Evanescence - Bring Me To Life

Music video by Evanescence performing Bring Me To Life. (c) 2004 Wind-up Records, LLC

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Длительность: 4:53
Комментарии: 3434

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Автор alain gasch ( назад)
magique chanson tu est merveilleuse quelle voix bordel :)

Автор Kishwaze Sword ( назад)
She looks like paige...

Автор bloom domino ( назад)

Автор ♥Infinity♥ ( назад)
Sounds like a beautiful violin at the start

Автор Comic 3486 ( назад)

Автор Miftahul Hd ( назад)

Автор Vitoria Luan ( назад)
amo essa música 😍💕👌

Автор Shayla Marie ( назад)
I fucking love this song so much

Автор Oncică Florin (1980 лет назад)
spuneți-mi vă rog că şi romanii ascultă evanescence

Автор Brandon Cappella ( назад)
Feb 3 2K16

Автор Brooke Loves You (1353 года назад)
That scream though😻👏

Автор Mohammed al-shael ( назад)
the way it zooms into the crowd [ their ugly faces ]

Автор Marwan mohamed ( назад)
is this an angel ???????????????????

Автор Donna Souza ( назад)
Four hundred and thirty seven people don't have a clue what good music is.

Автор Roberto Sanchez ( назад)
que Video taaaaaan bueno

Автор Jacob Lopez ( назад)
wow she got skills

Автор ShoesOnBookshelf ( назад)
send shivers dowm my spine. that voice. wow.

Автор Alejandro Jake ( назад)
damn I wanna see them live one more time, before i die

Автор Francisco Pluas ( назад)
el mejor momento fue en el 4.53

Автор Will Sheldon ( назад)
1 of the most haunting melody's I've heard.....please come back Amy

Автор WWE Line Up ( назад)
WWE No Way Out 2003 theme song

Автор Sofia Lavin Stefani (895 лет назад)
Sou a única que fala em português 😍😝

Автор Sofia Lavin Stefani (906 лет назад)
Sou a única que fala em português

Автор Claudia Jeynn Neyra Flores ( назад)
call my name and save me from the dark... save me from the nothing I've

Автор Leslie Shaw ( назад)
She's perfect.

Автор VathanaSarin ( назад)
The assholes that disliked this is probably justin gaybich fans. Amy slays
here and as always ofc

Автор trunksinoue ( назад)
In which country was that ?

Автор Hucre On bir ( назад)
Video daha kaliteli olabilirdi

Автор Karisma Williams ( назад)
Amy Lee 💋💜💋💜

Автор Pamala Smith ( назад)
Her freaking vocals are fucking awesome.

Автор ayan hassan ( назад)

Автор Jerson Aquino ( назад)
Back then, no smartphones yet in the air..

Автор Albert Jacmenov ( назад)

Автор Kalozy Tatjana ( назад)
you best singer

Автор Joshua Miguel Atienza ( назад)
Did anyone saw the middle finger?

Автор marlon schandin ( назад)
shitty footage

Автор Liam Brathwaite ( назад)
i would love the mp3 version of this...this version is pretty dope

Автор ValeShawol BlingBling (Vale) ( назад)
4:03 <3

Автор Souhila Carolina ( назад)

Автор Penny Eade ( назад)
wow blown away. absolutely beautiful!!!! ❤

Автор ‫علي ابو عيسى‬‎ ( назад)
l want peas from arab please

Автор Stephanie McMillan ( назад)
She sounds really good live! Don't know why people complain about her
voice. She's amazing!

Автор Miranda Desiree ( назад)
the intro to this song though!!!! Dang, I loooove her voice!

Автор Kristy Marshall ( назад)
This is so beautiful, I nearly cried.

Автор Luanna Rodrigues ( назад)
2016 !!!!

Автор nara sunara ( назад)
Jan, 2016

Автор Nataly Lysenko ( назад)

Автор Nataly Lysenko ( назад)

Автор Fabiano Santana ( назад)
Very good!

Автор Primrose Everdeen ( назад)
the male singer can be less choppy

Автор Samuel Wilson ( назад)
Amy is the best female singer of all time..... Period..

Автор Terry West ( назад)
what a voice!!! sorry Whitney.

Автор snuglyugly1717 ( назад)
My favourite singer

Автор Daniel Guinea ( назад)
The introduction reminds me Freddie Mercury in Wembley 86 during Bijou

Автор Arzybek Jumabaev ( назад)
cok beğendim cok güzel bir şarkı

Автор dttmedena ( назад)
Jan. 2, 2016 here

Автор Caizt #NE ( назад)
aye watching this on the 2nd day of 2016

Автор Maddy Smith ( назад)
she has the most beautiful voice ive ever heard like seriously my ears were
just blessed

Автор aliceatual ( назад)
I love

Автор MacKensie Williams ( назад)
the greatest female singer of all time. I get chills every time..

Автор Umar ( назад)
2016 ??

Автор Mohammad 1233214 ( назад)
anyone else

Автор RafaNightwish ( назад)
i wish they would still do this intro, its just so epic and dark! i love

Автор Puppet Mistress ( назад)
"Don't let me die here..."

Автор Nirvana Agar.io ( назад)
did anyone notice a scream? >>> 1:00

Автор Nathalie jacquemart ( назад)

Автор eduardo villanueva jimenez (1912 года назад)
I love Amy Lee!

Автор katerine Melina Quispe Peralta ( назад)
es hermoso *c*

Автор Dipper Pines ( назад)
WOW different to the original

Автор karine bonnet ( назад)
trop belle voix

Автор hjfdlt ( назад)
Great song....horrendous video.....camera angles are awful

Автор Diana Herrera ( назад)
Gave me chills

Автор Andrea Cuello ( назад)
Te amo te amo te amo I love ❤ you

Автор boruff68 ( назад)
Amy is STILL a fucking bad ass.

Автор Kyou Minene ( назад)
4:37 is that a middle finger??? o.o

Автор Bleysi Denice ( назад)
Ha sido épico :0

Автор Camila Arriagada ( назад)

Автор Mohammad Ridzuan ( назад)
It's almost 2016 and I still am listening to this song

Автор Marcela Pava ( назад)
¡¡¡Y es hora de que se presenten en Bogotá Colombiaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!

Автор Wally Nachos ( назад)
Evanescence blew the roof off the place!!!

Автор Abdullah Tunc ( назад)
çok mükemmel

Автор shabi st ( назад)
0:25 through 1:00... Most beautiful vocals I've ever heard🙃

Автор brithany Estefanya Garcia Avila ( назад)
I love this song :3 I'M spanish

Автор Mahomed Dawood ( назад)
life sucks at this shit period of 2015 when there is a threat of world war
3 nd end of humanity.

Автор Underth SPADE ( назад)
so.beautifully sung

Автор Burak Sarıtaş ( назад)
Almost 2016 anyone here?

Автор Abby The Reaper ( назад)
absolutely speechless!

Автор janne marin ( назад)
Very Good,soul love.....

Автор Adriana 14523 ( назад)
Anyone else her from the video where the girl was cheerleading and her dad
came back from war to surprise her? :)

Автор Armando Torres ( назад)
Just watching hurt my throat from the screaming the guy did lol. But it was
like the best performance ever 👌😍

Автор Samet Akbudak ( назад)
:D ben bu karının adı evanessence sanıyordum grupmuş amk

Автор Ryan Jesse ( назад)
Auto Tune needs Amy Lee not the other way around, listen to that crowd
after that note at 3:47!

Автор Samntha Radke ( назад)
happy birthday Amy Lee♡♡♡

Автор sowk KrDrN ( назад)
3:46 "OMG" <3 <3 <3 <3

Автор Soldats Les ( назад)
que.concierto es este quisiera verlo completo, me.parece fascinante
la.forma.enq.responde.este público

Автор anornaej lladones ( назад)
my fave

Автор oakenshanks ( назад)
I never really liked this band or her voice....my bad... this video gave me
goose bumps....damm...... awesome!

Автор shea vertwot ( назад)
she's so fucking hot

Автор Zino ( назад)
The guy she had sing was not good

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