The Muchmore film suggests frames were removed from the Zapruder film

For an even better video on this subject see : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yKqWozXc4KY The newer analysis by another up loader using a better copy of the film shows the brakes on for a longer period of time than is apparent here.

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Автор Cyborg Lincoln (8 месяцев)
Only morons believe it was Oswald. 

Автор tiberiousss (8 месяцев)
To all you folks who keep inisting the Zapruder film was tampered with
consider this. Why would anyone tamper with the film not knowing what other
pics and home movies were taken of the event? It makes no sense, as other
photos and movies could easly repute any tampering done by the
"Conspirators" . "They" who ever "they" are would have had to sieze ALL
photos and home movies taken that day which was never done. That is the
only way they could of tampered with the Zapruder film and actually gotten
away with it. Not having to worry about all the other contradictory photos
and home movies that show something completely different. Since they did
not eliminated all the conratdictory evidence, tampering with the Zapruder
film would have been nonsensical.
Thats why any reputable expert will tell you no tampering has taken place.
As it would have been easily found out.The Zapruder film is consistant with
other home movies taken and with hundreds of other pictures taken that day
of the event. It's wishful thinking to claim any tampering was done. The
larger body of evidence(many pics and other home movies) points to no
Experts believe that there are still plenty of pics and possibly another
home movie taken of the event that have not been released by their owners.
So any tampering remains pointless, and never has made any sense. There are
just to many photos taken that can easily spot any attempted tampering of
this film. It's by this large body of evidence, pictures taken, and other
home movies, that we know the Zapdruder film has not been tampered with. So
please, you are embarrassing yourselves. 

Автор ComputerTrainer101 (8 месяцев)
Why can't people just get over it and understand that it was one guy who
shot Kennedy. He was a narcissistic psychopath and there was nothing to
shield Kennedy from the shooting. And yes, he was an expert shot in the
Marines and had plenty of time to make the shots he made. Rifles are very
accurate from long ranges. That's what they are built for. I think people
believe because Kennedy was so important that it can't be this simple. It's
annoying. Also, the neck shot alone probably would have killed him. I'm
surprised the wife didn't get hit on that last shot. She was lucky.

Автор proper brew (5 месяцев)
the brakes were on for an insignificant amount of time to prove anything

Автор rustyweeks1979 (5 месяцев)
The driver looked back and saw that Kennedy had been hit. He hit the brakes
so that the secret service man could jump on the back and cover Kennedy and
Jakie. He was too late because Oswald fired the last shot before the secret
service officer could get there. The driver saw Kennedy's head explode, so
he gunned it to get out of there. The secret service agent that climbed
onto the back of the car stumbles because the driver floors the Lincoln to
get them out of there.

Автор NHan HSolo (1 месяц)
Why not just use DNA evidence? Case solved once and for all.

Автор Joe Welsh (8 месяцев)
Y'all say hello to the Easter Bunny for me!

Автор ckom0007 (6 месяцев)
This video proves nothing. 

Автор tiberiousss (8 месяцев)
And really folks. Don't ya think that a story that big, evidence that shows
the Zapruder film was tampered with, that there really is some sort of
conspiracy going on, the news media wouldn't be all over it?? That would be
one of the biggest stories of the last 100 years. Unless you are going to
claim the media as a whole is in on the cover up as well lol.

Автор mindspring57 (2 дня)
First of all, this does not appear to be the Zapruder film, because it was
filmed from the passenger side of the vehicle, not the driver side, as

Автор tiberiousss (8 месяцев)
The reason why the Warren Commission did not note the slowing down of the
Presidential Limo as noted in this video is due to conflicting eye
witnesses accounts at the time. Some saying it slowed down, others saying
it came to a stop, or near stop, and yet others saying that others cars in
the motorcade slowed down or stopped but the presidential car kept moving.
Or that the Presidential limo did not slow down or stop at all. Or stopped
momentarily after all the shots had been fired. The Warren Commission
decide to compute an "average" speed of the Presidential limo going down
Elm street. Which was 11.2 miles per hour if I'm not mistaken. There's
nothing nefarious going on here. The Warren Commission disseminated what
happen the best they could at the time. 50 years later were still debating
if the damn Limo slowed down, stopped, or nearly stopped, and if it did
when during the assassination. Eyewitnesses accounts do not seem to help
anything. And some eyewitness as the years have gone by have changed what
they originally told the Warren commission.

Автор The Donut of False Truth (4 месяца)
The motorcade slowed down because the driver of the vehicle noticed
something was wrong. He turns around and, not wanting to crash, slows the
motorcade down to see if something is wrong. Obviously, many believe the
driver shot JFK because there is a glare of light in the shape of a pistol
next to him...But its just the passenger.

Автор David Lyle Strong (5 месяцев)
Excellent observation and the kind of evidence that needs to be brought
forward. Thank you for this most excellent presentation!

Автор bobby bob (7 месяцев)
Even though the Z film has been tampered with, you can still see that the
limo slows way down just before the head shot. Focus on the grass or curb
behind the limo keeping the limo in your peripheral vision and it's easier
to see.

Автор tiberiousss (8 месяцев)
"In his paper to the Journal of American Physicists, Dr. Luis Alvarez
reported that a loud noise at precisely frame 285, startled both Abraham
Zapruder and Bill Greer, the driver of the President's limousine,
causing Greer to lift his foot from the gas and slow the heavy vehicle.
Alvarez also calculated the speed of the limousine from frame to frame
and determined that the deceleration began at Zapruder frame 300.

"That fact is further corroborated by Greer's visible reaction in the
Zapruder film, spinning from front to back so rapidly that some
theorists (mistakenly) thought it was physically impossible and evidence
that the film was altered."

"As far as why Greer slowed the limousine
around Z300, Greer was slowing down the
limousine starting around Z170. He slowed
from 14 MPH to 9 MPH between Z150 and Z312.
Likely, he slowed down not with the brake
but by leaving his foot off the accelerator.
The observed slow down that Alvarez noted
starting at Z300 corresponds with Greer
looking backwards and just means that
while he was looking backwards, he kept
his foot off the accelerator, as is

Автор eugene d'alessio (4 месяца)
They keep on showing us this information......come on we know it was an
inside job and done with multiple shooters....the guy on the grassy knoll
blew JFK's brains out from the side....end of story....and we'll never get
them to admit it.....keep the fraud going....they got real creative with
the 9/11 fraud.....let's see....we let 25 dirtbags into the county.....we
schedule military exercises replicating the incident across the
country......we disregard all FAA protocol and don't scramble fighters to
intercept the hijacked planes......two building come down in one hour due
to fires and leave no major debris that is recognizable......another
building comes down that looks fine from the outside and implodes on
itself......the place where you need cameras at the Pentagon they have only
one shot of a tiny plane hitting the side of the building and no plane
debris, no luggage, no bodies........and no fire.... and then we go to Pa
and we see one big hole in the ground and NOTHING else.....NO THAT WASN'T A

Автор birdandthe (7 месяцев)
so what if the driver slowed down ? what is he supposed to do ? instantly
work out where the shots are coming from and then decide to accelarate or
stop ? are you insinuating the driver was in on the conspiracy and they
rehearsed the braking speed/time /distance with the shooters !!! AND on
the video it is far from convincing the the brake light came on at all !!
it looks VERY dim, compare to the bright red of the ladies coat, in short
another nonsense video. 

Автор ondi urryup (8 месяцев)
How's the driver supposed to respond when there's mayhem in the back? He's
not a robot. Is the natural reaction to speed up or slow down?

Автор HerrGeisteskrank (1 месяц)
I am convinced that Oswald (and only Oswald) actually killed Kennedy and
was the LONE GUNMAN. (some reasons are mentioned in other posts below). I
find the whole "who really shot JFK" thing a total distraction. As for who
is "behind" it, I am not convinced. I find it quite possible that Oswald
just had the time/place/opportunity/motive, The REAL importance is whether
or not he was indeed a "patsy", and why. I think that if there IS a real
conspiracy, then part of that conspiracy is to focus on the actual shooting
and other side-events to distract from the real issues. In short, the "WHY"
is more important than the "HOW".

Автор OrpheusIsThe1 (8 месяцев)
Maybe he slowed down because he wondered what the hell was going on behind
him after the first hit in the throat. Then when he realised what had
happened he sped up again to get away from there.

Автор jorge r (8 месяцев)
Of course he hit the brakes by that time the first shot hit them and the
driver reacted by hitting the brakes in confusion .

Автор linclinc5 (7 месяцев)
Kennedy had already been shot before the brake light came on and less than
a second later came the head shot. If anything slowing down at that precise
moment would have made it harder to hit the target, not easier. The driver
slowed down in response to Connally being shot and screaming. The car did
slow down but certainly not to facillitate a shooter

Автор LeninaHuxley (8 месяцев)
Okay, break lights. They are on for what? like 4 frames? That's not slowing
down. Far from that. You can hit the break w/o slowing down. I guess it was
the sign of the driver's indecisiveness. Which I can understand to an

Автор Naco Jefe (8 месяцев)
Limo slowed because our president had just been shot threw the throat and
same bullet had hit gov. Conley thus causing the driver to look back and
put break. Normal reaction to apply breaks to figure out what happened. 

Автор Allan Wood (8 месяцев)
I can see the car proceeding to stop in the Zapruder film,thats why the
security agent COULD jump on so easily. Anyway its beyond any doubt that
Oswald fired all three shots.The head MAY look as of its going back to the
left,but look closely it just actually goes goes up and to one side,and the
blood spray is forward so that means a rear shot,and there IS enough time
to take all three shots 11 seconds at least,try it yourself.First shot on
zero last shot on eleven. By the way,the Zapruder film did not record the
first shot,he pressed record AFTER the first shot. 

Автор MadsDMads (8 месяцев)
I believe when the driver heard the shot that struck Kennedys throat,he
turned around and with instinct hit the brakes since he wasn't watching the
road ahead of him..there is evidence to support this. Yes people are going
to say "but the Zapruder film is tampered with" and "eye witnesses that day
say otherwise". The thing with memories and the human mind is that whenever
you bring up a memory to recall you change something, whether its the
littlest detail you change something. Thats because we're struggling to
remember. And especially in instances and tragic moments like this, you
practically force yourself to remember or you want to make yourself believe
something as in "the car came to a full stop".

Автор Pooh Davis (8 месяцев)
It's reasonable to assume that the driver would hit the brakes for a split
second considering all of the staff yelling "the president's been hit" and
an SS man was trying to catch up to the car on foot.

Автор Brian Mullan (1 день)
I can see the driver slow and turn to see what was happening after the
first shot that went through J.F.Ks neck.the driver slows turns around and
then the fatal shot comes.Then the driver sees this and he speed away.I
don't think the driver was involved,but I can't say for sure.

Автор Drayson Roberts (6 месяцев)
When the Zapruder film is analyzed it's evident that it's a fake. The
Zionist NSA probably thought there would be people filming JFK during the
time they assassinated him which would show him being shot from behind and
from other locations. So to get around that, they fabricated a video to
make it look like only Oswald did it from the back of JFK, and confiscating
every picture and video in Dealey Plaza.

Автор robert glenn (3 месяца)
And, upon repeated viewing of this and the Nix film while I count the steps
taken by Clint Hill as he moves to GG300, it is obvious he was running
towards a car that for at least 2 seconds was in a fixed position and then
begins a slow acceleration...not a rapid one...a slow one. Hill need only
take four rapid or running steps to reach the back of the limo before that
idiot and co-conspirator William Greer did what he should have done shortly
after the hard left onto Elm. 

Автор Lunar Astronaut (6 месяцев)
Pretty sure the car slowing down was to let the man at 1:30 to get onto the
motorcade, even in the Zapruder Film you can see the man climb onto the
motorcade from behind after President Kennedy was shot

Автор Daniel Burke (8 месяцев)
More conspiracy nonsense.

Автор Douglas Hagarty (5 месяцев)
I like the name of this Movie!! They needed more film footage, so they
came up with the name, "Muchmore". Great name!!

Автор john patrick (5 месяцев)
Your all wrong, the tail light appears to be illuminated because of the
angle of the overcast sunlight passing through the tail lens.

Автор KRex1961 (8 месяцев)
To me the taillight coming on is not as telling as the fact that Bobby
Hargis's motorcycle almost catches up w/the limo, and you see him having to
almost stop to slow down as Clint Hill jumps on the rear of the car.......

Автор MrThatsYe (8 месяцев)
the first bullet hit kennedy in the neck and went through to the guys back
in the passenger seat. The driver obviously noticed eventually and that
explains the brake light.

Автор am74343 (6 месяцев)
I've never heard it mentioned that maybe the limo driver slowed down for a
second because he wasn't sure what happened, like maybe he thought a tire
blew out or something... Other thing I've also never heard mentioned was
that maybe he slowed down to give the Secret Service guy the chance to jump
onto the back of the vehicle. Not everyone reacts the same during a
split-second bit of confusion, not even a Secret Service agent, no matter
how well-trained he might be. 

Автор Kev Rob (6 месяцев)
Tiberouses you are so naive, wake up and smell the coffee 

Автор Harry Balzer (7 месяцев)
Where is the storm sewer in relation to the car when the driver slows
down? A shooter in the storm sewer would have a close range shot, but the
car would have to be in just the right location

Автор Jonathan Bone (2 месяца)
Who is paying attention to the man that runs and jumps onto the back of the
limo? How long was he running and from what distance?

Автор Rob Rose (8 месяцев)
Why would they edit the Zapruder film... but not edit THIS film or Nix's.
They had access to all three films. Why leave such blatant evidence in
existence? The reality is that three frames of the physical Zapruder film
were damaged over the course the first few days and weeks it existed. Film
was EXTREMELY delicate back then and the slightest mishandling could
destroy it. You see evidence of this in absolutely anyone's home movies
from the sixties

Автор ernest aguirre (8 месяцев)
Next, we're going on a Big Foot hunt and a tour of the alien corpses kept
in Area 51.... you're all welcomed to come along

Автор eyesontheplanet (2 месяца)
To be accurate. Witnesses said it stopped.

Автор Moe Bedard (8 месяцев)
Of course the driver slowed down. Look at Jackie was doing when he hit the
brakes...the president had already been shot. The driver would naturally
touch the brakes as he turned around to see what was happening. I do not
believe Oswald did the shooting (too much evidence against that), but
slowing down to give someone a better shot? 

Автор Chris Reagan (24 дня)
FBI and CIA confiscated every camera and video device. Every video or pic
has been edited either by cutting frames and/or cropping .

Автор reinny mike (8 месяцев)
I hope if there is more to this than is currently known that the truth
surfaces. The more I watch these films the more disturbing they become for
me. The assassination of JFK is arguably the most important event in
history ever to be recorded on film.

Автор larry wheeler (7 месяцев)
the lead in front also slowed down . the curb on the south side was
painted red in two sections directly in the kill zone. the paint went for a
distance then a break in the paint then another red section. very strange.
general degaulle in france was caught in a crossfire, but his driver hit
the gas and sped out of the kill zone. he had a lot of the same enemies
as kennedy by the way.

Автор torpedodropkick59 (6 месяцев)
Cannot rule out more than one person, in a murder case such as this.

Автор sk m (8 месяцев)
the muchmore film suggests "The Underpants Man" did it...

Автор Joey Chuzie (2 месяца)
whys JFK's head go backwards then huh? why were the secret service and
police telling people to be quiet, why all the mysterious witness deaths,
huh? tell me fucken why? it was multiple shooters, atleast one on the
grassy knoll and thats where the fatal shot came from so fuck off you
liberal gov't lovin fucks!

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