How to Make a Gauntlet Armor Tutorial (Version 1)


Learn how to make your own gauntlet in this easy to follow armor tutorial. Make this armor in your own garage with ordinary hand tools! Please leave your questions as comments below and I will answer ASAP.

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Автор David Guyton (4 месяца)
New armor video coming very soon!

Автор David Guyton (19 дней)
Join me on the new ARMOR TEMPLATES Facebook page!
A new place to stay in touch and share your own armor projects!

Автор David Guyton (1 месяц)
Just wait until you guys see the latest tutorial I am working on. Really
neat stuff. I hope to have it up in a few days. Very early December.

Автор David Guyton (2 месяца)
NEW ARMOR TUTORIAL IS UP!!!!!!! http://youtu.be/bzsR8IEq-JQ

Автор Josh Santiago (23 часа)
You my good sir, are an armor making god. I plan to use these amazing
videos of yours to create some armor for a show I'm going to do. I thank
you and totally subscribed. 

Автор David Guyton (5 месяцев)
What armor tutorial would you like to see next?

Автор David Guyton (1 месяц)
Yet ANOTHER new armor tutorial coming soon! Hopefully a few days from today

Автор David Guyton (7 месяцев)
Make this yourself! All of my templates are now available at

Автор Benjamin Meijer (3 дня)
A friend and I have made this gauntlet using your instructions, as our very
first time working with metal, it turned out pretty great! I've got 2
questions though, did you find a way to keep yours from tarnishing? Ours
has to be polished every two days to stop it from turning spotted brown
(given up on that now, it has a certain charm to it that way). And we ended
up with a gap between the fingers and the knuckleplate (in height), would
you know how to fix that? 

Автор David Guyton (2 месяца)
New armor tutorial coming probably tomorrow 11/7!

Автор UltimateSeo - The Bright Knight! (5 дней)
I'm surprised no one mentioned this, but try making the Infinity Gauntlet!

Автор hateUmankind (13 дней)
think you can make a infinity gauntlet Glove the one Thanos Wear on the
avengers infinity war trailer that would be awesome if you made one

Автор Tim Frost (14 часов)
One of the most beautiful things ever made by a man.

Автор gabriel b (20 дней)
Could speak the name of the tools used to cut the material?
And what materials used, I do not quite understand the English language

Автор nanakiinu (23 часа)
Would be nice if i could actually try it...

Автор Rodney Allen (5 дней)
this was so bad ass. i dont even work with metal but i watched the whole

Автор David Guyton (1 год)
LET'S TRY AN EXPERIMENT. +1 this comment if you hate YouTube's new comment

Автор daniel nguyen (17 дней)
What is the gauge of steel used?
Sorry i have bad hearing 

Автор _JustJosi Acevedo (28 дней)
That is freaking amazing!

Автор Kendong Tha Ridge (8 дней)
Maybe next time don't talk in that boring ass monotone bro

Автор Nick Petrovich (1 месяц)
You have the most monotone voice, but I can understand you at least... 

Автор etherealatrocity (26 дней)

I just purchased your Master Collection template. I am very interested in
buying an anvil, yet don't have a large budget. I found this on Amazon, do
you think it will do?

Grizzly G7065 Anvil, 24-Pound

Автор armerson sansao (1 месяц)
oi eu sou do brasil fiquei interessado como voce fazer para fazer negocio
comigo e voce ja pensou fazer o bracelete do ezio assassins creed
hi I'm from Brazil I was interested as you do to do business with me and
you already thought to make the bracelet ezio assassins creed

Автор Bob C (4 месяца)
David, great job on the project. After reading many comments on here you
also have some very solid patience. Some of the questions makes me wonder
if maybe some people should consider using safety scissors and construction
paper first. Great job on yours though and nicely explained. 

Автор Sonicman181 (1 месяц)
I would love to spend a week with you and show designs of armor I would
love to have, not specifically real metal but cool designs

Автор sietse van Dijk (2 дня)
how many degrees the bends have to be ??

Автор brian puelska (1 месяц)
Looks difficult.

I like the final product, looks great :)

Автор Emmanuel Andrade (1 месяц)
Can you make a Power Armour from Fallout 3?

Автор kokumosu (26 дней)
have you thought about making an Artorias set from Dark Souls?

Автор Dee Henderson (7 дней)
Dude how much for the gauntlet!

Автор Ted Burke (13 дней)
about how much does it cost to make this including the template

Автор CraftyCajun (2 месяца)
do you have a list of tools that you use to make armor? I would love to do
something like this.

Автор PivotMaster90001 (2 месяца)
I know that you have said countless times that you don't sell these
gauntlets as you can't finish them fast enough for them to be affordable,
but how much would it cost if someone with, let's say, a buttload of money
wanted to buy one of these from you? How much would you charge for you to
make one of these for someone?

Автор Neko Niisan (1 месяц)
How can you tell what the measurements would be for the guantlet? Do you
just measure around your arm?

Автор Denis Mondino (2 месяца)
which material is that? where I can find it and how much does it cost?

awesome tutorial
I wanna make a saint seiya cosplay but dunno anything about materials and
how to...

Автор BENHAR17 (27 дней)

Автор Martin Calderon (26 дней)
You are the best you are really creative, congratulations

Автор kikkin paddle obsakopalis (4 месяца)
How much would I need to pay some one to make this for me

Автор Ezequiel Montes de Oca (1 месяц)
Hi David, I try to purchase the template of the Version 1, I complete the
data that the web ask me but appear this:

Processor Decline
This transaction cannot be processed.

Do yuo Know what happen?

Автор yarpen800 (1 месяц)
Very nice work. Have you tried using them with a sword? I'm wondering how
good would these be as hand protection in HEMA sparring.

Автор David Guyton (6 месяцев)
If you are having any trouble downloading the template, comment below and
I'll get everything straightened out for you. http://armortemplates.com/

Автор Hans VonV (2 месяца)
Nice tutorial.
However, it's very ill advised to hit hammers together. They can shatter
with great force(expload), perhaps mention that....

Автор Melt-Down Maddy (3 месяца)
Could I make this with cardboard? I'm making a witch king costume and I
need the gloves for it

Автор TheMiniAmazingDave (25 дней)
I love this! This is so functional!

Автор MorzikTheKat (1 месяц)
How do we adjust the template to fit out hand? 

Автор Dezhighspeed (2 месяца)
Awesome job man, keep it up.
Also i have a question?
Do you think you think that is possible to wear it while riding a

Автор Aldenwar (6 месяцев)
I FINALLY got it done, and although it didn't turn our as flawless as yours
I'm still so happy now ^_^

Автор Marla Parraguirre (2 месяца)
This is so cool...
Only, I work with EVA foam...
You think that would kinda give the same result?

Автор Shawna Costonphd (19 дней)

Автор Necro Mesmerownz (3 месяца)
What kind of metal is that? I want to buy some sheets but I want metal that
is easy enough to cut and thin? Thanks - Mike

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