Crack Wireless WPA2 AES TKIP Hidden SSID + Document

Crack Wireless WPA2 AES TKIP Hidden SSID
Document here

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Автор Reed ( назад)
i just came for the song.

Автор redhouane amzert ( назад)

Автор Michael Budden ( назад)
Such a fag for even having this kind of music on a YouTube video... *sighs*
People these days...

Автор Emil Valiyev (1646 лет назад)

Автор Aniket Kheratkar ( назад)

Автор mickey4398 ( назад)
where can find database? i use Kali Linux! 

Автор NawinPongalang ( назад)

Автор mafadree borodaya ( назад)
แฮ้ย คนไทย 

Автор NawinPongalang ( назад)

Автор tedddan ( назад)
You cant hack wpa2 aes unless the targeted router has enabled wps or has a
weak shared key. If wps is disabled and the "victim" has a strong (and
long) key with random numbers, letters and symbols, you will have to wait
until the universe dies before you even get close to crack the key.

Автор g Goe ( назад)
can you tell me the password plz ? 

Автор Jeff Riley ( назад)
Looks like your brute force dictionary attack can be thwarted by simply
utilizing an appropriately diverse alphanumeric key. People who put "dog"
are just asking to be hacked. 

Автор Vladimir Loukyanenko ( назад)
Sure you do!don't even think about doing this!!!!!!

Автор Martin Durr ( назад)
New Wifi password hack - How to hack Wi-Fi updated 2013 Software- 100%
Working ( Scanned with kaspersky - No virus ) Easy free Download link: Copy
and paste a link to your browser bit.ly/148OYcX?=hqL2efcUoVc
bit.ly/148OYcX?=hqL2efcUoVc bit.ly/148OYcX?=hqL2efcUoVc

Автор Zakeruba ( назад)
Anyone know where there is a tutorial on how to assemble dictionaries to
back track

Автор ChunkyVideos ( назад)
will i get caught for doing this?

Автор Michael Castro ( назад)
what kind of wifi did u use pal my email striker1259@yahoo.com

Автор Michael Potts ( назад)
I type "aircrack-ng -w '/root/dictionary.txt' '/root/capture-01.cap' " and
get the following "Please Specifiy an ESSID or BSSID Quitting
aircrack-ng...." is there syntax error?

when i use aireplay-ng -0 1 -a 00:0D:F0:9E:D3:1A -c 78:D6:F0:44:29:9F mon0
i don't got handshake wh whats rong?

Автор André Costa ( назад)
@luckyluke113 Was kind of hidden on -w...

Автор André Costa ( назад)
What is this -r parameter in aircrack-ng?

Автор RationalThought ( назад)

Автор adsl007ku ( назад)
i do not have database,dic, and package 

Автор BeastdogLx ( назад)
how do i get a download?

Автор PmrNut ( назад)
WRONG, you can only hack PSK (pre-shared key). good luck hacking TKIP or
AES. try to hack me, ill give ya 50 bucks!

Автор TheOriginal FatDonkey ( назад)
@hellterminator I do apologize! I told you told you the wrong command
earlier try this one, this is packet injection aireplay-ng -3 -b (mac) mon0
theoriginalfatdonkey 1 second ago 

Автор TheOriginal FatDonkey ( назад)
aireplay-ng -0 0 -a (mac) mon0--------------- packet injection, sort of
precomputed but more pre scripted to double I.V. interesting Vector
packets................... your wireless card must support packet injection
for this to work! other wise you'll be sniffing packets for days or months
on one WEP key

Автор TheOriginal FatDonkey ( назад)
BRO WPA2 AES TKIP cant be hacked only WPA2 PSK TKIP can. I promise you your
not hacking AES. its impossible!

Автор Freestylerak ( назад)
hi mate, what type of dictionary you using? I have 30GB dictionary, have
you better? Thx 4response.

Автор Clayton Klemm ( назад)
i have some rainbow tables of md5 hashes could i use them in the wireless
cracking process?

Автор aeTynoT562 ( назад)
are u cracking your own wifi?

Автор ChiptuneBreakcore ( назад)
Most companies use keys like: 077628492174 Some even: 12389137498137407513
Or so long, basically impossible. I say stick to WEP hacking.

Автор zomgbbqwth ( назад)
and also, my modem is set to alert me to change my wpa2 key every week~ so
you will have to keep cracking every week to connect to my wireless or you
can send me a trojan that will keylog and auto give you my wpa2 keys~ and
when i'm online, it will auto send to you~ ;p

Автор zomgbbqwth ( назад)
so if someone is cracking my wpa2 by using ur kind of attack, my modem will
see lots of connections and activities and i will surely suspect that i'm
being attacked~ right? so i'll switch off my modem and contact my isp and
stuff~ right? and you will not succeed in cracking my wpa2 cos i've already
shut off my modem~ right?

Автор zomgbbqwth ( назад)
can you crack my wpa2 tkip aes 128bits?

Автор Jason Beland ( назад)
Think i got to do an 4way handshake

Автор Jason Beland ( назад)
Can we hack an (wep with 802.1 x authentification)i can get the wep but
aint know for the authentification

Автор caren andrews ( назад)
backstreet boys song LMFAO

Автор cyberjack ( назад)
its faster with pyrit !! airolib-ng is slow and sucks ass

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