Strange Creatures

A video with pictures of some pretty strange creatures;

I do not own any material in this video! All pictures, text, and sounds/music belongs to its rightful owner.

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Автор nelson silva ( назад)
aligator man was the best ahahaha

Автор blindness134 ( назад)
We got a collection of drawn pictures, strange existing and reported
animals, Photoshop experiences, dead animals/people mixed with other dead
animals/people, natural mutations due to sheer genetic pool chances (the
pink dolphin is an albino dolphin that has born without eyes due to a
genetic random mutation that can occur in every living species called
"anophtalmia syndrome", just to tell you one) or radiations.....the Others
are just normal animals (White peacock, Fruit Bat, Eegret, Abyssal reef

Автор Gary T ( назад)
Most of these things weren't very strange at all but things we know and
recognize these days.

Автор Leup Garu Estayo ( назад)
define STRANGE, cause there's no strange about these creatures. the mice
with a synthetic ear that was loooong time ago since I saw that, it's an
experiment. the others are from the depths of the sea, in the depths of the
jungle, forests, mountains. if you're filthy rich traverse the whole rock
and you will see and know that these are strange but not as strange as you
all depicts !

Автор Justin Beck ( назад)
1:22 has been proven fake.

Автор SoccerMomJen1965 ( назад)
I prefer cryptozoology to UFO's and ghost pix. They make me uncomfortable.
. This was fun, thanks for uploading! 

Автор Feel Best ( назад)
Purple bear............ :D

Автор Top Most Rare ( назад)
Interesting list.

Автор che Stöhr ( назад)
ungefähr 55 sek. diese verschwommene bild ist ne nasse weiße katze, die aus
der badewanne kommt ;)

Автор Eight Bit ( назад)
The music creeps me out

Автор Dominick Granados ( назад)
most of whitch r genetic mutation

Автор Eyelessjackluver ( назад)
some pics you can DEFINTLY tell there fake others..... well.... u donno

Автор Eyelessjackluver ( назад)
y does peeps have to mutate animals DX

Автор DEE LOC ( назад)
yup ifeel sorry for these creatures

Автор Yovani Munoz ( назад)
i like the glow in the dark fish

Автор TheAmazingAKD ( назад)
i kinda feel sorry for these creatures

Автор Raul Lopez ( назад)
the bear is fake as fuck

Автор The Mangle ( назад)
Some of the might be photoshopped

Автор wowffdp ( назад)
Most r fake, mutant, or crossbreed for experaments

Автор cysticfibrosistwin1 ( назад)
Dumb dumb squid and a blob fish,we already knew about thoughs:-)

Автор The cure ( назад)
Hey!I found my cousin @ 1:20

Автор sailormystica01 ( назад)
The chupacabra was an red fox

Автор crazyforcheesecake87 ( назад)
the pink dolphins are real, they are pink river dolphins

Автор crazyforcheesecake87 ( назад)

Автор Brianna Campanita ( назад)
The purple bear is so fake

Автор Eric Jacob ( назад)
So many fake ones..

Автор EMMA LOVE ( назад)
The alligator man thing looks like an alligator eating a person

Автор IHateMondays ( назад)
The pink dolphin is real its a very rare type of dolphin

Автор Mariah Hayes ( назад)
3:20 they are real! I knew wasn't that high 0.o

Автор James8107 ( назад)
LMAO @ 1:20....damn fish looks like Don King

Автор BkrmadtyaKarki ( назад)
2:13; the Snake is not big but the boat is rather too small... LOL...

Автор Rezuis PvP ( назад)
Yea random datyfsfdethcdthbfricash

Автор Raven Rainicorn ( назад)
1:09 Thunder Bird 1:39 Thunder Bird 2:20 Not A Chupacabra Chupacabras Have
Spikes On Their Back 2:44 Chupracabra Soooooo Cute When Their Not Trying To
Kill You

Автор Rexwar31 ( назад)
00:57 why does someone have a naked lemur in their home?

Автор jassie138 ( назад)
OMG these pokémon look realistic man!

Автор justinbiebersucks73 ( назад)
10% of these were unexplainable for me. So many just looked like dead or
deformed animals and others are movie props of photoshopped. Some are just
real like the 3 headed ant and the super long centipede. I've seen those in
real life.

Автор tinyangel29 ( назад)
57:00 holy shit

Автор wolfcompany2 ( назад)
The purple bear is fake, could be spray paint

Автор nsycko ( назад)
Einstein mermaid!

Автор MrImtheleader1 ( назад)
there are more then just 1 or 2 chupacobras. there an all new species. wolf
+ cyotie = chupacobra

Автор MrImtheleader1 ( назад)
at 0:34. just to say that was a serpent. no shit. that is a serpent

Автор Brad Rivera ( назад)
1:18 those fish were injected with a substance from a highlighter so thts
not strange

Автор PrimativeWeapons ( назад)
bob the blobfish

Автор REILUCAS11 ( назад)
the pink dolphin is real in brazil there´s a lot

Автор Quinten Larocque ( назад)
3:27 is fish covered in oil -_- from the gulf

Автор Georgi Isanbaev ( назад)
1:45 thats gonna be a lot of sushi

Автор Tyler Williams ( назад)
no no no not not not FAKE FAKE FAKE it is REAL!!!!!

Автор Jesse Bork ( назад)
the human race is very destructive we put creatures into extinction often
with out knowing it

Автор yourmother phucka ( назад)
Some are fake some are real.

Автор THETANK249 ( назад)

Автор 7Soulfire ( назад)
:45 looks like a grunt thumbs up if u agree

Автор BlackNinja257 ( назад)
o:33 was not a creature go to japan strange creature and you find that
click it its just a prank its not real

Автор Maria Noble ( назад)
What are those things standing around the bird at 1:13?

Автор koolerkid430 ( назад)
lol teribithian at 0:44

Автор thafuknouz ( назад)
Who else saw the ear mouse and thought of south park "eek a penis!"?

Автор Knuckle Hammerhead (1720 лет назад)
The Blobfish at 0:30 looks like Ziggy from the comic strips.

Автор ShadowOps (520 лет назад)
at 2:19 looks like the pokemon mew

Автор HOMEnHIGH (638 лет назад)

Автор MagnumTheGamer ( назад)
Yo cool vid whats the song name?

Автор AdoreYouInAshXI ( назад)
Whatever the thing is at 0:37... if thats real, it sure is awesome!

Автор westin318 ( назад)
For 0:34 go watch "Japanese Sea Monster"

Автор Hildugard ( назад)
The only possibly real crypto in there was the small pterodactyl held by
the kid in the cowboy hat. The pic titled Liger was actually a Tigron (Male
Tiger/Female Lion).

Автор keelyproctor ( назад)
ive seen and have a picture of the albino peacock and i live in salisbury
nc and there is somthing strange in the woods behind my house it has red
eyes and is 6-7 feet tall i havent seen it but my mom, uncle and people who
built the house has seen it

Автор LFCshadyLFC123 ( назад)
32 oversised tag-pole??????

Автор Kali Noblett ( назад)
IM S-O-R-R-Y did you catch that cause i aint sayin it again

Автор Joey75Fit ( назад)
@charcharkal You were dumb enough to add namecalling in correcting
someone's mispell of a Pokemon Character. I will not leave you alone UNTIL
you Apologize. You started it. You will end it. So apologize, I will you
leave you alone forever!!!

Автор Kali Noblett ( назад)

Автор Kali Noblett ( назад)
@Joey75Fit the only reason i pointed it out is because pokemon is my
fucking passion ockay so LEAVE ME THE FUCK ALONE GOT IT?

Автор Joey75Fit ( назад)
@charcharkal You left out a word in "i 13." It's "I'm 13" or "I am 13 & 'I'
is capitalized" That really looks hypocritical for someone who is anal
about a misspelled Pokemon character name.

Автор Joey75Fit ( назад)
@charcharkal But you were stupid enough to call names. Seriously. This
would NOT be an issue if you didn't call me "dumbshit" in the damn place.
You can correct spelling errors. People make spelling mistakes all the
time. But the name calling is really unnecessary.

Автор Kali Noblett ( назад)
@Joey75Fit actually i 13 thanks i may not be old but im not stupid okay

Автор Joey75Fit ( назад)
@charcharkal Call out Spartan J13 on misspelling "Phoenix." If you are
going Youtube's official spellchecker, call out every misspelled word on
the comments starting with this video.

Автор Joey75Fit ( назад)
@charcharkal wow, good calling, Spell Cop. I would been fine you just say,
"You misspelled it. It's Pikachu." But the name calling? How childish? What
are you like 5?

Автор Kali Noblett ( назад)
@Joey75Fit its Pikachu dumbshit

Автор Timothy Vaughan ( назад)
3:23 Uncle lost his magic lizard. XD

Автор Vrashkov ( назад)
PS. I forgot- the purple bear has been given some pigmentation stuff
(google it , it was on the news) and it went back to its normal color a
week later or so...

Автор Vrashkov ( назад)
All those are already being reported. The mouse is a test for DNA mixing,
the strange jaws on the sea side belong to a rare kind of fish, the mermaid
skeleton is being built by a guy who sell those on ebay now, etc.... Life
on earth , as we know it, is as we know it! The glowing fishes are now
trademark of a company, who breeds them and sells them under the name "glow
fish" (google it).

Автор MuddyDragon ( назад)
1:02 A Fox.

Автор Paul Hicks ( назад)
3:27 is a chimaera

Автор LEGOMAN5211 ( назад)
nice vid where did u get the pics

Автор 1805fmr ( назад)
1:41 looks like a grypho 2:03 chineses will love it xD 2:23 it dolphin's
family, common in brazil

Автор VloggityVlogsFTW ( назад)
1:37 WTF??

Автор Dexter D ( назад)
you sir, have robbed me of 3:45

Автор USureRConfused ( назад)
Does mixing 'real' animals with fake ones add legitimacy to your work? No
one is fooled. Well, except for the foolish!

Автор Joey75Fit ( назад)
dumbo octopus looks like mutated. pikachoo.

Автор McHaleMega ( назад)
0:23 is a cat inside a fuzzy animatronic suit

Автор Aalt Bleekemolen ( назад)
i hope the giant grasshopper is real it would be cool

Автор YayYayForAnime ( назад)
I'm pretty sure the giraffe and peacock are just albino o.o

Автор Melvyn Suanez ( назад)
c quoi la chanson svp??

Автор IxD4ROBLOX ( назад)
if you want a paranormal jellyfish go over the clouds above the Pacific

Автор DarkValyria ( назад)
@MrVegeta1985 the faires are paperdolls, made by those girls in the
pictures (and you're kinda right, with photoshop these days...)

Автор MrVegeta1985 ( назад)
Ok any one Unicorn ???????????? Fairy ?????????????? Please I can believe
some of these but no unicorn and fairies. Get Real, Super FAKE, ya and I
think the Unicorn is from Harry Potter

Автор BoringBoy8400 ( назад)
i want glow in the dark fish 8D

Автор xXMeecrobXx ( назад)
some real some fake -,-

Автор CLIPPproductions ( назад)
pink dolphins are real they are endangered

Автор Jeqayla Fowler ( назад)

Автор SpartanJ113 ( назад)
the arizona devil is a pheonix. (pheonix arizona)

Автор Fencewire7 ( назад)
2:11 is fake, its just a small toy boat

Автор Laderrius Gillard ( назад)
i wud hate 2 get stung by dat jelli fish a 2:44

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