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Автор Bahama Bob (6 месяцев)
It makes me so mad that there are so many people willing to grow weed and
soooo many people that want it and it all gets fucked up by the law

Автор Tanis Latkowski (6 дней)
Ok I get it...reggae music is always gonna be associated with weed. But
dude, that was the most annoying music ever. I stopped watching because of
it. Just letting you know for future reference, because your actual video
was great.

Автор Stian Svarthaugen (9 дней)
Fucking annoying music man! 

Автор MrSound08 (2 месяца)
9:18 tune......

Автор Evans Spenser (6 месяцев)
This indica dominant hybrid is good for relaxation, pain relief and
Interested in white widow? Call/text (Four Zero Eight Four One Nine Nine
Four Eight Zero) for more info

Автор Chris Culkins (1 месяц)
This top strain is good for socializing, relaxation and pain relief.
interested in white widow??? Call/text: Four Zero Eight Four One Nine Nine
Four Eight Zero ... for more info......

Автор Leopold Stotch (5 месяцев)
Music ruined a otherwise decent video.

Автор infi coelho (7 месяцев)
music is real fuckup for ur video man

Автор bodymass1000 (7 месяцев)
Anyone got some good advice on buying a grow tent? Make and model ect..
Much appreciated people..

Автор Joe Pal (7 месяцев)
Whats with the "music" dude annoying so I didn't like

Автор colin rob (1 год)
This guy cant count days or does not even know simple math apparently,
there are only 7 days in a week where im from and 4 weeks in 28 days
LMFAO!!! How did you get 5 weeks out of 28 days?! Or Day 35 Flowering Week
6? There is infact only 5 weeks in 35 day, 6 would be 42.... Anyway you get
the point, you fucked up, prob smoked way to much weed and now you look
like a fool lol

Автор Felipe Sosa (7 месяцев)
I ive a 5star rating nice work keep it up

Автор Jazreldedondru (5 месяцев)
I had to leave your video 2 minutes in.... ....I just can't take the noise.

Автор Yogie Bear (9 месяцев)
When did the White Widow finish? I thought that was what this video was

Автор Evans Spenser (8 месяцев)
This grade A, indica dominant hybrid with very mellow smoke is good for
relaxation, pain relief and socialization. Interested in White Widow? Call:
Four Zero Eight Four One Nine Nine Four Eight Zero or Email: evansspenser
at gmail dot com for more info....

Автор Rebecca Vambrosia Tredmere (8 месяцев)
If someone is legit and are selling various types of marijuana at a decent
fair price,make sure to avoid getting scammed or tricked thus getting
arrested, ask them to send you a free sample of their product. most
scammers or those who are trying to trap you (arrest) will NEVER SEND YOU A
FREE SAMPLE. i have many good marijuana-user friends who shared this
information with me. 

Автор Ushan DeLucca (10 месяцев)
"are-we-going-to-pick-up-in a-moving-bong" is all i hear in that song...

Автор Benjamin Scott (11 месяцев)
Don't do drugs kids

Автор Kush home (11 месяцев)
we sell the kush at 1 ounce (30grams)for $300
1/8 pound(56grams) for $450
1/4 pound(112grams) for $800
1/2 pound(224grams) for $1400
1 pound(448grams) for $2200

Автор Kush home (11 месяцев)
we sell the kush at 1 ounce (30grams)for $300
1/8 pound(56grams) for $450
1/4 pound(112grams) for $800
1/2 pound(224grams) for $1400
1 pound(448grams) for $2200

Автор ryan trues (1 год)
should be trimming the bottom leafs to "lollipop" the bud the plant wil put
more energy into producing buds thus yielding much more 

Автор canna bis (1 год)
Hi UK1nation!

I have the same setup with a 250W HPS without cooltube in a DRS80, i want
to change to 400W HPS with cooltube, but i dont know if the temps are going
to be ok because of the extractor (Vents TT 5" 280m3/h). Whats your
feedback since you already tested it? I hope you answer, it will help me

Keep on growing!

Автор MrBlazePukka (1 год)
that music give me an headache

Автор Jaidin Branchi (1 год)
I like the song

Автор Astro Faultier (1 год)
what is that song called? its awesome (Beginning)

Автор dudebrhm (1 год)
How much do each plant yield approximately?

Автор Alfie Divine (1 год)
Music went brillant with the video !

Автор blackbeardSCBC (1 год)
Shitty music and duct tape should be switched with foil tape. Also, you
need to square away your electrical shit and bring it up to code. What PPM,
PH, and nutrients did you use?

Автор Modestas Bliudzius (1 год)
content of CO2 is must?

Автор IceCampProductions (1 год)
That music was gay as fuck

Автор RT GROW (10 месяцев)
Nice bro . Hi guys see my profile and my videos of grow thanks (y)

Автор Eric weiss (1 год)
Your grow is bould and inovative, here in the Texas we prefer variety

Автор monza7800 (1 год)
my fan leafs are fat

Автор SatanicoPandemonium1 (1 год)
What is up with all the scammers? Fuckin assholes!.. ANYWAY, white widow
looks bomb!

Автор Angus O'Jones (1 год)
`Nightmare's on wax' would be more appropriate to play with this video. 

Автор Daniel C (11 месяцев)
why do u chop the ends from your big leafs?

Автор worhoust23442 (11 месяцев)
great music

Автор Duncan Cameron (1 год)
am I right in thinking that the music is an old Rave called VISION?? I
think I may have been there I know I have the tape bought from the rave
just cant really remember the rave its self ,lol

Автор Big Dans Green Thumb (1 год)
my videos are start to finish ....not this bull shit

Автор Chris Anslinger (1 год)
Take some audio video lessons. geesus

Автор paulbrasfield (1 год)
im sorry man i just couldn't take it anymore with that music

Автор Jimmy Fallon (1 год)
People trying to sell dope on YouTube lol to that

Автор Asto C (2 года)
33oz wet weight.. 6 bar maybe I can see.. Dam weight.

Автор Herbalist (2 года)
how long did you keep them in veg?

Автор Taurus Pikchurz (2 года)
he uses the energy saver bulbs that doesnt add to the bill, im going to buy
them this evening

Автор Xocezert (2 года)
How about no? You crazy spamming bastard.

Автор Joo-hyun Cha (2 года)
ha i have weed in my little baggie, really wanna smoke up now.

Автор Marshall Green (2 года)
I need to know the name of that first song. NAO!

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