Shawn Johnson - Balance Beam - 2008 Olympics All Around

Shawn Johnson - Balance Beam - 2008 Olympics All Around

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Добавлено: 2 года
Длительность: 3:43
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Score: D: 5.5 E: 8.75 = 14.250

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Here is Shawn's part only of an interview done by an Iowa tv station. I love how Shawn was so loyal to her coach. She even helped pay to repair his...


Автор Ryan Salamo (5 месяцев)
What I don't understand is how Tim said her dscore changed from 6.9 to 7.0
based on the L turn if she didn't complete it with the leg fully extended
wouldn't it come out of her e score not the d score

Автор Adriana G. (8 месяцев)
This is my favorite rutine. 

Автор EJ dela Rea (4 месяца)
Does she have the same dismount as Catalina Ponor?

Автор MrRoygarcia (3 месяца)
What up

Автор Pippi Langstrumpf (3 месяца)
In my opinion Shawn should have won!

Автор MrRoygarcia (3 месяца)
@ his daughter I thought you did relly good and I'm 7 years old and I'm in
gymnastics and your better then me your relly good

Автор TheGymnastFanHub (1 год)
Wouldn't wanna be that beam!

Автор Harvin Perez (1 год)
I think she wobbled a bit after her front pike. Lack of artistry deduction?

Автор saqua608 (1 год)
i think that was a .3 balance check

Автор Shauna Tague (2 года)
Baby Shawn <3

Автор tatulover2120 (2 года)
frickin shawn johnson is so perfect

Автор gymnastics gurl (2 года)
when the announcer said full twist i just said.....oh god!!

Автор AlyaralovaFan (1 год)
That was rude and negative to tell someone to go away.

Автор ShawnVikaKomova2012 (1 год)
As they said, 7.0. I believe Li Shanshan had a 7.3 in Beijing, if she had
connected everything.

Автор Fluffymuffy Pelican (2 года)
tut tut Fucks sake get your mind out of the gutter

Автор AlyaralovaFan (1 год)
Shawn doesn't have an oversplit during leaps on BEAM. Well, let's take this
video as an example. When we pause at her biggest split (in her switch
split leap), we see that it wasn't a full 180. It's somewhere 165-170. But
notice that we're seeing it from another angle which is different from the
judges, so the actual split is just somewhere 150-160, which is a deduction.

Автор Jemma Lorimer (1 год)

Автор Kaykaynelson nelson (1 год)

Автор Sammy Ringel (1 год)
She got silver in All-Around. Gold in balance beam finals. :)

Автор Gabriela Ramos (1 год)
Her beams are awsome

Автор Luis Miguel Romero Monterroza (1 год)
The most beautiful girl in Beijing 2008

Автор Britney Gilbert (1 год)
its rude and negative to take your time to tell me im rude and negitive

Автор Disha Panchal (1 год)
she got the silver medal

Автор Britney Gilbert (2 года)
you so c00l~ now go die hater.

Автор Mary Rackow (2 года)
shawn johnson, you are so good!!!!!!!!!!!! i love how you stick the landing
on teh two backflips and the other flip you did

Автор Disha Panchal (2 года)

Автор neecee401100 (1 год)
Lol you say that like we never have entertaining routines. While I loved
London and was so proud of the girls for finally bringing it home. Looking
back at Beijing our 08 team did have better routines.

Автор Medi O'hara (2 года)
The real "Magic Johnson"

Автор AlyaralovaFan (1 год)
At least I didn't tell you to go away. Telling you that you are rude and
negative is NOT rude and negative.

Автор Emily Ward (2 года)
I like nastia's style better on beam

Автор saqua608 (9 месяцев)
not to mention that in katelyn's cod of points (the COP under which she
competes) only counts 8 skills while Shawn's counted 10 - meaning Ohashi's
routine is MORE than .2 harder than Shawn's

Автор Prince Diamond (1 год)
Think this should've been more than 16.050

Автор AJSmile724 (2 года)
She is soooo good

Автор Chelsea Lauren (1 год)
ugh the way the announcer said "perfect" at 0:42 made cringe ughhh

Автор Izzy Alvarado (1 год)
first of all your deductions only add up to .7 tenths so that means she
would've gotten a 16.3 instead of 16.050 and second of all no way in heck
she got a 3 tenth deduction for her balance check

Автор patan jade (2 года)
ohh shut up stupid commentator ! id like to see you try and stick that
landing!:/ shawn jhonson is amazingxx

Автор Theresa Leen (1 год)
she OWNS the beam! best beam worker ever :D

Автор Giulia Falabella (2 года)
I love watching the olympics! Its soooo amazing to watch what these people
can do! Its incredible. I hope to be able to do that one day but I doubt
it. these people start when they r like 4 yrs old. I cant wait for the 2012
olympics in london!!!! squee!!

Автор 1974FLA (1 год)
love how the russian coaches move their head to see score.

Автор desertroseyeah (1 год)
What Was her start value score? Cause I think that is one of the highest in
the history of gymnastic 0.0

Автор hakola95 (2 года)
As great as she is, please don't denigrate the name of Magic Johnson that

Автор Melonie Hudson (1 год)
Coming back to this reminds me why i love Shawn and why i can't stand these
NBC commentators. They will criticize everything, but there should be a
balance of positive and negative.

Автор Kew Wesley (11 месяцев)
It's pretty high, but the USA's Katelyn Ohashi is capable of 7.2

Автор Anastasia E (2 года)
did she medal for this?

Автор raras889 (1 год)
Boy, do I miss Beijing! When even the USA routines were entertaining to

Автор crazystar321 (2 года)
So amazing!

Автор Lollziipop (2 года)
love shawn johnson! <3

Автор Britney Gilbert (2 года)
oh cause i was watching a shawn johnson documentry in here home and she was
talking about the leotards for the olympics and how she didnt get to choose

Автор Britney Gilbert (2 года)
They are given leotards by the olympics people. they dont get to choose.

Автор Prince Diamond (1 год)
It's definitely the lack of flexibility in her leaps and her chest being
down on most of her landings that's incurring the most deductions.

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