Evanescence - Bring Me To Life

Music video by Evanescence performing Bring Me To Life. (c) 2004 Wind-up Records, LLC

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Длительность: 4:53
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Автор Sian Sargesson ( назад)
Really shows she's got talent because she sounds exactly the same live as
in the original video

Автор German Llama ( назад)
This guys were so popular back then :(

Автор Sumon Adak ( назад)
Gave her all to make the best, m so in love with her, this is nearly awsome
like their actual recording was.

Автор Gabriel Ferreira ( назад)

Автор alice yanira aponte molina ( назад)
Esa canción de evanecens está súper Bring me to my life y esa vez tan
potente y hermosa!

Автор Charlie Scene ( назад)

I thought it was impossible to take a pig at a Live...

Автор Vitor Gabriel ( назад)
im don t a evanescence fan, i just come here to hear her epic voice :)

Автор Ricardo moraes ( назад)

Автор Ricardo moraes ( назад)
faz um show aqui no Brasil que eu vou la

Автор Camila Santos Rocha ( назад)
brasileiros??? se manifestem .... 💕

Автор Lucélia Roberta ( назад)

Автор Matthew Monson ( назад)
What an un-earthly voice. Jesus that girl can sing.

Автор Matthew Monson ( назад)
Oh my god. This is the best live performance I've ever heard. D:

Автор Betty Jean Schmidt ( назад)
good rock

Автор MRDONTAE95 ( назад)
😕 someone needs to save his ass from that horrible voice

Автор Dave Turek ( назад)
for You Debbie ...Listen !!!

Автор Simca Kostukova ( назад)
💕💕best song...best

Автор Angel of Darkness 040 (Crimson) ( назад)
she's SO good.

Автор Releth Villegas ( назад)

Автор Pri yon Joni ( назад)
I wonder if YouTube asked them to fix the camera shake when they uploaded

Автор Fadli Gunawan ( назад)

Автор vnpnlz ( назад)
03:40 nokia 6600 :(

Автор samantha Salgado Rodriguez ( назад)
me encanta

Автор Fique Calado Gabriel Henrique #Oficial ( назад)
karaca desde esse dia a amy lee melhorou muito a sua perfomace nos palcos

Автор T.Z Zillions ( назад)
Is it weird I listened to this when I was 4 with my mom

Автор T.Z Zillions ( назад)

Автор T.Z Zillions ( назад)
She still looks good 2016

Автор scaer scaer ( назад)
holy fucking shit was that really live? She's like a banshee in there
putting the whole arena under her spell

Автор Macashaka ( назад)
RIP to the pig that got slaughter at 1:00

Автор KangMinYeon ( назад)

Автор oasiss ( назад)
That must be so amazing to have thousands of people paying to see you,
cheering on. I wish I was in her position so bad

Автор Brendan ( назад)
Am I the only one who thinks that the guitarist isn't all that great at
singing? Haha

Автор John Woods ( назад)
I'm an old bloke. My daughter introduced me to "Fallen" when it was first
released. I bought tickets to see Evanescence when they came to Melbourne
for both of us. I gave my ticket to her best friend- cause I'm an old guy.
My daughter called me from the concert so I could hear "Bring Me to Life"
live. My daughter is a goddess - a precious gift. I know both Em and Kat
loved the concert. Best money I ever spent! Thanks Amy Lee for the memories

Автор Pablo Henrique ( назад)
tudo gringo

Автор Pablo Henrique ( назад)
so o unico br

Автор Lucindalovelock ( назад)

Автор Kit Katt ( назад)
I wanna sound like her.. XD

Автор Abril Sosa ( назад)
la amo tantooo

Автор Le Faucheur ( назад)
Anyone notice the scream at 1:00?

Автор cptmawsome ( назад)
I cannot take this song seriously anymore, it has been made into a meme and
will remain like that forever

Автор REY REYES A ( назад)
Ermosa mujer♡♡

Автор Selene Sonja ( назад)
Lame performance.

Автор Sr Rs ( назад)
Эх молодость. . .

Автор AMGaming99 ( назад)
Funny how I'm a R&B and sometimes rap type of guy but this song still
manages to get to me. I love it

Автор Klalu ( назад)
amooooo alguém brasileiro

Автор mr.firebass ( назад)
new song for the new final fantasy

Автор Радик Казаков ( назад)

Автор Adisuk Panna ( назад)

Автор Monster Jaimes ( назад)
it's funny that people don't see that this is from the DVD anywhere, but
home album which was created in 2004 and why the video looks like this. I
think it was an awesome interpretation of visuals of the live concert.

Автор Bailey Provance (489 лет назад)
Childhood song...

Автор yuri . mountain ( назад)
it's me
listening on 30 march 2016

Автор rehan nasir ( назад)
my all time favourite singer. the song that started it all!

Автор Finyocano ML ( назад)
That moment when you search for "heavy metal playlist" and you get this

Автор Jarik Ramos ( назад)
a beautiful song

Автор lucas bigetti ( назад)
I want to fuck you amy lee

Автор Arnoldo flores ( назад)
2016 👍👍👍👍👍👍

Автор Maura Cahill ( назад)
13 years after

Автор The Outcast ( назад)
Believe that salvation is by grace, through faith, and not of works. This
means that salvation cannot be earned by any work (church attendance,
baptism, repenting of your sins, etc, etc). Salvation is putting your faith
in Jesus Christ and that he died, was buried, and rose from the grave to
pay for your sin. You receive salvation by simply asking the Lord Jesus
Christ to save you.

Автор Maçã Verde ( назад)
4:41 q louco gritando kkkkk

Автор Maçã Verde ( назад)
pareço ela cantando total

Автор Maçã Verde ( назад)
eu canto muuuito bem essa musica

Автор Maçã Verde ( назад)
omg I love this music💖💖💖

Автор EL AMANGEN ( назад)
wtf... this is not heavy metal... berk...

Автор Eben Dervin ( назад)
fossil fuels

Автор Wellington Basilio ( назад)
alguém sabe me dizer em que país foi esse show?

Автор HYKA TALENT SHOW ( назад)
like this Video

Автор Anıl Baki Durmuş ( назад)
better than official video Greetings from Turkey

Автор Ami Reeves ( назад)
<3 <3 <3

Автор Ana Paulina de la Torre ( назад)

Автор Armando Ramirez Rodriguez ( назад)
amo esta rola

Автор Damen Wymer ( назад)
metal? lol not at all

Автор ilyaz muhammad ( назад)

Автор snipewolf123 ( назад)
Her voice at the start of the song just melt my heart

Автор jas fay ( назад)
her voice just wow, and the beginning, I have no words

Автор Trufu Games ( назад)
minha infancia <3

Автор JESS MCCATHIE ( назад)
She is I should say.

Автор JESS MCCATHIE ( назад)
Oh my god, I forgot how amazing she was.

Автор Pascal St ( назад)
What an amazing performance! What I like most is, that there is noone with
a smartphone filming. everyone is just enjoying the song. That makes such a
huge difference, especially for the band..

Автор Yuri Renato ( назад)
Cadê os BRs?

Автор Matthijs Eskes ( назад)
Need For Speed Most Wanted

Автор Kauã TV ( назад)

Автор Jazziie_J ( назад)
I'm killing myself with this song on replay, great way to end this hell.

Автор Jason Medwid ( назад)
I just love this. it's a mixture of heavy metal and a beautiful voice

Автор FRAN ROJAS GAMER ( назад)
This Bring me to life oficial?

Автор Alaa Atr ( назад)
نيالكم عم تكتبوا التعليق بالإنكليزية

Автор Hamadi Bhouri ( назад)
Almost 2016 anyone here?

Автор Anna Wisinger ( назад)
Very good! I love it♥♥♥

Автор Nails Craft ( назад)
Am I the only one who loves how she takes the mic out of the piano and
stands up? *love they♥*

Автор Inside Shents ( назад)
7 years ago? This is so long ago :'(

Автор eyes E ( назад)
Who watch this in 2016 ? 😊

Автор ThatD0omedHexedSigma ( назад)
Papa frank sent me here.

Ravioli ravioli....

Автор Will G ( назад)
where can i find more videos/audio of her doing the somber operatic style
singing she was doing in the beginning of this performance?

Автор Gaella Bou Jaoude ( назад)
waww nice voice

Автор Champagne Luxury ( назад)
Concerts aren't like this anymore sadly

Автор Lydia Stilinski ( назад)
im in love with her voice

Автор Hailey Meissner ( назад)
I love this song so much I listen too it every day

Автор Mesut Izal ( назад)

Автор Notícias de Celebridades ( назад)
Evanescence tem que voltar em 2016

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