6 Meter Portable Dipole - N7JFP

A list of parts needed is at 13:28 of video. This video shows how I made my 6 meter portable dipole using collapsible antennas and PVC. I used a MFJ269 to do SWR testing. To center the hex coupler nut and to keep the epoxy cement contained I used a rubber grommet around the coupler nut. A length of 51 to 52 inches per side will enable a usable SWR over the entire 6 meter band. Now if the band will just open up so I can try JT65 mode on it. 73, N7JFP

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Автор rafat alheeti. ( назад)
Good video 73 from baghdad de Yi1hxh

Автор Dave Larcombe ( назад)
How much to have you make one for me?

Автор Sivolcss ( назад)
You could show a performance this antenna with a radio on 6 meters. Good
video. Congratulations from Brasil!

Автор Michael Lloyd ( назад)
Where did you get the elements for the dipole?

Автор Oleg Salnikov ( назад)
73 from UB3DMU.

Автор Navy Davy ( назад)
Thank you for this video. I know it took some time to film, edit and
publish. I am just getting into 6 meters.and this project is right up my
All the best
Dave Gill N6PGG / 7 Spokane valley WA.

Автор James Stamper ( назад)
Love the video, will be making my own soon. I'm a OTR trucker and was
looking for something portable. This would have been a lot of fun during
those 3 day layovers in Nogales, AZ. I love that it can be switched between
2m & 6m with no mods other than adjusting the length of the extensions.
Will definitely experiment with this antenna using a painter's pole to get
it up in the air. For the guy asking about 2m operation, I'm sure it will
work but you want to get this thing vertical for 2m FM. As for a matching
network, wouldn't a hairpin match be sufficient?

Автор Brian Bowling ( назад)
What whip antennas did you use for this project?

Автор william northcote ( назад)
Would shortening the length of the antenna make it resonant for 70Mhz and
VHF 144.300 SSB?

Автор Tony Ridlen ( назад)
Very informative the gentlemen doesn't get really excited about the project
but some of us simply don't get too excited while we make things but I
thought that this was real informative.

Автор harvey Last ( назад)
Omg all u need to do is take a 54 inch piece of coax strip the braid from a
center conducted works just as good or boy a budwing and sole to 54 inch on
each side

Автор Captain Black ( назад)
Good job sir 

Автор Myles Nicholas ( назад)
I am confused, what matching is there from the 50 Ohm coaxial cable to the
If there is no match the impedance will be strange much like the polar

Автор Luther Pollok ( назад)
tyvm for sharing. :)

Автор Walter Oliveira ( назад)
very nice antenna 73's from brasil

Автор Mark Pope ( назад)
I could never find the right grommet to hold the hex coupling. So in a
pinch I wrapped it with black tape till it fit snugly. Then JB welded it.
Seemed to work good.
Antenna turned out nice. Thanks for the video. Wondr if this could be tuned
on 10m, also?

Автор David Mercado ( назад)
Hello great video from what i saw, like the improvements to the design. I
wasn't able to watch entire video, you may have answered this, but does the
distance between the antenna elements make a difference? Is that why the
guy you got the concept from used a smaller electrical box? Thanks! And
73's DE KK4MND

Автор TheZeke1974 ( назад)
I made a 6 meter beam from an old CB beam. Works well!!

Автор N7JFP ( назад)
The 440 band is about 13 inches for a 1/2 wavelength. 6.5 inches per side.
Each side will collapse down to about 13 inches. It would work on 2m but
not 70cm. 73, N7JFP

Автор N7JFP ( назад)
I used a rubber grommet I had left over from a copper tubing project. Find
one that fits, trial and error method. It worked great. Good luck on
building the antenna. 73, N7JFP

Автор pcomp ( назад)
Nice job, very well explained and crafted portable antenna. 73

Автор N7JFP ( назад)
Check the end of the video at 13:28 for a list of parts. 73, N7JFP

Автор N7JFP ( назад)
Check the end of the video for the parts list. 73, N7JFP

Автор Leon Eady Jr ( назад)
Is there a parts list available?

Автор Leon Eady Jr ( назад)
Thanks for the prompt response!

Автор N7JFP ( назад)
Yes. 144MHz is about 20 inches per side. The antenna will collapse down to
13 inches. Give it a try. 73, N7JFP

Автор Leon Eady Jr ( назад)
Could those telescoping whips be adjusted for 2 meter operations? 

Автор Jon Benavides (Seigmerth) ( назад)
Actually I feel stupid, I asked that question when I thought the viedo was
over then you showed the bill of materials! Actually they are now 18.00 +
S&H Thanks for the response!

Автор N7JFP ( назад)
Hi, do a Google search for Buddipole telescopic antenna. They are 12.00
each. They work nice and come in black. 73, N7JFP

Автор Jon Benavides (Seigmerth) ( назад)
Nice job on the antenna.. where can we buy those telescoping whips?

Автор Reggy Love ( назад)
vy nice indeed.

Автор Eric Ekhoff ( назад)
ok cool thanks so much i dont have my call yet but 73 :)

Автор N7JFP ( назад)
Hi Eric, the wire can be 16 or 18 gauge speaker wire. It is a tight fit to
secure the screw. Have fun with the project. 73, N7JFP

Автор Eric Ekhoff ( назад)
hey i am new to ham radio waiting on my ticket to come in the mail i am
wondering what kind of wire you used to connect the so-239 connector can u
just use any kind of wire i like the antenna and want to make one but i
dont know the wires you used to do it ?

Автор bruno gallizzi ( назад)
nice video and info thanks for Video and Time. 

Автор Ricardo Caratti ( назад)
Nice video. Thanks. 73. PU2CLR.

Автор N7JFP ( назад)
Right now I have HF equipment. Someday I would like to have a VHF/UHF
transceiver. A 2m/70cm dipole sounds like a another fun project. Thanks for
watching. 73, N7JFP

Автор alzathoth ( назад)
really love your antenna build videos. any chance you could do one for a
duel band 2m/70cm dipole design?

Автор wb5rue ( назад)
Did you use anything to seal around the SO239 connector?

Автор wb5rue ( назад)
I knew there was a reason I saved all of that PVC from when I re-plumbed my

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