George Michael Rehearsal - Somebody To Love


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Автор Roy Kliffen ( назад)
just to be followed up by the best damn performance during the Freddie
Mercury Tribute Concert

Автор Marta Gray ( назад)
My fav. TRUE ARTISTS & voices.
Freddie Mercury, David Bowie & George Michael forever in my heart !!

Автор Sophie Loves Sparkle ( назад)
You're singing with the angels in Heaven now precious boy <3

Автор BubblegumShallow ( назад)
David Bowie singing along at 3:12 . two truly amazing talents gone way too

Автор loserbabysowhydontyo ( назад)
bowie (takes a drag) "fuck it, I'll never sound like that"

Автор The Equatable Skeptic ( назад)
One of the greats. RIP <3

Автор Careless WP ( назад)
R.I.P George T T

Автор sogni aurei ( назад)
magnifico! ma quello in camicia grigia che si intravede e alla fine
applaude è il Duca Bianco vero?

Автор Kamini Singh ( назад)
My crush on George Michael started in 1985 a he is still so sexy! Be my
angel in heaven George- love you

Автор Jon Smith ( назад)
sheer brilliance is right..wow..

Автор Keith Urban Superfan ( назад)
Sheer brilliance! What a voice. RIP George!

Автор ANGELO VENUTO ( назад)
🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻may he rest in peace 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

Автор G Robertson ( назад)
Best other singer of Freddie's songs, no better tribute

Автор David Stapley ( назад)
Raw, brilliant singer. Gave 100 percent entertaining. God bless.

Автор Theresa Paez ( назад)
RIP George Michael...i cant believe this is real

Автор William Hodge ( назад)
RIP GEORGE MICHAEL. (The late David Bowie watching rehearsal in
background). What a terrible 2016 to musical icons.

Автор Tttt Gggg ( назад)
George Michael!!!

Автор Gunny o. ( назад)
Now watch the actual concert! Bravo! Such energy!

Автор Æ Claudia Georgios Æ ( назад)
Even the rehearsals are flawless. Top performance!

Автор artmommyx4 ( назад)
Thanks for posting! Hard to believe this was just the rehearsal! Awesome

Автор Mona Caro ( назад)
What a gem, with Bowie loving every minute of it, too! Cheers for sharing.

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