How To Survive a Nuclear War

What should you do if a nuclear bomb is dropped near you?
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Автор Dihlan Quinn ( назад)
well I'm just gonna die bc I live in an apartment

Автор Gwen Wallace ( назад)
Notice how this was less than a week after Inauguration Day, where the countries reconsider if they like us and our policies.

Автор Nicholas Brandimarte ( назад)
World peace !

Автор honour moore ( назад)
anyone esle confused about why they are on a mountain?

Автор Daize ( назад)
What went through their minds: 'trumps president... prepare yourself!'

Автор Speed of light ( назад)
Move to Mars or Venus. Those after nuclear war would be much nicer places. Or get smart. What it will be?

Автор Blaze Bead ( назад)
And we sit under our desks at school...

Автор גיא ברנשטיין ( назад)

Автор xXUHC_ SAMXx ( назад)
That guy fking has blue nails

Автор Prince Games ( назад)
Preparing for when china nukes us cuz of trump

Автор Big Dee ( назад)
so.....duck and cover isnt gonna work?

Автор Yalil Gonzalez ( назад)
Tinfoil...lots and lots of shiny tinfoil. Very shiny tinfoil. That'll get rid of most radiation, if you aren't too close to the blast.

Автор Nick X ( назад)
i hope he's got a barber in his survival kit

Автор Overwhelming Conundrum ( назад)
In other words were fucked

Автор Shayan ( назад)
how to survive neuclear war?
take Israel and USA atomic Bombs away :)

Автор Cintia ( назад)
Be selfish if you haven't reproduced...head for the nearest base and take a direct hit, if you get a warning. I would be inclined to do the opposite, so I'm training myself to react fast the other way. Drive to direct hit...drive to direct hit...wait, why am I telling you this, I may die sitting in traffic getting there.

Автор Cintia ( назад)
The first round would likely be low yield, precision destruction 50-200 k blasts on bases. Nuclear war would be different than it would have even 20 years ago.

Автор KingLink95 ( назад)
Videos like this jsut got exponentially more relevant as of January 20th 2017.

Автор Antoine Roberge ( назад)
I don't care I live in Switzerland and we have bunkers for everyone that live in Switzerland

Автор Lego6lego boomy1467 ( назад)
Nukes not fall hopefully

Автор Kashif Ahmed ( назад)
dude why is ur friend wearing nail polish

Автор JZGaming ( назад)
are generators affected?

Автор Jghost 79 ( назад)
oh wait I am I in the wrong time period? Shit

Автор NallePu83 ( назад)
duck and cover....ohhh sorry that is for volcano

Автор Heathen of Fire ( назад)
EMPs will also render basically any car newer than 1970 useless

Автор Ellie Slater ( назад)
did anyone else notice the guy with the beard had nail polish polish on

Автор Samuel Kmeč ( назад)
1:00 Why he have painted nails ?

Автор techguy404 ( назад)
I'll have a camera set to see the blast, so I can watch it afterwards. :p
But what about people who don't have a basement!? Guess I better high tail it to grannys house as fast as possible! I'm not sure if being a trucker, could it be safe diving in the back of the cab? :p

Автор Oz Einstein ( назад)
Notice this was posted 6 days after Trump's Inauguration.

Автор Jonathon Durst ( назад)
how much nail polish will I need lmfao

Автор w67bv2cxm ( назад)
The second guy preposterously states that two weeks is how long it's going to take the radioactive materials to decay. He could improve on that estimate by putting three or four zeros after the '2'.

Автор Mango Bro ( назад)
Wait... The guys in 1:00 has his nail polished

Автор FreeBird ( назад)
I don't know who would give a shit about putting a conditioner in a nuclear war !!

Автор Amanda Stevens ( назад)
I started bawling like a three year old when I first watched these videos about nuclear war. I'm still deciding if I would want my friends and family to die (a probably painful) but be at peace or live and well...live but still suffer emotionally and physically. I think I'd chose death over the pain of living through something like nuclear war.

Автор xmassan20906 ( назад)
30 minutes to bang on your friend's door butt naked?

Автор Amelia Zaorski ( назад)
why are the 2nd dude wherein nail Polish?

Автор Vault Boi ( назад)
Why would you need a shelter when you could just head on over to you local vault

Автор Ryan Pollard ( назад)
These fruit cakes aint surviving shit😂

Автор Clearance Darby ( назад)
Great tips ! Good vid

Автор Freezee ( назад)
Easy' just wear the suit of anti-nuclear fall out and just eat like astronut food in space. And then live like in the ISS on earth.

Автор ForeignerD ( назад)
Sweet polish yo :)

Автор Tyler McDonald ( назад)
Not only should you lay down and brace, you should also open your mouth. Seems unreasonable but it prevents your eardrums from bursting.

Автор Wumbo Gaming ( назад)
this whole video summed up :
use your common sense

Автор Robert Grossman ( назад)
unity first

Автор Abhishek Sharma ( назад)
I have a strong feeling that Mankind is en route to experiencing at least one Nuke war before 2050

Автор Bxdass ( назад)
I had a dream that a nuclear war started and all my friends took their clothes off

Автор Noel Malik ( назад)

Автор Marcus Aurelius ( назад)
Most importantly you'll need some RadAway and purified water.

Автор Upshift Z71 ( назад)
check out my vlogs#)$&*#$%%@#@#

Автор Dominic Alves ( назад)
Does he have nail polish on?

Автор Noel Malik ( назад)
Does anyone else notice that the guy with glasses is wearing nail polish

Автор ABDULLAH JABER ( назад)
Can you do a how to survive a zombie apocalypse

Автор ABDULLAH JABER ( назад)
Thx for how to live a boom so i can survive

Автор yiu yeung Kan ( назад)
When you found out that you elected the wrong leader of the Free World

Автор Phil Brown ( назад)
One way is...get Bozo Chump out of office and put someone in there that's not a power hungry, egotistical goofball.

Автор yakuza4 ( назад)
Can the UK stop sucking America's arse, I don't want this to happen fuck

Автор number367 ( назад)
"How To Survive a Nuclear War"
Prevent it before it happend!

Автор Bob Bobs ( назад)
Yo a faggy

Автор Chase K ( назад)
Insanely informative and concise.

Автор i have seen it all ( назад)
*what is my house doesn't have a basement....*

Автор FanMae Hu ( назад)
You are the two most irresponsible pricks I have ever encountered. You know absolutely nothing of what you speak of. The only way to survive a nuclear war is not to have one. This Pollyanna bullshit you are spouting gives people a false sense of security which indirectly encourages our so called political leaders to play chicken with sure collective suicide. Shame, Shame !

Автор Aspen Elizabeth ( назад)
is anyone else now afraid of conditioner?

Автор Sonidos De Poesías ( назад)
Im going to listen to this guys and take their advise because they have survive so many nuclear war, its crazy... 😏😏😏

Автор Genji Shimada ( назад)
When he said to brace yourself I shuddered

Автор Hope Hoffman ( назад)
good advice

Автор Edi Mujic ( назад)
why does this guy have painted fingernails?

Автор Big Mac ( назад)
What's up with the guy in the glasses wearing nail polish. Skip to 2:05 to see.

Автор Stephen Hill ( назад)
Yes. Survive the blast. Two weeks later all the radiation has gone away and you can live your life normally just like it had never happened (Chernobyl anyone?) It's just that everyone else is dead, all the major cities are smoking ruins and all the means of food production are gone. What now? Enough tinned hotdogs to last 5 years? Good luck. I'd rather be dead.

Автор eizhowa ( назад)
I have already bough a place for myself in a bomb shelter from this company called Vault-Tec. It sound really promising!

Автор Tommy Clark ( назад)
Awesome!  You guys are hiking at Griffith Park near the observatory!  My wife and I hike there EVERY single weekend.  I wonder if I've passed you guys at one time.  I'll have to say hello if I ever do.  :)

Автор Ram Revivo ( назад)
2 weeks to decay??
if i can recall Hiroshima is still under fallout almost 70 years after

Автор M A ( назад)

Автор Erin Jackson ( назад)
Forget horror movies don't watch this before bed

Автор Terry PlaysMc ( назад)
how to really survive a nuclear war:
Step 1. do not live in a highly populated area or near a silo.
Step 2: Have at least 1 month of food ready.
Step 3: Hear the warning on TV or Radio and throw everything in your basement.
Step 4: Get into your basement when the bomb goes off.
Step 5 (This applies for step 3 too) Prepare in these ways. Fill up a crap ton of containers with water and put it in your basement. Get as many of the next items as possibe. Medical supplies and medical knowledge. Gun. Or weapon of some sort. Gas Mask. The next are optional but highly suggested. Wash cloth and soap. Thick soled boots and thick clothing. Entertainment. Batteries. After 2 or 3 weeks has passed.you can go on the surface but do be careful because there might be a lot of chaos. less in 2 or 3 weeks but on bomb night there will be raids everywhere. Use your common sense and be weary or radiation. Try not to be picked up by the government because they will likely take all of your stuff and put you in a big populated area and move on. what you might do after is up to yourself. (If you are not in a scenario like if you live in a city In an apartment or don't have a basement you will probably die

Автор Bea Lolicon ( назад)
So this is like a *60 seconds trailer*

Автор Samuel Sitter ( назад)
Does that guy have painted nails???

Автор Laurence Raiser ( назад)
Does your ugly hair style help you to survive a nuke explosion???

Автор moayad albahri ( назад)
Thunx for information. Could u please but the English subtitles

Автор Kieran holmes ( назад)
Why is the ginger man wearing nail varnish???

Автор Marcell Bogár ( назад)
Clap* Clap* WTF was this. Please go back to school...

Автор Phanic! At The Twenty Øne SOS ( назад)
I just did a paper of the buil,ding of bombs in WWII.

Автор vinmango ( назад)
wow no one will survive a nuclear war.  Get ready all you want, will just be dead in 5 years no matter what.

Автор Issy Mac ( назад)
I already knew most of these because of earthquakes...

Автор Vieri Quinones ( назад)
what about mutated monsters in the wasteland

Автор Im Jesus ( назад)
So... a dude with blue nails is trying to tell me how to survive a nuclear war? Yea... lets not think about it please..

Автор Hybrid Plane ( назад)
You would not live...

Автор Hybrid Plane ( назад)
Haha 'survive a nuclear war' like no...

Автор Sir Fartsalot ( назад)
I hope theres a nuclear war soon. 
Way too many Chinks and Sand Niggers on the planet

Автор Spinosurus 123 ( назад)
Thumb up if the cloud is over Your in the fallout zone

Автор Imagine Dragons ( назад)
omg im scared now

Автор dondon4720 ( назад)
What if you are stuck in a car when the bomb goes off, I would assume it would be better to stay in the car??

Автор c00lkiddsBrother Roblox ( назад)
This is so fake I died to laughing death -_-

Автор Jim Sigs ( назад)
The best way to survive a nuclear war??

you dont!

Автор Jdawg ( назад)
but the protagonist in fallout 4 looks directly at the blast and isn't blinded for more than 1 second!

Автор Victor Jimenez ( назад)
And Mexico will be safe with that huge wall.

Автор HAVANA SCP ( назад)
Yeah get on the ground face down. U might not die from the blast. But u will for sure of cancer. Lol

Автор TheNemesisRevenge ( назад)
How to survive a nuclear war...

YOU CAN'T-for more information watch "On the beach"

Автор Clash with Noobs ( назад)
What if it dropped right above your head?

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