The Muchmore film suggests frames were removed from the Zapruder film

For an even better video on this subject see : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yKqWozXc4KY The newer analysis by another up loader using a better copy of the film shows the brakes on for a longer period of time than is apparent here.

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Автор jpdaily2 (2 месяца)
The clip you have shown in this video only represents about 1/5th of a
second in real time. So the driver tapped the brakes. The pres. has just
been shot. I think the driver is entitled to experience some confusion. I
agree he slowed down. Both videos show he did. SO? That would be a
natural human response I believe. But you guys think whatever you wish and
please extend that same courtesy. 

Автор Anastasiya (1 месяц)
You know how the video shows the convertible limousine slowing down, the
sniper could've actually been aiming for the president's chest/heart area
and shot him when the car drove by, but since it slowed down, the bullet
hit the head (closer). Get me? I can't explain it properly. But, yeah it
doesn't mean the car slowed down for the sniper, because even if it
continued the speed, he would've probably been shot in the heart.

Автор JoshDone (13 дней)
Um yeah. If the car slowed down, how come YouTube doesn't have thousands
of interviews with the driver? Maybe the car slowed down because the
driver heard a commotion or the President scream in pain and thought there
was a problem? No, the only answer is always that everyone on earth in the
criminal world was a conspirist in the assassination. So where's the
driver? Where are the interviews? I will do a quick youtube search to

Автор 7071t6 (3 месяца)
Notice there's no bullet exit going up from jfk's head like you see in the
z film ? WHY ?

Автор larry wheeler (5 дней)
of course the car slowed to almost a dead stop. the secret service man
clint hill ran after the limo and caught up ,then jumped on the back trunk
of car while Jackie was picking up a skull fragment that landed on the back
of car. clint hill is a fast runner ,but he cannot outrun a car unless it
is going slower than he is. this confirms the brake lights.

Автор Rafa_813 (17 дней)
Doesn't anyone else notice that the driver driving the car ,turns around
and points "something" at Kennedy at the same exact time he gets shot,
coincidence or what?

Автор mindspring57 (4 месяца)
First of all, this does not appear to be the Zapruder film, because it was
filmed from the passenger side of the vehicle, not the driver side, as

Автор zyxquark (2 месяца)
well, yeah, it slowed down cause the dummy driver turned around to look at
him. the driver was some irish guy kennedy liked. LBJ's driver was a
professional and didn't slow down. by the way, I'm sick of all this
conspiracy crap; I'm sixty and this happened when I was in the 4th

Автор 7071t6 (15 дней)
When you watch the nix film & muchmoore films you will notice that both
cars are moving perfectly together which is impossible, when in the nix
film & even in the Z film just before the head shot the follow up car
almost hit's Gg-300, so how can the muchmore film show them moving together
like they are on rails or the cut & paste job has been done to match the z
film , but the first time the nix film was shown on the net, you can
clearly see the GG-300 stopped,as the follow up almost hit it, which by the
way is the only way clint hill was able to get on jfk's car, if you believe
the WC report, the cars were doing 11 to 8 miles per hour, have a look at u
tube uploads of car's going slower then than & idiot's coming off to try to
do stunt's & they fall over straight away ? try it on a pick up truck &
with boards on the side & see if you can get off & then run at least 4 to 5
meters to get to the handle's on the back of a car which is accelerating
away from you as well ? 

Автор Cano Manuel Gonzaga (1 месяц)
I believe there were two bullets involved in JFK's assassination. The first
bullet hit JFK as you see in the Z film right before JFK made that gesture
as if he was going to touch the front of his neck with both his hands and
as he leaned towards Jackie. You would see in his face the gesture of pain
if you would zoom in. the second bullet, well we all know the story.

Автор N Holt (5 месяцев)
Why not just use DNA evidence? Case solved once and for all.

Автор MandoMohan (3 месяца)
Even on the Muchmore clip, as in the Zapruder film, the smoke from the
gunshot is seen shooting directly upwards. That's because Jackie shot him
point blank in the back of the head. This is where her right hand is placed
when the skull is blown outwards and not inwards. It wasn't a bullet
entering his forehead but exiting it. There'd be no gun smoke there at all
if he was shot from a distance.

Автор rottenrowdie (3 месяца)
The problem all you brain dead idiots have to explain when you scream
conspiracy is that you dont realize how many people would have to keep
their mouths shut for 50 years. Same with 9/11 , you refuse to believe the
truth because you hate Bush. No other reason.

Автор vote4thepeople (4 месяца)
There is always the probability that the driver was braking to allow Clint
Hill to catch up and get to the President and First Lady. This happened
very quickly, remember? Unfortunately, the timing of the head shot was
during the braking, but I do not think the Secret Service was "in" on the
assassination. I believe their contempt for JFK was taken advantage of in

Автор Rob Brown (6 дней)
Sorry - What exactly does this prove?

Автор evomind1 (4 дня)
The car slowed down to give the secret service agent a chance to jump on
the back of the car and cover the president. 

Автор Pete Gabler (20 дней)
..car brakes to an almost standstill; an instant later the fatal shot hits
Kennedy's head.

Автор Debbie Laird (19 дней)
Yes, the driver put his foot on the break, no doubt about it. But at this
point both the president and the guy in the front passenger seat (sorry,
don't know his name) had just been shot. Guy in front clearly vocal about
the pain he is in. Could have been a momentary reaction, like jumping in
fright at the guys cry of pain. Why do so many find this suspicious? 

Автор nakedfreak1 (15 дней)
jpdaily2, so what you are saying is that for a SECRET SERVICE BODYGUARD,
who is the trained DRIVER of the PRESIDENT of the United States of America,
whos SOLE JOB is to PROTECT the President even at RISK to HIS OWN LIFE,
when people are SHOOTING at the President and have already HIT him TWICE,
and when he can see with his OWN EYES the President is CLEARLY HIT, INSTEAD
of taking EVASIVE ACTION and FLEEING the area therby PROTECTING the
President, rather INSTEAD coming nearly to a COMPLETE STOP and therby
allowing 2 or possibly 3 additional HEADSHOTS to the President, and
possibly even MORE hits to the governor, and STARING STUPIDLY at the
President as his skull is BLOWN TO SMITHEREENS, this is in your mind


Автор Reggie Milla (15 дней)
1st question: Why dafuq is this motorcycle cop's name "Bobby"??? #WTF !!!

Автор HerrGeisteskrank (5 месяцев)
I am convinced that Oswald (and only Oswald) actually killed Kennedy and
was the LONE GUNMAN. (some reasons are mentioned in other posts below). I
find the whole "who really shot JFK" thing a total distraction. As for who
is "behind" it, I am not convinced. I find it quite possible that Oswald
just had the time/place/opportunity/motive, The REAL importance is whether
or not he was indeed a "patsy", and why. I think that if there IS a real
conspiracy, then part of that conspiracy is to focus on the actual shooting
and other side-events to distract from the real issues. In short, the "WHY"
is more important than the "HOW".

Автор Stoneyburke (1 месяц)
Motorcycle cop gets closer ,so Limo must be slowed down,or cop sped up.

Автор Spencer Mcalpine (1 месяц)
It has always been known that the limo slowed down. This is nothing new.
The agent himself admitted to slowing down because he was not sure what
happened. The Secret Service was not in on this but I believe the CIA had
everything to do with this along with others in political and business

Автор Will James (1 месяц)
Buy the Book http://amzn.com/B00KUWC3Y4
If Oswald was the shooter, there is still room for a massive conspiracy.
CIA? Soviets? Oswald, a defector, had returned from the Soviet Union &
Oswald was at the School Book Depository with a rifle! He had already
attempted an assassination on General Walker, a right wing fanatic, with
that same rifle. There is no question that Oswald brought the rifle to the
School Book Depository. Why would Oswald set himself up? So why not begin
with Oswald? If it was a conspiracy of elements of the CIA (manipulating
and using Oswald as the trigger man), there would be a cover up. Who better
to hide behind then someone with Oswald's history & Soviet wife? And what
about Marina? Is it so far fetched to believe that the KGB would send
Oswald back to America with a young, pretty operative? If it was a Soviet
conspiracy & the American government knew, would they cover it up fearing
nuclear Armageddon??? Or was Oswald just a little man, sick in the head,
who wanted to play God?


He wasn't like the other boys;
he played with ICBMs instead of tinker toys.
But no one made too much of a fuss.
No, no one made too much of a fuss.
After all, he was one of us.
After all, he was one of us.

When he peddled an unwinnable war
amongst the Joint Chiefs and the Marine Corps,
no one made too much of a fuss.
No, no one made too much of a fuss.
After all, he was one of us.
After all, he was one of us.

When some were heard to say
that he took the head shot that killed JFK,
no one made too much of a fuss.
No, no one made too much of a fuss.
After all, he was one of us.
After all, he was one of us.

Автор Thomas L (1 месяц)
Jackie shot him ? Someone.s just plain stupid now.

Автор justicia1 (1 месяц)
Lucien Sarti was the man who shot the fatal bullet, he was on the right
side of the president. Lucien Sart was Killed in Mexico City, in Polanco
Area in 1972 By Mexican Police 

Автор iinRez (2 месяца)
JFK Assassination Zapruder 18 fps + 6 fps Stabilized Motion Panorama HD -
50th anniversary

JFK Assassination Zapruder Stabilized Motion Panorama HD plus SloMo - 50th
Some stabilized Zapruder footage offering a clearer insight.

I too wondered if the driver slowed to enable the killing shot, however if
you look at the enhanced footage closely(1st link) you can clearly see the
driver reacts to the Governor and Presidents apparent pain unbeknownst to
the shots that were fired, look how he reacts to the final shot, I think he
simply let his foot off the gas when looking rearward ignorant to what was
really happening. Which in hindsight wasn't the best choice but than again
he appears initially to not have known there were even gunshots.
Interestingly nor did any one else on the street or otherwise until the
final most apparent shot that is, suggesting suppressed weapons or a shot
at great distance. Very odd incident to say the least, My science fiction
side suggests it was an explosive implant judging by the damage to the
cranium but that's for another discussion.

Автор Rachael Thegreat (2 месяца)
Does the Zapruder family have an unaltered version of this film? More than
one film was copied. There has to a film somewhere in it's original
unadulterated content?

Автор slap head (2 месяца)
so the car slowed down - and the z film has frames missing ! !

note how, compared to the nix film, the three men stood on the steps of the
grassy knoll all jump in fright just as the car stops braking - or when the
head shot occurs in other words - and unlike the nix film - we see the man
in front hold his hands up to shield the top of his head - whether that`s a
reaction to seeing JFK getting his head blown off - or whether it`s because
of the bullet being fired from behind him - we may never know - except that
testimonies from the day state that bullets were fired from the knoll and
that they also smelt cordite - a smell associated with a gun shot

Автор Neal Hobson (3 месяца)
Even if the limo did slow down, it was for two or three frames of this
Muchmore film. Which is less than a second. Maybe 2 at most. "slowed almost
to a stop" No. Not really. It was going at least 15-20mph as Kennedy was

Автор tiberiousss (1 год)
And really folks. Don't ya think that a story that big, evidence that shows
the Zapruder film was tampered with, that there really is some sort of
conspiracy going on, the news media wouldn't be all over it?? That would be
one of the biggest stories of the last 100 years. Unless you are going to
claim the media as a whole is in on the cover up as well lol.

Автор Rufus Aphonso (3 месяца)
dont how many want to actually take the time to watch this movie (2014) of
the top secret analysts for the CIA , it will only be on vimeo for a bit
longer -102327635. with Doug Horne, former chief analyst of military
records at the Assassination Records Review Board and CIA photo interpreter
Dino Brugion whose examination of the film at the CIA's National
Photographic Interpretation Center on the Saturday evening after the
assassination.Then you will see as almost 50 people testified.The limo
stopped briefly and Kennedys head was blown out the back

Автор glp53 (2 месяца)
And if the Dallas County Sheriff's office, the Dallas police, the FBI, and
the Secret Service had done their job, Oswald wouldn't have had a second
shot, either.

Автор rustyweeks1979 (9 месяцев)
The driver looked back and saw that Kennedy had been hit. He hit the brakes
so that the secret service man could jump on the back and cover Kennedy and
Jakie. He was too late because Oswald fired the last shot before the secret
service officer could get there. The driver saw Kennedy's head explode, so
he gunned it to get out of there. The secret service agent that climbed
onto the back of the car stumbles because the driver floors the Lincoln to
get them out of there.

Автор Brian Mullan (4 месяца)
I can see the driver slow and turn to see what was happening after the
first shot that went through J.F.Ks neck.the driver slows turns around and
then the fatal shot comes.Then the driver sees this and he speed away.I
don't think the driver was involved,but I can't say for sure.

Автор proper brew (9 месяцев)
the brakes were on for an insignificant amount of time to prove anything

Автор ckom0007 (10 месяцев)
This video proves nothing. 

Автор eugene d'alessio (7 месяцев)
They keep on showing us this information......come on we know it was an
inside job and done with multiple shooters....the guy on the grassy knoll
blew JFK's brains out from the side....end of story....and we'll never get
them to admit it.....keep the fraud going....they got real creative with
the 9/11 fraud.....let's see....we let 25 dirtbags into the county.....we
schedule military exercises replicating the incident across the
country......we disregard all FAA protocol and don't scramble fighters to
intercept the hijacked planes......two building come down in one hour due
to fires and leave no major debris that is recognizable......another
building comes down that looks fine from the outside and implodes on
itself......the place where you need cameras at the Pentagon they have only
one shot of a tiny plane hitting the side of the building and no plane
debris, no luggage, no bodies........and no fire.... and then we go to Pa
and we see one big hole in the ground and NOTHING else.....NO THAT WASN'T A

Автор Chris Reagan (4 месяца)
FBI and CIA confiscated every camera and video device. Every video or pic
has been edited either by cutting frames and/or cropping .

Автор P. Hamilton (4 месяца)
Hargis, by his own admission (on video)….never took the time to study the
assassination evidence…he adhered to the "Official Report" only….and still
does. This, despite having been sprayed with bone, blood and brains from
JFK…whom was in front and to the right of him….an X-ray of JFK's skull, now
available, shows a grapefruit-sized "round exit" hole…in the back of JFK's
skull…in addition to the side wound that is evident in the Z film.

Автор Cyborg Lincoln (1 год)
Only morons believe it was Oswald. 

Автор David Clanton (4 месяца)
Basic physics will prevail. The limo was not traveling very fast, maybe 15
mph. so if Kennedy was shot from behind, why was his brain sprayed
backwards?? Not due to the velocity of the limo, due to the velocity of the
bullet that struck Kennedy from the front!! Remember, a bullet never lies,
only the government.

Автор Yaahboi52 (5 месяцев)
At Z-264 b4 and after this 3-4 second time frame you can see the vehicle
slow down cause you see the policemen slowly go ahead and start stopping
then once kennedy gets shot the driver turns and speeds off 

Автор ARTZY64 (4 месяца)
Tough 'Brake'...? hahaha.. try 'break' next time, Einstein.

Автор HerrGeisteskrank (5 месяцев)
As for the "splatter" proving a front gunshot, that is Bullshit! It appears
that all the "action" takes place in front of JFK's head and moves inward
and expands toward his face, creating an illusion of a shot from the front.
In reality, if you watch in slow-mo, the first hint of something appears in
front of him (because bullets move really fast), and the slower moving
"explosion" follows, (not to mention that the car is moving forward into
the "splatter") His head is forced backward by a sort of recoil/ chin
bouncing off chest at high speed and force. (Slap someone unexpectedly hard
in the back of the head and see what happens). Likewise for the flap of
skull, it is simple physics. Some of you will say "I know what I see!" and
all I can say is it might be helpful to study illusions and how they work.

Автор grendlsma (5 месяцев)
The Zapruder film does show the car slowing....very slightly.
At 1:03 just few frames before the head shot.
A slight dip, like the driver tapped the brakes.
This does seem to line up with the Muchmore film. The same very slight dip.

But not very much.
I think tapping the brakes is a pretty natural reaction to a commotion
coming from the backseat....

My guess is that Hargis remembers seeing break lights (even for a split
second) and in the adrenaline of the moment has had a bit of a time
compression moment.
It doesn't look like the Zapruder film has been altered to me.

Автор The Donut of False Truth (8 месяцев)
The motorcade slowed down because the driver of the vehicle noticed
something was wrong. He turns around and, not wanting to crash, slows the
motorcade down to see if something is wrong. Obviously, many believe the
driver shot JFK because there is a glare of light in the shape of a pistol
next to him...But its just the passenger.

Автор Eldovio Desanfernandino (1 месяц)
I know who killed JFK and I'm going to reveal it right now, the murderer's
name was Lee Harvey Oswald, YOU'RE WELCOME!

Автор Jonathan Bone (6 месяцев)
Who is paying attention to the man that runs and jumps onto the back of the
limo? How long was he running and from what distance?

Автор So Kozy (6 месяцев)
Frames missing? Or perhaps the photographer lifted his/her finger from the
camera button on and off.

Home videos were relatively new technology back then and the equipment and
developing were expensive. Film was short in length and precious.

People were of course, amateurs at it and frequently pressed and released
the cameras "shoot" button to conserve the film.

Obviously there was US Governent involvement in the murder and cover up but
come on! Jackie?? Why not John-John??.

If you look really, REALLY, close, you can see his little hand with a gun
in it and Caroline was in the trunk as back-up.

And come to think of it...where was the Pope that day??

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