How to make explosions with windows movie maker

To get the xplosion effect:http://www.detonationfilms.com/

To dowload composite A and B:http://movies.blainesville.com/2010/12/compositing-and-translucency.html

To dowload youtube videos(you dont need java):http://keepvid.com/

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Автор Redstone Ready//I0an ( назад)

Автор Fermin Diaz ( назад)
Holy shit these effects

Автор MincraftDude1 ( назад)
This never worked and ive been trying for YEARS

Автор VeNuS2910 ( назад)
this is really cool ^_^ thanks!

Автор aditya khatri ( назад)
this file is not downloading.. plz help me...

Автор Samuel Sebastian ( назад)
your talking is like rapping

Автор DevilDog17 ( назад)
movie maker wont let me use the effect

Автор FUCK YOU ( назад)

Автор AirplanesMaster ( назад)
it sucks

Автор OvergreenTTR ( назад)
The flower example was awesome....

Автор sammysammyboy11 ( назад)
Lol that looked so fake :D

Автор Angry Birds Epic Plush Adventures ( назад)
NVM, read the comments..will download Freemake. Thanks!

Автор Angry Birds Epic Plush Adventures ( назад)
Good vid except my MovieMaker 2 won't use the quicktime files..I need to
get explosions somewhere else I guess?

Автор Tutorialso ( назад)
This channel is outdated. Check out our current exclusive tutorial channel
for any questions or comments. Thanks guys.

Автор Brian Moreno ( назад)
Where the hell can I get Adobe After Effects?? I want it for my videos, I'm

Автор Denver Noell ( назад)
it is all the right moves by onerepublic

Автор SMProductions45 ( назад)
an easier way to get sound effects for free would be findsounds. com its an
awesome website were you get any sound effect you want for free, AND its

Автор groovydoobey ( назад)
Does this work on Windows XP?

Автор blainevideos ( назад)
@MincraftDude1 I'd recommend Freemake Video Converter for converting all
your videos to .wmv format. It also does direct downloads from places like
YouTube using the 'Copy URL' feature so you don't even need keepvid.
Anyway, give Freemake a try.

Автор blainevideos ( назад)
Feel free to message me if you find a link to Blainesville is not working.
As for whether or not you can do this on Windows 7, you can, but only if
you have downloaded WMM 6.0. There's a link at the top of my blog for "WMM
6.0 on Windows 7"

Автор MincraftDude1 ( назад)
When I tried to import the explosion effect from destination effects it
saved as a .mov file so my windows movie maker can't open it. How do I
download the effect in a format that I can import into Windows Movie Maker?

Автор Moatasem Zaghmout ( назад)
what is the name of the song? :)

Автор NEWDAYSProductions ( назад)
Thank you so much good sir! This tutorial helped so much. I am making a
movie called "UNDEAD" And i had no way of making explosions and muzzle
flashes. You kick ass, thanks very much. And also wondering...If you would
like to work for my productions company. I am 13, and i and founder, and
current owner of "NEWDAYS Productions" you can email me at
"newdaysproductions@hotmail.com" Thanks! -Mason

Автор xPvtPandax ( назад)
didnt even work now i have to get rid of all this stuff on my computer ..

Автор Ruben Briseno ( назад)
do you need foto shop for this?

Автор Ruben Briseno ( назад)
me too

Автор Michael Ilao ( назад)
not downloading on to windows moviemaker some one help me

Автор PubicNinja ( назад)
what if you have some more of the video after the explosion ends, like when
your ends it goes black what if you ran back back or something? it would go
black and mess up the vid, how do you stop that?

Автор SageH0629 ( назад)
im stickin wit wmm. im not spendn a 1,000 on adobe after fx lol

Автор Darkplumz ( назад)
thank you sooo MUCH!!

Автор epikfail22 ( назад)

Автор ustheguys ( назад)
hey when i do the a add b it plays but then it fades into the other clip

Автор THE AMAZING GAMER ( назад)
will not work for windows 7, it sucks because I really need it too!!! they
are anti-window7ists

Автор ThePotatoPigeon ( назад)
cause you could totally survive being the close to a grenades

Автор Tutorialso ( назад)
@DStar787 in the beginning he talked fast he was fine the rest of the video

Автор Garrett Malave ( назад)
i am going to send you a video check you mssges

Автор M4DM4N789 ( назад)
The link doesn't work...what should I do?

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