Official music video for TAROT "I Walk Forever"
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Taken from the album "Gravity Of Light"


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Автор Koala Guy ( назад)
Rest In Peace Peku Cinnari.

Автор Birgit Kuehn ( назад)
Marco ist der größte, der beste, ich liebe ihn.👍

Автор Christiane Hodel-Meyer ( назад)
Wenn ich das hinter mir habe.. ja

Автор voodooturbo ( назад)
Marco's the damn man.

Автор TheScreamingBeagle ( назад)

Автор Vitor Sobreira ( назад)
Uma banda muito interessante que merecia mais atenção...

Автор 74kode ( назад)
Marco is great.

Автор ayman saber ( назад)
metal bands come to egypt shoot a Music video and leave , we didn't have
any Big metal Show or festivals it just Undergroud bands andLocal Bands on
Egypt that make a gig every Couple of months

Автор Mel Sunbeam ( назад)
i love Marco's voice its powerfull

Автор Toni Popov ( назад)
Anyone have idea about the chords? Tietääks joku soinnut?

Автор carrnil ( назад)
That must look so absurd from the eyes of the natives.
A lost viking far away from home.

Автор Ulla Rissanen (107 лет назад)
I was listening to this on the way to Canarias...want more. Thank you Tommi
and Jaakko!

Автор sophie smith ( назад)

Автор Marko Kähkönen ( назад)
Rock or what? When you heat it live you know, what they mean...

Автор Kirsi Alastalo ( назад)

Автор Dan Andres ( назад)
marco you are the best .. great video 

Автор Sukkula kukkula ( назад)
its a shame this song is mixed to be so unloud!

Автор Claus Von Claussen ( назад)
Pyramids ... Slayer did it :) Now seriously ... Great song from a great

Автор Ancsa Máthé ( назад)
Marco super!

Автор janne granö ( назад)
kuopio poika osaa laulaa.. hyvä me savolaiset!!!

Автор Alexandr Gorbel ( назад)

Автор Simo Alatalo Alatalo ( назад)
minä rakastan ......TAROT

Автор milady leviathan ( назад)
There´s no way Marco could look bad, even with aging he´s still very
attractive *-*

Автор romu90 ( назад)
Thi best fukin finish vidio ever, exept for motorcycle woman perhaps

Автор Christianne Maciente ( назад)
htt ps: //w ww .nightwish. com/e n/arti cle/6 Actually, she was fired, and
through an open letter to boot.

Автор MaskOfPersona ( назад)
A woman who used to be in the other band Marco was in. But the band and her
had problems, so they basically asked her if she wanted to stay and work
the problems out or leave. Contrary to popular belief she was never fired.
She chose to leave.

Автор aysha ooms ( назад)
Who is Tarja?

Автор Kemet warrior ( назад)
Egypt \m/

Автор Thorin Oakenshield ( назад)
I disagree but you made me laugh so here's a thumb up

Автор dudly81 ( назад)
back up vocalist needs to calm the fuck down sometimes.

Автор dudly81 ( назад)
back up vocalist needs to calm the fuck down sometimes.

Автор RantaRosvo_DOes ( назад)
Lol. Noob. Ei niit tarvii huomioida, mutta jos haluaa olla pilkunviilaaja
nii saa olla. = ) †ar☺†

Автор Tuula Backlund ( назад)
Piste ja iso kirjain jäi välistä.. *emämoka* :O :D

Автор Tuula Backlund ( назад)
Ootte sikahyviä !!!! Marco <3, Janne: <3 (Oon sun paras kamu Myllikästä :)
(Tappelu ym.. kaveri nykyään asun Porvoossa. Soitin äidillesi muutama
viikko sitten :) Sydämiä sylin täydeltä kaikille Tarotin kundeille <3 <3 <3
<3 T.a

Автор usernamedast ( назад)
I know Tarot was out long before Nightwish. i don't know for sure about
this song though. But I agree with TheLadyWarwick It's not at all about

Автор romu90 ( назад)
son of a bitch ... awesome!!!!

Автор TheLadyWarwick ( назад)
it has nothing to do with Tarja, she has never had anything to do with

Автор VostokNNL ( назад)
When did the vikings invade egypt?

Автор Laura Berman ( назад)
Great band didn't k his bro was so awesome

Автор david sette ( назад)
Pantera said to walk too!

Автор Michelle ( назад)
Glad I am not the only one who thought of that song.

Автор Daishar ( назад)
nice, I was so the opposite, I found the joy on Nightwish when Marco went
there Somehow I was exposed to the much less popular on a world stage Tarot
before Nightwish. Either way so glad to know of and listen to both since! 

Автор drakanlakaar ( назад)
no kidding i've followed nightwish for sometime now but never head of tarot

Автор Chad Pretzer ( назад)
This band deserves SO much more recognition!!! \M/

Автор Apostate Gamer ( назад)
Tarot: I walk forever Tarja: I walk alone Dragonland: Forever walking alone

Автор MegaJokkeli ( назад)
1:14 Dont be lazy you must W A L K ! ! ! !

Автор Wes Holliday ( назад)
This so should have been the opening song to Book of Eli!

Автор metalkingdom100 ( назад)
thank you for copying my comment and getting more likes then mine despite
it being the original... I hate you

Автор Giulia Toledo Ferraz ( назад)
I Walk Forever > I Walk Alone :D

Автор Jasmyn Sharif ( назад)
TAROT Jasmyn your future is golden with a gift of finance and a gift of
education @LuckyCowanFox @LuckyCowanFox 

Автор Jasmyn Sharif ( назад)
TAROT Jasmyn your future is golden with a gift of finance and a gift of

Автор Wampa842 ( назад)
Marco: I walk forever Tarja: I walk alone Me: Forever alone

Автор Regine Holst ( назад)
Yeah, and the beginning is a bit similar ^^

Автор Michelle ( назад)
As soon as I saw this song in my related videos I wondered if Marco wrote
it to diss Tarja or something.

Автор Jake Tune (587 лет назад)
Tarjan laulaminen kuulostaa kuin kissaa vetäis hännästä

Автор Mohammed Shaker (Moliberty With Brohammed) ( назад)
I moss Cairo used to live there, anyone know why it was shot there?

Автор KiyoAyavi ( назад)
Tuomas: Whatever walks in my heart will walk alone :P

Автор MrNirvanaQueen ( назад)
Damn this is AMAZING!!!!!

Автор AtlasGear ( назад)
they deserve so much more

Автор coolman19901 ( назад)
damn straight dude the hietala brothers kick ass 

Автор Leon Black ( назад)
when i first wrote this comment with the many epic this video had about
5.000 views and now it's gone up to 295,761 this shows one thing ... i was
right about my first comment ;) 

Автор Leon Black ( назад)
(και τόπ κόμεντερ σε αυτό το βίντεο παρακαλώ ;) )

Автор Leon Black ( назад)

Автор Tasos Moraitis ( назад)
epitelous ellinas :p \m/

Автор Leon Black ( назад)
γιατί έτσι πρέπει ! και δεν είναι μόνο η φωνή ... οι τύποι γαμάνε !

Автор Leon Black ( назад)

Автор finnishmetalfreak ( назад)
This video reminds me a bit of the movie Hangover. Marco and Tommi got
drunk back here in finland and next morning they wake up in Egypt

Автор metalkingdom100 ( назад)
lol "I walk alone" - Tarja. "I walk forever" - Marco 

Автор Rujasu ( назад)
0:10 What's up with the birds appearing from nowhere?

Автор Leon Black ( назад)

Автор mighty wibble ( назад)
best top rated comment EVAR!!!

Автор VostokNNL ( назад)

Автор Nightwish Nightquest ( назад)
ase ton prolabe allh ton Marco xaxaxaxa :P

Автор Marie Stark ( назад)
Tarot is fucking awsome! Marco is a metal god. Marry me!

Автор gabijkk ( назад)
@BlackSabbath628 good point haha

Автор gabijkk ( назад)
@BlackSabbath628 good point... haha

Автор Cthulu TheSpy ( назад)
@gabijkk Yes, but Tommi doesn't have a kickass beard xD

Автор Klára Fedora Homzová ( назад)
My two loves.. Marco and Egypt <3

Автор Leon Black ( назад)
@dennis40636 ;)

Автор dennis chalikias ( назад)
@leonblackhack666 xaxax egine megale keep on rocking !!! 

Автор Leon Black (450 лет назад)
@dennis40636 ώπς ... εδώ με πιάνεις αδιάβαστο .. δεν μου θυμίζει κάτι ...
:Ρ θα το ακούσω να σου πώ ΧΔ

Автор dennis chalikias ( назад)
@leonblackhack666 poia exeis akousei ? kata tin apopsh mou einai to
guardian angel mousika panta :D 

Автор Leon Black ( назад)
@dennis40636 και ποιό είναι? 

Автор dennis chalikias ( назад)
@leonblackhack666 ελεος ρε φιλε οκ το τραγουδι γαμαει αλλα δν ειναι κ απο
τα καλυτερα τους !!! 

Автор Jayce Shade ( назад)
The kuorosota version was better.

Автор Camus Altamirano ( назад)
I prefer Tarot more than nightwish

Автор gabijkk ( назад)
@Imprezaman555 but most of the comments you see are about how Marco is
awesome, and leave out Tommi.. 

Автор Gelberth gomez ( назад)
@pedrantic mejor podeis descargarlos de la web...te sale mas barato..!!! 

Автор GlassigXD ( назад)
One Hietala: The deffinition of awesomeness combined with epicness. Two
Hietala: Not even a superhuman can get to grip with the magnitude of the
pure awesomeness.

Автор Carlos Leonardo Pedranti ( назад)
Alguien sabe donde comprar los albunes de Tarot ( originales ) en argentina

Автор Leon Black ( назад)
my comment on top O.o? lol !

Автор 03Wakesetter ( назад)
@WriterPoetHumanBeing You haven't heard him sing in Nightwish?

Автор gabijkk ( назад)
@jlspma i know that, but i was speaking about the two lead singers.. 

Автор jlspma ( назад)
@gabijkk you forget that there is more to singers. You still have Zachary,
the drummer, and the keyboard player.

Автор Victoria Thorne ( назад)
yeah but Marco is that hottest of them all 

Автор Tiborka666 ( назад)
I walk forever but not alone, I walk with Tarot \m/

Автор Oliver Oettinger ( назад)
@PongoBluetooth Epic Comment!

Автор Chance hammann ( назад)

Автор WriterPoetHumanBeing ( назад)
First Tarot video for me! I never knew Nightwish's bassist could sing so

Автор Tzimisce1983 ( назад)
now i know why the pyramid of cheops is cracked... ...because these guys
has voices that can crush every mountain

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