The Muchmore film suggests frames were removed from the Zapruder film

For an even better video on this subject see : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yKqWozXc4KY The newer analysis by another up loader using a better copy of the film shows the brakes on for a longer period of time than is apparent here.

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Автор Fred Farnsworth ( назад)
The Nix film makes it obvious that the limo slowed down. What's your point?
Did you purposely ignore the Nix film just so you could pretend that you
discovered something sinister? You conspiracy theorists are the ones who
ignore facts and don't want the truth to be known. You are the

Автор VTPSTTU ( назад)
Are you certain that the brightening is not just a result of the sun
hitting the twilight at a particular angle at that time? For that matter,
are we certain that we aren't seeing a reflection of another light source
for a moment?

The driver may have tapped the brake for a second without realizing what he
was doing. Some people thought that the first shot was a firecracker or the
backfire of a car engine. The driver may have tapped the brake thinking
that the car had suffered some mechanical failure.

In any case, you've made an interesting observation and done a much better
job than many have done in creating a video on the subject.

Автор twodogs716 (658 лет назад)
Not to be shown publically. LOL!
Where, or to whom, did Hargis expect such a video to be shown?!
Orders for the SS to stand down is the most obvious clue pointing to

Автор Zoological Militia ( назад)
Compare real human blood against JFK fake venom blood toad vapor head shots
payout 2 gallons JFK NOT HUMAN read Assassin Team 17 , Amazon Kindle hurry
before there all sold out. https://youtu.be/eVm88MX2Gw4

Автор The Great Restoration ( назад)
you can see the head of the front passenger head and body move forward from
the momentum of the braking. the mother fucken driver turns around and
shoots Kennedy with a gun that's in his left hand. never seen that before?

Автор John Smith ( назад)
It's ironic how JFK liked women that weren't very bright and that
preference cost him his life. After all, any woman with a high degree of
intelligence would have immediately pushed him down to the floor of the
limo after the throat shot.

Автор TheEmperorWearsNOClothes 2014 ( назад)
"Tough Break"....you asshole

Автор StellarBlue1 ( назад)
The Secret Service did the most piss-poor job imaginable that day. Slow,
left turn, slow, uneven pace, no agent jumped on Kennedy to push him down
after the first shot in the next area, open windows all over the place. IF
the Secret Service did not kill JFK directly, their ineffective actions
sure did him in. Shameful, horrible SS detail. They broke over 10 SS rules.
What do you expect when the Service fk'ed up so badly?

Автор NELSON X ( назад)
The car slowed down in comparison to the speed of the motorcycle. Or maybe
the vantage point of the camera made it appear so.

Автор Setanta747 ( назад)
I have to say... the persistence of weird theories is annoying, ridiculous
... and entertaining! The fact is that there were three shots fired. They
were fired by Oswald up on the sixth floor. He stowed his gun and walked
down to the second floor with plenty of time to spare before the cop
chanced upon him.

The US President was hit by two bullets, the first of which also passed
through Governor Connally. There was no 'magic bullet'. The bullet went
through JFK, came out and entered Connally's back, near his right armpit.
The bullet had gone in a straight line, and didn't feel any need to
magically turn in mid-air. The velocity was affected by the passage through
Kennedy's neck, which made it start to tumble.

The bullet smashed one of Conally's ribs, exited under his right nipple and
continued in a direct path through his wrist and embedded itself in
Connally's left thigh.

The second shot that hit JFK was the fatal one (although the first one may
have killed him any way, had he not been shot again). It was fired from the
same location from above and behind Kennedy. The force of the shot tore
away some of the flesh and some skull of Kennedy's head. The force also
compressed Kennedy's body, like coiling a spring. For every action there is
an equal reaction. So Kennedy's head initially moves forward and down. When
his body naturally decompresses again, we see him moving up, back and then
to his left, as he slumps over dead.

There was a frame removed from broadcasts of the Zapruder film - 313. This
was requested by Zapruder himself.

Автор e james ( назад)
oswald was so proud of himself. He had a chesire cat grin on his ....like
he had finally done something big in his life.
But where did he learn the skill that enabled him to accomplish this
3 years in the USMC, that's where.
the country he hated so much was what gave him the one skill he had in

Автор John Connolly ( назад)
In both films, the motorcycle escorts appear (to me) to have gained on the
limo, suggesting that it did slow. For the record, I entertain conspiracies
but don't believe them.

Автор Teaisstronger Eleven ( назад)

The evidence he acquired was destroyed and he was killed in one of those
mysterious incidents.

Автор Teaisstronger Eleven ( назад)

We know the Lunar Landings never happen and are Hoaxes. We know the Bay of
Tonkin attack never happen and that like the Pearl Harbor Attack was
allowed, the 911 Attack was an inside job. We know know the Government is
now the most dangerous threat we have and that it is now planning to kill

Автор e james ( назад)
even if greer stepped on the gas it would not have saved kennedy. That limo
weighed 8000 lbs. and the trajectory of oswalds position was such that his
target would still be on the same line,albeit a little further away.
Now if greer stepped on the gas AND twisted the steering wheel that might
have given kennedy a chance.

Автор e james ( назад)
why did the agents not react to the first gunshot when the limo had just
turned onto elm street?
answer.............I believe the agents didn't react because they saw the
motorcade was reaching the end of the route and would be picking up speed..
Agent hill "rode the bumper" several times on main street but the crowds
were heavy there and he knew the limo would be at 10 mph.

Автор VC YT ( назад)
FYI The car slowed as the lead car slowed as it reached a corner.
its called normal driving.

Автор SuperMarbelle ( назад)
If this is a turn film, unadulterated, the driver shot Kennedy with a
squarish silverish gun, using his left hand.

Автор cruisersism ( назад)
Proof of no magic bullet !!!

Автор edrob1960 ( назад)
What is that appears over the front of the car at 3:15 and then a bit
higher at 3:17?

Автор Tone 1st ( назад)
You also see the motorcycle cops on the side come from being behind the
limo, to being quickly past the limo's back bumper due to the limo

Автор Grandma PJ ( назад)
Don't you think to let the Secret Service Guy on back they would slow a
bit? When He is on they take off...just my thoughts here.

Автор bevo francis ( назад)
Sorry to burst your bubble, but the turn signals were flashing alternately
left then right. Watch any of the films of the motorcade. This isn't to say
Greer didn't hit the brakes, but one would have to see BOTH tail lights at
the same time to make a determination.

Автор crist67mustang ( назад)
Interesting point! tail light in red, showing that the Ford Lincoln driver
decreased speed. Why? As part of conspiracy and for giving more time to the
shooter? Or simplely because Jackeline crawled over the trunk asking help
(in order to protect her falling dow end of car cause of inertia)..?

Автор eyemagistus ( назад)
These two videos explain it all:An Australian physicyst demonstrates the
Zapruder film had to have been altered:
Turns out the CIA image analysts had custody of the film first. Some images
published in Life magazine are much clearer and sharper than any version of
the film ever shown.

Автор eyemagistus ( назад)
These two videos explain it all:An Australian physicyst demonstrates the
Zapruder film had to have been altered:

Turns out the CIA image analysts had custody of the film first. Some images
published in Life magazine are much clearer and sharper than any version of
the film ever shown.

Автор Kenneth Pace ( назад)
So you're driving the president through downtown and you have orders to
slow down so a sniper can shoot the guy sitting behind you? I'd call in

Автор Fred Sanderson ( назад)
interesting, but, even 16mm (this obviously 8mm) film goes 24 frames per
second...8 frames shown are only 1/3 of a second, which could be a simple
reaction, tapping the brake...not disagreeing, but being fair/honest to
what I saw...

Автор Richard Snyder ( назад)
the babushka lady was part of the assination plot / she was armed and hag
her part in the assination/ she was to run to the car and jump in and shoot
till she was empty/

Автор martynh ( назад)
Two points. The motor cops never knew how fast the limo was going at the
time of the head shot, but they were all agreed they were having trouble
keeping their machines upright. Also, Clint Hill. We have all tried to jump
off a moving object onto solid ground. Right? How difficult is it to, as
your one foot lands, to make sure you can get a stride pattern going - you
run the risk of falling over. So even though the limo turned Elm by the
time it got to kill zone it should have been going at least 20mph. What
proves the limo almost stopped is Hill was able to jump off 2nd limo,
maintain balance, and run to catch lead limo up. If lead limo hadn't slowed
down he was also Usain Bolt to boot!!

Автор FraudDetective ( назад)
# 1. JFK had deformed feet (YouTube it) 3 long toes he wrap around his
# 2. JFK did not walk he crept.
# 3. Assassin's destructive analytical field testing as witness in the Zoo
Prude Film proved JFK not human first picnic shot was fatal!
# 4. There is no blood from a four inch wound in neck! Some necktie
# 5. Second shot is fatal too bullet goes in head exits forehead type
injury one goes straight down to the ground not to the left and move around
he did not even flinch.
# 6. Third shot globe of bio material hangs out its not a human brain.
# 7. Arrives at Parkland Hospital has heartbeat but no pulse!
# 8. Physicians give oscilloscope reading not in human category, physicians
say we are going to lose him.
# 9. Texas autopsy use entomology term of a black widow spider!
# 10. Autopsy reports has skull bone, but no skeleton!
# 11. JFK shot in back travels up meaning the picnic shot was from picnicer
with rifle conceal beneath picnic blanket.

Only one book has all the answers from the heroic assassin who literally
save the world from an alien Hesperus spider that requires Chemtrail
synthesize bug air if human download now to your device JFK VIP2RIP
from B&N Bookstore.

Автор Hugo Rodrigo Serra ( назад)
cuando aplica los frenos ya ha recibido un disparo, por eso frena

Автор Jonathan Emery ( назад)
He only slowed down to check on the president not to try to kill him but to
try and see if he was alright and the cop couldn't have been spread with
blood because the blood and brains went up and outward

Автор KCandBluesDad ( назад)
In the Z's film, watch the motorcycle to the left of K's car. It's passing
the car because the car is slowing down. Nothing to see here.

Автор John Kesich ( назад)
Is the complete 1995 Hargis interview available?

Автор ObiJohn ( назад)
Ok... the car slowed down. This does not prove anything, as there was no
concluding information of why it would be slowed down. Based on the
government's explanation, three shots had been fired, the first missed, the
second went through his neck, and the last to his head. Obviously, the
driver would slow down if he had heard a gunshot and JFK or Jackie making a

Автор Duane Locsin (1871 год назад)
Yes it is a fact.
some of the copies of the Zapruder film had some missing frames, but which
film are the public seeing?
The original or it's unedited copies or one of the edited ones?

Автор praxis veritatis ( назад)
First bullet was from the back from Oswald which is why it went through his
chest and why it went through the man in the front seat. The second came
from an unknown unidentified shooter from the front at an angle which is
why his head was blown up predominantly on his right side and his head
jerked back gravity tells you it came from the front not the back. The
brakes were on because of the first shot.

Автор Cisco Budge ( назад)
conspiracy theorist = butt dumpling

Автор Alexander Taylor ( назад)
That's what, 8 frames? I mean, even if it were 24 frames where the brakes
were on, that's 1 second. If it's 8, that's only 1/3 of a second. You can't
do much braking in that short a time, and in fact, it's possible to just
engage the light and not actually engage the brakes in that short of a
time. I mean... I definitely don't buy the official story here but I don't
know what this proves other than the light got tapped.

Автор akaredcrossbow ( назад)
Yes it was slowing before and during. The reason was the limo driver SS
William Greer was doing this so they could get on the back of the limo. The
follow up ss agents weren't doing their jobs correctly and hesitated. They
should have been on top of all of the occupants in the the limo when the
first shot was fired. So Greer slows down and nobody is coming to get on
the limo so he slows down even more almost to a stop and then only one
agent (Hill) responded. Greer knew he had to slow down so the Secret
Service agents could protect the people they needed to protect. Yes he
could have hit the gas and got out as fast as he could, but he also knew
that Hill was supposed to protect Jackie. So if he didn't slow down and
Jackie got shot it would also be his fault. Greer did his job to let Hill
and the others do their job. If anything put the blame on all of the other
Secret Service agents in the fallow up car that didn't respond like they
should have when the first shot was fired. Just look at them protecting

Автор Steven Applegate ( назад)
Ok I'll explain it to those who wonder why Greer slowed down. He was
looking back to see what happened after Kennedy was shot in the back. Then
he spend back up to get out of there. That's it, a normal reaction when
looking back like he did, he took his foot off the gas to look. Watch the
film and you will see what I say is true.

Автор akaredcrossbow ( назад)
The only reason the limo slowed down to almost a complete stop was to let
Clint Hill on the back so he could protect the occupants. By then it was
too late. 

Автор Joe T. ( назад)
You can tell this guy is an attention whore. Getting attention and trying
to be recognized by someone's death. So there is an insignificant defect in
the film, so what. 

Автор Zach DeLong (DJ D.O.C.) ( назад)
yellow paint on the curb nearest to Muchmore marked where the kill shot was
to take place. this can be seen in a survey of the area, the car slowed
right between the markers

Автор lukang72 ( назад)
so who was the driver, and has his connections to the plotters been

Автор Jergens Roberdeaux (1540 лет назад)
Neither police officer appeared to slow down almost to a stop or they would
have put a foot down to as you do when a motorcycle is almost stopped.

Автор Ivan Nieto ( назад)
There's other perspective clearly showing the stopligths ON 

Автор colin gentle ( назад)
The Z film is fake , the car stopped ! Moorman always said she stepped on
to the road to take her photo . It has been proved by lining up angles and
heights from her photo that it was in fact taken from the road , about a
foot lower than it show in Z FILM . 

Автор FarOutRadio ( назад)
Interesting. Robert Morningstar shares his startling discoveries about the
film on FarOutRadio. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=thVbBPt4u8U

Автор David S. ( назад)
Marie Muchmore only filmed for a number of seconds......ridiculous....

Автор Pancho Villa ( назад)
I think the only help the driver could possibly have given a shooter is if
he drove at a constant speed throughout Elm St. Speeding up or slowing down
would tend to make a shooter miss his target. Acceleration and/or
deceleration can be tricky factors in setting up a shot. Whether the
driver slowed down for a fraction of a second or not, proves nothing in the
way of a SS conspiracy. I think that if the SS wanted to kill the US
president, they'd have much better opportunities to do so, other than in
front of a motorcade audience.

Автор Doc Joe ( назад)
the car obliviously slowed down because JFK was in distress (holding
throat) after the first bullet hit him (back of neck/back). duh!

Автор Bbendfender ( назад)
The car clearly slows down in this video.

Автор Todd Burleson ( назад)
In every version of the Zapruder film I've ever seen, it is quite obvious
the car slows down gradually until what appears to be its slowest speed
right before the last, big headshot. It appears that Kennedy was slumped
down in Jackie's lap low enough to have possibly evaded that big headshot
if it weren't for the driver coming to what appeared to be almost
completely stopped. It makes me angry! If the only defense against claims
that the car had drastically slowed down is that the Zapruder film had been
tampered with (which I believe it was, given that they had 10 years to
screw with it before it was publicly viewed), then we KNOW he was set up. 

Автор Jeff Strange ( назад)
Keep your eye on the tail light ? Take a look at Hill's and Moorman's coat
staying stationary throughout all the frames as the limo passes by.
Without a doubt Nix's and Z's films has been doctored BIG TIME !

Автор Cary Hoffson ( назад)
how good of a shot when car is moved past widows someone
get a better shot from the grassy knoll most of the shots
came as car past grassy knoll then by windows it was to
late to shot from windows car had past them by then

Автор sphinxrising58 ( назад)
Day late & a dollar short, as it was already established long ago that
there are missing frames, about 15 or so frames.

Автор Ethercruiser1 ( назад)
Looks like the driver may have "tapped the breaks" on the car briefly
(brake light briefly on & motorcycle cops began to pass rear of car). Not
sure how significant this is, but I've seen other evidence that points to
Zapruder film having been tampered with & this may add to that suspicion.
More question marks.

Автор smdahl ( назад)
The only logical reason for the car to slow down was either b/c Jackie's
escape attempt was planned, or the following ss agent's jump onto the trunk
was planned, or both. In any case, Jackie obviously shot him if you watch
closely. From under his left jaw.

Автор The L.A. Show Real Estate TV ( назад)
its really starting to look like Jackie did it.

Автор anewgift4u ( назад)
OK lets say your point is valid. The limo stopped. Now what? Is that it?

Автор budsaplenty ( назад)
Of course they took frames out of the Z film. Do you think they would give
the public anything to go on? Lot's of good folks died telling what they
saw that day maybe one day they will be avenged

Автор Bob “DaddyJerk” Mistic ( назад)
the driver tap da brakes an as soon as he slow the car down enough he spin
around an shot John F Kennedy, if u look good at the video u will see the
smoke from his gun, also if u watch closely when Kennedy an his wife was
looking at his shirt, it wasn't his shirt they were looking at, it appeared
as though he already got shot in his chest an the 2nd bullet miss his head
that's why he was holding his ears an then that's when his driver turn
around an shot him in his head......come on humans the man was set
up........watch the video in slow motion and you will see the truth

Автор Warbird1 ( назад)
Lol. This version has already been altered the day of this shooting, so no
matter what you think you are looking at it is a second scripted version.
So all timing etc..us of no use too

Автор cootsteak ( назад)
Gov. Connaly's own testimony about being hit with the second shot and what
is seen in the Zapruder film clearly demonstrates that the last two shots
came in quick succession, too fast for a single shooter using a bolt action
rifle to accomplish. It's undeniable. There were multiple shooters. 

Автор MyChannel ( назад)
UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Okay, when you get to the stairs on the grassy knoll,
you'll have to slow down or stop to give our people a chance at a clean

DRIVER: Grassy knoll. Stairs. Slow down. Got it.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Good. See you at the meet. And watch out for stray

DRIVER: Ha. Funny.

Автор evomind1 ( назад)
The car slowed down to give the secret service agent a chance to jump on
the back of the car and cover the president. 

Автор larry wheeler ( назад)
of course the car slowed to almost a dead stop. the secret service man
clint hill ran after the limo and caught up ,then jumped on the back trunk
of car while Jackie was picking up a skull fragment that landed on the back
of car. clint hill is a fast runner ,but he cannot outrun a car unless it
is going slower than he is. this confirms the brake lights.

Автор Rob Brown ( назад)
Sorry - What exactly does this prove?

Автор JoshDone ( назад)
Um yeah. If the car slowed down, how come YouTube doesn't have thousands
of interviews with the driver? Maybe the car slowed down because the
driver heard a commotion or the President scream in pain and thought there
was a problem? No, the only answer is always that everyone on earth in the
criminal world was a conspirist in the assassination. So where's the
driver? Where are the interviews? I will do a quick youtube search to

Автор 7071t6 ( назад)
When you watch the nix film & muchmoore films you will notice that both
cars are moving perfectly together which is impossible, when in the nix
film & even in the Z film just before the head shot the follow up car
almost hit's Gg-300, so how can the muchmore film show them moving together
like they are on rails or the cut & paste job has been done to match the z
film , but the first time the nix film was shown on the net, you can
clearly see the GG-300 stopped,as the follow up almost hit it, which by the
way is the only way clint hill was able to get on jfk's car, if you believe
the WC report, the cars were doing 11 to 8 miles per hour, have a look at u
tube uploads of car's going slower then than & idiot's coming off to try to
do stunt's & they fall over straight away ? try it on a pick up truck &
with boards on the side & see if you can get off & then run at least 4 to 5
meters to get to the handle's on the back of a car which is accelerating
away from you as well ? 

Автор Reggie Milla (Far Roc's Finest) (1098 лет назад)
1st question: Why dafuq is this motorcycle cop's name "Bobby"??? #WTF !!!

Автор Rafa_813 ( назад)
Doesn't anyone else notice that the driver driving the car ,turns around
and points "something" at Kennedy at the same exact time he gets shot,
coincidence or what?

Автор Anne M ( назад)
the driver slowed down because his ass turned around and shot JFK. Those
two women in the black and red dresses were his masonic cue to do it. Go
watch it in another video, even the one they took frames out of still shows
it because they could not take that one frame out which was necessary. 

Автор Scarecrow's Dream ( назад)
The brake light is garbage. If you hear a gun shot during the chaos, you
might speed up or hit the brakes. Let me shoot at your ass and see if you
continue driving the same speed. M.F's have been looking for a conspiracy
for 50 years. The next conspiracy I will start for you, The butler did it.

Автор khmerog1 ( назад)
We should just torture the shit out of the limo driver. Unless he is dead
then it would be useless..Can someone verify this for me?

Автор miggidymark ( назад)
It did slow down, the bike almost overtook it. The driver William Greer
looked back twice, once during the neck shot, then right before the head

Автор TheseusTitan ( назад)
We were looking at the car brake and then at the end the film has “tough
brake”. Is that an intentional pun or a poor choice of words? I’m just
throwing it out there.

Автор spkstrth ( назад)
I was 12 when it happened. I read everything I could get my hands on, & I
never believed the Warren Commission's conclusions. From then until now,
I've believed it was a conspiracy. Some of the ones I named out loud to my
parents - have been named in many of the theories. When all said & done,
though - I know nothing more today than I did then.

Автор GETole ( назад)
The car never came close to stopping--watch the the background movement.

Автор jannmutube ( назад)
Watch " Dark Legacy George Bush and the murder of John Kennedy Jan 2009"
and "Bush Sr. Laughs at JFK Shooting". Also search on-line, "Behind the
Bushes - JFK MURDER SOLVED - Reward"

Автор 7071t6 ( назад)
Well done, it look's like, as they say, they did a rush job on the film, to
make as if the car did not stop, when it did, especially when people in elm
st / witnesses that day said it did, including Cop's, it took only 2 heart
beat's, which was enough for a frontal shot, in the nix film it more
noticeable as well, which they tried to remove as well, but you can see the
follow up car front end of the car dip very sharply down, like when you
stop all of a sudden?

Автор eddrum100 ( назад)
When people call names in the course of a discussion, they've proven that
they've lost the argument. Why are you getting voted down, then?

Автор J Russo ( назад)
Look at the flags on the front of the limo go from blowing back to dropping
to blowing back again too!

Автор J Russo ( назад)
That question has been asked many times and always answered Johnson.

Автор eddrum100 ( назад)
Dozens of witnesses are wrong? You believe ONE person? You're suffering
from what Van Vogt called the "right man syndrome". You always have to be
right, don't you?

Автор eddrum100 ( назад)
Don't even check eyewitness testimony, do you? You are a repeater. You just
believe a Government official who was probably threatened with his life.

Автор eddrum100 ( назад)
Martin Shackelford, Penn Jones, Earle Brown, Officer James Chaney, Roy
Truly, Senator Ralph Yarborough, Mrs. Earle Cabell, James Simmons,
Motorcycle cop Bobby Hargis, John Connally, Officer Billy Martin, Officer
Marrion Baker, Texas Highway patrolman Joe H. Rich, Robert Baskins , Allan
Smith. ALL of these witnesses said the Limo stopped. Now who's laughing?

Автор eddrum100 ( назад)
Many eyewitnesses said that the car stopped. Do some research.

Автор eddrum100 ( назад)
An expert who can't even spell knoll!

Автор hal1955allen ( назад)
seen head shots . This one was from the front . Second shotter on grassy
nole .

Автор 972frantz ( назад)
"I'm just wondering if you think that Oswald shooting from the sixth floor
of the book depository building would be more plausible than any of the
other conspiracy theories." ..Theories have to be evaluated for their
respectiive strength and weaknesses. That's what the crosscheck process is
all about. Taken at face value, the Oswald-did-it theory looks impressive
indeed: the problem starts immediately when you begin analyzing the
evidence supporting it...

Автор 972frantz ( назад)
No, I am not a BadgeMan as you probably mean it, meaning I know for a fact
that Jack White's "discovery" is a misinterpretation... Now there are
actually methods to deal with situations with unknowns, and where different
alternative scenarii can be extrapolated from the same original source. I
have come to regard Data Resilience as a very effective tool in all sorts
of investigative situations...

Автор Mark Zikarbug ( назад)
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Автор 5till12 ( назад)
And Jackie is doing what with JFK? Loosening his tie? I don't think so...

Автор Jyargurinsk Minicyzk Kopian Menias The Un-Beholden Son Of Deberiah Yrundheitl Massuvius Krasserr ( назад)
There's also the aspect of saturation, with such a low-quality image,
causing colour bleeding and/or noise.

Автор Former11BRAVO ( назад)
Those two frames where it's on then off again take up about 1/8th second!
How the fuck dose that prove anything? The driver may have tapped his brake
by accident, turning to see what had happened? Or, it could've been
sunlight! I've been fooled by sunlight hitting a brake light lens many
times (thinking someone had left their lights on)! There is a LOT that's
fishy about the JFK assassination, but this? I'd call it typical
over-anayizing by folks desperately wishing to see something. Sorry.

Автор fredpfarnsworth ( назад)
Okay, so you're a badgeman. But you must be aware of the other claims, such
as where the shots came from: a manhole, the trunk of the limo, the secret
service agent driving, the agent passenger, an agent in the follow-up car,
umbrella man, Jack Ruby, Dallas police officers, the three tramps, etc...
(you know I could go on). I'm just wondering if you think that Oswald
shooting from the sixth floor of the book depository building would be more
plausible than any of the other conspiracy theories.

Автор 972frantz ( назад)
"Why wouldn't the conspirators simply take the camera away from Zapruder?"
because that may have attracted attention. And there is no need for such
action when you know you will control the evidence in the end... " there
are people standing near the alleged position of 'Badgeman,' which puts
them almost directly in the line of fire." Correct, and that is what they
testified to... "I know. His rifle had a silencer, right? " Don't know, but
he and his accomplices wore a DPD uniform...

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