Bull Frog Hunt

Just a day out with the old man catching some frogs.

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Добавлено: 3 года
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it seems not that bad :P Lucky for me i am not French. *I Do Not Own This, This Show Is Property Of Discovery Channel*
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Автор Joshua Hartzler (2 месяца)
Wow! now that is something I never thought of how to catch frogs.

Автор Braedan Kelsay (4 месяца)
great vid

Автор Jacob Heater (10 месяцев)
Sick donkey hole you know what I mean

Автор jcp342 (1 год)
We just used rubber worms but you can use anything you think that bull frog
might try eating! This video was made all around rice county where I live.

Автор jcp342 (3 года)
@SauerTongues4 Thanks man! It was tough to keep everthing in focuse as fast
as stuff was moving at times. Glad you enjoyed watching their should be
more to come! Thanks for commenting and watching!

Автор LoneStarCreekRanch (3 года)
Super cool video right there Jesse!! Man, I've never seen anything like
it!! Fishin for Frogs?? Haha! Too cool!! I like the way you put the video
together also!! The slow mos were a nice touch for sure!! Cool ending as

Автор oxn snipe (8 месяцев)
For the title I THINK you ment: "Just another fucked up redneck activity"

Автор Lauri Mattiello (11 месяцев)
heidi great y'all got 'em outta dat dirty little river thing 'n' sent 'em
to swim in ya stomachs haha great vid bud

Автор NeverNeverSafari (3 года)
i have to say that i have never seen someone catch frogs like that

Автор wyatt yake yake (8 месяцев)
what bait do u use

Автор THEHOGZONE (3 года)
@jcp342 Yes, i've never seen that done this way, its like fishing! Legs are
tastey to!

Автор jjrrhh11 (1 год)

Автор jcp342 (3 года)
@SauerTongues4 oh yea we use rubber worms with double hooks.

Автор jcp342 (3 года)
@2024JayZ I am not sure, not enough for a frog fry yet! One more good trip
like this one and we should be set!

Автор james erdman (1 год)
hey jcp342 where is this??

Автор THEHOGZONE (3 года)

Автор Tom Queen (8 месяцев)
Catching dinner.

Автор jcp342 (3 года)
@2024JayZ Not quite sure we caught some before I had my camera with me? We
just have enough now to have a from fry, maybe 40 or 50

Автор jcp342 (3 года)
@hogdude1234 Well we haven't ate them yet! Need to get enough for a frog
fry! That will make an intresting video also! Yea I just learned that I had
fast forward and slow mo never knew how to use it till just a couple of
days ago! Thank for the comment.

Автор Nico S (9 месяцев)
awesome video, love fried frog legs..

Автор Jacob Heater (10 месяцев)
You stupid red neck have some respect oh and what do you do with them

Автор jcp342 (3 года)
@virtualguitarist hey that is a good idea for the one's we can't get to
with are poles.

Автор Frogtoadtoby (1 год)
what do you do with theem

Автор jcp342 (3 года)
@LoneStarCreekRanch Thank you very much Robert, Next one I am going to do
will be with from gigs, kind of like a spear! Yea I just learned how to use
slow mo on my computer. I didn't think I had that on my or in my editing
soft wear. Again Thank for watching and commenting.

Автор Matt Booth (3 года)
man on those things were huge!! love some frog legs! really cool video

Автор bryce grogan (11 месяцев)
what bait are yall using

Автор John Wolf (9 месяцев)
Animal abuse!!!

Автор 2011funi (10 месяцев)
HAHAHA. Great vid!

Автор Crappie Chris (3 года)
I have never seen froggin like this before, Thats pretty cool bud, -chris-

Автор John Wolf (9 месяцев)
Reported this video for animal abuse.

Автор zac fro (11 месяцев)
cool vid. good eatin.

Автор Reid Gray (1 год)
Do you guys fry the frogs afterwards?

Автор YoungGunFishingCrew (8 месяцев)
what do u use to catch them

Автор Bryce Rush (8 месяцев)
Do this with a fly as in the lure

Автор virtualguitarist (3 года)
@jcp342 Sure, just pop em with a bb gun, then snag em with a treble hook.

Автор Han afafMegajackihiga (1 год)
Awesome! Especially the eyeball part. That must have hurt! perfect!

Автор SauerTongues4 (3 года)
@jcp342 No worries bro !!!!

Автор 2024JayZ (3 года)
Great video So how many did yall catch ? -Jason

Автор kayleegk (6 месяцев)
Where is that so many frogs is that illegal

Автор LittleMissReptile (9 месяцев)
Thats Cruel...

Автор TheRooster1029 (8 месяцев)
fucking pussy

Автор Austin Mccray (10 месяцев)
Bull fatfajsjx

Автор Raul Martinez (10 месяцев)
What's the bait?

Автор Craig Wiltshire (3 года)
that looked like fun!

Автор Meatwad (9 месяцев)
you deep fry em and it's called surviving

Автор Bruce Lee (8 месяцев)
Every body shut up if you hate this guy catching frog :) frog meat taste so
good I ate before

Автор SauerTongues4 (3 года)
@jcp342 Very cool happy eatin !!!!!!!!!!

Автор jcp342 (1 год)
Rice county is central Kansas

Автор Zprofesser (9 месяцев)
Why do some people take offense to Frogging it's a sport just like Fishing
Hunting or Trapping...God Gave us these beautiful creatures to eat...My
Father Raised me to hunt them with bow and arrow so why is it wrong that
kids parents may think that it's cruel...are you kidding me...Starving in
children in Ethiopia would love a bunch of froglegs fried up! FROGS LAY
MILLIONS OF EGGS mother nature is saying go ahead eat these things they are
tasty! I don't understand why people say That's Cruel..

Автор Arlyne Ramirez (10 месяцев)
Frog juice haha

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