Evanescence - Bring Me To Life

Music video by Evanescence performing Bring Me To Life. (c) 2004 Wind-up Records, LLC

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Длительность: 4:53
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Автор elprez14 ( назад)
man his voice really freakin sucks

Автор Vih Gomez (Somerhalder) ( назад)
2016 <3

Автор D'Juna Kosmo ( назад)
4:02 I didn't imagine she could do that

Автор Alfonzo Loya ( назад)
John Lecompt on vocals? Great! 😆

Автор Salwmi_Anwle ( назад)
i'm in love with this song..! ♥

Автор Rodrigo Dweller ( назад)
Cuajo lollllll xDDdXxxddDd homúnculo XdDddDXDDD lol cuagulo

Автор ‫محمود فلكس‬‎ ( назад)
hollyshit I'm falling in love with her right now...hhhhhhh

Автор Juliana Montecino ( назад)
mi amor platónico

Автор lois228gmail ( назад)
Some one said they thought the guy singer was off key, he is suppose to be.
He can't wake up from a nightmare like he is maybe in a coma. He can hear
things, but his body is stuck and wants to wake up.

Автор Denny Richardson ( назад)
i think amy is absolutely beautiful

Автор Hassan Naif ( назад)

Автор David Bordera ( назад)
me a sentado en fin bien

Автор Marc Blanc ( назад)
Bring Margaux Blanc to Life , Please ... Margaux's dad

Автор Danang Fiantara ( назад)
I think Adele should sing Evanescence's song, and Amy lee sing Adele's
song, lets see how those things turned out xd

Автор xiaorishu ( назад)
Perfection <3

Автор Phil Henshaw ( назад)
That transition into Tourniquet though...!!

Автор santa barbara ferrarese ( назад)
I listened to this song at least three-four times the other day and today
twice. Greetings

Автор Terrence Jasso ( назад)
...fuck me...I LOVE this fucking song !! 😁

Автор Ali Fawaz ( назад)

Автор Claire Bailey ( назад)
In love

Автор Alejndra Ruiz ( назад)
with this sad song or something check sonamy ( Sonic and Amy)

Автор Adam Lambert Fan ( назад)
she is great omg i love her

Автор Kaitlyn Rivera ( назад)
I really love rock song ❤️

Автор Seth ( назад)
It's sad to see what this song has become... From a musical masterpiece to
a forced meme... Fucking millenials...

Автор Mohammed Imran ( назад)
Dennis egel sings this much better

Автор Rynn Lee ( назад)
her voice was sooooooooo good

Автор Socialist Hater ( назад)
Love this song and she is amazing

Автор rafenix84 ( назад)
and then the whole band (except amy and korn-belike-dude) went and become
we are the fallen, and continued this same sound.

Автор Travis Ark ( назад)
i can-t even wake up

Автор twee the awkward pickle ( назад)
Oh my god, that beginning part, she's so fucking gorgeous in every way I
can't omg

Автор asia apiata ( назад)
I love Amy's voice live or recorded

Автор asia apiata ( назад)
I loves Amy's voice

Автор Luden ( назад)
I'm scared she's going to drop her mic when she's dancing like that

Автор em urie ( назад)
i wish popular music these days was still like this❤️

Автор Allen Saunders ( назад)
the guitarest sings his parts fine no big deal amy is wonderful one of my
favorite vocalist -performancers

Автор Gaming Soph ( назад)
many people says the title is 'Wake me up'.

Автор R3APER VR6 ( назад)
I love this woman

Автор Вячеслав Фролов ( назад)

Автор Вячеслав Фролов ( назад)
Wake Me Up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор Mona ( назад)
3:59 متعوب على الحركه

Автор Alexis Hicks ( назад)
The angel in her voice!!!!!!!!! She is amazing.

Автор Raihan azka ( назад)
that intro fuck

Автор crazy joseph ( назад)
amy lee looks deliciously astonishingly demonicly beautiful and that voice
of her's sets me on fire

Автор Raven? ( назад)
This video was locked in my country for some reason for a long time, I
finally got to see it. As always, amazing. Amy will always be my favourite
singer of all time.

Автор ozzman123 ( назад)
I want to hear Amy do this song with Dero goi from OOMPH!

Автор Максим Путинцев ( назад)
30.05.16 anyone?

Автор marco brenni ( назад)
Simply great !

Автор polyrhythmic1 ( назад)
Still the sexiest women on Earth IMO

Автор TrollForce ( назад)
Everyone shut the fuck up! I'm trying to hear!

Автор Kelvin Celestra ( назад)
now days all you see are cell phones from the audience

Автор sunttu333 ( назад)
2016 and still can't wake up

Автор Alaa S4444 ( назад)

Автор libroslibros libros ( назад)
Man, Amy has the most beautiful voice i've ever heard

Автор SpeedLo ( назад)
who's watching in 2016 ?

Автор Miguel black darck metal ( назад)
Evancence love you rock song

Автор TheJacksnipe ( назад)
Rammstein meets Maria Callas!

Автор Joseph Niyamosoth ( назад)
What if she duets with Floor Jansen?

Автор jovanel vazquez ( назад)

Автор ashraf zoghaly ( назад)

Автор Fairy Sea Rat ( назад)
It'd be so epic if these guys did a battle with Linkin Park.

Автор Hussein Guleid ( назад)
Best ever live performance

Автор Forgotten Gaming ( назад)
Her voice is just amazing

Автор Aaliyah Lowe ( назад)
They concerts be turnt

Автор Mia Oliver ( назад)
The very beginning is the best part

Автор Lillo Briguglio ( назад)
why i keep listen to this? I'm listening to this for 4 years..

Автор Vindiga_Street ( назад)
богиня ❤😍

Автор The Music ( назад)
essa musica sera lembrada para sempre

Автор Mary Shermay ( назад)
the best :)

Автор Amy Lee - EVANESCENCE ( назад)
diva diva diva sempre vai ser a Amy Lee 😍😄👍💖💖

Автор Cacahuate Bé ( назад)

Автор JDMETAL123456789 ( назад)
mmmmmhhh that cringy edit

Автор MarissaTheCat:3 ( назад)
4:35 -ish someone used the wrong finger...either that or he/she is a

Автор ButtSpecter ( назад)
2016 still here

Автор Alejandro1908 ( назад)
the edge

Автор Sonia De Jesus ( назад)
4:03 love that voice

Автор Jubs DSO ( назад)
cadê os br ??

Автор Lord Kittens McTavish ( назад)
liek this if u cant doot up inside

Автор rumissix ( назад)
I like this Lyric

Автор diree1 ( назад)
I LOVE Esvanesce

Автор icah cahmawaty ( назад)
gk enakk

Автор icah cahmawaty ( назад)

Автор BOSS Number One ( назад)
1:43 Looks Bad-ASS!

Автор Jack Blaze ( назад)
I just love her I can't continue without this song when she says"how can
you see into my eyes like open door"and "you can just leave me"love u amy

Автор Jack Blaze ( назад)
if I was Shaun I would have continued our relationship

Автор musicreach1234 ( назад)
Awesome performance! they are so good live....Amy is amazing singer!!

Автор Jack Blaze ( назад)
I love Amy ton better then this guy first of all this guy has a bad type of
sound comparatively and then he croaks I hate it in this Amy looks more
pretty and real but if u go in vevo official video its much better

Автор Jack Blaze ( назад)
I just love her too much

Автор Jack Blaze ( назад)
she's a female legend

Автор Triệu Hữu Tùng ( назад)
3:46 ok o.0

Автор Nermizzey J. ( назад)
OMG! really amazing!

Автор anggi paula tuberquia torres ( назад)
saludos desde colombia -.-

Автор alaidy53 ( назад)
when will amylee sing again?

Автор ‫حسين فهد‬‎ ( назад)
روعااااااات والله شنو هل صوت يجنن

Автор AngelSuicideOfficial ( назад)
I like this version better even if the fans are annoying AF xD

Автор K-G ForLifegameing ( назад)
Amy Amy Amy she lifts every voice when she sings wcw 2016😚😚😚

Автор HendySK ( назад)
I prefer ft. Link Park e.e

Автор Leonardo Castilho ( назад)
Evanescence tem uma voz animal, voz do show igual das gravações.
Cade os BR ??

Автор Facundo Brouwer (Xanork) ( назад)
4:02 dont you love how Amy cracks her voice to sound more dark? I wish she
do more of that in her songs.

Автор Sian Sargesson ( назад)
Really shows she's got talent because she sounds exactly the same live as
in the original video

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