See 3D Without Glasses On Your Phone!

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) --- Today's Mystery Video - https://youtu.be/FvFIKRtob0g

Alienline 3D Smartphone - http://www.alienline.com/

This smartphone is the first I've seen that features a 3D display without the glasses. 3D functionality is limited to certain apps but given the right video file the effect can be pretty amazing. That said, there are some drawback... When using the phone without 3D function the display isn't the brightest and viewing angles are poor. This is likely do to the integrated technology necessary for the 3D experience.

From the manufacturer -

More than a decade of combined research and technical development by American, Australian and Asian scientists, engineers and technicians has come together under the name of Alienline. As a result of their brilliant work a revolutionary naked-eye 3D screen has been created. Yes, naked-eye! …which means there’s no additional components needed to experience 3D visual impressions. No special 3D glasses, no virtual sets, just simply watch and enjoy. And it’s because this real 3D display does all the work by itself including delivering color-segmented frames separately to your left and right eyes.

The special geometry surface of an added extra polymer layer decodes the polar- and color segmentation so that each eye sees only what was designed for it to see, creating a perception of depth. The Right Eye image is specially segmented, matching the prism’s Right side of the polymer surface. This lets only the Right image to be visible. The Left Eye image is segmented differently, matching the prism’s Left side of the polymer surface. This lets only the Left image to be visible. The display switches between the Left and Right eye images at up to 100 frames per second (that's really) alternately segmenting each frame.

The human brain synthesizes the two images into a single image, creating the perception of depth. We designed a polymer layer with a specially engineered surface. Applying this extra layer on the parallax barrier line the whole screen itself becomes a Real 3 Dimensional Ultra High Quality Display. Thus 3D glasses are not needed anymore. Alienline 3D Smartphones and Tablet Phones are designed to allow you to comfortably watch a movie while reducing ghosting and image blur, which are side effect previously experienced with any kind of 3D glasses. And as an extra feature you can also enjoy our newly developed 3D operating platform specially designed for Android users.

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Автор J JP Tu ( назад)
HTC Evo 3D allllllready did this! With a parallax tandem lens camera

Автор Waste of Life and Time ( назад)
They copied 3ds

Автор Max Steinhauser ( назад)
its looks horrible form the video

Автор Leah Live ( назад)
Unbox Therapy+ Where did you find these kind of phones? Or are these fake?

Автор Leah Live ( назад)
2:21 he sounds like a goat

Автор moonlightbae .2 ( назад)
It looks kinda like samsung😂

Автор average tuna sandwich ( назад)
2:22 he sound like a goat

Автор Luk45135 :D ( назад)
couch couch nintendo 3ds

Автор MG MasterGamer ( назад)
Didnt Nintendo do it in 2012? Well i already have it on My new 3ds xl

Автор Jason Etheridge ( назад)
HTC did this years ago with the Evo3D. Nice phone in the day.

Автор Anthony Jonas ( назад)
are you connor mcgregors son?
you'll do fookin nootin.

Автор Wickedpowerupguy ( назад)
Nintendo are the only company that has done 3d with glasses properly

Автор johneygd ( назад)
This smartphone is ahead of it's time.
If sony will come with a new smartphone it should,ve to have a 3D camera & screen.
Because sony was alway's the pinnacle of 3D..

Автор RUSKY BIAS ( назад)
Nintendo did that 2 years ago

Автор pro gamer Nicolai ( назад)
the phone look like a Huawei p9 lite

Автор Gaus Shaikh ( назад)
ohh I fuck tou

Автор junior CND ( назад)
I have a new nintendo 3ds xl

Автор Phpkidgamer PRO ( назад)
At 2:57 the F**k

Автор Shafiqur Rahman ( назад)
Nothing new. LG did it earlier, in July 2011. And the model is Optimus 3D P920.

Автор rahul chaudhary ( назад)
Hi jack..

Автор Narutotheking Uzumaki ( назад)
It's alllll pornnnnn

Автор Narutotheking Uzumaki ( назад)
Why do it have a try arch symbol

Автор Sabir Duncan ( назад)
Hey that game at the end was bad piggys #copyright

Автор Mbuyiselo Mbava ( назад)
So buy an completly new phone just for 3d just buy glasses its way cheaper

Автор IXI Hacking Group ( назад)
Finally JACK reveled !!

Автор Captain Cookie ( назад)
FAKE He is wearing glasses

Автор Pokemon Cards ( назад)
Both of u are wearing glasses

Автор Eastwood Unforgiven ( назад)
It just uses lenticular for the screen like those dvd boxes

Автор 유기농콩 ( назад)
LG did it at 2011.

Автор Yo Mate ( назад)
There used to be an optimus 3d in 2011.

Автор Nibedita Prasad ( назад)
send for me one

Автор Patrick McGeown ( назад)
i could kind of see it and that was cool!

Автор Ng Songxi ( назад)
Try to check about lg 3D and htc 3D this two phone is 3D phone

Автор greasenose ( назад)
Background music?

Автор Andrew Stemerman ( назад)
How did it not catch on when its been around for over 40 years?

Автор Red Man main ( назад)
try the LG 3D stereo phone they were 3D without glasses and snaps videos and pics in 3D and i bet ya its going to blow your mind for a fairly old phone..

Автор Sandro Rocha ( назад)
they copied Moonwalker Inc., whos developers used to work at Estar, the world's first naked eye 3D phone developers in 2013. And they managed to con thousands of people out of money on indigogo and kick starter. Wack

Автор Farzana Nahid ( назад)
Nah fam

Автор Farzana Nahid ( назад)
You can use the 3ds

Автор DragonGames ( назад)
LG P920 :-)

Автор Dr.Facebank ( назад)

Автор Jeff Cockmann ( назад)

Автор JulTheCatVault// JulTCV ( назад)

Автор RCTM0N5T3R ( назад)
The Logo looks like Treyarch

Автор YouTube Bros ( назад)
I saw. The 3D

Автор Emanuel Warzel ( назад)
My favorite part was the provocative images ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Автор SALAD ASS ( назад)
Fuck off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор carlos valdovinos ( назад)
It looks like it copied the look of the huawei honor 5x

Автор Cherryn Shon의 아들 ( назад)
What about the LG Optimus 3D?

Автор YT4 1 ( назад)
You know this can damage your eyes

Автор Antonio Mason ( назад)
HTC been there done that

Автор Suath Shrestha ( назад)
u have so many phone bro.. i didnot have single one also can u gve me gift of a smart phone which u can give me bro pleas..

Автор Girish Pai ( назад)
Nice video. Wish this could come into all smartphones.

Автор hassan adeyoola ( назад)
it looks a lot like the Huawei Honor 7

Автор Twowheeler 1 ( назад)
Dude! What in the world kind of pance is the ginger man in the back round wearing?

Автор Inamol ( назад)
The 3DS did the same thing, but it actually has games with a lot of 3d.

Автор Shiroe ( назад)
imagine what else you can watch in 3d ;) wink wink

Автор Christopher Michael Ayres ( назад)
Love the led Zeppelin symbol on the back lol

Автор blowupSCEINCE ( назад)
maybe they can make 3D contacts??????

Автор Valarmathi Fernando ( назад)
cost of the phone

Автор AlbinoStream ( назад)
So basically a 3ds With the bottom chopped off. "Smart"

Автор Kuban Kamaz ( назад)
i had 3D years ago on HTC 3D Evo... this isnt anything new actually

Автор Casey Edwards ( назад)
I had a 3d LG phone like 3 or 4ish years ago that was 3d without glasses, really cool but, it drained the battery fast.

Автор Channels ( назад)
Nintendo 3DS without calls lol

Автор Seth Mathews ( назад)
quotes 2016, everywhere we look the world will be 3d... really

Автор Yuli Arisanty ( назад)
( !♡

Автор Awsomenot ( назад)
The 3ds does that too, i dont own a 3ds, THEY ARE EXPANSIVE IN MY COUNTRY, but i did use one before

Автор Chris Robledo ( назад)
It's been done HTC Evo 3D was a great phone better than most phones today movies are 3D pics everything was amazing and the best part no glasses so this company is about 7 years behind but I hope the product goes forward in making 3 D products better

Автор Pawan Jamle ( назад)
used iphone give me my WhatsApp number9589691771 please reply

Автор Matas Aleknavičius ( назад)
HTC EVO 3D was first one...

Автор DogeGaming ( назад)
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Автор Magix ( назад)
gonne buy that phone for porn

Автор Panzer Soldat ( назад)
Treyarch phones are awesome.

Автор Andre Jordan ( назад)
It only failed because one phone came out with it. Now if iphone came out with it everyone would have it.

Автор Irakli Kobiashvili ( назад)

Автор legolicious greenleaf ( назад)
its a 3ds phone

Автор Gerford Wahs ( назад)
O RLY!? Seen that shit at some LG phone 3 years ago. Jeezzz

Автор C00LX100 ( назад)

Автор Wil AN ( назад)
Nintendo 3DS?

Автор John Harmony ( назад)
I thought HTC EVO 3D was the first one but...(or the LG optimus 3D)

Автор Renan220227 ( назад)
LG made a 3D phone a few years ago....

Автор Outlaw Jesse Games ( назад)
The 3ds was the first

Автор Jack Pellegrin ( назад)
i can see the 3d

Автор Eddie Mitza ( назад)
Those are some ugly pajama pants you've got there dude .

Автор Daja Harris ( назад)
good for porn

Автор Seplexis ( назад)
I can't wear 3D glasses because I wear real glasses and I can't see anything without them. I usually just wear the 3D glasses over them lol

Автор AppleTrackGAMING ( назад)
"Without glasses"
But what about people who need glasses? Do they keep them, or?

Автор Ncice ( назад)
Its like the 3DS Screen XD

Автор Will Henderson ( назад)
Nintendo 3ds?

Автор leelle 101 ( назад)
3ds phone version

Автор Carson Seiter ( назад)
How much

Автор Luke Valor ( назад)
htc evo 3d did this first. i had it and it was awesome

Автор Ys TechniQal ( назад)
sir can you speak hindi like jai hind vande matram

Автор SFI Aerocity ( назад)
jack is imaginary

Автор RUSOBJS ( назад)
what model of watch you used.

Автор red88ization ( назад)
ive had a 3d glass less screen on my 3d camcorder for about 4 years now

Автор Louie365 ( назад)
Sure is like the 3D of the Nintendo 3DS.

Автор Manan naseer ( назад)
You are a bullshit

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