Best Clutch Moments in Sports (Part 3)

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Part 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uSN1UIh0DJM
Part 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FBhyfXNmQeE

Song: Spectre - Alan Walker

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Автор Djymensley Beauvil ( назад)
the rangers win that game

Автор Abraham Esteva ( назад)
whats the name of the song

Автор Natedog365 ( назад)
I love these videos! Keep it up

Автор Aidan G ( назад)

Автор Jurrassicjammer YT ( назад)
Patrick Kane yas

Автор Best 10's ( назад)
Give me DJack with the meadowlands miracle and get me happy then end with P
Kane series clinching goal against the Flyers, why do u gotta kill me like

Автор Bebs Skie ( назад)
great compilation. horrible music choice. horrible

Автор RiSe wolf ( назад)
good video

Автор Matthew Ricciardi ( назад)
Can you do best Super Boul moments

Автор Amelie Jacquet ( назад)
Furniture safety remark classic developer creative prevent big.

Автор Elisha Parry ( назад)
What about the Super Bowl with the pats and Seahawks 3 sec left

Автор Iceyy Cloud ( назад)
Bruh like love yo vidz

Автор maxthelegend 24 ( назад)
awesome video😁

Автор DMK-Tech ( назад)
Kc royals in the wildcard game

Автор Genk98 ( назад)
i have seen this video hundreds times

Автор Anonymous Ace ( назад)
Song plz?

Автор BLACK HAWKS FAN! :/ -_- ( назад)

Автор AcTive_ Murphy ( назад)
you forgot about aron Harrison when he hit a game winning three against
Michigan and Wisconsin

Автор Mack 09 ( назад)
in all your music vids put the vid link in discriptrion plz and thx

Автор Jack Hannigan ( назад)
David gray Hibernian vs Rangers?

Автор Адмирал Кизару ( назад)

Автор Paul Lineham ( назад)
The music is fucking terrible! Wrecks the video! Just leave the music out
or have it at really low volume - the action and the commentary alone is
much better.

Автор Dark Knight18 ( назад)
SMH at the word clutch.. so douchey

Автор Sebastian Valles ( назад)
I am still disappointed about the kings and rangers

Автор BlackHawkPlayz ( назад)
The least one if my favorite!!!!!!😍😍😍

Автор JaWatDenn Jonge ( назад)
Dude where is Manchester City with Agüero!

Автор Damien333 ( назад)
This music made me go deaf.

Автор Zed ( назад)
The music makes it unwatchable

Автор Daniel Aune ( назад)
Hey buddy !! proposed Does anyone watch one's better this rexult$

Автор PxlChip ( назад)
i like seeing people happy

Автор NokiaCupSeries ( назад)
The thumbnail kills me every time

Автор James Bond ( назад)
2:40 When you hit the game winner to win the championship, that has to be
the most surreal feeling ever. That's the kind of shit kids grow up
pretending to do.

Автор ANDROIDE DENBOW ( назад)
basquetball and american football and hockey ,these are boring

Автор Panda Diagramm ( назад)
why this stupid music?

Автор Aran Rodriguez ( назад)
Lillard's buzzer beater, never gonna forget it.

Автор Danette Lay ( назад)
first one was clutch definetly

Автор SI M80 ( назад)
So American ffs

Автор SUDZY ( назад)
Why do people always have to put shitty Music in the Background? Just use
the Original Comment ffs.

Автор Michael Malee ( назад)
The lillard one always gives me goosebumps

Автор Will Merriman ( назад)
What in THE fuck is this music? Why this?

Автор delluxe_g35 ( назад)
That's cool but we're Kobe highlights?

Автор Ali Bizati ( назад)
Can u please do some clips on Faton bauta because he is my cousin

Автор Will Hedges ( назад)
Music ruined the video

Автор jake gogolin ( назад)
I won $300 from the march madness game where Villanova won(EPIC CLUTCH)

Автор Hudson Findlay ( назад)
they say "sports" but they dont cover all sports. only the sports based in
a america... No AFL, no netball, no NBl, the list goes on. dont get me
wrong these are good clutch moments but they are not the best. they dont
compare to some others like AFL

Автор Donovin Lamm ( назад)

Автор Swaqq CReator (SwaqqCReator) ( назад)
Lillard's shot still gives me the chills to this day

Автор CQBinsanity ( назад)
T-Mac's 13 points in 35 seconds deserves to be on this list

Автор McLovin McW ( назад)
the whole 2nd half of the tcu vs oregon game

Автор President Jo ( назад)
Perfect choice of music btw

Автор President Jo ( назад)
I got turned off by the hockey

Автор Shaqs_Kid ( назад)
Put in the packers Hail Mary

Автор Mango Slicer ( назад)
If you make a next part add Kyrie irvings clutch fadeaway 3 in game 7 of
the finals and lebron's block on iguadala to secure the game.

Автор Bobby Johnson ( назад)
How isn't Sergio aguero's goal vs QPR to win the league not in any of these
videos! And I think that so much has happened that you should consider
making another one

Автор rosalie martin ( назад)
+ Gala Shelburne it wasn't a buzzer beater there there were 0.06 left

Автор FBGMROSE01 ( назад)
2:10 who saw those ankles broken?

Автор nordiques8298 ( назад)
Where is Marc-André Fleury in game 7 against the Red Wings in 2009 ?

Автор ike ( назад)
Poor New York.

Автор Jack Walls ( назад)
the immaculate reception is not clutch

Автор Godzillatank ( назад)
Nova nation

Автор Andrew Hyatt ( назад)
What about Eric hosmer's dash to home in game five of the 2015 World Series

Автор POOT TOOT ( назад)
please get rid of the annoying electro music in the background...

Автор Gas Drawls ( назад)
T Mac 13 pts 35 seconds?

Автор iceyy. ( назад)
Song ruined it

Автор Kyle Pillay ( назад)
the basketball ones reminded me of Kuroko no Basuke

Автор Kmav221 Gaming ( назад)
Jeter better make pt. 4

Автор MrIAMSCOPEZ ( назад)
Would have been a much better video without the damn music. Kind of ruins
some of the moments

Автор xxo Dani ( назад)
These type of videos never fail to give me goosebumps 😌

Автор I_Have Divorced_Parents ( назад)
1985 World Series game 6?

Автор Stonewall Jackson ( назад)
Gee I think if these are the best clutches ever it would be interesting
without this preteen music overplayed on it

Автор Colin Gover ( назад)

Автор Sports and Gaming YT ( назад)
UGH Kane is on here. Disliked.

Автор COPIADEMESSI 10 ( назад)
1:37, I swear I thought the dude had only one hand

Автор teaarmo ( назад)

Автор Ben Bleasdale ( назад)
this would have been way better without the annoying music

Автор That guy angus ( назад)
so clutch 😀

Автор LI1 Lynx ( назад)
Kemba Walker is the G.O.A.T

Автор trevharter44 ( назад)
Carolina fans are still heartbroken over that shot

Автор Diego Amorena ( назад)
Great recopilation

Автор bjsw534 ( назад)
Kris Jenkins is fat

Автор SlothDevious ( назад)
Even though its not a popular sport in america, where was the nrl grand
finale when the cowboys scored a last second try

Автор Tripper113 ( назад)
I've gotta admit, some of these were pretty freaken' cool!

Автор michael fulgieri ( назад)
The reaction from Martinez is amazing after that goal

Автор Matt McGee ( назад)
missing UConn half court buzzer beater from this year.

Автор Bethany Thomas ( назад)

Автор J. Collins ( назад)
3 of these and no Tyus Edney 4.2 secs UCLA/Mizzou swt 16?

Автор Apex Productions ( назад)
PLEASE MAKE NUMBER 4!!!!!! +The Highlight Factory

Автор Devin Martinez ( назад)
0:33 act like he didn't care 1 sec later gets his game mode on

Автор Limey Lemon ( назад)
Music fits so well like of you agree 👍👍

Автор Justin ( назад)
gotta add Kyrie's game 7 three pointer to the next one

Автор frank gage ( назад)
I work for the security company who does nova events and Jenkins #2 is the
man all the games

was crazy and I don't like sports

Автор Yaq ( назад)
ok thats awensome

Автор Cameron Dougherty ( назад)
Forgot the Jason Lezak 2008 400 free relay arguably the greatest moment in
Olympic history

Автор Alex Gowan ( назад)
Steve yzermans ot goal against St. Louis in ot should definitely be in this

Автор I can't think of a clever name ( назад)
That move Kemba Walker put on that guy, dropped him and hit the
Championship game winner.

Автор Corbin Slattery ( назад)
What about Alex gordons game tying home run in game 1 or hosmers mad dash
home in game 5 of the 2015 world series? (great vid btw)

Автор Jussi Valencia ( назад)
I may hate any team Lebron is on but I think you forgot Ray Allen

Автор Garrett Pyatt ( назад)
Music makes me wanna freak out

Автор Old man 26 ( назад)
This made me feel so weird 😧😧😧

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