Jon Jones vs. Dan Henderson Submission Underground 2

Submission Underground 2 is set to be a showdown of epic proportions, as former UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones faces off with MMA legend Dan Henderson in a grudge match four years in the making.

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Автор 「God of Gods」 ( назад)
jones looks like he lost his muscles and got tubbier

Автор Hamza Khaliq ( назад)
Jones wasn't even going all out. lol

Автор Aaron O'Mara ( назад)
FUCK YEAH JONES IS THE GREATEST OF ALL TIME! We need to get tito ortiz in the SUG cage with him

Автор GabeGod ( назад)
He's just so good... my god. Just needs to straighten out a little.

Автор Wayne Robison ( назад)
Dans only weakness was on his back...against high levels. And it was/is a big hole in his game. That being said, Jones is so much bigger and stronger it may not have mattered in this one.

Автор frake5000 ( назад)
boy that black dude is huge

Автор abdi hashi ( назад)
it is very clear john didn't want to hurt him.

Автор ThaElite18 ( назад)
Does anyone know why or how Jones was able to compete for this organization? I know it's pure grappling but it's strange to think that Jones can grapple outside the UFC but Conor can't box without the UFC's consent. Does this organization have any affiliation with the UFC?

Автор Christopher Telesford ( назад)
This is beyond awesome I love seeing Jon in the cage doing what he does best and most of all they aren't bloody🙏😂

Автор Jack Stevenson ( назад)
We need more of this! My God, what a relief to see these guys compete in the octagon (smiling, relaxed, and having fun) at such a high level and we don't have to worry about them getting unnecessarily hurt, or bloodied up, corner unable to throw in the towel leaving stoppage left up only to the ref, etc. They actually seem to be having fun in there! What a relief to see this!

Thanks Jon Jones and Dan Henderson for putting this together for us to see! My feeling watching it almost matches what we saw in the original UFC (with Royce). The difference here being that we don't have to worry about our favorite fighters ending up in the hospital, or going to ridiculous weight cuts, etc. This is much closer to real all over again, I think. ALL MMA FIGHTERS SHOULD BE DOING THIS! If a mere 2,000 members in the audience each pledged and pooled together just $100 for the winner of this super matchup, the $200,000 (total) purse would be higher than what Amanda Nunes was given as UFC champion to fight Ronda Rousey.

We desperately need more of this out of our best MMA fighters. Let the audience directly participate in pooling together the winner's purse!

I would have gladly contributed $500 or so to the winner if it would contribute to such high fighters participating in such a nonviolent and spectacular performance in the octagon! Make an app for guys! lol

This is better than other grappling competitions because it is taking place in the octagon (an arena now associated with lots of blood).

Автор Joey Sparks ( назад)
Fight looks like two old men fucking... Nobody wants to watch two old men fuck.

Автор quazim harrod ( назад)
copy rights

Автор Jason Green ( назад)
jon gained so weight being away from the ring

Автор phant0mDoesIt ( назад)
6:13 that takedown. 👍

Автор sal christy ( назад)
im soo used to seeing jon at like 205-210lbs and seeing him this big for the first time is interesting

Автор My House ( назад)
Jon was disrespectful in this match. he even put his balls in dans face a couple of times just cause he could. he had so many other positions he could went to get a easy submission but no he wanted to tea bag the guy a little. not respectful at all. but people think he changed smh

Автор mike moylan ( назад)
Would love to see JBJ vs a BJJ only Heavyweight... jones would be a major problem for those guys in a short amount of time

Автор Mostafa Al ( назад)
Jon jones is fucking huge!!

Автор Amem Suten ( назад)
that was excellent by jon jones : )

Автор Don Bosko ( назад)
Still don't understand why Dan Henderson agreed to that ass whopping 😂

Автор Larry Medina ( назад)
Jones is so fucking big.

Автор Gene Johnson ( назад)
It almost looked like Jones was carrying Henderson just to make it a show.

Автор Underrated Kid ( назад)
jon jones lose some weight like right now

Автор Alex Henley ( назад)
Jon jones started powerlifting and went up to heavyweight looks like.

Автор Ethan Hale ( назад)
In MMA, Jones would be a little undersized at Heavyweight, but he'd still rack up some wins. Some. That's because 2 fights a year, and being matched in terms of range.

Автор LibertyMike1 ( назад)
LOL @ Jones throwing the fake spinning elbow

Автор Casey Read ( назад)
I don't care how old Dan is. I'd still be terrified if I had to face him in any aspect of fighting. That dude is a hero.

Автор shysti trolln ( назад)
this was a young man vs an old man.

Автор Albert Mag ( назад)
Jon the Eye poker Jones will only be coming back on a rerun ...He's washed up ...and will never again darken the image of the UFC ....get over him ....

Автор White Typhoon ( назад)
he is a fuckin big guy that jones.

Автор johanzo88 ( назад)
too big too strong too everything

Автор j ride ( назад)
Damn jones looks hella out of shape

Автор Kevin Santoro ( назад)
How are these 2 even remotely the same weight lol.

Автор Daniel Gustin ( назад)
Jones looked like he was just having fun, I don't think he even exerted himself.

Автор Bernardo Brito ( назад)
Another White guy gets dominated.

no surprise.

Автор Boxings Finest ( назад)

Автор Andreas G. ( назад)
Such a weird sport

Автор KillswitchForLife ( назад)
jon jones..squats my good friend..squats

Автор one love ( назад)
this is a joke

Автор Five Star ( назад)
Don't like the small cage and the whole place seems claustrophobic. First time I saw Hendo was in a sub match on PPV around 20 years ago. Hate to see Hendo lose.

Автор Jonny Bones ( назад)
easy day.

Автор Touchy ( назад)
STRONG top game from bones jones.
Thanks for the upload that was fun to watch.

Автор michaelbdbb ( назад)
never really impressed considering he's usually like 5+ inches taller then his opponent lol and the one time he fought gustaf look what happened. toughest fight of his career

Автор Amaru S. ( назад)
Y que pasó con el audio motherfucker

Автор John Smith ( назад)
After reading the comments, I can safely assume 80% of the people here have never done BJJ or any form of grappling.

Автор Nick Rosenblum ( назад)
Sad to see Hendo not even competing. Hes old as fuck and like 30 or more pounds lighter but still, this wasnt an IBJJF tournament people paid for this.

Автор jacko1623 ( назад)
Fat Jones

Автор James Bentley ( назад)
Jon Jones vs Roger Gracie? or Andre Galvao... that would be some shit right there...

Автор David Witherington ( назад)
Damn, JJ is such a talent. Hope he still gets to accomplish a lot in the UFC

Автор LPFM28 ( назад)
Wow! Jon dominating

Автор King Fred ( назад)
Does this dude not lose in competition but only in life. He probably hooks up with the baddest women so he is winning at life too

Автор Ruslan Shahverdiyev ( назад)
Den still legend!!! in 45 years old he still can fight & wrestle

Автор J.R Charles ( назад)
damn that cage makes it boring as fuck

Автор Gary Sherrratt ( назад)
wot comes to mind is a China man saying ' GAAAYYYY'

Автор James Luokkala ( назад)
Jon jones vs Jake shields make it happen!!

Автор Anis Aloui ( назад)
It looks like a career debut of Jones or Hendo filmed fight. Especially when you get from ufc to this kind of organisation

Автор gordodacat ( назад)
Hendo didn't go in there to compete ... he just went there to collect his check

Автор Chuzz ( назад)
Holy shit that super duck that JBJ hit at 6:10 was fucking filthy lol

Автор Johnny garcia ( назад)
DC .... Jon coming

Автор Tim Nielson ( назад)
Is this elderly abuse?

Автор Serhan Ogan ( назад)
Maaan, Dan Handerson looked like a child underneath Jones!

Автор Raphial Lee ( назад)
Daneal Cormier threw san around like a rag doll

Автор Connor McTapper Running Club ( назад)
nice slide show

Автор Jason Atalla ( назад)
jonny no bone jones looks like roy nelson in there

Автор Päul Vön Hindenburg ( назад)
did Hendo even train for this???

Автор Orx Icx ( назад)
Maia would be champ in every weight class in this.

Автор Cloudzone ( назад)
People who enjoy watching and analysing ground game, grappling
and wrestling, will really appreciate competitions like this.

Автор jroger181 ( назад)
outsmarted, outsized, and wouldn't engage.. Jones even offered him top position & I bet he would even dominate from that position as well

Автор Tilegen Tilegen ( назад)
Dan had to use h-bomb

Автор The .Guyzer ( назад)
No disrespect to Dan but he couldn't have really thought he was going to win right? Jon's bigger, stronger, younger and legitimately just a better all around fighter

Автор Oscar Costa ( назад)
6.14 :3

Автор jerry gomez ( назад)
jones is a bitch fighting smaller dudes and he thinks hes the shit what a bitch

Автор Thoughts of a Human ( назад)
Imagine all MMA fights being like this lol

Автор AnToNcHaMp96 ( назад)
How the fuck is Jon Jones in the same weight class as him!!!??? I feel like he's just being a bitch and hiding from his natural weight class at heavyweight. Its like cheating in a way.

Автор Игорь Прон ( назад)
sound... fucking sound...

Автор javi bauts ( назад)

Автор William Thurston ( назад)
The return of Fat Jones

Автор Mighty Mouse ( назад)
not the best defense from Mr hendo

Автор Ezekiel33Music ( назад)
It takes a bold dude to cut his sideburns with his eyes closed. Jon Jones is that man.

Автор Thiago Reis ( назад)
What about JBJ vs Ronaldo Jacaré sub only? Please, make this happen! Or, if Jones reallly want a world class grappler to test his skills the match should be JBJ vs Marcus Buchecha!

Автор gustav023 ( назад)
JJ 120kg

Автор Pheenix ( назад)
Lmaoo jones trolling like its mma

Автор AK S ( назад)
why are they in a cage?

Автор Joseph Ratigan ( назад)
He looks ALOT smaller than he used to. Sure he's going to deny use of any steriod and they may not be able to prove that he in fact did take steroids, but the evidence is definitely there.


It has not been revealed what exactly Jones took, but after studying this particular case, we can speculate that Jones' failure was not triggered by an out of competition substance. For instance, things like cocaine, methamphetamine, marijuana, stimulants, and even heroin will not trigger a failed test.

On the other hand, compounds like anabolic steroids, post cycle therapy drugs, diuretics, EPO, and growth hormone will easily trigger a fail if used improperly. Yet, Jones has been adamant that he did nothing wrong, and he was taking legal supplements. Hence, there has been some speculation that one of the supplements he took (called Testagen) contains ingredients that can trigger a failure. To a very naive person this would seem a possibility, but to a knowledgeable person, it is more likely that Jones used anabolic steroids and just happened to be busted this time around.

We know Jones isn't one to be shy with drug use, as he has failed a test for cocaine, was caught with marijuana, and was likely using other drugs as well, which is why he fled the scene of the traffic accident that he caused.

All in all, for enhancing his performance, Jones was most probably taking compounds like halotestin, testosterone, and trenbolone (no esters). Meanwhile, closer to his fight he would use compounds like no ester trenbolone, testosterone, and cheque drops. These are PED's that would create incredible strength and power, and decrease the time of recovery between fights. Remember - professional athletes will use whatever they can, and will try to mask PED use if they can't take them with proper timing. Detectable times of anabolic steroids can vary, so if Jones took something that was still detectable several weeks after the last dosage, that would definitely trigger a fail.

Just Sayin

Автор sinr smm ( назад)
Wow this was Booooooorrrrrring

Автор Anthony Barnes Jr ( назад)
Jones long ass arms

Автор Freedom ( назад)
Jon Jones Vs Eddie Bravo make it happen

Автор kalashseriesfull ( назад)
that youngster really struggled to submit the grand father

Автор Joseph Ratigan ( назад)
i don't see how they allow jones to compete. He's been caught with steroids in his blood.

Автор J Marie ( назад)
Bones killed old Hendo!! Shits still gay tho.

Автор Sanidhya Bohra ( назад)
No sound? Well, at least the quality is.. Never mind.

Автор Zekr ( назад)
So pumped to see Jones back in the UFC. Fingers crossed he doesn't fuck up again because nothing comes close to seeing him compete.

Автор Conor McChicken ( назад)
Jones is like Bob Sapp here lol, just using his size

Автор Gon Freecss ( назад)
what weightclass is this? jones looks so much bigger than hendo.

Автор Peter Fisher ( назад)
After watching Jon Jones in a MMA fight, watching him in a grappling match is unbelievably boring.

Автор smello76 ( назад)
thx for the upload

Автор Martin Ceron ( назад)
good match

Автор washington luis de figueiredo alves ( назад)
Jon invite Rickson Gracie, that would be a great match.

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