор Viih F.Z (17 часов)
+Vitoria Beatriz Bianchin , perfect or perfect? <3

Автор Gaia Starace (19 часов)
Follow me

Автор Bella Rose (17 часов)
this song reminds me of my ships :)

Автор Zoey Highknight (20 часов)
ok i really love this song I watch it sooo many times a day xDDDD

Автор jesseb900 (2 часа)
Everybody wants to be famous... I think style will be you out there more

Автор Son Gohan (4 часа)
OneRepublic F O R E V E R lml

Автор Ashlynn LaBarbera (11 часов)
i sing a lot

Автор cooper duke (8 часов)
Holly, my last name is Sargent ha ha mebbe we are related....

Автор makeupbyrain (2 часа)
hi guys i just uploaded a cover video could you check it out.

Автор Rocky Christinson (10 часов)
Stop fucking showing off your gay Chanel's and get money to advertise bunch
of shit lords!!!!

Автор Happy sTEFAN (31 минуту)
I like melodies!

Автор Cami Rubio (25 минут)
i love

Автор Eric Goddard (7 часов)
awsome song

Автор Vinicius santos (5 часов)
Who can dare to thumbs down this video?

Автор Rob Tando (11 часов)
I just made a piano medley of 10 of the top songs in April if anyone's
interested, with Counting Stars being in it of course! It's on my youtube
if you wanna check it out - hope you enjoy :)

Автор Jason Ping (8 часов)
i love this song😏😏😏😏😏

Автор Pedro Ribeiro (1 день)
LOL That is the man at the bank in Avici`s videoclip Addict to you! Srry if
i havê a bad english. 

Автор roxygirl (18 часов)
love this song¡

Автор Daw Slk (8 часов)
1-2-3!!! I like this song hehehe :)

Автор Angelina Psr (20 часов)
<3 <3

Автор Qadrie Danial (1 день)
you can touch the ceiling, but ceiling can "Touch" You... :I

Автор Zeljka Fajfar (2 часа)
take a look on my channel.i made a cover.hope you like it <3

Автор Flóra Rozgonyi (5 часов)

Автор Nicole Harris (22 часа)
This is her daughter um i love your songs so much and i love singing too i
wish i could be brave as you guys i always wondered how you guys got into
the singing bussines 

Автор danda9478 (19 часов)
Ugh all the comments on this video are people trying to get their music
popular. PEOPLE WATCH THIS VIDEO FOR THE SONG! not to see a bunch of

Автор Ange angele.poences (1 день)
j'adore one republique !!!

Автор michaelbooster2 (21 час)
Finally I found this song... :D

Автор amaya whitted (11 часов)
I luv this song its really good

Автор wyatt starr (8 часов)
more viws than happy

Автор Tara Butler (20 часов)

Автор Hunter Lea (10 часов)
So good

Автор Sam Bakker (5 часов)
good clip!!!!!!

Автор Carol Sauhi (44 минуты)

Автор Daniele Berlingerio (23 часа)

Автор Gabriela Moncada (7 часов)

Автор DarkpawsLetsPlays (9 часов)
No one fucking cares about covers people.

Автор zepto col (2 часа)
good song

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