How to Make a Gauntlet Armor Tutorial


Learn how to make your own gauntlet in this easy to follow armor tutorial. Please leave your questions as comments below and I will answer ASAP.

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ATTENTION! If you have questions for me to answer, please comment on the
actual YouTube page of the video. For some reason when you comment on my
videos that are shared on Google+, I am unable to answer.

Автор David Guyton (5 месяцев)
YouTube has apparently made some STUPID changes, making it very difficult
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so please be patient.

Автор David Guyton (4 месяца)
TWO MILLION VIEWS! Thank you all for helping to make this video so popular

Автор David Guyton (1 месяц)
Check out the all new website for my armor templates www.armortemplates.com

Автор David Guyton (5 месяцев)
The moronic YouTube comment system is now telling me I cannot reply to
comments. --- PHILIP EGAN - Because during the filming I had to make
changes. The parts you see in the video are shown before the final fitment
and assembly. If I tried to assemble it like they appeared on the table in
the video, the articulation would be horrible.

Автор David Guyton (5 месяцев)
BUILD YOUR OWN GAUNTLET! All of my templates are available at the following
link. http://www.davidjguyton.com/gauntlettemplate.htm

Автор mark arney (14 дней)
make a real freddy glove with knives

Автор AnselmoFanZero (3 месяца)
Hey. I drop you a PM regarding your gauntlet. I was a bit shocked to find
it on some other guys side.

Автор PitchBlackFox (2 месяца)
looks really nice

Автор lord666tiamat (3 месяца)
Good video and really good step by step explane!

Автор EpicLifeFire (3 месяца)
can you make one with stainless steel for me and ill pay you for shipping
and all that? i cant make it properly

Автор Papop Tayaputch (1 месяц)
Can it really block swords?

Автор Nathaniël Pranger (2 месяца)
add some coloured glass beads and you have an INFINITY GAUNTLET!!!!!!!!

Автор Panda8958 (2 месяца)
thx ... now i have to create a amor too xD

Автор animalruless (2 дня)
I'm definitly gonna try and make one, it looks awesome.

Thank you for this video man. :D

Автор Kevin Garcia (1 день)
Try to make ... Dark Souls Armor

Автор Aldenwar (5 дней)
Man, am I having problems in every phase of doing the darn thing. This time
it's the tips of the rivets inside the fingers being on the way so badly
that they hit my fingers.. Do you think the problem solves itself after I
close the rivets?

Автор manuel antonio (10 дней)

Автор Marissa Rose (7 дней)
How long did this take to make? I am so interested in making this but I
have a limited amount of time to and I wanted to know, averagely, how long
this will take me

Автор Chris Ruiz (14 дней)
fucking beautiful. srsly. subbed.

Автор Mike Tri (17 дней)
so badass...

Автор Michel Linschoten (17 дней)
Very cool!

Автор Malcolm Jedi (12 дней)
how did you make the templates?

Автор Sverre Kvernmo (13 дней)

Автор XxReid3xX (13 дней)
Where can I buy one?

Автор william houdeshell (21 день)
if zombies attack i want this guy as my ally

Автор HARSHIT BABBAR (2 месяца)
cant we download it for free

Автор Kurt A. (1 месяц)
Your armorsmith skills improve +5.

Автор SGL- Syn Gaming League (3 месяца)
yo do you make things for order? if you did i would really like to get you
to make something.
Yangs ember celica's 

Автор McFarty500 (28 дней)
Very cool video, dude! Well done, but please be careful at the grinder.
Someone in my city lost half of his hand because he wasn't careful enough.
Please hold the workpieces with pliers.

Автор J Soren (3 месяца)
awesome =)

Автор packo13913 (3 месяца)
What did you use to attach the fingers?

Автор ThepowerfulArbiter (3 месяца)
i recently got someone to buy this pdf for christmas, and me and my boss,
are thinking about making a few gauntlets , thank you much for the
convience of the download and i am sastified with the pdf file <3

Автор Evann Lim (1 месяц)
ironman o-o

Автор gawdzila (3 месяца)
Your tutorials are fantastic! Very clear and detailed without confusing
with extraneous information. It makes me want to create some of my own
designs and hammer them out!

Автор Hli Vang (3 месяца)
i was wondering but maybe you should do the armor for the knight in Makai
Knights. Look it up and watch it . If you need more info tell me. But this
is great i got totally inspired to try maybe the paper one first before i
go onto steal. Then again if you are open to suggestions Please do Makai
Knights. Or even look up makai kishi. Its a japanese knight story ..
thought you might like the challenge of the golden knight armor or maybe
even the white and black armor. It'll be pretty amazing if you do get to
this ! Thanks and your so cool. 

Автор zair wages (3 месяца)
can you make me one in ill pay you how ever much you want 

Автор kevin mederos (3 месяца)
When you buy it on your website is it the acctual whole glove or I just
teaches you how to do it 

Автор Jenn Price (3 месяца)
That jig system is genius. Ive been trying to shape them by hand! headdesk

Автор Felipe Munita (1 месяц)
wow!!! increible

Автор Matias Avila (1 месяц)

Автор jummbocake (1 месяц)

Автор Randy Chan (3 месяца)
this is a cestus

Автор Austin Hubbard (2 месяца)
is there anything I can use to substitute for the brake?

Автор Angel Angarita (3 месяца)
Good Afternoon Sir David this video is an appreciation for the craft, and I
admire your work and let me tell you a fact parentezcos for me but with my
own style, you may see them on my facebook Dunkelheit Kalidor Sterblich,
it's my name on facebook. THANKS FOR THIS VIDEO! I admire David Lord!

Автор Trinity Joy Alhambra (21 день)
DavidGuyton please can you package me 2 pairs of that please i cant make
cuz i have a arm fracture i cant work with left hand im right handed please
oh please send it to my country package me plz :( IM BEGGING YOU! 

Автор Chuck Norris (3 месяца)
you should make a tutorial on making a knight's helmet :D

Автор Adam Le (3 месяца)

Автор walter Michaud Martin (3 месяца)
that page is to buy the glove?

Автор SaintJon0421 (1 месяц)
Yes! I was looking for a tutorial on a gauntlet because im making a freddy
glove and needed to see how the fingers were made. But man! You have some
talent. Gotta make a brass gauntlet now instead! Thanks. :)

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