OneRepublic - Counting Stars

Download OneRepublic's album "Native" featuring the song "Counting Stars" now on iTunes: http://smarturl.it/Native

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Music video by OneRepublic performing Counting Stars. (C) 2013 Mosley Music/Interscope Records

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We love Counting Stars by our 'Celeb of the Week' OneRepublic! 

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Автор Eli Arcadia (21 час)
+cole martin this song is for u!!!

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I love this song!!!

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Автор ArsenicCatnip (3 дня)
OwO i love this song!

Автор Bernadett Takács (1 день)

Автор Pierce The Sirens (3 дня)
this song is so boring omf

Автор Stephen Dias (3 дня)
For all you foolish Christians out there, this song is making fun of your
religion of right vs wrong. That Sinning is what makes us human and alive.
Living the Christian life only drives us to death.

Автор Malakii Rthur (2 дня)
Earth to echo

Автор JiizzyJeffMusic (6 дней)
Hello guys, would you mind giving my songs a listen..

Автор Erick Escamilla (3 дня)
Tonight they'll be at mexico city and i'll be there

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This song is amazing! so much respect for OneRepublic 

Автор earlyriseband (6 дней)
Can you listen to my songs guys? 

Автор Cineon  VFX (7 дней)
Every song i like, reminds me on some other song, but never know which
song, Thumbs up if is the same with you ;)

Автор April Schubert (6 дней)
I love the song counting star 

Автор Милица Радосављевић (2 дня)
I love this song very much!!<3

Автор Alvar Lake (12 дней)
*I know how much hate people can give to me*
*when reading these kinds of comments*
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Автор llegouniverse28 (3 дня)
love dis

Автор Natalia Papadwniou (6 дней)
OneRepublic - Counting Stars

Автор Lochlyn Christante (2 дня)
Is that Gummie? I didn't realize One Republic were bronies.

Автор AnGeL CR (7 дней)
What's the meaning of the video?

Автор SikKidMusic (16 дней)
hi people!
I make music, can you check it out?
I do rap, but I rap about GOOD things
to help people get thru tough times,
take a listen?? :)

Автор Natalia Sanchez (5 дней)
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ant saying this to be me i love the fuck out of the postive things about u
i am just saying get it together man u are letting urself look trashy to
proove what to who???

Автор A.M. Harlow (5 дней)

Автор Camilo Restrepo (5 дней)
OneRepublic - Counting Stars

Автор Josimar Schulle (9 дней)
*Música boa pra c@r#$%& Hahaha ;)*

Автор Dan Shimouff (6 дней)
Am I the only one who's so amused by the weird video? What's up with that?
What does it signify?

Автор tommyzoom1996 (7 дней)
Rather be counting dollars than stars to be honest

Автор Joshua Tan (6 дней)
"Take that money watch it burn."
Me: D: But I only have a nickel

Автор MrVorhees101 (7 дней)
I think the gator stole the show every time it showed on screen. XD

Автор Kristen Davidson (10 дней)
I'm fishing for good bands to listen to (Sorry dont know how to spell:P)
any good band please tell 

Автор TheSacredMantraBoon (6 дней)
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iT’s wHitE geNOcide
Except they don’t call it geNOcde when it’s done to White people.
They call it “diversity”.
One race “diversity” IS geNOcide.
“Anti-racist” is a code for anti-White

Автор Lyra Soulsilver (8 дней)
I like this song and the video except 2:10 wtf was that

Автор thenone yakuza (6 дней)
Isreal = scumbag.

Автор silver pop (5 дней)
guy if someone asked you nicely to take a look at there music be nice and
say yeh sure or just don't rely at all if u have nothing nice to say don't
say it 

Автор chris madzier (7 дней)
#onerepublic Counting Stars,,,,,,,,,,,, :-))))

>>>>Please Share Public for All to Enjoy!!!!!<<<<
#soundsofsunday #2014summertimejams #mondaymadness 

Автор EUNIKE ISME (7 дней)
Take that money
Watch it burn
Sink in the river
The lessons I learned
.... really #good hardjobs guys and its #godspeed for you :))

Автор My Little Pony Elsa (6 дней)

Автор guavamantis (6 дней)
Genocide is killing hundreds of innocent people for a selfless conquest.
Multiculturalism is bad ,but not as bad as the holocaust.

Автор Rachel Angel (7 дней)
Old, but I'm not that old
Young, but I'm not that bold
And I don't think the world is sold
I'm just doing what we're told

Автор Gustavo Costa (15 дней)
"Sitting, No More Counting Homeworks,
We'll Be Counting Stars! "

Автор Χρυσα Σκριμπα (13 дней)

Автор Seda Atasoy (8 дней)

Автор Abby Conard (9 дней)
I've a question. What's up with the crocodile/alligator thing walking
around the building?

Автор Евгений Мальцев (9 дней)

Автор Melody Lin (17 дней)
Why is their a crocodile?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!

Автор jacob hirschfeld (5 дней)
But I don't want a bacon clubhouse burger McDonald's!
NOT ADVERTISING. SO PLEASE JUST... quickly remove the ad.

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