GTA 4-Secret cars + helicopter

GTA 4, im going to show you 3 secret cars {don't no which ones}not only 3 cars theres a brand new helicopter.

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Автор oconer brian ( назад)

Автор Merci Graz ( назад)
Is he gay......

Автор UNKNOWN97763 ( назад)
Like if u hit the mute button when u heard his voice?

Автор killjoy2834 ( назад)
totaly agree good for nothing peice of crap

Автор Ethan C ( назад)
@xLJSx09 agree

Автор connor bowker ( назад)
u remind me of bugs bunny coz when u say the letter r u say it as a w

Автор Zachery M. ( назад)
pieces of the video is weird! @(00)@

Автор Hydro ( назад)
he said wight and not right xD

Автор General Parvez ( назад)
FAIL those cars aint even good n fuk that helicopter do a cheat n u can get
wun wich shoots !!!!!

Автор ThePandaX13 ( назад)
why dont all u fuckers leave him alone FUCK

Автор Arda Yilmaz ( назад)
0:20 wait a second did you just say walk drive or take a taxi why would
someone walk 0:58 and every one knows how to get in helacopter i can do it
right now and differt colors your just wierd

Автор Arda Yilmaz ( назад)
wait a second did you just say walk drive or take a taxi why would someone
walk and every one knows how to get in helacopter i can do it right now

Автор pandaxxo ( назад)
You talk gay

Автор michael piccininni ( назад)
@deadlemon100 she( i think) sounds to young to even be speaking

Автор DragonWarrior1759 ( назад)
they are not secrets you shit hole the only secret car i tihnk is only
sultan rs if im wrong that sultan rs isn't a secret car or isn't the only
secret car then correct me an dude change your nickname is gay

Автор K SB ( назад)

Автор Catrina Hall ( назад)
@3220Steelersrulez14 lol

Автор Catrina Hall ( назад)
found the heli way before you

Автор MachineGecko1 ( назад)
Crappy video

Автор GrimeyBeatz ( назад)
ur a retard lol, ''they come in all sorts of colours'' fucking wasteman

Автор CHIDIEBUBE ( назад)
1.why the fuck u thlak like that2.i have chats that canget me better cods

Автор shouldbestormplaya27 ( назад)
Sorry now i feel bad 4 leavin a bad comment... Every one should just stop
leaving such bad comments. He just saw something he thought was cool and je
wanted to share it... Sorry 4 leaving such a bad comment... Its like 2 in
the mornin and im tired

Автор shouldbestormplaya27 ( назад)
Hewwo.. I found thwee secwet cars and a bwand new helicopta... I know i
like to put videos dat evewy wown knows abaut and dat no wown cares
abaut... But i weewly loike the colour of dat "NEW" helicopta.

Автор Mave Durray. ( назад)
thwee? how old are you ill tell you too young to be playing GTA i have a
question for you tho what is brown?

Автор 808enM13 ( назад)

Автор H2win4ever ( назад)
ill keep it open if i want

Автор Colonel Sanders ( назад)
shut ur bomblocat

Автор UltraKardan ( назад)
Grow your balls dickhead. I SPENT 1 MINUTE 20 SECONDS F MY LIFE FOR SHITTY

Автор Naah ( назад)
noob, thhose cars arent secret and heli too, lol

Автор liliano1124 ( назад)
that guy wanted to say this is game legend0 goodbye but he said this is
"game 0"

Автор H2win4ever ( назад)
wow you seem to think that people take time and effort to show us something
they find interesting then people like you just insult them... GET A LIFE

Автор Colonel Sanders ( назад)
those cars? excellent??? secret cars??? those cars suck asssss and there
not secret 1% FUCK and r u like 2 or somtin damn

Автор matthias18645 ( назад)
lol it´s no secret not even a little bit and... how old are you?

Автор obert319 ( назад)
hahaha u faggot what are you 2?

Автор B789c ( назад)
blow it out your asshole u racist cunt ye

Автор Sevenhundred ( назад)
this is not 4 u it 4 joe 2 million fuck ure self

Автор Sevenhundred ( назад)
u voice weird

Автор Jose Pez ( назад)
It not even that old to play gta4 little kid ur like wat 6

Автор 420anarchist ( назад)
DUMB MOTHER FUCKER ITS NOT SECRET! when u gt older and ur ballz drop you'll

Автор patricio065 ( назад)
thanks, now fuck you kid, little bitch!

Автор JoE2million ( назад)
hey kid if you knew who the fuck i was you would not tell me to go fuck

Автор B789c ( назад)
racist fucktard go screw yourself

Автор B789c ( назад)
hey faveless go fuck yourself. i suppose ur videos are brilliant and have
millions of views,like fuck they do

Автор B789c ( назад)
eh why is everyone here leaving hateful comments because the kid is

Автор Derrick Brown ( назад)
its funny how every secret car vid has crap quilty

Автор viking665 ( назад)
Yeah, you have a point there. Probably masturbates to gayporn.

Автор TheNiggGgga ( назад)
da ua sice heast das kennt ja eh schon jeder !!!

Автор viking665 ( назад)
He's british or something like that! I don't like that accent actually.

Автор HellomynameisLesly ( назад)
you are British right you sound like it and i know where all that was
before you told me you have to find a car a few people seen dumb dumb!!

Автор Chirox5 ( назад)
those are not secret

Автор rizar51 ( назад)
dude, those are not secrets. im sure alot of people know the helicopter and
btw the cars ARE regular cars not secrets

Автор Chippeh ( назад)
dude. ur too young. stop playing this game. very dirty things. lol

Автор vgl19 ( назад)

Автор poophead156 ( назад)
r u scottish?

Автор sixtenrunner ( назад)
thats not secret cars and helicopter

Автор ajax9719 ( назад)
wtf i dont have the game but i agree with yous

Автор 1992pattrow (1804 года назад)
there are other places like there is a helicopter in the city on one of the

Автор Aj Kahl ( назад)

Автор SCVroker7253 ( назад)
That is not a secret and those cars are crap.

Автор bruce willis ( назад)
this vid sucks, ok 7 year old kid, first those fucking cars can be of any
type, is random, and second, THAT IS A MAVERICK FUCKING HELICOPTER, why do
you waste my time?

Автор SpitalSam (1803 года назад)
their not really secret u dick

Автор raidersk8er9 ( назад)
I wall shaw you ware you can find the secrat heli-copta LOL MAN YOUR VOICE

Автор jkake100 ( назад)
not really a secret ive robbed all those cars and found the helicopter

Автор Daniel Moseres ( назад)
how can you put the inside view?

Автор vecinosgrox ( назад)
º¤ø„¸¸„ø¤º°¨¸„ø¤º°¨ post to 9 other vids ¨°º¤ø„¸ Copy „ø¤º°¨ press F5
twice ¸„ø¤º°¨Paste ``°º¤ø„¸ OK ¸„ø¤º°¨¸„ø¤º°¨¨°º look at ur background

Автор Rustheredfox ( назад)
but still this game is for 17+/18+ dumbass

Автор blainepeyton18 ( назад)
º¤ø„¸¸„ø¤º°¨¸„ø¤º°¨ post to 9 other vids ¨°º¤ø„¸ Copy „ø¤º°¨ press F5
twice ¸„ø¤º°¨Paste ``°º¤ø„¸ OK ¸„ø¤º°¨¸„ø¤º°¨¨°º look at ur background

Автор Marcel Braaksma ( назад)
noob i know this al years=P

Автор p154831 ( назад)
yo this is a little kid u fukn douchebags let him enjoy his life like u
didnt act like that wen u were 9

Автор porscheguy16 ( назад)
dude that no secret chopper and wheres the "secret" cars huh

Автор marbledwwe ( назад)
yeh they dont same as me he sound 13 and a 13 year old would sound like
there 16 lol

Автор keviniscool3 ( назад)
He's british. Their voices dont mature as quickly as Americans, At least
from my understanding.

Автор Ronaldo1060 ( назад)
man,this game is for teenagers not for 9 year old boys without teeths!!LOL

Автор Ronaldo1060 ( назад)
mothafucka!Don't you have cheats or something?

Автор anoneim ( назад)
where is the cars ?? lol :P and no secret heli ??

Автор cod4bf ( назад)
thats not secret cars and helicopter!!!!!!!!

Автор IceColdKilla66 (1595 лет назад)
lol kid dont waste my time on this shit ... get a life

Автор john 123 ( назад)
at 0:02 fwee lol

Автор bennyhilly ( назад)
that no secret everyone knows about them

Автор Nickcol ( назад)
ma anche di più guarda -.-

Автор OleAndreEnge ( назад)
stop at 0:10 then you see the "secret" car on the left

Автор FynnyKid ( назад)
GTFO youtube. Damn i hate kids like you. Im flagging it for spam.

Автор ShadowReaper072 ( назад)
those arent secrets

Автор Fabio Meraviglia (1959 лет назад)
in Italian this kid would be called "bimbominkia"

Автор Leary352 ( назад)
they aint secret noob

Автор 99gracie ( назад)
im calling the cops

Автор SupahSonic7734 ( назад)
I see these cars on the road ALL the time.

Автор Raidy Durkan ( назад)
i think you sound like a gay girl you bioch

Автор Arthur Simon (622 года назад)
How old is this kid?? Because he really shouldn't be playing the game or
the Video he made!

Автор hotrod869 ( назад)
lol funny british kid funny accent lol..... i think hes a 7 year old girl

Автор thewinner78 ( назад)
lol it is not Secret

Автор iRepBtown ( назад)
wtf, ppl, give the kid a break even if hes young, i bet when you was young
you use to play gta , so stop the nonsense. nice kid ,,, and commenters,
next time try and be nicer to lil kids fucking retards

Автор Tom Mcneil ( назад)
lol what a goood car lol not relly and th heli its crap th cars lol phh

Автор bertling5 ( назад)
im 6 piece of poopy face

Автор ViperFace ( назад)
So, is that a yes?

Автор residentevil4kid (1861 год назад)
are you too young to be playing gta 4 =S

Автор Craig Bremner ( назад)
SECRET CARS? you see them on the road all the time. little kid

Автор AchillesTheHedgehog ( назад)
same here

Автор Mastercheif35 ( назад)
hes british dumb fuck

Автор northshoredr (1479 лет назад)
i'm gonna 12 on the 17th

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