How to Make a Gauntlet Armor Tutorial


Learn how to make your own gauntlet in this easy to follow armor tutorial. Make this armor on your own garage with ordinary hand tools! Please leave your questions as comments below and I will answer ASAP.

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Автор David Guyton (27 дней)
What armor tutorial would you like to see next?

Автор David Guyton (3 месяца)
Make this yourself! All of my templates are now available at

Автор David Guyton (1 день)
New armor video coming very soon!

Автор David Guyton (1 месяц)
If you are having any trouble downloading the template, comment below and
I'll get everything straightened out for you. http://armortemplates.com/

Автор David Guyton (10 месяцев)
LET'S TRY AN EXPERIMENT. +1 this comment if you hate YouTube's new comment

Автор David Guyton (9 месяцев)
ATTENTION! If you have questions for me to answer, please comment on the
actual YouTube page of the video. For some reason when you comment on my
videos that are shared on Google+, I am unable to answer.

Автор SteakOnSpear (1 месяц)
how do you get such a break?

Автор Da Demon Monkey (1 месяц)
dumb question where did you buy the metal, the hammer and that box of
rivets I saw in the video kinda wanna do a project making armor for
protection uses and making them for friends

Автор David Guyton (9 месяцев)
TWO MILLION VIEWS! Thank you all for helping to make this video so popular

Автор TheDerpReaper (2 месяца)
Can you do this with some sort of hard paper or even wood if you want to be
a cheap-ass?

Автор Sollux Captor (3 дня)
What size glove should I use?

Автор Bob C (1 день)
David, great job on the project. After reading many comments on here you
also have some very solid patience. Some of the questions makes me wonder
if maybe some people should consider using safety scissors and construction
paper first. Great job on yours though and nicely explained. 

Автор Oreochema (2 месяца)
You may have gotten this one already, but what kind of glove did you start
out with? And do they come in women's sizes?

Автор Sovieteer (9 дней)
How much are brass plates?

Автор Tomas Sab (3 месяца)
Even just by doing these things out of plane card board - it is very very
impressive... seriously, catching the necessary degrees of freedom without
neither restricting the movement nor having "vobly" parts is totally
impressive here. any chance of work on covering other parts of the body ?

Автор Christopher Cuz (19 дней)
Where did you get the brass sheets? I'm having a bit of trouble finding
where I can get it from.

Автор Rurik Von Elenor Neologik (2 месяца)
Por si te sirve +Aldarion Gato 

Автор kikkin paddle obsakopalis (6 дней)
How much would I need to pay some one to make this for me

Автор Tabatron2099 (1 месяц)
Thank you so much for all your help, this video, and your design templates
David. I finished my gauntlet last Friday and I will email you some pics of
it. Mind you, it ended up a little rough because it was my first attempt
and I screwed up a few times because of some impatient mistakes. In the
end, it works and I'm exstatic about making the right hand now. Dunno if
it's masturbation safe though... :D

Автор David Guyton (6 месяцев)
Check out the all new website for my armor templates www.armortemplates.com

Автор Gecko Man (1 месяц)
I'd really like to check out that book

Автор TWF -The Walking Freeman (1 месяц)
Where do you buy the rivets from?

Автор Davion Knight Nusan (1 месяц)
Im confused where do I get a template for the cur outs?

Автор Sir Hillington (4 месяца)
Imagine punching someone with that... rather, imagine punching someone with
a heavier version! Thin brass might end up folding to the shape of the
other person's jaw or cheek bone but it'd still hurt like heck!

Awesome video and AWESOME design man! I love it :D

Автор Tom Knox (1 месяц)
Can you use sheet metal for this i have all the tools i just need to know
what kind of metals you can use for it. If you have any answers emal me at
sniperwolf068@Gmail.com thanks for reading

Автор tittys (1 месяц)
hi, I have the template and going to try and make, should i use 20 gage
steel for the whole thing or lighter for the fingers?

Автор Ömer Dinch (2 месяца)
is there only left hand or there is right hand too ? because i want to buy
like a set+

Автор Aldenwar (2 месяца)
I FINALLY got it done, and although it didn't turn our as flawless as yours
I'm still so happy now ^_^

Автор Олег Н. (1 месяц)
Hello David Guyton. My question is, what exactly you sell the material,
schemes of the Assembly. Very interested in your work and want to try

Автор Alex Le (8 дней)
Nice work

Автор Noah Gardner (2 месяца)
Make an iron man glove plz

Автор Phatline Productions (20 дней)
Is there anyway we can just buy a set from you? Please contact me. Thanks

Автор Sir. Frappé (2 месяца)
David Guyton I was one of the 100 viwers(my english sucks sorry :P) and i
asked if you could make me some coz i suck at making shit and i would pay
but i didnt get any answers so do you do that stuff anymore.

Автор Tabatron2099 (1 месяц)
@David Guyton

Hey David, so I've been working on this gauntlet (bought the blueprints to
support your awesome designs), I was wondering if you sanded this thing by
hand doing each piece individually or if you used a rotary sander? I'm also
assuming based on the quality of the mirror shine that you sanded up to 150
grit from less? If I'm wrong, please let me know, I've been working on
these in my garage for the last few weeks and I'm at the stage where I need
to sand the steel down to get it to a mirror like finish but I'm not sure
as to the best process for getting the shine to come through.

^ Sorry for the essay. Lol.

Автор tango viper (2 месяца)
You desperately need to get yourself some dies man. Pounding over a ball
peen hammer makes you look amateur hour.

Автор Tim Perkins (2 месяца)
Hey was wanting to know if you have a templTe for a breadtplate and back
plate mayby even shoulders ? Or even more ?

Автор Michael Ybarra (2 месяца)
what kind of leather would you recommend for the finger straps? I tried
making a gauntlet years ago and all the finger plates ended up falling out
of it :(

Автор Wansta (3 месяца)
The first real life iron man....

Автор Josh O (2 месяца)
Which is cheaper, a sheet of stainless steel or a sheet of brass?

Автор PuppyInTheWonderland (3 месяца)
Amazing.. where do you get those steel pieces??

Автор Tanduhman man (3 месяца)
What do you call those smaller leather rivets? I went to Ace hardware the
other day to find some rivets and they did not have anything like those.

Автор Erin Salalima (3 месяца)
How thick is the sheet?

Автор Miles Crouse (3 месяца)
What kind of glove did you use?

Автор TheSpectre111 (3 месяца)
can you make helmets?

Автор Arutemisu (1 месяц)
If you were to sell this for a commission, how much would you charge
(assuming it is made of stainless steel)? Also, can you make it out of
aluminum? The person commissioning it is rather low on budget.

Автор Josh Thiessen (3 месяца)
Would a brass gauntlet, like the one you made here be durable enough for
combat? I spar with some friends of mine, using the cold steel
polypropalene training bokkens. Taking them to the knuckles and forearms is
not fun, so I wanted to know if this would be a realistic option add far as
hand and forearm protection. 

Автор greensparcs (3 месяца)
how did you get the head of the rivet to stay fixed and not wobble on the
slide rivet on the knuckle plate?

Автор jaiitup (3 месяца)
Instead of using rivets, can I use Chicago screws instead?

Автор Michael Robertson (3 месяца)
What size glove do you wear? I have large hands and want to know if the
template will fit my hand.

Автор Aron Sabaj (2 месяца)
Did you make the glove yourself too?

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