The Muchmore film suggests frames were removed from the Zapruder film

For an even better video on this subject see : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yKqWozXc4KY The newer analysis by another up loader using a better copy of the film shows the brakes on for a longer period of time than is apparent here.

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Автор Ryan Morris ( назад)
Bullshit the frame rate is equal to less than a full second,

Автор Axeman Railing ( назад)
The car had to have stopped as the secret service agent had to get from the
car behind the Presidents limo up to Kennedys limo to get Jackie back from
climbing over the trunk. Check the timing there are at least 2 seconds and
possibly more missing from the Zepruder film.

Автор Hayd ( назад)
jackie did it... she was CIA

Автор Leonard Fleet ( назад)
Read a good book that includes info. on the President Kennedy
assassination: 'Behold A Pale Horse' by William Cooper (an ex U.S.
intelligence officer), according to the author, the driver of the car shot
the President. He also states that several of the Warren Committee (who
investigated the incident) were C.F.R. members & that Naval Intelligence
were involved in the plot.

Автор rick botkin ( назад)
Sometimes the sun reflecting off a taillight can give the appearance of
brake lights coming on.

Автор huskyjerk ( назад)
The limo was slowed to allow the SS man to get onto the limo.

Автор johnny llooddte ( назад)
he was already shot twice

Автор johnny llooddte ( назад)
ok he tapped the brake less than a second ahahaha yall are nuts

Автор SuperHns ( назад)
I am still wondering the weird hand movement of Jacky the moneyt Kennedy
gets shot, so weird how she retrarts her hand and seem to put something
down on the seat...

Автор MajorHeadRush ( назад)
while everyone was concerned about the shot to the back the driver
definitely had the break on and if he had continued to break it would have
quickly come to a stop thats for sure but as soon as he breaked he
accelerated again ... i can see how people might remember it as almost

Автор James Ballard ( назад)
Who was the driver?...............

Автор Hayden Jameson ( назад)
Right before the blast, everything goes slow. After the shots, it all gets
fast all of a sudden like it was edited to be faster.

Автор Laddie Meadows ( назад)
Just as a matter of natural reflex, I challenge anyone NOT to turn and look
in the direction of a sudden, loud noise. This is exactly what Will Greer,
the limo driver and Secret Service agent, when he heard the shots. By
turning and taking his eyes off the road, Mr. Greer braked.

Автор paul butler ( назад)
More complete trash

Автор mschnurp ( назад)
look again at the Zapruder film, but pay attention to the front passenger
seat, you should notice the secret service man in the passenger seat hits
his head on the dashboard, which indeed implies that, not only did the car
slow down, but it was done harshly and unexpectedly.

Автор The Author Parrish Gore jack ( назад)
Look at the lady in red. I can't recall her name right now but that's
irrelevant. Watch the bottom of her coat, it flares out like the wind
caught it or something. In the Zapruder film it doesn't do that. In the
Zapruder film none of the background matches the limo. In this film it
looks like the lady in red is actually standing on the street. There was a
woman who said she stepped on the street when the limo passed. (I just
can't recall her name) In this film it looks like that's the lady in red.
But, in the Zapruder film the lady in red is clearly on the grass and never
moves, front or back. So obviously, the Zapruder film has been manipulated
and altered. Who had the technology and ability to do that?

Автор Red Vynil ( назад)
Okay, I give up, who is Muchmore?

Автор David Chalmers ( назад)
the final shot was from the front

Автор Anti-Global News ( назад)
if the limo never slowed down then how did the SS agent on foot catch up
and was able to get on the car? Was he superman?
Humans can only run about 10 mph and the limo had to be going slower then
this so he was able to out run the car make up the distance and jump on! Or
he would have left behind!

Автор The new cute pluto ( назад)
0:23 is it that kennedy?!

Автор Yoga Ashram ( назад)
Forget the lights, keep your eye on Jackie!

Автор Brucefan57 ( назад)
Inital reaction to sound of gun shot, to stop. Realizing the President had
been shot - step on it to get away.

Автор Donald Mitchell ( назад)

Автор Donald Mitchell ( назад)

Автор MsLuvan ( назад)
I've understood that the 2 ladies in the black and red coat are an
Illuminati signal to kill... so it's not very strange that the car slowed
down right there... This was ALL an Illuminati job :P

Автор SisterRayVU68 ( назад)
When JFK is first struck in the neck/back, there's a B/W photo from the
front with all the SS agents looking back on the sides of the followup car
at the TSBD but one; Clint Hill. He's watching whom he's supposed to
protect; Jackie Kennedy. If you think Greer was in on it, it only
solidifies that George Hickey fired the fatal shot at close range with an
assault rifle. How does a 40 year old gopher who was hired in August of
1963 only to wash cars, and drive hold the AR-15 that day in Dallas? The
cover up was always the SS.

Автор Rich Conner ( назад)
it braked for 5 frames

Автор oh ok ( назад)
sposedly warren comm. NEVER saw the Zap. film.

Автор J Foster ( назад)
Starting around 2:15 if you watch Kennedy's head you will see mist from
head shot exiting to front of head more or less proving a rear head shot.
If Kennedy would have been hit from the grassy knoll, Jackie would most
certainly been hit also as his head was coming to rest on her right
shoulder. This shot could have only come from the Dal-Tex building.
Something not covered to date is possible radio communication with the
driver to slow down as the vehicle was about to exit the kill zone thus
allowing time for one last shot. There was no other plausible reason for
the car to slow down as it was nearing the Viaduct. Upon hearing the second
shot why didn't the driver accelerate? He was Secret Service agent after

Автор bcsorensenman ( назад)
SS driver slows down when the bullets start landing, when he should have
sped up. Trained drivers don't do that unless it's deliberate. He knew
better, he slowed and helped out the shooters. Sure it's a coincidence and
accident. I'd like to talk about selling you a very large bridge in
Brooklyn at a steal of a price.

Автор Kenneth Meyerowitz ( назад)
who were the dwellers on the stairway leading to the parkijng lot behind
the picket fence they stayed there blocking the stairway so people would
have walk around them to get to the parking lot?

Автор GUNSMOKE ( назад)
look closely at the three men on the hill, the one in the red shirt holds
up both his hands, could that have been a signal to someone, strange that
the lady at edge of road had on a red dress, and the man on the hill had a
red shirt, everyone knows red means yield or stop or slow down, I haven't
seen anyone comment about the clothing colors, could both these individuals
having these colors on be a signal for someone to slow down momentarily,
and then later one of the three men ran away quickly up steps after the
tragedy occured, just my speculation, I'm a former Police Officer and etc.

Автор flyinspirals ( назад)
The car was certainly going slowly, and there were sounds of distress
coming from Mrs. Kennedy ("Jack, Jack, are you okay?") and probably Gov.
Connolly before the kill shot. A Secret Service driver would normally speed
up at the first sign of trouble. Normally.

Автор Dori Webb ( назад)
OK, take this test -- on a flat road, accelerate your car from a standstill
to 12 miles per hour, the speed of the Presidential limousine as it passed
the Stemmons sign. Now, reduce the speed to 8.9 (OK, 9) mph either by
taking your foot off the accelerator or tapping the brake. It's quite an
experience and worthy of understanding the dynamics of the motorcade that

Автор Gary Nelson ( назад)
To me it looked like in both films, the car slowed down, due to the driver
seeing the secret service man running to his car. He wanted to make sure
that guy got on the car.

Автор Leo Lion ( назад)
The car did slow down because if not the SS man would not have been able to
jump on the back of the car like he diid. He actually had a bit of trouble
jumping on even at that point. I believe the driver did slow down, in some
other videos I can see the driver slowing down and even looking back at
Kennedy as he was shot the first time.

Автор asdfgh78100 ( назад)
I've got proof the shots came from a little known grassy knoll in

Автор asdfgh78100 ( назад)
Johnson may have arranged it .. . Oswald may have acted alone. We will
never know.

Автор asdfgh78100 ( назад)
Full of crap . . . break was tapped briefly in response to the 2nd gunshot
. . but limo didn't slow down like reported in this video.

Автор Bray Bulahan ( назад)
Go back to the Zapruder film in slow motion on you tube. After Kennedy
shows he's been hit he puts his hands to his throat with his elbows out.
Then Jackie draws him near her and shoots him in the neck because there is
gun smoke along with his blood spatter (smoke appears after the trigger is
pulled). It looks like she put her gun behind his back and dove on the
trunk either as a distraction or as if she was going to be shot next. -- I
read that she was military-trained in a European Jesuit school before she
ever met Jack. Also, I read that she had been with Onassis on his yacht for
a full month before she went on this Dallas trip. --- Folks, you have to
see it! The smoking gun IS the smoking gun.

Автор ateam1054 ( назад)
What a bunch of hogwash. Oswald shot JFK and he acted alone. It's difficult
to comprehend that a 24 year old nobody could snuff out the leader of the
most powerful nation in the world. But when you realize that the leader's
bodyguards frequently drove him through downtown city neighborhoods in an
open convertible, it's not that hard to comprehend after all. It's actually
pretty amazing that no one had hit him or a previous president sooner when
you think about it.

Here is what we know. Oswald was a Marine and knew how to shoot. He shot
Officer JD Tippet less than an hour after JFK was shot. This was confirmed
by the eyewitness who told the police he saw LHO shoot the police officer
and then duck into the movie theater. He also shot and narrowly missed
General Edwin Walker only a few months beforehand. The guy was a murderer.
He was also a Communist, and he was looking to make his mark on the world.
Back in 1963, the country was not as bitterly divided into "Democrats or
Republicans," or "liberals or conservatives" as it is now. The bitter
divide of the early 1960's was Western Democracy vs. Eastern Communism.

Oswald began working at the depository in October. The Texas trip was
planned around the first or second week of November. The motorcade route
wasn't published until only a day or two beforehand. Oswald (or the
conspirators) would have had no way of knowing beforehand that the
presidential motorcade would pass by the building. And what would be the
odds of having only a couple weeks to plan a conspiracy and then to learn
only two days beforehand that your target will pass right under one of your
associates in an open car? Extremely slim. Oswald was a Communist, and when
he found out that the leader of the most powerful Western Democratic
country - the president who had a standoff with Khrushchev just one year
prior - would be passing under the building that he worked in, he saw an
opportunity to make his mark on the world and took it. This wasn't a
conspiracy, or an assassination that was weeks or months in the making. He
simply came across an opportunity and he took it.

The physical evidence also backs up the lone gunman theory. The bullets
were proven to have traveled the trajectories from an elevated position
behind the limousine. Video and computer evidence proves almost
inconclusively that the two men were seated and aligned in the positions
necessary to receive their wounds with the bullets being fired from an
elevated rear position. Oswald was six floors up, about 250 feet away,
meaning the bullets traveled at a slightly downward slope. One bullet went
through Kennedy's neck, tumbled, and struck Connolly in the back. Connolly
was sitting in a jump seat, slightly lower than Kennedy. Connolly was
turning to his right when he was hit in the back first, through his torso,
then through his right wrist, then into the left thigh.

Kennedy's head was hit from the back. The front expulsion (gross) was the
exit wound. There is no evidence of an exit wound on the back or left side
of his head. His head did not go "back and to the left," as some suggest.
Look at it again. He was leaning forward and slightly to the left at the
time, and his head was tilted downward when the bullet struck. The slight
leftward turn of the road meant that the Kennedy's head was exposed
slightly to the left, which means that the bullet entered from a slightly
left-of-center position before exiting the mid-right side. The force of a
small missile travelling at 2500 MPH forced his head to jolt forward and
almost immediately reach its limit before bouncing backward. Put a ball
against a wall and then throw something at it. It bounces back. The driver
didn't shoot him. No mystery man on the grassy knoll shot him. The fatal
blow came from an elevated position behind him.

The shots heard on the grassy knoll were echos. Surrounding the knoll were
giant granite slabs and pillars. Ever hammer a nail outside and hear the
echo coming from the direction of your neighbor's house? That's the sound
wave bouncing off the house and coming back to you. Same effect here. The
sound waves produced by the shots were loud and bounced off of the
concrete, asphalt, and granite.

It's been over 50 years and we still have no hard evidence of a conspiracy.
Nobody has talked. No hard indisputable evidence has ever turned up. Only
mysterious blurs in old footage, brake lights, guns supposedly hidden in
cameras and umbrellas. Occam's razor, people.

Автор Myself rockz production ( назад)
its 2016 and nation still want to know where's Babhuska Lady film

Автор Musa Chaudhry ( назад)
exactly on 1:03 I saw a gun in the driver hand

Автор Musa Chaudhry ( назад)
fucking driver was a traitor

Автор Musa Chaudhry ( назад)
look at 1:08 the driver shot jfk

Автор Cube Moment ( назад)
OFC it slowed down...

Автор ckom0007 ( назад)
"Break light fully lit" are you out of your mind? The break lights in the
Lincoln could be a substitute for a light house. There is now way you could
miss their coming on, and they don't come on in this video. Another B.S

Автор Steven Martindale ( назад)
The secret service were the only ones covering up evidence! The secret
service was the only other ones with guns. Oswald's gun if it was him
didn't explode when he shot Kennedy! The hollow tip exploding bullet came
from A secret service rifle. Tada...

Автор Steven Martindale ( назад)
Clearly the sub ruder film was cut

Автор MrHappyBollox ( назад)
0:26 - Pause that. If a shot came from the right, from the knoll, where's
the exit wound?

Автор DONT HATE ( назад)
you can see the limo stoped because the cops or whoever they are on the
motorcycles were behind the back tires and while the limo is braking you
see the motorcycles slightly passing the back tires

Автор Terry Slaughter ( назад)
You can also see the men in the front pitch forward three times in the
Zapruder film: at 1:01... then 1:03... and a big lunge forward at 1:04/5.

Автор Terry Slaughter ( назад)
There's other evidence being missed here. Something much better than the
brake light. When you brake a car of that size, the weight shifts forward.
So watch closely the relationship of the front left wheel-well to the wheel
rim. It clearly pitches forward and downward 2 to 3 inches. Braking is the
ONLY explanation for that.

Автор Laureen Zed ( назад)
The Zapruder, Muchmore and Nix films all match *exactly* frame by frame.
I'm not saying that I don't totally discount a cover-up or conspiracy but
the films all appear to match.

Автор boyscout ( назад)
so is not supposed to stop and see what is going on??????? you drive and
when you look back you do not stop right........................ you are
amazing driver!

Автор Timothy kings ( назад)
first time ive watched this......look at the tape z-292 jackies hand comes
into focus on his back, her elbow raises,then from z-303 pressure or force
is being used, her elbow comes down until z-312 as though pushing
something.then z-313 the fatal moment,then look at z- 315 a faint vapor
line going upwards, the trajectory of the leaving force ????????????
by z-326 her arm is back to a upright position, instant reflex after
releasing pressure or force..........what do you think....

Автор teebz R ( назад)
OK so... the driver might of hit the break during the chaos, this proves
nothen.. ugh

Автор oxomaticman ( назад)
Brake lights going on and off for 6 frames of film indicates WHAT now?

Автор Bojo Mojo ( назад)
all I know is never pick LBJ for your Vice President

Автор Bojo Mojo ( назад)
the brakelights are clearly on when the head shot comes. the driver slowed
down so the sniper coukd close the deal.

Автор Bill Clinton ( назад)
Only the truth is worth believing

Автор dETROITfUNK ( назад)
The SS-100-X had special flashing tail lights which alternated on and off,
left to right. The POTUS dont need no brake lights, think about it. Not
sure how much Zfilm is altered beyond the splices, but people have done
very fine analysis on those lights, and they are flashing on and off back
and forth. They are NOT indicating use of brakes.

Автор Zupalan ( назад)
1:03 My theory is the driver shot him. If you look closely it looks like he
is holding a small object possibly a pistol.

Автор christopher watts ( назад)
and what if obama the mad kenyan comes out and say tomorrow ' yes it was
the CIA who killed JKF' ? what would happen ? NOTHING WOULD HAPPEN, there
would be NO uprising, just an increase in newspaper sales and then

Автор vmf216 ( назад)
In the Muchmore film shown here, from brake light off to on to off again is
represented in 6 frames. The Muchmore camera had a film rate of 18.5 frames
per second. Six frames represents 0.324 seconds total. Exactly how much
stopping can be done in that time?

Автор vmf216 ( назад)
Anyone who believes there frames removed from the Zapruder film should read
a rigorous (emphasis on rigor) analysis of all the films made of the
incident, their overlapping synchronizations and the conclusions. While the
analysis disproves the HSCA's conclusion that there was a 4th or more shots
based on acoustic tests, the analysis of the many films is amazing and
shows that no frames of the Zapruder film are missing.

Автор vmf216 ( назад)
The Muchmore film matches exactly and is synchronous with the Zapruder film
when adjusted for camera speed differences. What does that say about the
authenticity of the Muchmore film?

Автор Tony Sammons ( назад)

Автор Mysteries From Beyond ( назад)
:08 Did you fuk up your speeling? Yes you did.

Автор James ALEXANDER ( назад)
You can tap the brakes and the light will come on even if you don't slow

Автор vmf216 ( назад)
Folks, the Zapruder film does not show the rear of the presidential
limousine, so I'm not sure how the Muchmore film "proves" the Zapruder film
had frames taken out? If frames were removed, the background would shift,
people's relative positions would shift, etc.
What nonsense.

Автор scott baker (394 года назад)
RED and Black Illuminati sacrifice colors on drivers side limo.

Автор no10standard ( назад)
Greer slowed down almost to a stop. Something that has been known for over
50 years. Something never disputed and something clearly visible in the
Zapruder film. What's your point?

Автор Glenn Greenfield ( назад)
don't these type's of Presidential motorcades use the Emergency lights
(Blinkers) or (Flashers) you know like on your own vehicle when you push on
the (Flashers) they blink continuously until you turn them off ? therefor,
the light seen in this video could just simply be the (Flashers) ! just
sayin ! lol

Автор Tom S. ( назад)
At 1:06 you can see the SS agent jumping on the back of the car while the
car is going at a pretty good rate of speed. How fast would he have to be
running to catch the car and jump on?

Автор Matt Foley ( назад)
The limo was definitely going slow enough for a Secret Service agent
wearing leather soled shoes on cold asphalt to catch up to the limo and
jump on board. That means the limo was going 5-8 miles per hour. If the
limo was going faster, the shots would have missed. So was the driver in on
it? I don't know but his actions that day made the assassination possible.

If someone was planning a conspiracy to kill the President, would they
leave to chance how fast the limo would be going or would they try and
control that variable?

Senior agent Roy Kellerman, who sat to Greer's (the limo driver) right, has
stated that he shouted, "Let's get out of line, we've been hit," but
instead, Greer slowed down and looked back at Kennedy, initiating a fatal
delay, to make sure that Kennedy had been fatally wounded.

Three years later Greer, retired from the Secret Service and lived out his
life very comfortably.

Автор Anthony D ( назад)
it did slow down if you watch Jackie she is reacting to Kennedy being shot
in the neck during that comotion the driving probably hit the breaks in
shock that Jackie was screaming or something along that nature

Автор Stevles ( назад)
How the hell did I get here from The Beach Boys?

Автор RICK THORNE ( назад)

Автор JABARDELLI ( назад)
It seems strange, if the subject analysis is being offered as scientific
proof that the JFK Limousine either stopped or nearly stopped, that there
is no observable momentum gain on the JFK Limousine by either motorcyclist
officer following the JFK Limousine which would support the offered theory
that there was a slowing of the JFK Limousine. One possible explanation for
this would be that both motorcycle officers, themselves, slowed
proportionately by braking. However, if either officer did brake, even with
the suggested "enhanced coloring," there is no observable and corresponding
indication that the brake lights of either of the motorcycles were
activated thereby lending credence that the JFK Limousine came to either "a
stop or a near stop." The conclusion, by what is offered, here, is that the
JFK Limousine maintained its speed, throughout.

Автор Moritz Bertz ( назад)
i thi9n oswald was a patzy for the cia ..... the driver shot him

Автор Zapo ( назад)
*George W Bush once said "If the American People knew what we do here in
government, they'd hang every last one of us. Fortunately for us, the
American People are just stupid, ignorant sheeples. They believe what we
tell them and they do what we tell them. The American People are just
stupid, ignorant sheeples*." These are exciting times now. We are about to
experience spectacular paradigm shift, spiritually, consciously and
physically. The U.S. and worldwide, people are waking up. People are
standing up for their rights and fighting corruption in their country. The
Event (Freedom Movement) will happen very soon and peacefully. Everything
is in place and ready. Just waiting for the green-light. Don't do anything
crazy and start rioting. That's not who we are. *The cabal is desperate and
are throwing all kinds of false flags at us. The cabal/political elites are
defeated at all fronts and will be completely removed/arrested very soon*.
We the People, the Constitutional Sheriffs and the positive military needs
to help kick start this Event into full gear. We the People are the rulers
of our country and the Constitution is the supreme law of the land. We the
People will run our country. Congress and the Federal branches are not
needed. As we have seen, position of power entrusted to a few, is the
gateway to corruption. The government is a service program for the American
People, not our big brother. *Changes requires the Peoples participation*.
Wake Up People and Be Aware!!! Spread the word!

Автор Michael Chittum ( назад)
Isn't funny how people can be sooo stupid in their comments---talk about
dumbing down

Автор Bill Wells ( назад)
"At the Sniper's Nest," what really happened. www.Dealeyplaza7.com

Автор Edward Anthony ( назад)
The brake light was on.. Wow..

Автор Edward Anthony ( назад)
No frames were removed. It would have been noticeable..

Автор Willy Whitten ( назад)
Healy, David July 15, 2015 at 1:57 pm Edit
"appears you may be a tad envious, eh?

Are you a .john-ite, David VonPein adherent? Have you been commercially
published regarding any subject matter re the JFK assassination?
Blogs/website not withstanding.

Please fill us in regarding your film “expertise” concerning evaluation of
the Zapruder Film and possible alteration of same."


. . . . . .

You may not know who Healy is, but he is one of the supposed "film experts"
that supports Horne & Fetzer's bullshit about the Z-film.

I offered to debate him one point at a time there, but he never replied
after this first post.

I reminded him of this:

Let us review some facts, beginning with this quote from Roland Zavada:

“You identify your primary reference sources to support alteration as the
presentation by David Healy “HOW THE FILM WAS EDITED” at Jim Fetzer’s
May 2003 conference and Professor Fielding’s book The Technique of
SPECIAL EFFECTS Cinematography.
In my early discussions with David Healy, and as noted in his paper, he
was not aware of the daylight loading procedure of the Zapruder camera
and misidentified the film types and was not knowledgeable about the
types of films used in post-production. Therefore David’s analysis appears
to follow the mindset of other proponents of alteration that they were
working in a professional film content/reproduction special effects
environment. Nothing could be further from the truth as the amateur 8mm
film original introduced insurmountable constraints to the purported special
optical effects changes.(pg 15)”~Rolland Zavada

..." challenges regarding the authenticity of the NARA footage and
assertions of image manipulation, as are suggested by Mr. Healy in the
document you sent me, are technically naïve.”~Raymond Fielding - author of


Автор Willy Whitten ( назад)
"The Muchmore film suggests frames were removed from the Zapruder film" --
Bullshit. I have seen the Nix, the Zapruder and the Muchmore film running
simultaneously on one screen and there is NOTHING different in the actions
in them other than POV.
The Zapruder film alteration story is a hoax made up by the charlatan's Jim
Fetzer and Douglas Horne. See:

Автор Ronnie Bishop ( назад)
Every single witness said the car almost came to a complete stop. And every
single witness heard a bangbang, two shots right on top of the other. One
bolt action rifle cant do that. Every single doctor and nurse at Parkland
said Jack had a large 5 inches hole in the BACK OF HIS HEAD. Would a jury
need any more evidence? Well I've got it. much more,.

Автор mindspring57 ( назад)
Of course the driver slowed down. With Mrs. Kennedy out climbing on the
back of the car, what would you expect him to do?

Автор Daithe de paore ( назад)

Автор freddyT1994 ( назад)
Anyone can see his Muchmore film is in slow motion, whilst his Zapruder
film is in realtime. Kodak issued the Zavada Report and concluded the
Zapruder film was unaltered. But this idiot knows more than Kodak.

Автор JerryMungo ( назад)
If I was driving the limo I would hit the breaks momentarily to turn around
and see what that noise was.

Автор totaltwit ( назад)
eek! do my eyes deceive me? At 1:06 there is a guy, centre, who looks to
take a shot at JFK, then if as suggested, frames removed, the next view of
the same guy seems to be dropping to the ground after a "jerk" gets up, or

Автор ADAM BRAILSFORD ( назад)
I believe the CIA had perhaps 6-8 shooters in dealey plaza. The shooters
fire one shot reload , take aim and fire . 8 shooters doing this creates
constant bullets reigning in. That is a kill zone .

Автор oo0Spyder0oo ( назад)
Playing the Z film over and over you can clearly see Connally hits the seat
in front as the fatal shot happens. Almost like the shot has forced him
forward for some reason. I can't see that it would be an instant braking
reaction in the time the head shot takes place, it's just too fast for the
driver to have reacted on that. What caused this?

Автор Mais “Imtheboss” twopointo ( назад)
What I find interesting is that it's been proven two guns were used. Two
different types of bullets. One goes straight through the target, the other
explodes on impact. The gun used in the shot that hit Kennedy in the neck
cannot fire the round that killed him.

Автор ADAM BRAILSFORD ( назад)

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