GTA 4-Secret cars + helicopter

GTA 4, im going to show you 3 secret cars {don't no which ones}not only 3 cars theres a brand new helicopter.

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Автор oconer brian ( назад)

Автор Merci Graz ( назад)
Is he gay......

Автор UNKNOWN97763 ( назад)
Like if u hit the mute button when u heard his voice?

Автор killjoy2834 ( назад)
totaly agree good for nothing peice of crap

Автор Ethan C ( назад)
@xLJSx09 agree

Автор connor bowker ( назад)
u remind me of bugs bunny coz when u say the letter r u say it as a w

Автор Zachery M. ( назад)
pieces of the video is weird! @(00)@

Автор Hydro ( назад)
he said wight and not right xD

Автор General Parvez ( назад)
FAIL those cars aint even good n fuk that helicopter do a cheat n u can get
wun wich shoots !!!!!

Автор ThePandaX13 ( назад)
why dont all u fuckers leave him alone FUCK

Автор Arda Yilmaz ( назад)
0:20 wait a second did you just say walk drive or take a taxi why would
someone walk 0:58 and every one knows how to get in helacopter i can do it
right now and differt colors your just wierd

Автор Arda Yilmaz ( назад)
wait a second did you just say walk drive or take a taxi why would someone
walk and every one knows how to get in helacopter i can do it right now

Автор pandaxxo ( назад)
You talk gay

Автор michael piccininni ( назад)
@deadlemon100 she( i think) sounds to young to even be speaking

Автор DragonWarrior1759 ( назад)
they are not secrets you shit hole the only secret car i tihnk is only
sultan rs if im wrong that sultan rs isn't a secret car or isn't the only
secret car then correct me an dude change your nickname is gay

Автор K SB ( назад)

Автор Catrina Hall ( назад)
@3220Steelersrulez14 lol

Автор Catrina Hall ( назад)
found the heli way before you

Автор MachineGecko1 ( назад)
Crappy video

Автор GrimeyBeatz ( назад)
ur a retard lol, ''they come in all sorts of colours'' fucking wasteman

Автор shouldbestormplaya27 ( назад)
Sorry now i feel bad 4 leavin a bad comment... Every one should just stop
leaving such bad comments. He just saw something he thought was cool and je
wanted to share it... Sorry 4 leaving such a bad comment... Its like 2 in
the mornin and im tired

Автор shouldbestormplaya27 ( назад)
Hewwo.. I found thwee secwet cars and a bwand new helicopta... I know i
like to put videos dat evewy wown knows abaut and dat no wown cares
abaut... But i weewly loike the colour of dat "NEW" helicopta.

Автор Rasenshuriken198 ( назад)
thwee? how old are you ill tell you too young to be playing GTA i have a
question for you tho what is brown?

Автор 808enM13 ( назад)

Автор H2win4ever ( назад)
ill keep it open if i want

Автор Colonel Sanders ( назад)
shut ur bomblocat

Автор UltraKardan ( назад)
Grow your balls dickhead. I SPENT 1 MINUTE 20 SECONDS F MY LIFE FOR SHITTY

Автор Naah ( назад)
noob, thhose cars arent secret and heli too, lol

Автор liliano1124 ( назад)
that guy wanted to say this is game legend0 goodbye but he said this is
"game 0"

Автор H2win4ever ( назад)
wow you seem to think that people take time and effort to show us something
they find interesting then people like you just insult them... GET A LIFE

Автор Colonel Sanders ( назад)
those cars? excellent??? secret cars??? those cars suck asssss and there
not secret 1% FUCK and r u like 2 or somtin damn

Автор matthias18645 ( назад)
lol it´s no secret not even a little bit and... how old are you?

Автор obert319 ( назад)
hahaha u faggot what are you 2?

Автор B789c ( назад)
blow it out your asshole u racist cunt ye

Автор Sevenhundred ( назад)
this is not 4 u it 4 joe 2 million fuck ure self

Автор Sevenhundred ( назад)
u voice weird

Автор Jose Pez ( назад)
It not even that old to play gta4 little kid ur like wat 6

Автор 420anarchist ( назад)
DUMB MOTHER FUCKER ITS NOT SECRET! when u gt older and ur ballz drop you'll

Автор patricio065 ( назад)
thanks, now fuck you kid, little bitch!

Автор JoE2million ( назад)
hey kid if you knew who the fuck i was you would not tell me to go fuck

Автор B789c ( назад)
racist fucktard go screw yourself

Автор B789c ( назад)
hey faveless go fuck yourself. i suppose ur videos are brilliant and have
millions of views,like fuck they do

Автор B789c ( назад)
eh why is everyone here leaving hateful comments because the kid is

Автор Derrick Brown ( назад)
its funny how every secret car vid has crap quilty

Автор viking665 ( назад)
Yeah, you have a point there. Probably masturbates to gayporn.

Автор TheNiggGgga ( назад)
da ua sice heast das kennt ja eh schon jeder !!!

Автор viking665 ( назад)
He's british or something like that! I don't like that accent actually.

Автор HellomynameisLesly ( назад)
you are British right you sound like it and i know where all that was
before you told me you have to find a car a few people seen dumb dumb!!

Автор Chirox5 ( назад)
those are not secret

Автор rizar51 ( назад)
dude, those are not secrets. im sure alot of people know the helicopter and
btw the cars ARE regular cars not secrets

Автор Chippeh ( назад)
dude. ur too young. stop playing this game. very dirty things. lol

Автор vgl19 ( назад)

Автор poophead156 ( назад)
r u scottish?

Автор sixtenrunner ( назад)
thats not secret cars and helicopter

Автор ajax9719 ( назад)
wtf i dont have the game but i agree with yous

Автор 1992pattrow (1805 лет назад)
there are other places like there is a helicopter in the city on one of the

Автор Aj Kahl ( назад)

Автор SCVroker7253 ( назад)
That is not a secret and those cars are crap.

Автор bruce willis ( назад)
this vid sucks, ok 7 year old kid, first those fucking cars can be of any
type, is random, and second, THAT IS A MAVERICK FUCKING HELICOPTER, why do
you waste my time?

Автор SpitalSam (1804 года назад)
their not really secret u dick

Автор raidersk8er9 ( назад)
I wall shaw you ware you can find the secrat heli-copta LOL MAN YOUR VOICE

Автор jkake100 ( назад)
not really a secret ive robbed all those cars and found the helicopter

Автор Daniel Moseres ( назад)
how can you put the inside view?

Автор vecinosgrox ( назад)
º¤ø„¸¸„ø¤º°¨¸„ø¤º°¨ post to 9 other vids ¨°º¤ø„¸ Copy „ø¤º°¨ press F5
twice ¸„ø¤º°¨Paste ``°º¤ø„¸ OK ¸„ø¤º°¨¸„ø¤º°¨¨°º look at ur background

Автор wonderwolf ( назад)
but still this game is for 17+/18+ dumbass

Автор blainepeyton18 ( назад)
º¤ø„¸¸„ø¤º°¨¸„ø¤º°¨ post to 9 other vids ¨°º¤ø„¸ Copy „ø¤º°¨ press F5
twice ¸„ø¤º°¨Paste ``°º¤ø„¸ OK ¸„ø¤º°¨¸„ø¤º°¨¨°º look at ur background

Автор Marcel Braaksma ( назад)
noob i know this al years=P

Автор p154831 ( назад)
yo this is a little kid u fukn douchebags let him enjoy his life like u
didnt act like that wen u were 9

Автор porscheguy16 ( назад)
dude that no secret chopper and wheres the "secret" cars huh

Автор marbledwwe ( назад)
yeh they dont same as me he sound 13 and a 13 year old would sound like
there 16 lol

Автор keviniscool3 ( назад)
He's british. Their voices dont mature as quickly as Americans, At least
from my understanding.

Автор Ronaldo1060 ( назад)
man,this game is for teenagers not for 9 year old boys without teeths!!LOL

Автор Ronaldo1060 ( назад)
mothafucka!Don't you have cheats or something?

Автор anoneim ( назад)
where is the cars ?? lol :P and no secret heli ??

Автор cod4bf ( назад)
thats not secret cars and helicopter!!!!!!!!

Автор IceColdKilla66 (1596 лет назад)
lol kid dont waste my time on this shit ... get a life

Автор john 123 ( назад)
at 0:02 fwee lol

Автор bennyhilly ( назад)
that no secret everyone knows about them

Автор Nickcol ( назад)
ma anche di più guarda -.-

Автор OleAndreEnge ( назад)
stop at 0:10 then you see the "secret" car on the left

Автор FynnyKid ( назад)
GTFO youtube. Damn i hate kids like you. Im flagging it for spam.

Автор ShadowReaper072 ( назад)
those arent secrets

Автор Linfa (1960 лет назад)
in Italian this kid would be called "bimbominkia"

Автор Leary352 ( назад)
they aint secret noob

Автор 99gracie ( назад)
im calling the cops

Автор SupahSonic7734 ( назад)
I see these cars on the road ALL the time.

Автор Raidy Durkan ( назад)
i think you sound like a gay girl you bioch

Автор Arthur Simon (623 года назад)
How old is this kid?? Because he really shouldn't be playing the game or
the Video he made!

Автор hotrod869 ( назад)
lol funny british kid funny accent lol..... i think hes a 7 year old girl

Автор thewinner78 ( назад)
lol it is not Secret

Автор iRepBtown ( назад)
wtf, ppl, give the kid a break even if hes young, i bet when you was young
you use to play gta , so stop the nonsense. nice kid ,,, and commenters,
next time try and be nicer to lil kids fucking retards

Автор Tom Mcneil ( назад)
lol what a goood car lol not relly and th heli its crap th cars lol phh

Автор bertling5 ( назад)
im 6 piece of poopy face

Автор ViperFace ( назад)
So, is that a yes?

Автор residentevil4kid (1862 года назад)
are you too young to be playing gta 4 =S

Автор Craig Bremner ( назад)
SECRET CARS? you see them on the road all the time. little kid

Автор AchillesTheHedgehog ( назад)
same here

Автор Mastercheif35 ( назад)
hes british dumb fuck

Автор northshoredr (1480 лет назад)
i'm gonna 12 on the 17th

Автор MARSHJAK ( назад)
any one can play any game no matter how old the age restrictions are ther
for retale purposes and it is retards that dont no the difference between
games and real life that get game censord and barred

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