Bull Frog Hunt

Just a day out with the old man catching some frogs.

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Автор PET MOGUL ( назад)
No bs in daddys game when hes after frogs lmao

Автор The Bowhunter ( назад)
holy shit those frogs are gigantic

Автор dawson miller ( назад)
shat r u using to get thaem, on a ploe

Автор 6771Randy ( назад)
I loved watching this video! Frog legs are the best but don't buy the farm
raised, they taste like fish food only worse!

Автор Kyle Latshaw ( назад)
this is so fucked up.

Автор a ramos ( назад)
Nice fishing

Автор igor taranchenko ( назад)
Eating large frogs. God forbid to be that hungry.

Автор Wiffleball Players ( назад)
Do u eat them?

Автор Levi Jones ( назад)
Pee little froggy pee!!🐸🐸🐸🐸🐸

Автор J Anthony ( назад)
Awesome video, when I was young there was a Mill over a race cut out of a
large creek, bigger than most rivers beside my house. I used to in the
summertime catch one from above out of the windows. I have caught turtles,
snakes, frogs and all kinds of creek fish. Carp would come up in there to
feed when it was running. They could weigh up to 110-20 lbs. We had a deep
seas fishing pole that was about 5' long and fat. We'd hook em and sling em
to the bank because we weren't strong enough to reel em up. Used hard corn
as it came in on the trucks from harvest. The old men laughed at us until
we showed em. Awesome video

Автор Todd Rupard ( назад)
You tree huggers trip me out, if your sooooo offended dont watch, when the
SHTF i bet he wont be begging for food. You just keep eating your plants my
food takes a s@#t on.... lol

Автор Novi Liuther ( назад)
I'm Indonesian. It' s looks very interesting. Can you let me know the
location ? tq..

Автор jcp342 ( назад)
Yes pretty much any type of lure will wok, I'd say use something small like
a worm

Автор Debra Everingham ( назад)
can you use soft plastics and if yes what kind

Автор Bronco Piscis ( назад)
disgusting fucking people dirty

Автор jcp342 ( назад)
We eat them!

Автор AwesomeVeronica11 ( назад)
What are you gonna do with them or what did u do with them???

Автор Corben Dewitt ( назад)
I've been doing that for years

Автор MY Highschool Channel ( назад)
I Go bullfrog fishing all the time and at my grandpa's house there is a
pond in the woods with a bunch green seeds or algae or whatever and at the
shady spot there is like 50 Bullfrogs around it but some of them scream and
jump really fast but i managed to catch 20 with a red cloth tied in a knot
and then i turn them loose.

Автор souzannah cikauskas ( назад)
Whats the bait u guys use

Автор Trapper boy 109 ( назад)
I do that all the time frog fishing and not once has a frog pissed on me

Автор Joshua Hartzler ( назад)
Wow! now that is something I never thought of how to catch frogs.

Автор Braedan Kelsay ( назад)
great vid

Автор kayleegk ( назад)
Where is that so many frogs is that illegal

Автор Mac Stafford ( назад)
yeah that makes sense, go eat some chickens that are raised in shitty
conditions their whole life, thats not cruel but eating frogs from the wild

Автор wyatt yake yake ( назад)
what bait do u use 

Автор Art Ford ( назад)
I've been watching this for the last 3 days to prepare for frog season here
in nebraska

Автор Tom Queen ( назад)
Catching dinner. 

Автор Tom Queen ( назад)
Good eating! 

Автор oxn snipe ( назад)
For the title I THINK you ment: "Just another fucked up redneck activity"

Автор Bruce Lee ( назад)
Every body shut up if you hate this guy catching frog :) frog meat taste so
good I ate before

Автор Bruce Lee ( назад)
You should get just a hook and some small bait I guess this bait little to
big I use catch frog back in my country

Автор YoungGunFishingCrew ( назад)
what do u use to catch them

Автор Bryce Rush ( назад)
Do this with a fly as in the lure

Автор Timmy Hankins ( назад)
That is soo fucked up. Fucking red necks! if you like reptiles and animals
please check out my channel and described thank you.

Автор Darrick Fauvel ( назад)
Lol u yank em out in slow mo. AWESOME!

Автор SqwillyBoss ( назад)
I think it's cruel to eat frogs go eat some fried chicken instead.

Автор Rooster Gunnin ( назад)
fucking pussy

Автор John Wolf ( назад)
Animal abuse!!!

Автор John Wolf ( назад)
Reported this video for animal abuse.

Автор Nico S ( назад)
awesome video, love fried frog legs..

Автор Zprofesser ( назад)
Why do some people take offense to Frogging it's a sport just like Fishing
Hunting or Trapping...God Gave us these beautiful creatures to eat...My
Father Raised me to hunt them with bow and arrow so why is it wrong that
kids parents may think that it's cruel...are you kidding me...Starving in
children in Ethiopia would love a bunch of froglegs fried up! FROGS LAY
MILLIONS OF EGGS mother nature is saying go ahead eat these things they are
tasty! I don't understand why people say That's Cruel..

Автор Meatwad ( назад)
you deep fry em and it's called surviving

Автор LittleMissReptile ( назад)
Thats Cruel... 

Автор Jacob Heater ( назад)
Sick donkey hole you know what I mean

Автор Jacob Heater ( назад)
You stupid red neck have some respect oh and what do you do with them

Автор Austin Mccray ( назад)
Bull fatfajsjx

Автор Arlyne Ramirez ( назад)
Frog juice haha

Автор Jack Steer ( назад)
fucking redneck

Автор bryce grogan ( назад)
what bait are yall using 

Автор Lauri Mattiello ( назад)
heidi great y'all got 'em outta dat dirty little river thing 'n' sent 'em
to swim in ya stomachs haha great vid bud

Автор zac fro ( назад)
cool vid. good eatin.

Автор jcp342 ( назад)
We eat'em

Автор Amanda Medina ( назад)
What do you guys do with the bullfrogs afterwards?,just curious!

Автор Reid Gray ( назад)
Do you guys fry the frogs afterwards?

Автор dasupasin ( назад)
Are there no fish in that lake behind you?

Автор Davide Piazza ( назад)
sei un vero testa di cazzo ..... vergognati ad prelevare le rane dal loro
ambiente naturale ,......... ! vafanqulizzati nel cessoooo 

Автор kdc43 ( назад)
They grow rice in KS? Or is that just the name of the county? Nice vid, I
used to snag bullfrogs under the chin with my fishing pole in Central
Illinois in the early 1970s.

Автор grecia ochoa ( назад)
DONT EAT MY BABIES !!!!!!!!!!!!! |:0

Автор Han afafMegajackihiga ( назад)
Awesome! Especially the eyeball part. That must have hurt! perfect!

Автор Curtis WiesHausenlicktensteinski ( назад)
Taste like chicken

Автор jcp342 ( назад)
Rice county is central Kansas

Автор Daniel Talbot ( назад)
Where is rice country? btw great video!

Автор jcp342 ( назад)
We just used rubber worms but you can use anything you think that bull frog
might try eating! This video was made all around rice county where I live.

Автор jjrrhh11 ( назад)

Автор TheOptixHD ( назад)
what did you use for bait 

Автор james erdman ( назад)
hey jcp342 where is this??

Автор Aaron G ( назад)
frog legs are delicious! Usually ill just shoot em with the 22

Автор THEHOGZONE ( назад)
@jcp342 Yes, i've never seen that done this way, its like fishing! Legs are
tastey to!

Автор jcp342 ( назад)
@wildoutdoorskiller4 Just fishing luers, red worms works the best. 

Автор jcp342 ( назад)
@fracwilt It was a blast, 

Автор Craig Wiltshire ( назад)
that looked like fun!

Автор jcp342 ( назад)
@THEHOGZONE Really you think so? 

Автор jcp342 ( назад)
@virtualguitarist hey that is a good idea for the one's we can't get to
with are poles.

Автор THEHOGZONE ( назад)

Автор jcp342 ( назад)
@2024JayZ Not quite sure we caught some before I had my camera with me? We
just have enough now to have a from fry, maybe 40 or 50

Автор Crappie Chris ( назад)
I have never seen froggin like this before, Thats pretty cool bud, -chris-

Автор NeverNeverSafari ( назад)
i have to say that i have never seen someone catch frogs like that

Автор Matt Booth ( назад)
man on those things were huge!! love some frog legs! really cool video

Автор jcp342 ( назад)
@2024JayZ I am not sure, not enough for a frog fry yet! One more good trip
like this one and we should be set! 

Автор 2024JayZ ( назад)
Great video So how many did yall catch ? -Jason

Автор jcp342 ( назад)
@SauerTongues4 oh yea we use rubber worms with double hooks.

Автор jcp342 ( назад)
@SauerTongues4 Thanks man! It was tough to keep everthing in focuse as fast
as stuff was moving at times. Glad you enjoyed watching their should be
more to come! Thanks for commenting and watching! 

Автор jcp342 ( назад)
@TXBucksnort I am not sure if we can use spot lights for any kind of
hunting unless the animal has been treed with dogs? Thanks for the comments
and for watching. 

Автор TX Bucksnort ( назад)
That was very entertaining. When I was a kid we'd go out with a spotlight
and catch them by hand but I've never seen it done that way. I'm giving it
thumbs up and putting this in my favorite file. That was too cool.

Автор jcp342 ( назад)
@hogdude1234 Well we haven't ate them yet! Need to get enough for a frog
fry! That will make an intresting video also! Yea I just learned that I had
fast forward and slow mo never knew how to use it till just a couple of
days ago! Thank for the comment. 

Автор hogdude1234 ( назад)
That was one of the coolest things I have ever seen rot thar Jesse!!! I bet
ya'll ate real good!!! Awesome vid with the slow mo and all!!! -DUDE

Автор jcp342 ( назад)
@LoneStarCreekRanch Thank you very much Robert, Next one I am going to do
will be with from gigs, kind of like a spear! Yea I just learned how to use
slow mo on my computer. I didn't think I had that on my or in my editing
soft wear. Again Thank for watching and commenting. 

Автор LoneStarCreekRanch ( назад)
Super cool video right there Jesse!! Man, I've never seen anything like
it!! Fishin for Frogs?? Haha! Too cool!! I like the way you put the video
together also!! The slow mos were a nice touch for sure!! Cool ending as

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