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Автор Duck Spies ( назад)
the man in the first video on the phone looks like linustechtips but in 17 years old version....

Автор patrick maringka ( назад)
what is the name of the brend of the smartphones

Автор Pavel Látka ( назад)
HTC did it first (even before Nintendo)

Автор Paras Dhand ( назад)
fuck are jealous me chootiya kamina haram jada

Автор Mathew Reeves ( назад)
i had the htc evo3d and its pretty neat but u have to look 100% perfectly straight at it for it to look good. but it looks crazy and awesome

Автор MarsFinallyFresh ( назад)
It's quite simple they took the function from the 3ds and put it in a phone

Автор ItsFreezy ( назад)
Treyarch, is that you?

Автор darkness blade ( назад)
you do see some double video, just like on the 3ds

Автор CrudeToons ( назад)
Is that a treyarch logo?

Автор CrudeToons ( назад)
The world is 3-d...

Автор cami rockx ( назад)
tuji ma k yah

Автор Evan Blenkinsopp ( назад)
Be honest... You're all gonna watch porn in this thing!

Автор Amber Muncy ( назад)
Why does it have the treyarch logo on the back

Автор Sans Form Under-pun ( назад)
Just imagine the 3Dbility that will do to the Nitendo!!!

Автор Paint Jobs ( назад)
3ds Nintendo who remembers?

Автор Werner Meyer ( назад)
you really a stupid fuck just go get a girl you virgin and here in SA we have allreaddy all that shit it old.4 us

Автор Jeffrey ( назад)
awesome just like my Nintendo 3DS

Автор Bilal Patel ( назад)
HTC Evo 3D, LG Optimus 3D

Автор rehan sherdil ( назад)
want that thing

Автор Serno Gamer ( назад)
What do you do with al of that phones

Автор tan hock jun ( назад)
3DS already done that years ago...

Автор Chris Burrows ( назад)
looks like everyone forgot about the lg 3D phone which i still have it can take 3D video and photos with duel lens

Автор shalalala mumu ( назад)
I WAS LIKE Nha i wont buy it and i was like 3D PORN already bought it :3

Автор Faheem junaid ( назад)
by the way which phone is it

Автор CROCOMAN_YT ( назад)

Автор Pistol SpaceAir ( назад)
The HTC Evo did this phone first you dope.

Автор Bryant Stevenson ( назад)
Why does it have the treyarch logo on the back

Автор Ruud van Lier ( назад)
i had a LG optimus 3D like 6 years ago..... it was the same

Автор djer in the house ( назад)
Did you heart of the 3ds

Автор Enderlet ( назад)
why does the phone have the treyarch logo on the back? 😂

Автор How To ( назад)

Автор Gummobear ( назад)
3:33 are they pj pants?

Автор Johan Lindberg ( назад)
LG was first many years ago

Автор Finickytuber ( назад)
aaaaaaaaaaa, this is so cool, i wish that you give this to me
whats the price of this anyway?

Автор Rayan Khoudir Berrah ( назад)
LG did it in 2011 with the Optimus 3D a bit before the Nintendo 3Ds


Автор Mikee Mendoza ( назад)
it looks like samsung j5 prime with fingerprint

Автор DR4GONDUDE ( назад)
Nintendo beat them to it by a few years

Автор Tea Lalthazuala ( назад)
naked? hehe you wear glasss...loooool

Автор NicolasNyff ( назад)
And the 3DS? Was released before?

Автор H20Delirious No.2 ( назад)
This reminds me of my old HTC EVO 3D

Автор BAKEDPOTATO 101 ( назад)

Автор Daniel Harris ( назад)
Get a Gear VR that uses true 3D and 4D.

Автор glued it ideas ( назад)

Автор J JP Tu ( назад)
HTC Evo 3D allllllready did this! With a parallax tandem lens camera

Автор Twin Cats ( назад)
They copied 3ds

Автор Max Steinhauser ( назад)
its looks horrible form the video

Автор Leah Live ( назад)
Unbox Therapy+ Where did you find these kind of phones? Or are these fake?

Автор Leah Live ( назад)
2:21 he sounds like a goat

Автор moonlightbae .2 ( назад)
It looks kinda like samsung😂

Автор average tuna sandwich ( назад)
2:22 he sound like a goat

Автор Luk45135 :D ( назад)
couch couch nintendo 3ds

Автор MG MasterGamer ( назад)
Didnt Nintendo do it in 2012? Well i already have it on My new 3ds xl

Автор Jason Etheridge ( назад)
HTC did this years ago with the Evo3D. Nice phone in the day.

Автор Anthony Jonas ( назад)
are you connor mcgregors son?
you'll do fookin nootin.

Автор Wickedpowerupguy ( назад)
Nintendo are the only company that has done 3d with glasses properly

Автор johneygd ( назад)
This smartphone is ahead of it's time.
If sony will come with a new smartphone it should,ve to have a 3D camera & screen.
Because sony was alway's the pinnacle of 3D..

Автор RUSKY BIAS ( назад)
Nintendo did that 2 years ago

Автор pro gamer Nicolai ( назад)
the phone look like a Huawei p9 lite

Автор Gaus Shaikh ( назад)
ohh I fuck tou

Автор junior CND ( назад)
I have a new nintendo 3ds xl

Автор Phpkidgamer PRO ( назад)
At 2:57 the F**k

Автор Shafiqur Rahman ( назад)
Nothing new. LG did it earlier, in July 2011. And the model is Optimus 3D P920.

Автор rahul chaudhary ( назад)
Hi jack..

Автор Narutotheking Uzumaki ( назад)
It's alllll pornnnnn

Автор Narutotheking Uzumaki ( назад)
Why do it have a try arch symbol

Автор Sabir Duncan ( назад)
Hey that game at the end was bad piggys #copyright

Автор Mbuyiselo Mbava ( назад)
So buy an completly new phone just for 3d just buy glasses its way cheaper

Автор IXI Hacking Group ( назад)
Finally JACK reveled !!

Автор Captain Cookie ( назад)
FAKE He is wearing glasses

Автор Pokemon Cards ( назад)
Both of u are wearing glasses

Автор Eastwood Unforgiven ( назад)
It just uses lenticular for the screen like those dvd boxes

Автор 유기농콩 ( назад)
LG did it at 2011.

Автор Yo Mate ( назад)
There used to be an optimus 3d in 2011.

Автор Nibedita Prasad ( назад)
send for me one

Автор Patrick McGeown ( назад)
i could kind of see it and that was cool!

Автор Ng Songxi ( назад)
Try to check about lg 3D and htc 3D this two phone is 3D phone

Автор greasenose ( назад)
Background music?

Автор Andrew Stemerman ( назад)
How did it not catch on when its been around for over 40 years?

Автор Red Man main ( назад)
try the LG 3D stereo phone they were 3D without glasses and snaps videos and pics in 3D and i bet ya its going to blow your mind for a fairly old phone..

Автор Sandro Rocha ( назад)
they copied Moonwalker Inc., whos developers used to work at Estar, the world's first naked eye 3D phone developers in 2013. And they managed to con thousands of people out of money on indigogo and kick starter. Wack

Автор Farzana Nahid ( назад)
Nah fam

Автор Farzana Nahid ( назад)
You can use the 3ds

Автор DragonGames ( назад)
LG P920 :-)

Автор Jeff Cockmann ( назад)

Автор JulTheDonutMiner// JulTDM ( назад)

Автор RCTM0N5T3R ( назад)
The Logo looks like Treyarch

Автор YouTube Bros ( назад)
I saw. The 3D

Автор Emanuel Warzel ( назад)
My favorite part was the provocative images ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Автор SALAD ASS ( назад)
Fuck off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор carlos valdovinos ( назад)
It looks like it copied the look of the huawei honor 5x

Автор Cherryn Shon의 아들 ( назад)
What about the LG Optimus 3D?

Автор YT4 1 ( назад)
You know this can damage your eyes

Автор Antonio Mason ( назад)
HTC been there done that

Автор Suath Shrestha ( назад)
u have so many phone bro.. i didnot have single one also can u gve me gift of a smart phone which u can give me bro pleas..

Автор Girish Pai ( назад)
Nice video. Wish this could come into all smartphones.

Автор hassan adeyoola ( назад)
it looks a lot like the Huawei Honor 7

Автор Twowheeler 1 ( назад)
Dude! What in the world kind of pance is the ginger man in the back round wearing?

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