Sonic The Hedgehog - All Beach Levels in Every 3D Sonic Game

Correct me if I'm wrong.

And Plz, keep the bitchy comments to yourself about what games better.

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Автор Анатолий «MolderFeeD» Урбанов ( назад)
Adabat is jungle themed level not beach themed level.

Автор J Gordon Haynes ( назад)
What about Neo Green hill zone in Sonic Advance 2?

Автор David Roggenkamp ( назад)
The beginner beach level (3D) and tropical level (old school 2D) are a
hallmark of Sonic games. It would be absolute sacrilege to NOT include one
in ANY of the latest Sonic games.

Автор Adly Leksono ( назад)
adabat is on my country,indonesia

Автор Zane Capps ( назад)
you should add so far to the title because emerald coast was in sonic
generations 3ds

Автор flipswitch3111 ( назад)
You will also include the Sonic Generations version of Seaside Hill, right?

Автор SoNiCfan53535 ( назад)
in the sonic 06 part all the characters are SLOOOOOOW

Автор PaintraSeaPea ( назад)
It's fun at times, but incredibly flawed.

Автор Paul Jackubowski ( назад)
I don't think Sonic heroes is the best sonic game ever but i still like it

Автор Zapilaze ( назад)
what its my opinion

Автор PaintraSeaPea ( назад)
Hahaha no.

Автор Zapilaze ( назад)
sorry but sonic heroes rocks them all

Автор Cobra Panic ( назад)

Автор TolerantCoot6 ( назад)
knux:shit!! fuck!! eii!!

Автор TheSPIDEYFAN1990 ( назад)
1:40 knuckles say's shit ?

Автор melkou reda ( назад)
blue coast zone ?

Автор TheSPIDEYFAN1990 ( назад)
3:01 looooooooooooooooooweeeeeeeeeeeer

Автор Auroxen [sbvpXVII] ( назад)
when sonic lost world be relase,you must redo the video

Автор Randy ( назад)
Sonic the Hedgehog 06 was the worst one. Sonic DX and Heroes was the best!

Автор DahFutureWarrior ( назад)
Best:Emerald Coast Worst:Jungle Joyride(Adabat)

Автор Doctor Wily ( назад)
next... all casino levels in every sonic game

Автор LeoXMega ( назад)
U forgot secret of rings :P

Автор Ratty524 ( назад)
... Of what?

Автор Nanda Pratama ( назад)
U jelly?

Автор Retrobution - There will be cake ( назад)
Metal Harbor?

Автор Andre ( назад)
Entre eles os meus favoritos! 1° Sonic Unleashed 2° Sonic Heroes 3° Sonic
Adventure DX

Автор chuck wells ( назад)
sonic unleashed is a horrible great game.....kinda like simon's quest.

Автор Ratty524 ( назад)
5:06 "Tails, hurry Up!" I freakin' lol'd. It's like a subtle comment to how
slow as balls Tails moves in that game.

Автор Advertise Play ( назад)
What a Sun'ofabeach!

Автор Tsukiyomaru Zero ( назад)
3D involves use of 3 dimensions: X, Y and Z. Sonic 3D Blast made use of all
three... In Isometric landscape. But, if you consider the circumstances,
Sonic Battle had Emerald Beach, and the map was designed with 3D engine, so
the game was likely a 2.5D... Guess it could qualify? ... But I hate sonic
3D Blast anyways. WORST SONIC EVER

Автор superpepsi0101 ( назад)
"One more thing".... you sounded like "uncle" from the Jackie Chan series

Автор Am3rIca16 ( назад)
Sonic DX & Sonic Adventure 2 are the best Sonic games. And my favorites!

Автор Ltr121312 ( назад)
You are a zelda/sonic fan too?

Автор Shaddy ( назад)
actually,contrary to popular belief,he says "shift".It does sound like that

Автор PK The Hedgehog ( назад)
knuckles says that in seaside denied too.

Автор Hannah Louise ( назад)
Jason Griffith, Roger Craig Smith and Ryan Drummond rock!! XD XD love them
all so much

Автор The Visual Novel Guy! ( назад)
Adabat isin't really a beach level, more of a Jungle level

Автор megasoniczxx ( назад)
technically since it stems from seaside hill except its just over water but
then that would just be in the ocean.

Автор iam sanic ( назад)
@Nicky100090 I wouldn't consider that a beach

Автор rafaelragnaparty1234 (279 лет назад)
Hoje em dia você não precisa pensar para jogar. Apenas basta sair correndo.

Автор Laughing Crying Emoji ( назад)
sonic is jesus??? wave ocean, beach level sonic unleashed

Автор Nicky100090 ( назад)
Ocean palace?

Автор SuperJim64 ( назад)
Its not they use 2d sprites in an isometric view

Автор Blackno2 ( назад)
yes those are 3d games they just have lower grafics

Автор nonobaOMGWEEGEE2 ( назад)
I was being sarcastic about the first sentence. But I kinda felt that sonic
3D is underrated.

Автор Linkvssoniceveryday . ( назад)
Sonic 3D Blast isn't really considered a "3D" game it's more of a 2D since
its sprites in a 3D sort of way. Also your right about Sonic R and I'll
most likely make a remake. One more thing I don't need to add in every game
I played since its in the titles before I start a different game.

Автор nonobaOMGWEEGEE2 ( назад)
You forgot the games after the video was made when clearly you could not be
able to do that at the time. Also Sonic R and Sonic 3D Blast.

Автор Dazreiello ( назад)
How about Sonic Jam o:

Автор Sergio Aldana ( назад)
You forgot emerald coast from sonic shuffle

Автор quicedcs ( назад)
goes on water stops the boost and walks on water seems legit

Автор SilverSpark6 ( назад)
What Sonic Colors level had a beach?

Автор epiclyepic99 ( назад)
lol :D

Автор Kazooie ( назад)
It's still a beach. :D

Автор epiclyepic99 ( назад)
Lol One beach then makes jungle joyride a "beach" level

Автор Kazooie ( назад)
It does have a beach, though.

Автор epiclyepic99 ( назад)
2 things 1. Adabat's level is called Jungle joyride 2. is that even a
"beach level"

Автор epiclyepic99 ( назад)
If he did I'm pretty sure sonic heroes wouldn't come out with an "E"

Автор tresrules16543 ( назад)
you should do something like this with anything to do with eggmans base.

Автор Avant ( назад)

Автор KesterStudios ( назад)
there arent any beach levels in Sonic colors anyway

Автор Auroxen [sbvpXVII] ( назад)
good job

Автор danrulesleft4dead ( назад)
Your comment was not "true" at all, yes its bad but there are people that
like it and they are entitled to there opinion. Thats why your comment was

Автор Linkvssoniceveryday . ( назад)
Thanks :)

Автор ZombieSlayer50M3 ( назад)
Isn't Adabat jungle themed? Not beach themed?

Автор Wests Reviews/Other stuff ( назад)
I cant belive that my comment witch was totally true got flagged -_-

Автор Georgie Lewis ( назад)
What was Sonic Colours Beach level anyway

Автор heyheyitsjoeway (1396 лет назад)
Does that change the fact that it exists?

Автор sonicmariomaster100 ( назад)
that what i sad

Автор Pariah ( назад)
Care to elaborate how my arguments are invalid, I am saying yours are for
an obvious reason: YOU HAVE NOT PLAYED THE GAME YET Therefore, you can't
justify that much. And once again you can't say the controls weren't bad
because you haven't played it. I still am waiting for you to answer the
first question I asked you... Oh, and by the way, I meant to say awful
controllers and bad voice acting, but I had reached the characters limits,
the voice acting was overacted in many of the dialogues.

Автор Pariah ( назад)
So... are you planning on answering my question or not? I really am not
interested in knowing how you deal with glitches, loading screens and many
other things. I just want to know why you you like so much an horrible game
you haven't played, and why are you trying to defend it even with those bad
arguments... It's music is good, it has a decent storyline (Although
Silver's is a rip-off from Trunks' from DBZ), but the awful voice acting,
controls and constant glitches make the game unplayable.

Автор EddieGamez ( назад)
Is knuckles saying "S*** when he punches in heroes?

Автор EddieGamez ( назад)
Alright sonic 06 had a great story and SOME glitches were funny but it did
have worse glitches like sticky walls and the loading times were incredibly
long so you can at least say it was an o.k game

Автор Pariah ( назад)
I was being serious when I said that your argument is still invalid
(Because you haven't said something that justifies your argument), I wasn't
using the meme. And why should I tell that to all of the other Modern Sonic
fans? You are missing the point... I am asking YOU, how can YOU think Sonic
06 is awesome, when you don't have anything that backups your opinion.
Specially considering the glitches, long loading screen, etc. You can't
just say Sonic 06 is awesome just because you like Sonic...

Автор Pariah ( назад)
I said that you claimed you didn't play the game, not that you didn't own
the game. Your argument is still invalid...

Автор Pariah ( назад)
How can you say it's awesome if you haven't played it yet. I saw you in
another video claiming you haven't yet, and watching gameplay videos on
Youtube doesn't justify it.

Автор Linkvssoniceveryday . ( назад)
Thanks for the back up :D also west8991 better know he's on "Youtube"
people will do anything just shorten words :P lmao

Автор Madssice ( назад)
Okay... :L it's funny how you contradicted yourself. Anyway, you want good
grammar? Then go to the library. You can't expect everyone to have perfect
grammar... geez.

Автор SuperShadowify ( назад)
'Sides, Sonic Colors doesn't hhave one.

Автор ADGEdoodles ( назад)
what happens in sonic unleased if you go out of the orange markers in the

Автор kongu2910 ( назад)

Автор Linkvssoniceveryday . ( назад)
Please!!!!!! Is that better for you??? lol

Автор Wests Reviews/Other stuff ( назад)
Sonic 06 sucks

Автор SplashNetwork ( назад)
Sonic Colors didn't have a beach level

Автор tresrules16543 ( назад)
can you make one based on levels of every base or fleet eggman had?

Автор Planner Alex ( назад)
Jungle joyride isnt really a beach level i mean it's a jungle

Автор Planner Alex ( назад)

Автор nin10dohandzegafan ( назад)
Well,Sky Scamper,what I meant to say is Empire City.I'll try to think of
the other few you said.

Автор phoenixfirex ( назад)
And yes... I just contradicted myself on purpose :3

Автор phoenixfirex ( назад)
Knuckles should watch his Language. He keeps saying "Shit" for Fucks Sake!

Автор Firepower622 ( назад)
the chao garden in sa2b

Автор mrdetour2 ( назад)
So 2.5D games don't count...

Автор CringyDingy ​​​​​ ( назад)
you dont know how much I miss sonic heroes :'(

Автор piscesknight ( назад)
I thought he mentioned "Beach" levels only? lol.

Автор FizzyPixels ( назад)
You forgot a few, like empire city.

Автор nin10dohandzegafan ( назад)
Speed Highway,City Escape,Radical Highway,Crisis City,Sky Scamper,Rooftop
Run... Sorry,that's all I know.

Автор Yonatan Aguirre De Leon ( назад)
sonic unleashed best beach stage!

Автор Yonatan Aguirre De Leon ( назад)
why sonic next gen?

Автор FizzyPixels ( назад)
Now do every CITY level in 3D sonic games. LOL.

Автор SlashKnight95 ( назад)
Ok sorry for the misunderstanding.

Автор SlashKnight95 ( назад)
ok sorry.

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