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Автор julio cesar Lopez. T (1 день)

Автор carrnil (2 месяца)
That must look so absurd from the eyes of the natives.
A lost viking far away from home.

Автор Marko Kähkönen (5 месяцев)
Rock or what? When you heat it live you know, what they mean...

Автор Ulla Rissanen (3 месяца)
I was listening to this on the way to Canarias...want more. Thank you Tommi
and Jaakko!

Автор Dharma So (5 месяцев)
marco you are the best .. great video 

Автор sophie smith (4 месяца)

Автор Claus Von Claussen (7 месяцев)
Pyramids ... Slayer did it :) Now seriously ... Great song from a great

Автор Kirsi Alastalo (5 месяцев)

Автор Wyllis Neto (7 месяцев)

Автор Sukkula kukkula (6 месяцев)
its a shame this song is mixed to be so unloud!

Автор Ancsa Máthé (11 месяцев)
Marco super!

Автор Alexandr Gorbel (1 год)

Автор Pete Martti (1 год)

Автор Jarkko Paananen (1 год)

Автор La Storica (1 год)

Автор Desi Hristova (1 год)

Автор romu90 (1 год)
Thi best fukin finish vidio ever, exept for motorcycle woman perhaps

Автор Simo Alatalo Alatalo (1 год)
minä rakastan ......TAROT

Автор Nori Wa (1 год)


Автор milady leviathan (1 год)
There´s no way Marco could look bad, even with aging he´s still very
attractive *-*

Автор janne granö (1 год)
kuopio poika osaa laulaa.. hyvä me savolaiset!!!

Автор Marco Talvitie (1 год)

Автор Anti - Heroe (1 год)
Did I leave in time for the words to rhyme,
For her heart to wait ever longing?
I am not the one, neither just for one.
I am made of hopes left unfulfilled.

I walk forever
'Til my road winds up into the sky.
Never needed to learn how to fly.
I walk forever.
'Til my left is hazed into the right.
Getting lost in the shadows of white.

Автор Stig Eilsøe-Madsen (3 года)
The times, they stand shouting at each other, I was thinking: Just like a
good, old rap-battle! Who's the best? Huh? You think you're better than me?
Prove it! :D

Автор Daishar (2 года)
nice, I was so the opposite, I found the joy on Nightwish when Marco went
there Somehow I was exposed to the much less popular on a world stage Tarot
before Nightwish. Either way so glad to know of and listen to both since!

Автор GlassigXD (3 года)
One Hietala: The deffinition of awesomeness combined with epicness. Two
Hietala: Not even a superhuman can get to grip with the magnitude of the
pure awesomeness.

Автор metalkingdom100 (3 года)
lol "I walk alone" - Tarja. "I walk forever" - Marco

Автор finnishmetalfreak (3 года)
This video reminds me a bit of the movie Hangover. Marco and Tommi got
drunk back here in finland and next morning they wake up in Egypt

Автор Yksinainensusi1 (2 года)
I feel like an idiot now. I've heard this song many years ago, and just now
I know that it was made by Tarot... Someone, give me a bitch slap.

Автор mighty wibble (3 года)
best top rated comment EVAR!!!

Автор Dennis van der Vet (3 года)
@DoomSparrow northern kings is the most epic compilation of epic singers
ever. Point made and statement cleared.

Автор mkyker (4 года)
@AnnaMaeAgony Yes. Yes, you are.

Автор romu90 (2 года)
son of a bitch ... awesome!!!!

Автор Tasos Moraitis (3 года)
epitelous ellinas :p \m/

Автор Cthulu TheSpy (3 года)
@gabijkk Yes, but Tommi doesn't have a kickass beard xD

Автор mimichilli mimi (3 года)
very good very good :DDDDDD

Автор Jasmyn Sharif (2 года)
TAROT Jasmyn your future is golden with a gift of finance and a gift of
education @LuckyCowanFox @LuckyCowanFox

Автор AnnaMaeAgony (4 года)
Am I the only one who thinks he sounds like a chick?

Автор Dylan Ashcroft (4 года)
Tommi's trying so hard to be dramatic and Marco's walking around and
lounging like he doen't even know the cameras are rolling. The funny thing
is Marco still looks cooler.

Автор Tuula Backlund (1 год)
Piste ja iso kirjain jäi välistä.. *emämoka* :O :D

Автор Rujasu (3 года)
0:10 What's up with the birds appearing from nowhere?

Автор Ashton Bachman (3 года)
@antoniobarroso he rocks the vibrato a little too hard in my
opinion...great lungs tho.

Автор dennis chalikias (3 года)
@leonblackhack666 ελεος ρε φιλε οκ το τραγουδι γαμαει αλλα δν ειναι κ απο
τα καλυτερα τους !!!

Автор Tiborka666 (3 года)
I walk forever but not alone, I walk with Tarot \m/

Автор gabijkk (3 года)
@BlackSabbath628 good point haha

Автор Chad Pretzer (2 года)
This band deserves SO much more recognition!!! \M/

Автор finnishmetalfreak (4 года)
This music video is about Marco & Tommi waking up hungover in Egypt. No
idea how they got there, trying to find the nearest airport

Автор arslors (4 года)
@Peuranpuolikas you mean ever have and will have

Автор Abdo Gouda (1 год)
Egypt \m/

Автор jlspma (3 года)
@gabijkk you forget that there is more to singers. You still have Zachary,
the drummer, and the keyboard player.

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