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Автор earlyriseband (2 часа)
Hey guys
Can you please check out my muisc?

Автор Chadleylakes (10 часов)
What's up guys? I made a music video cover for Counting Stars on my channel.
It's a bit different from the original, but some people like different! Lol
Anyways, I hope you'll take a minute to swing by and check me out.
Thank you! Have a good one :)

Автор Keegan Boulineau (2 часа)
OneRepublic is my favourite!!!! Can't stop listening to them. I just
covered their new song Love Runs Out and it would mean so much to me if you
could check it out! Thank you!

Автор abdullah abdulaziz (2 часа)
I love this song man

Автор Stefan Aneshka Lea (1 час)

Автор Claudia Krizay (11 часов)
great video!

Автор DarkStar2113 (6 часов)
man f*** this band in this stupid Illuminati ties I'm really sick of
hearing this song in the radio whenever I go to work I want to kill this
band everyone in it .cut their heads off and mount them on Spears for
everyone to see

Автор Heather Scussel (6 часов)
Loved it

Автор Rose Mohammed (5 часов)
If anyone is on instagram or Twitter follow me @PrettyQueenRose for a
follow back

Автор Shy Zakaria (15 часов)
Love this song ♡♡♡

Автор Lourdes Rios (13 часов)
everything that kills me makes me feel alive!!!! :-)

Автор Matthew Lum (9 часов)
mean honestly it gets annoying.

Автор Novelas Wandi (6 часов)
i love it.

Автор Paul S (5 часов)
I swear there's a deeper meaning... but I can't seem to find it

Автор maciej szesnaście (14 часов)

Автор Wessie b (10 часов)
I love this song

Автор Nikoleta Djelosaj (13 часов)
everything that kills me, makes me feel alive....

Автор deairra griffin (31 минуту)
this song is awesome....although I don't exactly get how the video ties

Автор Sarolta Zsofka (15 часов)

Автор jasmine lopez (3 часа)
I love this so lot lol:)

Автор sodap menyodap (1 час)
Can't stop listening! 

Автор Lexie Burgoyne (5 часов)
my favorite song ever in my life

Автор Locus Jj (3 часа)
Ha he said Vine

Автор GamerMore1 (9 минут)
why feed renekton D:

Автор lolzinhuduhbr (12 часов)

Автор Taz Actub (7 часов)
I think Ryan Tedder looks SEXY on this video. Isnt he? 😲

Автор Enes Salih Çavdar (13 часов)
Acun abi

Автор Ahmed Hernandez Zahuna (4 часа)

Автор Jackie Rodriguez (5 часов)
I like this song and if u hate it I f****** hate u

Автор Jurgest Toqi (15 часов)
yeeeah,253,997,381 and 1,239,561 likes. How can someone press the
dislike button with song!!!!!!!

Автор Luiza Krindges (10 часов)
Love this Song *--*

Автор antonio petrosemolo (12 часов)
questa band la adoro

Автор riczy Castillo (5 часов)
No me canso de oírla , amo esta canción 

Автор aniya davis (8 часов)
Love this song. Got it stuck in my head had to look it up 💕😍🙊

Автор philip robinson (11 часов)
It's good to know that even today there's more than 1,2 million people with
taste in music.

Автор Ryan SilveirA (5 часов)

Автор Lauren M (4 часа)
I love this but the only thing that I don't get is the upper room with all
of the people in but I still LOVE this video 

Автор Jagroop Singh (4 часа)
Sometimes I think this song sucks but when I hear the first word then this
song is pretty good.

Автор blibli blublu (4 часа)
i can hardly see the stars nowadays :(

Автор Laura Delazeri Farias (13 часов)
Counting stars....

Автор kyle mander (3 часа)
Ok, everyone lets start a chain I'll start!

♫Baby baby i've been losing sleep♫
♫Dreaming about the things that we could be♫

Автор Zoe Scoville (4 часа)
Love this song! My friend and I are singing this for the talent show this
year! Again LOVE IT!!!

Автор qazsarea (5 часов)
fantastic song but absolutely random video.

Автор Uriel Uriel (12 часов)

Автор dintsi11 (9 часов)
Can't really believe they're coming to Estonia, a dream come true, thx! :)

Автор Ninna Queen (13 часов)

Автор camryn mcavoy (10 часов)
rock on listen to the best music on my earth

Автор Bihh Almeida (6 часов)
Simplismente música perfeita :3

Автор julio esparza (12 часов)

Автор Mauricio Camayo Meneses (5 часов)

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