COSTA RICA IN 4K 60fps (ULTRA HD) w/ Freefly Movi

This is footage that we captured while in Costa Rica at 5K 60FPS. All 4K content is available for commercial licensing upon request.

We accomplished all of our moving shots with the Freefly MOVI systems. This is a new replacement for our Glidecam/Steadicam system. The MOVI is amazing and allows us to creates shots we never imagined possible.

This video was sponsored by Harmonic. You can check out more about Harmonic on their website:

Music By U137
Song: Watching the Storm

Courtesy of Deep Elm Records

Music Licensed with Music Bed

Make sure to follow us on Twitter and Instagram for BTS and sneak-peaks at upcoming projects.

TWITTER: http://www.twitter.com/jakeschwarz
INSTAGRAM: http://www.instagram.com/jacobschwarz

Tech spec:
Red Epic (M642) w/ Ti Canon Mount
Canon 24-70mm F2.8
Canon 16-35mm f/2.8
Canon 100mm f/2.8
Canon 70-200 f/2.8
Adobe Premiere CC and DaVinci Resolve
Freefly System MOVI M10

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Copyright © 2014 Mystery Box, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

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Длительность: 5:9
Комментарии: 9458

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Автор KingVicious777 ( назад)
Don't mind me, just testing my s8 plus screen resolution 😁

Автор Black Deer ( назад)
It is so nice watching this in 1260 p xD

Автор Bounced Chain ( назад)
Enjoy the video 100% from a lg g3

Автор MrVerpester ( назад)
I can only watch in 1440p but it looks awesome.

Автор legend binlegend ( назад)
I'm watching this on my mobile wifi

Автор ProShowTube ( назад)
i just test my Smart TV 4K thanks :)

Автор Goosey Games ( назад)
So nice

Автор Cairo Murphy ( назад)
My internet is 2mb download. FML

Автор Oscar Rivera Quezada ( назад)
Amazing on my Galaxy S8+ !

Автор برموكي ツ ωαяяισяѕ ( назад)

Автор SidK ( назад)
Lmao I was able to watch this in 4K and my MacBook's resolution is only 1280x800.

Автор Enrique Borga jimenez ( назад)

Автор Cédric Bauer ( назад)
I can't watch this in 4K because neither do I have a 4K monitor neither would I have a decent bandwith to stream this without having horribly long buffering times BUT I'm watching this (again) on my lovely 27" DELL U2715H monitor in 1440p and I have to say: HELL it's beautiful! The colours are so rich and vivid and the images are already cristal clear when watching closely! Can't even imagine what this would be in 4K!

Автор Jakeem ( назад)
watched this on 2160p, so beautiful

Автор Osama Sheblak ( назад)
I watched it on 1440p. It's so BEAUTIFUL.

Автор michael cipolla ( назад)
looks as Good on my S8+ as it does on my 9000 series samsung 4k tv.

Автор Leon Wieso willst du das wissen ( назад)
its amazing i am watching this on the pc in 4k our internet is not the best but its good enough to watch this without problems

Автор Yordin H ( назад)
This looks so AMAZING on the Samsung Galaxy S8

Автор SiSi ( назад)
My computer can't handle the hdness

Автор OnlineGamerUkz1 ( назад)
really good ;)

Автор chetan raut ( назад)
loved every part of it. Thank you so much for capturing the beauty of nature.

I know its easy to watch in 5 minutes but it takes lot of patience and courage to go in the risky areas.

Автор Davian Chester ( назад)
I'm watching on my galaxy s8 +

Автор MagmaYT ( назад)
Love it! My new monitor was worth it boi :D

Автор Nicholas Almonte ( назад)
Watching this on my new S8 and it is gorgeous. Great video

Автор BANTER SHOW ( назад)

Автор Berat Tortuk ( назад)

Автор david simpson ( назад)
Watching on 1080p plasma tv. More stunning than my 4k tv!

Автор Francesco Di Tinco ( назад)
why i'm using this to test my internet lol

Автор Ammar Syahmi ( назад)
good video 4k

Автор The Thracian-Z ( назад)
Amına Kodumu TTNET i orospu çocuğu ttnet ayda 100 tl veriyorum şu videoyu 5 saatte anca açıyor amına kodumu arapları haram olsun orospu çocukları sülalenizi sikim sizin

Автор monster مونستير ( назад)
{"csdk":"22","cbrand":"HUAWEI","c":"android","cbrver":"12.14.56","cmodel":"HUAWEI CUN-U29","cplatform":"mobile","cver":"12.14.56","cbr":"com.google.android.youtube","cosver":"5.1","cos":"Android","videoid":"iNJdPyoqt8U","cpn":"cgIJLCBI4DOQCChk","fmt":"160","afmt":"139","bh":30563,"bwe":1437736,"conn":3,"bat":"0.880:1","df":"6\/110","timestamp":"2017-04-21T09:44:14.688Z","glrenderingmode":"RECTANGULAR_2D"}

Автор Dead Lock ( назад)
world amazing srsly

Автор alek 8292 ( назад)
1 h to see the video... like if you understand the disease

Автор Qiki Rop ( назад)
This was next level shit and almost every scene in this video while watching i felt deja vu.

Автор Itamar Kapach ( назад)

Автор игорь равилов ( назад)

Автор just for fun ( назад)
came to see how much my Samsung galaxy s8 plus can do I did a dilivry it's not even here

Автор Qayphone ( назад)
awesome 👏👏🙌🙏

Автор Kenny Gonzalez ( назад)
watched it on my Samsung Galaxy S8+ 1440p. omg!

Автор Gewooncasper ( назад)
this is ebola ?

Автор Rupert Madge ( назад)
How beautiful is our planet 🌍!!! 🙌🙏😘😍

Автор wood wink ( назад)
well damn I am like using 30% of my cpu for 4k XD tried 8k and 90% of my CPU XD

Автор wood wink ( назад)
we just need 4k porn now :D

Автор Daniel Gonzalez Quezada ( назад)
que tomas tan hermosas no mames ❤

Автор Nexas ( назад)
Watching this on my galaxy S8+ is amazing!!!

Автор The Ultimate player ( назад)
i wonder if you can go over 4k?

Автор Rolando Perez ( назад)

Автор Rolando Perez ( назад)

Автор Rolando Perez ( назад)

Автор BIG MONSTAH ( назад)
who else is watching this on their Galaxy S8?

Автор ASTONAT ( назад)
watching on Samsung S8 Plus I'm gonna pee on myself

Автор Pete R ( назад)
Whos looking in 144p?

Автор Ooh Yeah Mr Krab ( назад)
watch on a phone with 2k display

Автор Enes Çetin :D ( назад)

Автор Yağmur Güven ( назад)
WFT ı'm 4K XD

Автор Sam Abbott ( назад)
Just testing my new broadband speed...

Автор NeonZT CSGOD_LUCK ( назад)
Who else watching it with S7 Edge?

Автор checo45001 ( назад)
1440p on samsung 7, fuck yeah

Автор Jonny B ( назад)
I came to test my new internet connection :D

Автор J Boogie ( назад)
Anybody else turn it up loud smoke some good weed and relax to this?

Автор Sacha Spinelli ( назад)
oh alabado seaa la naturaleza

Автор ACR_master ( назад)
gta 6 leaked footage

Автор Emre Reis ( назад)
Ttnet saolsn bi sıçım izleyemedim

Автор Nasser Rindenmulch ( назад)
Watching it on my Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge with 1440p... it's amazing

Автор SoLoDuDeX3D ( назад)
its sad because my monitor is $400+ and my pc is only $200+

atleast i can run 4k :p

Автор Broden Nemet ( назад)
Even 1440p looks amazing!

Автор spencer patton ( назад)
*wants to see how his/her monitor looks *. . . . . . *enters in search bar "4k video"*. . . . . taps on first link

Автор Новэлл ( назад)

Автор Gamingwolfy5 ( назад)
*When your internet cant handle 4k*

Автор Ashley The Fox ( назад)
4K quality is my favorite. I also recommend this, better than HD. And look you think it's a game but not! Has a video for a video game gameplay here in the YouTube uploaded in 4K and I thought it was game! Not video!

Автор Shahriar Shawkan ( назад)
testing 2160p playback performance

Автор Joseph Catterill ( назад)
imagine if a game was made to look this good.

Автор Alvin Jakobsson ( назад)
Wow xd

Автор Le Dat ( назад)
I didn't see the 60fps option

Автор Unreal Gamers ( назад)
lol watching this while Rendering a 3 min 4K60 video haha..... the lag is unreal haha (its actually not that bad surprisingly)

Автор Szymon Arciemowicz ( назад)

Автор Dani ( назад)
Pura vida Costa Rica :) ♥

Автор Chris Abbott ( назад)
👍 indeed 4k is awesome on my internet. Costa Rica looks amazing as well!

Автор خالد عيد الخطـــاط ( назад)
علم الانسان مالم يعلم

Автор SilverKnight GD ( назад)
my phone only goes up to 1440 lol

Автор GAMER ( назад)
no se por que veo esto si con mi internet no carga xD

Автор ELCHUCHO VIDEOS ( назад)

Автор Bogyrect ( назад)
This video gave me goose bumps.. breath taking.

Автор um tal de lusquinha ( назад)
I'm watching this video in 1080p on iPhone

Автор wender adriano ( назад)

Автор Traxxas&Reviews ( назад)
Watching this on an iPad Pro with it's quad speaker system, I almost cried

Автор MLG Gamer NL ( назад)
Im lagging af

Автор MekajiraGames ( назад)

Автор Eric Jiro ( назад)

Автор John Carlo ( назад)
came here to test my new pc. display is 1080p but it an run 1440p smoothly but 4k so laggy

Автор Nathen Whelband ( назад)
Looks perfect on my Samsung 4K UHD HDR TV

Автор rp316117 ( назад)
I'm on 115mb/s internet and can only see it  well on that 1444p. There is a slight distortion in 4k

Автор Juandavid Paco ( назад)
naaaa gg

Автор JY Games ( назад)
Omg mine runs 4k and its like a 1999 laptop

Автор Michael Green ( назад)
XFINITY WiFi is awesome. Streams 4K without a hitch on my Dell Inspiron 15 5000.

Автор 33875 ( назад)
AMD 7750 BE overclocked, this video is crashing and stuttering like hell, even a BSOD once LOL

Автор The best gaming GR ( назад)
I only support 1440p 😫

Автор Foxim ( назад)

Автор Ritzy Cashew42 ( назад)
Sa bug !!!

Автор Pheonix ( назад)
Surprisingly, i can run 4K.

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