Evanescence - Bring Me To Life

Music video by Evanescence performing Bring Me To Life. (c) 2004 Wind-up Records, LLC

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Длительность: 4:53
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Автор Tabi Dupuis (1586 лет назад)
0:23 - 1:01 oh my goosebumps

Автор jakMacks ( назад)

Автор NinjaXM0 ( назад)
How can she sound like a violin? Awesome!

Автор TheScammer Minecraft Videos ( назад)
First part is best.. sounds like autotune but its real! holy damn

Автор Adrian Fernanda ( назад)

Автор DarkSilent92 ( назад)
Amy Lee = My Snow White Queen <3

Автор WorldCover92 ( назад)

Автор Devon Roe ( назад)
2015 And This Song Is Still My Fave

Автор Susana Su ( назад)

Автор Kevin Swartz ( назад)
Amy Lee. The single, most beautiful woman to have ever existed.........
angels in heaven bow down to her grace..

Автор Dj Clocota ( назад)
lissen my dens remix to this track

Автор Malik TKeyah ( назад)
3:48 - 4:10 -> best part, gives me goosebumps all over my body. <3

Автор Zane lyons ( назад)
Fuck you 30 second adverts 

Автор jarlyne corchado ( назад)

Автор Dasten Freeman ( назад)

Автор Paulina Swift EDCP ( назад)
Wow ! Amy Lee sings good !

Автор M47riX1 ( назад)
amy's voice is not from this world, she sings like a violin, just what the
f*ck?! i'm blown!

Автор Noosie Woosie ( назад)
I apologise in advance, but I'm probably the only one who really don't find
Amy's vocals to be spectacular live. Still, the intro was awesome. But
after that though....

Автор Enggar Aditya B ( назад)
wowwww cureeennnnnn

Автор punkparty17 ( назад)
@Dan Purvis The end intro is to a song called 'Tourniquet.'

Автор Guillermo Ángel Lara ( назад)
Bring Me To Life..!!

Автор Victor Rodrigues ( назад)
Amy Lee <3 Best female voice always

Автор Mat Noob Play ( назад)
Is the man that is singing here , the same in the original song ? if
someone awnser me , thank you ;) 

Автор Robert Rob ( назад)

Автор Jellena Addams ( назад)

Автор filidorable ( назад)
Give me a hot chick with a world class voice fronting a metal band any day.
Me like to the max. I've always preferred melodic metal to thrash/death ect
anyway, so that's nice.

Автор Devilsh Dracula ( назад)
That's cool :"D

Автор Rainy Nights ( назад)

Автор DAN PURVIS ( назад)
What song do they start to play at the end

Автор cr7 the best ( назад)
Una pregunta:
El hombre que canta con emy en este video,¿ es el mismo que canta con ella
en el vídeo original? Gracias al que responda
Es que en el vídeo este tiene barba y en el original no y me confunde xd

Автор Stevek552 ( назад)
Beautiful.. Ticks all lifes boxes doesn`t it........

Автор Neivaldo Mendes ( назад)
que a noite tenha paz para todos.

Автор BOBBY COMBS JR ( назад)
Evanescence - Bring Me To Life: live:

Автор Kelsey Marie ( назад)
This is amazing 

Автор Christine Poff ( назад)
Unreal how awesome this song is! Amy Lee forever!!! <3

Автор neil day ( назад)
bring me to life ,👍,,👍

Автор Wer Wolf ( назад)
Nur noch genial!!!

Автор jono gyde ( назад)
she is dam fine lol

Автор TheElixir2 ( назад)
The best version.

Автор Julius f ( назад)

Автор SportsLiveInTheAtl ( назад)
omfg this version is awesome as fuck wow

Автор ChocolateMan ( назад)
Her voice is perfect, even live. The song has such a great beat and
meaning. The movements they make are perfect, actually looking sad and in
pain. This is absolutely amazing.

Автор QcVinny ( назад)
that intro though :O

Автор Massimiliano Imperiali ( назад)
John LeCompt (the rythmic guitarist) on vocals in place of Paul McCoy !

Автор Iader “The Idea” Rinaldi ( назад)

Автор Turallad ( назад)
0:08-1:11 Why isn't this on the original song?

Автор Celil kolçak ( назад)

Автор lunasam9 ( назад)
Bring me to life is one of the epicest compositions of the 2000s. 

Автор Djarmo de la Croix ( назад)

Автор magos38 ( назад)
Increible... Argentina los esperaa!! :D

Автор Devonta White ( назад)
Bjork sounds good here 

Автор Maverick Rules (863 года назад)
muy buena la presentación, sin ser necesario para un buen show es
sorprendete la calidad de las voces que logran ambos, es tal cual se
estuviera escuchando en un CD, repito sin ser necesario logran algo que es
muy dificil.

Автор Lena Svantesson ( назад)
Perfection <3

Автор Xavier Baal-zephon ( назад)

Автор Денис Козелець ( назад)
cool song!!!

Автор Amella Gaming ( назад)
Pone of the only singers who sounds good without editing

Автор mgorz07 ( назад)
Back in 2004 people lived their moments on such events, now they just stand
and record everything with their phones...

Автор Danii Gonz ( назад)
Como amo esta canción 

Автор BRAVE SEEKER ( назад)
you're the best amy lee

Автор olga gladys Vázquez Coco ( назад)
Evanescence - Bring Me To Life

Great singer and one great song / Happy sunday friends

BEST SONG EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор Gabriel O'conner ( назад)
best dvd EVER! ♥ 

Автор joe avida ( назад)
It's my dream to watch Evanescence concert.,.Amazing.,.

Автор Александр Осипов ( назад)

Автор Kisma 83 ( назад)
epic moment.!!!!!

Автор Valeria Constantin ( назад)
better than the official video!

Автор Austin Mcgill ( назад)
Mike from Linkin Park is singing with her. holy crap.

Автор Amir Alsheblawi ( назад)
Is this considered goth?? 

Автор Jamie MacFarlane ( назад)
I want this played at my funeral haha

Автор Hamood McSab ( назад)
331 people are out of their minds

Автор bbyd0ll1 ( назад)
I LOVE watching her sing this live. Her vocals are just amaaaazing!

Автор fallon sasso ( назад)
Now this is what you call a performance!!

Автор Nicolò F. (1348 лет назад)
I love the intro..

Автор Christoph Barfuss ( назад)
Top songs Love this !Ich mag das.Ein EV/WT fan

Автор Katherine Melannie ( назад)
Just AMAZING, omg that voice!!!!!

Автор iheartbzh ( назад)
Wow !

Автор RoNightEv03 ( назад)
0:40 my fav part

Автор Shrek's Doritos ( назад)
Oh my god this is amazing

Автор Diego Palomeque ( назад)
esa es la cancion original o no 

Автор stavros myr ( назад)

Автор Johnny Sandoval ( назад)
Evanescence -
Bring Me To Life:


Автор Johnny Sandoval ( назад)
Evanescence -
Bring Me To Life:


Автор Johnny Sandoval ( назад)
Evanescence -
Bring Me To Life:


Автор Rodrigo Black Z ( назад)
Stay Goth !!!...
Evanescence - Bring me to Life...

Автор Charles Souza ( назад)
*Sdds de quando ela mostrava ao mundo a voz que tem! agora criou um álbum
de velório e nem canta mais =(*

Esse começo sempre me arrepia lol

Автор Minecraft “BuffaloGaming” HVS ( назад)
Omg is this possible?A concert without all crowd holding camera....wow i'm

Автор genta winalda ( назад)

Автор RoNightEv03 (554 года назад)
Where can I get that Intro of the minute 0:07 to 1:11?

Автор Ahmed Kefi ( назад)
best live performance ever for this song *.*

Автор ania3690 ( назад)
the times when people actually enjoy the concert and are not just recording
it on their phones, i miss those days

Автор Hammer Inheads ( назад)
This song translates in a whole other level when it's played live. 

Автор reckfloner ( назад)
Quality overdubs

Автор djtrixen ( назад)

Автор Matt Forrest ( назад)
Goosebumps... definitely goosebumps...

Автор Guillermo Ángel Lara ( назад)
Bring Me To Life.!!!

Автор ❦Glambertxo✰ ( назад)
This gives me goosebumps..

Автор john fowkes ( назад)
Take a look at this video on YouTube:

Автор fran94 ( назад)
oh my god what concert so great, people are so motivated, this make me cry
of hapiness!! :'D

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