Types Of Reactions Every Girl Had About Demonetization - POPxo Comedy

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Автор Manvitha Yalamanchili ( назад)
Hey team popxo! Do a video on types of dubsmashers

Автор Sara Sharma ( назад)
I am the desh bhakt

Автор padmaja prasad ( назад)
I am miss chiller

Автор Anokh Singh ( назад)
I am.miss desh bhakat😜😜

Автор Saniya Muktar ( назад)
miss clueless is cute

Автор Khushboo Kumari ( назад)
popxo..i love u guys

Автор Abhishek Anand ( назад)
I am miss desk bhakt🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳

Автор Vibha Gupta ( назад)
I'm desh Bhakt ✌🏻🇮🇳

Автор Amrit Bhooi ( назад)
please please please make a video on types of guys on demonstration

Автор Kashish Jain ( назад)
I'm 12 but I still think I'm the desh bhakt

Автор Saboohi Shafia ( назад)
wow..!! so nice.. u rocked

Автор Dhanyata Patil ( назад)
miss desh bhakt😂😂😂is here,..

Автор Riya Shukla ( назад)
it means you are supporting pm I also

Автор Ravleen Kaur Gandhi ( назад)
so funny but true

Автор Nishat Anjum ( назад)
i am miss posh

Автор Rajshree Shukla ( назад)
i guess i m #missdeshbhakt

Автор amballa nitish ( назад)
u no the girl who is tall also acts in scoop woops

Автор zoha pari ( назад)
I am miss clueless

Автор Mamta Tarodia ( назад)
I like you much then other like scoop whoop and etc

Автор Isha Jeet ( назад)
Loolllll ya!! XD

Автор Khushi tiwari ( назад)
Im kanjoos

Автор Dania Khan ( назад)
I am ms posh

Автор Anu Sarkar ( назад)
I love your videos popxo 😍😘😚😙

Автор Julia Roberts ( назад)
it's not posh it's POSCH -_-

Автор Sunil Kanoi ( назад)
please komal apply eye linear💙💙💙💙

Автор Anamika Mukherjee ( назад)
i am miss chiller😎😎

Автор Diksha Durgani ( назад)
i am miss chiller

Автор Ketli Rocks ( назад)

Автор Rashmi Jain ( назад)
I m miss chiller...

Автор Rama Tulasi ( назад)
Superb video

Автор Indian GirL ( назад)
I'm miss desh bhakt 🙏

Автор Morsheda Begum ( назад)
Is she Nepali

Автор preksha jain ( назад)
last 3-4 words were awesome of this video

Автор Makeup freak25 ( назад)
I am Miss Clueless 😄

Автор Sara Moiz ( назад)

Автор Sara Moiz ( назад)
I live popxo..........komal you are stunning......💞💞

Автор rija iqbal ( назад)
POor india hai koi developed india nhi

Автор Aditi Aparna ( назад)
Miss chiller

Автор Meghna Sah ( назад)
I had a question ...why did u remove the video called "online shopping
expectations vs reality"???

Автор Rais Fatima ( назад)
miss clueless is very pretty

Автор Kewalramani Arpita ( назад)
I am also miss posh😘

Автор Supriya Singh ( назад)
Seriously. Modi humare desh ke bare mai sochta h? I don't think so

Автор one directioner ( назад)
kuch develop nahi hua .dekho ghareeb log kaese bhuke marrahe hai .pata nahi
kab niklega prime minister ki seat se

Автор Tushar Arora ( назад)
m chiller

Автор Riddhi Gupta ( назад)
love popxo , popxo yum , popxo app

Автор koyal maity ( назад)
komal ur expressions are so funny love u

Автор Mansi Pages ( назад)
😊😊😊 olwayz luv ur videos...

Автор Arushi Malhotra ( назад)
I am at the mall lol

Автор Vartika Agarwal ( назад)

Автор Vartika Agarwal ( назад)

Автор Pranjal makkar ( назад)
m miss posh

Автор sakina murtaza kapadia ( назад)
Popxo do a video on full face makeover using only lipsticks...it will be so
great and popxo I just downloaded the popxo app I can't sign in because I
don't have Facebook please do something about it. I really wanna sign in
and wanna discover the app please help me

Автор Apurva Doddakurugodu ( назад)
miss desh bhakt and miss chiller here. 🙋

Автор Lily Star ( назад)
I really enjoy your videos also you all just amazing

Автор Jay Issrani ( назад)
I m miss posh

Автор Mansukh Gajera ( назад)
miss desh bhakt is my fav coz i belive in country love and respect

Автор Shubhangi Bajpai ( назад)
i'm miss desh bhakt and miss chiller

Автор Chinixo ( назад)
Awsmm video, great content💕

Автор Banita KC ( назад)
can you guys do a lazy Morin routine....like this video.....by the way just
subscribed in the channel

Автор Sanskriti Sharma ( назад)
nice video... do a video on types of mother

Автор Abdul Rahman ( назад)
u ppl r awesome

Автор navpreet kaur ( назад)
i m miss chiller

Автор Rudrani Bhattacharya ( назад)

Автор Mini Raj ( назад)
Why are they advertising Paytm all the time

Автор ummehani Qureshi ( назад)
NICE. And i m miss posh hahahahahahahaha

Автор Sangita Gujarathi ( назад)
Well I was the chiller and death Bhakt also my mom gave water and candy for
a month to all who were standing in line in all the banks of my town

Автор Roshni R ( назад)
sponsored by paytm 😂😂😂

Автор archa biju ( назад)
Hi popxo! You'll are the best😘😘😘😘

Автор Pricess Hirra ( назад)
komal u look awesome in this video

Автор Reactions Unplugged ( назад)
very nice

Автор Manasa .C ( назад)

Автор GR M ( назад)
Yayyyyy!!! 200k subs.... Congrats POPxo...

Автор pruthweesh kar ( назад)
I am miss desh bakth

Автор mansi kale ( назад)
love your videos very much😘😘😍😍

Автор svikriti kashyap ( назад)
hehe...miss clueless was too good...komal i am your really big fan..and
again thank you popxo..for rplying me on the new relation vs old relation
video...i lv u all

Автор srish _01 ( назад)

Автор ruhi Khan ( назад)
nico love it

Автор Kaisam Noor ( назад)

Автор Bindu Sethia ( назад)
Desh Bhagat one ☝️ love ❤️ it

Автор Tashu Arya ( назад)
cool vedio .....luv u pop xo team ur vdios r amazing

Автор Nony Bhatia ( назад)

Автор Tanishka Khithani ( назад)

Автор Anjani Sasi ( назад)
True! I am the chiller

Автор raghav Joshi ( назад)
I am the last one

Автор Helen yagami ( назад)
miss chillerrrrr

Автор Niralika Khanna ( назад)
hi popxo I am your new subscriber . please reply me🤗😍😘

Автор akanksha sharma ( назад)
nice 1

Автор Ritika Arya ( назад)

Автор Sukanya Uppal ( назад)

Автор Twesha Roy ( назад)
this new girl ...at last...she is so preety...whats her name?
popxo please reply! 😁

Автор tammy loves youtube ( назад)
and also go watch my videos and pls subscribe

Автор tammy loves youtube ( назад)
nice video love you popxo can you pls reply me

Автор tammy loves youtube ( назад)
iam miss posh

Автор Ranjita kumari ( назад)
I like your videos mast hak

Автор Raiyana reyaz ( назад)
I am miss chiller😂😂😂

Автор iDIYS ( назад)
awsmm video

Автор Shainaz Sakharkar ( назад)
loved all the girls 😊☺💋❤👍👌

Автор Yashwini Moolchandani ( назад)
Omg pop xo !!!! U guys r fab

Автор jazzleen arora ( назад)

Автор Oarisa rebayet ( назад)
hi popxo team!

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