Russia 'stronger than any aggressor' - Vladimir Putin - BBC News

Russian President Vladimir Putin says Russia is "stronger than any potential aggressor" because it has modernised its nuclear missiles and other forces. He also said the US withdrawal in 2001 from the Anti-Ballistic Missile (ABM) Treaty had "created the conditions for a new nuclear arms race". The US-Soviet ABM Treaty was signed in 1972. On the victory of US President-elect Donald Trump, Mr Putin said "nobody believed he would win, apart from us". Mr Trump has strongly praised Mr Putin.

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Автор SHADOWWOLF77 ( назад)
True Russia is the strongest aggressor today.

Ask Ukraine.

"Comrade" Putin does have a point about the missile shield technology

Автор Nashbee Zisunge ( назад)
Smart man

Автор Marco Torres ( назад)

Автор SOS ( назад)
if The Puppet Masters wants war they`ll get it,
Putin or no Putin

Автор tirpitz19 ( назад)
Well,what about the fact that Russia is the biggest aggressor,Dictator

Автор Arief Rachman ( назад)

Автор Lindsey Struckmann ( назад)
America want Russia side OK mutiny it's over get out the elite country gtfo
or stay and die here what u gonna do bitches 

Автор Lindsey Struckmann ( назад)
Mutiny equals death 

Автор Lindsey Struckmann ( назад)
We will see who butt fucks who lol

Автор дмитрий он ( назад)
Iraq leader declared a tyrant. Ukraine-Poroshenko is killing his people
until now.
Iraq is accused of manufacturing banned weapons. Ukraine bombed their own
people prohibited phosphorus bombs.
Iraq - the US invaded Iraq. Ukraine - RUSSIA did not invade.
Iraq-the US killed the leader of and elite. Ukraine - RUSSIA does not kill.
Iraq-the United States put their man in power, built a military base and at
war with a disgruntled population, supporting their puppet. Ukraine-RUSSIA
peacefully annexed Crimea(the people did not want to Poroshenko, they were
burned alive as in Odessa and RUSSIA did not want a NATO base in the CRIMEA)
Iraq-the US is at war with the locals(chaos).In Crimea, RUSSIA builds a
bridge and infrastructure(peace and order)
Who agrees that the US is jealous of RUSSIA( which will not fit the US in
there war and chaos, where there is peace and order)
we ourselves join US only by force.?

Автор Al Schuck ( назад)
Obama's the DEVIL'S grandson you saw him shift ...my prayers are with you
..Trump and yourself will make a good team to fight the devil....... Elijah
High priest over the meek ....

Автор Sidiq Kal ( назад)
May God bless the people and unite the world... So help us God. War,
Hatred, Oppression is never and will never be a good thing. #SpreadLove not

Автор Konstantin M. ( назад)
Well, you didn’t show here the full responce to your question , mister
journalist of BBC . President Putin did say a lot more on your question ,
actually . You just decided to not show it. Why ? Afraid of thuth ??? Want
disinform the people ?? Want put your personal opinion over the honest
answer ? Why ? Why you trying so hard to not letting people to know what
exactly did say russian President ? Why you are cutting his full answer ??
..and putting over your wrong opinion or lie ??????? Strange people you are
!! Really. Shame

Автор rusty hook ( назад)
putin on how I feel wants better relationships with the US buy at the same
time is telling very body their country is strong.

Автор Lei Van ( назад)
Such a turn on. Putin spells orgasms.

Автор tjtrapstar ( назад)
putin better than uk and usa he works for his people our country works for
corporations and the rich

Автор Christina RU ( назад)
Great Russian Emperor Alexander III ( Romanov) once said -" If the West
nags Russia then we are doing everything right".
His words remain so true even today.

Автор Hello Hello ( назад)
Tough talking BBC news anchors with demented psychopathic mental disorders
ruining their reputations with their sick hate news towards civilized
people around the world. Some serious questions what those BBC news staff
drink and eat .

God help them !

Автор d campbell ( назад)
Russians live in sewer tunnels while this corrupt Putin have big mouth for
nothing. Russia's economy is dead!

Автор darkbrian ' ( назад)
from 1:58 goes the "agenda"

Автор stevin47 ( назад)
why is their so many trump voters that are putin fan's and communist

Автор TeamCYKA ( назад)
BBC is giving face translations of putin i understand russian..

Автор Matthew D ( назад)
steve rosenberg = the man.

Автор Matthew D ( назад)
empirically false.

Автор Ivan Andrejov ( назад)
BBC?!..still existe?!..😷😷😷

Автор 搞个大新闻 ( назад)
Since two hundred, Russia to surrounding countries extortion, or to the
output values, or forcibly GeZhan territory, that's right, the United
States is a bastard, but Russia and Soviet union is not a good thing, all
should be slaughtered!

Автор Nathan Zhang ( назад)
Build super power on thin ice ... USA is the source of all global evil,
they cultivated, encouraged and are happy about regional conflicts anywhere
aside from commonwealth land. Hypocritical, greedy, insidious characters
from British blood, so does the media.

Автор Alex K ( назад)
It's true though. You can keep pretending the Russian Army is stuck in the
90s, but you'll only be deluding yourself. The alleged "no.1" military
power, USA, had its last "serious" conflict during Desert Storm and calling
that a conflict would still be a stretch. Russians meanwhile have
accomplished pretty much all military objectives they've set for themselves
in the last 15 years.

Автор Zafar Makhmudov ( назад)
oh Steve, you don't seem to know what you are talking about. Russia has
very strong and stable economy which you dream of. Putin is the world's
best, most genius leader. Admit it.

Автор Cal Ripson ( назад)
Can the BBC be renamed the SBC ? Smarmy Broadcasting Corporation.

Автор Sebastian Szuban ( назад)
They never mentioned that Putin literally said that while Russia is
stronger than any potential aggressor, he does not consider USA to be one
of those potential aggressors.

Автор Delon Thomas ( назад)
puttin Russia

Автор Delon Thomas ( назад)
Russia for world peace

Автор Sabrina Ma ( назад)
Globally is struggling not just Russia

Автор CB Games ( назад)
BBC - the first to claim Building 7 fell on 9/11, before it actually
happened. This building was not hit by a plane but yet, the
BBC 'predicted' it would fall when no buildings have ever fell from fire.

Автор Ian Whiteley ( назад)
BBc pedoes lets blame the dead man jimy savil fukin pedoes

Автор Nathan River ( назад)
All of this just to say in the end: "if there will be an arms race will be
Russia's fault".
Actually Trump called for that, and if this happens it means that Russia
will sell defences. So there will be a situation of balance again.
In the end there is no risk of WWIII, the Intelligence services are doing
all the job, a real job of peacekeeping.
Truth is that UK and US will do anything to keep exploiting, but never ever
try to move towards a pecuniary social equality and justice, because if the
State would be "Socialist", the games of power and world conquer will
finally be over and the human beings could live a normal and serene life in
line with the environment and the planet.
That's what I want, I want them to put all their efforts to repair their
mistakes, clean the waters of the world from all the pollution they did,
clean all the air, clean everything from the pollution. Contemporarily
bring pecuniary equality, social justice, and grant all the basic needs and
services to everybody.
Otherwise, if this won't be done soon and perfectly, I guess our Creators
will provide.

Автор Dawn Summers ( назад)
Go on BBC propaganda machine.

Автор Dawn Summers ( назад)
BBC cuts videos again.

Автор Dawn Summers ( назад)
More anti Russian propaganda. The west are warmongers.

Автор Maria World ( назад)
BBC you always bad Russian

Автор David Stark ( назад)
HAHA - BBC - The Communist Media of the UK. How ironic.

Автор Adeel Raza ( назад)

Автор johnson guzman ( назад)

Автор Jeff Hrytzak ( назад)
When Britain first, at Heaven's command
Arose from out the azure main;
This was the charter of the land,
And guardian angels sang this strain:
"Rule, Britannia! rule the waves:
"Britons never will be slaves."

The nations, not so blest as thee,
Must, in their turns, to tyrants fall;
While thou shalt flourish great and free,
The dread and envy of them all.
"Rule, Britannia! rule the waves:
"Britons never will be slaves."

Still more majestic shalt thou rise,
More dreadful, from each foreign stroke;
As the loud blast that tears the skies,
Serves but to root thy native oak.
"Rule, Britannia! rule the waves:
"Britons never will be slaves."

Thee haughty tyrants ne'er shall tame:
All their attempts to bend thee down,
Will but arouse thy generous flame;
But work their woe, and thy renown.
"Rule, Britannia! rule the waves:
"Britons never will be slaves."

To thee belongs the rural reign;
Thy cities shall with commerce shine:
All thine shall be the subject main,
And every shore it circles thine.
"Rule, Britannia! rule the waves:
"Britons never will be slaves."

The Muses, still with freedom found,
Shall to thy happy coast repair;
Blest Isle! With matchless beauty crown'd,
And manly hearts to guard the fair.
"Rule, Britannia! rule the waves:
"Britons never will be slaves."

When Britain fi-i-irst, at heaven's command,
Aro-o-o-ose from out the a-a-a-zure main,
Arose, arose from ou-ou-ou-out the a-zure main,
This was the charter, the charter of the land,
And guardian a-a-angels sang this strain:
Rule Britannia!
Britannia rule the waves
Britons never, never, never shall be slaves.
Rule Britannia!
Britannia rule the waves.
Britons never, never, never shall be slaves.

Автор Mark Harrison ( назад)
US elections are not "hacked", they're bought. If you want to know who
bought this election have a look into Trumps new son-in-law and his dodgy
family which explains and will explain the motives behind a lot of Trumps
decisions. Trump may as well just move to Israel and run the country from

Автор Mark Harrison ( назад)
so who is this BBC reporter anyway Joseph Goebbels grandson or something?

Автор Жанат Куандыков ( назад)
I love the rassia! Putin is the great president

Автор Les Bond ( назад)
Russia's economy is struggling because that is the greater plan the the
west wanted. ISIS is just a distraction and the larger game is to crash the
Russian economy so that they cannot gain energy dominance with their oil
resources. If Russia weren't using the dollar for trading oil and other
international transactions the sanctions would not work. This is why they
are attempting to wind down their use of the dollar as an international
currency; China doing the same. They know the sanction game. The leadership
controlling the petro dollar purposefully crashed the oil prices at the
cost of massive monetary losses to the saudis and the US fracking industry
funded by massive junk bonds. This loss was, in their mind, worth the risk
to take down the Russian economy.

Автор Sloth from The Goonies ( назад)
Delusional. The man is the poster boy for small man syndrome.

Автор parasitic517 ( назад)
Yea real badass' use nukes

Автор zokit0 ( назад)
BBC Bulcrap ahahhaha

Автор iMicca ( назад)
Putin is great. Stop making him a bad guy. He is the only guy who is
actually trying to stop bad guys like terrorists. Just join up with him
USA..and UK. Wtf. Cant you see how obvious this is ?

Автор Kim Cage ( назад)
Russia IS the aggressor!!!

Автор Steel CAD ( назад)
Key word AGGRESSOR !

Автор Rytis Kurcinskas ( назад)
PUTIN is a leader ,,,, now other other hand Theressa May issint :D

Автор Hubert Cross ( назад)
Western media attempts to distract people's attention away from matters at
hand like unresolved financial regulatory holes (casms??) by digging up
some cold war bones! Sadly it is arguably successful ...

Автор Another Guy With An Anime Porn Avatar ( назад)

Автор Роман Петров ( назад)
Воу, ВВС, что за дерьмо? Где вопрос - ответ полностью? Что за херню вы тут
Вонючие пропагандисты.

BBC = propacondoms

Автор Jonathan Drew ( назад)
Latinoamérica te apoya!
Mr Putin Latinoamérica Is with you, Death Usa, Otan, Judíos Sionistas,
Elite. Asesinos!

Автор Janina Lee ( назад)

Автор Cadogan Enright ( назад)
I am with Vladimir Putin , NATO is a threat to world peace. Why did they
refuse Russias application to join? They needed an enemy to justify
building up their pile of weapons and to overthrow the government in the
Ukraine and set Up their own facist regime and threaten Russia's southern
front and arm ISIS through Turkey. Disgusting that my government is arming
Al Quaida along with its NATO allies. . The BBC cannot keep up the
smokescreen of lies and more and more people realise the truth each dau

Автор MrFurling ( назад)
Russia to bomb the shit out of the terrorist states of America!

Автор Mikkel Mmmmqkiii ( назад)

Автор FREE: mybookoftruth dotcom ( назад)
Many new laws will be brought into your nations, where My Father’s Book
will become impossible to access. You must never accept these laws because
they deny Me. When you have no access to My Teachings, your children
will not know Me. When My Teachings, the Laws of God, become outlawed, then
you will know that it will be by the hand of Satan that your governments
are being guided.
Your Jesus


Автор Pink Question ( назад)
Are you even a reporter or you just read a telepromter? Why would you ask
such a thing? Were you not aware of this:
I an so tired about you guys asking and regering to a Russian hack, it is
not working annymore to brain wash people. What about adressing a real
issue, such as: what can we do to help the syrian confict END? Are real
news banned in Russia as well, since we can see that Google and Twitter
started this in Europe and US? How will Obamas birth certificate, the
result is out it is fake people, impact the sanctions on Russia and other
dessicions made by him????? How about that CNN?

Автор Yul Hubbart ( назад)
BBC "News". Isn't that a contradiction in terms, you lying nest of
paedophiles? When you're not raping children you're raping the truth. It'll
be a good day when the British vote to end the license fee.

Автор 96BxelA ( назад)
Im sick of the Western Media demonising Russia, particularly US and U.K.
Media. Do you think we in the West believe your Propaganda Mr Rosenberg?
I'm from the UK and British I've been monitoring the fact that the BBC is
also becoming irrelevant like mainstream media in the US because they
cannot report anything but lies and Propaganda.

Автор I'm right you're wrong ( назад)
Putin wants to drop a bomb on Syria, and Russia thinks this is OK?
Russians drink to much.
Vlad the Popov.
Trumps an idiot too.

Автор Igor ( назад)
for sure, russia is the strongest aggresor in the world.

Автор Phil Dobson ( назад)
Because Russia is strong Islamic state were prevented from turning all of
Syria into jihad suicide weapons factory & Al-nusra terrorist have been
forced out of Aleppo

Автор Jim Miklas ( назад)
Go Putin! Did a great job smokin' ISIS.

Автор Weiner Drizzle ( назад)
Well good thing there's so many Russian trolls my cables out and I needed a
good laugh today heil putin and all his cocks sucking sheep!

Автор dmitriy40 ( назад)
Somewhat misleading title. Twisting of words, as usual in the liberal MSM.
Putin said that American military is currently the strongest in the world,
which is absolutely accurate. He also said that Russia is able to defeat
any aggressor, which is also absolutely accurate, because of nuclear
weapons. The concept of mutual destruction is alive and well.

Автор Alex Bajan ( назад)
Because Energy, energy matter wars are absolute. Since both sites will be
destroyed in the same time. Today we have Information Wars and Russia is
winning. Doc. Kossecki of Poland stated, Today we have econonic wars
Economic warfare. The Oxford English Dictionary defines economic warfare or
economic war as involving "an economic strategy based on the use of
measures (e.g. blockade) of which the primary effect is to weaken the
economy of another state".

Автор David Williams ( назад)
The Neo-Marxist Homofascists at the *Bullshit Broadcasting Channel*, New
York Crimes, Washington Compost, Puffington Host, LesbiAn Times, Always
Biased Channel, Mad Nitwits Biased Channel, and Dallas Moaning News are all
have corn-on-the-cob up-the-butt about Trump winning the election. They are
terrified of the [Putin|Trump|Farage] trifecta, a symbol of order and
decency in the world. FAIL.

Автор ScorpioSam ( назад)
The world needs more leaders like Putin.

Great Man!

Автор Ann Arkist ( назад)
so you are saying that the USA and Europe are in much better economic
shape...???!!! LOL... what is your point after all this?

Автор Serj ( назад)
British Bullshit Channel.

Автор Daneer Corso ( назад)
BBC patheticly atempts to enforce it's frame, you took Putin words out of
context. noobz

Автор Alfred Winterbottom ( назад)
*0:45** <---- This is why the BBC license must be done away with. The BBC
could not let Putin's comments stand on their own, they had to be
editorialised to imply that the response was disingenuous by giving only
got a short direct quote after a very long buildup with the narrator
dictating the tone. This has got to stop. This is fake news.*

Автор Leonora Smith ( назад)
Obama is a muslim first. He has been the worst president of all times

Автор Iamtop ( назад)
1/10 of the US's army budget and an economy that won't support a lasting
conflict, yeah great deterrents... The only danger from Russia is nuclear
nothing else.

Автор cesar cenro ( назад)

Автор Alex Leaud ( назад)

Автор William. H Bonnet ( назад)
put up or shut up

Автор Tebediah Serban ( назад)
BBC, get out of YouTube

Автор Jay Kay ( назад)
Worse TED Talk Ever! 😏

Автор 456inthemix ( назад)
What a crazy world !

Автор Tony Rios ( назад)
Obama will put hands on putin.

Автор Another Guy With An Anime Porn Avatar ( назад)

Автор Guido “Uncucked” Farage ( назад)
Hail Putin, Assad, Trump, Farage & Le Pen!

Автор xas nuf ( назад)
thin ice your ass

Автор Necro polis ( назад)
Is this how WW3 will start ?

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