Chicago Bulls vs Cleveland Cavaliers - Full Game Highlights | January 4, 2017 | 2016-17 NBA Season

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Автор Joshua Reaper ( назад)
wow for once i thought they was gonna win

Автор Mcgamer 23456 ( назад)
i fucking hate clevlon

Автор Jabez Brevard ( назад)
fuck the bulls

Автор iNunky ( назад)
Watching this game makes me wonder why they only called 1 charge on lebron lol

Автор D17 ( назад)
Dat ass at the start tho

Автор Tamara Grujic ( назад)
Good playing Chikago Bulls

Автор Tamara Grujic ( назад)
OMG LeBron James

Автор Pio Omorfos ( назад)
my bulls win!

Автор Erick Lopez ( назад)
Finally, the bias commentator is replaced

Автор ayub abdi ( назад)

Автор Albert Guichard ( назад)
they bust labron back in the mouth

Автор Jaime Machuca ( назад)
4.49 Love how Lebron lands before he shoots and it is not a travel. Why would it be right?

Автор Josh Rivera ( назад)
what the hell cavs

Автор Mikaél Rence ( назад)
Bruh, no matter who the CAVS will add to their roster (even Kyle Korever) they still got nothing to beat a team with 5 All stars.

Zaza Pachulia #NBAVote

Автор Laina Friesen ( назад)

Автор Too Blessed847 ( назад)
Okay so the slumping bulls have somewhat turned it around for the time being, there was much anticipation in regards to a pretty good start to the season for the Bulls, until they almost hit a wall before of lately. The addition of MCW is a pretty good one, he brings pretty good energy to the team and of course the Bulls only go as far as the production and ouput and confidences of Butler. To this midpoint I'm giving the Bulls a C+!! with room to improve, if they can maintain energy, confidence and D-fense.

Автор Stick Figure! ( назад)

Автор Dem Hacks Doe ! ( назад)
Why are their so much Lebron babies out there? So many people just won't accept the fact that he is the best player in the league ATM I mean he came back from a 1-3 lead against a all season dominating team with a unanimous votes MVP like seriously calm down not all good players win they have Ls and Ws so just deal with it I'm a spurs fan myself but I don't go around hating on players better then the spurs

Автор TheFXDC ( назад)
it was a good team win but damn jimmy just finished them off lol

Автор mark to ( назад)
no kyrie lebron is nothing!!

Автор Rakesh Thakre ( назад)
jai hind

Автор STEPHEN CURRY MVP ( назад)

Автор Clorox Bleach ( назад)
Warriors fan now happy because of Lebrons injury They still blew a 3-1 lead

Автор Lucky GamerGE ( назад)
Congrats ximo ur on trending whoooa 1m views

Автор Jay Anderson ( назад)
Why can't the Bulls play like that against below .500 teams too. Thats how we should look... We are a Top 3 East team with a #7, #8 seed record SMDH

Автор Gr3y North ( назад)
Bulls have become experts on beating the Cavs.
Other teams take note. Specially the choke-in-the-4th-quater Warriors.

Автор junior ochoa ( назад)
But doesn't LeBron make any team he's on a championship contender? lebron dickriders gonna be like but no these guys were complete trash it was impossible uhh no he has always played in good teams

Автор Ramsey A ( назад)
When the hell did CHI get good at shooting the 3? Damn.

Автор Joshua Orrillo ( назад)

Автор Ron Don ( назад)
this just shows how diffrent cavs play with kyrie on the court. If kyrie was on that court he would make crucial points and decisions plus with lebron they would win the game.

Автор You mad Bro!? ( назад)
Why does Cavs fan gets triggered so fast?? Are you a bronsexual or something??

Автор josh asinas ( назад)
where is irving ?

Автор Eddy Shluger ( назад)
Lebron is just a very strong man but average basketball player

Автор Dj Raymond ( назад)
ooohh yeeeaahhh bulls is life

Автор Ibrohim Bulah ( назад)
Chicago 🙋👍

Автор Thiago Castro ( назад)
guys, dang control i really love this look !canvas =]

Автор Theophilus ( назад)
Cleveland looked so sluggish in their ball-movement and overall gameplay. Lebron still isn't able to fill in the loose ends and gaps where Kyrie and Love are needed. Chicago was really fun to watch throughout the flow and dynamic of this game. Just so fluid, quick, and agile. I thought this time around Chicago has a lot more of a younger players that make up for endurance. Cleveland is trying to use brute force and aggression - but it isn't working.

Автор kratos13ist ( назад)
0:07 am I the only one who saw dat jordan ;)

Автор these hoes ain't loyal ( назад)
were is korver?

Автор It's all about BASKETBALL NBA rocks ( назад)
Cavs need kyrie or they just die

Автор Hwazi Nae-nae ( назад)
Where is Rajon?

Автор joanna castillo ( назад)
Haters come only when Cavs lose. Cowards.

Автор anas alam ( назад)
😂😂😂 cavs blew a 13 point lead

Автор Bryan Carlo Cabigting ( назад)
probably they felt the absence of Kyrie Irving on Offense.

Автор I Enjoy Bulls Haters ( назад)
6:34 "Good ball movement by Hobergs Boobs"

Автор Iy Iy ( назад)
When Cavs cam beat GS but not Bulls. Wtf

Автор Dj Hooper ( назад)
Name another nba player that could of played with that same squad Lebron just had and would of won?? Mf stay hating on Lebron like he ain't just cook the hornets and Pelicans without Kyrie the other night and drop 32. Then had damn near a d-league squad tonight, still drop 31 8 and 7 and barely lost. Cavs are 3-12 without Lebron period. He lost one game and y'all feel hype to talk shit. Who the fuck better than Lebron right now in the league??

Автор jake hoyt ( назад)

Автор maki fernandez ( назад)
goal of a friendship

Автор Iann Tumilap ( назад)
Why do LBJ loves to draw charging fouls? or is it that the defender is just too small for him or He is just really an offensive BEAST? LoL

Автор denno asmara ( назад)

Автор maverick Smith ( назад)
take this L Cavs

Автор whatyouneedthatfor ( назад)
@Ximo pierto final: I didn't like this view. Whoever recorded it had their camera too far away

Автор Resolution Gaming ( назад)
All lebron haters listen to this yes lebron needs help to win but who doesn't he already proved that he needed help from 2003-2009 seasons and in the 2015 finals without wade u might have lost too,come on it's 2017 can we all just get a fucking long this is how people get killed and hurt and this is how wars start y'all need to stop the bullshit and just support ur team

Автор keyper ( назад)
this is a rs game where nobody cares about and i see 2k comments of fanboys and hater which waste there time to comment nonsens... u guys are the born losers soŕry

Автор Mike Knight ( назад)
and everyone that say LeBron can carry any team to finals

Автор dis NINJA ho3 ( назад)
Damn so much hate in these comments haha can we a just get along? Or nah? Lol

Автор Dashie The Best Youtuber Ever ( назад)
Kyle Korver got traded to the Cavs

Автор Thomas Jones ( назад)
That's how I like to see my Bulls play,now if coach can just learn to trust Rondo to lead the offence,we just might have a chance to at least be a top 4 seed come playoff time.But they need to learn to play together like that everynite otherwise,DRAFT LOTTERY HERE WE COME AGAIN!!!!

Автор FroGi o ( назад)
Why is Lebron pushing away MCW like 3 times whit his arm and there is no call, but when some1 berley touches lebron its an automatic foul.

Автор Mr. White ( назад)
8:31 now thats some trash he was wide open

Автор Jacob Ricafrente ( назад)
Hey Cavs fans Warriors fan speaking, how often does Lebron play as point forward? I keep forgetting how solid his passing is

Автор August life ( назад)
The bulls can beat the cavs the only team that can really oppose them

Автор babiboy181 ( назад)
totally didn't know mcw was the bulls

Автор Gwendolyn Starks ( назад)
You CAVS fans always trying to come up with excuses. The Bulls played them Dec 2 when everyone was healthy and they still took the L .....

Автор austinmj64 ( назад)
The reason Cavs seem so good is because in this era of 3 point shooting the Cavs know how to bully people who try to shoot from deep or recklessly take it to the rim. But they have serious trouble against mid range jumpers and defensive teams

Автор Adrian Garcia ( назад)
LeBron back in the 2007 Cavs I see

Автор Jose Baltazar ( назад)
cleveland is nothing with out kyrie irving lebron does nothing fucking trash

Автор Eaglesfan _02 ( назад)
song in the intro?

Автор Mouhamad Bachir Diop ( назад)
What a Great victory GO GO BULLS!!

Автор Joel Villarreal ( назад)
wtf was up with Lebron's defense? plus so many people give kyrie shit that he can't do anything without LeBron. well what's Lebron's excuse for this??? it's a team sport LeBron nut huggers.they need both of each other.

Автор Roland Wilson ( назад)
hell yeah chi town great game.. excellent standing against that cavs run. yes jimmy,wade,lopez,small fowards whole team.. yes

Автор Jack H-hezzi crossover ( назад)
Cleveland needs Kyrie

Автор Felix Constanso ( назад)
cleveland perdio porque irvint ni love no estaban

Автор Musa Baruwa ( назад)
camera be following that ass at the start of the video

Автор Thon Maker ( назад)
Someone needs to anally rape mcw

Автор Kevin Great ( назад)
I thought Cavs fans wants no excuses when they lose? lol

Автор Rob S. ( назад)
Bron shouldn't have done that to Butler LOL

Автор KID FLIGHT 2.0 ( назад)
curry and kd 65 pts new duo

Автор LAC Reacts ( назад)
the cars color is so ugly wtf

Автор Member Berry ( назад)
Cavs blew a 13 pt lead lmao

Автор salif Bey ( назад)
finally they have competition in the east the one team that may beat them

Автор HM P ( назад)

Автор Comet ( назад)
Lebrons record is going to be 3-5 at the end of this year

Автор Juan Deville ( назад)
Whats your official facebook acount i found like 7

Автор Jymaire oconnor ( назад)
Good game both teams played great

Автор teflondonjuan ( назад)
I didn't like how Hubie Brown was openly rooting for the Bulls.

Автор Christ Taylor ( назад)
HAHAHAHAHAH ROFLMFAO. I ve been tellingn you...The Cavs suck.
GSW 4 - 0 Hawks 2017 finals
Curry GOAT
78 - 5 season in the making.

Автор Ninja Cool ( назад)
some how cavs lost to the bulls but they beat the warriors

Автор Lawis Clems ( назад)
They blew 13 point lead !

Автор Zook T ( назад)
Lebron lol, the team play so much better when he is on the bench in the forth.

Lebron aint legend, got carried by benchwarmers.

Lebron aint nothing without Kyrie and wade

Автор Joe Okai ( назад)
people in the comments saying the Cavs don't have depth. it was the bench that brought them back in the game. they cut the lead to 2 then LeBron came in playing hero. that Cavs team is loaded with raw scorers and defensive stoppers and that added to kyrie and LeBron is why I have them winning it all again.

Автор Goat Goat ( назад)
The Bulls usually beat the cabs in the regular season.

Автор NBAKxng03 ( назад)
Good win Chicago👍🏼 I would have loved to see a rematch with both teams healthy. Two more games though and we coming for y'all. We coming for y'all in the playoffs too.

Автор ANGELOFDARKification ( назад)
Jimmy Butler has been awesome the last few games. I still think his best position is SG but he was needed in SF this game to guard James.

Автор haytnas ( назад)
I'm glad the Bulls won, but I felt sorry for Cleveland for not having their starting backcourt.

Автор tony Martinez ( назад)
somebody shut that old Cleveland fart commentator the fuck up. everytime the Bulls make a shot that old fart moans and groans god. shut up already

Автор JordanCar ( назад)
i don't understand why Cavs play with "no motivation" they say : " yes, we are going to go back to the score " but now you are loser "
But I love Cavs !!!!! ;)

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