Carbon City Version 2 for Trainz Railroad Simulator 2009-Tramway Line 1

This is Carbon City Version 2 in Trainz Railroad Simulator 2009. Please note this is not Classic Carbon City and I have made this myself. The route has:
Commuter Rail Subways,
Much more
This is a work in progress.
The NF10 tram will travel along line-1 from Sky Towers to City Hall and Back again. Tram line 1 is a circular line. Going around Central Square. For more information please see www.coach96.webs.com Enjoy the video,
CoachAlex1996 (also known as: Coach96 or Coach) .

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Длительность: 7:54
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Автор CoachAlex1996 (AlexMetroman) ( назад)
I don't know sorry, I got rid of this game ages ago.

Автор Mellow Monkey ( назад)
How i can get this to trainz simulator downloaded from Mac App Store?

Автор CoachAlex1996 (AlexMetroman) ( назад)
@pedrin269 dunno mate Im sorry

Автор Pedro Jimenez Jimenez ( назад)
Is there any way to make city buildings CABON and pass them to another
Trainz 2009 or 2010?:)

Автор CoachAlex1996 (AlexMetroman) (1675 лет назад)
@mistert0715 Nope

Автор CoachAlex1996 (AlexMetroman) (1679 лет назад)
@Blackbelt20101 Think so

Автор brandon taylor (476 лет назад)
does it come with the game

Автор CoachAlex1996 (AlexMetroman) ( назад)
@1288881 go to start up options in the rules section and change the start

Автор 1288881 ( назад)
how do u get the night time change becuz whenever i make it a 24 hour clock
and then i play it becomes daylight plzzz HELPP

Автор CoachAlex1996 (AlexMetroman) ( назад)
@rayjam1962 I do not own the real one. Im sorry I cant help you

Автор Ray James ( назад)
i understand this is your own route but do you own the real cabon city
because i am having real troubles with it it won't let me edit the route
can you help. plus can this be added to trainz classics 1 or trs 2009 but
if i am adding this to trs 2009 does it have to be world builder addition
and how do you add it on to the sim you want ray

Автор CoachAlex1996 (AlexMetroman) ( назад)
@MultiHalfcast This game is about 20 british pounds. You dont need to
apologise I could understand it :)

Автор CoachAlex1996 (AlexMetroman) ( назад)
@TheKon123456789 You can buy Trainz from Auran. The route seen here was
never finished and was deleted when I got TS2010. My new website is
coachalex1996.weebly.com (I will host my trainz projects here when the
gallery is done!)

Автор melbourne trams ( назад)
this is grate im getting it on my ipad

Автор melbourne trams ( назад)
Can you inbox me your new site thanks :)

Автор melbourne trams ( назад)
Ho do I download this game a is it for free

Автор shutup735 ( назад)
@CoachAlex1996 ..... great

Автор CoachAlex1996 (AlexMetroman) ( назад)
@shutup735 I am sorry but I have forgottn then and my DLS is dodging up

Автор shutup735 ( назад)
@CoachAlex1996 no lift, just a bunche of crap, and the stupid tram depot
with nothing in it

Автор CoachAlex1996 (AlexMetroman) ( назад)
@shutup735 just type in tram and see what comes up

Автор shutup735 ( назад)
@CoachAlex1996 I am now pissed off. but im working on my own kind of like
this, but can you tell me how to add tracks and a lift to the tram depot? i
cant find the lift anywhere and theres no tracks on it by default

Автор CoachAlex1996 (AlexMetroman) ( назад)
@shutup735 it has been lost in a computer crash...sorry :(

Автор shutup735 ( назад)
Ummm where will you upload this? i cant get it from the download station
because it always rejects my damn activation code i cant do the auto
activation because i cant friggen download service pack 3, and will it be
free? :P

Автор CoachAlex1996 (AlexMetroman) ( назад)
thank you!

Автор TRRDroid ( назад)
Awesome 5*

Автор CoachAlex1996 (AlexMetroman) ( назад)

Автор NikolaiDerZugfreak ( назад)
Really cool route.5*

Автор CoachAlex1996 (AlexMetroman) ( назад)

Автор Jan S. ( назад)
Yes, I have TRS2006. But now i will buy TS2009^^

Автор CoachAlex1996 (AlexMetroman) ( назад)
why? Do you have an older version?

Автор Jan S. ( назад)
TS2009? Then i can forget it.

Автор CoachAlex1996 (AlexMetroman) ( назад)
lots to do, but the tram is built in with ts2009

Автор Jan S. ( назад)
Will we can download this sometimes?

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