DL Incognito - Grand Scale

DL Incognito - Grand Scale, from the album A Captured Moment In Time.
iTunes: http://tinyurl.com/2gp6eo

Просмотров: 72046
Длительность: 4:19
Комментарии: 34

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Автор Jonny M ( назад)
DL reppin' Ottawa, dopest rapper no doubt

Автор leberkas 7 ( назад)
Sammy carlson brought me here :D

Автор Josée Limage ( назад)
Hi Dl I am going to drop a tack on April 5th, TAKE THE TIME when it is out
let me know what you think.

Автор BaiKedal ( назад)
if you tell me what the first two words are you have my respekt :D

Автор God-Mind ( назад)
One person get weighted on a grand scale

Автор Michael B ( назад)
this shit is tough

Автор Nicholas Suchy ( назад)
Ya boys!!

Автор David Jones ( назад)
favourite ski film 

Автор LCLstaples ( назад)
1337 quints

Автор extremejon ( назад)
Check em

Автор simon beaudry ( назад)

Автор sexysniper232 ( назад)
Wow, just found this guy on my local University station that gets djs
spinnin the most isnane playlists from fir-sun and this was one guy who I
could find in comparison to some other tracks, and this shit is just
butter-tits. Should beam my chanel for about 1000 underground tracks like
this, I've been collectin off youtubers, finding the rare shit I cant DL
any where. I have found the biggest internet stash of under and old school
that would drop anyones jaw too... etalonhiphopblog com, no LIE!!

Автор Connor Clifford (485 лет назад)
have you ever watched revolver high with surround sound? the sound consumes
you its epic

Автор alex hughes ( назад)
i love it how the only reason anyone knows this song is because of sammy
c's segment in revolver 

Автор Dosvix ( назад)
uhuh ! it ain't saturday, but it don't matter to me. GOT NO JOB !

Автор Aliena314 ( назад)
I can't find Lyrics!!!

Автор mossdee ( назад)
sick sick sick - revolver

Автор Drew Mullingz ( назад)
reps every place but where hes from ... Ottawa ?

Автор pantherpwr7 ( назад)
love how everyone knows it from revolver:D Sammy!

Автор ipodvidoe ( назад)
yea sammy

Автор Connor M. ( назад)
revolver is probablly the best video from poor boyz for music

Автор yotozme ( назад)
"It ain't saturday, but it don't matter to me. Got no job!" - Sammy Carlson

Автор Ken Braunling ( назад)
Sammy is freekin amazing

Автор The Sherpa ( назад)
1 guy doesnt have the world as his audience

Автор SnowgunProduction ( назад)
1 Guy Don´t know what is music 

Автор LicencedLegend ( назад)
@yippycaye lmao hell yeah SAMMY CARLSON! :D

Автор Henry Taylor ( назад)

Автор Henry Taylor ( назад)

Автор kiwisdontbounce ( назад)
@yippycaye revolver is tight

Автор HLGiGoon ( назад)
this needs more views. revolver ftw 

Автор fructal100 ( назад)
awesome song, the world is your audience! 

Автор lucidlunatic ( назад)
heard this on the radio last night thanks for posting it couldnt find it

Автор Patrick Kelly ( назад)
yet another dope album from DL. Madd props from SSM.

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