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Valrei Dimitrov (bulgaria) vs Maxim Shevchenko (russia) best 16 fighters (the step before quarter finals, I dont know if it has a name in english)...


Автор MaT A (4 месяца)
both of them are kukoshin

Автор DrainExpress (4 года)
fussellmuscle, you should have posted your opinion calling me an "idiot"
publicly, not sending it to my inbox. Let's share it with everyone.
Actually, it's not my original opinion but something I learned from my
sensei who just happens to be 4th dan in kyokushin.I am 3rd kyu. Since you
say you have problems with landing a fast punch to the face you are
obviously not a fighter. May I suggest you get back back to your native
environment - video games in the basement. Stop talking.

Автор isao222 (5 лет)
Why don't they hit their faces? This game isn't practical.

Автор kolsyrade (6 лет)
different sports, different skills. Boxers get wasted in knockdown karate,
just as knockdown karate fighters get wasted in boxing. But the american
(williams), really should have retired before this fight. He was great in
the mid/late 70ies, but by this fight in 91 he was simply not the
unstoppable powerhouse he was in 75.

Автор emiliokohn (6 лет)
Do you know where can i find more videos from Willi Williams ??

Автор OhNoPaypal (3 года)
So this is how K1 started. Interesting.

Автор Shmalentine (3 года)
I didn't know Kimbo Slice started out in Kyokushin. :))))

Автор ironham23 (4 года)
what I don't understand is that people complain about karate is ineffective
and that you could just poke a man in the eye in a real fight it is a
contest of pride and honor to beat a man fairly is a sign of respect for
ones self and the other. In todays mma it is no longer a contest of the
best fighters of their style more of a combination of wrestling and boxing
few mma fighters focus purely on their own style but borrow extensively
from others

Автор psychedashell (2 года)
@kolsyrade Most knockdown schools do train with gloves on and off to keep
the head defences fast and proper, some even hold internal kickboxing-ish
tournaments. But bare-knuckle is where they stand apart so that's where
they put the most emphasis.

Автор Earl James (4 года)
Yes you are so right kolsyrade but what is not spoken of is that Sensei was
in a car accident shortly before the challenge took place and was still
able to do as well as he did. Yes he was well past his prime as a fighter
but as a person I found him to be a gentle and kind man who cared deeply
for others as all Karate practitioners seek for their lives.

Автор Michin co (5 лет)
I know people on the video. I know Willie Williams personally, and his
sensei, and Satake from my old school in Japan called Seido kaikan.

Автор old0351 (6 лет)
Very good classic fight! Satake showed why he was the rising star of
Seidokaikan. But I have to give credit to Willie Williams. He held his own,
considering at the time of the fight he was 40yrs old, while Satake was 25.
I tip my hat to both of these legends...OSU!

Автор tayksy (1 год)
if you hit your opponent with open hand with the palm of your hand facing
your opponent this would be considered an "open hand push" which is
forbidden in most tournaments. also I've never seen a fighter use a shuto
ushi technique (or any other open hand strikes) in a knockdown fight, so it
might not even be allowed.

Автор blugularis (5 лет)
seems like he did not do much in low kicks, wonder how come?

Автор dokokai (2 года)
@StormOfClouds The reason Kyokushin came into existence is because it's
founder, Mas Oyama (who was a trained black belt in Shotokan, Goju & Judo),
discovered that the traditional techniques were not effective when applied
in a full contact, bare knuckle, realistic application. So he threw out all
those tradtional techniques that didn't work and was left with basically a
refined form of fist fighting along with some joint locks, takedowns & judo
throws... the creation of Kyokushin.

Автор Ruben1994OL (4 года)
@DrainExpress The reason I heard was that it was too dangerous to be
exposed to barefisted punching over a long time and sometimes the outcome
was fatal, so they had to do SOMETHING to make it safer, but just as
"hardcore" as it was, so they didn't want gloves or protective gear. They
just killed the facepunching.

Автор blugularis (3 года)
@osensei2987 Willie has more cardio than you ever dreamed of, try entering
the Kyokushin-kai open. His opponent had masterful Jodan Mawashi, but
Willie's use of Maei and blocking made it so he didn't score. I would love
to see you try to Jodan Mawashi Willie Williams so you could shut that big
trap mouth of yours while you are sucking for air!

Автор neijiaboy (4 года)
I think the Japanese guy has more refined technique whereas the American
guy is just bigger. Big disadvantage for the Japanese when you're
practicing a style that has filtered out lots of the more effective moves
and is only limited to a few moves tailored for competition only. I think
it would make more sense to just wear full protection and go back to the
more traditional styles like Okinawan Karate.

Автор blugularis (6 лет)
Is Willie (New York) go with Shigeru (world) Oyama, or is he Seidokan? He
used to be Kyokushin-kai. Does anyone know?

Автор nemesio leonardo trincado vivar (3 года)
¿ Y le llaman karate a eso ? ¿Dònde està la tecnica?¿Para eso entrenaron
màs de 5 años y obtuvieron cinta negra? Creo que perdieron su tiempo,

Автор elybakod (5 лет)
it depends how you fight the fight. i have had a few fights myself. never
gave them a chance for a takedown or to grapple me. its so tiring. choking
and gouging takes time and leverage. i will poke the eyes and an open hand
hit on the adams apple respectively.efficient, minimum use of force,
quickest way to end the fight. agree its best to avoid a fight and i am old
now i know better. when i have to i will end it quick not a young man
anymore. no wrestling for me. regards and the best 2 u.

Автор eugene chok (5 лет)
need a bas rutten liver punch dangadadangadadangada

Автор elybakod (5 лет)
in the real world. grapple a person he will poke your eyes out. grapple a
person he will break your fingers or he can hit your adams apple. try
catching your breath when you get hit there. all these are open hand
techniques used in the real world of no holds barred fighting. a fighter is
as good as his training but with open hand it will take it to a higher

Автор aiyer1989 (4 года)
Honnestly, I think you need to go train a lot more instead of believing in
myths. While theoretically it would be possible to kill someone with one
blow or kick, that really doesn't happen in reality. Secondly, all martial
arts demand physical strength. Without strength, a punch or kick is
useless. Thirdly, if you only practice kata, kihon and kihon kumité, you'll
be lost the first time you have to fight or even really spar as you are in
no way prepared for the unpredictabilty of a fight.

Автор MrSinniunoman (1 год)
stupid and fake fight....

Автор dokokai (2 года)
@CTuxford Kicking at close & far distance is common in Kyokushin. And
Saatake (Japanese guy) was fighting a world class Kyokushin fighter (Willie
Williams) with 20 years of full contact fighting experience already behind
him. So he was no easy opponent to beat... even at the age of 40 (which is
usually past retirement age for pro fighters).

Автор brazilianspiritzz (5 лет)
You're damn right. I think the best way is to experience different rules.
Bare hands but no face as in Kokyusin, and also Kickboxing or boxing with
gloves with face punch allowed. It will give you little more realistic

Автор rotarymenace (2 года)
@kolsyrade thats good, because the more i learn katas, i feel it makes more
sense when u are advanced. i have been training in iko1 for a little more
than 5 years. and i appreciate katas more now ;)

Автор elybakod (5 лет)
let me clarify my opinion. mma as a sport is what i meant. combat fighting
to me is the answer in the real world. in these tournaments open hand
technique is not allowed. it will break and kill. grappling is seldom used
in real fights with martial artists. hitting a person in the deadly points
is enough. mma as it is known in its form is good with ufc. not in the real

Автор Eli Johnson (5 лет)
Satake was lucky Williams was not in his prime. Shihan Ninomiya, founder of
Enshin Karate, sparred with Williams in preparation for the first world
tournament. Ninomiya said the Williams punches felt like brick hitting his

Автор tayksy (1 год)
how about both? the problem with face punches and gloves is that the fight
is then 90% about punching to the head, removing the amazing skills needed
to knock people out without relying on face punches. It's good to see both,
and a few Kyokushin organisations do both types (bare knuckle without head
punches called knockdown, and then gloved fights with head punches)

Автор kolsyrade (5 лет)
Putting on gloves may allow headpunches, but they make bodypunches almost
worthless (atleast in comparison to bareknuckle). And putting on boxing
gloves makes it more or less into kickboxing. Anyway, seidokaikan rules
says that if there is no winner after 2 extra rounds, they put on boxing
gloves and basically start kickboxing. But there are plenty of knockouts in
trad knockdown karate.

Автор Alessandro Tondo (5 лет)
I answered to someone that told that satake is n° 1 Japanese fighter. (I
can agree if he says, 1° japanese striker)..(that not also true!) But the
word fighter, means: "Able to win against anyone other in anyway". That's
not true. MMA is the answer ! Where you have striking and grappling skills
together. (but do you know something about MMA!?)

Автор akextream (6 лет)

Автор kolsyrade (5 лет)
the rules forbids fist and elbows to the head (kicks and knees are
allowed). Is it 100% realistic? no, but then no fightsport allows
everything. Is this more or less "practical" han judo not allowing
leglocks? Or boxing not allowing kicks? Or thaiboxing allowing clinch but
no headbutts/throws? Knockdown karate is a sport with rules banning a lot
of what is taught in the arts it is based on (kyokushin, seidokaikan, world
oyama and others). All fightsport rules have realism flaws. live with it

Автор egnuldt candy (5 лет)
Thanks for this update, how did you hear about this?

Автор 110carp (5 лет)
SATAKE is No1 Japanise Fitgter

Автор brazilianspiritzz (2 года)
@isao222 it's more practical than gloved sparring. The mechanism of
bareknuckle punch is different from that of gloved. No form of any sparring
in any martial arts would be 100% practical unless you fight with risk of

Автор goraisan (6 лет)
That kind of fight takes a lot of strenght and stamina!

Автор laokon (4 года)
that's why i precised traditionnal karate, where the emphasis was put
mainly on kata and kihon kumite where you hold back and stop after one
possibly fatal blow (shotokan, gojuryu, shitoryu, nahate, etc...) not
kyokushin, seidokaikan, shidokan, etc..which put the emphasis on fist
fighting, power and stamina. In tradi karate i trained to use my fingers to
attacks kyusho, but i alwas had to hold back because it's dangerous....

Автор rallyivan1234 (10 месяцев)
Willie Williams vs Nobuaki Kakuda /watch?v=3rWyNokrCMk min. 0:53:34

Автор dokokai (4 года)
First off...the black guy is Kyokushin Legend Willie Williams. He had great
stamina throughout most of the fight especially when you consider he was
way past his prime, much older than Satake AND had already been fighting
full contact bare knuckle like this for almost 20 years at the time this
match occurred.

Автор blugularis (6 лет)
great Oyama!

Автор laokon (4 года)
it's same as in traditionnal karate. I have but one question to that: If
you always hold back, never train to go through with your strike, how can
you be effectiv when you need to? Kind regards

Автор tooom (4 года)
hollyfield's here.

Автор delxforce (5 лет)
The World Oyama branch does have open hand strikes, though I can't speak
for kyokushin as a whole. They are allowed to be used in formal sparring
exercises, but it really isn't a good idea from a "no injury" standpoint of
training to allow their use during free fighting.

Автор Santiago Vasquez (4 года)
Great fight! Willy Williams along with William Oliver (RIP) was one of the
first legends of Kyokushinkaikan in the USA.

Автор kolsyrade (6 лет)
yes I do train, under Midori, so I dont take very well to you saying he
"betrayed" Matsui. Matsui was asked to step down as kancho (temporarily
while they awaited the result of the legal trial over the discrepancies of
the will), by a majority of the japanese branchchiefs, headed by Nishida
and Sanpei supported by the widow oyama. The split occured when matsui
refused to obey their decision. Midori was not even in any position of
leadership in iko2 until about 10 years after the iko1/2 split

Автор zig man (5 лет)
Me too, I know Willie in person, and so as Sosyu, and Shihan Oyama. I train
with them.

Автор chavalote (5 лет)
Yes, there are not many of him in Youtube.

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