Alice Cooper "Eighteen" 1971 (Reelin' In The Years Archives)

Here's Alice Cooper and the band on hometown TV show "Detroit Tubeworks" in 1971 doing their huge hit "Eighteen." We found the master tapes of over 11 hours from this legendary show which had been stored in a basement in Michigan. Other great guests we found on this underground show from 1968-1973 include MC5, Ted Nugent, Phil Ochs, Commander Cody, Captain Beefheart, Earth, Wind & Fire, Humble Pie, Fleetwood Mac featuring Peter Green and Joe Cocker. Also part of this archive is a 45-minute unseen concert of the Rolling Stones filmed at Olympia Stadium in Detroit on their 1969 tour.

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Автор X XX ( назад)
Alice is the Man...

Автор Justin Vick ( назад)
Just read Dennis Dunaway's book and I am so happy to see the original Alice
Cooper group. The book was outstanding, interesting and very funny. They
were all such great friends.

Автор Mitchel Steiner ( назад)
Thank you You Tube! This was the year I first saw Alice. It was 1971,
Gaelic Park, Bronx, NY. Alice was opening for Black Sabbath (touring to
promote their second album Paranoid). The announcer said something like
"straight from being kicked out of San Francisco, ladies and gentlemen,
Alice Cooper"! The rest is history. Alice was unreal. I was only 16 and
couldn't wait to be 18 so I could sing this song with meaning! Brought the
house down. Nobody ever saw a "show" before. Alice put on a show. When he
did the Ballad of Dwight Frye he ran around in a straight jacket.
Unbelievable! We wouldn't let him get off the stage! Ozzy wanted to come on
but we wanted more Alice!! Ran out and bought Love it to Death. I remember
opening the album and just staring at the Alice's eyes! Been a die hard fan
ever since!

Автор adrienne reneau (1153 года назад)

Автор Marbella Manzano ( назад)

Автор jim n ( назад)
This is friggin awesome, first album I ever bought was love it to

Автор spacemonk1978 ( назад)
England ! Wow Alice Cooper at his best 😊

Автор MN NM ( назад)
Was hearing it live yeastarday still kicking ass 44 years later

Автор alwayssme ( назад)
my first concert went to see Alice in 71 i was 16

Автор Brian Willing ( назад)
I just realized David Bowie-copied Alice's style...

Автор 1976GeorgeMa ( назад)
Great clip. Thanks for posting. Any chance of you posting the Ted Nugent
segment from this show?

Автор justaflamingo ( назад)
I love this clip! Love the raw and rough sound and I've been a fan since
then. But Alice is totally wasted! haha! 

Автор Boobie Needham ( назад)
This song was a hit when I turned 17... Close Enough!

Автор Theafor Mentioned ( назад)
The fuckin' original Bad Boys of Rock-N-Roll, parents all over the U.S.
hated Alice and his band of rebels in the '70's...can't see why, we all
loved 'em...

Автор Dave Verwoerd ( назад)
Alice Cooper "Eighteen" 1971 (Reelin' In The Years Archives):

Автор miljenko1 ( назад)
It almost sounds like a Ramones song :D

Автор juanbonham ( назад)
Best ending to any song ever!!

Автор MultiZeps (439 лет назад)
i am 43teen
and i dont know what i want!

Автор andrew cruz ( назад)
is he gay?

Автор waybacksongs b. naeger (1191 год назад)
Love this song. Or should I say: "I LIKE IT!!!!!!"

Автор DIRTYWILDLOVE ( назад)

Автор Richard C ( назад)
Alice Cooper - I'm Eighteen

Автор Sinjhin Smith ( назад)
Alice Cooper - I'm Eighteen

Автор ookkonaaoulusta ( назад)
Lovely. Just saw documetary of A.C.

Автор Fabian Ochoa ( назад)
Wheres the heavy drums beats and sequences of their Video of the song?

Автор Efrain Nieves ( назад)

Автор f,eug. “chac” Mavar. ( назад)

Автор lancetop ( назад)
1971 was the year my mother had an illegal abortion...killed my sibling.

Автор Elizabeth Torres Moreno ( назад)
Alice Cooper "Eighteen" 1971 (Reelin' In The Year…:

Автор rowdymax1 ( назад)
dennis dunaway on bass....killer player

Автор yourtubesteak ( назад)
You're welcome Dave!

Автор 647warner ( назад)
Love the glam rock of the 70s

Автор John Goodenberger ( назад)
So I read the description, and saw Ted Nugent was also on there. Now I'm

Автор craig roark ( назад)
A lot of people don't know how the name' Alice Cooper' came to be for the
band. One night what would be the band were aiming their curiosity of a
Ouija Board. They'd come in contact with a spirit, they asked who the
spirit was it read out "Alice Cooper".

Автор Shawn Gregory ( назад)
music sucks today

Автор sabatoge sabatoge ( назад)
love this song check out sabatoge

Автор Robert E. Siroskey ( назад)
Check out this video on YouTube:

Автор Al Moran ( назад)
23 was His age when this was done

Автор senhor desmanipulador ( назад)

Автор George Penwell ( назад)
Speaking of SG's I had the same 68' red SG sans the vibrato bar that
Michael was playing. After I quit playing with the band I was in and become
a drunk for a while I traded it for a car from my ex bass player vowing I'd
buy it back someday. Never did. Life's a stinker sometimes.

Автор George Penwell ( назад)
Love The Alice Cooper Group but this was just terrible.

Автор Олег Горбунов (387 лет назад)
круто! офигительно круто!

Автор Alexi7666 ( назад)
Alice Cooper at his best.

Автор Ken Deluca ( назад)

Автор Gary Clark ( назад)
That was a great song in 1971, still is today. My favorite Alice Cooper

Автор mnpd3 ( назад)
SG? I've had one for 35 years and it'll do anything the Les will do. For
a long time now you've only bought the name when you pay for expensive
guitars, and the warranties only as good as the merchant you by from..
Back in the 60's and even 70's guitars were playable right off the store
rack. Today, they are just pieces thrown together and you actually have to
finish building them when you set them up, which you either do or pay to
have done. The so-called factory "Custom Shops" only return the guitar to
the condition is used to be sold off the rack. For that matter I can pick
up a $60 First Act from Wal-Mart, replace the keys and pickup(s), set it up
with a good polish and string set and it will sound as well as any Fender
or Gibson.

Автор hanajinks ( назад)
He'd be about 40 here singing about betng 18

Автор Brett Koeshall ( назад)
One of my favorite Alice Cooper songs.

Автор Eric Kolkey ( назад)

Автор da_hooliii ( назад)
One of his best songs.

Автор Wyatt K ( назад)
I was really impressed with the interviews I saw with Alice Cooper. What a
nice guy he is!

Автор Wayne Jensen ( назад)
WAY ahead of their time! Helped me OUT in 1971! 

Автор Fabio Zavatarelli ( назад)

Автор unclealice ( назад)
vince's solo career simply can't match what Alice Cooper (the band) did

Автор Fred Berger ( назад)
Nice footage. Please release your Jethro Tull interview with Ian Anderson
from 1974!!!!

Автор Brian Hay ( назад)
Three deaf people couldn't hear this. That's the only explanation.

Great stuff!

Автор Brian Marienau ( назад)
The Alice Cooper Band's first single from 1971

Автор Brian Marienau ( назад)
The Alice Cooper Band's first single from 1971

Автор powerman5000ca ( назад)
How about releasing it so the fans can enjoy fricken Douche 

Автор 69zenos1 ( назад)
Back when it was REAL!!! no faggy girly stage show BULLSHITTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор Addison Lewis ( назад)

Автор paul levine ( назад)
Classic Alice Cooper in top form, Just gotta love those SGs...

Автор osgoodeian ( назад)
Would've been much cooler without that bleedin' corporate watermark in the
middle of the screen!

Автор Pogieboy1 ( назад)
This was the first pro band I ever saw perform. Very cool like it was
yesterday.They were at The State Theater in Toledo Ohio. Never will forget
it,I was 18 yrs old on the 18th of June watching my favorite band perform

Автор Joe Nichols ( назад)
Saw his show in 1971 at Virginia Commonwealth University and he did his
Love it to Death album, GREAT SHOW! Too bad this video is so pitiful...

Автор kevin stellar ( назад)
Thanks - yeah that was many years ago. It makes sense that the
14,000-15,000 seat L.A. Forum would have been '73 since Billion Dollar
Babies was their biggest success ever.

Автор kevin stellar ( назад)
Curious to know if you remember where you saw them in those years? Large
venues like Olympia and Cobo, or small theatres like Grande Ballroom and
East Town Theatre?

Автор Marco Talvitie ( назад)

Автор thewho692000 ( назад)
good stuff

Автор ultrakool ( назад)
in need of that organ at the end, but i still like it

Автор Lisa Hinchey ( назад)
yes daddy!

Автор William R Williams ( назад)
Taught Marilyn Manson Everything.

Автор TIME42 ( назад)
Original Alice Cooper Band was so good!

Автор PAULLONDEN ( назад)
Great.....The sound technicus was dozing off though.

Автор BCRSIX ( назад)
Who's Papa Bruce?

Автор john schoessling ( назад)
Remember the days of Cooper and doobies...

Автор mary cudizio ( назад)
My Mom played this song every time I walked in the door the week of my 18th
bday, funny cause I'm a female (not a boy, not yet a man, lol) I got tired
of it.. but this reminds me of her love of music

Автор Lucifer Burzum ( назад)
Such classic, so good!

Автор Theodore Ruff ( назад)
So what in the hell are they doing with the 45 minutes of the Stones from

Автор Fred Smit ( назад)
I brother played that song over and over again on a 45 record .... back in
72 or so.

Автор HoorayTV21 ( назад)
Lordy, I didn't know Peter Greens Fleetwood Mac was on Tubeworks. Why isn't
there a DVD set of Tubeworks shows?

Автор Cactus29121989 ( назад)
Any chance to see Humble Pie performance from the same show?

Автор Christopher Miller ( назад)
Good seeing this! There's papa Bruce!

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