We caught Santa on CAMERA!!

Ever since we put up the camera we have not caught anyone in the spare room with all the toys. So we set up a trap to try and catch Santa in the act! We baked some cookies to try and lure Santa Claus back into the room. It WORKED!! We caught Santa Claus on CAMERA!

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Автор Faze Alex ( назад)
You dressed up like santa

Автор MARIAN BUJANDA ( назад)
these is no santa becus santa very good👍

Автор Dantay Lewis ( назад)
it was angel because at 4:14 he says IF I SEEN it is would have thought it's a toy 😂😂☺

Автор EsdenG13 ( назад)
put a security camera in your tree on ch.eve.

Автор Elizabeth Halst ( назад)
And when Angel said he really wanted to eat cookies.

Автор Elizabeth Halst ( назад)
It was angel because you could see a glimpse of his dark hair

Автор Miryan Ledesma ( назад)

Автор charlie obrien ( назад)
that was so angel

Автор Miguel Garcia ( назад)

Автор MARIO TUBE HD ( назад)
that no real Santa is you

Автор Fatma Mussa ( назад)
It's not santa he doesn't exist

Автор Maddison Thornton ( назад)

Автор Khalil cyruz Moralina ( назад)
Maybe santa is stealing ur toys cause when crihistmast on us my fav toy HAS Been STOLEN

Автор MissSeberiaaa ( назад)
if you lied to as i will wish to you to be karma

Автор Olivia Herrera ( назад)
they are a fake Lier 🖓👎👎

Автор Jennifer Ontiberos ( назад)
is that ivin santa he looks like the doy decause hes tal santa is not tal

Автор Jada Ornelas ( назад)
that's fake

Автор Meka Solis ( назад)

Автор Richard Gritzmacher ( назад)
No kidding

Автор Baljinder Singh ( назад)
It was you

Автор Popi Gschwind ( назад)
It is angle

Автор Alvin Ton ( назад)
Pennsylvania Easton

Автор Gaming Ethan123 ( назад)

Автор Da'Mia Brown ( назад)
Are you girls can't wear

Автор Da'Mia Brown ( назад)

Автор Mohammed Rashid ( назад)
it's not real

Автор creper gamer360channel ( назад)
its fake its angel and his costume

Автор Gleann&anica Givertas ( назад)
That is fake santa

Автор Gleann&anica Givertas ( назад)
That is not santa

Автор The Zac Huseyin Toy Show ( назад)
Or is this vid making me not believe Santa Santa will never do that its proaply some one from there family

Автор Jeff Coolman ( назад)
It is ANGEL but nice try

Автор The Zac Huseyin Toy Show ( назад)
Is Santa real I believe

Автор The Zac Huseyin Toy Show ( назад)
Ahhahahaahhaahhahahahahhahahahahhahahhahahah nice vid😀

Автор Ferret Flyer ( назад)
😂Idk if he was actually trying but this is hilarious

Автор Sean Raposo ( назад)
I hate you😈

Автор Brianna Burke ( назад)
why is her voice like that???? XD

Автор Dominic Rochon ( назад)
It was angel

Автор Sharon Menashe ( назад)
its angel

Автор Daniel ( назад)
How do we know if it wasn't you

Автор Dachshund Crew ( назад)
It was angel in his santa costume on like of you agree

Автор gamer boy 784 ( назад)

Автор Bryn Powley ( назад)
It was Angel in a Santa costume...nice try ANGEL and Crystal

Автор Pink Seep ( назад)
OMG it's fake

Автор Razuna Kim ( назад)
sorry but it look fake but I'm a fan

Автор Nowmee Ashraf ( назад)
U guys are telling lies

Автор 1st Try ( назад)
do you guys think santa is real like if you do

Автор Elias Hernandez ( назад)
click bait

Автор The gaming video With Samuel ( назад)
its fake

Автор Jorge Martinez ( назад)
yhat is not santa

Автор Yanci Munoz ( назад)
Ava is not Angel

Автор Alex Murphy ( назад)
Nice Santa custume angel santas not real jez😒

Автор gamer boy ( назад)

Автор Mia Martinez ( назад)
is 100+100=200😅

Автор An Le ( назад)

Автор Lol90 H ( назад)
santa is evil

Автор Guadalupe Solis ( назад)
it so fake because l saw black hair and it was angle😔but nice try😂😂😂😂😂😂

Автор niki spyropoulos ( назад)

Автор Anna Saenz ( назад)

Автор Ella Williams ( назад)

Автор Dylan Zargo ( назад)
It's fake

Автор alay. zaathang ( назад)
do they live in a apartment cause i do and the kichin looks just like that

Автор Kelly Flores ( назад)
why does she talk like that ????

Автор Edson Medeiros ( назад)
thats creepy

Автор Hailey Palacio ( назад)

Автор Kyele Journy ( назад)
the Santa looks like Angel since the beard could come off

Автор Michelle Garcia ( назад)
is cripe

Автор tornadoxxgamer 7780 ( назад)
I belive ava

Автор amani kwana ( назад)
It is just for viewers

Автор arianna estrada ( назад)
OMG it's a Angel 🎅

Автор Joelle Card ( назад)
Angels probably just dressed up as Santa

Автор Hai To ( назад)
Ava,... totally!!

Автор Steve Bog ( назад)
yes tath is tru

Автор Pawne 40 ( назад)

Автор Toby's life Of blogs ( назад)

Автор Xb reeceb Vx bowling ( назад)

Автор Douglas Rodriguez ( назад)
it was Angle

Автор perla lara ( назад)

Автор Maddison McNamara ( назад)
Guys stop hating! The santa may be fake, but five to eight year olds may be happy and stuff.

Автор James Ham ( назад)
Hey! I got a picture of santa too

Автор seis inzunza ( назад)
its angel plush time wins

Автор Sansy Patrick ( назад)
is that real?

Автор Rainbow Punch2k13 ( назад)
super fake

Автор Desiree Godish ( назад)
it looks like you and you can see the hair on the side

Автор Any hockey trick shots Brycen perini ( назад)
That was angel in a custom

Автор Emily Williams ( назад)

Автор awesompip 1 ( назад)
that is fake

Автор honeybear gaming ( назад)
the girl is so cute

Автор Julie Jimenez ( назад)

Автор marbin ventura ( назад)

Автор yellowpandaponie kid ( назад)
it was angel in the Santa out fit

Автор yellowpandaponie kid ( назад)
nice job decorating the ginger bread men

Автор Amanda Hill ( назад)

Автор Makayla M ( назад)
Santa's legs are bigger then that nice try angel

Автор Rosibel Sorto ( назад)
what the heck is with her vocie

Автор Taylor Hinchee ( назад)
I believe in santa

Автор Ashley Williams ( назад)
I'm a kid I believe in Santa because he is real😊😊😊😊😊

Автор Allan Almazan ( назад)
That is angel, you guy's are just trying to say the Santa went on your house.

Автор Diana Aguilar ( назад)
Hi I love your vids

Автор Nathan Gonzales ( назад)
You broke my dreams of believing in Santa

Автор Keinu Wilson ( назад)
why did Santa do that

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