Shawn Johnson - Balance Beam - 2008 Olympics All Around

Shawn Johnson - Balance Beam - 2008 Olympics All Around

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Автор Seba Galindo ( назад)
Do you have videos of Rio with NBC?

Автор Harvey Grant ( назад)
Simone Biles is the best ever so far, but nobody works the beam like Shawn,

Автор Giselle Eastman ( назад)
It was great seeing the competition between Nastia and Shawn, they really
pushed each other to be their personal best.

Автор Danielle Calsder ( назад)
good but not elegant...

Автор candyqueen31 ( назад)
I love Bastia and Shawn both equally. They were so different but equally
amazing. If only they both could've won!

Автор Jeff Munoz ( назад)
She attended my school, she was SO amazing to watch

Автор Shawna Gymnast&HorseLover ( назад)
And now, eight years later, Laurie Hernandez wore the same leotard at the
Rio 2016 beam finals!

Автор anazaeid ( назад)
My favorite gymnast all the time.

Автор Carrot Hustler ( назад)
Shawn Johnson > Simone Biles. I was only 9 years old watching my 2nd
olympic games here in Beijing

Автор Basttos Souza ( назад)
The Best, beautiful!!! 😍

Автор Angelina256 ( назад)
She performs like a robot. Not my kind of gymnast.

Автор Queensofprep870 ( назад)
I miss beijing! Michael was killing it, nastia and shawn were absolutely
incredible. These olympics were probably the best in history, performance
and athletes wise. Only nadia's perfect ten remains on the same level.

Автор Lily Donut ( назад)
Anyone from bratayley

Автор soxnation1000 ( назад)
She should have won the all around that year. She had the most difficulty
on almost all the events.

Автор Roger Kreil ( назад)
She is popular with the Gymnastics YouTubers now! :D

Автор Jadey Wadey ( назад)
Anyone here from Bratayley and came to love Shawn and her amazing
gymnastics skills and wonderful bubbly personality?😁😁😁

Автор Aubrey Kate Hayes ( назад)
Shawn Johnson is sooooo good

Автор tracey hunyer ( назад)
Shauwn is so god

Автор Irene Santiago ( назад)

Автор Oscar Ponce ( назад)

Автор Nicole Grant ( назад)
I like her she cool she was with bratayley

Автор snowyleaves ( назад)
Does anyone know the music starting around 0:52 and ending around 2:23?
Thanks it would help a lot

Автор Sandra lau ( назад)
Anyone here from ssg

Автор Evna Franco ( назад)
That was amazing

Автор Ather Hussaini ( назад)

Автор Patrick Hamilton ( назад)
How could her ankles take this much pressure and force coming down omg she
was amazing

Автор Sean Radagast ( назад)
If only she could've hit 180 on those leaps

Автор Brooklyn Pilgrim ( назад)
anyone from bratayley

Автор Rosilee Stirlingite ( назад)
Announcers: Another devastating mistake!
Me: This is the most impressive person I have ever seen!

Автор Substrate7 ( назад)
She is built like a hard little meat cube.

Автор Artistics Gymnastics ( назад)
Hi can I ask you something, please? How do u upload olympic videos? When I
try they are blocked for violation

Автор Stephen Surveski ( назад)
Shawn was great! And that's all I have to say about it! it's in the past
what she's done and no one can change that!

Автор eline salomons ( назад)
Who's floormusic was playing in the background?

Автор Zalma Sanchez ( назад)
It's true that Shawn has a short and muscular body type but still, she
could have worked more in her flexibility and artistry! I mean, her BB
routine didn't have any! Just moving hands around.. and let's not talk
about FX because it's worst! She was a great and powerful gymnast but she
really missed the artistry!

Автор Andrew H. ( назад)
I'm so happy Nastia won. Imo Nastia > Shawn.

But one thing that bugged me about Shawn is...
If you're an OLYMPIC ATHLETE and claim beam is your best event, how is it
that you can't get a 180 degree split on beam. I mean honestly. Some High
school girls do it. You train all these years for this, and just stretching
to get your oversplits may have let you win the AA. :/

Автор Jesseca Greene ( назад)
What differentiates a professional from an amateur is the ability to
recover. I love her ^_^

Автор roosevelthighschool ( назад)
How well did she do here?

Автор MalaysiaaLauren Pandix-Norodom ( назад)
Gymnastics is a discriminating sport, they tend to prefer the long lean
bodies over a muscular stocky body, because it ‘looks’ nicer when you do
tricks, also someone else mentioned it, not as flexible doesn’t get good

Автор delaneymael ( назад)
why did nastia win over shawn? I'm just wondering because it seems like
previously before the olympics shawn would always win. Simply wondering
what changed here?

Автор Jennifer Carlson ( назад)
did anyone else notice that shawn and gabby came from the same gym and were
both number 411 at the olympics? i thought that was really cool

Автор MrRoygarcia ( назад)
@ his daughter I thought you did relly good and I'm 7 years old and I'm in
gymnastics and your better then me your relly good

Автор MrRoygarcia ( назад)
What up

Автор EJ dela Rea ( назад)
Does she have the same dismount as Catalina Ponor?

Автор dacmi ( назад)
What I don't understand is how Tim said her dscore changed from 6.9 to 7.0
based on the L turn if she didn't complete it with the leg fully extended
wouldn't it come out of her e score not the d score

Автор Adriana G. ( назад)
This is my favorite rutine. 

Автор jonathaslima1603t ( назад)
The Shawn Johnson seems to be the daughter of Georges "Rush" St-pierre

Автор Kew Wesley ( назад)
Yea. I love both of them, but to be honest I prefer Katelyn on beam. Just
because she has the grace that a lot of gymnasts have lost in this era. 

Автор saqua608 ( назад)
not to mention that in katelyn's cod of points (the COP under which she
competes) only counts 8 skills while Shawn's counted 10 - meaning Ohashi's
routine is MORE than .2 harder than Shawn's

Автор Kew Wesley ( назад)
It's pretty high, but the USA's Katelyn Ohashi is capable of 7.2

Автор Charlotte Lawrence ( назад)
That is perfection right there

Автор Jemma Lorimer ( назад)

Автор ShawnVikaKomova2012 ( назад)
As they said, 7.0. I believe Li Shanshan had a 7.3 in Beijing, if she had
connected everything.

Автор Roy Levy ( назад)
She is so good on this event even her wobbles look controlled. 

Автор ralucagymnast ( назад)
She ALWAYS has that step on landing her dismount lol; but shes amazing to
watch, shes so powerful and strong.

Автор Abby Elizabeth ( назад)
three silvers and a gold medal isn't failure but ok. 

Автор Chelsea Lauren ( назад)
ugh the way the announcer said "perfect" at 0:42 made cringe ughhh

Автор dahighbar ( назад)
She has the most awkward lookn full in off beam ever

Автор Rebecca Johnson ( назад)
She is so incredible awesome!!! :)

Автор Harvin Perez ( назад)
I think she wobbled a bit after her front pike. Lack of artistry deduction?

Автор Rainer Klinderburg ( назад)
That's the only thing that's easy out of that whole routine everything else
Shawn Johnson does on BB is BREAKNECK RISKY.

Автор Dev Licia ( назад)
the best olympic games ever, i'll miss it for ever

Автор Mel Hudson ( назад)
lol me too!

Автор Mel Hudson ( назад)
Coming back to this reminds me why i love Shawn and why i can't stand these
NBC commentators. They will criticize everything, but there should be a
balance of positive and negative. 

Автор Liv Grace ( назад)
But then the moves on it...... Not so easy hey?

Автор MonicaMagicLuv ( назад)
she jumpt on the beam that s so esay

Автор GAGALOVER347 ( назад)
Well its a deduction if it is not perfectly at 180 or above... even like
179 technically they could take a deduction. If it is 150 degrees or less
its not even creditable

Автор raras889 ( назад)
Boy, do I miss Beijing! When even the USA routines were entertaining to

Автор AlyaralovaFan ( назад)
Shawn doesn't have an oversplit during leaps on BEAM. Well, let's take this
video as an example. When we pause at her biggest split (in her switch
split leap), we see that it wasn't a full 180. It's somewhere 165-170. But
notice that we're seeing it from another angle which is different from the
judges, so the actual split is just somewhere 150-160, which is a

Автор Elizabeth Urbanowski (1500 лет назад)
The thing about that is it drives me crazy when people say she doesn't hit
her splits. I really think that she does, I just think she's super short
and quick and it's hard to see. in EVERY still photo I have seen from the
Olympic games her splits are 180 or better. 

Автор Clodagh Xx ( назад)
She's so cute when she waves at the camera at 3:30

Автор Luis Miguel Romero M. ( назад)
The most beautiful girl in Beijing 2008

Автор Kaykaynelson nelson ( назад)

Автор Theresa Rose Leen ( назад)
she OWNS the beam! best beam worker ever :D 

Автор saqua608 ( назад)
i think that was a .3 balance check

Автор AlyaralovaFan ( назад)
Actually the judges might have took the full twist as two balance checks.
She staggered when landing her full twist, then steadies herself, then had
a wobble to the other side. That might be 0.4 or 0.2. And she didn't hit
her split jump (-0.1), and don't forget that they would deduct for her lack
of artistry, somewhere 0.1 or 0.3 so her score's reasonable. They might
have identified something else we can't see fro this angle. 

Автор Izzy Alvarado ( назад)
first of all your deductions only add up to .7 tenths so that means she
would've gotten a 16.3 instead of 16.050 and second of all no way in heck
she got a 3 tenth deduction for her balance check 

Автор AlyaralovaFan ( назад)
At least I didn't tell you to go away. Telling you that you are rude and
negative is NOT rude and negative. 

Автор Jocelyn Marie ( назад)
its rude and negative to take your time to tell me im rude and negitive

Автор AlyaralovaFan ( назад)
That was rude and negative to tell someone to go away. 

Автор AlyaralovaFan ( назад)
nah. her full twist was quite low (-0.1) and she had a -0.3 balance check.
her dismount was low and had a step (-0.2). She didn't hit her split in her
switch split (-0.1) and they definitely took her marks from lack of
artistry. (her d-score is 7.0 so her score is reasonable)

Автор Prince Diamond ( назад)
It's definitely the lack of flexibility in her leaps and her chest being
down on most of her landings that's incurring the most deductions.

Автор GaEun Kim ( назад)
wats wrong with her eyebrows?

Автор TheGymnastFanHub (1392 года назад)
Wouldn't wanna be that beam! 

Автор emily downer ( назад)
Because when you do turns on beam you can only do so many turns until you
get blisters or calluses so some prefer to tape them so they don't get

Автор Kathryn Caldwell ( назад)
Why does she have so much tape on her feet and toes that she immediately
takes off after her routine? I'm obviously not a gymnast...just enjoy

Автор 1974FLA ( назад)
love how the russian coaches move their head to see score.

Автор Prince Diamond ( назад)
Think this should've been more than 16.050

Автор Gabriela Ramos ( назад)
Her beams are awsome

Автор Disha Panchal ( назад)
Her balance beam routines are so nice to watch.

Автор Ted Zheng ( назад)

Автор Sam Ringel ( назад)
She got silver in All-Around. Gold in balance beam finals. :)

Автор Disha Panchal ( назад)
she got the silver medal 

Автор Anastasia E (135 лет назад)
did she medal for this? 

Автор Disha Panchal ( назад)

Автор Mattie Fletcher ( назад)
She gets to choose and design her leotards for competitions that are not
with Team USA.

Автор Shauna Tague ( назад)
Baby Shawn <3

Автор Jocelyn Marie ( назад)
oh cause i was watching a shawn johnson documentry in here home and she was
talking about the leotards for the olympics and how she didnt get to choose

Автор Fluffymuffy Pelican ( назад)
tut tut Fucks sake get your mind out of the gutter

Автор Bud TheStud ( назад)
nice butt 

Автор gymnastics gurl ( назад)
when the announcer said full twist i just said.....oh god!!

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