We caught Santa on CAMERA!!

Ever since we put up the camera we have not caught anyone in the spare room with all the toys. So we set up a trap to try and catch Santa in the act! We baked some cookies to try and lure Santa Claus back into the room. It WORKED!! We caught Santa Claus on CAMERA!

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Длительность: 8:25
Комментарии: 2606

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Автор Mazen El Gazar ( назад)
That fake

Автор Djjoy07 07 ( назад)
Is this real

Автор carol Heinzerling ( назад)
so Angel FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaak

Автор Alba Ascencio ( назад)
lol final day caghut santa

Автор Hanna Baluyut ( назад)
it was angel so obvious

Автор Moo Plays ( назад)
Angel just put the suit on he has used it in a video

Автор Hannah Johnston ( назад)

Автор Jamie Craig ( назад)
take fakkkeee

Автор Emma & Annabel, The Challenge Sisters ( назад)
This thing is fake I agree you are just in a santa costume
☝️. 👆

Автор Azul Rios ( назад)
thats angel

Автор lian baranes ( назад)
not real!

Автор Amy and Rick Krull ( назад)
that is so Angel

Автор Trolled 239475 ( назад)
Looks a little bit fake

Автор Keira Kowalik ( назад)

Автор Zaylee Ziemer ( назад)
Is that her normal voice

Автор MADISON MORUNGA ( назад)
Dese is not real

Автор DesiraeandDanica Waterman ( назад)
Omg its Angel!!!!

Автор Layla Delnay ( назад)
that is obvious that is a guy with a pillow in a shirt

Автор David leon ( назад)

Автор Clare Williams ( назад)
worst vid who put on youtube on the chanel we caut santa on camera I hate
the girls voice lol!!! I will juge 1out of 100

Автор Katherine Kat ( назад)
Angel is santa

Автор Daniella Delgado ( назад)
my mom cauth santa on camera

Автор Hannah Contella ( назад)
that was fake

Автор lilo poire ( назад)
and why she talk like a tiny girl

Автор lilo poire ( назад)
so fake

Автор Ernesto Maringuran ( назад)
that is not the real santa

Автор Elvia Calleja ( назад)
why you talk like that

Автор Ewan Golding ( назад)
Its funny because we all know that is angel

Автор #JENNA GYMNAST# ( назад)
you can see Santa has black hair

Автор Milly Jane ( назад)

Автор lindsey hicks ( назад)
That's angel

Автор Sarah Thompson ( назад)
Elmer is a good friend and a good friend to be

Автор Awesome Gamer EB ( назад)
Of course santa is fake

Автор Jacob Clark ( назад)
Fake Santa

Автор Juana Alvarez ( назад)

Автор Joshua Thomas ( назад)
it,s Angel

Автор Tu Hoang ( назад)
You guys are good

Автор Salinda Bosquez ( назад)
That's fake santa

Автор Angel Calderón ( назад)
It is Angel

Автор Pam Moss ( назад)
fake it was the 22nd

Автор Steve Bloomfield ( назад)
So dum you think you can trick use but we are not supid to not see that he
is not real

Автор Cristy Tolentino ( назад)

Автор awesome juice ( назад)
plush time wins respond to me!!!!!

Автор mr.ankle's 101 ( назад)
they look so good 🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑

Автор Allison Madero ( назад)
Like quien no cre que es santa

Автор GamingKid903 ( назад)

Автор Freeman Epps ( назад)

Автор Alex Friends ( назад)
There is no santa

Автор Drew Ibbotson ( назад)
100% fake it's angle

Автор Johnnie Gilyard ( назад)
why was he laying down

Автор Gamer Boy ( назад)
The santa is angel

Автор NEVAEH Bolduc ( назад)
it's just angel

Автор Hw4 Football ( назад)
So fake

Автор Omar Tellez ( назад)
its not real liers it was you angel

Автор Nadi Leni ( назад)

Автор Bianely Raya ( назад)

Автор Panda Girl ( назад)

Автор Golden Gamer ( назад)
it was o angel because he doesnt have bag and were his eyes were, you could

Автор Isabelle Lord ( назад)
Her voice is weird

Автор David Cunningham ( назад)

Автор James1212 otoole7 ( назад)
That's a fake Santa boooooooo👎👎👎👎👎👎👎

Автор chopyak12 ( назад)
that is so fake

Автор S_ Sisters7 ( назад)
This is fake but santa is real

Автор WickedEmarld 123 ( назад)
OMG Santa's real

Автор Ezquivel Flores ( назад)
it is fake because crystal was wearing the same costume in another vid

Автор Th3 Maglcian ( назад)
fake santa takes 1 sec per house

Автор Jordan Brown ( назад)

Автор TYPICALYS ( назад)
That's Angel

Автор Mark Difrancesco ( назад)

Автор Al Augustine ( назад)
That's so fake but Santa is real

Автор Asif Vajia ( назад)
what time does santa come ???????

Автор Don Atkinson ( назад)
this. is. so fake😁😁😡😱😤😭😖

Автор Silvia Reynoso ( назад)
Angel was santa claus

Автор Susan Graham ( назад)

Автор Ελευθερια Σιγλετου ( назад)
He is not tje real Santa claus

Автор Jasmin Silva ( назад)
no way

Автор Malika Sari ( назад)
is not real is people!

Автор U.S. Army ( назад)
Why did he punch the stuffed animals on the ground👱🏽‍♀️

Автор Saniya Laster ( назад)

Автор Emma Bowyer ( назад)
Omg her voice this is the first video on this channel watched? What is
going on ?

Автор Knx akbka dn fegvedynfe ( назад)
Is she your wife

Автор Knx akbka dn fegvedynfe ( назад)
Her ha

Автор Sumer Rules ( назад)
Santa does not exist

Автор alexus kc ( назад)
is that her real vose

Автор lola Panchenko ( назад)
you can tell that's Angel

Автор Ariba Arif ( назад)
What is wrong with the ladies voice who was making the ginger bread
She sounds soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo squeaky

Автор Jack Munday ( назад)
It's fake because he looks skinny and the belt looks like plastics and he
just punched poor charmander and santa never punches toys

Автор Jack Munday ( назад)
So fake it's even funny

Автор Jackie cleary ( назад)
It's is a robber not santa or it's angle FAKEFAKE

Автор Sean Og oc ( назад)
That s so so fake it s probaly the dad

Автор Cody Rusche ( назад)
good skit

Автор Paul Gossman ( назад)

Автор Prentice Media ( назад)
That's you dad

Автор Paulett Mcewan ( назад)
That is amazing! 💕😻♥️🇮🇴🇮🇴

Автор Liam Asban ( назад)

Автор FairyTail Fan ( назад)
You can already tell this is fake because he's in a custom wearing a fake
beard. Also it says Dec 22 not the 25

Автор melody diaz ( назад)
that was not real that was angel but I like the idea that they are helping

Автор Esme Mcgurk ( назад)
It is just Angel

Автор Evangeline And Jasmine Sisters ( назад)
the Santa Claus looks like angel

Автор Eliise Puusepp ( назад)

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