Marijuana Grow - White Widow ...from start to finish

DRS100 grow tent, 5" Rhino pro filter, 5" TT vent fan, 5" cooltube with a 400 watt magnetic ballast (MH+HPS) + one 430 watt HPS GRO-LUX bulb (58500 lumens),
2x clip on fans (10inch + 6inch),
thermostat controlled mini fan heater + 1.5 liter RH% fogger unit.
diverse min/max temp+RH% thermometers.

10.89sq foot grow area
lumens per sq foot = 5500

From 8 mother plants to 20 clones.
follow all the way through to Harvest!!

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Автор MrBlazePukka (4 месяца)
that music give me an headache

Автор dudebrhm (4 месяца)
How much do each plant yield approximately?

Автор colin rob (17 дней)
This guy cant count days or does not even know simple math apparently,
there are only 7 days in a week where im from and 4 weeks in 28 days
LMFAO!!! How did you get 5 weeks out of 28 days?! Or Day 35 Flowering Week
6? There is infact only 5 weeks in 35 day, 6 would be 42.... Anyway you get
the point, you fucked up, prob smoked way to much weed and now you look
like a fool lol

Автор Alfie Divine (21 день)
Music went brillant with the video !

Автор IceCampProductions (3 месяца)
That music was gay as fuck

Автор Pellet n Corn (1 месяц)
Maybe I've been misinformed... Shouldn't that Ph reading be 5.9?

Автор Angus O'Jones (3 месяца)
`Nightmare's on wax' would be more appropriate to play with this video. 

Автор Elizabeth Effel (1 месяц)
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Автор Duncan Cameron (4 месяца)
am I right in thinking that the music is an old Rave called VISION?? I
think I may have been there I know I have the tape bought from the rave
just cant really remember the rave its self ,lol

Автор Eric weiss (2 месяца)
Your grow is bould and inovative, here in the Texas we prefer variety

Автор tez buchan (3 месяца)
What are the tunes called bro 

Автор Lennox Mac (4 месяца)
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Автор Modestas Bliudzius (1 месяц)
content of CO2 is must?

Автор SatanicoPandemonium1 (4 месяца)
What is up with all the scammers? Fuckin assholes!.. ANYWAY, white widow
looks bomb!

Автор blackbeardSCBC (1 месяц)
Shitty music and duct tape should be switched with foil tape. Also, you
need to square away your electrical shit and bring it up to code. What PPM,
PH, and nutrients did you use?

Автор monza7800 (3 месяца)
my fan leafs are fat

Автор Mohammed Mhamud (1 год)
Nice Will move to Uk then

Автор Big Dans Green Thumb (3 месяца)
my videos are start to finish ....not this bull shit

Автор priv ate (1 месяц)
no wonder you Brits all seem gay. its the gay ass euro-techno crap music
you all listen to. totally annoying

Автор Matt Glover (4 месяца)
Nice grow. Terrible music taste dude.

Автор Chris Anslinger (4 месяца)
Take some audio video lessons. geesus

Автор Hazin (4 месяца)
nice DnB man!!!!
s.p.y. - best ever

Автор Lennox Ndi (4 месяца)
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email ausexco at gmail dot com

Автор paulbrasfield (6 месяцев)
im sorry man i just couldn't take it anymore with that music

Автор Jimmy Fallon (9 месяцев)
People trying to sell dope on YouTube lol to that

Автор Asto C (1 год)
33oz wet weight.. 6 bar maybe I can see.. Dam weight.

Автор Herbalist (1 год)
how long did you keep them in veg?

Автор Taurus Pikchurz (1 год)
he uses the energy saver bulbs that doesnt add to the bill, im going to buy
them this evening

Автор Xocezert (1 год)
How about no? You crazy spamming bastard.

Автор Joo-hyun Cha (1 год)
ha i have weed in my little baggie, really wanna smoke up now.

Автор Marshall Green (1 год)
I need to know the name of that first song. NAO!

Автор Angel Mora (1 год)
Fucked up music but good bud

Автор Furby1369 (11 месяцев)
nice grow and great job

Автор angelmon6 (1 год)
topping your plants?

Автор westendistgeil (1 год)
wet maybe... 2,3g/w? haha forget it

Автор gerlinger92 (10 месяцев)
song please?

Автор 131smt (1 год)
it looks more like 3.3ounces of 18 plants dooode

Автор baddragonfire (1 год)
this aint reggae fool

Автор Phalonne Meagan (6 месяцев)
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Автор Kyoza a (9 месяцев)
If you were really having some OG kush, you won't try to sell it on
youtube, seriously bro. Shut up !

Автор Stuart Gibbs (1 год)
bull 33 oz off 9 they didn't look capable lad stop lying trying to make out
something your not with ye jungle music an 400 watt light ha poodle shit

Автор GaborFTW (10 месяцев)

Автор Joseph Amodeo (1 год)
Not bad

Автор numba1netsfan (1 год)
kids these days dont know ragga jungle.

Автор daviefenton (1 год)
Great vid, what was the smell like outside the tent and also noise level?

Автор HEATH SUMMEY (9 месяцев)
Pretty kool but I like Mary joy herbal incense way better lol

Автор spencermel (6 месяцев)
played this on bigscreen at my house rave party and my 1800watt sound system

Автор Chris Kerulis (7 месяцев)
Let me get 7 grams of white widow and 1 trip to prison

Автор Michael Polvere (1 год)
What's with all the dealer comments. Too tempting lol

Автор delvite420 (1 год)
just harvested - barneys farm critical kush - check it out n keep it green

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