Deep Space Meditation - A Relaxing Video

Deep Space Meditation is a relaxing video featuring New Age Music.

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Автор g nolimit ( назад)
posted like the romney barac syns

Автор H Torres ( назад)
maybe he means its not real instruments. its computer generated.

Автор keenskee ( назад)
fake? fake of what? 

Автор geraldvaz ( назад)

Автор Idon'twantto Usemyrealname ( назад)

Автор CosmeticsByCortney ( назад)
Thank you!

Автор Asgeir Ragnar ( назад)
The sceens are filled with bliss and peace

Автор nudist0885 ( назад)
They've also got a song called "Digitalis". You can find that one in the
youtube account of musun11. That's also from the "Spacewalk" LP. 

Автор nudist0885 ( назад)
There's a great spacy song available in myspace. It's 11:40 long. myspace
dot com forward slash nightcrawlersgulch This was a trio from Camden NJ.
They were like Tangerine Dream. Listen to "Tanzwut" and "Ombra". Tanzwut is
OK. Ombra is the shit. They also have a 25 minute song called "Spacewalk"
(from the album of the same name). Unfortunately that song may be much
harder to find. Long Live The Nightcrawlers (Tom Gulch, Pete Gulch, and
Dave Lunt). 

Автор yugtyu yop ( назад)
wtf porn song hh 

Автор MatrixParadise ( назад)
Cool video. Interesting Pics! Nice music!

Автор Milton Melendez ( назад)
new hot beach track! youtube.com/watch?v=-NvaKn_BsdU

Автор cmoeinc ( назад)
Hey that is great. I am glad I got to see this. Thanks

Автор ♥Snowy Aryany Yuko♥ ( назад)
what is the first son by 0:01

Автор rich man ( назад)
This is nice. Thank you for a great job!

Автор 94Karim94 ( назад)
Wonderful... Strings, arpeggios... That's what I'm talking about! If you
liked this, you're going to love my new relaxing chillout tune
"Conception", click on my nickname if you want to have a listen ;)

Автор Snowwie88 ( назад)
Some of them came from moodflow dot com. 

Автор MeepMeep1504 ( назад)
Woow, nice! Here is another awesome Chillouttrack: /watch?v=uOUH_T-itBc

Автор ewexalex ( назад)
Hey Luke!Your fater is calling!IRONHEAD!Is you Darth
Wader?.....................................krrrrrrrr phúúú My son krrrrrrr
phú..the power and the relaxteam alias silenceidiots with you!

Автор Felipedois ( назад)
link download screeshots... ?

Автор edwin71ful ( назад)

Автор CockslamUrBhole ( назад)
@Scullnblades When I was young the common scenery in my dreams would be
very similar to these pictures, especially 1:27. ...I don't dream much
anymore. =(

Автор Katherinegomez ( назад)
@Amarie417 haha :)

Автор Dinocrap1101 ( назад)
this video gave me a headache >:(

Автор retrycz ( назад)

Автор Danny G ( назад)
who needs drugs?

Автор BEEHIVESPIRIT7 ( назад)
Wonderful journey through the Cosmos. Thank-you.

Автор junfaa ( назад)
@lalakitkatt lol cute

Автор junfaa ( назад)
the cosmos are such a strange and fascinating place i want to explore it i
want to go out there

Автор Katherinegomez ( назад)
lol my dog feel asleep hearing this :p

Автор Yan Winny ( назад)
amazing video! Thx

Автор SirezX ( назад)
I would very much like an archive of these pictures...they are
fantastic...I have just a few of these but these are amazing...nice video
too...very relaxing and enlightening..

Автор Limez Janvier ( назад)
wonderful and catchy

Автор Les Nisbett ( назад)
I Love thee feeling of floating thru the universe....Namaste

Автор David Lin ( назад)
Thanks for this very beautiful video - I especially liked the music
starting at 2:50 to 5:00

Автор justin8910 ( назад)
actually scary that worlds like this exist and il never ever see them

Автор Orro ( назад)
pretty gay

Автор travonadkisson3000 ( назад)
i like this beat

Автор TheOneToxic ( назад)
8 people missed the like button

Автор STAR TAYLOR ( назад)
Love it, Love it, Love it.....Ready to Go......Love & Light To
All...Namaste'~:) Star*

Автор Back4Fungame ( назад)
im sitting here with about 41° C fever and i can only say: wow. best music
when your wasted.

Автор sup3rm4rk ( назад)
nice pictures

Автор Christopher Kennedy ( назад)
This video made my feel like I had just been sung to sleep by a baby cherub
who was bathing me in honey, WHILE singing to me.

Автор SlimChris76 ( назад)
Im so fucking high watching this right now this is the trippiest stuff

Автор Isaiah Capanang ( назад)
just imagine..all those galaxies out there we are wondering about..may be
wondering back at us

Автор todd masters ( назад)
man you did a nice job on this video...i watched this while i was high and
it is just soooooo relaxing and i feel like my whole body was paralyzed and
i was like...there haha even though the first 3 minutes of it i got tired
of it because it felt like FOREVER!!!! lol nice video thanks for the good
trip :)

Автор KulakxFilms ( назад)
nice mix of lord of the rings

Автор Nicolas Hersant ( назад)
Ahhh nothing better then relaxing music while working at 3 am :)

Автор Benedict Roff-Marsh ( назад)
Nice and smooth :-)

Автор Tyler Knox ( назад)
Yet another close minded troll.

Автор shiloh cade ( назад)
wtf are you guys on about. this is just a bunch of janky paintings and
crappy music made on a walmart casio.

Автор TheProdicalSn ( назад)
you encourage peace and love in your work. breathtaking! thanks

Автор Mr. Spiff ( назад)
i love 00:46

Автор claumonas ( назад)
It's really beautiful!!!

Автор johiidk ( назад)
me like, really good for when your sick and playing eve

Автор John Broadley ( назад)
it's not only out there, it's in you

Автор david p ( назад)
Hey. Awsome Vid, really inspires my Music that i make. However i cant help
but notice that at 0:50 - 1:47 you have placed the song behind gandalfs
death from lord of the rings in. that isnt very 'space' like. Sounds
amazing though. Good work

Автор Agui007 ( назад)
1:08 is purely beautiful.

Автор Jordana Kay ( назад)
Fantastic 10/10 and 5 stars that was amazing! I loved those pictures and
the music with them just made it even more specail. I have a deep passion
for space I love finding out new things about it and I find it sooooo

Автор kramer727272 ( назад)
I have that one actually.

Автор Doc .Sheeny ( назад)
Whats the picture at 1:30? I want to find it!

Автор artofdreammusic ( назад)
Fantastic, inspiring and dreamy video. We love it ! 5 stars !!! That's how
life should be. No financial crisis, just a world living in harmony.

Автор Rob Liles ( назад)

Автор existenceasperceived ( назад)
Sweet vid I rrealy enjoyed the pictures

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