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Автор Leup Garu Estayo (1 месяц)
define STRANGE, cause there's no strange about these creatures. the mice
with a synthetic ear that was loooong time ago since I saw that, it's an
experiment. the others are from the depths of the sea, in the depths of the
jungle, forests, mountains. if you're filthy rich traverse the whole rock
and you will see and know that these are strange but not as strange as you
all depicts !

Автор Mike Kroll (1 день)
I wish i had a group of those little monkeys.

Автор Gary T (15 дней)
Most of these things weren't very strange at all but things we know and
recognize these days.

Автор Mike Kroll (1 день)
Hey Leup, um, ok.

Автор Justin Beck (8 месяцев)
1:22 has been proven fake.

Автор Top Most Rare (1 год)
Interesting list.

Автор SoccerMomJen1965 (11 месяцев)
I prefer cryptozoology to UFO's and ghost pix. They make me uncomfortable.
. This was fun, thanks for uploading! 

Автор Feel Best (1 год)
Purple bear............ :D

Автор Wiwiana Dudek (1 год)
most of them are fake like the purple grizzly bear

Автор Tyler Williams (3 года)
no no no not not not FAKE FAKE FAKE it is REAL!!!!!

Автор BlackNinja257 (3 года)
o:33 was not a creature go to japan strange creature and you find that
click it its just a prank its not real

Автор LFCshadyLFC123 (4 года)
32 oversised tag-pole??????

Автор Yellowhouse25 (5 лет)
Move to a community near a refinery. I have seen them come out of people's
colons. It's the water and the food additives but what are you going to do?
You have to consume food from some source. BTW: Cancer is a mold that
develops parasites that travel through the bloodstream. We're morphing from
the environment. PEACE and JOY

Автор jassie138 (2 года)
OMG these pokémon look realistic man!

Автор Raul Lopez (2 года)
the bear is fake as fuck

Автор Anoymouslolz (5 лет)
2:10 why I hate the ocean.

Автор sailormystica01 (2 года)
The chupacabra was an red fox

Автор tinyangel29 (3 года)
57:00 holy shit

Автор SuperBingo775 (5 лет)

Автор TheAmazingAKD (2 года)
i kinda feel sorry for these creatures

Автор nerdz410 (5 лет)
some look fake others fake but cool looking

Автор xburnsmyheartx (5 лет)
me2 i would like to kno more about 1min51 seconds the bat looking creature

Автор wowffdp (2 года)
Most r fake, mutant, or crossbreed for experaments

Автор koolerkid430 (4 года)
lol teribithian at 0:44

Автор cheekymunchkins2009 (5 лет)
3:18 is a horse surely?

Автор AdoreYouInAshXI (4 года)
Whatever the thing is at 0:37... if thats real, it sure is awesome!

Автор kyle Rogers (5 лет)
0:27 is the cutest octupus :p lol that is so cool

Автор dedb4start (5 лет)
ha 1:34 is funny

Автор michelleshnookie (5 лет)
This is one of my fave 'strange creature' vids! Thats some crazy stuff! Id
say my faves are : 0:21, 0:29, 0:37... mini Mothman?, 0:45...bat w/no
ears??, 0:52, 1:08, 1:51...Jersey devil?, 2:15, 2:43...baby chupacabra?,
2:51, 3:11, the white peacock and blue jellyfish are pretty, and the white
giraffe is cool!

Автор CLIPPproductions (5 лет)
pink dolphins are real they are endangered

Автор yourmother phucka (3 года)
Some are fake some are real.

Автор wolfcompany2 (3 года)
The purple bear is fake, could be spray paint

Автор McHaleMega (5 лет)
0:23 is a cat inside a fuzzy animatronic suit

Автор Jesse Bork (3 года)
the human race is very destructive we put creatures into extinction often
with out knowing it

Автор Razor Blue (2 года)
Yea random datyfsfdethcdthbfricash

Автор Dakonic (5 лет)
no there dead foxes infected with mange

Автор jubox19 (5 лет)
the purple bear impresed me XD

Автор sphinx013 (5 лет)
1:36 is a photoshoped picture of a cooked Iraqi body from the Gulf War.
This man was smoked by the LAR, Light Armored Recon.

Автор kicksoffs (5 лет)

Автор mikisiw94 (5 лет)
maybe in several years ;P just wait ;-)

Автор SpartanJ113 (5 лет)
the arizona devil is a pheonix. (pheonix arizona)

Автор Eyelessjackluver (1 год)
y does peeps have to mutate animals DX

Автор XxXskullangelXxX (5 лет)
2:56 and 2:18 are dead kangaroos

Автор Athiyk Draezik (4 года)
3:23 Uncle lost his magic lizard. XD

Автор MagnumTheGamer (4 года)
Yo cool vid whats the song name?

Автор The Mangle (2 года)
Some of the might be photoshopped

Автор kicksoffs (5 лет)
Yeah i love photoshop too.

Автор DEE LOC (1 год)
yup ifeel sorry for these creatures

Автор EmmaMeganBrett (5 лет)
some of these arent even weird like the dead kangaroo? wth its a kangeroo
not even weird. some of these are pretty weird but some are soo fake its

Автор idate629 (6 лет)
0:51 mothman or manclimb nice :)

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