How to Make a Gauntlet Armor Tutorial


Learn how to make your own gauntlet in this easy to follow armor tutorial. Make this armor in your own garage with ordinary hand tools! Please leave your questions as comments below and I will answer ASAP.

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Автор David Guyton (2 месяца)
New armor video coming very soon!

Автор David Guyton (18 дней)
NEW ARMOR TUTORIAL IS UP!!!!!!! http://youtu.be/bzsR8IEq-JQ

Автор David Guyton (3 месяца)
What armor tutorial would you like to see next?

Автор David Guyton (12 часов)
Yet ANOTHER new armor tutorial coming soon! Hopefully a few days from today

Автор David Guyton (20 дней)
New armor tutorial coming probably tomorrow 11/7!

Автор David Guyton (5 месяцев)
Make this yourself! All of my templates are now available at

Автор David Guyton (4 месяца)
If you are having any trouble downloading the template, comment below and
I'll get everything straightened out for you. http://armortemplates.com/

Автор Coffincollector (24 дня)
do you have a list of tools that you use to make armor? I would love to do
something like this.

Автор AlloSwaguss (1 месяц)
Could I make this with cardboard? I'm making a witch king costume and I
need the gloves for it

Автор Necro Mesmerownz (1 месяц)
What kind of metal is that? I want to buy some sheets but I want metal that
is easy enough to cut and thin? Thanks - Mike

Автор Unwanted Gaming (1 месяц)
My mom just bought me the master collection

Автор PivotMaster90001 (8 дней)
I know that you have said countless times that you don't sell these
gauntlets as you can't finish them fast enough for them to be affordable,
but how much would it cost if someone with, let's say, a buttload of money
wanted to buy one of these from you? How much would you charge for you to
make one of these for someone?

Автор caRlos javier remolina (4 дня)
you can sell me two i paid contact me

Автор chris alex (10 дней)
Where did you learn this Method/Talent?

Автор Dezhighspeed (20 дней)
Awesome job man, keep it up.
Also i have a question?
Do you think you think that is possible to wear it while riding a

Автор Hans VonV (13 дней)
Nice tutorial.
However, it's very ill advised to hit hammers together. They can shatter
with great force(expload), perhaps mention that....

Автор Yaser Feyli (13 дней)
I love your work, i would like to say that i would like to be your student!
you are an artist!
Thumbs up bro, we need more talented ppl like you, not some dancing circus
clowns and naked womens on tv!

Автор Matthew Mifsud (15 дней)
Could these be bought off you or no

Автор fred cool (18 дней)
My dad and I are making one as a project he is a handy man but he doesn't
understand how you made the rivets

Автор Denis Mondino (19 дней)
which material is that? where I can find it and how much does it cost?

awesome tutorial
I wanna make a saint seiya cosplay but dunno anything about materials and
how to...

Автор Marla Parraguirre (28 дней)
This is so cool...
Only, I work with EVA foam...
You think that would kinda give the same result?

Автор SteakOnSpear (3 месяца)
how do you get such a break?

Автор Da Demon Monkey (4 месяца)
dumb question where did you buy the metal, the hammer and that box of
rivets I saw in the video kinda wanna do a project making armor for
protection uses and making them for friends

Автор randomted (1 месяц)
will tin sheet metal I use for HVAC work for this?

Автор TheDerpReaper (4 месяца)
Can you do this with some sort of hard paper or even wood if you want to be
a cheap-ass?

Автор E Micallef (1 месяц)
Do you sell these online at all? They are FANTASTIC!!!

Автор David Guyton (1 год)
LET'S TRY AN EXPERIMENT. +1 this comment if you hate YouTube's new comment

Автор taigor97 (2 месяца)
We can't pay by Paysafecard ? Because I can't pay by credit card or else my
parents would kill me :(

Автор Jane Arenasaw (1 день)

Автор Sollux Captor (2 месяца)
What size glove should I use?

Автор Bob C (2 месяца)
David, great job on the project. After reading many comments on here you
also have some very solid patience. Some of the questions makes me wonder
if maybe some people should consider using safety scissors and construction
paper first. Great job on yours though and nicely explained. 

Автор helpfulnerdTV (2 месяца)
David are you on theRPF?

Автор john malckom (2 месяца)
This is awesome!!! Can you do a full body Gauntlet Armor Tutorial, please?

Автор Orpheusftw (14 дней)
You've got a great range of motion in that thing, and it looks better than
a lot of fantasy armour I've seen in films. 

Автор Oreochema (4 месяца)
You may have gotten this one already, but what kind of glove did you start
out with? And do they come in women's sizes?

Автор azeralpawn (2 месяца)
I am having trouble with the assembly of the knuckle thru wrist portion and
wondered if I could get some aid? It's hard to tell what rivets to what,
and what the crescent marks mean. Can you help?

And as a suggestion maybe in the future also include photo step by step

Автор THE EPIC ROBOT BATTLE (2 месяца)
where you can order it ;)

Автор Sebastian Hinz (2 месяца)
How much time u need to build this awesomeness `? *--*

Автор Sovieteer (2 месяца)
How much are brass plates?

Автор letsfreakndance (2 месяца)
great tutorial, do you take orders at all? I would love to actually try
to construct them but I don't really access to all the tools it takes

Автор Moots9000 (15 дней)
Dude, this is epic! I thought it was animated! xD

Автор Tomas Sab (5 месяцев)
Even just by doing these things out of plane card board - it is very very
impressive... seriously, catching the necessary degrees of freedom without
neither restricting the movement nor having "vobly" parts is totally
impressive here. any chance of work on covering other parts of the body ?

Автор David Guyton (1 год)
ATTENTION! If you have questions for me to answer, please comment on the
actual YouTube page of the video. For some reason when you comment on my
videos that are shared on Google+, I am unable to answer.

Автор Christopher Cuz (2 месяца)
Where did you get the brass sheets? I'm having a bit of trouble finding
where I can get it from.

Автор Emilie Gohardoh (1 месяц)
Are you selling any gauntlets

Автор Rurik Von Elenor Neologik (4 месяца)
Por si te sirve +Aldarion Gato 

Автор kikkin paddle obsakopalis (2 месяца)
How much would I need to pay some one to make this for me

Автор Ewa Vorgrimler (1 месяц)
I have a song in mind for you: The Lord of the Blacksmith by Falconer.
Awesome video.

Автор Tabatron2099 (3 месяца)
Thank you so much for all your help, this video, and your design templates
David. I finished my gauntlet last Friday and I will email you some pics of
it. Mind you, it ended up a little rough because it was my first attempt
and I screwed up a few times because of some impatient mistakes. In the
end, it works and I'm exstatic about making the right hand now. Dunno if
it's masturbation safe though... :D

Автор Austin Owens (2 месяца)
Can i buy that from you?

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