How to Make a Gauntlet Armor Tutorial (Version 1)


Learn how to make your own gauntlet in this easy to follow armor tutorial. Make this armor in your own garage with ordinary hand tools! Please leave your questions as comments below and I will answer ASAP.

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Автор Ian Muller ( назад)
About how much metal was needed to make this? I'd rather consider the size
of a sheet I'll need to purchase prior to making the armor. (Especially
since I'm going to be making it from 1.5 mm steel)

Автор IzzyThePsycho Universe ( назад)
Where do you get your metals and how much normally would it be for a full
set of armour, (not asking to buy yours) cause well I don't have much

Автор Logan Dimitro ( назад)

Автор Khubi ( назад)
can u make iron man gauntlet

Автор Skippy J ( назад)
if the middle of the hand was like iron mans but with a taser

Автор breakthrough ( назад)
ca i use aliminium

Автор TANIWHA B ( назад)
WOW This is so cool! I actually made a partial suit of armour out of tin
cans, before I saw this. Yours is much neater!!! (Do I get props for

Автор issago tyaga ( назад)
yo can I buy one

Автор Maks Undead ( назад)

Автор Edgar Kot Levskuy ( назад)
Can you show full costume?

Автор iownage4youi ( назад)
How to make this:
step 1: have a 1000$ atelier

Автор roger surez ( назад)
Wow! I will be needing those for Zombies Apocalypse

Автор HALOCRAFT3568 ( назад)
how much would it cost for you to make 1 for each hand and send it, if you
even do that

Автор Christian Cahalan ( назад)
Hey, I have a question. I am making an infinity gauntlet and I am using
brass. How thick of brass do you think I should get. I don't want a sheet
too thin or a sheet too thick as this is my first time using the art. So I
ask you what do you think would be the best thickness of the sheet.

Автор VoiceOf VoiceIn ( назад)
dat good job !! Make me one :D

Автор Redstorm ( назад)
For the first twenty seconds of the video, my eyes were tripping out. The
thing didn't look real unless you stare at it for those twenty.

Автор Richard Harrison ( назад)
Will u sell it to me

Автор Gabriel Reyes ( назад)
That's badass

Автор jhonny bartolini ( назад)
Hi what kind of metal used??

Автор OOLS T ( назад)

Автор Эльдар Аликбаев ( назад)
здарова можешь скинуть распечатки этих деталей

Автор James Webb ( назад)
Awesome! I am a first time cosplayer and can't wait to get started!

Автор nelsongutierrez666 ( назад)
awesome thanxz

Автор Roy ( назад)
How is the gauntlet attached to the glove? Anyone have a time stamp? I keep
missing it.

Автор Учимся рисовать ( назад)
здравствуйте, хотел спросить, а вы не продаёте доспехи на ebay или
AliExpress ?

Автор kingseanthefirst ( назад)
I'm not blacksmith savvy. Do you take orders for armor?

Автор Bastian Uhthoff ( назад)
can i buy it

Автор Mister J Tilton ( назад)
add gems and you gotta infinity gauntlet

Автор Durango O Homem ( назад)
Muito legal essa manopla

Автор Von Ponyi ( назад)
I am surprise that no one has put together a body armor starter kit to sell
yet. Thats would be a big sale for ya. Very nice video

Автор Wardog ( назад)
Nice job David!

Автор Sebastian Clerveaux ( назад)
but David how did u know how to do this

Автор Martyn Jones ( назад)
Do you think this could be (albeit reworked design wise) compatible with a
steampunk mechanical arm ?

Автор N'wah Swit ( назад)
This has been amazingly informative for me! I will try and make my own with
this tutorial (wraithguard from TES3 Morrowind), it's quite different but
now I know how to go about it. Thanks a lot!

Автор DagannoPXM ( назад)

Автор hellionpie ( назад)
looks really cool

Автор Mr.Spazzy Rabbit ( назад)
he's a good armourer but sucks as a commentator

Автор Tierra House ( назад)
it look sweat

Автор Leonard Casiano ( назад)
looks amazing!

Автор mike gonzalez ( назад)
David Guyton you are incredible man, thank you very much for the work you
do and the knowledge you so happily share with the rest of us, more power
to you brother you've inspired me to get off my ass and finally tackle what
i've wanted to do since i was a child.

Автор Stormwing ( назад)
sir you are an artist. Did you say you had a book coming out? When?

Автор Debóra Dávid ( назад)
Hello David Guyton, I realli like your video, I think it is the best one
and I'd like to ask (if you can) to send me the shape of this armour, I'd
like to make it as well. Thank you :)

Автор mateus schmalbach ( назад)
You are amazing, just amazing!! Good job!

Автор Sean Ocansey ( назад)
honestly this looks amazing!

Автор Zay Dixon ( назад)
hey David Guyton what kind of metal did you use and how much is

Автор Septiplier Undertale ( назад)
Geez the paper gauntlet itself was impressive lol

Автор TanMan321Go ( назад)
That's really cool :)

Автор Aaron Allen ( назад)
im in the prosess of makeing my own full armour set but im olny going to
use bottlecaps and zip tyes no glue welding nothing other than zip tyes
would love to see you make the same thing from your video only useing
bottlecaps and zip tyes

Автор KeaLeonna ( назад)
This is amazing!

Автор Jm Andino ( назад)

Автор Henry Torlao Jr (1754 года назад)
today's blacksmith.. very nice.

Автор Brendan Connolly ( назад)
That is very good from brendan👌

Автор Superior Gamer 33 ( назад)
Perfect for Vincent Valentine

Автор Joe D (1328 лет назад)

Автор CidGuerreiro1234 ( назад)
Holy shit, that is amazing.

Автор 35 Canela ( назад)
mi idea de armadura me desepsiono

Автор Marker1229 ( назад)
Wow Thank you David Guyton :D

Автор RomeoProductionz ( назад)
how much to make me a infinity gauntlet?? i looked online but i haven't
seen anything that looks like the real deal...please hit me back

Автор Steven Henderson ( назад)
the craftsmanship is absolutely unbelievable

Автор Malidictus ( назад)
I know I'm late to the party, but this is an amazingly beautiful glove
you've created there. Very, very well done.

Автор Elijah Whitehouse ( назад)
how much would you charge to make a set?

Автор Danevin Brown ( назад)
can I just buy some

Автор Jean-David Théorêt ( назад)
If i buy this template, does it give exact information on how thick the
metal sheet needs to be and where to buy some ? (Il probably do it in
stainless steel)

Автор patricio madrid ( назад)
freddy glov plis

Автор Steve Franks ( назад)
stellar! Just stellar

Автор nightingale Gaming ( назад)
so I have a small question when you're making this and you need one for
you're other hand would you just flip the template because I'm using these
to make gauntlets for a witch king of angmar cosplay

Автор Nabil Janjori ( назад)

Автор Hjalmar Johansson ( назад)
how long did it take to make the gauntlet

Автор Alberto Benetello ( назад)
top! that's all!

Автор jack slayer ( назад)
that looks so freaking cool i want one so bad

Автор Ryco50 ( назад)
That is one sexy piece of metal

Автор imran barnett ( назад)
This is sickkkkk dude

Автор iAmKrome ( назад)
This could make a Mordekaiser cosplay all the more possible

Автор The AC MASTA ( назад)
he looks like jse sorta

Автор Био Мазагин Верде ( назад)
This is awesome man!AWESOME!

Автор Edgardo Sysak ( назад)
Muy bueno!! excelente técnica para el armado.

Автор Darth Kyrio ( назад)
what size metal sheet did he use

Автор Maria Herrera (312 года назад)
can you send me one

Автор generalbellic (1263 года назад)
can the template be used with foam instead of metal?

Автор KATE HEARD ( назад)
will you marry me? those gauntlets are so sexy.

Автор Aleksanteri Sumiloff ( назад)
I like this design a lot. In terms of protection I would imagine that your
rivets on wrist plates are the actual weakness. If any of them gets too
much stress and breaks it might jam your whole hand in one position. Did
you also consider this when creating it and made the rivets strong enough
to withstand a lot of stress?

Автор Porglit ( назад)
1:43 How do you spell what are you using to scratch it in?

Автор Poloy Alcuizar ( назад)
it looks like the arm of rindou on god eater 2

Автор Airpu Miang ( назад)
add some music dude

Автор Jakob Reuter ( назад)
finger farts

Автор silver gross ( назад)
full armor please!

Автор Dashawn Hairston ( назад)
why do u sound line a robot? like put some vibe into it sound happy or
something lol

Автор Daniel Caspi ( назад)

Автор jekiVS ( назад)
Full Viking Armor set

Автор CorpDrake (1580 лет назад)

What is the exact name of the tool u use for bending, that you call a


Автор Raphael Luiz ( назад)
And most important: Never forget to use glasses to protect your eyes.

Автор Im Human (1904 года назад)
you should make a full body armor .I bet you could get a years worth or
living off one sell, you're really good.

Автор V-Way ( назад)
imagine this bullet proof...

Автор Bored Spence ( назад)
Can't believe I've never found you till now, I'm so sad xD U make such
awesome armor! Y not try making Armor from anime more? Betcha can do it!
Also change ur mic, its making static and add some background music, it
would be better :)

Автор Runic Lord ( назад)
Where did you get the leather fasteners??

Автор greenthunder1000 ( назад)
how long did all of the steps take (besides the planning) did this take to
assemble it for the first time?

Автор Hannah Hudgens-Moore ( назад)
I believe this is the first time I thought to myself "wow, this is so much
more than what I was looking for" while looking for a YouTube tutorial o.o

Автор Apurva Kannu ( назад)
I was wondering where you bought the brass (or where you can buy steel) and
what you used to cut it.

Автор Launce Fields ( назад)
Very cool

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