Evanescence - Bring Me To Life

Music video by Evanescence performing Bring Me To Life. (c) 2004 Wind-up Records, LLC

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Длительность: 4:53
Комментарии: 3783

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Автор sunttu333 ( назад)
2016 and still can't wake up

Автор Alaa S4444 ( назад)

Автор libroslibros libros ( назад)
Man, Amy has the most beautiful voice i've ever heard

Автор SpeedLo ( назад)
who's watching in 2016 ?

Автор Miguel black darck metal ( назад)
Evancence love you rock song

Автор TheJacksnipe ( назад)
Rammstein meets Maria Callas!

Автор Joseph Niyamosoth ( назад)
What if she duets with Floor Jansen?

Автор jovanel vazquez ( назад)

Автор ashraf zoghaly ( назад)

Автор Fairy Sea Rat ( назад)
It'd be so epic if these guys did a battle with Linkin Park.

Автор Hussein Guleid ( назад)
Best ever live performance

Автор Forgotten Gaming ( назад)
Her voice is just amazing

Автор Aaliyah Lowe ( назад)
They concerts be turnt

Автор Mia Oliver ( назад)
The very beginning is the best part

Автор Lillo Briguglio ( назад)
why i keep listen to this? I'm listening to this for 4 years..

Автор Vindiga_Street ( назад)
богиня ❤😍

Автор The Music ( назад)
essa musica sera lembrada para sempre

Автор Mary Shermay ( назад)
the best :)

Автор Amy Lee - EVANESCENCE ( назад)
diva diva diva sempre vai ser a Amy Lee 😍😄👍💖💖

Автор Cacahuate Bé ( назад)

Автор JDMETAL123456789 ( назад)
mmmmmhhh that cringy edit

Автор MarissaTheCat:3 ( назад)
4:35 -ish someone used the wrong finger...either that or he/she is a

Автор ButtSpecter ( назад)
2016 still here

Автор Alejandro1908 ( назад)
the edge

Автор Sonia De Jesus ( назад)
4:03 love that voice

Автор Jubs DSO ( назад)
cadê os br ??

Автор Lord Kittens McTavish ( назад)
liek this if u cant doot up inside

Автор rumissix ( назад)
I like this Lyric

Автор diree1 ( назад)
I LOVE Esvanesce

Автор icah cahmawaty ( назад)
gk enakk

Автор icah cahmawaty ( назад)

Автор BOSS Number One ( назад)
1:43 Looks Bad-ASS!

Автор Jack Blaze ( назад)
I just love her I can't continue without this song when she says"how can
you see into my eyes like open door"and "you can just leave me"love u amy

Автор Jack Blaze ( назад)
if I was Shaun I would have continued our relationship

Автор musicreach1234 ( назад)
Awesome performance! they are so good live....Amy is amazing singer!!

Автор Jack Blaze ( назад)
I love Amy ton better then this guy first of all this guy has a bad type of
sound comparatively and then he croaks I hate it in this Amy looks more
pretty and real but if u go in vevo official video its much better

Автор Jack Blaze ( назад)
I just love her too much

Автор Jack Blaze ( назад)
she's a female legend

Автор Triệu Hữu Tùng ( назад)
3:46 ok o.0

Автор Nermizzey Jenol ( назад)
OMG! really amazing!

Автор anggi paula tuberquia torres ( назад)
saludos desde colombia -.-

Автор mohamed alaidy ( назад)
when will amylee sing again?

Автор ‫حسين فهد‬‎ ( назад)
روعااااااات والله شنو هل صوت يجنن

Автор AngelSuicideOfficial ( назад)
I like this version better even if the fans are annoying AF xD

Автор K-G ForLifegameing ( назад)
Amy Amy Amy she lifts every voice when she sings wcw 2016😚😚😚

Автор HendySK ( назад)
I prefer ft. Link Park e.e

Автор Leonardo Castilho ( назад)
Evanescence tem uma voz animal, voz do show igual das gravações.
Cade os BR ??

Автор Facundo Brouwer (Xanork) ( назад)
4:02 dont you love how Amy cracks her voice to sound more dark? I wish she
do more of that in her songs.

Автор Sian Sargesson ( назад)
Really shows she's got talent because she sounds exactly the same live as
in the original video

Автор German Llama ( назад)
This guys were so popular back then :(

Автор Sumon Adak ( назад)
Gave her all to make the best, m so in love with her, this is nearly awsome
like their actual recording was.

Автор Gabriel Ferreira ( назад)

Автор alice yanira aponte molina ( назад)
Esa canción de evanecens está súper Bring me to my life y esa vez tan
potente y hermosa!

Автор Charlie Scene ( назад)

I thought it was impossible to take a pig at a Live...

Автор Vitor Gabriel ( назад)
im don t a evanescence fan, i just come here to hear her epic voice :)

Автор Rick games ( назад)

Автор Rick games ( назад)
faz um show aqui no Brasil que eu vou la

Автор Camila Santos Rocha ( назад)
brasileiros??? se manifestem .... 💕

Автор Lucélia Roberta ( назад)

Автор Matthew Monson ( назад)
What an un-earthly voice. Jesus that girl can sing.

Автор Matthew Monson ( назад)
Oh my god. This is the best live performance I've ever heard. D:

Автор Betty Jean Schmidt ( назад)
good rock

Автор MRDONTAE95 ( назад)
😕 someone needs to save his ass from that horrible voice

Автор Dave Turek ( назад)
for You Debbie ...Listen !!!

Автор Simca Kostukova ( назад)
💕💕best song...best

Автор Angel of Darkness 040 (Crimson) ( назад)
she's SO good.

Автор Releth Villegas ( назад)

Автор Pri yon Joni ( назад)
I wonder if YouTube asked them to fix the camera shake when they uploaded

Автор Fadli Gunawan ( назад)

Автор vnpnlz ( назад)
03:40 nokia 6600 :(

Автор samantha Salgado Rodriguez ( назад)
me encanta

Автор Fique Calado Gabriel Henrique #Oficial ( назад)
karaca desde esse dia a amy lee melhorou muito a sua perfomace nos palcos

Автор T.Z Zillions ( назад)
Is it weird I listened to this when I was 4 with my mom

Автор T.Z Zillions ( назад)

Автор T.Z Zillions ( назад)
She still looks good 2016

Автор scaer scaer ( назад)
holy fucking shit was that really live? She's like a banshee in there
putting the whole arena under her spell

Автор Macashaka ( назад)
RIP to the pig that got slaughter at 1:00

Автор KangMinYeon ( назад)

Автор oasiss ( назад)
That must be so amazing to have thousands of people paying to see you,
cheering on. I wish I was in her position so bad

Автор Brendan ( назад)
Am I the only one who thinks that the guitarist isn't all that great at
singing? Haha

Автор John Woods ( назад)
I'm an old bloke. My daughter introduced me to "Fallen" when it was first
released. I bought tickets to see Evanescence when they came to Melbourne
for both of us. I gave my ticket to her best friend- cause I'm an old guy.
My daughter called me from the concert so I could hear "Bring Me to Life"
live. My daughter is a goddess - a precious gift. I know both Em and Kat
loved the concert. Best money I ever spent! Thanks Amy Lee for the memories

Автор Pablo Henrique ( назад)
tudo gringo

Автор Pablo Henrique ( назад)
so o unico br

Автор Lucindalovelock ( назад)

Автор Kit Katt ( назад)
I wanna sound like her.. XD

Автор Abril Sosa ( назад)
la amo tantooo

Автор Le Faucheur ( назад)
Anyone notice the scream at 1:00?

Автор cptmawsome ( назад)
I cannot take this song seriously anymore, it has been made into a meme and
will remain like that forever

Автор REY REYES A ( назад)
Ermosa mujer♡♡

Автор Selene Sonja ( назад)
Lame performance.

Автор Sr Rs ( назад)
Эх молодость. . .

Автор AMGaming99 ( назад)
Funny how I'm a R&B and sometimes rap type of guy but this song still
manages to get to me. I love it

Автор Klalu Luiza ( назад)
amooooo alguém brasileiro

Автор mr.firebass ( назад)
new song for the new final fantasy

Автор Радик Казаков ( назад)

Автор Adisuk Panna ( назад)

Автор Monster Jaimes ( назад)
it's funny that people don't see that this is from the DVD anywhere, but
home album which was created in 2004 and why the video looks like this. I
think it was an awesome interpretation of visuals of the live concert.

Автор Bailey Provance (489 лет назад)
Childhood song...

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