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Автор L45V3G45 (1 год)
WHY if he's been "into" the Laws since 1961 does he STILL wear eyeglasses?

Автор Mentorship Works (1 год)
▶ Law of Attraction: Bob Proctor - The 11 Forgotten Laws - YouTube

Автор Robert Mitchell (1 год)
A number of stuff to discover... I would like to discover a strategy to get
things faster and easier?

Автор mihai cocos (1 год)
Hello there! Have you thought about - learn attraction laws fast? (just
google learn attraction laws fast) Ive heard some incredible things about
it and my work buddy got excellent results with it. 

Автор Success Tips With Phil (1 год)
Yes there are other laws that are very powerful.

Автор pinkpoo007 (8 месяцев)
I have been studying this since 2008 and I can tell you for a fact. It's
true and it's changed my life. Many people are like sheep they follow one
another. Try being a shepherd 

Автор Barney Boxman (4 года)
If you ignore the possibilities Bob's offering, then you're doing yourself
a serious disservice! There is a great opportunity here, but you have to
decide to take it!

Автор Joanne Greco (3 года)
Excellent video Bob! Thank you!!

Автор Rudy Baldivia (4 года)
@strabbs1 The fact tht u are saying this means u are far from learning it
i've spent 4 years trying to learn this and i can say i finally learnd it
nd the funny thing is tht nothin for me has changed yet but i knw it will
but the point im gettin at is whether is happens or not im happy so to me
thts the most important thing and thts wat the law of attraction is for to
make you bring happiness and prosperity to ur life nd once you learn i
promise u will have it to just believe and thts half of it

Автор Susan Jean (3 года)
To those people who think this is nonsense, why don't you really try it for
30 days and see what happens? You have nothing to lose. Don't pay any
money, don't sign up for anything, just have an attitude of gratitude,
visualize what you want and think about that as much as you can. I dare
you..... :)

Автор Johnny Rei Vlog (1 год)
Have You heard of 528 Hz healing music & bio-geometry instruments? My new
album will be made with these unique methods and because this is an
independent project - Your help is greatly welcomed & appreciated
especially if You're kind of person who endorses & values arts and music. I
sing, write music/lyrics & play multiple instruments. If You'd like to
learn more & maybe even help out with new album - click on my name/picture
- there's a short video with all info. Enjoy Your day :)

Автор jun young kim lee (2 года)
Alguien puede tradur en español,please!!!!!

Автор wave wavehorse (2 года)
this is a Terribly Brilliant & KIND Man

Автор spitllivebarbershop (3 года)
i turly like to thank you for all doing, my whole concept on life has

Автор Christoffer Hard (3 года)
Am I antichrist himself if I´d like to unattract things, or is that my will
of attraction then? What if I don´t know what I want??? Will I get whatever
as long as I think, since I get what I think I want... Sounds like I´m
stuck in a destiny, whatever happens to it I take the consequences
helplessly :P I rather focus on people who needs it more than me to make a
difference and screw the not caring 1%... Everyone helps everyone to keep
ourselves safe and happy :)

Автор Lokesh Hanumappa (2 года)
I am fine with the first part, i.e content. I believe this is by practice
of Gratitude! But, when you say "attract" more, then I have an issue,
because desire is sneaking in and that was the cause of you being
discontent in the first place. so, these two are self contradictory as
advocated by LOA fellas. Only point i want to make it clear is , LOA is
fine, but we should not or cannot guarantee 100% because LOA is all ME and
the world is not just ME,

Автор DLHARTWORLD (2 года)
The laws are simple, applying them can be difficult. Do you rule your mind
or does your mind rule you? Pay attention to your thoughts, learn to
control your thoughts and you can make changes to improve your life.

Автор OliviaGolding (4 года)
Since picking up on Bob and Mary's teachings in the 11 laws, my sales
figures have gone from a downward spiral to a month on month increase of 32%

Автор arbutusviper1 (4 года)
@TheAikidoBush I think it's a bit of both. The Secret is very mainstream,
so some have had success with it and others have felt duped. I personally
don't like The Secret, but there are many other books that deal with the
LOA. Some are very well-explained and make a lot of sense. I think the
Secret is just too superficial and only covers the surface. Hope that helps
: )

Автор attractingabundance8 (3 года)
the essence of the law of attraction. thoughts become things. So, think of
things you desire, not what you don't want. Think of the end results of
your goal or your desire. Remember, law of attraction means you attract
what you desire. Think of your desired outcome and the universe create the
circumstances,events and even the people - all like-minded forces - to
enable you to realize your dream or goal. Most importantly, focus on the
good feelings of having already achieve your goal or desire.

Автор theboxingdude1 (3 года)
my bob proctor secrets to gettin rich on my channel

Автор mickyvelddt (4 года)
People need to open their minds to new possibilities and ways of thinking.
Listen to what Bob has to say BEFORE forming an opinion about it. This
program can improve your life!

Автор Daniel Shaneyfelt (3 года)
I started seriously practicing the law of attraction principals in March
2011 and have already seen extraordinary changes in my life which confirm
that the information shared in the Laws of Attraction video is true. Thank
you for having shared this information. I am indeed grateful.

Автор WhiffsofBliss (4 года)
Law of Attraction is all about Gravitation. Knowing the science behind the
force enables one to harness its powers as humans have done with
electricity! Joie Founder, G Theory "Unification of the Science of
Gravitation and 'The Secret' Law of Attraction"

Автор tapTankdotcom (3 года)
Try a new way to get things done: 1. Make a list of things to do to get
there 2. Decide how you can achieve them: (a) collaborate with friends (b)
barter tasks with someone who can help (c) challenge someone to get there
first 3. Get things done & track success. This is tapTank. It's a free
platform to plug in your Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn connections to get
things done. Sign up to use it now before social achievement goes mass

Автор masterpatric07 (4 года)

Автор Christoffer Hard (3 года)
Am I antichrist himself if I´d like to unattract things, or is that my will
of attraction then? What if I don´t know what I want??? Will I get whatever
as long as I think, since I get what I think I want... Sounds like I´m
stuck in a destiny, whatever happens to it I take the consequences
helplessly :P I rather focus on people who needs it more than me to make a
difference and screw the not caring 1%... Everyone helps everyone to keep
ourselves safe and happy :)

Автор AspiringPotato (4 года)
@WhiffsofBliss Do you remember a time before you were a thrall? How about a

Автор wave wavehorse (2 года)
THIS IS gorgeous, this is crucial, arrrgh so exciting

Автор Joe Knight (3 года)
the secrete is a bunch of nonsense.and proctor and vitali are getting very
wealthy by gettting you to buy it.

Автор MsLogik408 (3 года)
I believe in the law of attraction but I jus wanna know how do you handle
tough/sad or upsetting times without thinking negative? If you think good
thoughts ull feel good therefore good things will come to you. But how do
you feel good...when something's mAke u sad? Etc. Jus curious and needed
some clarity. Otherwise Im totally in love with the law of attraction

Автор EddieX17 (4 года)
The people on the site raving about the fact that Bob's work has helped
them to achieve their success, are not fakes, they are real people with
provable successful careers, and they credit Bob's teaching as their route
to success.

Автор ThoughtConcept (3 года)
It is impossible not to work. It is common sense. If your negative. Which
you are. Not being rude but just stating a fact. You are going to attract
negative things like me making a negative comment on your negativeness. You
cant expect to be where you want to be in 6 months. It is a lifetime
commitment to decide to better yourself. It didn't work for you because you
decided to give up and blame this video because YOU personally can't do it.

Автор Mike Klegin (3 года)
I love the rota-scope effect. !!!!

Автор Jonathan Thomas (2 года)
Becoming a money magnet. 1. give $1.00 in coins everyday completely
anonymously and unconditionally (leave them somewhere without anyone seeing
you but where someone can find it) this is the most powerful way to give
because it's random and unconditional and it will come back to you as
random and unconditional.

Автор StruckDownByThunder (3 года)
@bhargavpatel771 And how do these secret people feel about you telling
their secrets? Not being a butthole or anything, just wondering.

Автор Ivo Budinov (2 года)
You Know What i Think Everyone shoud Do...If He Wants to Completely
Change....You Gotta Say to Yourself....Ok....I'm Changing Completely
Today....In Other Words It Is Called the 13th Step

Автор David Ekstrom (3 года)
I have a theory... with every single thing anyone might want, what is the
one thing that always happens when you get what you want? A smile on your
face :-) So instead of visualizing the "things" I want, I'm going to
visualize me looking into a fancy mirror, with a smile on my face, and a
tan from all the vacationing :-) I think this might be more powerful than
visualizing individual things. PS: Anyone looking for a LOA buddy to keep
each other motivated? :-)

Автор T74G (4 года)
@LilMissHonest u are correct!!! there is an incubation period that is
absolutely essential for the Laws to harmonize and work for YOU!!

Автор Corey N. Bush (4 года)
Does hit actually help? I believe in LOA, but the book "The Secret" has bad
reviews on amazon, however some others on Youtube say it works. So I bought
both "The Secret" & "The Secret daily teachings". However... On the reviews
people are saying it didn't work for them, and they were extremely
disappointed. Are these people sceptical who are lieing?

Автор LilMissHonest (4 года)
@TheAikidoBush It didn't work for them i believe because they read the bad
reviews and just wanted to see if it would work...rather than believing it
would work...LOA works by your emotions and thoughts...think positive and
feel good...you'll get what you want...but it doesn't come straight
away...it takes time...some just expect it there and then...and get expect
and put down the idea. Trust me...go with it, be thankful, be happy and
don't focus on negative and you'll see the benefits.

Автор Lokesh Hanumappa (2 года)
please tell me when will you be happy? when will you be content? everybody
has a CURRENT STATE and a DESIRED STATE. since there is a gap between the
two states, there is frustration and discontent starting from High to Low
levels. My take is this, LOA strengthens the focus on DESIRED STATE and
hence breeding more frustration to humanity. The reason is simple you will
never reach DESIRED STATE because it is dog chasing its tail. LOA is False
Hope and discontentment for followers

Автор T74G (4 года)
@LilMissHonest u are correct!!! there is an incubation period that is
absolutely essential for the Laws to harmonize and work for YOU!!

Автор Lucas Boyd (3 года)
My life changed in a way that I am aware of how my thoughts create my
reality. That said, people who think this bs, will get bs out of it.
However, my life is fantastic and I have challenges , but I handle them in
a much different way and I have made many "challenges" an advantage. The
Law of attraction is something you are doing anyway.

Автор thethirdq (4 года)
What a great video. I hope you like mine and the power of the Third Q!

Автор Carolina Aramburo (3 года)
Wonderful video, thank you so much for sharing!!!

Автор FairTradePetProducts (4 года)
I see this as a modern, more scientific based version of cosmic ordering.

Автор BigIdeaBadass (2 года)
I am a master of my own mind.

Автор Mustafoinc (3 года)
WHATEVER u believe you WILL achieve

Автор UniversalLaws101 (3 года)
Bob is incredible. View my channel to see why is so good and how you can
learn from him.

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