How To Survive a Nuclear War

What should you do if a nuclear bomb is dropped near you?
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Автор Ben McLeod ( назад)
This video is very relevant rn!!

Автор Maria Megido ( назад)
2:50 nice nail polish, gurl! I mean, If there's gonna be a nuke-war, you gotta look fantastic too, eh?

Автор Mrbarbecuesuace S ( назад)
the guy with glasses has blue nails

Автор mutationhangouts vlogs/gaming ( назад)
btw nice video imma sub

Автор mutationhangouts vlogs/gaming ( назад)
good thing I live 60 sumod miles away from DC

Автор Jasper ( назад)
Last year i thought of these videos as useless....

But now with ww3 maybe starting
Its better to be prepared or at least know some tips.

Автор Alicorn Kitty ( назад)
Reason why I'm watching this: North Korea 😰

Автор Random Guy From Texas ( назад)
...and that's why I'm a Prepper.

Автор Mat Rosa ( назад)
#1 find Asap Science #2 follow them

Автор Mikel G ( назад)
"Hopefully these tips will help you"?
Hopefully no one shall ever have to use these tips I say

Автор Abdurahman Saed ( назад)
Who else thinks this is scaring the crap out of you

Автор Clorox Bleach ( назад)
For all of y'all who think this world is fucked up, go read the hunger games series. It's relatable.

Автор Jáder Barroso Neto ( назад)
Suicideing fast!

Автор Titties Bigglesby ( назад)
These guys definitely have dildos in their emergency kits

Автор ThePopcornPro's ( назад)
Wait...if I live in England does this still affect me?

Автор Hamid Nezam ( назад)
No discussion, by people resistance, must all nuclear weapons be obliterated

Автор TheDreadSpartan ( назад)
You wouldn't wait "inside for 2 weeks because that's how long the radiations takes to decay".. You wait for as long as possible for the fallout to reduce in its downpour. Or for rescue. The radiation is going to be there for a lot longer than 2 weeks. Its just better to wait as long as possible for the air to at least clear a little. Other than that, quite a good video. :)

Автор Woolly Race car Yoshi Studios ( назад)

Автор Adilson Mendes ( назад)
donald trump is get us all killed

Автор phucku goofleplus ( назад)
these guys are so ..........twisted.

Автор Rooney c ( назад)
I'll stick with the old school way,
dig a hole and put your head in it

Автор Gediminas Strazdauskas ( назад)
Wtfk is wrong with the people. Guy with painted nails ?? OK START NUKING, world is to fucked up ....

Автор blog boi ( назад)
Me and my friends have a plan because one of my friends has a basement and we all live really close to eachother

Автор Official Vanguard ( назад)
Now that I've survived the fallout, where's my Fatman?

Автор Yellow Dim Sim ( назад)
its already happening in north korea!

Автор CMDuhon337 ( назад)
"How to survive a nuclear war"

I don't think I want to tbh

Автор Bhad_ Annie ( назад)
Can I get under my bed?

Автор Gaming_ Boy2003 ( назад)
#trump2017 #NorthKorea

Автор Sulman Ali ( назад)
is it safe to drink energy drinks?

Автор Moneera Fahad ( назад)
Why am I suddenly scared ?

Автор Xavia Bolter ( назад)
woah 1k people disliked this video! why?

Автор Genesis Rhapsodos ( назад)
I wish I could just build a spaceship and gtfo of this planet because people are crazy as hell. Maybe just take a few people with me.

Автор Diehardbobcat ( назад)
how to survive a nuclear war: be a women or a child

Автор Sarah Zhang ( назад)
Australia might get bombed by north korea. I might die

Автор grace still play h ( назад)

Автор Riot Gaming ( назад)
You should have taken your nails or nail polish off

Автор Brian Coleman ( назад)
better still on your bollocks---this video is real bollox

Автор Brian Coleman ( назад)
put plasters on your specticles

Автор Natasha Gallardo ( назад)
This is the video that started my obsession of ASAPScience and ASAPThought

Автор Clorox Bleach ( назад)
is anyone else watching this after watching shanes video on end of the world theories? (probably not lmao)

Автор TriipyActz ( назад)
Make sure you include stimpaks in your kit

Автор Koby Johnson ( назад)
Anyone notice his blue nails? What you think about those

Автор James B ( назад)
head to cheyenne mountain base and hope uncle Sam let's you in

Автор Kira Dela Cruz ( назад)
this scared me

Автор Bad Ass ( назад)
He is wearing nail polish

Автор funkaydonkey ( назад)
this nigga got his nails painted

Автор Knee Grow ( назад)
Thanks Trump

Автор AnimeGamer Mii ( назад)
This guy was on the react channel on try not to laugh

Автор Triple-K Moonman! ( назад)
I saw the SJW and closed the video

Автор MR LOVEBUCKET ( назад)
Would`nt fancy being stuck in a shelter with those two! Think i`d rather take my chances with the bomb!

Автор BlurryFace Potter ( назад)
Watching this during the NK and trump stuff like if you're doing this too

Автор Jay ( назад)
It's a shame just how realistic this is starting to become..

Автор BIG 0 ( назад)
Donald​ duck brought me here.

Автор Armando Montemayor ( назад)
Anyone watching after the Syria and Afghanistan bombing or the untied airlines incident?

Автор Bobbin ( назад)
fuck we are doomed

Автор Jay Dee ( назад)
Watching this because of North Korea lol.

Автор lumpy1space2princess ( назад)
What about ventilation of houses?

Автор angelo pagtakhan ( назад)
you're not reading the bible thinking you will survive after apocalypse hahah stupid

Автор Diastema ( назад)
Who is watching this after Donald Trump fucked up the world

Автор Ling Ling ( назад)
Don't mind me . . .
I'm just getting ready . . .

Автор Jordan Kennedy ( назад)
All u have to do is drink a Pepsi after the blast and it will grant u nuclear immunity

Автор Yeffrey Ramos ( назад)
Greg's nails are fucking awesome!

Автор Ahmed 4 life ( назад)
I will dig for myself a hole to live in, in case of any nuclear war Is coming 😂

Автор Aiman Aqil ( назад)
Look at the nail the guy who told about shelter

Автор Kyon ( назад)
Watching this after trumps attack on Syria...

Автор Selena Lamothe ( назад)
I appreciate this, thanks. God bless you guys.

Автор roman franco ( назад)
Who's here because of the troops in China that were deployed?

Автор Evan Hoback ( назад)
I can't wait to play fallout irl

Автор Deamonfure ( назад)
I had to watch this just in case because you never know today when a nuclear war will happen

Автор By The Lone Wolf ( назад)
prank idea: use a camera flash so people will get on the ground to brace for nuke

Автор IArentPr0 ( назад)
Y not just get away as possible from the blast

Автор Eric Kay ( назад)
the ONLY thing I need to survive a nuclear war is me and my desert eagle 50ae, rest is detail. God Bless America!

Автор Dogs ( назад)
As long as the uk doesn't get involved

Автор K3 KING ( назад)
Anyone that sets off a nuclear bomb will instantly go to hell for eternity.

Автор Mariyam Jana ( назад)
LOVE the nail colour but I think a darker colour would suit you

Автор Ruben Marin ( назад)
End is near

Автор 11thDoctor's Companion ( назад)
I swear America if you fucking president starts a nuclear war...

Автор TheNuclearXbox ( назад)
on one hand i wanna survive because i font wanna die but on the other hand i font wanna be hung on a hook or hanging in a meat bag like in fallout

Автор TheNuclearXbox ( назад)
2:51 i was trying to gind out how to survive ww3 rhen i realized he got nail polish

Автор Vanessa Alvarado ( назад)
*Likes* just incase

Автор CAP10 ( назад)
who came here after trump attacked syria?

Автор Lakan Rai ( назад)
i'll just smoke one last fat zoot and watch the world turn to shit

Автор JD vlogs ( назад)
who else came here because of russia and north keroa

Автор Bogwedgle ( назад)
After America decided to be shitty world police and risk, however small that risk, direct conflict with Russia, this shit is worth watching.

Автор Dragon ball Super ( назад)

Автор Ethan Wilkins ( назад)
this boy's nails

Автор Klara Hitler ( назад)
Just ask Billy the kid.

If you dont know who Billy the kid is then its the boy that you find in the fridge on Fallout 4

Автор Austin Jackson ( назад)
hidden tip blue nail polish protects you from the radiation :)

Автор ramzan ali ( назад)
you forgot you need a weapon

Автор Spicy Pasta Sauce ( назад)
Dear everyone talking about the Syria strikes: Those. Were. Not. Nukes.

Автор Jake Right ( назад)
i like ur nail polish

Автор da kween alana ( назад)
yes, i did watch this 2 months ago. why am i watching it again? the syrian attack😥

Автор Brandon Goodman ( назад)
Id kill myself if I know i cant survive the fallout. More then 5 REMs and ur basically fucked.

Автор ariana salazar ( назад)
Trump fucked up so that's why I'm here.

Автор Selena Velez ( назад)
just watch the movie thrive . you will learn so much from that movie it's like the best movie ever

Автор Scar Mark ( назад)
Who else is watching this after we dropped that bomb on Syria and is just watching this because they're scared.

Автор Mr. Extraordinary ( назад)
I looked at it because it is happening

Автор Adam Fuentes ( назад)
anyone watching this after missiles were launched at Syria?

Автор SuperMarioZack - SMZ ( назад)
I'm watching this cuz trump fucked up

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