Philippines Upcoming Jet Fighters

The FA50s is the upcoming jet fighters of the philippines
this year,it is a light attack jet fighter and it will be purchase by the philippines
from south korea because of the rising tension to china.

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Автор orangedac (5 месяцев)
this is a jet trainer

Автор JackCold (1 месяц)
F/A-50 Korean jet trainer which copy from swedish gripen fighter.

Автор Chef Dimitry (2 месяца)
Philippines Air Force should acquire more then just 12 of these T-50 Golden
Eagles from South Korea. They will prove to be a valuable asset to the PAF
in modernization defense of the Philippines Archipeligo. 

Автор fahad azmi (5 месяцев)
PUSSYES......they think they can fight china......idiots

Автор Flop Flip (3 месяца)
Upcoming = not yet happen.
Even it that becomes reality, how many can the philippines afford? 20?
China is laughing at you out loud!

Автор 치우천왕만만세 (8 месяцев)
Philippine must be alert to the posibility of china and japan invasion.
japan say that japan send their troop to Philppine to help. but they can
change invader.
grow economy, and have strong military power.

Автор Anton Gallardo (7 месяцев)
Those jets are "Trainer" jets for the US military.

Автор a01095553279 (8 месяцев)

Автор lee chao (1 месяц)
dapat A10 thunderbolt nlng binili natin saka apacher di kaya cobra attack

Автор Man M (8 месяцев)
People of China want Peace? May b..but ur communist party want War..that is
problem start.
Check youtube " China Military" ..ur CHinese people r very happy to have
those weapons...what u r saying is..China can have all sort of weapons but
u cannot cuz we want peace...how pathetic..typical Chinese way..

Автор Neil Ian Verga (2 месяца)
Short range combat plane. WTF we should buy SAM for air defence system. We
are weak at the air and sea. 

Автор ahmudzebra-ray (5 месяцев)
How many of the fighter jets from SKorea actually ordered? I wish 100.

Автор dmitri cervantes (3 месяца)
we already have fucked chinese cunty faces before and we will do that again

Автор Kagie Traquina (8 месяцев)
Japan is not a threat to the Philippines because it's our ally together
with the U.S.A. the only threat here is the China. That why we ordered 12
FA-50 jet fighters in S.Korea in order for us to strengthen our Military
Defense and fight for our Sovereignty.

Автор ahmudzebra-ray (17 дней)

Автор But2Star (11 месяцев)
Hey idiot, why you create multiple IDs and vote ' thumb up ' for yourself.
You are such a jerk ... one who laugh at the worst flood in Manila. And you
idiot called it a flash flood. * Flash flood occur only for few hours ...
not for few days.... you stupid idiot.

Автор But2Star (11 месяцев)
An advice to you ... save all your money, invest into plantation ... it is
a guarantee profit and it too can create thousands of new jobs. On the
contrary, buying few jet fighters ..it can cost up to hundred of millions (
USD) and it can only crate few jobs ( few pilots or two dozen the most).
And worst of all, each year you need millions for maintenance work. I bet
you are weak in economic. Anyway, buying few jet fighters won't able to
upgrade your national defense system.. correct or not?

Автор Gangnamhilarious Oppa (9 месяцев)
Fighting! Philipinos ! The Justice is in u guys Side. everyone of the World
does Know that . So The world will help u guys for keeping Justice of the
day. Justice always win bcos this value have won So called by Justice.
Fight for Justice n ur brothers sisters. Philipinos. let stupid Rude chinks
know what the Justice it is. Supporting from Korea :)

Автор lordon18 (11 месяцев)
yoshiki powke pota ka, bobo hindi luma ang bibilhin nating FA50 brand new
yun,makapagsalita ka kala mo dami mong alam hindot ka! Moron my ass you
typical crabflip!

Автор wargj mort (11 месяцев)
gaanu kaba kayaman ha sungal ngalin kita ng pera sa bunganga dyan eh ingay
mo halos puro ikaw my comment d2 ma trace lang kita sa location mo
pupununin ko ng virus yang gadjet mo,

Автор But2Star (11 месяцев)
If you guys had sent your officials and arrested the Commander of the USS
Guardian ... hold him responsible, only release him when US had paid the
compensation. Ah ha ... then i will said " Look, the Philippine government
got big balls ". But you guys just hide under the table, when the USS
Guardian run into your corals ... damage a great part of it. As i just
mentioned, you guys are good at bullying unarmed fishermen only.

Автор But2Star (11 месяцев)
Yep, you guys are very humble ... may be too humble, when the Spanish
invaded your country, over one million natives died and followed by the
American ... another one million natives died and then came the Japanese
... few hundred thousands died. Yeah, you guys can bully the entire world
but you won't just because are very humble. Few months back, you guys
wasn't humble any, you guys tried to bully the Sabahan but got kicked in
the ass by the Malaysian soldiers. wargj, you are talking nuts man

Автор But2Star (10 месяцев)
During the Iraq Iran war, USA is the one who help Saddam to develop WMD.
When Saddam used those WMD toward the Iranians ... killing over one hundred
thousands ... every nations on planet earth was against Saddam but USA is
the only country that back Saddam ... hoping Saddam to use more of those
deadly gas. But when Saddam and USA broke up ... USA create a false
accusation against Saddam ...accused Saddam will used her WMD against USA (
which is a false allegation).

Автор wargj mort (11 месяцев)
reporter kaba ha, latest latest news ka pang nalalaman ung kwento kaya ng
buhay mo kumusta

Автор wargolemx102 (11 месяцев)
The US government was cooperating with discussing how to fix the damage,
hence it was not deemed necessary to file a complaint. China on the other
hand, just wanted the Philippines to release those ILLEGAL poachers. See
the difference?

Автор But2Star (11 месяцев)
Look, even the Australian government are having good ties with the Chinese
government. Australian government is currently using their Australian $ to
trade with the Chinese Yuan. This is the first break through. And currently
the Indonesia and China is under negotiation over future bilateral trades
by recognizing each other currency. This show that China is a fair business
trading partners.

Автор But2Star (11 месяцев)
Inever once dodge your questions ... it is you who can't answer my
question. The fishermen knew how much water and food they need, but they
never expect to be held for 5 extra days ... if the Chinese surveillance
ship did not came to the rescue, i think the Philippine navy will still be
holding those fishermen for the 6th, 7th, 8th days onward. What the
Philippine navy did to those Chinese fishermen is beyond evil. Another
example, your navy shot dead that elderly unarmed Taiwanese fishermen.

Автор robert red (10 месяцев)

Автор But2Star (11 месяцев)
Jan 17 2013, US minesweeper USS Guardian when it struck the reef, about 80
miles (130 kilometers) east-southeast of Palawan Island in the Sulu Sea.
The Philippine government is furious over the damage to the Tubbataha Reef,
which is a national park and a UNESCO World Heritage site. The government
has demanded that the U.S. Navy do as much as possible to minimize damage
to the coral. * * * US promised to pay the damages, until today Aug 2013,
US did not pay.

Автор wargolemx102 (11 месяцев)
They tried to reason what? The guard found the Chinese fishing vessels with
ILLEGAL CORAL, giant Clam, and even LIVE Sharks. Illegal, hence they are
apprehended. And China just wanted the Guard to let them go?

Автор Pepe Latoga (8 месяцев)
I think it's not time to celebrate yet.There are lots of deficiency noted
on this South Korean TA-50. It cannot match the 4th generation fighter
planes of the Chinese Air Force.God forbid, I hope it will not end up as a
target practice for enemy Air Force.

Автор But2Star (11 месяцев)
When coral is rammed by a ship, no way it can be fix. Come on you silly
goat ... don't go telling me grandmother stories about how to fix a damaged
coral which was rammed by a huge ship. Save your grandmother stories for
your grandfather.

Автор But2Star (11 месяцев)
You been telling me about ... UN laws, telling me about EEZ zones. But why
don't you tell your Philippine's Sulu clan about getting those papers to UN
... tell them there is an international court of justice (ICJ), The Hague
(Netherlands). Why don't you tell the Sulu about ICJ why let the Sulu came
invading Sabah. You are so naive ....

Автор jon sam (9 месяцев)
hihi, you're just a piece of shit boy! You're talking prostitution? For
stupid sake of yours, You're generating prostitution in the world 10x than
the Asean countries, Even in your own backyard the prostitution is
everywhere! So damned hell boy I can give you a lot of links to prove that
but Im not your level boy, so go back to your mom and ask her why did he
born you so stupid! :-)

Автор Channing Tatum (11 месяцев)
BILI FIGHTER JETS.................

Автор But2Star (11 месяцев)
You seem happy about more than half of Manila is flooded. Are you nuts or
what ???

Автор But2Star (11 месяцев)
The Chinese government did asked the Philippine government ... either
(1)you let them go because they are in dispute water or (2) you arrest them
and charge them in court. But the Philippine ignored the Chinese
government, the navy refrained the Chinese fishermen from leaving ...
depriving them food and water for 5 days. China no longer tolerate such
drastic acts of the Philippine navy. con't ..

Автор Flop Flip (11 месяцев)
The US does not want peace. The US wants conflicts, tensions, and hysteria,
so they can keep up with the weapons sales figure.

Автор Greg Rizal (11 месяцев)
Shouldnt you have a name of Buttstruck instead? Nice propaganda. I bet you
are one of those brainwashed Chinese trolls from mainland China.

Автор Rad Pepito (9 месяцев)
Nothing from china works. They even use footage from TOPGUN movie to show
their air force capacity. Bwahahaha!!! And besides, Filipinos beat them
already in Battle of Yultong when the Philippines help South Korea during
the war. China is only good in COPYING everything but the quality is only
1% compared to the original.

Автор Sherk (8 месяцев)
cancelled na to diba???.. hahahha dun nalang tayo sa mga tora tora naten!!

Автор wargj mort (11 месяцев)
ggawa tau ng factory ng nuclear weapon ung pinakamalakas para pag my nang
buly nuke agad hahahahaha

Автор But2Star (11 месяцев)
Yes you coast guard is use to bully unarmed fishermen but when bigger
surveillance came up, you coast guard were seen speeding away.

Автор wargolemx102 (11 месяцев)
Its not about warmongering, its about stopping China from occupying the
disputed islands. Who's erecting MILITARY infrastructure on Scarborough
now? The Chinese. The Philippines does not, will not, cannot afford, or win
a war with China. That's why it's trying to throw paperwork at the Chinese
to knock some sense to China, to stop their encroachment.

Автор But2Star (11 месяцев)
Speaking at the briefing of the Malaysia-China Entrepreneur Conference to
be held in December, Mustapa said bilateral trade between China and
Malaysia recorded a 8 percent increase in 2012. Despite Malaysia's setback
in external trade this year, bilateral trade between China and Malaysia
still recorded a decent 3.8 percent increase in the first six months of
2013. Mustapa added that he wants to expand Malaysia's export to China from
commodities like palm oils to manufactured goods.

Автор James Jon (10 месяцев)
대한민국 공군을 자기 나라 군대인양 하다니... 제대로 된 전투기 하나 없는 필리핀 애들은 그저 남의 나라 공군이 부러움의 대상이겠지

Автор But2Star (11 месяцев)
You are complaining about some Chinese fishermen go getting few corals, few
giant clams ... but when the USS Guardian slammed onto the Philippine
corals and caused a huge damage, but you guys have no balls for follow
up... no balls to ask for compensation. Come on, your government is only
good at bullying some small timer unarmed fishermen but when came to face
to face with US .. you guys just dropped your balls. What a joke man !

Автор 1101리 (11 месяцев)
10,000?? wala kang ganung pera. bobo

Автор SKULLxSNAPS (10 месяцев)
thats a nice comeback LOL!

Автор SKULLxSNAPS (10 месяцев)
This is called the internet dumbass... no one is killing each other... just
full of shit talking that is all...its like playing called of duty...but
instead using the comment thread

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