Philippines Upcoming Jet Fighters

The FA50s is the upcoming jet fighters of the philippines
this year,it is a light attack jet fighter and it will be purchase by the philippines
from south korea because of the rising tension to china.

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Автор wendel schultzs ( назад)
@ALL... wow! surely the chinks will enjoy air to air combat with all you
guys, all they need is send their 2 newly graduates from their air force
"NEWBIES" with just their domestic made/develop 1st gen J10's and those
dozen of your SUPER CONVERTED TRAINER SCRAPS will go "BOOOOOOMMM" surely a
TURKEY SHOOT UP IN THE SKY... STEAM ROLL BABY!!!! no need to scramble their
MIG'S, SUKHOI'S, or their FIFTH GEN FIGHTERS! perhaps just the chinese made
DRONES equipped with some air to air missiles could do the job smoothly!
RIP to your pilots if you go fuck the PLAAF! LMAO!

Автор Jamaica Grande ( назад)
Thanks to pnoy F-15, F-16, F-50 Na ginagamit nang AFP

Автор Mark Joshua ( назад)
padamihin nlng ntin ang mga aswang .

Автор Paolo guevarra ( назад)
Philippines can't design their own fighters. But I think these fighters are
good for collection. And not for any arial mission.

Автор fighterzero00000 ( назад)

Автор mohd hafizi ( назад)
Fa 50 jets pinoy just look like funniest toy at the sky...Lol haha!!!

Автор Mack Milo Doroteo ( назад)
why you always low yourself.. We are Filipino's and We stand until our last

Автор monkey luffy (1377 лет назад)
Kung tutuusin magaling ang pinoy....kaso nauna pa kurakot bago ang
serbisyo..kya ang pinas kulelat.

Автор Jamali Mohamed Ali ( назад)
Aren't these jet trainers? They're not really jet fighters. But they're

Автор Anees Rehman ( назад)
Just have a look at FJ17 built together by China and Pakistan :)

Автор Rommell Caresusa ( назад)
government should acquire either SAAB GRIFEN OR RAFALE jet fighters instead
of fa50..

Автор gitara157 (1317 лет назад)
kawawa ang bansa ko, pag ginera sya di man lang mapagtatanggol ang sarili
kasi wala kaming yaman sa mga kagamitan, pero isa naman masasabi ko,

Автор DoubleTapLasVegas ( назад)
The Philippines should consider purchasing surplus F16s from the US.

Автор MelvinIgnao MrBhabhaBoom (190 лет назад)
This jets fa-50 or ta-50 still good but remember this an Su-27 n Su-35 of
China n Russia is very advance than this jets. su-27 n su-35 have a close
medium long range n extra long range
Missiles n theyre capability to as Stealth jets its hard to detect faster
by radar because of theyre wide n long range radar with it.so before they
get to radars enemy range they can actually destroy it even those jets like
fa-50 n ta-50
Right now the only can match on this with ease is the f-22 n f-35 of United
States n United Kingdom which is the place I live for very long time but
I'm very proud n happy to my home Country of the Philippines that they're
trying to improve n modernised the Defence of our Country.

My dad is Retired Royal Navy but his well informed about modern weapons.but
for now Philippines can't afford a f-22 they might able too but its not
enough to get more than 5 of those jets.

Philippines needs moee than Jets a very advance ships need too with a
landing of thise things with a high capabilities of defence from Ground to
air n tanks , Anti Air Jet Bombers like F-35 n UAV which is can use as
bomber n surveillance to send data or lets say information about the
enemies on the ground or in air...

I'm still proud to Philippines about theyre plans I hope it gets more
advance in years to come. ...

Автор Cw Tbird (1411 год назад)
I love the phillipines they were good allies to the United states. But
please stop pounding your chests and acting like you would stand a chance
against China in an air war. Even a poorly trained Air force like china
has a trained core of good pilots and they have so many more fighters than
the phillipines. You are talking about buying 12 of these things while
China has hundreds of more modern jets.

Автор dindo hamac ( назад)
why buy these inferior jets..the old chinese Mig21 or Mig23 will defeat
these FA50 in a dog fight. those Philippine pilots are noted to be
excellent fliers but sad to say..they will surely be wasted. The US F16
falcon or F18 hornet are the best choice for a moderate priced fighter jet.

Автор Dawn Corpus (147 лет назад)
t-50 golden eagle is came for korea fake sh*t is not in the philippines

Автор Jessie James Legaspino ( назад)
Philippines should acquire Nazi blue prints like the "Ratte"or"Maus"for
sure win.

Автор nixx pairr ( назад)
chinA! obstructed and pressured South Korea for Philippines buying this
fighter jet. FUCK YOU CHINA. Who are you in this world to do it. Lol. What
are your clouts and influence? Stupid neighbor of Asean and SK Haha. China
you should act like a big brother not a big mouth monster in Asia so we can

Автор 김윤상 ( назад)
KAI also supports their countries' pilot training program for up-grading
their air military power.

Автор 김윤상 ( назад)
Indonesia, Iraq also bought this jet fighter..
South Korea is planning a new stealth figher project, too.
South Korea wants to support other Asian countries...

Автор Sherk ( назад)
cancelled na to diba???.. hahahha dun nalang tayo sa mga tora tora naten!!

Автор Joseph Capalos ( назад)
letz buyz submarinez and copy for mass production

Автор Pepe Latoga ( назад)
I think it's not time to celebrate yet.There are lots of deficiency noted
on this South Korean TA-50. It cannot match the 4th generation fighter
planes of the Chinese Air Force.God forbid, I hope it will not end up as a
target practice for enemy Air Force.

Автор Charles Einstein ( назад)
The best war machine was not the best solution. Agree or taste my spear...

Автор Charles Einstein ( назад)
Chinese and pilipino bind to fight japanese earlier times.

Автор BlitzGamer000 ( назад)
cgurado kayo kakalabanin nyo china? isip2 muna bago lusob

Автор j3x5b ( назад)
I will hope that war wont erupt between china and the phil . remember the
phil is among the first to have friendly relationship with china .

Автор John Clancy ( назад)
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Автор Laisah Radia ( назад)
kelangan talaga marami tyong pang war ships hindi dahil gusto ntin ng gera
o kung anu pa man bagkus kelangan ntin un pang depensa ntin laban s ibang
lugar n nanghahamon ng away at balak agawin at kamkamin ang ating lupang
sinilangan...lahat nmn tyo ay kapayapaan ang nais ngunit may mga taong
hindi titigil s pagkamkam ng hindi nmn s knila..,hindi nmn tyo dapat yumuko
nlng at magsunud-sunuran at apihin kelangang taas noo at ipaglaban ang
nararapat ay satin...pero sana bago un pgusapan muna...

Автор ARVIGERARD ( назад)
The song! The song...it's in GTA San Andreas!!! :D

Автор Rad Pepito ( назад)
Search " China copied clips from TOPGUN" ....VERY FUNNY!

Автор Rad Pepito ( назад)
Nothing from china works. They even use footage from TOPGUN movie to show
their air force capacity. Bwahahaha!!! And besides, Filipinos beat them
already in Battle of Yultong when the Philippines help South Korea during
the war. China is only good in COPYING everything but the quality is only
1% compared to the original.

Автор Nes E S.G ( назад)
ya need to stop screwin like rats

Автор Nes E S.G ( назад)
chinks will eat anything..over 5 billion of u monkeys

Автор psupccea ( назад)
Chinese requested S.Korean govt. NOT to sell the new high tech Golden Eagle
jet fighters, T-50, to the Philippines

Автор Drahcir olumor ( назад)
ayos my panlaban na tayo sa mga nagtangkang yagawin ang pilipinas
hahahahaha atless we aRE prepare for word war 3 china and
amirica......Philippines not inter to war chinese people rule economic
country of philippines but now many people disagree cuz of the chinese gov'
sam of iland of Philippines stole

Автор Tam CW ( назад)
LMAO a jet trainer..light attack air craft....going against J-11, J-15 and
J-10's....I don't like the commies either...but you guys are bringing a
butter knife to a machine gun fight....better prey real hard for good

Автор Cyrus Sumagit ( назад)
Talk to the hand

Автор jon sam ( назад)
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Автор jon sam ( назад)
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Автор GuanYu 張雪林 ( назад)
it's called "hehe" please correct your english grammar filipino boy lol
filipinos are so dumb and gullible, i just told you facts about philippinos
in the "cyber world" and this filipino is so dumb that he can't even bring
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watch?v=Xff0lnm97dA ^--- lol!!!

Автор jon sam ( назад)
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Автор GuanYu 張雪林 ( назад)
you don't rule any cyberworld lol you are a pathetic filipino haha last
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Автор Gangnamhilarious Oppa ( назад)
Fighting! Philipinos ! The Justice is in u guys Side. everyone of the World
does Know that . So The world will help u guys for keeping Justice of the
day. Justice always win bcos this value have won So called by Justice.
Fight for Justice n ur brothers sisters. Philipinos. let stupid Rude chinks
know what the Justice it is. Supporting from Korea :)

Автор GuanYu 張雪林 ( назад)
watch?v=xmXe35kCI0Y ^--- this is 100% fact of filipino lol filipino you
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Автор jon sam ( назад)
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Автор GuanYu 張雪林 ( назад)
shut up you filipino idiot you are an idiot, you have nothing smart to say
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Автор jon sam ( назад)
wow someone is talking here? who are you fooling with, me? you're the
greatest treat of ignorance existing in this world, stop telling Filipinos
are pathetic and stupid because it reflects on you. you're the enemy of the
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Автор GuanYu 張雪林 ( назад)
filipinos #1 in doing this watch?v=xmXe35kCI0Y lol filipino please don't
waste my time talking to you filipinos are pathetic, no logic or basis in
argument just pure stupidity

Автор GuanYu 張雪林 ( назад)
lol as if you know anything about the FA-50 lmao i dont think the filipines
can even afford an FA-50 lol! and a F-18 to deter neighbors? LOL if you
don't know anything just shut up, you make filipinos look more stupid hahaha

Автор GuanYu 張雪林 ( назад)
lol dumb filipinos hahaha filipino growing economy to compete with china?
LMAO filipino making jets to compete with china? LOL keep smoking that
crack of yours

Автор jon sam ( назад)
tsk! sad to know that this person is existing and makes the world cruel!..

Автор GuanYu 張雪林 ( назад)
LOL!!! filipinos hahaha!!! sad brainwashed monkeys lmao you probably don't
even know anything about "growing economy" lol

Автор Kai Malino ( назад)
Thanks for the reply Pete. The FA-50 is a capable aircraft for sure; but
one would have preferred something more capable like the F-18, to deter the
neighbours. Taking the FA-50 for what it is, one would prefer that the PAF
acquire at least 50 (a Wing's worth) rather than 12 (half a squadron),
again to deter the neighbours. Again, love the choice of tunes!!!

Автор Alan Caldoza ( назад)
Maliban na lang kung dumating dito yang F-50 na yan in Blue Diamond
markings para wala nang bawian, saka lang ako maniniwalang bibili nga tayo.
Suggestion nakakainis na lang Ito sa akin. Thunder Mustang with Falconer
V-12 engine na lang Kaya at kabit an na lang natin ng sampung dosenang
malaking kwitis na lolo thunder ang warhead. Tingnan natin kung Hindi sila
masindak sa gulat sa lolo thunder.

Автор Pete Mason ( назад)
I have to disagree with you on this point - the FA-50, judging from what I
have read, is a very capable aircraft and some say it's right up there with
the later versions of the F-16 in terms of performance and weapon load. The
only thing it lacks at present is AESA radar but I believe this will be
introduced in later models of the FA50. It's certainly superior to the MiG
29 that's for sure. Only the F-18 and the Gripen might be diffcult to win
against in combat.

Автор Kai Malino ( назад)
This Air Force is no match against ANY other Air Force in SEAsia, which is
too bad as the country deserves better. Malaysia has the MiG-29, the F-18
and the Su-30. Indonesia has the F-16, the Su-27 and the Su-30. Vietnam has
the Su-27 and the Su-30. Thailand has the F-16 and the JAS39 Gripen. The
TA-50 is a TRAINER and LIGHT ATTACK AIRCRAFT; it is no match against any of
the aforementioned aircraft. Good Tunes !!!

Автор jon sam ( назад)
Very interesting fact with subsided thoughts! Restated: 1. that's only 20%
of your unstable population 2. If the China will no. 1 then Philippines is
the most aggressive and fastest growing economy in the world. surpassing
China of 2% high from 7.6 to 7.8 lately. 3. China military will be no. 1?
talk to my hand, US says! 4. what is R&D by the way? 5. World is ready to
boycott all of your products. 6. I agreed, but not the smart and tough
ones. 7. That's why U.S is declaring war to China !

Автор jon sam ( назад)
China is always starting a war, it was happened that they were just
declaring it to rookies countries like Viet and Phil. Declaring by means
bullying and by force are necessary to claim sovereignty they think belongs
to them. Imagine if these two nations have a capability to engage? War was
just already begun mate! And if the war will happen, swear to God me and
countrymen will stand to fight and die with pride for our motherland. So
God bless us all!

Автор dalek14mc ( назад)
aggressor, not the Philippines or its government.

Автор mellow sagre ( назад)
Let the hackers do the talking boy ,

Автор jon sam ( назад)
Let me address your statement, Only a trying hard person and with no
specific knowledge who thinks that China is big. This strategically
archipelagos of the Pacific known as the Allied countries will win the war
(if in case).You're surrounded by your enemies mate, even only Japan can do
a critical damage of your forces, how much more India,
S.Korea,Phil,Viet,India? not to mention U.S? 70 percent of their navy
fleets and destroyers are pivoting at the Pacific so good luck!

Автор Noctis Lucis ( назад)
GO philippines sugod na sa china with those 12 FA50. sigurado wala babalik!

Автор robert red ( назад)

Автор IRyu03 ( назад)
you got it wrong bro! WTF are you talking about, we are not upgrading our
armed forces to fight china. we are upgrading our armed forces to defend
our territories. "no point spending unnecessary money on upgrading your
planes or ships" So what are you saying!? we don't have the rights to
defend our homeland?

Автор inuyasha darori ( назад)
maybe we cant win in china but still we can destroy your economy and kill
half of your people fuck you all...

Автор 치우천왕 만만세 ( назад)
philippine's technician inspect fa-50's amraam missile system. maybe add
harpoon system.

Автор ThaBenShow ( назад)

Автор ELjhay Garcia ( назад)
what>? are u kidding us? chinese troops opened fire on filipino fisherman
what the hell was that? they don't want peace they are provoking some
countries to fight china Greedy not only in philippine territory but japan

Автор 김 한주 ( назад)
Made by S.Korea

Автор But2Star ( назад)
Days before the US illegal invasion over Iraq, the UN inspectors already
confirmed there were no WMD in Iraq but US went ahead with her invasion. UN
and scores of nations were against US invasion but US never care, she still
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wrong information, Saddam has no WMD" but USA still keep hammering the
Iraqi. That's why, USA cannot be an international police because she is not
fair, not honest and filled with ulterior motives

Автор But2Star ( назад)
During the Iraq Iran war, USA is the one who help Saddam to develop WMD.
When Saddam used those WMD toward the Iranians ... killing over one hundred
thousands ... every nations on planet earth was against Saddam but USA is
the only country that back Saddam ... hoping Saddam to use more of those
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accusation against Saddam ...accused Saddam will used her WMD against USA (
which is a false allegation).

Автор But2Star ( назад)
Look at USA today, she openly back those Syria rebels and Libya rebels (who
are Al Qaeda linked rebels). Even in Syria, those rebels are a threat to
those Christian Syria, USA still sending guns/rocket launchers to those
rebels I am not saying who (Muslim, Al Qaeda, Christian or the Syria
government) is right or who is wrong but look at the so called USA's help
...USA kind of help is all jumbo up ... all mixed up. She has no
directions. That is why China and Russian are wary of USA's help.

Автор But2Star ( назад)
I been mentioning many times, no point spending unnecessary money on
upgrading your planes or ships just because you guys want to fight the
Chinese. First of all China will never fight the Philippines, if China
really wants to fight you guys, no matter how big is your military you got
no chance, this is reality. From my point of view, China will never bully
her neighbors ... today China got huge military and she will still be
increasing her military in a great pace because she don't trust USA

Автор 20016581 ( назад)
Go Philippines!! Greetings from Korea

Автор digiver ( назад)
한국 무기를 자랑스럽게 좋아해주고 홍보해주는데 왜 태클하나요? 한국이 만든것을 사용해주고 같이 갈수있으면 좋은것이지 왜 이런 좀
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협력관계를 강화하길 바랍니다. 필리핀 한국 화이팅!

Автор singularku ( назад)
u cant fight with china using this.this plane actually for training not for

Автор vnktajay ( назад)
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Автор SKULLxSNAPS ( назад)
thats a nice comeback LOL!

Автор ThaBenShow ( назад)
I didnt even say a word i just typed it KID

Автор SKULLxSNAPS ( назад)
WHY YOU SCREAMING? lol..you sound like a little midget begging for attention

Автор ThaBenShow ( назад)

Автор SKULLxSNAPS ( назад)
This is called the internet dumbass... no one is killing each other... just
full of shit talking that is all...its like playing called of duty...but
instead using the comment thread

Автор James Jon ( назад)
south korea air force T- 50 golden eagle

Автор James Jon ( назад)
대한민국 공군을 자기 나라 군대인양 하다니... 제대로 된 전투기 하나 없는 필리핀 애들은 그저 남의 나라 공군이 부러움의 대상이겠지

Автор lordon18 ( назад)
chikenworm, US selling arms?? So was china.....

Автор Flop Flip ( назад)
The US does not want peace. The US wants conflicts, tensions, and hysteria,
so they can keep up with the weapons sales figure.

Автор ThaBenShow ( назад)

Автор kanor thegreat ( назад)
jet fighter MADE IN CHINA hahaha

Автор lordon18 ( назад)
it is not about killing...it is about cheap laborers...do gaddafi commented
anything bout china except poor laborers? lol

Автор lordon18 ( назад)
chikenworm no wonder, u got chiken head and a worm dick you salmonella chink

Автор Flop Flip ( назад)
And then China killed Gaddafi with the hands of NATO. Wonder how?

Автор Flop Flip ( назад)
He meant he flashed in the flood...

Автор Flop Flip ( назад)
Purchase? Go DEVELOP something on your own, and be proud of.

Автор 1101리 ( назад)
10,000?? wala kang ganung pera. bobo

Автор lordon18 ( назад)
but2star your so annoying, shut the fuck up you ignorant chink, stop
sermonizing us faggot

Автор lordon18 ( назад)
but2star u talking about friendship and honesty??? What do u know about
those things if u are totally a racist, read your comments below...re-read
then stop talking about friendship you typical nerd!!

Автор But2Star ( назад)
Yep, you guys are very humble ... may be too humble, when the Spanish
invaded your country, over one million natives died and followed by the
American ... another one million natives died and then came the Japanese
... few hundred thousands died. Yeah, you guys can bully the entire world
but you won't just because are very humble. Few months back, you guys
wasn't humble any, you guys tried to bully the Sabahan but got kicked in
the ass by the Malaysian soldiers. wargj, you are talking nuts man

Автор wargj mort ( назад)
makata kaba hayop ka salita ka ng salita

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