The Evolution of Pixar

Finding Dory is almost here, and to celebrate, here is over 30 years of Pixar animation.

To infinity and beyond!

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Created by Andy Schneider and Jonathan Britnell

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Автор Tony Mulyono ( назад)
You are missing Zootopia

Автор xXThatAnimationKidXx b ( назад)
he forgot zootopia...did he?

Автор Coffe Owl ( назад)
I loved Piper
the animation is amazing

Автор RodriRikolino ( назад)
11:22 Wow Super Meat Boy Movie XD

Автор Adrián Campos ( назад)
AND BIG HERO6 (2014) ?? WHERE??

Автор Omar Gaming ( назад)
uh One man band was Created in 2005

Автор MarEpor ( назад)

Автор Kyle Carracappa ( назад)
geri's game is 1997 not 1998

Автор Apseptic Tomic ( назад)
RIP Lightning Mcqueen xD

Автор creeper creeper ( назад)
where is the cars 3?!

Автор atomic doomsday58 ( назад)
How could you animate 3D films in 1985?

Автор Mahammad Isgandarli ( назад)

Автор Oink ards ( назад)
that clown was the most weirdest ass.

Автор TwoRetardsFindYouTube ( назад)
im prety good at making animated porn

Автор Insomniac Creepypasta ( назад)
I remember André and Wally B... I wasn't born back then but I was poor when
I was young and all I had was a VHS player and a portable movie player and
Pixar movies and shorts where all I watched(besides The Land Before Time)

Автор Samarra Masengi ( назад)
this is so weird. i've seen almost all of these. all of them are great btw

Автор Sugartea ( назад)
The best of the best is always Ratatouille

Автор Santiago Morales ( назад)
el no es el conejo que dobla Eugenio derbez en la película de mascotas?

Автор Oliver Betteridge ( назад)
Inside Out won't make much sense to those who haven't yet lost their
blissful innosense. If you are still in HS or are relatively new to
college, give it a few more years and try watching it again. You'll cry
your little eyes out.

Автор Joromara ( назад)
Favorite Pixar film is hard. I'm going with Ratatouille. It's so delicously
artsy. Second is Incredibles.

Автор Hayden Fisher ( назад)
good videos

Автор Klamath 2046 ( назад)
The Evolution of Studio Ghibli

Автор Ozkee ( назад)
RIP Steve Jobs

Автор Nithi Daya ( назад)
this is e evaluation of my love towards animation movies...

Автор majk123 ( назад)
Who would like Walle 2

Автор skull _ cow ( назад)
Wow CG animation looked a lot different in those 1980's.

Автор Tim Overture ( назад)
u forgot zootopia

Автор RogueFro ( назад)
Wall - E 😍😍😍😍😍😍

Автор Giang Nguyen ( назад)
this is priceless. so many memories :(

Автор Legion Of Empire ( назад)
Ka chow!

Автор JaySean Delos Santos ( назад)
i love all pixar movies..finding nemo, finding dory , toy story franchise
are my favorite.

Автор 123haninhk ( назад)
my gawd... Piper looks real 😐😐😐😐

Автор Mine Bomb Studios ( назад)

Автор IronDroid Zx ( назад)
vine por kael

Автор Motty chein ( назад)
i never watched finding dory looks good

Автор MiRaje8086 ( назад)
0:17 , then 13:06 wow look how advanced CG has gotten.

Автор Blue {} Apples ( назад)
The 3D animation look quite bad in the beginning

Автор Josh Likes To Play ( назад)
In 1995, the genre of animated kids films changed, forever...in a good way
I mean

Автор IvoAluminum ( назад)
Love it!

Автор Sudamerican Rocker ( назад)
I LOVE ALL FILMS!<3 Especially Finding Nemo, Cars, Toy Story, Brave and
Monster Inc :3

Автор Kathy Odom ( назад)
Thanks for posting this. I had no idea Pixar started as early as 1984 (I
honestly thought they started with "Toy Story").

Автор Nessly Plays ( назад)
Zootopia? Frozen?

Автор Nessly Plays ( назад)
Silverback gorilla? Just like Harambe.


Автор Skyler Stanley ( назад)
do DreamWorks

Автор starilie ( назад)
When I saw Piper for the first time in the theatre, I audibly gasped at
that water. I have never seen animation look so good and so real before. I
honestly could not breathe while watching.

Автор Oxertera ( назад)
6:40 Phil is that you

Автор Surawadee Rukdee ( назад)

Автор TheSirFunky ( назад)
I always thought Tangled, Wreck it Ralph and Big Hero 6 were Pixar too, is
that not the case?

Автор Henry Ambrose ( назад)
Is it weird that I have seen all of the ones from the 20th century but none
from later than 2010?

Автор Henry Ambrose ( назад)


Автор Leo Sosa ( назад)
God, Monsters Inc to Finding Nemo is the biggest animation and overall
quality leap in their complete evolution to date. No wonder why it's my
favorite Pixar movie ever.

Автор Adam Jhon ( назад)
they get a hold of anything it looks like something 20 years in the future

Автор Tamara Canales ( назад)
Mi Pelicula Favorita De Pixar Las Dos De Cars

Автор the pikaz ( назад)
he forgot zootopia

Автор dusty pedrosi ( назад)
you forgot zootopia

Автор KT ( назад)
These are pixars best movies

Автор Dalawntae Hunt ( назад)
they forgot frozen and tangle(and probably others)

Автор Julian Shipp ( назад)
you missed zootopia

Автор walisson BR ( назад)
Dugs especial missão

Автор walisson BR ( назад)

Автор walisson BR ( назад)
Mike new car's

Автор Captain Grovesy ( назад)
Wall-e was made in 2008?... damn i feel old

Автор Sammyyam ( назад)
The Good Dinosaur is like the black sheep

Автор Ricardo Rocha ( назад)
They did pretty good for all of them except cars 2.

Автор luisgarza1000 ( назад)
As a person who loves, analyzes and critiques films, I can say that I
HARDLY give a movie a perfect 10/10. On average I give a 10/10 to one movie
every year, maybe two. I watch an average of 70 films a year.

Pixar is so amazing that 8 of their films are perfect 10/10 for me.

Автор DomcraftAwesome ( назад)
Piper is awesome

Автор Monique Amado Life Coach & Artist ( назад)
Creative, spiritual geniuses!

Автор Sir Isaac ( назад)
I miss when Pixar movies had outtakes during the credits. Only three of
their movies had them.

Автор marisela ramirez ramirez ( назад)
English: my son loves Cars and wall-e is your best Pixar móvies
Español: mi hijo ama Cars y wall-e son sus mejores películas de Pixar

Автор Liz Vasquez ( назад)
Like this comment if you liked Piper.

Автор Liz Vasquez ( назад)
I loved Sanjay's super team!

Автор keaghan Pretorius ( назад)
whats your favuorite pixar movie mine is finding nemo

Автор WispMaster ( назад)
I like how they had nothing for 2014 and then two whole movies in 2015

Автор Dana R ( назад)
I saw them all. Except "Sanjay's super team" which I can not find

Автор Johnny Yuma ( назад)
You forgot cars 3 toy story 4 and coco

Автор Jaden West ( назад)
Just look how Pixar has evolved in Animation. It's amazing.

Автор AudiRan ( назад)
The ending though

Автор Cheesy butt ( назад)
Increíble como ha evolucionado la animación de Pixar durante todos estos
años hasta el Sol de hoy.

Автор Agent “tb86” Prime ( назад)
Could you do one for Star Trek. That is unless you don't like it.

Автор Pixelz InBlooo ( назад)
I noticed that they're showing a lot more footage from the movies than they
are from the shorts.

Автор Happy Hapad Sad ( назад)
11:16 is the so called funny part

Автор Colleen Black ( назад)
What about big hero six??

Автор Gravity Universe ( назад)
Movies I watched when I was young Up, A Bugs Life, Wall-e, Toy Story, Toy
Story 2, and Cars

Автор ramisa44 ( назад)
You missed big hero 6

Автор realar ( назад)
So far, only Brave is their worst. I LOVED The Good Dinosaur. So much. It's
now my all-time favorite animated film.

Автор Team Simpson ( назад)
Pixar Has Been Everywhere From, US, Australia, France, Deep Space, South
America, Japan, London, Scotland, And Even Inside The Mind.
My Top 3: 3: Wall-E, 2: Ratatouille 1: Up. Sorry It's Just So...Deep &
Sorry But The Worst Movie Has To Be Cars 2. There Was No Need For It. Yes,
Toy Story, Finding Nemo & Monsters Inc all needed sequels. But I Feel Cars
Btw, I apologise for my previous deleted comment, I guess I needed to brush
up on the facts.

Автор Naydjon Barbosa ( назад)
good Dino 2016

Автор Nesi ( назад)
Where is zootopia?

Автор PANCHO THING ( назад)
The Pixar lamp used to scare me as a child for some reason

Автор Kiet ( назад)
i think you're missing some Mater's Tall Tales

Автор christian volkwein ( назад)
And zootopia?

Автор Alex Schloesser ( назад)
I just saw Finding Dory on Wednesday, & I loved it. I hope Pixar keeps
making AWESOME movies for as long as the Earth is around.

Автор Paolo Vasquez ( назад)
Pixar is damn good, but why do they have to sell their company to Disney? I
mean, they can do shit without Disney, they created the first full length
CG-Animated film and other amazing films!

Автор Kyle Kelvin ( назад)
I like Pixar Cars. It's looks like a "stock car" Awesome!

Автор Rocket Man ( назад)
Anyone think that Eve is sexy or no? from WallE

Автор Wow ! ( назад)
The only Pixar movie I haven't seen is the good dinosaur.

Автор SplatCast ( назад)
So many memories

Автор Ethyla Porcil ( назад)
zootopia and bolt T_T

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