Screen Protector for Samsung Galaxy Tab

Brandi demonstrates how to correctly install a screen protector for your Samsung Galaxy Tab.

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Автор farooqshaikh 9892225227 ( назад)
this is rabbish video

Автор anna Chek ( назад)
Am I the only one who found that showing this on a black surface was a bit

Автор Monk E. ( назад)
Nice voice.. Kept alternating between mother and sexy girlfriend

Автор Toby Nmoh ( назад)
All this time I thought the other screen protector was a spare

Автор gary potter ( назад)
She has wanking hands. Well turned on at 1.00

Автор Yagami Light ( назад)
does that fit for 7.0?

Автор cyberjuanb ( назад)
Do we really need a screen protector on Gorilla Glass? :-)

Автор Dan M ( назад)

Автор mc lovin ( назад)
Forever D:

Автор Tejal Shah (107 лет назад)
Perfect! Thx I did it mine successfully after watching ur video.

Автор Cailey James ( назад)
Well that was easy.

Автор CellPhoneTrek ( назад)
@Don92649 you are correct it i is the static cling that occurs when
removing the side 1 what helps is to wash your hands thoroughly all the way
up to your elbows. then on a wood or glass table clean that down as well.
The slowly take side 1 off to adhere the SP.

Автор Don Skiver ( назад)
I've tried 2 of these protectors and keep getting 10-12 tiny specks of dust
or something trapped between the cover and screen. They create small
bubbles that can't be pressed out. I think it is because of the static
created when you peel off the side #1. Can you address this issue? Thanks

Автор jenny lance ( назад)
tq so much!! nice tutorial!!!

Автор AnerchX (1945 лет назад)
Thnks you so much !

Автор CellPhoneTrek ( назад)
@EBONiiZZLE ahah thank you it just came out while I was talking! When I saw
this comment is when I realized what I had said! Too funny! -Brandi

Автор Fiction_x_ ( назад)
big package haha

Автор littlguyy ( назад)
Great video. Keep up the good work guys!

Автор Rockyroady999 ( назад)
good vid

Автор Edmundo studios ( назад)
Love how it has an ipad on the packaging.

Автор Ebony G. ( назад)
why don't you guys get more subscribers? like with all youre videos and
information you should be way more popular! Btw i love the way you say
"forever" @ 1:01 i lol'ed :D

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