How to Make a Gauntlet Armor Tutorial (Version 1)


Learn how to make your own gauntlet in this easy to follow armor tutorial. Make this armor in your own garage with ordinary hand tools! Please leave your questions as comments below and I will answer ASAP.

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Автор Art Valen ( назад)
Hey David Guyton ! so i am one of many who have bought your tutorial
schematic on making this glove and i count just on one side, do you have 11
rivets going through the glove on the one side or just certain ones ? on
0:01 u can see the left side of your glove and i am trying to figure this
out. As well at 9:12 when you talk about it you don't emphasize much on
that parts need to be jointed and what don't and in your instructions i
printer you have * for rivets and . for holes but what goes in the holes if
not more rivets lol ? are they on top of the glove ? Thank you for your
time =)

Автор max playne ( назад)
all you need is 6 gems slots!

Автор cecelia lacitignola ( назад)
I have an whole armour suit

Автор apple ( назад)
Hello! Do you think this would work for a pilot! Garnet cosplay? c:

Автор Zayn Brown ( назад)
How much does this cost

Автор Larry Tubog ( назад)

Автор Cody K ( назад)
can you also make ninja gaiden 2 gauntlets

Автор Coco Puffs ( назад)
hey Mr. Guyton
can you please make a video tutorial on mitten gauntlets. I would like to
make a pair for my bike. I got into an accident recently and messed up my
hands pretty badly. Thank you so much.

Автор felpusifer ( назад)

Автор coco AAA ( назад)
Is genial becasuse i need you in my home it is ..ok

Автор Nick Vongsavanh ( назад)
+David Guyton if you had to put a $ figure on the cost to make and man hrs
what would you give?

Автор TakiTyp ( назад)

Автор Jordan Davis ( назад)
Try making master chiefs suit from halo 4 out of steel. A good tool to use
is a homemade forge. There is a video out there about making one. Do not
use galvanized steel to make your forge, as it will realese a toxic cemical
that can kill you.

Автор thespankystrat PB (670 лет назад)
Amazing work!!! 

Автор David Guyton ( назад)
Wow.... 3 MILLION VIEWS! thank you guys so much for being a part of this

Автор NickofIceandFire ( назад)

Автор itsTHEFIREDOG ( назад)
Where do you get your sheet metal?

Автор Zack Rofrano ( назад)
Where do you get you're metal from?

Автор f1lthyb4con ( назад)
Looks like I'm going to need to invest in some hammers, an anvil, some
brakes, clamps and vises, and a bunch of other stuff...

Unless, of course, you offer completed gauntlets for sale...

Автор kfir4444 ( назад)
"Next I made a design I liked.."

Автор Dal D ( назад)
what was the total price you paid to get the materials

Автор jokerface334 Videos ( назад)
nice guide but its a bit boring

Автор Luis Martinez ( назад)
Lemme buy that off you for $80

Автор DragonKnight90001 ( назад)
when I look at it it feels like its part animation the movement and all and
that is awesome

Автор Deryck Walbom ( назад)
This is dope!

Автор Mario Myers ( назад)
did you braze this

Автор Nǚ-lónyè 女龙夜 (Female Ni-Dragon) ( назад)
lol, you have to pay for the downloads?

Автор Savaughn Collins ( назад)
What supplies do you need

Автор Tdm Dan ( назад)
this is hard

Автор Comfort Misha ( назад)
Hitting hammer heads together is NOT safe. The surface of the heads are
extremely hard. Hitting two very hard objects together does not allow the
force to dissipate and can result in chips flying off at very high
velocities. Be careful and insulate with a bit of wood or even cardboard.

Автор BlendedBeautyXO ( назад)
Sick >:)

Автор Newsman Aba ( назад)
O.K.Isee. What my real question is , I couldn't tell from the video,(poor
sight) if the metal on the fingers wrapped around the whole glove finger
or just curved around the glove finger snuggly/ .Thanks for your response.

Автор illusion466 (1680 лет назад)
If you extended that up to the forearm, it would be perfect for a vincent
valentine cosplay

Автор Aron Blakemore ( назад)
Can u do a batman gauntlet

Автор Newsman Aba ( назад)
Mr. Guyton, one question , when making the finger parts how far around each
finger does each knuckle link go? 3/4's are the first fingerand 1/2 around
the rest, how does that work?

Автор STARK MMO ( назад)
amazing but far beyond my money and skill XD

Автор Simon Farrell ( назад)
By the way, do you have any recommendations for the "harbor freight" store
for grinders? what model do you use?

Автор IronCovenants ( назад)
Brutal! And looks kick ass!

Автор Simon Farrell ( назад)
what do I do if i don't have a grinder.. wtf dude

Автор Inanc Arslaner ( назад)
Hi David,

Not sure if this was already asked but do you think gauntlets made with
this template will hold up in full contact martial arts sparring? I need
them to not fall apart when they get hit (repeatedly) with a semi-dull
carbon steel sword.

Thanks for the tutorial in any case.

Автор joetonyf ( назад)
wondering if i should sell my armor template designs... perhaps once i
perfect them a bit more... the tabs dont fit perfectly yet..

Автор dani garcia paz ( назад)
Is it steel or brass ?

Автор Draghonblade Morrow ( назад)
Excellent craftsmanship! Really enjoyed the video.

Автор Mark Lauren Villegas ( назад)
Reminds me of the infinity gauntlet(Marvel comics)

Автор Alex Li ( назад)
That is awesome

Автор jensen lara ( назад)
dude i made one out of the stainless steel and wow it looks amazing. i
impressed myself, thanks for the vid man... New subscriber.

Автор Jordan Cote (Decidingtooth10) ( назад)
when assembling, arrows point to fingertips?

Автор jdan23 lobo23 ( назад)
4.99 then its 222 pesos in my country ... damn

Автор Eric Wilson ( назад)
That is am awesome glove how much do you charge to make one and have you
done with the knuckles open so that you could put gems in it?

Автор Darker Games ( назад)
How much Money its costed?

Автор XxShadowvalkyriexX ( назад)
Unf..I love your voice, +David Guyton

Автор HotaruZoku ( назад)
I can't believe how articulate it is. Makes you wonder if we really know
how well armor was forged, back in the day.

Автор JADE DYNASTY ( назад)
wow that is a beautiful piece nice work how long did it take to make that
and how much did it cost

Автор Uniform Tango 74 ( назад)
Hot damn. This is dope! Now I wanna walk around with a gauntlet. LOL!!!

Автор Teo Blanco ( назад)
Totalmente genial c: Please make subtitles in spanish

Автор Tyler Paris ( назад)
Plz plz plz send it to me in the mail

Автор Null ( назад)
Wow, that is beautiful! 

Автор Kevin Hynes ( назад)
I'm a bit late to the party but wow! That is impressive workmanship!

Автор VirusRemixxxx ( назад)
Bro subbeb thanks for the video i will try to make one soon ! How long do
you take to finish one

Автор 94valzu ( назад)
Dear master. I'd like to know what size gloves you use in this peace. -your
greatest admirer.

Автор Third Man ( назад)
Hey there, I had a slight problem in making these gauntlets is that there
are no rivets for sale in my area, so would you happen to know where i
could order some from?

Автор TeutonicEmperor1198 ( назад)
armour porn!

Автор David Guyton ( назад)
My Pauldron (shoulder armor) is up for auction or ebay right now!

Автор XIX JAGOXIX ( назад)
How much to make me a custom one.. Contact me..

Автор Zoran “Mojsinjski” Jerinic ( назад)
Extra!! LIKE!

Автор Eric Buarque ( назад)
Your Awesome brotha !!!!

Автор Necessary Evel ( назад)
Do you do commissions? Im confident that I could make these, but dont
really have the time right now. Really trying to get the Witch King gaunts
and boots. Hit me up if your are interested. 

Автор Julius Cheeser ( назад)
I need to remake my Guantlets. They are riveted onto CHEAP leather and
poorly sewed onto the glove. Luckily the metal is fine and very aesthetic.

Would you recommend riveting them directly onto the glove as you did or
onto leather then sewing that own? I'd prefer the latter for comfort -
given that I use it for full contact sparring with training weapons -

Автор mexizco (1411 год назад)
Hello David Guyton I loved your video. I would love to make a cardboard
glove but not how to do it and I have no money to buy your flat any advice
or as I can piece together or how to measure etc. I would serve much: D

Автор S0phisticatedZ0mbie ( назад)
Looks awesome man 

Автор Jimmy B ( назад)
Hi David. I bought your templates a little while ago and have completed the
paper version and i have two questions before i start doing them in metal.
"Wrist 2" on your templates don't ad up to your video. The part that's
connected to the vembrace. There are only two holes, one on each side that
are connected to "wrist 1", nothing that connects to the vambrace. I'll
take inisiative to modify that piece of course, unless there are a hidden
use to it? :)

My second question is: From the knuckle plate to the last wrist plate,
there are only two holes that are going thru the glove, and its on "hand
2"-plate. One on each side. Is that realy correct? It's quite unstable on
my paper model... but thats maybe because it IS paper and i havent made
oval holes? :)

Sorry for the long post. I just wanna thank you for the videos. It's my
first time doing something like this and i feel like i can do it! It makes
my cold winter here in Sweden alot warmer ;)

Автор animalruless ( назад)
Just a leather glove right ?

Автор Jacob Storm ( назад)
Oooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh shiny!!
Good stuff

Автор William Hernandez (UniteAllHumans) ( назад)
How much for a set?

Автор Kokar Cupcakes ( назад)

Автор Robert Burns ( назад)
You my good sir, are an armor making god. I plan to use these amazing
videos of yours to create some armor for a show I'm going to do. I thank
you and totally subscribed. 

Автор SuperSharot ( назад)
how did they do it in the medival?
cool vid btw

Автор Tim Frost ( назад)
One of the most beautiful things ever made by a man.

Автор Killian Scott Kenway ( назад)
You my good sir, are an armor making god. I plan to use these amazing
videos of yours to create some armor for a show I'm going to do. I thank
you and totally subscribed. 

Автор nanakiinu ( назад)
Would be nice if i could actually try it...

Автор sietse van Dijk ( назад)
how many degrees the bends have to be ??

Автор Benjamin Meijer ( назад)
A friend and I have made this gauntlet using your instructions, as our very
first time working with metal, it turned out pretty great! I've got 2
questions though, did you find a way to keep yours from tarnishing? Ours
has to be polished every two days to stop it from turning spotted brown
(given up on that now, it has a certain charm to it that way). And we ended
up with a gap between the fingers and the knuckleplate (in height), would
you know how to fix that? 

Автор Rodney Allen ( назад)
this was so bad ass. i dont even work with metal but i watched the whole

Автор UltimateSeo ( назад)
I'm surprised no one mentioned this, but try making the Infinity Gauntlet!

Автор Dee Henderson (1100 лет назад)
Dude how much for the gauntlet!

Автор Kendong Tha Ridge (1656 лет назад)
Maybe next time don't talk in that boring ass monotone bro

Автор hateUmankind ( назад)
think you can make a infinity gauntlet Glove the one Thanos Wear on the
avengers infinity war trailer that would be awesome if you made one

Автор Ted Burke ( назад)
about how much does it cost to make this including the template

Автор daniel nguyen ( назад)
What is the gauge of steel used?
Sorry i have bad hearing 

Автор Robert Burns ( назад)
Join me on the new ARMOR TEMPLATES Facebook page!
A new place to stay in touch and share your own armor projects!

Автор Shawna C. ( назад)

Автор David Guyton ( назад)
Join me on the new ARMOR TEMPLATES Facebook page!
A new place to stay in touch and share your own armor projects!

Автор gabriel b ( назад)
Could speak the name of the tools used to cut the material?
And what materials used, I do not quite understand the English language

Автор TheMiniAmazingDave ( назад)
I love this! This is so functional!

Автор etherealatrocity ( назад)

I just purchased your Master Collection template. I am very interested in
buying an anvil, yet don't have a large budget. I found this on Amazon, do
you think it will do?

Grizzly G7065 Anvil, 24-Pound

Автор Martin Calderon ( назад)
You are the best you are really creative, congratulations

Автор kokumosu ( назад)
have you thought about making an Artorias set from Dark Souls?

Автор BENHAR17 ( назад)

Автор _JustJosi Acevedo ( назад)
That is freaking amazing!

Автор Mike Gump ( назад)
Can you make me a left and a right plz 

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